Four Stone Blades - First Blade, Broken


Canis (emitter), Juudai, Cherii, Kuoroke, Kurome

Date: August 15, 2015


Juudai and her entourage travel fast and hard to a village to rescue them from this new group ‘the Four Stone Blades’. Sadly, they’re a bit too late for most, but for others, they at least came in time.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Four Stone Blades - First Blade, Broken"

Land of Earth

It's been weeks since the Iwa shinobi had their first encounter with a new group that was threatening the Land of Stone. After that brutal massacre there had been no real indicator of the groups continued existence until about a week hence. The same symbol that Juudai had so steadily eliminated signs of in the slaughtered village had begun mysteriously cropping up across the land. Sometimes it was near a road, other times outside of a farm or even in the center of a thriving village. No one knows how they appeared, only that one night it was not there and the next morning it was. Rumours had begun to spread and a name had begun to pop up: The Four Stone Blades. The name was taken from the symbol itself, four triangles of varying sizes pointing in the four cardinal directions, all connected by their bottom right corner.
If the arrival of the symbol itself wasn't disturbing enough, what followed tended to frighten even if the most stalwart. Shortly after the arrival of the symbol something would happen at its location; a caravan would be robbed, a farm would be razed and its inhabitants killed, the village would suffer a disaster and families would disappear. There was no telling how long after the appearance it would happen, only that something would be coming. This fact was soon spread throughout the Land and Iwagakure became inundated with requests for help, requests for extra security for caravans, requests for guards even in cities and villages without any symbols thus far. While the pay would likely be great, there were only so many shinobi.
Which brings us to today…
It's a slightly overcast yet rather pleasant early spring morning. The majority of the cold weather has passed with winter and while there is still a certain chill at times this was not one of them. The sunrise had been colorful and now the bright orb was midway to its zenith and shined warmly down. If nothing else it made dealing with the increased requests at least a little more pleasant. Outside of the administrative building extra tables had been erected to deal with the increased requests with people from all over the Land coming to put in their own plea. Most are just concerned with no signs of any trouble as of yet.
Shouting is heard from the direction of the gates into Iwa and hoof beats can be heard galloping along at top speed towards the area. The man on horseback is at least known to a few of the guards so he isn't shot on sight, but they're unpleased and try to get him to stop as he rides to the front of the administrative building. "Please! You have to help. It just showed up two nights ago! I've been riding hard for a day and a half and I fear it may be too late, please!"

It has been the order of the Tsuchikage to the man overseeing these situations to let her know as soon as word of a symbol came in. She would deal with it personally. No one else knew though. Various orders had already been given to various shinobi in regards to this. They would know their purpose when the explosion went off in the sky. As Juudai went out of the building as she was told of the rider, she shot a kunai up into the sky. An explosion went off. Almost immediately, as if a button pushed on a machine, things went into motion.
A horse was brought out of the stables by a young man to Juudai. Several more horses were following. Shinobi were off throughout the city. One was already getting Kuoroke and directing him 'On the Tsuchikage's orders' to the front gates. Both Cherii and Tsurure were aware of what the explosion meant. If an explosion went off near the Kage's office today, then they were to be the gate immediately and prepared to ride.
Even as Juudai gets her horse, she looks to teh man who has been riding and she nods to him, "I need to know where you are from now. Afterward refreshment and shinobi will tend to you for your service to your village and the Land of Earth."

It never fails, you get the pot boiling on a new experimental recipe and there's an exploding kunai in the sky. >.<; Cherii heaves a sigh and douses the stove, then heads on out to the rendezvous point. "Reportin' fer duty," she calls out as she arrives. She clambers onto her designated horse with a touch of difficulty, as ninja go. "Sorry ye have tae carry th'heaviest sack, laddie," Cherii murmurs into the horse's ear, stroking its neck apologetically. "I'm workin' on it, y'ken. Tell ye whit, do a guid job t'day an' I'll mix up a great pot o' honeyed oats for ye."

Kuoroke prepares thoroughly - that is to say, he throws on his cloak. After this, he gets moving. The Kuroki is sure to stay behind the shinobi guiding him, keeping a focused eye on his surroundings. As the Iwagakuran dictates the speed, they arive maybe slightly later than the normally-hurried desert dweller would if he'd known the way. Kuoroke bows as he sees the Kage astride her steed. "You summoned me, Tsuchikage-sama. Can I be of any service?"

Ever since that incident just before leaving Iwa to go to Konoha, Kurome had been curious on those markings… She had investigated them to the best of her ability, but nothing of interest had come up. So she figured that she may as well visit Iwa to try and investigate more closely. And the rumors had begun. Four Stone Blades… Kurome had gone to Juudai first, and once again was swept up in the action! "If this keeps happening, when I visit, maybe I should just stop visiting," Kurome comments dryly, climbing aboard one of the offered horses. She nods in greeting to the gathered Iwa-nin, keeping to the back unless ordered otherwise. The arrival of Kuoroke gets a slight raise of her brow, but no more.

