Four Stone Blades - Compound Cracked


Canis (emitter), Juudai, Akio, Nendo, Hotaru, Cherii, Kaneko

Date: November 14, 2015


Iwagakure launches an attack on one of the bases of the Four Stone Blades

"Four Stone Blades - Compound Cracked"

Land of Earth

After the last brutal attack on Iwagakure including the slaying of children at the very gates, the man who'd ordered the attrocities had escaped by only sending a Shadow Clone of himself into the fray. Others had been captured however and while their information had been limited, since most of them seemed to be new additions to the Stone Blades, they could at least give some other basic information. Namely, the base they had been staying at. The base was at the edge of the Land which explains why it hadn't been so easily found before and, after the discovery, the place had been under fairly constant survailance. While the Blade himself has yet to be seen at the location there are a large number of people there in general which needs to be dealt with. Thus the day has come.
The Iwagakure special forces had been inside the base and estimated it at nearly one hundred soldiers with three higher ranking officials. They had been able to map out the structure which was partly underground and so the forces going in had a good indication of what needed to be done. Now that the time had come, it was up to the Tsuchikage how it would be handled.

Having gathered many for this mission, among them is Cherii, Nendo, Hotaru, and the newest addition to Iwagakure, Akio. As she waits for everyone to give her attention, the gathering that is roughly half a mile from this base on a higher vantage point, is given cause to look to Juudai who states, "We are all going in quietly and smoothly. I will take the lead on this, moving in closer than the rest to try to get into position. Cherii, you will be in charge of Kaneko, Hotaru, Nendo, and Akio. Your team will be the first in once I am in position. Simply give me a 60 second headstart and then start slipping in." She then looks to the others, "Your job will be perimeter to try to prevent escape." She nods her head, "We don't need prisoners of the underlings. Just the three in charge need to be taken alive." She then looks to Cherii, "Fight well." She then focuses her chakra and starts off toward the base.

Akio was not completely ready for this. Mostly because he didn't know what to do. Luckily it seemed he would have someone to decide that for him. He would be under Cherii with a few others here, and was to move in first with them. He focuses some before they are to charge in, and looks around at everyone else with him. He knew the other three with him, so at least he felt he could trust them for the most part. Hopefully nothing to bad happens then since he was with these people. "So what should we do Cherii? Any specific plan once we slip in?"

Nendo was waiting as he usually would, standing off to the side of the group while working a pair of clay orbs in hand as though they were baoding balls. It was good exercise for his right arm beneath the crimson sleeve of his shirt. The knowledge that they wouldn't be needing prisoners made things a bit simpler and caused the young Toujitakumi to smirk slightly with a bit of amusement at that. Still, he had to accept that things would become troublesome if they played out like the last assault. "How far do you intend to be moving from the unit, Touchikage? We may need assistance if someone skilled in Genjutsu comes out like before." Nendo explained in a calm tone while he shifted weight from one leg to the other and tapped the toe of his sandal against the ground for a moment. It wasn't so much doubt in Cherii's ability as it was the desire to know howw many there would be available to fend off an illusionary assault if it was called for.
Glancing toward the base for a moment, the Toujitakumi had to admit that the odds of a wide veriety of enemies, both physical and chakra based, was likely while the matter of there being three targets also meant they'd most likely be called for moving into the base and not simply dealing with the minions as they usually were. This would be pretty troublesome if things were drawn out so either way in concern to Juudai's distance from their unit, the Toujitakumi concentrated on focusing as much chakra as he felt he could spare.

Hotaru has had a lot of experience with the stone blades. Her first time in the field was a mission that she made a complete mess of which involved the stone blades. It was important that she made sure she made up for her first failure, by seeing the fighting to the end. She is with the group in some form or fashion wearing a long-sleeved rust-red shirt with tight black pants and shoes. Her casual outfits do not match what is needed for a proper mission. Nor did her long hair, before she cut it to a medium shoulder length with a heavy heart, before the mission. "Cherii-dono, I'll do my best! Ah, hmm… Missing someone." She says as she looks around for, you know, that certain team-member of hers… It's not a genin team unless the other genin is on the team!

Here we go. Time to 'trounce a passel o' babby-killing poltroons.' :P Cherii nods to Juudai before she heads off. "Aye Tsuchikage-sama, we'll be in a wee bit after ye." Cherii pulls a small honey-jar from her pouch while waiting, taking a fingerful of it and sticking it in her mouth before letting her bees clean out the rest. "Th'plan is basically this: sneak intae th'base, take doon th'baddies quickly an' quietly for as long as we can. We'll nae be able tae keep that up forever, so dinnae fash yerself when an alarm gets raised. When they ken we're here, let loose an' give 'em hairy heck. Try t'stick taegether an' watch each other's backs, though." Cherii waits for her mental clock to tick to the proper time, then starts moving inward at a crouch. "A'right, let's be aboot it."

