Four Stone Blades - A Warning Given


Canis (emitter), Juudai, Mitsue, Hotaru, Nendo, Shu, Cherii, Kaneko

Date: October 10, 2015


The Four Stone Blades have decided to send Iwagakure (or more specifically, Juudai) a little warning.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Four Stone Blades - A Warning Given"

Outside Iwagakure

Some time had passed since the shinobi of Iwagakure had invaded the base of the second Blade. Although there had been no enemy survivors save a few guards, there had been some information that was in one of the rooms of the hide out. While it didn't explicitly state where the other bases were, it had the specialties of each Blade listed. The smallest Blade, the first, was the one who was supposed to be recruiting those from other villages, willingly or not. The second Blade had been tasked with getting their resources from wherever he could by whatever means possible, leading to many of the caravan and farm attacks. The third blade was tasked with organization, and by this he was the one who found places for the others to attack as well as the various bases and hideouts they would move to. The fourth blade was the boss. Pure and simple. It was his dream, whatever that might be, and he oversees it all.
With the first and second blade disposed of the symbols have all but disappeared from the Land of Earth. The scouts that Juudai had around the land have reported things as clear over the last few weeks. Some people had begun to think that perhaps the shinobi had managed to scare off the Blades and that they'd moved to other lands, or perhaps just given up their lives of crime in order to disappear. Alas, things are never so easy.
The reports come early to the village. A mile out there is a cart full of near ten children aged six to twelve with men behind them holding swords to their backs. On the cart the symbol of the Four Stone Blades is etched with the smallest and next largest 'X'd out. The scouts first reported back of the approach of the cart, making the Village go on alert and making more guards be posted. When more scouts returned they bore a message. They wanted to speak with the Tsuchikage at the gates when they arrived.

Having had been keeping tabs on all the reports, Juudai had been working under the assumption that things were quiet. She wasn't stupid, though. She knew that something was wrong. As she hears about what is happening, she explained she wanted all the able bodied shinobi to be on alert and prepared. Some were directed to the gates, others to other parts of the village to search for this being a distraction. She wanted to take no chances with this group. She approached the gates calmly as she always does. She now stands at the gates, staring out at the approaching cart, one arm under her other, supporting it as she casually puts a cigar to her lips. She lights it and watches the incoming cart without saying a word. For now, she has said nothing more to anyone other than her orders given. By all outward appearances, she doesn't even seem angry.

Mitsue was not one of those guardy types, nor did he expect to go on any missions anytime soon. But when the trouble came right to your doorstep…well, there was a time and place for everything. The mute boy, dressed in his normal cloak with the hood pulled over his head, is standing on top of the wall above the gates amongst other who likely are ranged specialists. He doesn't need to be close for his attacks. In fact he preferred staying as far away as possible. He is also a good messenger if it becomes necessary. In the end, however, he decides to only cast his genjutsu to speak over the girls and Nendo. His unofficial 'team'.

Nendo had been cutting into a large sheet of purple fabric when the village went on alet and the genin would rush to rip a shirt from the hook it was hanging on before jumping out of his bedroom window. He'd grab his sandals from the doorstep before while shrugging on the maroon toned shirt and starting off at a dashing pace toward the entrance of the village. The genin would finish tucking his shirt into his shorts while rushing up the wall of the village entrance and looking over the heads of those already along the wall. Mitsue was among them and Nendo would move toward the familiar face to tap his shoulder while the genjutsu flowed over him. "Have you heard anything from Juudai besides the order?" Nendo would question while peering out beyond the wall toward the coming cart to see what he could about its contents.

Representing one of Iwa's three most promising students, Kaneko, Mitsue, and Hotaru, is Hotaru herself. She would have like approached and fallen beside Mitsue, the genjutsu specialist of the team, while looking towards Kaneko, a most skilled taijutsu specialist. "Kaneko-chan!" She would wave her friend over towards the rest of the trio, fully prepared to listen to orders all the way. That includes not attacking unless Nendo tells her to. "Mitsue-kun. Do your best." She would say as she stood up tall and straight planting her red-iron cane to the ground.
She was wearing something far more missiony than she had before, listening to each and every piece of her Sensei's advice. Loose long pants, not prone to snagging. Tighter long-sleeved shirt, with a cloak overtop… all her usual darkened red color that has become her favorite. She waits attentively for dialogue, keeping her eyes closed.