The explosion does send people scattering but in the good way. Pre-prepared items are brought to the gate for the team to go: horses, food, water, some grain if it was to be a long trip. And by what the rider had said it would be a day and a half hard riding. Certainly it puts this village nearer one of the borders and would make sense for a planned attack. Further from Iwa, after all, and more difficult for help to arrive. "Ritsuda is the village name. It's to the south west and it's just a few miles off the main road! We're just a small town and we never bother anyone! Please, please you have to help." The man is begging Juudai even as he and his horse are lead away for refreshment. The beast itself looks about ready to fall over with sweat marinating its side, froth coming from its mouth and its heavy, labored breathing.
Others gather at the gates both to watch the Tsuchikage and her team off, but also to do any last minute things that might be requested.

Waiting for the others to arrive, Juudai seems to watch people like a hawk as they move about. She has high standards for any plan set into motion by herself. Even as the others arriving, she nods her head to Kuoroke upon his arrival, "You said you were going to assist me while here. You are therefore going to come along on this mission. I don't take up for people who lag behind nor do I abide by those who question my orders." She nods her head, "Keep in mind while you are on my mission you are my shinobi no matter where you are from and will be treated as such." She then looks to Kurome, "Same goes for you. You are welcome to not come again if you find being involved in action doesn't suit your blood. The Land of Earth is filled with those who are foolish enough to think themselves its master." She then turns on her horse and starts off in the direction given, "Any who think they can master the earth and mountains are fools." She doesn't really…leave room for objections or questions as they ride. Seems if you got them, you better keep up.

Always the diplomatic charmer, our Kage. n.n; "Dinnae fash yerself o'er her manner," Cherii murmurs, pulling up near Kuoroke and Kurome. "Tsuchikage-sama gets very serious when her people are threatened, 'tis all. I'm sure she appreciates yer help." With that, Cherii urges her horse on to follow after Juudai.

Kuoroke raises an eyebrow. He seems to be surprised, but not at all taken aback by Juudai's abrupt manner. "As you know, our agreement hasn't been ratified yet, but a gesture of good faith most likely falls within my parameters…" He answers, matter-of-factly. He doesn't waste time, though: by the time he's speaking he's on the offered horse. As they start off, the Kuroki keeps up, and seems to still have breath to continue speaking. "I would, however, ask to be briefed. I am not of much use to you if I don't know what I'm doing, after all."

Kurome narrows her eyes a bit then says, "If you think I don't want to help Iwagakure and the Land of Earth, you are wrong." That being said… Time to move out! The Uchiha nods to Cherii with a small grimace, not in the mood for more chitchat, and Spurs her horse onwards. She allows others to explain what was going on… She knew there was an attacking group, but she didn't want to overstep her bounds as a simple visiting nin who was a mere Chuunin before becoming head of her clan.

COMBAT: Kurome focuses 6895 stamina to turn it into 9001 usable chakra!

As the Iwanites and their visitors ride across the Land they come across more people on their way to the Village to seek assistance. None of them have the urgency as the man who'd come on horseback had, but they were worried none the less. Seeing the group of shinobi riding at their breakneck speed does little to assuage their fears. Morning turns to afternoon, afternoon to evening and then night. The moon is near full and provides sufficient light to continue to ride through the night. If the group were to take only small breaks they would arrive just before noon the next day. What they saw there might not be pleasant however.
Much as the previous village had been, the path to this one was littered with the bodies of civilians. Some of them were on the ground, others hung from free. Some were missing limbs or a head, a few had been skinned and left to the scavenger birds. Quite an unpleasant sight and the stench is nauseating at best. The village itself was not visible, however. The road the shinobi was on cut off as a huge wall of earth and stone seems to have risen from the ground and surrounded to village within. Atop the fifteen foot 'wall' were sentries, armed with arrows and who knew what else, keeping watch for intruders.

On the way there, Juudai will pull gesture for Kuoroke to ride beside her so she can tell him, "Enemies of a brutal nature. They attacked a village a ways back and have been causing issue. They think they are being cute by cutting up bodies and skinning them. Trying to sow fear and all they are doing is showing how much strength they truly lack. Men and women who can only lead through fear, can't lead at all. Prepare yourself for a fight but show them no mercy. I have no need for men or women like that." She nods her head.
Stopping everyone before they reach the village, Juudai looks to the others. She tries to move into what would be a good vantage point for them to see the area they are approaching. If the stench and bodies bothers her, she doesn't show it. She keeps her face serious. She doesn't seem to care about her abrupt nature. She simply moves slowly. As she gets to a spot she prefers, she looks to the others, "Kurome." She nods and then looks to Cherii, "Cherii." She then looks back, "I need recon of that village. I need to know what is going on within it and you two seem the most cut out for that. Either your eyes, Kurome, or your insects, Cherii." She looks back, "Or both." She then looks ahead, "If there are villagers still alive in there, I want them to stay that way." She nods her head, "If there is nothing left of the villagers though. If nothing is in there but our enemy, then I can go in far more heavy handed."

