Four Stone Blades - Roadside Sting


Canis (emitter), Juudai, Kaneko, Hotaru, Nendo, Cherii

Date: September 12, 2015


The Tsuchikage takes a few of her shinobi to truly investigate this mysterious group. Rather than work on defensive measures.

"Four Stone Blades - Roadside Sting"

Land of Earth

After the last meeting with this group of people who've been terrorizing the Land of Earth things had been relatively quiet. The symbols had stopped appearing and the ones that had remained ended up vanishing overnight leaving some to wonder if the danger had passed. Nearly a month had passed without any incidents being reported and a sense of relaxation had begun to settle on the Land in general, though perhaps not the Village.
Of course something like that was all too good to last. Just as the majority of the symbols had vanished overnight, a whole new slew of them had appeared in the same time. And this time the action following their arrival was swift. By the time word reached Iwagakure of their arrival nearly a dozen traders had been hit with the group taking goods and people and leaving only the destroyed carts in their wake.
The location of the symbols were all reported quickly to Iwagakure as were the ones were successful attacks had already been had, leaving another half dozen on less traveled areas that have yet to be hit. This information is of course taken straight to the Tsuchikage to be dealt with as she pleases. One thing is certain however, the attacks are much faster and more vicious than they have been in the past.

Juudai had dispatched a great number of teams at the reports. Some were to invetigate sites already hit. Some were being sent out to deal with groups not yet hit. Others were supposed to not simply try to defend or attack, but to find more information. Juudai had personally put together one such team. She wasn't going to be playing defense anymore. As they were heading out, JUudai would explain to the group of Hotaru, Kaneko, Nendo, and Cherii, "You have been put together for a reason that is different than what you might expect. We are not going out to set a trap or to protect a caravan. We are going out to find the enemy. You cannot make this many attacks without leaving a trail." She nods her head, "And we are going to find that trail."
As they move along, she looks back at them, "Kaneko and Hotaru, you are not to involve yourself in combat if you can help it. You are too observe. End of story." She looks forward, "I need as many eyes here as I can get." As they approach an area where traders should be moving through that hasn't been hit yet, she starts focusing her chakra to prepare for what is to come. She was aiming to put themselves off the beaten path but near to a caravan that is to be coming through here that simply has a shinobi team with them hired on to keep them safe.

"Y'know, I really can't help but wonder why they keep attacking like this. I get that they don't want to be caught, but making a huge show of their success seems like they're bragging too much. Who on earth would do all this stuff?" Kaneko complains to those who would listen. She is, of course, a bit nervous. The Tsuchikage had said that they should avoid combat, but… Why the heck were students on this little escapade, anyway!? Well, besides watching and looking cute. "Hotaru-chan, let's stick together," she tells the Watanabe, even as she draws a Kunai from her belt. One that isn't blunted. For protection. Just in case.
"And no problem, Tsuchikage-sama-Sensei! We'll not even be noticed!" And that's that. She gives a small nod of her head, trying to keep between Juudai and Cherii so that she's less of a target. "Nendo-sensei, do you think Hotaru-chan can make this, anyway?" she whispers to the genin worriedly once she sees Hotaru is not paying attention to her.

Hotaru would smile. Truly, this field trip to observe how shinobi fight was the best thing since she was accepted into the academy. She's walking far better, using her cane in a slightly hunged limp as her cloak's hood covers her head. "Kaneko-san! I… I don't even know much of what is going on, but… I'm happy to be here, aren't you?" The happy little girl says as she follows suit of the just-as-excited Kaneko! "I don't know who else I'd stick to, honestly…"
As far as combat? "H-hai Tsuchikage-sama… I… I've had my fill of fighting anyways. More people should get along, ne Kaneko? Ka… Kaenko, of course I can make this! I… well… Nendo-san can carry me if it gets too hard."