Cherii hears of the situation and heads off to the gate. In lack of particular orders of formation (which may well be coming, but she'll deal with that when they arrive), Cherii climbs a short distance up the inside wall of the gate, giving herself a good vantage point to see what's going on and direct her hive as needed. Of course, it also makes her highly visible to the enemy, but let's face it, stealth isn't something she's great at anyway. u.u Better for her to be seen and draw the enemy's attention, and let somebody who has a chance of going unseen try for it maybe. "Craven tykes, usin' wee bairns as hostages," Cherii mutters to herself as she watches and waits. :/

Normally lethargic and uninterested Shu would be the last to respond to a call such as this. But even the wayward Maneshi knew when the Tsuchikage was serious. No nonsense today from the young man…or at least none yet. Possessing keen senses and a reactive personality Shu thought it best to join the Tsuchikage at the gates. "Smoking is rather unattractive." Shu comments crouching down at her side along with Kimi. "So where would you like me? Here backing you up or awaiting further instruction or elsewhere safeguarding the denizens and those oh so promising bells?" Shu asks curiously while he pets Kimi behind her ears.

Kaneko is in the forge helping her father with making a sword. Actually, it's her own project, and sadly it's getting cut short. The girl frowns as she hears some of the more silent alarms and she runs out to help where she's needed. Which means she's near the front with Nendo and Mitsue thanks to some of her ranged attacks. "I haven't seen anything, Nendo-sensei. I mean heard… Uhh… The only thing is that something feels off…" She frowns and stress off into the distance at the cart.

The cart stops fifty feet from Juudai, the area falling silent now that the sound of wheels squeaking along has vanished. Instead the slight breeze carries the sound of crying coming from the cart as the children rightly fear for their lives. Not to mention they're very scared. That too. The man who had been sitting up front and leading the horse stands and drops down to stand next to the horse, smiling faintly as if he was just out for a pleasant stroll. He walks in front of the horse a ways, closing in by about half the distance before he bows formally. "Ahh, Tsuchikage-dono, what an honor it is to meet you. I am Suchio. It is really quite a privelege to be in your presence."

Taking a drag of her cigar, she idly lets her chakra flow through her, filling out her limbs and her body as she blows smoke out, "I don't care." She states as she looks at the man standing before her. She pulls on the cigar again as she looks at it before looking to the man, "You come before me from a place of weakness. You walk up as a person I don't know. You bring children as shields for your cowardice. All so you can push the ideals of a few on to the many." She nods, "Say what you have to say. If those children die, every last one of you will live." She looks at the man, "I'll do everything in my power to make sure you live through everything I intend to put you through." She then puts the cigar to her lips, "Speak."

COMBAT: Juudai focuses 6346 stamina to turn it into 8200 usable chakra!

Mitsue gives a grim smile to Hotaru when she speaks and he nods when she says to do his best. When Nendo arrives the teen glances over his shoulder, giving him that same grim smile before shaking his head. ~No, she'd only just arrived a little bit ago and she hasn't said anything to anyone as far as I can tell.~ Mitsue leans over the edge of the wall to look down at the Tsuchikage, then looks up to the man that gets off the cart and starts speaking. Hmm. What was his game? Why did they come here? And why are they threatening children? The mysteries of the world.

COMBAT: Mitsue focuses 1799 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

Nendo would narrow his eyes slightly at the sound of crying children and flex his hands slowly to try loosening the muscles that had drawn his fingers into tight fists. The arrival of Hotaru and Kaneko was not lost on the genin but he would glance toward them and raise a finger to his lips to show he wanted their silence for the moment. "Speak in lowered tones, even now I'll give you a simple lesson. Shouting on the battlefield draws unwanted attention to not only your position, but the position of the people you want to protect. Only raise your voice in moments of need. Kaneko, its fine to not know anything, you got here after the rest of us so there's no need for an apology. There's a cart marked with symbols and it's filled with children. They don't look like they want to be in it either." Nendo would spell out just before hearing Juudai's words and closing his eyes. Shu was with her so there was a bit less worry, and the arrival of Cherii nearby made sure the genin knew the Kage would have at least enough help to deter the coming enemy.
"As subtly as you can, start focusing your chakra.. be ready for a fight if one begins." The genin explained to the students bear himself as he crossed his arms before his chest and waited for a signal from their Kage on what they should do from here.

COMBAT: Nendo focuses 2946 stamina to turn it into 3500 usable chakra!

