What If? Stars of Spooky - Frankenstein's Revenge


Nori, Hiei, Nariko, Hiroyasu

Date: October 20, 2013


Team Kumogakure + 1 Leaf Shinobi, head out from a sudden emergency in a nearby farming village where a giant abomination against science has appeared. One of them will make the ultimate sacrifice in what proved to be the most futile thing every attempted!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"What If? Stars of Spooky - Frankenstein's Revenge"

A village in the lowlands of the land of lightning

Nori was summoned to the Land of Lightning, so the young Yamanaka quickly summoned his giant owl Daifukuro and hopped aboard. The boy makes good time, seeing he's travelling as the crow…err…owl flies. As the gates to the Kumo village appear in the distance, the boy and his owl EPIC MOUNT descend out of the clouds and make their way to land amongst the boulders lining the road up to the gate. The owl poofs back to whence it came from, and Nori ambles on up to the gate for check-in. He's been here before, so they have his information on file, and he is allowed through, where he stops and waits to see if anyone is here to meet him.

- In the distant skyline the fireball of day begins to shine over a village in the lowlands of the land of lightning. The villagers awake to the rumbling sounds coming earth below, ~Thuuump~ ~Thuuump~ ~Thuuump~ ~Thuuump~ rushing outside they are greeted with the grotesque form of dead-flesh towering 7m tall in the shape of a man. Large metal rods extend out of the neck of the man-beast, it's large hands gripping the trunk of a tree hurling it into a building. A local man leaps on his horse and flees the village riding straight until he reached Kumogakure, the horse dying of exhaustion almost as soon as hitting the gates. Within minutes of reporting the monster to the guards at the gate, Missives had already gone out to the most elite Shinobi available, which admittedly was a short list.. and apparently ninja fodder.. err allied assistance has arrived and was invited to partake. -

Hiei was working out in the gym at his new house when a hawk lands on his window sill. Hiei drops the weights on the rack before moving over to take a look at it. "Tapped for a mission. Yosh!" A quick shower, and a note for Misaki, and Hiei dresses in his normal garb and heads out. The hulking Kumo shinobi arrives in his normal manner, duster flying out behind him as he skids to a stop at the front gates of Kumo. "Yotsuki Hiei, reporting in." He was once again wearing two swords, but the second one looked like it was hum-drum. He still hadn't gotten around to getting himself another sword forged since it was blown up on another mission.

Nori blinks as Hiei goes flying past him to report in to the gate guard. The young Yamanaka snerks and turns, cups his hands, and yells, "Yotsuki-san…what's going on? Where you going?" Assuming the gate guard spills the beans about the monster, Nori bows his head and erks, "Well, I might have been called here for that, but even if I wasn't, I'm sure whoever summoned me can deal with waiting a little while longer. After all, I /did/ just fly in. They might not even be expecting me yet." He chuckles and then adds, "Oh, and it is darn good to see you again Hiei-san!"

- It wasn't long after Hiei appeared that Hiroyasu soon came down to the gate.. He glances between Hiei and Nori "A village of self-proclaimed titans.. and we got 1 Chuunin and a Leaf Shinobi.. ok then" he shrugs looking at them, "We've got horses ready and we should be able to be there in under an hour" he looks at them as the mountain breed steeds are brought out, and he hops up on one. "I hope the others will join us later.. I'll go with you because well I can't sit around" he frowns.
True to the estimate, no matter how each of them decided to travel the trip was about an hour and it was clear when they approach as the Giant monstrosity can been seen tearing into the village with fists of rage. -

Hiei notices Nori and a look of pure joy comes over his face. "Nori-san! It's good to see you!" He raises his hand for a high-five..realizes that it's probably too high and then lowers his arm a bit. "We could use your help on this one. Mount up!" He nods to Hiroyasu and then mounts his own horse, seeming to be comfortable in the saddle. It definitely wasn't his first rodeo. "We'll catch up later. For now..we ride!" And he spurs his horse on until they all make it to the village. Hiei slides off his horse while looking at the giant monster in question. "And they say that we Yotsuki grow to be big. Sheesh." He glances over at Nori and Hiro. "What's the plan, gents?" In the meantime, he prepares himself for battle.