Nendo followed along at the back of the group, not for worry or sloth but to make himself a wall behind them while trusting that the Tsuchikage and the Chuunin at her side would be able to defend from strikes coming from before them. Rather than being too playful, Nendo had a somewhat blank expression even while Kaneko called to him and he thought over her question. It was true that Hotaru wasn't much for moving though he trusted that she'd keep up with them as long as she could. "Hotaru's right, Kaneko, I'll carry her if she gets tired along the way, she's too light to slow me down anyway. But I think you're underestimating how strong Hotaru's gotten." Nendo pressed as he looked over their surroundings with a casual, scanning glance to take in their surroundings. It was a very nice place as far as its artistic sense was, it would be nice to paint this area sometime.
Nendo however did not know the chuunin very well at this point so he'd be sure to watch the woman when not examining the surroundings.. the woman was the only one of the group he had not managed to place a ranking for yet but if she had the Tsuchikage's trust she was no doubt at least pretty.

"I dinnae ken their motivations any more than ye," Cherii sighs in response to Kaneko. "Slaughterin' folk an' puttin' up signs sayin' 'We did this'…'tis madness is all I can say." u.u Just where did the leaders of this organization get enough crazies, especially of the ninja variety, to pull this off though? That's the million-ryo question. :P "I saeppose if we succeed in what we're goin' out t'do, we'll find some answers soon enough." :/

With the Iwagakure shinobi laying a bit of a trap for their own all they have to do is wait. Luckily, they don't have to wait very long as the convoy is very much about to pass through. Like many others this particular group has hired guards of their own to try and keep them safe though so far such things have proved fairly fruitless for other groups. Yet not trying something would just be foolish. Apparently word of what was ahead on the road had caused the convoy to stop a distance back however and left some scouts to try and look ahead and possibly spring the trap. However so far it seems like nothing is happening. Hmm…

COMBAT: Juudai focuses 5422 stamina to turn it into 7200 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Juudai defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…54

Kaneko looks mildly offended. "I'm not underestimating Hotaru-chan!" she huffs. "But this trek is the longest thing we've ever done. Unless Hotaru-chan has been working by herself or something, I wouldn't know though." She shrugs, then shuts up for the time being, keeping her attention on the road before them and the area around them. In her mind, though, she was glad that Nendo basically said he'd carry her friend. Sometimes it's hard to know what someone will do during a mission, but Nendo's proved to meet most of her expectations thus far!

RPCOMBAT: Kaneko defends against with a PERCEPTION…10
COMBAT: Hotaru focuses 881 stamina to turn it into 1000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Hotaru defends against with a PERCEPTION…14

Looking at the incoming caravan, Juudai hmms softly as she spots the various rocks nearby. She stays hidden and looks at the students, "Watch and learn only…" She then looks over to Cherii and poitns at her, "As soon as we have enemies, get bees on them. I want to be able to follow them if possible." She nods her head and then she looks forward, "We need to make sure this lot leads us back to their home." She then takes in a breath and watches the various things that seem to not be happening but she realizes are happening. She leans over to Nendo and Cherii, drawing them in, "The rocks…they aren't real." She shakes her head, "Something off about them."

Kaneko looks mildly offended. "I'm not underestimating Hotaru-chan!" she huffs. "But this trek is the longest thing we've ever done. Unless Hotaru-chan has been working by herself or something, I wouldn't know though." She shrugs, then shuts up for the time being, keeping her attention on the road before them and the area around them. In her mind, though, she was glad that Nendo basically said he'd carry her friend. Sometimes it's hard to know what someone will do during a mission, but Nendo's proved to meet most of her expectations thus far!
Of course, being a student, she doesn't see much of anything. Nothing important. Rocks, sticks, boulders… Yeah, nothing unusual over here. "How are we supposed to know what's important?" she wonders aloud. And then she manages to overhear Juudai because… well, she's like right in-between the three older folk. But she has the sense to keep her mouth shut and just keep looking around…

Well, Hotaru can lie all she want, but Kaneko is completely correct in every way. "Kaneko-chan, y-you don't need to worry about me! I'll do my best like everytime, okay?" The young Watanabe was walking well, all things considered. Then she hears the Tsuchikage make a note about the rocks being… not real? "Ne, Nendo-sensei… Kaneko-chan… The rocks look okay to me… I don't understand." Hotaru sort of wanted to walk out and touch a rock, just to feel what a fake rock feels like. "Uh, do fake-rocks feel different than real rocks?" She wonders, as she inches towards a pebble on the side of the road, picking it up and examining it… "… … Nu-uh! This is a real rock! Kaneko-chan, come see! It's real!"