Everytime she has been with Juudai, Hotaru has always felt those butterflies in her stomach whenever she has felt Juudai-sama get serious. The kind of butterflies that she usually get when someone focuses their chakra. She slips an arm behind her back as she plants the cane right at her side taking a deep breath. Those children were all her age, over there. With blades so close to running through them. She has 'died' and nearly died so many times she knows what the pain of being run through feels like. It makes her shudder to feel what they could be feeling should things go south.
Hotaru would bow her head for a few moments in acknowledgement as she lightly focuses her chakra, trusting that Nendo will keep them out of trouble. He knows how to best utilize them at this point. Mitsue is the supporting soul of the students, Kaneko is the thick iron shield, and Hotaru is the sharp yet easily dulled blade. "Mitsue, one of those children could have been me…" She says under her breath.

Cherii tries not to pay too much attention to the exchange taking place. The words are for the leaders to use and to figure out. Cherii's priority is making sure nothing's going on behind the words. Toward that end, she sends several worker bees scouting around the area, and gazes past the wagon and its contents.

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Shu smirks at Juudai's remark. He expected it. "I know that." Shu stands and tucks his hands into his his pockets. Kimi remains at his side and he does the same in regards to Juudai, until he was given orders or reason to do otherwise. Her words sent a shudder down his spine. "Aye she's in a foul mood today Kimi." Shu whispers to Kimi. They both focus chakra and return their attention to the approaching cart. As the man comes upon them and speak Shu's face twists with disgust under the hood. "Eek." He remarks imitating a gagging motion. Kimi gives Shu a look like 'take this seriously' but the Maneshi just shrugs. Whilst playing the part of the fool he and Kimi were actually keeping their senses tuned for any foul play or something of the sort.

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RP: Shu transforms into KIMI.
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RPCOMBAT: Kaneko defends against with a PERCEPTION…17

Kaneko wasn't shouting! The girl frowns lightly, but doesn't argue. She only nods to Nendo's instructions and begins to focus. The girl closes her eyes a bit, to calm herself, as she listens to the exchange. It sounded pleasant, but there were all sorts of dangerous undertones, especially when it came to Juudai. And the creep who came out of the wagon? She resisted the urge to blast him then and there. She really wished that she could have learned another skill or two. Ones that were more useful. "Dang it…" she says softly under her breath, squinting to see… well, anything of use. She blinks a few times to try and refocus her eyes, knowing that she had to notice /something/… Then again, she was both far and inexperienced.

"Ahh Tsuchikage, ever so vicious and forward, I'd heard rumors that you were one of the tough types but I wasn't so sure. But you give me hope that it's true. It would be interesting to see a Tsuchikage with such fiery passion." The man clasps his hands behind his back while the others in the cart continue to hold the point of their swords towards the childrens back, the point even touching so that should anyone try to interrupt the damage could be done. Even if the sword just fell it would likely partially impale the child. "You have been interfering in our affairs, meddling where you aren't wanted and where you don't belong. I came here today to tell you that it's not going to happen again. For every time you attempt to interfere, we will take all the children from a village and slaughter them in front of their parents. You don't want that now, do you?"
As far as the surrounding areas, there is nothing to be seen besides what's there. Even the shinobi that had been assigned to check around the village for any sneak attacks report no one in sight.

"YOu think you can threaten me?" She asks and glances at the man. She then nods and looks past the man to the men with the swords, she looks at them, "Do you all agree? Do you wish to live with that? Do you wish to live with killing a child? I will make sure you live." She nods her head, "I have a counter offer." She looks at the man who was originally talking, "How about I let this group here keep their arms and legs." She nods, "I assure you, we have good medics here. They will live through the experience." She looks to those men with the swords, "Do you hear me? I will make sure you live." She then looks back to the man, "This little display of yours only proves that I am only two steps from wiping out your existance. I don't let men like you do as you please." She pulls from her cigar, "Now, do you boys want to walk away from here or do you want to learn what the word quadriplegic means?"

Mitsue reaches out a hand to pat Hotaru on the shoulder, trying to give her an encouraging smile. ~It's not, Hotaru-chan. I'm sure if they tried to kidnap you then you would've beat them all and sent them home crying.~ Yep, he's trying to make a joke despite the stuff going on. And he rarely makes jokes! But he's trying to lighten up everyone's mood a bit. Being sad or angry isn't going to do any good should a fight truly happen. They needed to be focused, but not upset. As he listens to what the man has to say, and then the Tsuchikage's response, his eyes narrow slightly. This wasn't going to be good. Klaxon! If only he knew better genjutsu…

"Those children could have been anyone from anywhere. We just need to focus and be ready to get them back." Nendo reminded Hotaru as he began tapping his foot seemingly in growing impatience. The man was probably trying to kiss up to Juudai in one way or another but the genin doubted that such a thing would work on the woman and turned his attention to the students nearby. "Don't be hasty Kaneko… One attack from this range can be blocked… and they have a lot of children down in that cart to be shields. As much as we are here to show out ability at range if need be, a single mistake can cost a life we fight to save." The genin would explain to both Kaneko and Hotaru, Mitsue as well as he clenched his jaw in annoyance. It was times like these that the genin felt somewhat useless for not having spent more time working on his close-combat techniques. "We just have to wait for now and watch the kage closely.. If she makes a move, we can use it as a distraction to close in. The priority is getting the children out of harm's way and then, most likely, catching at least three of those people for interrogation.."