These cultists or whatever they are certainly have a bent for grossing people out. XP Although in a way that's tame compared to the simple fact that they're KILLING PEOPLE without provocation. "Aye, Tsuchikage-sama," Cherii responds, covering her lower face as best she can with her hand. Good thing bugs aren't much affected by rotten smells. "Off wi' ye, see whit's aboot," Cherii murmurs as some of her bees buzz off and spread around the village.

RPCOMBAT: Cherii defends against with a PERCEPTION…20

Kuoroke nods. "Thank you." He answers. For the rest of the road, he rides quietly, focused on the path ahead. When they receive their orders, he lets Kurome and Cherii do recon, and meanwhile observes the area. He gives them ample time to observe and searchm and finally, he turns to the Kage again. "What are your orders if the enemy is not there? Or, if there are also survivors?"

COMBAT: Kuoroke focuses 6456 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!
RP: Kurome transforms into SHARINGAN-III.
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PERCEPTION…54

Kurome nods to the Kage and her Sharingan comes into play. Black fades, turning red, and the intensity of the red is only interrupted by three black tomoe. "Hmm…" she murmurs, looking at the fort and hunting down chakra signatures. Who had a lot? Who had a little? She could not see within the walls, but she could see the individuals and their guarding patterns in such a way that it seemed they were going in slow motion.

The guards atop the wall of dirt and stone patrol only short distances, overlapping. They're overly cautious and it seems they might be expecting some kind of attack in the days to come. None of the guards have an abundance of chakra however and most seem to be reliant on their weapons. One or two are above the rest but even that isn't saying much. Inside, however, is a different story. The flittering insects would be able to make out what seems like a work camp within the walls. Villagers were being forced to clear away rubble from destroyed homes and do things such as destroy rocks. They were watched over by others who would hit them with sticks or whips if they slowed. The only ones given any leniency were a small group off to the side. These received water and their wounds were treated while someone else spoke to them.

Upon hearing what intel is available, Juudai stares at the village a moment before saying, "You three will attempt the front as a rescue team." She nods her head, "I'm going to slip in quietly. I won't be seen. Give me a few minutes to get in and in place. I wish to see with my own eyes what I can while you three attack the front. They won't expect me to already be inside." She nods her head and then looks forward. Without much more words, she uses a seal and all but disappears from sight as she tries to make her way in.

RP: Juudai transforms into BAKUTON-I.
COMBAT: Juudai attacks target 1 with CLOAKING-SEAL with a roll of: 63

Cherii nods in response. "As ye order, Tsuchikage-sama." Cherii pulls out a small jar of honey, unscrews the lid, scoops out a fingerful, and pops it into her mouth. Her bees cluster around and start imbibing the rest. "I recall ye use fire quite a bit?" Cherii remarks to Kurome. "If ye dinnae mind, I'll be followin' up on your attacks. I'd nae want my wee ones tae be gettin' burnt tae cinders because they didnae get off yer targets quick enough." n.n; Once her bumblebees are energized, they hum off to poise themselves near (but not too near!) the enemy guards.

RP: Cherii transforms into HONEY-BUZZ.
COMBAT: Cherii focuses 5163 stamina to turn it into 6655 usable chakra!

Kuoroke bows his head to the Kazekage. "Yes, Kage-sama." He answers. The Kuroki limbers up a bit, and reaches into his cloak to produce a scroll. Then, he turns to the Chuunin. "As you are from IWagakure, I believe the chain of command reverts to you. Let me know when to go in."

RP: Kuoroke transforms into TATTOO-FORCE.

Kuoroke bows his head to the Tsuchikage. "Yes, Kage-sama." He answers. The Kuroki limbers up a bit, and reaches into his cloak to produce a scroll. Then, he turns to the Chuunin. "As you are from IWagakure, I believe the chain of command reverts to you. Let me know when to go in."

"Excuse me, then," Kurome says with a small nod and seven handseals that are formed so quickly that one might not even know she had formed them. Her final handseal is the tiger sign, and she inhales a great breath before sending a huge wave of fire at the guards atop the earthen wall with little warning to them. Not that she wants them to avoid the attack…

COMBAT: Canis defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(59) attack from Kurome with a DODGE-III…34
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COMBAT: Canis defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(58) attack from Kurome with a DODGE-III…39
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 767 damage.

