Fourth Promotion Exams - Second Obstacle pt 2


Ryouji, Michiko, Fulgur (emitter), Sado

Date: July 14, 2014


Team Katonari are attacked by a group of genin who are looking for more scrolls during the survival portion of the exams.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fourth Promotion Exams - Second Obstacle pt 2"

Tenrai Plateau

Ryouji has been sleeping a few more hours than normal due to that blur III yesterday. It really wore him out, but with a good nights rest and he's back to usual. Ryouji peeks one eye open as a shaft of light stabs him in the face. He grumbles and rolls over for a moment before he starts twitching his legs and pulls himself up to a sitting position. The sleeping bag he has covering him slides off as he climbs out of the stone shelter to do whatever it is he does in the morning.

Michiko was asleep too, grateful that Sado had decided to take the last watch of the night. She wakes up before Ryouji, of course, since he's essentially passed out thanks to yesterday. The girl makes the Yotsuki get some rest after his shift and keeps an eye out for any trouble while she makes sure the fire is going and there's a bit of food on the 'table', so to speak. Goat meat is the best meat, especially when it's in abundance around these parts. She looks up at Ryouji when he awakens and gives him a small smile. "Morning, Ryouji-kun. All recovered after yesterday, I hope?"

Ryouji nods and yawns, "You bet. I couldn't sleep anymore if I wanted to." He stomach gurgles and he giggles, "Guess that's why." He sniffs, "Ah, more goat meat. Beggers can't be choosers I suppose." He kneels down and plucks off a cooked kibab from the fire. He blows on several chunks of meat and starts chewing on it. Between bites and swallows he says, "So I was thinking. We should move farther out to look for scrolls and other teams."

Michiko already had her share of the meat. She's been up for a while by this point! "We have the few snacks that we packed at the beginning, of course, but I want to save those for … more emergency-like conditions." She hmms lightly at Ryouji's suggestion, offering a slight nod. "I would rather we didn't run into any other genin, though. I'm glad we managed to get a scroll, but we need two more…" She sighs. "Certainly, a wider searching area would be better. We should try and get an earlier start if we want to keep returning here, though."

Ryouji sighs, "I know, I'll eat it. It does not mean I have to enjoy it though." Ryouji shrugs, "So why not finding another genin? There's three of us. If they have a scroll it would be a good idea to try to take theirs, assuming we could. I'm sure we're not the only ones teaming up though. You do have a point about not meeting up with any one else. It's a risk since they might be more powerful than us. Ok, so we'll try to find a scroll first, if we can't we'll have to find another genin who has a scroll and fight him for it."

Michiko nods. "That sounds about right…" She gets up and gives Sado a few pokes to see if he's awake. "Sado-kun, wake up. We're going to head out shortly and see if we can't find a few more scrolls." She glances to Ryouji. "Once we're done waking up and eating, we'll move out. I'll make sure all the traps are set and the shelter is safely hidden for now."

Ryouji nods and makes a hand sign. A bearly perceptible white thread of hair begins to snake back into his scalp. It's been tied in the boarders of the camp and attached to Ryouji as an early warning system. Now the hair snakes back into place after doing a few loops around the campsite. He pulls off his forehead protector from his equipment strap and ties his hair back but keeps it long this time around. "I wish I could still sense my hair after it gets cut off of me, that would be more useful." he says, picking up the last chunk of his meat and chewing it up. He slips into the shelter as well and pulls out a shirt from his pack and slips it on, then grabs his swords, hooking them onto his belts and strapping them to his back. He feels around his back for his ninja supply pouch and says, "I'm good to go."

Michiko returns a few minutes later. "The traps are all good, from what I can tell. Nothing broken, from what I saw, fortunately." She always has her gear on her, and right now is no exception. "Good! As am I." she peers at a sleeping Yotsuki. "I'll leave Sado-kun a note about our where-abouts. He'll catch up soon, I think. The last watch shift probably wore him out more than he wants to admit." She removes a pad of paper and scrawls a quick note on it, leaving it under a rock near Sado's head. "Ready to go for sure, now."

A mist begins to roll over the campsite the trio had set up. It isn't unusual for fog to be up here every so often. This was the season for that sort of thing, after all. It came in quickly and without much notice, just as it usually does. Naturally, there is danger that can lie in fog, but in most cases it's environmental and less about people. Yet, it's always wise to suspect everything in the exams. It is the survival portion and instincts are the lifeblood of it all.
Inside the fog were a couple of genin that were looking to do some damage to the trio. They felt they had a chance now that they did all the work of getting that scroll out of the waterfall. All that's left to do is take it for themselves.