"I wish replacement technique could replace us with the children…" Hotaru says under her breath. Wouldn't that be a surprise? Suddenly, people who could fight back were suddenly at knife-point and able to actually block said knives. Except for her… These bandits would probably get murdered even if they let the children go… It's likely that if they don't get what they want, they will kill them…

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Yep, this is why most nations have a flat-out 'No negotiating with terrorists' policy. It sounds heartless to little kidnapped kiddies die and such, but if you let tactics like that be effective, nefarious groups try it A LOT MORE OFTEN. Nevertheless, it would be good to save the children if possible. So Cherii attempts to very carefully send her bees out one at a time, one of them this way, another one that way, buzzing around in seeming search patterns, but slowly converging into a group over the cart. Maybe she can get enough gathered there to form a protective swarm around the kids at the right moment…

Shu bites his tongue wanting to agree with Suchio about Juudai at least. Tough is an understatement. But Shu doesn't want to end up as 'collateral' so he just keeps his ears peeled. His eyes go to the hostages. The fear on their faces is haunting. Shu blinks having a thought or two occur to him about the matter. Kimi hisses in a low tone. Shu nods "Indeed." he concurs. The chuunin sighs and crouches down resting a hand on Kimi's head "Let's just hope nobody jumps the gun…err blade." Juudai's counter offer gets a chuckle out of Shu. Kimi mews lowly but Shu snaps having heard her "Yes I know what that word means." wounded slightly Shu folds his arms. He sulking he gives Kimi the cold shoulder and waits to see what Suchio's response will be.

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Kaneko nods quietly to Nendo, the girl keeping a hand near her kunai pouch. She wants to make sure that she can be ready at a moment's notice. Her seals? They were sort of terrible. At the very least, she couldn't make them quickly. The young Murasame takes another breath. If she was faster at working at the forge, maybe she could create her weapon… And then she could use it in battle until she could make her own tools. She could really, at this point, only which. Then the girl hears the man's words. "…" She clenches her jaw, fighting back a loud retort. Thankfully Juudai can handle it apparently well. "No sense in wishing…" she murmurs, only looking for openings now. Anything that can be used.

RPCOMBAT: Kaneko defends against with a PERCEPTION…21

Suchio tilts his head questioningly when the Tsuchikage makes her counter-offer. "Hmm, I'm afraid that wasn't part of the deal," the man says, then shrugs before he raises his hand to get the soldiers attention - then drops it. The sign is given and from one breath to the next the children on the cart are run through, sending cries and screams into the air as they're blood drains out. The men who'd killed the children jump out of the cart and line up in front of it, all ten standing with their blades dripping blood.
"Such a shame. But it will do for now. Remember, each time you interfere more children will die." With that Suchio turns to walk back towards the soldiers, motioning them forward. The wave the soldiers move…their efficiency…they aren't your every day run of the mill soldier.

RP: Juudai transforms into BAKUTON-III.

Watching what happens next, Juudai twitches slightly before she suddenly takes a step and the air around her blasts outward as lightning rolls over her body. The air around her bangs with explosive power and then the next moment a horrific power rolls out from her like something akin to pure death. At that moment every soldier along with Suchio will feel the sudden will of the Tsuchikage. The horrible killing instinct of the Kage flowing out from her. Each man afflicted will see every horrible thing she has in mind for them inflicted within a few seconds as they are stunned and drained of their will to move. She will take one step forward and points, "Every one of those men is to be captured alive and tied so tightly that even their mouths won't move." She then looks at Suchio, "I will handle their future personally."

Mitsue can't do anything but watch as the man the Tsuchikage is talking to makes some motions…and then the sounds fill the air, causing the teen to cringe. By the time he's looked at the cart it's too late. All the children are bleeding out, dead or dying, and the soldiers are now lined up in front of the Tsuchikage. He sees the Tsuchikage reacting and moves into action himself. He may not be able to do much, but he's going to try! His hand quickly makes seals before he picks the three closest soldiers to deal with a sudden, frightening black figure in their presence, draining some energy.