The group atop the wall fails to notice the Tsuchikage using her seal to make her entrance. The only existing entrance was a small opening in the wall, big enough for someone to walk through one at a time without horses. Horses wouldn't even be able to fit through the opening. As such there are only two men standing near the entrance though they are quite attentive. One holds a spear at his side while the other has a sheathed sword on his waist. As Juudai makes her way in the scent of blood and burnt flesh would assault her senses five fold. The people of the village were being forced to live knowing their relatives and friends were dead just next door.
The village is eerily silent, the sounds of movement the only constant thing. Feet dragging, rocks being moved, dirt being shoveled, the occasional crack of wood or whip on skin and the pained cry that followed. There was no talking save for the small group being tended to. As Juudai would see on her silent infiltration one of the men, bleeding from whippings yet still moving rocks, raises his hand. "I…I will join," he says in a broken voice. With a nod from the woman standing over him he walks slowly to the group being treated and sits, receiving water as his wounds are tended to.
"Good choice brother. Together we are stronger." Thus says the man who was already speaking with others in that special group.
The buzzing bees go general unnoticed by the guard except for the occasional hand wave to try and shoo one away that gets too close. The fire does not go unnoticed however and the guards are caught off guard. One manages to escape, but only falls to a painful death instead of burning alive. An alarm sounds from a bell in the middle of the village and people start charging out of the village, armed to the teeth. New holes are created by apparent earth users as they widen openings to make exiting easier for their people. While the shinobi in general are hidden, the location where the fire had come from is known and a group of earth users make sure of that knowledge to cause the earth to shift and start to spin around in a whirlpool, trapping rocks, plants, and perhaps shinobi.

Juudai is careful, moving along walls and slipping up to hear what the man is saying and to see the whipping. She moves in closer till she is near enough to the man to see him and those other enemies nearby. She stands there and lightning starts to crackle across her skin, exploding in tiny little pops as it crackles over her. She looks at the man with a snarl, "So, this is how you lead? Through beatings and pain? Through fear and torment?" Those enemies watching her will feel her will wash off of her like a wave of horror. For those affected by her will it is as if the woman exploded in fire and death. The blast washing over them and burning their flesh, rending them in death that she brings. It's all in their minds but those affected know the death she might bring. "You are not worthy of leading nor are you worthy to be in my land. I am going to wash you away like a stain and erase you from the history of this world."

RP: Juudai transforms into BAKUTON-III.
COMBAT: Cherii defends against EARTH-WHIRLPOOL(25) attack from Canis with a EXPANDED-SCROLLED-TERRAIN…27
COMBAT: Kuoroke defends against EARTH-WHIRLPOOL(32) attack from Canis with a EFFICIENT-SEAL-BARRIER…66

Kuoroke unrolls the scroll he'd pulled out, forming several hand seals. The mud below his feet is pushed away, gradually at first, but then more and more rapidly, a faintly shimmering field appearing just at the surface of where the mud is moved. When it hardens, Kuoroke need only walk out of the pool - but he doesn't 'walk' out. He charges out. He closes a considerable part of the distance between himself and the wall, before dropping to a knee and forming hand seals again, inhaling deeply. Then, a destructive wind bursts forth from his lips, targetting those who passed through the holes in the wall, and the wall as well - the holes if nothing if not structural instabilities to be exploited while they can be used to bring the whole wall crashing down.

Cherii's eyes widen in approval at the effects of Kurome's blast. "Whisht, I dinnae even need tae follow that up!" n.n And yet, in spite of the successful start to the attack, why does Cherii have a sudden sinking feeling? c.c "Ach, watch oot!" Cherii jumps up just before the ground becomes too unstable to push off of. Of course, that leaves her still directly above the swirling muck, but she has a means of dealing with that. She pulls out a scroll and yanks it open beneath her. A large boulder poofs into existence, giving her a momentarily stable platform from which to leap clear of the whirlpool. "Whisht! A'right, attack at will!" Cherii's bees come diving down at the mooks that are charging out of the wall, stinging indiscriminately.

COMBAT: Kurome defends against EARTH-WHIRLPOOL(37) attack from Canis with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…43=

Kurome watches as people start pouring out of the little fortress they have, and she springs into action! Literally,she jumpms up and out of the way of the whirlpool that just randomly appeared below her. "hmm…" she mutters, making a handseal to help Kuoroke take care of these goons. The fire she breathes is more like a flame thrower, and it enhances the cutting blades of wind by adding searing heat to the mix.