Nori would, of course, hi-5 Hiei back. It was their custom. rode horses a few times before, but he is in no way considered a proficient rider. The boy probably slows things down somewhat, despite doing his best to keep up. Even with an hour ride the butt and leg muscles grow tired and sore. When Hiei starts preparing himself for battle, Nori would too…he focuses a good deal of chakra before looking at Hiroyasu and Hiei, "Well, what's the sit-rep? Do we need to draw whatever 'it' is away from the village…or do we just help the villagers escape…and do we want it alive or dead?"

- Hiroyasu on the way takes the time to properly greet Nori "Welcome to Kumo" he says with a little bit of half-wit half-scarcasm. He hops off the horse prepaying himself for the fight to come with a solemn sigh. "We don't really have the numbers to assist with an evacuation.. I guess we can lure it away, and dead?" he says with a shrug "This is really more an emergency situation the orders were.. like this.. do something, fix it." he states thumbing through his many seals.
Meanwhile the ground thunders and quakes as the monster swings the tree trunk into a building with a roar ~Gwwwwaaah!~ before there is a smash and rubble as it storms down the streets punching buildings and snarling at people as they attempt flee or fight back.. several farm implements are impaled in its legs and feet but no avail it seemed. -

Hiei begins making handseals. "Understood. I'm going to attempt to get his attention and try to get him to follow me. While he's focused on me, take him down as soon as we get out of the populated area." He raises his voice. "Yo, pretty boy! I am your opponent!" He finishes with the handseal. "Release: Lightning Arc!" Lightning gathers at his first two fingers before he flings out his arm and the lightning discharges while zig-zagging through the air towards the giant. "Haha! Catch me if you can!" He then begins to run, not too fast, though so the monster would follow him out of the village.

Nori makes a sort chuckle to Hiroyasu and nods, "Seems you all need the help. I'm not sure Konohagakure has that much to spare, but well, I'm here for now." Nori hops off the horse, bites his thumb, and summons his owl, Daifukuro. The owl grunts as Nori summons it almost immediately and Nori bows, "I'm sorry Daifukuro-san. I'll do my best to get you as many juicy rodents as I can hunt down when I get back home, but…we've run into a situation already. I wouldn't have called you again so soon if I didn't need you." Nori sighs and looks to the others. He nods and moves when Hiei moves. The Yotsuki is drawing the monster away, so Nori creates his own little dust monster with the help of his owl companion to cement the notion of…hey, this way idiot. The dirt mouth rises up and tries to pull the monster (yay mmorpg style).

- The zig-zagging lightning zips towards the hulking beast, before it slams into the monster sending him in a serious of moans and calls before taking a lumbering step towards the little Shinobi , before it it's drawn to the appearance of the tasty looking owl and tiny shinobi before its pushed back by the hit of their jutsu, the dead flesh of it's body just shrugs off the assault of earth and charges towards the two? wait only two?
Hiroyasu knew they had this in the bag for a moment, and leaps down an alleyway to the a sidestreet "He's all yours! Yotsuki-san!" he chides but in reality he needed some time to prepare and observe, while he assists getting people out of the general area. -

Hiei continues running towards the fields on the outskirts of the village. He yells over at Nori. "We have to corral this guy someplace where there is more room to manuver." He makes another set of handseals as slivers of lightning surround his body. "Ninja Art: Lightning Needles!" On Hiei's command, the needles fly forth from around his body, swarming towards the monster. "You better be coming up with a plan, Katayama!" He yells out as he continues running away from the village.

Nori nods to Hiei and says, "I can probably help with the coralling." Once they are sufficiently away from the village, Nori tries raising the dead, or well…walls of dirt at any rate. The barriers, much like graves, pop up and out of the ground. Nori tries to make them as large and long as possible, but he can only get so much chakra out at once like this. He grunts and looks to the others…"See if that will hold him there."