Nendo's hands tensed as he watched and then, even before the kage's words, the genin was forming seals to begin gathering the carried clay in his pouch and condense it on his fingertips. They were away from the cart now so Nendo felt little need to withhold firing. "Focus fire on the men, do anything you want but make sure they are still breathing when you're done. The faster we do this, the less blood might be spilled from the children. It's possible some of them will survive this if we're quick." Nendo told the students while stepping from the wall and dropping beyond the edge of the village. He'd most likely need more than just his bit of carried clay in the future and didn't want to chance weakening the wall by drawing from it in the event of a prolonged fight. The genin wasn't a fool however, he'd not move closer to the enemy unit. They needed to be downed before he could check on the children, thought any faith he had in the survival chance of those children was slim at best.

Mitsue's reassurance was terrible. It could have been her -before- she learned any ninjutsu! Back when she couldn't even walk… She could have been one of those corpses! At the very least, she can at least try and avenge them… Flickering through her well-practiced handseals, as she drops her cane and stands upon her own, she would release a flurry of her own bullets towards the enemies. She tries very hard to fire over the corpses of the children, but even if she might, some of them catch on fire…

RP: Cherii transforms into HONEY-BUZZ.

NUUUUUU! ;.; Apparently Cherii doesn't have enough bees in position to even attempt the children's rescue before the GMbad guy orders their slaughter. CURSE YOU, DRAMATIC NECESSITY!!! DX Well, now we come to part two of the 'No negotiating with terrorists' policy: when somebody does do something illegal to try to manipulate you, mete out swift and terrible punishment. >[ Cherii sends out the rest of her hive in force to join their sisters over the wagon, and they descend upon the enemy in stinging ferocity. Not lethally so of course, in obedience to the Tsuchikage's orders, but debilitatingly so. "BLAST YE FOR A PACK O' FILTHY CARRION HOUNDS, YE SORRY SCUMBAGS!" D<

"Wow. He actually did it." Shu blinks slightly taken aback by the act. The children met a cruel fate. Their parents, if they had any, will definitely be furious. Shu shakes his head and comes back to a stand. "Well there goes their last chance." Shu strokes his chin "Meh I guess they don't know the Stone-er Tsuchikage well enough to know when she's being merciful." Shu and Kimi back up a little now leaving Juudai to her rage. Her command is crystal clear. "Understood." Shu complies. Seeing as the hostages were…no longer a factor Shu took the liberty to go on the offensive. It would be a lie to say he wasn't a little bloodthirsty after witnessing a cruel and ghastly event. He looks up wondering how the younger shinobi would handle it. Kimi hisses bring Shu's attention back to the matter at hand. "Oh yes. No fatal injuries. But we can make it hurt." he nods to Kimi.
Dashing past the Tsuchikage on either side the Maneshi duo seize the opportunity the Tsuchikage has provided. Crossing in paths they blindingly speed towards the soldiers before overlapping and performing the cat saw jutsu. They target each shoulder attempting to slice them to ribbons. But pawns wouldn't sate the voracious blood thirst of the Maneshi. Only the suffering of architect of this offense would satisfy Shu and Kimi. "Where did that Suchio guy get to?"

Kaneko watches the man as he raises a hand. Her breath caught in her throat for a second. Was he? And the answer is yes, yes he does. Kaneko can't even stop the deaths of the other children… She bites back a cry of outrage and swallows once. "Hai…" is all she says before she throws. Three shuriken spin towards their targets as Kaneko tries to injure the men in primarily their legs so they don't rush off before she can pound them. Then Kaneko follows her shuriken, racing down the edge of the wall via tree walking so she can chase after these bad guys. No further thoughts are given to her friends as she just seeks to end the men who killed defenseless children.

That genjutsu of the Tsuchikage's can be a nasty thing and it catches a number of the soldiers off guard, paralyzing them in fear for what their mind was making them see, although it wasn't real…of course. The ones that were taken by Juudai manage to shrug off the other genjutsu as it comes on them before they fully fall under the effects of the Tsuchikage's stun. Others take a variety of kunai, fire attacks, bee attacks, and cat bite marks to make them rethink life. And then, of course, comes the swarm of kunai from others on the wall. Granted, a lot of them miss just because they don't want to accidently hit the Tsuchikage, so they overthrow a bit. And then…some are just fine. Two of the ones that had escaped Juudai's attack come at her quickly with their blooded swords, trying to cut into the woman from either side. Of the remaining ones…they all take out kunai with lovely little paper bomb tags attached and hurl them at the rest of the shinobi!