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Nendo followed Juudai's lead of keeping hidden and at her comment on the rocks being false, Nendo gave a slight nod of his head even as he focused on those stones but would in the end just rely on the kage's senses over his own for the time being. Even if it was a false alarm there was no harm in being cautious…. There was harm in what he heard from Hotaru however and the genin cringed slightly as he listened to what the girl had started to call out.

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Cherii nods to Juudai. "Aye, Tsuchikage-sama. My wee ones'll do their best." 'Course, it's not as easy for a bumblebee to go unnoticed landing on someone as it is for smaller insects, especially as humans are instinctively afraid of a bumblebee's droning buzz. But if they come in low they might be able to latch onto a pants leg or something. Meanwhile, Cherii sends out a few scouts to look things over, but for the time being they don't spot anything out of place.
And then Cherii finds out that Juudai doesn't think everything's hunky-dory. c.c "Eh? Th'rocks, y'say? I dinnae sense anythin' wrong, but if ye say — whisht, stop foolin' aboot, ye daft bairn!" >.<;

Since no trap is sprung when the scouts go over and check around the symbol they figure that this one might just be a dud. They start to wave the convoy forward - but then they here a strange voice a little further on talking about rocks. It may not be for the best but people are a tad bit jumpy at this point in time so any noise from supposed hiding is going to be taken as someone that's hostile! And the scouts react in such a way, shouting an alarm which sets the guards around the convoy to draw their weapons. And apparently it's not just guards but also some earth jutsu users as bullets of earth shoot in that general direction. Of course it's kind of blind firing so there's a good chance they won't hit much of anything…

COMBAT: Juudai defends against MUD-BULLET(16) attack from Canis with a DODGE…34

These attacks have been happening for months. Devestation and the like have been happening around the Land of Earth and finally an opportunity comes along to perhaps follow the enemy home and Hotaru screws it all up. Juudai grumbles even as she simply sidesteps an incoming attack from the caravan guards. She then points at Hotaru with a grumble. SHe then looks to Nendo, "You and that student go to the caravan, now." She then looks to Cherii, "Land a bee on every adult sized rock or boulder in this area." She then looks to Kaneko, "Stay close." Juudai then turns quickly and whips up a kunai. She looks to one of the rocks that looks off not too far away, whips that kunai right at that rock or boulder with chakra charged with explosive power. She eyes it and then hmms, "The trap has failed, come out, and die." SHe states calmly.

COMBAT: Juudai attacks target 1 with EXPLOSIVE-BLAST with a roll of: 59

Kaneko glances at Hotaru and would have face-palmed were it not for the fact that they were attacked soon after her friend's exclamation. Okay, she could tell Hotaru the basics later… While they were in school or something. For now, she nodded to Juudai and stayed close to the Kage. Well, as close as she could. She didn't want to get accidentally blown up. Speaking of explosions, the girl also covers her ears with her hands, as the blasts are pretty loud.

Hotaru looked left, and then right. Bullets and blasts flying past her. She didn't understand what she did! She didn't know they were trying to hide! She quickly moves back into the bush-line, whining. "Aaah! B-but the rocks are real!" She would squeal. She still doesn't understand what exactly she did.
On the other side of the bush, Hotaru is covering her head on her hands and knees. "Kaneko-chan! T-this is even worse than those bullies! W-what do I do?"