- The lightning needles pepper the monsters skin and absorb in before it snarls and yowls charging at Hiei attempting to pick him up in a monstrous hand, the sound of its raging stomps topples wooden buildings and collapses many of the damaged buildings. The screams of those who had yet to flee filling the air, before it charges towards the two into the forest nearby grabbing a tree and hurling it at Nori as it attempts to grab the lightning bug.
Meanwhile, in the village Hiroyasu was kicking back enjoying a nice well deserved rest, yeah right… He was darting from building to building helping people out and collecting oil jugs, it seems he has an idea for them. The is running back to the scene about when the tree is lobbed, and hiei is being accosted. -

Hiei's eyes widen when the monster grabs at him. He dives off to the side, tucking and rolling before popping back up to his feet. He goes through another series of handseals before standing with his arm extended outwards, palm side out. "Lightning Release: Inspiration Wave!" A shockwave of lightning explodes from his hand towards the monster. Should the attack be successful it will do damage directly to the monster's nervous system, disrupting his muscles for a moment. He breathes a little deeply. "Man, if I had known I'd be using this much ninjutsu today, I'd have bothered to eat before showing up for the mission." Reaching over his shoulder, he draws Fukushu and then a shortsword from their sheathes. "Let's do this the old fashioned way." He spins the blades around his body as he positions himself for his next attack.

Nori is ready, mostly because the Owl sees the tree coming first from where it is soaring high above. The two have a telepathic connection, so when the Owl says, block…Nori handseals and up one of those barriers of earth comes. The tree splinters agains the earth, which effectively adds another level of wall to keep the beast at bay. Nori goes on the attack and handseals up a set of earth arms that try to sap some of the creature's chakras, and thus life-force. Nori doesn't stop there though; the young Yamanaka checks to see if there is a brain to this beast that Nori might be able to grab ahold of.

Riding on a horse the sound of clopping coming forth, her hair blowing in the breeze behind her, is the young Yotsuki known as Nariko. She slows her horse to a stop and looks at the guys fighting. "Need some help boys?" She smirks and hops off the horse with grace and agility. "What do you want me to do?" She closes her eyes for a moment, gathering her senses. She looks up at the monster and shakes her head. "Stop right there." She looks at it right in the eye, attempting to make him think tight chains hold his arms and legs at its side.

- The monster is struck by the lightning by Hiei and twists in agony? as it snarls and flails the dead-flesh is slammed by the wash of earth as arms begin to eat at its lifeforce before it's hit with the mind-swapping psionics of the Yamanaka and for a brief moment he can feel its abnormal brain hurl him outward with a garble of mass confusion of words, images and sensations.. Then it falls to a knee seeming to have a moment of confusion before attempting stand only to find itself held down by the chain of oppression which seem to swirl from the eyes of nariko around its arms.. It strains to stand and shakes the earth with how hard it seems to be pushing into the earth.. "Wi..t..c..h.. me.. go.. let.." it snarls looking down at them with the eyes of rage.
Meanwhile, from the village, comes the Hiroyasu running with his shoulders full of oil jugs, finding the area sealed off with giant earthen walls, he leaps up and runs up them getting to the top and shouts "Nariko! Hit the jug!" he says throwing the jug over the top of the monster, choosing her as not to distract the other two. -

Hiei takes off at a run as Nariko arrives. "Nice to see that you could join us, cousin." He says with a small smirk as he leans forwards with his arms trailing out behind him, putting on the speed as he makes for the monster. He'd have to time his attack just right. Be fast enough not to get hit, and use enough power to get the job done. Hiei aims for the monster's hamstrings as he flashes by him while attacking with both swords. So far, this fight was going well, and he hasn't felt the need to call upon the power of the Yotsuki. He slides to a stop after his attack and turns around in time to see the arrival of Hiroyasu with the oil jugs.

Nori sensed a mind there. It might have been confused and jumbled…too jumbled…for Nori to use Genjutsu. So, he shrugs and strings together a series of handseals with a jounin's grace. The earth below and around the creature begins to sway, and eventually the monster might find itself getting sucked downwards into its own grave.