The men all move to attack. They throw tags and slash at the Tsuchikage. They think they are making a difference and normally the Tsuchikage would let her shinobi handle themselves. Normally she'd let them learn from this experience but this isn't about that. This is about destroying their hope. Destroying them mentally. The slashes simply scrape against her as if she were made of pure steel. She moves with alacrity, swatting away explosives and letting them explode around her. THe lightning moves around her like a swarming thing as she turns her gaze back on the men. Her eyes are practically glowing as occasionally the sparks of electricity crackle and explode in tiny blasts around her body, "You have no chance. None of you can even face me. Not together. Not alone. Your group will pay for the pain you have caused for years to come." And then her wicked will races from her again. Shinobi on the field sensitive to chakra probably feel the deadly intent as she washes these men again with that horrible glare.

Mitsue is watching the Tsuchikage in action and is…really rather impressed! When the explosive tags head their way the teen is already making hand seals to move away, but then finds that Juudai had deflected the blow for him. The violet eyed teen glances to Nendo quickly with wide, surprised eyes. When he looks back to the group of attackers again he notices that some are now stunned by the Tsuchikage. Again he casts out his genjutsu to try and not only scare the men, but sap some of their energy as well.

Nendo would raise a hand after gathering earth onto his fingers, but seeing the tags coming toward him being taken care of by the kage, not only for himself, only smiled as he continued firing. When the genin noticed that it wasn't just him but the others being defended by the Tsuchikage, he'd give Mitsue a thumbs up, she'd proven to have at the least a sliver of the good he had mentioned to the young Gansao before and it would do well for now. Hardening his expression the genin aimed his shots at the limbs of the soldiers and closed an eye before firing. The sight of a flame in the cart hadn't been lost on the genin.. He'd have to find out who needed help in the accuracy department, even if he himself was needing it most of all. The training range would be getting a lot of attention soon enough.

"They honestly didn't expect we'd attack." Hotaru's eyes would be a little teary when she saw how the ninja were mostly skilled enough to avoid her abilities. "They honestly thought they'd just… -kill- them and get away free. Dirty nomin." Hotaru has kept upon her legs well enough so far, thanks to Akane's fine though temporary work. The time Hotaru steps forward so she is not behind her allies, because she was going to expend a whole-lotta chakra real soon. She would create even more handseals as she begins to run 'around' the right side of the field, before she would attempt to lay down a spread of fire from her mouth after her seals were finished. She'd move her head around as she sprayed fire in waves along the ground. There was no helping hitting the corpses of the children. As long as they could be identified afterwards…

Whuh-oh, ranged attacks incoming…and both of Cherii's usual defense won't work in this situation. c.c; She's got all her bees out stinging, and if she summons a boulder here, it'll just drop down from in front of her! Her only choice is to hop off the wall and hope she falls outside the blast ran — oh wait, Tsuchikage took care of it all. c.c Well, that's nice! ^.^ Cherii thinks she'll stay on the ground now, though, especially since the need for looking out over the situation has greatly diminished with the advent of pitched battle. Cherii heads outward at a cautious, low-crouching run to see about binding any foes who've suffered injuries great enough to incapacitate them. Meanwhile, her bees keep doing what bees do best, at least as far as combat is concerned.

Shu and Kimi land on the cart looming over the lifeless bodies of the children. The duo do not cast a gaze upon them however. Instead their eyes go on the hunt for Suchio. Even as the remaining soldiers attack Shu and Kimi keep their attention elsewhere. Trusting in the Tsuchikage neither Shu nor Kimi make an attempt at evasion. "No sign of him. Too much noise." he grumbles turning around to look at the soldiers. "Noisy." A cat has more than sharp ears and eyes though. Kimi paws at him finding something. Shu's nose's crinkles and his lips curl with delight behind the hood. "Oh really now?" Shu smiles. Kimi directs Shu and in a flash he leaps at something or rather someone. "Right under my nose eh?" She hisses as he tries to pin his target to the surface of the cart.

Kaneko sees the explosive tags coming at her and she's about to jump off the wall from where she is, which would kinda break her neck. Fortunately, Juudai seems to not mind protecting her in this instance, so she can continue until she's a safe distance from the ground. And then she's rushing towards the enemy, not entirely sure who to strike. Likely thrones that are closest to her… So she lashes out at them with her fists! Trying to knock their noses and bash their brains to knock them unconscious. "You're. Lucky. We. Can't. Kill you," Kaneko huffs out with each blow that she attempts to dole out.