COMBAT: Nendo defends against MUD-BULLET(14) attack from Canis with a DODGE…15

Nendo ducked down quickly and then started off at a dashing pace while reaching for Hotaru's arm so he could drag the girl along with him. The genin wasn't angry with Hotaru, not extremely but if Juudai expected that he'd go to the caravan with the student he'd do so with Hotaru in his sight. "Alright, there are rules." Nendo said in a harsh whisper as he reached with his sleeved arm and drew a pair of kunai to have them in hand and ready for whatever may come. "Rule number one: silence. Two: Stay close to me. Three: Stay hidden as long as you can."

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RPCOMBAT: Cherii defends against with a BEE-SENSES…35

"As ye wish, Tsuchikage-sama." Cherii sends her bees to settle onto the rocks, hoping they'll land on spots that aren't immediately noticeable. For all Cherii can tell, after all, they could be landing on the disguised enemies' noses. p.q Of course, it's unlikely that'll happen for every one of them…as amusing as that would turn out. X) 'None of ye move, or ye'll all have strawberries fer schnozzes!' >D Heheh.
Whoops, getting flak from what should be the friendly sector! C.C; Cherii pulls out her storage scroll and summons a frying pan, which she holds up to block the flying dirt clod that comes her way. *THUNK* "Hold yer fire, ye bloomin' maroons! Ach, this'n will need a hard scrubbin' before food touches it again." >.<;

The convoy still doesn't know what's going on. There was loud talking, now there's explosions and just so much going on! "Fall back! Protect the convoy!" someone from inside the convoy yells and they do just that. Guards form up around the convoy as earth walls build up around to protect the convoy from ranged attacks. For now they seem ready to just sit this out as long as no one tries to attack them.
The Tsuchikage's explosion is loud and effective. Once the smoke clears there's no longer any kind of rock, but instead a body missing a few limbs from the explosion. Bee's also manage to connect on some of the rocks, one of them even becomes a person instead of a rock and flails around to try and smack at the bee. Them things are scary! Others either don't notice the bees or don't care as nearly two dozen rocks turn into people. They ignore the convoy for now and instead focus on the shinobi that have shown themselves. Arrows fly from a handful of the bandits while others shoot a variety of jutsu at the shinobi.

COMBAT: Juudai successfully interrupts attack number 2: NPC-D-NIN-ATTACK from Canis against Kaneko with a roll of 52 vs 14.
COMBAT: Juudai successfully interrupts attack number 3: NPC-D-NIN-ATTACK from Canis against Hotaru with a roll of 33 vs 20.
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Moving quickly, Juudai interposes herself between the attackers and the students. She simply stands there as attacks very literaly bounce off of her. She stares down at the weapons and shakes her head. She then looks over at Cherii and Nendo, "You are going to stay with the students. Cherii, you are in charge. Make sure some of these morons get away." She then rushes off to the side to rush around as she moves, "Do it." She nods her head as she ducks behind the trees. She at that moment slams a seal into place, disappearing from sight even as she slightly enhances her own abilities.

RP: Juudai transforms into BAKUTON-I.
COMBAT: Kaneko defends against CLOAKING-SEAL(68) attack from Juudai with a TENSE…9

Kaneko closes her eyes, bracing herself for impact when… It doesn't come. Who knows why she didn't bother to even try and dodge. I mean, sure, she held up a kunai so she could try and parry the incoming attacks, but it wasn't needed! Phew. The girl glances over to Nendo and Cherii, missing Juudai disappearing… And then she's gone. "Uhh… Gomen!" she says quickly, darting between the two older shinobi to hunker down. "Hotaru-chan, get over here and don't do anything except avoid attacks!" she calls over.