COMBAT: Canis defends against PREDATORY-GLARE(52) attack from Juudai with a GENJUTSU-PERCEPTION…28
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Those around Juudai fall victim to her genjutsu and a number of them drop to their knees in fright and exhaustion after what they'd just witnessed. Even the supposed leader falls pray to it despite pulling out a knife and causing himself a bit 'o pain. "I don't know what you're talking about lady, but I'd leave now while you still have a chance!" The 'leader' lunges at Juudai as the knife is dropped and a sword is pulled from his slide. He slices and dices towards the Tsuchikage while his compatriots simply try to back away. The villagers huddle in fear until one of the goons starts beating them with a spear. "You get out there and fight or I'll kill you right now!"
Bee's are just annoying little insects, right? Naw, though it would be nice to think so. Screams erupt as people get stung and they start swinging their weapons wildly around them to try and beat back the little creatures, likely to no real effect. Deciding to stay away from the bee keeper a few higher up on the wall start shooting arrows at Cherii to try and bring her down. Or at least distract her!
The wind beats against people and wall, causing a good number of the people to burn as the fire is thrown in to the wind. Yet the wall continues to hold. Not only that but it solidifies as people on the inside strengthen it. Even better, the top begins to close as well, seeking to make it a box with the villagers and Tsuchikage on the inside. That doesn't mean that those outside are dead however as more appear from out of the ground as if having been sent there via jutsu. More appear from behind the shinobi as well, pinching them in as attacks come from both sides. Just to make it worse…a noble looking man appears not far from Kuo, well dressed and evil mannered. "You were unexpected. No bother, I'll kill you anyways." With that said lightning appears in from of him before it shoots towards Kuo.
As the top closes a man exists from a building inside, sneering at Juudai. His face is covered in scars and his clothes are covered in blood. "Ahh, the famous Tsuchikage, fell right into my trap. Try and escape and I'll kill all these villagers before you can blink." Looks like she found the real leader.

COMBAT: Juudai defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(40) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…51
COMBAT: Juudai defends against CLEAVE(37) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…62

"Pathetic." Juudai states as she simply lets the strikes land from the supposed leader and they don't even make it past her feedback barrier, htting her square and doing nothing against her. She then looks at the man prodding the villagers to fight who might not want to and she makes a few quick seals. A small ball of electricity shoots from her hand toward him followed by her flicking her fingers down, both pointing at the ground before she flicks them upward suddenly and electricity will arc all around the man, "If they don't want to fight for you, then they aren't your people. A leader has people who fight for them by will, not by fear." She then turns to the man who was attacking her with a blade and attempts to plant her fist right into him, siphoning stamina right out of him with the electrically charged punch.
As the true leader comes out and she watches the wall form up, she snorts and looks to the true leader and states, "I'm not trapped in here with you. You're trapped in here with me."

COMBAT: Cherii defends against ARCHER-SHOT(19) attack from Canis with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…22
COMBAT: Cherii defends against ARCHER-SHOT(32) attack from Canis with a SCROLLED-TERRAIN…31
COMBAT: Cherii loses the roll and sustains 333 damage.
COMBAT: Cherii defends against ARCHER-SHOT(31) attack from Canis with a SCROLLED-TERRAIN…35

Cherii spreads out a few clones to confuse any incoming attacks. This works to a degree, but there are enough enemies shooting at her that a couple of them get the right target. o.o; So she summons another boulder from her scroll to hide behind. Again, it works to a degree, but a lucky shot grazes her arm. XP Oh well, all part of being a professional combatant. Her bees zip upward to harass the archers.

COMBAT: Kuoroke defends against LIGHTNING-CRASH(61) attack from Canis with a ENERGY-GUIDING-TATTOOS…74

The bolt strikes Kuoroke in the chest as he moves towards this newly arrived foe. At first, he stops, his face expressing shock, as if the strike of lightning has caught him unawares, but as it still surges through, or rather around, his body, Kuoroke grins and moves on. The lightning keeps flowing through and around him, but he seems not to be affected in the least. The Kuroki's motions become slightly more precise as he closes the distance with the nobleman and jabs rapidly, the grin being replaced by a sudden grimace of rage.

RP: Kuoroke transforms into TATTOO-FIGHTER.
COMBAT: Kurome defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(29) attack from Canis with a DODGE…25
COMBAT: Kurome loses the roll and sustains 460 damage.
COMBAT: Kurome defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(27) attack from Canis with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…50
COMBAT: Kurome defends against CLEAVE(35) attack from Canis with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…64

Kurome doesn't really notice the man coming up behind her, and she ends up getting stabbed in the back. Literally… It wasn't all that pleasant of an experience! The woman scowls, taking care to avoid the incoming strikes before unleashing Genjutsu upon those attacking her. They would, in their visions, find themselves met with a fiery death… And then the illusion would turn into reality as a huge fireball engulfs them.