Despite their best efforts more men fall under the genjutsu of the Tsuchikage, thanks mostly to the fact that they'd been peppered with rocks, fire, and kunai. If the others hadn't weakened them they would've likely been able to remain free to cause trouble still. As it is only one now remains free…and he's heading for the Tsuchikage in an all out attack! The rest of the men, still caught in the Tsuchikage's genjutsu, get pelted once again by the draining genjutsu, the rocks, the fire, the kunai and even the bees! Between it all a number of the men are knocked unconscious either by a beating to their head, or shock from their injuries. Or, you know, a vicious little girl who comes flying in with 'guns' blazing. One of the men stuck in the genjutsu gets punched in the nose and he falls straight backwards, comedy style.
Suchio has been found! And quite unexpectedly too! The speaker smiles charmingly up at Shu. "Oh, a Maneshi hmm? How very interesting. And even able to sniff me out through all the blood. I am impressed. Are you sure you want to be fighting for the Village? I promise we can offer you a lot more."

Hearing something from the cart, Juudai looks to Shu and then starts walking that way. The man rushing at her gets his blade caught and then Juudai simply charges that blade with explosive chakra. Hopefully that man was not at all attached to his hands. She calls out, "Bring those men into the village, I want them bound. If they struggle, remove their hands and feet to keep them from doing so." She then will continue to the cart as she listens, "What do you have to offer?" She asks as she walks forward, "The killing of children?" She asks out loud as she approaches the cart, "The ability to hide behind threats? The joys of being abandoned to die before a superior enemy while your leader hides among dead children?" She idly adjusts her jacket, "Sounds glamorous."

Mitsue watches as the soliders begin to fall, knocked unconscious from the combination of attacks. He kind of blinks in surprise when he sees Kaneko just run on out there, punching and kicking her way around. The teen shakes his head, a small smile on his face as he watches Kaneko another moment, then turns to Nendo and motions down. ~We should go help tie them up, if possible," he tells the three including Kaneko. ~Plus we have to go praise the mighty Kaneko for her valiant punching.~

Did she really… yep.. she did… And Kaneko was being quite successful at it too. The firebug on the otherhand would be needing an extensive lesson in controlling fire soon enough but she was doing a good enough job for now so the genin saw little in the way of need to scold Hotaru for the moment. At Mitsue's comment on tying the men up Nendo would not and release the clasp on his pouch. "You're right, and I have just the thing for them too… We can give Kaneko her pat on the head and bag of candy after." Nendo would move to the men while reaching into his pouch and drawing free coils of wire. It was much like wire used for pottery all the way down to the wooden handles on the ends of the coils, but Nendo would use it to wrap the fallen men about the chest and ankles. It was too dull to easily cut through flesh and made for great restraints when combined with removing the knife pouches of the fallen men on the ground.

Hotaru's main objective was completed. Most of the enemy shinobi were felled by comrade and herself alike. That, and the children's corpses would be turned to ashes and returned to the ground unless soon quickly put out. If her flames reached the cart the ninja sought to get away in, it too would be on fire right now. Hotaru didn't seem the problem. "Kaneko-chan, are you okay?" She asks, as she stands on the edge of her fires. "Mitsue-kun? Oh, of course you're okay. You didn't rush in…" She sighs. Leave it to Hotaru to cause a lot of collateral, though, fortunately they weren't in the middle of a town or anything.

Seems like most of the fight has gone out of these ne'er-do-wells. Cherii sets about tieing up the unconscious/disabled baddies, her bees hovering nearby as a deterrent against playing-possum attacks. "One of ye lot better give us a straight answer regardin' what this is all aboot," she mutters as she works. "Attackin' plain folk, leavin' strange marks all o'er th'countryside, challengin' Iwagakure o'er an' o'er even though you're clearly no match…ye cannae all be that daft." >P

"Oi you siren lizard! Watch it with those flames!" Shu shouts at Hotaru. He turns his attention back to Suchio with a sigh. Shu sinks his claws into Suchio and offers the man nothing but a wide eyed stare glowering through the dark of his hood. Suchio's offer was indeed considered. When Juudai arrives and offers her bit Shu speaks up. "She does have a point. I'm a man of simple tastes. But it doesn't sound like you're offering much." Shu blinks at Suchio "Oh wait Tsuchikage-sama…I think I found something." Kimi stands over Suchio. "I like shiny things." Shu offers. "You've got very nice eyes. They glimmer with such charm and confidence. Evidently you have the utmost faith in your cause." Kimi presses her claws into the man's shoulder to keep him pinned while Shu's hand rises. His fingers trace the edges of Suchio's vision. "Hold still." Shu cautions. Kimi's massive paw dug into Suchio's other shoulder while Shu's hand rose and covered Suchio's mouth as well has held his head still. "Keep that wonderful look in your eyes." After Shu got what he wanted Juudai is free to do as she wishes with the man.