Kaneko has somehow managed to wriggle her way into this mission. Of course, Juudai picked her. She didn't sneak in or anything! The girl had a very serious look on her face as she listened to the orders, nodding to show that she understood them. "Hai, Tsuchikage-sensei-sama!" she says, giving a small salute. Then the young Murasame would look to those she'd be working with. Akio… She hoped he trusted her. She trusted him, at least in this instance, to play his part. If either was in danger, maybe the other would cover for her.
Nendo, too, was working with her. She was surprised Mitsue wasn't here… He's usually with the Toujitakumi. Regardless, Nendo seems to be itching for a fight, as there was that anticipatory gleam in the older boy's eyes. She couldn't help but wonder… Did he want to destroy the enemy out of revenge? He had, like her and Hotaru, seen some of the atrocities done by the Stone Blades. To kill children outside the gate…
Kaneko clenched the handle of her katana as the memory flashed through her mind. She had no need of chakra… So she didn't bother to focus any. Her cloak proudly displayed the symbol of the Murasame clan on its back, and her hitai-ate rested around her hips. Her brown hair was kept at a decent length, falling just below the shoulder. ~They're definitely going to pay… All the better if we aren't taking prisoners…~ she thinks to herself.
And finally her gaze would shift to Hotaru. Kaneko would soften for just a moment, moving quietly to stand near the little dragon. "Hotaru-chan, you need to pay better attention. I've been here the whole time!" she tells the girl with a faint tease in her tone. The girl taps Hotaru on the hand, murmuring a quick 'be careful…' Kaneko knew that Hotaru could take care of herself for the most part, and she couldn't worry about her friend too much when on the battle field. Her fighting style forced her to get up close and personal with the enemy. Which meant she'd be relatively far if she had to help a teammate quickly…
As Cherii spoke up, the girl would glance over to the bee-keeper. "Sounds like a simple plan…" she murmurs. The only problem is whether or not she'd be able to avoid tripping!

There are guards around the perimeter of the base but there is no fence or wall keeping the entrance locked down. Even the guards don't seem to be paying very good attention. Obviously they don't expect someone to be foolish enough to attack their base and, if they do, they expect to know about it ahead of time. Seems they were wrong. Per the directions from the special ops the three captains reside inside a building that is near the center of the compound while the outer buildings house others, as well as locations such as an armory and food storage. The food store was a bit low however, considering the number of people within the camp. But then, the Blade who had been tasked with resources is dead.

COMBAT: Juudai focuses 6053 stamina to turn it into 8150 usable chakra!

Rushing ahead, Juudai isn't the fastest shinobi but she got a headstart so she could put herself into position. Nendo's worries are ignored as, frankly, she doesn't have time to talk to him about being self-sufficient right before a mission. Her head shakes even as she puts through the seals to cloak herself as she gets closer and closer. Once there, she goes up a wall and on top of a building with her seal in place to hide her from eyes, ears, and even noses that might try to sense her as she slips in to try to get a firsthand look at this place before her shinobi arrive.

Akio would wait until the rest of his little team went in before following, or would stay in the middle if he was told. All he hoped for was to not screw this up for them, and he knew if anyone did it would probably be him. He isn't used to trying to stealth about, but for now he would try his best and stay silent while doing it. He has his hands ready, and is focused in case he needs to attack, but will wait for order to.

COMBAT: Akio focuses 1349 stamina to turn it into 1500 usable chakra!

The Toujitakumi would frown slightly at the lack of response but shrugged slightly as he took it to mean those that fall for the illusion can use it as a lesson for the future. Waiting the alotted time, Nendo would begin moving in quietly at a bit of a slow pace and using what cover he could to remain out of sight while closing the distance and shifting the focus of his chakra to prepare more volitile toys for the trouble to come. Perimeter defense was their job so rather than trying to get too far in, the Toujitakumi would work to make his way off to the side of the group where they could have a more responsive area and wider covered range to handle. Most likely Cherii's bees would do a better job than the few gathered but leaving all of the work to just the Chuunin would most likely become problematic if those insects were spread too far and wide under the control of a single person.

COMBAT: Nendo focuses 4133 stamina to turn it into 5500 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 13
RPCOMBAT: Canis defends against with a PERCEPTION…26

Hotaru might have thought that Cherii might have been from a land far off. Her accent still causes her infinite trouble to this day. She does gleam one important thing up. Sneaky and quiet. She would be happy to know, that regardless of whether they can pull of 'sneaky' or not, they wouldn't need to hold back. Everyone had to die, and Hotaru was clearly ready to do this. She would slowly make a hand-seal as she began to cause the entire area to start fogging up rather badly. "No problem at all. I'm ready for this…
… A few moments into channeling her chakra, she would blink as she hears Kaneko's voice. She… she really didn't truly know where Kaneko was. Usually, her ability to find chakra is relatively strong, but the usual feeling of butterflies that she was getting was overpowering the butterflies she got when sensing chakra. "Ah, I mean… Kaneko-chan… I… Hmmm." She was bested, her face dropping from Kaneko as the mist got thicker, not to mention she was tapping into her bloodline to help mediate her chakra expenditure. Brilliant azure scales formed on the outside of her eyes as she focused the water element, the scales reacting to the chakra as if partially channeling them. She would squeak when her hand was tapped, messing with the handseal and causing the mist to fade a little before she was back to channeling. She returned a smile. "Don't… Don't go to far from me, Kaneko… We're a team now. It's official!" She notes, before turning her head over to Akio. "Don't wander too far from us either… If we're surrounded, we'll be in trouble."