COMBAT: Canis defends against STUN-BALL(49) attack from Juudai with a TENSE…7
COMBAT: Canis defends against STATIC-CLOUD(41) attack from Juudai with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 759 damage.
COMBAT: Schword defends against LESSER-LIGHTNING-SOULSTRIKE(29) attack from Juudai with a DODGE…25
COMBAT: Schword loses the roll and sustains 306 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against BEE-ATTACK(21) attack from Cherii with a DODGE…25
COMBAT: Canis defends against BEE-ATTACK(25) attack from Cherii with a DODGE…21
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 410 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against BEE-ATTACK(18) attack from Cherii with a DODGE…27
COMBAT: Tug defends against RAGE-FIST(31) attack from Kuoroke with a BLOCK…37
COMBAT: Tug defends against RAGE-FIST(43) attack from Kuoroke with a BLOCK…37
COMBAT: Tug loses the roll and sustains 630 damage.
COMBAT: Tug defends against RAGE-FIST(37) attack from Kuoroke with a BLOCK…38
COMBAT: Canis defends against FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE(48) attack from Kurome with a GENJUTSU-PERCEPTION…29
COMBAT: Canis defends against FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE(56) attack from Kurome with a GENJUTSU-PERCEPTION…14
COMBAT: Canis defends against FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE(59) attack from Kurome with a GENJUTSU-PERCEPTION…13
COMBAT: Canis defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(46) attack from Kurome with a GENJUTSU-PERCEPTION…16
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 976 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(43) attack from Kurome with a DODGE-II…22
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 751 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(61) attack from Kurome with a DODGE-II…27
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 828 damage.

The man who'd been trying to prod the villagers to act had expected a little more help from his compatriot with the sword and so when the lightning explodes around him he's shocked. Literally. That's followed up by the cloud of static and he jolts and seizes where he stands before collapsing, exhausted, to the ground. Schword tries to dodge away from the strike by the Tsuchikage but was a little too full of himself and gets hit, dropping to a knee as the strength is sapped from him. The real leader steps forward and stabs Schword through the back for the neck. "Useless," he spits, withdrawing his long dagger. A dagger made of stone, imbued with chakra to make it both strong and sharp while leaving much of the jaggedness of the stone itself to cause even more damage. "Alright gash, let's end this shall we?" He crouches in preparation, then lunges towards Juudai, his speed commendable and his ability with that weapon amazing.
Bees! Gah! More bees! The archers flail a bit as some fall from their perches and others just take it like the men and women they are! Rawr! "You're gonna die!" One screams at Cherii before another volley of arrows sails towards her. On the bright side she really is keeping the archers busy so that they don't try and turn anyone else into a pincushion, which is quite useful. Otherwise people would be dealing with attacks from both close and far!
Tug the Nobleman is not pleased when he realizes his lightning had no effect. "I say, that's quite an interesting technique there." He raises an arm as the fists come flying and manages to block the majority of blows, one catching him in the chin however and causing him to rub said chin. "Hmm, you don't hit very hard. Perhaps I shouldn't kill you. You obviously are not a strong shinobi. Such a pity." He seems to consider a moment, then shrugs before making a few hand seals and sending more lightning out towards Kuoroke. "Best to run. Otherwise you might die."
And then there's the fear of dying by fire that some of the men face, only to actually then be consumed by fireballs. Really, to die the same way twice within a handful of seconds is kind of cruel! Unfortunately that's not the end of it however as one of the earth users survived and is now making hand seals to bring up a large earthen hand to grab at Kurome and try to drag her down into the dirt.

COMBAT: Juudai defends against CHAKRA-SHARP-IV(35) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…54
COMBAT: Juudai defends against EXPLOSIVE-BLAST(49) attack from Juudai with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…81

Watching as the village goes up around her, hearing and somewhat seeing the other battles, she looks back at this so called leader. As he ends the life of one of his own men, she shakes her head, "You are so weak it is pathetic." The anger and spite that came to her fades from her face as she simply lets him scrape that blade along one of her skintight barriers. She turns her head as her hand comes up holding a piece of paper as she tosses it up and steps away, turning her head. THe blast will go off right in his face before she'll attempt to turn around and step right up against him holding a kunai that she tries to drive into him, "We are ending this but you go one thing wrong here." He'll almost hear the chakra building up in the kunai, "You're the gash." And then she literaly stands in her own explosion, letting her own barrier fizzle it as she stands within the explosion.

COMBAT: Cherii defends against TRICKY-ARCHER-SHOT(28) attack from Canis with a EXPANDED-SCROLLED-TERRAIN…30
COMBAT: Cherii defends against TRICKY-ARCHER-SHOT(27) attack from Canis with a EXPANDED-SCROLLED-TERRAIN…42
COMBAT: Cherii defends against TRICKY-ARCHER-SHOT(26) attack from Canis with a EXPANDED-SCROLLED-TERRAIN…36

Goodness, arrows upon arrows along with angry (though not particularly clever or scary) words. c.c What's a poor girl to do when assailed so? Block it all out, of course. ;) Cherii builds a veritable little fortress over herself using summoned blocks of stone. It works pretty well too, warding off the sharp missiles aimed at her. And of course, her bees don't need supervision to know they should keep on stinging any warm bodies in the vicinity. It's a monotonous assault, but it works!