Ryouji sees the fog roll around the campsite and it puts him on edge. He glances around and can't even see the shore line only a few hundred feet down the slope. He says, "It's as thick as my aunt's pea soup." He says, "Let's give it a bit to pass, if it doesn't well, it might not be good to leave Sado-kun just yet." He reaches up and pulls free his hair tie, wrapping the forehead protector around his belt loop.

Michiko blinks at the sudden mist. It wasn't wholly unexpected, but she really would rather not have to deal with it. With a small sigh, she edges herself back towards where she remembers camp is. "Ryouji-kun, keep your guard up… This mist feels a bit…" Her voice trails off and she reaches out with her senses to try and discover any lurking figures. Much to her disappointment, she can't sense anything. Too far away, the opponents seem to be…

With their movements obscured, the two genin continue with their plan to steal the scroll all while maintaining their silence in the execution of this task. Seeing as how only one of them could see through this mist, she was left to be the eyes while the other was the hands, so to speak. She pointed out where the scroll was located while also drawing nearer to Michiko and Ryouji to keep them pinned down with well placed strikes to their bodies to stun them. That ought to leave the duo time to snatch up the scroll. Hope the other guy doesn't wake up.

Ryouji's swords snap into his hands as he calls out, "We're under attack!" The hands reaching for him however, only find the flat of his blades as both lightning cutter and white lotus spin and work in almost tandum, but not quite yet. He's still working on that. He flips the sords around, resting them against his saya and crouches for a moment before he takes off with a burst of speed, flash striking once, twice, and three times against this new opponent. "Common, you want our scroll, you'll have to kill us first!" he shouts.

Michiko is a bit slow on the uptake, relying more on her eyes despite the fact that they're essentially useless. She ends up paralyzed and unable to move because luck seems to be against her today. Great… At least her joints getting locked up only mean she's gotta stay still for a bit. She forces herself to relax and stay calm while the effect of the stun wears off. -Good luck, Ryouji-kun. I hope Sado-kun wakes up quick…- she thinks, eyes glancing over in the Yotsuki's direction. Seriously, rotten luck she had to go down…

Sado had been on the 4am to wake up shift for the watch, so a few hours later, he would still be sleeping soundly. In a usual situation, that is. Ever since the exams started the survival portion, Sado had become a very light sleeper, almost with one eye open. A herd of goats going by in the night, the call of an owl, all these things were easily waking the young Yotsuki up.
At the moment Sado is sleeping in the earth barrier encampment they had, the scroll beside him, murmuring in his sleep. But who's to say if Ryouji shouting like a hooligan hadn't woken the boy up or not?

The mist that covered the camp was now beginning to disappear since the girl had to defend against Ryouji's wild swings against her. She dodged them with grace and retaliated against him with another sweeping fist to try and slow him down. He seemed like he had a lot of energy, so she thinks it best he wastes it. Meanwhile, her partner was approaching Sado to try and take that scroll out of his loving embrace. He didn't quite care that it was in his hands so long as he was fast enough to snatch it and head out. Killing people wasn't exactly an option, but if it came down to it, he just might use his own blade in response to the offer.

Ryouji growls and begins to surge his chakra. But as the woman is attacking, he has little time to charge it up. Best to risk it and go blur but not all the way. He pushes his body into blur as he slides to the side, leaving nothing but dust, wind, and an afterimage. Ryouji slides his blades back into his saya as he grips his lightning cutter sword. He pulls it out while stepping forward in a wide stance, blunt handle aiming for Fulgur's chin. He plants one foot and rotates, pulling the sword out fully now and following up with the other. He focuses all his speed in a spin this time, sending his blades out in two flash strikes in rapid succession. Dirt and dust swirls around him as he ends up still again, with only the outline of his form still flickering.

Michiko finally feels like she's able to move a bit more freely. A nice change to her immobile state. She lets out a small relieved sigh and starts to focus her chakra. Her hands move through some familiar seals very quickly, and the first person she attacks is the one creeping near Sado. The second two firebolts go for the one against Ryouji, the girl trying to make sure she doesn't accidentally do some sort of friendly fire… In the literal sense. "Back in action…" she cheers mostly to herself. "Sado-kun, Ryouji-kun, don't let them take the scroll."