RP: Hotaru transforms into LINES-OF-BEGINNING.
COMBAT: Hotaru focuses 3983 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
RP: Cherii transforms into HONEY-BUZZ.
COMBAT: Cherii focuses 5159 stamina to turn it into 6697 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Cherii attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 15
RPCOMBAT: Canis defends against with a PERCEPTION…26

Cherii moves into the compound with her team. Stealth isn't her strong suit either, especially when it comes to stealth kills; bee attack victims have an annoying tendency to run around screaming for at least a few seconds before passing out. :P Also, there's the matter of Cherii's, ahem…girth, limiting the selection of places that can effectively hide her. e.e; Still, it's worth trying to deal with as many enemies as possible before the alarm is raised.
Once in range, Cherii looks around to figure out how to deal with the first few guards. Communicating with the team through hand sign, she assigns targets, then gives the signal to engage. Meat cleaver in hand, she starts creeping up on her own mark. :/

RPCOMBAT: Kaneko defends against with a PERCEPTION…23

Kaneko can't really reply to Hotaru since they need to be sneaky, but she would nod before the mist completely disguised her presence. Then the girl would try to sneak closer to the perimeter, seeking out any enemies that she can target right off the bat. Her sword slowly slips from its sheathe, but not entirely. The girl didn't need it fully drawn until it was time to strike.

COMBAT: Canis defends against CLOAKING-SEAL(56) attack from Juudai with a PERCEPTION…16
COMBAT: Canis defends against STEALTH(10) attack from Akio with a PERCEPTION…31
COMBAT: Canis defends against HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE(23) attack from Hotaru with a PERCEPTION…34
COMBAT: Canis defends against HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE(30) attack from Hotaru with a PERCEPTION…18
COMBAT: Canis defends against HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE(29) attack from Hotaru with a PERCEPTION…28
COMBAT: Canis defends against HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE(25) attack from Hotaru with a PERCEPTION…31
COMBAT: Canis defends against STEALTH(18) attack from Kaneko with a PERCEPTION…27

Most of the guards don't seem to realize much. For sure the Tsuchikage slips through without a problem. Yet when the mist begins to form perhaps it's a bit too sudden as some of the surrounding guards seem to be watching really really carefully. Finally as movement starts a few guards take notice and squint through the mists, spotting some of the encroaching shinobi. With a shout of surprise that draws attention of others nearby one of the guards throws some sharp objects at the misty shadows!
The Tsuchikage would see that the compound was run much like any army compound is. Nobody does anything frivilously. Few people are outside and most are just traveling from place to place. Some are even practicing in what appears to be a training area. The captains building is visible because it is guarded as well.

The facepalm that follows is almost enough to break Juudai's stealth. She looks in the direction of the shouting guards and sighs. She shakes her head and then immediately starts making hand gestures. Within moments she is raising up her hands and then jumps down and lands on the dirt just in time to send chakra into the earth and out around the training area raises up a flock of earthen birds that then descend upon the men there to attempt to explode them all at once. She then rushes back up to the next roof over, looking around and attempting to make herself a target so that those at the entrance don't take too much flack.

COMBAT: Akio defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(8) attack from Canis with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…24

All it took was for Akio to hear the screaming, and the sounds of things flying through the air for him to use replacement technique. He ends up further back, but that is good enough for him. His hands begin forming seals before metal starts rising out of the ground, and it starts trying to wrap any enemy in his range in metal binds. Once that was done he would get back, and hide in the mist if it was still up. He still was really not up to his best from everything he dealt with.

COMBAT: Nendo defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(17) attack from Canis with a SPARK-SHIFT…21

Nendo would have to thank Hotaru for the for the fog later though the shouting had the Toujitakumi worried soon after he'd began to relax. As a glint of light reflected off the blade darting through the fog, the Toujitakumi would lean back and then charge himself before ducking out of the way of that blade. Forming a series of hand seals and gathering earth to his fingertips, Nendo would stomp the ground lightly so he could get a sense of where the people were before fanning out his fingers in accordance. Closing his eyes, the Toujitakumi would use the fog as a bit of assitance to his attack, using the cover of it to hopefully dull the reaction speed of the men that had noticed them. A pulse of chakra along his fingers at the bullets were set free toward the heads of those guards. He didn't need to kill them but at the least a knockout blow would be good enough for dealing with those people.