COMBAT: Kuoroke defends against LIGHTNING-NEEDLES(41) attack from Canis with a EFFICIENT-SEAL-BARRIER…52
COMBAT: Kuoroke defends against LIGHTNING-SHOTGUN(38) attack from Canis with a EFFICIENT-SEAL-BARRIER…61
COMBAT: Kuoroke defends against LIGHTNING-STARS(38) attack from Canis with a EFFICIENT-SEAL-BARRIER…72

Kuoroke grabs another scroll from the inside of his cloak and once again summons the shield around himself. The electricity in all its forms and shapes dies off, meeting it in mid-air. Meanwhile, Kuoroke side-steps around Tug until he is between the man and his temporary allies. "You, conversely, don't hit at -all-." Kuoroke answers. He throws two rapid knee jabs at the nobleman. They seem ill-timed and poorly aimed, like they're not going to reach their mark, were it not for the fact that at the last moment -and vitally, hidden from the Iwa- and the Sharingan-sporting Konohagakuran by Kuoroke's own body- blade jab through his cloak and trousers, extending the Kuroki's reach.

COMBAT: Kurome defends against DEMON-GRAVES(72) attack from Canis with a BLAST-OFF…93

And then earth seems to just be trying to grab her! Kurome flails a bit, launching herself backwards in a huge burst of flame that may even burn the poor guy that was attacking her. Before she lands on the very wall that is keeping the Shinobi out, she sends even more fire at the men below…

COMBAT: Maro defends against FLASHBANG(67) attack from Juudai with a BREVITY…58
COMBAT: Maro loses the roll and sustains 581 damage.
COMBAT: Maro defends against EXPLOSIVE-BLAST(53) attack from Juudai with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Maro loses the roll and sustains 975 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against BEE-ATTACK(27) attack from Cherii with a BLOCK…30
COMBAT: Canis takes 549 partial damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against BEE-ATTACK(20) attack from Cherii with a DODGE…29
COMBAT: Canis defends against BEE-ATTACK(28) attack from Cherii with a DODGE…22
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 446 damage.
COMBAT: Tug defends against TATTOO-KNEE-BLADES(63) attack from Kuoroke with a LIGHTNING-CLONE…46
COMBAT: Tug loses the roll and sustains 746 damage.
COMBAT: Tug defends against TATTOO-KNEE-BLADES(59) attack from Kuoroke with a LIGHTNING-CLONE…55
COMBAT: Tug loses the roll and sustains 713 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(62) attack from Kurome with a DODGE…15
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 953 damage.

Maro lets out a curse when he's temporarily blinded, his eyes clearing just in time for the explosion that followed. When it fades he's a good dozen feet away, still on both feet but slumped over, that stone blade still in his hand. "You…little fractureyou don't know who you're up againstMy family will kill you…and all your little friends…just you wait. We will own this land." However he won't be around to see it. Maro drops the knife and makes a single seal, setting off the traps surrounding them. The ground in a ten yard radius around Maro turns to mud and sucks down anyone unlucky enough to be there, including the man himself. Bodies sink and some villagers fall prey before they can escape. But that's only the first part. The real reason for the roof is exposed and explosions begin to rock the entirely of the wall from top to bottom, sending down boulders towards friend, enemy, and villager alike. Rocks begin to smash houses and blast outwards…
The archers stop shooting since only one is alive and he's being stung mercilessly! He tries to run away but ends up falling on his face as the poison from the insects, not to mention the pain, becomes overwhelming. And then the wall explodes and sends rock shards flying everywhere!
Tug is not fast enough to avoid whatever it is that Kuo does. The man seems quite stunned at his ability and lets out a not-very -noble curse towards him. "You peasant. I will see you dead." Lightning forms again, extending out into a sword like creation of great power. The noble runs at Kuoroke, attempting to cleave him through.
More men die as fire from Kurome rains down on them, but the real danger is the wall she's on since it explodes right under her feet, shooting her outwards and sending little painful rocks right after.

COMBAT: Juudai defends against SWAMP-OF-THE-UNDERWORLD(95) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…77
COMBAT: Juudai defends against MULTIPLE-EXPLOSIVE-TAGS(61) attack from Canis with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…64

Growling as she watches him, "Cowards way out for you, too, huh?" Juudai states and then she shakes her head as she is sucked downward. She growls as her barrier protects her from the blasts but not from being sucked downward. She closes her eyes as she feels the thing sucking her down even as she prepares to attempt an escape though that won't be right away. The deaths of others is tuned out as, right now, there's nothing she can do.