As the guy gets closer to Sado, the seemingly sleeping genin finally speaks up, breaking the silent, tense moment. "It's not nice to sneak up on someone who is trying to sleep." he says as he disappears from his cot with the scroll, using his fastest move he has to try to strike the guy down as he appears a few yards away, having tucked the scroll away from prying eyes.

As the girl attempted to try and defend herself, she found her footing messed up by the terrain and ultimately opening her up to a barrage of attacks from those present. She took them all and found herself in terrible condition. Just when she thought she was going to get a scroll, she found herself at the opposite end of her plans. Her partner, seeing this take place decided he needed to act and fast. "You weren't really asleep…" He answered honestly. Who the trip sleeps around here, anyway? That's just insane. Time to secure this scroll, eh? "Hey, you get out of here! I'll try and hold them off!" He states to his partner to which she responds and tries to head off. She wasn't sure she could do much more in her condition.
Thinking that he had three different people to deal with, he felt like he was going to have to go all out somehow. So, he began to concentrate his energy and lash out at the group. In particular, Sado, who held the scroll. With his blades brandished, he went directly at him with two powerful slashes.

Ryouji disappears for a second, pouring on the speed with his blur II still going. He does feel it eating away at him faster and faster so he makes this quick. He pulls out his lightning cutter and slips in front of Sado, bringing the blue blade up to deflect off the first attack. He brings his blade back into its saya in lightning quick and even without thinking, his hand and white lotus sword snaps out, sending an arc of white light across his vision, followed by a blue streak back the other way. Ryouji glares at the target, hoping that'll be enough to put him down for good. Or at the very least drop him out of the fight.

Michiko darts after the girl trying to escape, not wanting her to move so soon. She might have a scroll or information pertaining to it, after all! With a few quick handseals, she makes the earth explode in front of the girl's face to stun her while more chakra goes into attacking the girl's partner. Facing him? Much of the same in terms of exploding dirt. But also a nice hot firebolt. "Keep it up, everyone. And don't let either of them escape!" she calls out.

Sado is able to use his discerning eye to at least move the blade away from any vital spots on his body, receiving a light cut to his arm. He responds in kind by infusing his fist with lightning chakra, the electricity sizzling as he pushes out towards the gut of the enemy genin, aiming one, then two strikes to attempt to damage and disable the genin.

He tried, but holding up to three people just wasn't that easy! Admittedly, he wanted his partner to be safe and didn't want much more damage to come to her, even if it meant that he had to take it for her. And took it for her he did. He attempted to block every advance, not just against himself, but also against her, but to no avail. They took him down as much as they'd done to her. He cursed under his breath and looked back to see how far his friend had gotten only to see that she'd been captured by some earth jutsu. "Alright, alright, we give!" He finally stated as he kneeled down with his blades shoved into the ground to lean against. He was tired, hungry and thirsty. Looks like they were just a bit desperate to get more scrolls under their belt. "We won't attack anymore. I promise. We can even help to heal you guys. She's a medic," he points out his partner.

Ryouji nods, glaring at the ninja. "Good, hand over your scrolls and we will let you go." He draws a sword and points it at the male genin in front of him for added effect. "Don't, and Michiko-chan will make sure you're all stuck neck high in rock until the proctors can come and fish you out." He smiles, "Don't worry, you'll be found I'm sure."

Michiko makes a few seals with her hand to make, but for the most part she just makes sure neither are intending to run away. "Please hand over whatever scrolls or items relating to them. We'll let you go if you do and let you be on your way." She offers a pleasant smile, though it might have a hint of a threat in it…

As the other two make their threats, Sado walks back to the earth encampment and fishes around in his bag. He takes a bit of spare cloth from his bag to tie up his wound on his arm so that the bleeding stops, at least until Michiko could look at it with her first aid knowledge. He keeps an eye on the two and the enemy as he does all this, making sure nothing sneaky goes down.

The swordsman sighed and began to reach for his scroll and nodded his head at his partner to do the same. She retrieved her scroll from a small pouch and lifted it to the group for them to take. They weren't fit for fighting anymore and it'd be tough to try and fend off any other threats like this. So, a deal's a deal. They'll just have to earn their scrolls back from elsewhere. Such is the nature of the survival portion, but at least they got a good idea of the strength around here. It means they'll have to do a bit better next time.
For now, they stick around if only so that they'll also keep their word on healing. The girl had already began the process of patching herself up and soon moved over to the group to tend to their wounds as well. Considering they're close by some good places for food, the duo might head back out and find something to eat and fill some water pouches while they're at it.

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