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against CLOAKING-SEAL(58) attack from Juudai with a TENSE…6

Hotaru didn't even see anything coming at her as she stood up. She was very fortunate the Kage did not let her bleed for messing everything up. She eventually realizes her error, and is looking increasingly worried. "*Sniff* G-gomen! I… I did something wrong." The teary-eyed academy student says as she slips down and crawls over to where Kaneko was. Hotaru rubs her eyes, as she hunkers down. "T-they looked like real rocks Kaneko-chan…"

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COMBAT: Nendo defends against NPC-D-NIN-ATTACK(24) attack from Canis with a DODGE…18
COMBAT: Nendo loses the roll and sustains 361 damage.
COMBAT: Nendo defends against CLOAKING-SEAL(69) attack from Juudai with a TENSE…6

Nendo wasn't expecting a second shot so quickly and grunted at the strike driving against his shoulder but kept a tight hold on his kunai while awaiting orders. He'd have to listen to Cherii for now which would give him some glimpse at how the woman worked though so far Nendo looked less than pleased with himself now that he was finally beyond the walls of Iwa and in an actual mission.

RP: Cherii transforms into HONEY-BUZZ.
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COMBAT: Cherii defends against CLOAKING-SEAL(59) attack from Juudai with a TENSE…12

"Aye!" Cherii quips, dispensing with formalities in the heat of the situation. Pulling out another scroll, she summons a big boulder to shield herself from incoming arrows. Meanwhile, her bees buzz out in force to attack the enemy. A possible way of disguising her tracking occurs to Cherii: if the enemy assumes the bees are just there to attack them, maybe they won't notice one or two still hiding on their persons once they flee from the main swarm. ;) Hiding by obfuscation rather than pure stealth! :D The bees descend upon a couple of the foes and commence stinging.
"Dinnae fash yerself, me bairns," Cherii says to the students under her care. "We all make mistakes, just make sure ye learn from 'em. Keep an eye on our backs for me, these rogues be awful tricky."

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Some of the bandits manage to avoid the swarm of bees either by rolling away, jumping away, or flailing violently to keep them away. Ahem. Others aren't so lucky though and a few of them get stung and a few little bees manage to find hiding spots on the peoples that they do actually sting. However no one is fleeing quite yet. In fact with the Tsuchikage now having vanished from sight their attention is turning more towards the others that are still visible. More arrows are loosed towards the four who aren't invisible, trying to turn them into cute little pincushions!

Moving quietly, Juudai continues to keep her silence. Her purpose wasn't to be attacking. By no stretch. She wanted the team to do the attacking. She instead is moving quietly and quickly into the midst of the fools. She is staring at them from various points, trying to see what it is she has to deal with. As she looks around, she seems intent on finding out who their leader was and possibly seeing where they go.

RPCOMBAT: Juudai defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…41
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Kaneko's already been a pincushion, and she'd really rather not be one again! The girl avoids the arrows like the plague, which means she finally dodges them! Thank the gods. And just when she needed to. The girl frowns, though. "Attacking us… They're gonna regret that!" she declares, drawing a Kunai and throwing it right back at them!

COMBAT: Hotaru defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(10) attack from Canis with a WEAPON-BLOCK…9
COMBAT: Hotaru loses the roll and sustains 124 damage.

"K-Kaneko!" The younger, less experienced overall student whines, "Tsuchikage told us not to fight!" Yet, Hotaru wasn't much on the listening. Seeing Kaneko do it means that if she did it, she wouldn't be the only one in trouble. She steps out from behind the cover that their protector chuunin had created. Just in time to take a nasty arrow in the foot, pinning her there. Hotaru drops her cane and falls to a knee, yelping in pain. "Aaah!"
As the enemy approaches, though, Hotaru being in plain sight, she risks getting shot up more. She'd better follow Kaneko's example, bite the pain back, and fight. Her hands forming seals, despite the pain, she focuses her chakra inside of her mouth and inhales. Exhaling results in a -powerful- stream of fire that happens to be -very- innacurate. Fire is good for making people scatter, though, right?

COMBAT: Nendo defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(10) attack from Canis with a WEAPON-BLOCK…17

Nendo slashed at the arrow coming toward him and tossed his kunai into the air to catch them by the ends with his teeth. They were only supposed to let some of those people get away, which meant the ones that weren't cute could get shot a few times. Nendo's hands worked through his seals rapidly and he gathered the earth and stone onto his hands while stepping to the side and taking aim at not one or two, but several and spreading the fingers on his hands to target their hands in particular. Broken hands didn't did well to attack after all. Along with the flames targeting those approaching, Nendo would aim a barrage of attacks at those closing in as well to… discourage them from getting too close.