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(17) attack from Canis with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…27

Hotaru would look over to Kaneko and smile. "No need to be quiet now. No one else is." She says with a wink as she straightens her back up and closes her eyes. "Control, control, control" Control, and a lot of handseals. Around sixteen actually. It was an insane amount, but when a jutsu is in it's developing phase, it can be expected until one is used to the movements of chakra through their network. This wasn't her natural element after all, so it took complete concentration. "I'll hold them down, Kaneko, you swing your blade really hard at them!" She says as she finishes the final handseal. Whether it was from a nearby pool of water, or a well, water begins to snake it's way from under the ground, bursting through and wrapping around the legs, arms, and waist of two enemy fighters… One even goes around one of the fighter's necks, bringing his head up and his tender neck vulnerable for Kaneko's strikes… if it hits!

COMBAT: Cherii defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(16) attack from Canis with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…21

Hearing the shouts of the enemy, Cherii quickly makes a clone in her place and ducks down to crawl away. Fortunately the mist makes this an effective ruse even with the enemy looking straight at her. n.n; Well, so much for stealth attacking! Of course, a part of Cherii is glad things are going straight into open combat, she's much better at that. Plus she really wasn't looking forward to killing with her cleaver, there are sanitation rules about cooking implements getting human blood on them and you have to clean them sooooo meticulously…ahem. Anyway, it's buzz-ness time! Cherii's bees swarm out of the mist and descend on the nearest enemies.

COMBAT: Kaneko defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(15) attack from Canis with a DODGE…18

Kaneko hears the shouts of surprise and winces. Did she step on something loud? Was she far too obvious in her sneaky approach? Obviously there was some sort of tactic that she had yet to master when it came down to it. "Yeah, I suppose so…" she mutters, drawing her sword completely and gripping it in her hands. She squints to try and make out some of the figures that were hidden thanks to Hotaru's mist, jumping away from the incoming knife that was flying right at her! Phew, that was close…
Kaneko takes note of where the knife had come from, then shifts a bit in her spot before she pushes off, attacking a nearby person while Hotaru chained up others that she would attack later. She didn't really want to be close to them if they didn't get chained up by Hotaru's skill… The girl would try to hit her own target in the back of the head to stun/daze him for a few moments while she slashed twice. A cut to the throat and then a cut at his midsection should hopefully put him out of commission.

Lots of carnage happens rather quickly as the Iwagakure shinobi appear to cut loose. The training area erupts with a bunch of little explosive birds, causing exclamations of surprise to rise from the group. Despite their attempts to get away there's a whole lot of death that follows as the birds come down to explode on the group, sending shrapnel and dirt flying in various directions, as well as the occasional body part. It was certainly enough to garner the attention of those inside the captains building and the three emerge, two men and one woman who each takes in the destruction before spotting Juudai. One of the men draws a blade and leaps towards the Tsuchikage while behind him the other man and the woman fire off ninjutsu. Earth from the man and lightning from the woman.
The soldiers are really not having much luck either as the other shinobi start causing trouble. Metal and water binds a few of the soldiers who start to struggle against their bonds while a few get knocked senseless by earthen bullets. A couple flail and cry out as bees sting the silly and yet another gets sliced and diced by that quick sword. But there are a ton of soldiers and when some fall others take their place. And some, it turns out, are a bit more skilled than their fellows as they attack with various weapons.

COMBAT: Juudai defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(40) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…50
COMBAT: Juudai defends against NPC-C-NIN-ATTACK(45) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…57
COMBAT: Juudai defends against NPC-C-NIN-ATTACK(47) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…75

The attacks by the trio don't get through the shields of the Tsuchikage as she staggers back a step or two but nothing makes it through. She then squints and looks in the direction of the team backing her and then looks back toward her enemy. She lets loose first with a burst of a genjutsu right in his face before attempting to blast him away with a palm shaped charge before she attempts to strike him right in the chest with a lightning sparked hand. A few seals a moment later and she sends a burst of electricity over the other two, "Give it up, all three of you. I need answers and I'm ripping them out of one or all of you."

COMBAT: Akio defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(21) attack from Canis with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…16
COMBAT: Akio loses the roll and sustains 282 damage.

Akio follows up his metal binding by forming seals for his fire attack. Sadly he we caught off guard by more attacks, and got clipped before able to dodge it. He continues forming the seals now knowing they are not accurate he tries to aim at anyone who is trapped. Then he spits out three different balls of fire towards his targets. Then he once again falls back trying to stay away from being hurt to much.

COMBAT: Nendo counters against a NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(21) attack from Canis with a C1…45

The sight of those metal bonds caused the Toujitakumi's eyes to narrow a bit as he saw them come into play… they didn't seem like Kaneko's style which interested the genin a bit… another metal user that was successful at their bloodline. Nendo would jump back a step as that attack came his way and toss one of the clay orbs the Toujitakumi held in hand. With a bit of a playful tone, Nendo would call out for the guard to 'catch' just before that orb ruptured and exploded powerfully. Rather than leaving it at that however, Nendo whipped his arm toward the group of guards to fire off a pair of kunai at the guards before he'd set their explosions off with a simple hand seal and a bit of concentration. The Toujitakumi would glance toward Akio and move toward the younger genin quickly. "If you want to stay out of trouble, try attacking from behind another high-profile target."