Kaneko grins grimly when she feels her fists connect with various body parts. She flexes her hand a bit, wondering if she hurt it. But no, it was alright. "Hai," she says, shuffling around her pack for some ninja wire she keeps on her person. The man that fell would get bound by the wrists and legs. "I hope you don't mind what's about to come next for you," she says all too cheerfully, keeping him bound tight. If he puts up a fight, she would just thump him continuously on the head.

Suchio turns his gaze to look at Juudai, for all the world not appearing that Shu is on top of him and holding him down. "Hmm, you have no idea what we plan to do. But I guarantee you, you won't want to miss it. Such a shame you will be on the wrong side of history, however." When Shu starts talking and the Maneshi digs his claws in, he's reached his limit. *POOF*. The shadow clone vanishes from the abuse.
When the last remaining soldier gets an explosion in the face he finds himself a little crispy as he falls back onto the ground in pain. Men are bound tightly and carried or led away to await some time in a cell until the Tsuchikage was ready to, uh, 'talk' to them. Until then they would just have to sit and think about what they'd done!

Glaring at the man as he disappears, she shakes her head, "He will die soon." She states and then looks in the direction of the woods before looking back to the men who are getting tied up, "There you lot are. Your leader left you hear to me. I sure do hope that whatever foolishness this is leading to is worth it for you because you will not die for many years to come. Enjoy what time you left as whole men because soon you will be made far less than you were." She then gestures to the others, "As I said, I want them fully unable to move and put into seperate cells. I will be calling in help and dealing with the one at a time." She then starts back, "Nendo, you and your students did a fine job. They will be graduating next week. Prepare them to become genin."

Mitsue had gone to the ground level and was helping do his best to tie up the soldiers arms, legs, hands, feet, chest, torso…basically they can't even move. Probably can't breathe either! But Mitsue is quite sure that they aren't supposed to be comfortable. Part of him wonders what the Tsuchikage might have in mind for the men. Part of him doesn't want to really know. ~Well done Kaneko-chan. You too Hotaru-chan.~ He turns around to smile at Nendo and gives him a small nod before he adds, ~And well done you too Nendo. You really showed them who's boss.~

Nendo nodded slightly to what Juudai said. A few more days to work out the jagged edges that remained but it would be enough time the genin hoped at least. The genin would begin gripping a pair of the men and dragging them along the ground to line them up in a proper row before patting his hands off and giving Mitsue a smile in return. "Well come Kaneko, you really showed those bandits who's boss. Where'd you learn to punch like that?" Nendo would tease as he looked over at Hotaru and narrowed his eyes slightly. "You did well." Nendo would tell her as he moved toward the little dragon and gave her a light pat on the head just once. "But you're going to learn better control over that fire before you ever use it again.. That's what we'll focus on before your graduation." He explained, beating her to a pulp was tempting, but he doubted that she truly meant to burn anyone so he'd avoid the idea, for now..

"… I… I know…" She felt it necessary to cause a large blaze. Then again, she wasn't ordered to cause a big blaze. She was just given an attacking order. The young lizard rubs her head lips curled into a frown. She doesn't say much else, but Nendo was right… It's a shame that the element of fire is something that is meant for destruction, almost exclusively to kill… Whereas stone is primarily defensive, water and wind have many uses, and even lightning can be utilized in different ways, fire has always been the most offensive element of them all. Hotaru will have to branch out if she wishes to do something other than destroy large tracts of property…

Kaneko wipes a bit of blood off her fists… And onto her clothes. Her parents won't be too happy about that, having to wash blood off. Though considering they're all shinobi, they are probably used to it. Kaneko salutes Juudai and double-checks that her guy can't move at all. Then she hears a bit more. What? Graduating?! Kaneko blinks a few times and looks at Juudai with surprise in her grey eyes. "We… We're going to graduate?" she echoes. Then Mitsue's voice cuts through her thoughts and she gives her head a shake. "Eh? Oh, hai! You did a good job too, Mitsue-kun." She tugs her prisoner over to the others, keeping him a distance from the others. "I've been practicing hard!" she tells Nendo, Boeing her head slightly with a grin on her face. Then her gaze shifts to Hotaru. "Are you okay, Hotaru-chan? You didn't get hurt?" After checking her friend over probably far longer than needed, she nods quietly and says, "Good!" breathing a sigh of relief inwardly.

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