COMBAT: Cherii defends against EARTHEN-RAIN(20) attack from Canis with a EXPANDED-SCROLLED-TERRAIN…25

Cherii yelps slightly on hearing the big explosion. o.O She's safe enough, the debris clatters harmlessly off her little fort, but doubtless there are many who just got hurt, friend, foe, and bystander alike…including some of her bees. ;.; Not that she's absurdly attached to each one, hardly a day goes by that at least one of them doesn't die of natural causes or predation and is quickly replaced by newborns…but still, they're her wee ones. u.u Once the hail seems to have subsided, Cherii comes out from behind her defense to see what can be done about saving innocent villagers and making sure the remaining mooks don't cause more trouble.

COMBAT: Kuoroke defends against FORGED-LIGHTNING-BLADE(80) attack from Canis with a TATTOO-TOWER…90
COMBAT: Kuoroke defends against EARTHEN-RAIN(30) attack from Canis with a DODGE-II…54

Kuoroke actually hesitates briefly as the blade heads towards him. He can sense the raw power poured into it, but at the same time he understands how little he wants to show his techniques to the Uchiha below. At this point, however, the wall explodes, obscuring the Uchiha's vision. Kuoroke works near-instantly: his left hand produces a kunai, slitting open his right sleeve all the way. From it, a shield unwraps. A large shield, luminous yet translucent, that catches the sword as shields do. Kuoroke wraps up the shield as soon as he can, moving out of the way and behind a boulder, slowly enough for Tug to keep track of him. Where he stood before, a set of scrolls explode, showering Tug with senbon.

COMBAT: Tug defends against SENBON-SCROLL(44) attack from Kuoroke with a LIGHTNING-CLONE…61
COMBAT: Tug defends against SENBON-SCROLL(41) attack from Kuoroke with a LIGHTNING-CLONE…59
COMBAT: Tug defends against SENBON-SCROLL(37) attack from Kuoroke with a LIGHTNING-CLONE…57

Some rocks continue to fall as the last of the wall and ceiling is destroyed, crushing more houses and people. Maro is dead as are the majority of people within the village. Apparently the thought of 'if I can't have it you can't have it' was part of his life. Rocks continue to crumble around the area before it finally settles in a giant cloud of dirt and dust. There's not much left of the village and, though there might be some survivors, it's going to take time to dig them out of the rubble. There are some other villagers that had managed to avoid the rubble but not as many as one might hope. Not only that, but their entire village is demolished.
While Kuoroke hides and attempts to run and hide he may find himself rather disappointed. No one follows him behind the large boulder and, one Kuoroke actually looks, he would find that the man had vanished. Apparently with the village destroyed and everyone else dead he decided to take his leave…

COMBAT: Juudai defends against EARTHEN-RAIN(16) attack from Canis with a TENSE…7
COMBAT: Juudai loses the roll and sustains 640 damage.
COMBAT: Juudai attempts to ESCAPE from Canis's stun and fails!

Getting smashed by falling rocks, Juudai takes advantage of them and starts to drag herself out. She grumbles at the sight of the village, shaking her head before looking around, "Gotta find the head of this snake." She nods her head as she finally stands up and brushes off. She sighs and then shakes her head. Even now more shinobi are on their way into the area. She had sent up for medical shinobi to follow behind them. They may be a bit behind but they will be coming to aid the village she was supposed to help. She wasn't wrong that things would be done by the time they got here but this was not her intent. Even so, she starts to look to teh other shinobi to see if they are ok.

Cherii's okay, more or less. A minor wound sustained and a hit taken to her hive's population, but far from bad condition. She heads into the fortress to see what she can help with in there. "Ah, Tsuchikage-sama, ye're safe," Cherii says on spotting her leader. A bit worse for wear, obviously, but a little fracas like this couldn't seriously harm a Kage, right? "Things be under control outside. If ye've nae special task fer me, I'll start seein' aboot evacuatin' th'survivors." Cherii helps a little boy to his feet. "Buck up, laddie, th'worst is over. Go wait out there, help will be here soon."

As soon as he realises his opponent's gone, Kuoroke begins working. Firstly, he grabs a kunai and cuts a gash in his forearm, where he already slit open his cloak - the better the reason for that cut is hidden, the better. As he returns, he picks up a few of the senbon he's dropped, using those to pin the sides together. Looking like this, he approaches the other shinobi and helps with picking apart the rubble for survivors.

Kurome was blasted off a fair distance away from the wall, both because she had launched herself and because … well, exploding wall. Which is why she ends up quite a bit of ways from where she ought to be. She's able to find her current teammates, though, and she wanders back over to them, even snagging all their horses who had scarred to the winds with all the explosions.

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