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(25) attack from Canis with a WATER-RIBBONS…29

Hotaru deflects the blade of one of the attacking fighters with water ninjutsu, rather easily. The next moment is spent creating a singe handseal, for a technique she is more familiar with. Given the distance between her and the fighter, Hotaru would easily be able to simple breathe in while the individual's sword was deflected, and breathe out. A shotgun burst of flame at point blank range! Afterwards, Hotaru would seem distracted. She was more worried about Kaneko and Akio right now, given they were a team, to really press on and do anything else. She wouldn't be able to move fast given her condition, but she has plenty of ranged abilities she can use to support from afar…

COMBAT: Cherii defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(28) attack from Canis with a EXPANDED-SCROLLED-TERRAIN…34

Cherii's solution to bad men trying to stab her with sharp bits of metal? Don't let them near. :P Unfurling a scroll, she summons a large slab of rock into place in front of herself, blocking the soldiers' charge. Her hive then descends on the would-be attackers. "How be ye holdin' up!?" Cherii calls out to the others. "We can make a fightin' retreat if need be!"

COMBAT: Kaneko defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(21) attack from Canis with a EVASION…24

Kaneko takes a breath and avoids the incoming sword slash, running over to the men that Hotaru had trapped earlier to make a passing cut at the pair's throats before she moves onto another target. The girl was trying to move as quickly as she could so that she was in little danger. Also, she was careful to avoid Hotaru's incoming flames. Once she stopped attacking, she would attempt to retreat a bit, making her way to a boulder that was near Hotaru's hiding position. "Hotaru-chan, is there a faster way to keep them trapped?" she would ask once near the Watanabe.

The swordsman gives himself a shallow cut to avoid that nasty genjutsu before jumping away from Juudai striking out at him. Of the other two one manages to replace themself with a clone while one isn't so lucky and ends up getting zapped a bit by the cloud. That doesn't stop them however. Instead it just seems to make them mad. "You're in our home woman," the swordsman says. "You will die because we don't take prisoners." Then the three attack again, faster and stronger this time as they try to blaze through the Tsuchikage's defenses.
Meanwhile, in the outskirts of the compound…the three captured men are attacked by Akio and are fried by his attack since they can't escape. The other guard that attacked Nendo reactively reaches out to catch what's thrown at him and he gets to stare at it a moment before it blows up in his face and takes his hands with it. The others don't get hit quite so bad by the explosions but some damage is still done. The fire headed dragon girl gets her own share of skin as two of the guards are swarmed and scarred by her bad fire breath. And then bees. Really. More. Bees. One of the guards tries to swing his sword wildly at the bees but there are just too many and really he can only hit one or two like that. Instead he and his closest friend get stung badly. Kaneko keeps on moving through too and she causes a number of wounds on guards, cutting through them rather neatly with her sword. She even manages to cleave one in half thanks to the speed he was going. The guards continue to come and attack and it seems like the ones arriving now are at least a little more skilled as they slice and dice towards the shinobi skillfully.

COMBAT: Juudai defends against NPC-A-TAI-ATTACK(57) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…51
COMBAT: Juudai loses the roll and sustains 625 damage.
COMBAT: Juudai defends against NPC-A-NIN-ATTACK(60) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…67
RP: Juudai transforms into BAKUTON-II.
COMBAT: Juudai defends against NPC-A-NIN-ATTACK(84) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…54
COMBAT: Juudai loses the roll and sustains 800 damage.

And just like that, Juudai ends up stumbling back and bleeding. She winces as she looks at the blood and then she nods, "Ok." She then makes a single gesture and leaps back only to stare at the trio, "Lets try this again. Fall before me and beg me not to kill you!" She then looks wiht a glance toward the gate and at the fighting happening there even as she looks back at the group here, "Frankly though, I only need to have one of you alive to question."

COMBAT: Nendo successfully interrupts attack number 4: NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK from Canis against Akio with a roll of 31 vs 29.
COMBAT: Nendo failed to interrupt attack number 4: NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK from Canis against Akio with a roll of 20 vs 32.

Akio was about to go through the replacement technique again, but the others stepped in the way. In that case just as Nendo said he could attack while staying behind a bigger target. "Thank you." He makes sure to say to the two stepping in front of him. Then he once again makes metal binding come out of the ground to surround the enemies, and hopefully trap them all for more damage from the next attacks.

RP: Nendo transforms into BAKUTON-I.
COMBAT: Nendo defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(34) attack from Canis with a FAE-SHIELD…42
COMBAT: Nendo defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(24) attack from Canis with a SPARK-SHIFT…37
COMBAT: Nendo defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(29) attack from Canis with a SPARK-SHIFT…30

The Toujitakumi would chant a mantra while projecting a barrier before himself and to the side to block the strike that might have managed to harm Akio before letting a bit of static crackle along his form before he'd flicker from one spot to the other and allow the two strikes to move just wide of his form. Widening his stance the Toujitakumi would kick off from those two guards while the footprints left on the ground began glowing dangerously where the Toujitakumi had been scuffing the dirt and letting his bare skin touch the earth. With a bit of shaping to direct the close range blasts, the Toujitakumi would set off the twin blasts while forming the seal of confrontation. Everything was much simpler when your head was clear and the world was a literal mine field of things to touch and use as his playthings. A bit of a playful chuckle left the Toujitakumi's chest as he dipped his hands into his pockets for the next tools in his arsenal.