COMBAT: Cherii defends against NPC-D-TAI-ATTACK(12) attack from Canis with a WEAPON-BLOCK-II…32

Aaaaand Cherii's gonna get chewed out by Tsuchikage-sama later on for letting the kids get involved and injured. c.c; But oh well, a bit of off-stage berating is a small price to pay for these guys to ACTUALLY GET TO DO SOMETHING in this scene. X) Cherii fends off an arrow aimed at her with her frying pan, then turns her attention to Hotaru's predicament. Kneeling down, Cherii snaps the arrow off as close as she can to Hotaru's foot, then wraps one arm around the child to support her weight and takes hold of the injured foot with the other. "Brace yerself, this'll sting a wee bit," Cherii murmurs. Cherii slides Hotaru's foot up along the shaft until it's free, then deposits her behind the summoned boulder. With that done, Cherii pulls out some bandages and…squeezes some honey from her honeycomb dress. Cherii daubs the honey onto the entry and exit wounds and ties it all up. "That should keep ye from bein' infected."

COMBAT: Cherii heals Hotaru for 193 with FIRST AID.
COMBAT: Canis defends against CLOAKING-SEAL(58) attack from Juudai with a PERCEPTION-II…13
COMBAT: Canis defends against SHARP(14) attack from Kaneko with a DODGE…22
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COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 52 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against SHARP(15) attack from Kaneko with a WEAPON-BLOCK…15
COMBAT: Canis defends against DRAGON-FIRE-TECHNIQUE(15) attack from Hotaru with a DODGE…10
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COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 209 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS(13) attack from Nendo with a DODGE…20

No one senses Juudai as she makes her way through the bandits. They're well organized and in groups to watch each others back as well as possible given the circumstances. As more of them start to fall from attacks a few start to pull back. Apparently with hitting so many places so quickly the forces had been spread a tad bit thin, leaving some of the groups with people that weren't…all that skilled. As a few are hit by bullets of earth a half dozen start to retreat back away from the shinobi and the convoy.
The convoy has been watching and seeing that some of them are starting to retreat they've started moving as well, making the earth barriers move with them as they continue on. As long as no one bothers them anymore they're happy to just get out alive and all that. Not going to bother anyone else!
Most of the attackers are down except for those retreating. Of those surely one or two has a bee hidden somewhere inside should they decide to follow. As they flee they keep an eye behind them, trying to make sure that no one follows as best as they can. They'll attack if they notice anyone of course. As they reach some horses that they had waiting they also set up a trap so that if someone moves over the area it'll set off explosive tags. Luckily an invisible Kage would likely see it being set up as they prepare to ride off.

The group had their orders. Juudai wouldn't normally take such a big risk but this had gone on long enough. THe situation had played out against her plans but now she had to do what she had to do. With no words or further orders to those with her, Juudai softens her chakra and continues to use the seal to attempt to follow after the enemy and find out where it is they were staying.

RP: Juudai reverts to her normal state.

"And don't come back!" Kaneko yells at the ones that are falling back. She grins a bit, then frowns over at Hotaru. "You okay, Hotaru-chan? You're not too badly hurt, right?" She sounds super worried… "Nendo-sensei! Can you carry her? I think she might be better if you are! Also, are we going to go after the bad guys? Or do we have to stay here and clean up or something?" Lots of questions from the Murasame!

Hotaru was glad Cherii made quick work of her wound. She sat down and slipped her feet out of her tabi as she examines her foot. "Kaneko-san, it's all better. No worries." The little lizard says with a sniffle. "Thank you miss-chunin-san! It… It really does feel better!" It does, it does! Though stepping on it is going to be a problem. "… Kaneko-chan. Did you notice the rocks were different? 'Cause I didn't. They looked like rocks…" She mutters.