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(31) attack from Canis with a WATER-RIBBONS…31
COMBAT: Hotaru defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(27) attack from Canis with a WATER-RIBBONS…38

Hotaru is rather lucky. Her inability to move makes her an easy target, and so far her liquid-based defense has lasted her rather well. This was all after she responded to Kaneko. "I think I can not only trap them, I think I can keep them trapped a while! I've never tried this, so stand back!" She would start to create the seals after. Although, it is clear that she has to do each ability one after another, she would be able to first trap the ninja with the chains of water and then keep him at halt with another technique of hers, the running fire. The two together work well as long as they do not touch. Kaneko only need swing her blade through the column of fire to attack the individual inside! Steam does start to form within the column of flame, however.

COMBAT: Cherii successfully interrupts attack number 4: NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK from Canis against Akio with a roll of 32 vs 32.
COMBAT: Cherii defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(28) attack from Canis with a EXPANDED-SCROLLED-TERRAIN…38
COMBAT: Cherii defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(38) attack from Canis with a BUG-JAR…33
COMBAT: Cherii loses the roll and sustains 348 damage.
COMBAT: Cherii defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(32) attack from Canis with a BUG-JAR…46

Uh-oh, seems like things are getting a bit more dangerous. :/ Seeing Akio getting into a tight spot, Cherii sends her hive to whirl about him, keeping him safe until Nendo gets there to help out. Whew. Meanwhile, of course, Cherii's got her own incoming bogies. She summons another slab of rock to slow them down, then calls her bees back to come defend her. Unfortunately, one of the baddies manages to get at her before they arrive. "Ouch! Ye blasted knave!" >.<; Of course, it's only to be expected that these men who swore death upon Iwagakure and are willing to murder children in their pursuit of that goal are going to attack the ninja, especially since the ninja came here to wipe them out, but these things slip out when you take a slash. :P Cherii's bees return to exact pointy, venomous vengeance upon Cherii's attackers.

COMBAT: Kaneko defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(22) attack from Canis with a EVASION…20
COMBAT: Kaneko loses the roll and sustains 432 damage.
COMBAT: Kaneko defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(31) attack from Canis with a EVASION…26
COMBAT: Kaneko loses the roll and sustains 451 damage.

Kaneko wasn't really expecting that the next wave of people would be more skilled, and she tries to avoid their incoming attacks, only to get cut up. Blood leaks out from the cuts she sustained, and she can barely comment to Hotaru, "That isn't going to help if I can't get to them, Hotaru-chan!" She darts forward to challenge one of the incoming men, slicing thrice at the man to try and hurt him.

Of the three captains only the ninjutsu male falls victim to the Tsuchikage's genjutsu attack. He is forced to his knees by the fear he feels of the woman's deadly gaze. Of course, that's only one. The other two are displeased that Juudai thinks she's going to win this fight. The woman jumps onto an adjacent roof and makes the hand seals to send out a powerful blast of lightning towards the Tsuchikage while the swordsman comes down in a burst of speed towards the leader of Iwa, trying to slice her to bits.
More guards blow up, more are caught by metal and water, and more fall victim to the swarms of bees and sword of the scary girl. Their ranks seem to be thinning at least finally and some have even started fleeing, weapons dropped as they run away from the shinobi off and away. Others remain to attack, continuing to try and be as evil as they can.

RP: Juudai transforms into BAKUTON-III.
COMBAT: Juudai defends against FORGED-LIGHTNING-SPEAR(47) attack from BACanis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…86
COMBAT: Juudai defends against HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL(82) attack from BACanis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…66
COMBAT: Juudai loses the roll and sustains 607 damage.

Watching how they move, Juudai palms two kunai and then increases her electricity. Her body crackling with power as she suddenly turns and races toward the ninjutsu user. She has the lightning crackle over her body as she jumps up to beside her only to get cut into by the slicing taijutsu user. Even as she does so though, she drops both kunai and falls backward off the roof, "You should have just fallen like your friend." And hten the first kunai blows up in a burst of light and sound before the second blows up in simply a massive explosion as Juudai rolls back across the ground.

COMBAT: Akio defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(31) attack from BACanis with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…23
COMBAT: Akio loses the roll and sustains 876 damage.
COMBAT: Nendo successfully interrupts attack number 5: NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK from BACanis against Akio with a roll of 30 vs 28.

Akio was too slow, and it seemed Nendo was getting sluggish as well. Nendo luckily stopped one of the attacks from hitting Akio, but the other hit him hard dropping him to the ground. He got cut deep, and he knew from experience that wasn't going to go away. He gets up to a knee, and fires off three more blast of fire to hopefully help end this, but he doesn't expect to go much longer himself.

COMBAT: Nendo defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(24) attack from Canis with a SPARK-SHIFT…25
COMBAT: Nendo defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(34) attack from Canis with a FAE-SHIELD…39
COMBAT: Nendo defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(28) attack from Canis with a SPARK-SHIFT…37

A few drops of sweat and some deeper breathing wasn't much but Nendo wasn't so kind as to try defending someone from the world. A few bandits maybe but this was the realiy of what they'd come against and a few hits was good for the heart. That wasn't to say that he expected the blow to hit as hard as it did. Nendo would charge himself and tug Akio out of the way of the second strike coming his way so that the younger was safe. Shifting from the next strike and countering the worst of the attacks with a barrier. Rather than just blocking the strike, the Toujitakumi countered it with a blast to knock the offender back quickly followed by a thrown shuriken primed to explode. Releasing Akio, the Toujitakumi would form a set of hand seals to fire off a fresh burst of bullets at the guards attempting to fleep; there were meant to be no underlings escaping from them tonight.. "Cherii, should we go after Juudai and help her?" The Toujitakumi would question. As much as he might want to test things further, the Chuunin was in command of their little unit and be the one to dictate if they were allowed to move further in or not.

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(28) attack from Canis with a WATER-RIBBONS…24
COMBAT: Hotaru loses the roll and sustains 445 damage.
COMBAT: Hotaru defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(33) attack from Canis with a WATER-RIBBONS…43

"Sorry Kaneko-chan! I didn't anticipate there to be so many!" She says as she turns her focus to another individual, whom finally gets in a strike upon the dragon, slicing across her shoulder. She would actively defend with the next one, not relying on the jutsu to defend her solely anymore. Actively boosting the jutsu with her focus, it certainly managed to take out the next attack. "Kaneko!? Are you okay?" She asks as she attacks using simpler jutsu to try and last longer… "This is starting to take it's toll on our team." She says as she greats a single handseal, blowing flames into the face of the individual whom just attacked her.

COMBAT: Cherii defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(24) attack from Canis with a BUG-JAR…35
COMBAT: Cherii defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(26) attack from Canis with a BUG-JAR…28

Uh-oh, first sign of serious trouble. :/ Cherii runs over to assist with Akio's situation, kneeling down to seal the wound with honey, minimizing bleeding. A couple of enemy fighters try to take advantage of her distraction, but her hive keeps them at bay. "Nae lad, th'last thing Tsuchikage-sama wants is tae have friendly targets nearby," Cherii replies to Nendo as she works. "The rogues she's dealin' wi' are oot o' our league. We're tae deal with th'rabble oot here, an' it looks like that'll be plenty for us."

COMBAT: Cherii heals Akio for 209 with FIRST AID.
COMBAT: Kaneko defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(28) attack from Canis with a EVASION…27
COMBAT: Kaneko loses the roll and sustains 413 damage.
COMBAT: Kaneko defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(31) attack from Canis with a EVASION…34

"Dang it… Why are there so many?" Kaneko grumbles, knowing that she couldn't avoid some of these attacks in time. Some of them were just too skilled, but she put forth her best effort to avoid the incoming strikes. Only one was able to cut her shoulder, rendering an arm useless. She could use one hand to attack, but it wouldn't be as strong as before… "I'm fine!" she shouts back to Hotaru, not wanting her friend to worry too much. She needed to keep strong… The girl would take a few breaths to try and make sure she could still stand straight before she would move again. The girl would attack another person, the one who had managed to score the hit on her, with her sword, swinging almost wildly to simply attempt to hit in general.

The Tsuchikage's attacks are dealt with differently by the two without much apparent difficulty as the swordsman blocks the bright light from his eyes by shielding them with the blade. When the fire comes at him he quite literally slices through the flames, the attack so fast that it sucks the air from the flames before it hits him. The ninjutsuist simply dodges away from the attacks with a bit of lightning to help her out. The swordsman drops to smack the other man out of the genjutsu as well, leaving the three of them to face off against the Tsuchikage once more. "This is where you die," the woman says from her position on another roof. More attacks assault the Tsuchikage, bearing down on the woman.
It seems that the guards that were willing to fight have dwindled in number as there is only those that are fleeing left. And there's a good dozen of them trying to retreat away from the shinobi. While they may be safe from attacks the Iwagakure shinobi still have a task ahead of them!

COMBAT: Juudai defends against LIGHTNING-DISC(48) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…71
COMBAT: Juudai defends against EARTH-DRAGON-BULLET(61) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…76
COMBAT: Juudai defends against HIGH-FREQUENCY-SHARP(73) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…82

A shake of her head and she frowns as she feels blood leaving her body. She glances at the other getting out of the genjutsu just in time to hold up a single seal with the right flux of chakra and each attack simply bounces off of her. She then looks at the trio, "Ok, fine." She states and then grins, "Try this on for size." She then moves her hands quickly and sends her hands to the ground. Birds birst from the ground made of pure earth, or seemingly so before they all suddenly start flocking around the group and then fly right for them, exploding upon contact.