Nendo would shake His hands slowly and flex them a couple of times before kneeling down to look over the work that had been done to Hotaru's foot. It looked well done and made sure he ranked the chuunin as a pretty bit of art though how best to paint such a person was still escaping him for the moment. While the two students talked with each other, Nendo slipped an arm behind Hotaru and the other under her legs so he could lift the little dragon like a princess and start rising to His feet. With the dominant portion of their targets downed or escaping, he again had relaxed his expression and smiled a bit at the girls. "They looked like rocks to me, Hotaru, but that's part of being young and new to this… Sometimes you just need to trust in the Tsuchikage or whoever is leading you that their senses are more sharpened than yours. It just means we need to get better at this kind of thing. "Chuunin-senpai… You know medicine as well, I may need to learn from you if we have time." Nendo stated while looking toward the Kamizuru and starting to walk back from the road to put a bit more range between himself and the road they'd been watching.

Cherii sighs as the danger fades away. "Nay, we're no goin' after 'em. Our job is t'make sure th'caravan stays safe, an' if we can convince the enemy that's all we're here for, sae much th'better. Tsuchikage-sama will take care o' followin' 'em, an' I've a few of me wee ones on them as well, they can tell us where th'ruffians went later on if need be." Cherii stores her things back into their scrolls. "Come on, we'd best catch up wi' th'caravan for now. Oh, an' I dinnae really know that much about medicine, just how tae patch up a simple wound. I'll teach ye that much if ye like, though." ;)

COMBAT: Canis defends against CLOAKING-SEAL(54) attack from Juudai with a PERCEPTION-II…25

The convoy is wary of the shinobi as they make their way closer and a pair ride out to meet them, swords drawn as they near. "Who are you and why are you following us?" the lead woman asks in a demanding voice, her eyes scanning the shinobi carefully. "If you are seeking to take this convoy then you should just turn back now. We have strong warriors with us who will fight you off."
While the rest of the Iwa nin go off towards the convoy Juudai would still remain hidden to the few who have escaped as they ride their horses hard away from the road and the convoy. They ride on no predetermined paths as they seem to be making their own way to wherever it is they are heading. One would assume a hideout, but is it true?

Picking out the strongest seeming of the group, Juudai will try to keep on that one's tail. Even as she moves along after, she maintains her stealth for now. Not wanting to even begin to give away her position. Luckily, they are riding hard on horses so even if she loses her target, he won't be hard to follow.

Kaneko nods quickly to Cherii, then says, "I can go up ahead!" she says, wandering towards the convoy that is so very suspicious of them. "Wha? You're being silly. We're Iwa-nin! I mean… I'm not yet. And neither is Hotaru-chan. We're just students. But Nendo-sensei and Bee-san are both super-friendly shinobi! We can protect you!" She gives a small nod, then peers a bit. "So, do you want our help?"

Carried like a real noble! Hotaru twiddles her fingers, shyly, as Nendo fulfilled every young girl's dream of being the Daimyo's daughter, or what-ever Japanese parallel there is to that. "Un, Thank you Nendo-sensei. Uhm…" She simply groans a little, hearing Nendo's lesson. "O-okay Nendo-sensei… Next time I'll make sure I listen to Tsuchikage-sama…" If there is a next time. She probably frusturated the Kage so much that she is likely no longer a student. The thought makes her tears well up inside. Crybaby…

Nendo looked down at Hotaru and nodded though the sight of those tears again brought a knit to the young man's brow. No, not again… she was getting a bit too weepy - which was a cruel thought to have considering she just had an arrow in her foot - but it was a fact. "No, Hotaru… now's not the time for tears… Shinobi saying #25: No matter the situation, a shinobi must keep emotions on the inside, prioritize the mission, and wield a hard that will never show tears." Nendo explained however any true lecture would have to wait as a certain other student had just run out to explain things and Nendo needed to step out from the shadows as well so he could show that they truly did not intend to hide from nor harm the caravan. "Sheath your swords, we truly are shinobi from Iwagakure and mean you no harm." Nendo began, thinking a moment before he began to speak with a silver tongue and as gentle of a smile as he could. It helped that the horses walked with such beautiful gaits. "We were in the area with these students when our sensor-type picked up on a group trying to hide from sight. We apologize for spooking you how we did but we both owe it to this student's call out and the following fight; those hiding were ninja like us but they seem to be a raiding band bent on thievery…" Nendo explained as well as he could while holding Hotaru to his chest and considering how to keep both girls safe if any more attacks were to come while they were in the road.