Akio sits back on to the ground. "Thank you for the healing….that hurt a lot more then I thought it would." He eyes the wound on his chest for a moment before trying to stand up. Once to his feet he looks over to Cherii. "So what's next? Can't let them go can we?" While he stands here he focuses a little bit more chakra. Even if it isn't much it is some.

COMBAT: Akio focuses 1354 stamina to turn it into 1500 usable chakra!

With the minions escaping and the musical sound of explosions not far off, Nendo relaxed himself a bit and took to paying a bit more attention to those around him, specifically the one that seemed to have gotten the hardest hit of the night. "Why don't you focus on healing for a bit?" Nendo questioned as he dug out a roll of bandages to begin wrapping them over the younger's wound so the honey could safely do its work on the boy's wound. "You should take a rest while you have the time, you might need it when the time comes to fight more." The Toujitakumi warned before glancing toward the others with a curious look. "How are you holding up, Kaneko? Hotaru?"

COMBAT: Nendo heals Akio for 203 with FIRST AID.

"Y-yeah… I'm fine… Is that everyone? Should we go and try to assist the Tsuchikage?" She asks, as she turns and checks on everyone. There were quite a few people who seemed relatively wounded. "Probably not…" She would grunt, before heading over towards the direction of Akio and Kaneko…

Cherii turns her attention back to the enemy. Looks like they've about had enough…but that certainly doesn't mean they can just run. >P The shinobi came here to put an end to their devious deeds, not just chase them out of a stronghold. "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, YE CRINGIN' HOUNDS!!!" Cherii sends her hive out to cut off the enemy's retreat. "THROW AWAY YER WEAPONS AN' KNEEL WI' YER HANDS ON YER HEADS IF YE WANT TAE LIVE!!!" >P

Kaneko would still have some energy in her body. The girl would just nod to Nendo to respond to his question, forcing her body to move forward so that she could lash out at the ones who were fleeing. She had to sprint to keep up and then overtake them, sword swinging downwards at the back of their legs to try and cut important tendons that help a body move.

It seems the three captains weren't quite ready for something quite so vicious as what the Tsuchikage unleashes in the end. As the birds fly up then turn to fly right back down at the group they try to escape, shield themselves, or cut through the birds. But there's just too many and in the end there's a rather awesome explosion in the center of the compound. When the dirt and dust clears there will be three nicely charred and dismembered bodies at the bottom of a crater.
As the guards flee they pretty much ignore Cherii, figuring they're dead if they stop. So instead they just get cut down and killed from behind without any real way to defend themselves. After a few minutes there's nothing else left of the guards besides bodies.

A sigh as she stands up and Juudai looks at her side where the worst of the cuts were. She groans as she watches blood flow down before she shakes her head and starts toward the offices that the leaders came out of so she can start finding out what is going on. Even if others come to her, she continues to work despite the fact that she is bleeding as she attempts to find out what it is that these people were working on.

Akio looks to Nendo as the bandages are put on him. He looks s the others seem to finish of everyone who is left here. "Nendo not much more can be done here. I will be okay as long as I rest now. Make sure the others get the same treatment… and make sure they get taken care of first. I am used to this, and much worse." Akio stays standing where he is simply moving when he needs to stay with the others. He holds his chest where the wound is with one arm, and ignores it for the most part now.

"Cherii and Kaneko both know basic medical proceedures just like I do, they can handle themselves since everything's over." The Toujitakumi would explain with a slight smile as he stood up and glanced ot where he heard the last of the cries. Nendo would watch Cherii and Kaneko take care of the rest of the grunts for a brief moment and then start off into the compoound since he was a bit tired of being a spectator… Too bad that was all he'd be left with; nothing but corpses in here too. Well, there was a living person but she was heading off inside with a bloody trail telling where she was going to and making it easy for the genin to follow. Queen of the castle as she was, the Tsuchikage needed blood just like everyone else, and everyone who's anyone likes their blood on the inside, not the floor. Nothing some medicine and bandages wouldn't help hold in until they could get back to the village.

Huh, nobody listened to Cherii's generous offer of surrender. :/ You'd think Iwagakure has a reputation as a village of ruthless killers led by a merciless crazy woman. e.ea Oh well, no prisoners means no upkeep expenses! n.n Cherii makes sure the team is still standing and looks around for any further hidden threats, then sets about treating her own slash wound. Gotta keep the infections out at least.

COMBAT: Cherii heals Cherii for 180 with FIRST AID.
COMBAT: Kaneko heals Kaneko for 173 with FIRST AID.

Kaneko stumbles a bit in her spot, glad that the battle was over. She was getting a bit too tired after all her injuries and then the long fight. The girl flicks blood off her sword before she would sheathe it, grabbing some bandages from her pouch to warp some of the wounds that were worse than others. Specifically some of the cuts on her arm. "… They should have given up," she says simply, the girl making her way back to the others on her team. She would end up sitting next to Hotaru and finishing any bandage jobs, treating her friend first before herself.

Juudai would find papers and information on the group but much of it is the same as was found in the last base. There was one difference this time however. There was a folder of letters that was in some sort of code with no apparent key. At least there was possibly some new information. After the code was cracked.

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