Cherii steps up quickly to make sure nothing bad happens to the other student she was supposed to take care of. @.@; "Aye, 'tis as they say. We'll nae trouble ye if ye'd rather be left alone, but we wanted tae make sure ye're safe." Cherii will have to have a word with Nendo once the caravan's out of earshot…why bend the truth when there's nothing incriminating about it? c.c Is he afraid they won't believe two students, a genin, and a chuunin are here to beat off murderous cultists? There's nothing absurd or suspicious about that, right?

The woman looks between the Iwa shinobi as they make themselves known and speaks. Her eyes scan over the small grouping before she finally sheathes her sword. "Thank you for your concern, but as you can see we have the convoy's safety well in hand. Please don't concern yourselves with our wellbeing. We will be continuing our journey if you have nothing else to say to us."
Juudai would have her hands full as the horses break into a full gallop. At least they all seem to be heading in the same direction if at a rather quick pace. It would be a solid hour of riding before they finally slowed down in front of a large cave. Here there are guards hidden among the rocks and the activity in the area points to this being a place that is well used by these people.

Having found what she looks for, Juudai will simply slip away from there now, marking the location in her mind and moving off and away from the cave. She is a Kage and probably equipped to hit this place hard…but she doesn't want to just destroy. She wants answers. For now, she'll go back to gather a team and return here later.

"But… Are you sure?" Kaneko asks the person she's talking to. "I mean, it's pretty dangerous… Are you heading to Iwa? Or away? Or what? I dunno… Unm…" She glances back to Cherii. "What are we doing now? I forget. Kage-sama is off on her own, though, so…" She frowns.

"N-nendo-san… W-what Jutsu d-do I need to learn to stop crying?" She asks. "… M-maybe I-I'm just… M-making water for a water-style technique." She sniffles. "I don't know…" She cuddles up against Nendo, since she isn't quite sure if she should have come. She could barely function against an academy student in a fight… Going on a mission has certainly been eye-opening, but it has also been very rough.

Nendo would look down at Kaneko and shake His head at her questions on where they're going. "It's best we not know where they are going, they might think that any presence behind them is us and lower their guard when it is truly someone else entirely." Nendo warned before he turned, accepting the dismissing words of the woman with a bow of his head. Nendo would again begin back for the forest before they felt it necessary to take aim at them while they were so exposed. "And Hotaru, you are not using a jutsu. You are just a child walking for the first time in an adult's world. Tears will always be with you and it is something that the academy attempts to train you out of but has yet to succeed… Even the worst demons and greatest shinobi of a village will find a day where they cry. What you must do, is learn to control those tears before you graduate so that the enemies do not see it as a weakness.

"We're gettin' out o' th'nice people's way, that's what we're doin'," Cherii responds to Kaneko. n.n; Cherii puts an arm around Kaneko's shoulder and leads her away from the caravan. "Weel noo…I saeppose th'best thing for us tae do is see if we can learn anythin' from th'bodies…be careful though, they might have traps on 'em, an' some of 'em could be pretendin' tae be dead." Cherii has her bees go before them and sting the limp bodies just to make sure none of them are playing possum. :P

The convoy continues on it's merry way and leaves the others to their own devices. When the bees sting the baddies none of them move, seeming to be quite well dead at this point in time. Either that or they're so far unconscious that they can't even feel the pain of the stings! Regardless they are unresponsive and looking them over wouldn't show anything overly interesting besides perhaps a bit of coin.

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