Nariko looks to Hiro and nods, her witchiness coming out in full bloom. "Of course my pretty!" She makes a witch like cackle and if only she had brought her black pointy hate with her. She raises her arms, extending her long cylindrical fingers with pointy black tips, rolling them. Out of the tips her fingers she sends surges of lightning towards the jugs of oil. "I will not let you go." She responds to the monster.

- Two jugs fly over the hulking beast get shot by two bolts of lightning of nariko sending a rain of fire and oil splashing down on the body massive hulking creature, the smell of burning of flesh instantly begins to the fill the air.. strangely the creature seem not in pain… but the blades of the sink into the flesh deep and leave massive gaping holes which ooze black blood before slowly sealing back right in front of the Yotsuki.. all the while the ground begins to reach upward with a thousand hands pulling the burning monster into a large earth coffin which turns into an oven before shattering from the extreme heat and strength of the monster.
Hiroyasu takes a moment to makes several meaningly seals and blinks for a moment as his eyes have been instantly filled the blackness and the seals pop in existence with a heavy glow. He peppers the back of the beast with a litany of paper seals as sharp as knives. -

Hiei flicks his wrist as lightning travels down his arm and into the blades of his weapons. "This guy is seriously getting on my nerves." As the lightning travels down the blade, it begins to sing and hum, resonating at a high frequency like a tuning fork. Hiei runs back the way he came, aiming another strike for the monster. If it heals up from normal blade attacks, then he'd give it a blade plus a little lightning as well. "Nice move, Nariko, but I think you bolted it off."

Nori watches as the monster's grave shatters in the heat. Nori sighs and tries to do something foolish. His young age (and size), may and or may not come in handy here. The young boy tries to move in close, tree-walk up the beast's stomach, then neck, then chin…and he shoots to get himself into the beast's mouth. He's probably trying to get swallowed so that he can do some real damage from inside, but, well…the token nerdy smart kid needs to die.

Nariko looks at Hiei and shrugs. "Thanks." The looks to hiro and then decides in all smart wisdom to run at the monster. She brings her fist back and she sends it forward with all her might, sending not one but three punches.

- The blade sails right the flesh of the monster's thigh and there is a howl of agony as it sails through dead flesh… the healing seems almost instant as the cut heals up in a mere instant. The many strikes of nariko into it's legs send crushing thuds as her fist slam into the deadflesh but as per technique damage the internal muscles and bones bypassing the flesh. Meanwhile the hurl of chakra sharpened seals continue to hit the creature in the back from the wall on high, the blue streaks like angry hornets making hitting the flesh and bouncing off several burrow in only to turn to ash and wither.. "What is this thing?! It's like it's already dead or something?!" is all he can say as Nori literally crawls into the mouth of the beast and with a sudden bite down it was all for naught as the young Yamanaka was split in half and spit to the side with the beast growling and rubbing its tongue.. "No.. gud.. taste…" it growls before looking down at the people between its legs and attempt to swat down at them both with two idle slaps.
Meanwhile on the earth-barrier Hiroyasu continues his assault of paper down on the monster it was literally like paper cuts but he needed time to think. -

Hiei frowns as the flesh knits and closes up almost as soon as he makes the cut into the monster's flesh. He dives and rolls once again to avoid the swipe from the monster, but this time, he sees that Nariko is in trouble and his body blurs in movement as he grabs her around the waist and pulls her out of the way of the monster's attack. "Attacking his body isn't working. He heals just as fast as we're able to strike him. Nariko, you think you could attack his mind directly?" He makes a handseal as lightning charges at his fingertips. He flicks them towards the giant as a bolt zig zags towards it. "Might have to stick to ninjutsu.."

Nariko looks at Hiei as he takes the attack for her. Unfortunately for him she was already in the middle of running at the monster's hand. "Sorry, I can't." She was pulling her arm back and sending a powerful three punches towards him again.

- The lightning quick Yotsuki darts between the swats saving the other Yotsuki, the blast of lightning from the hand of Hiei strikes the monster who snarls in agony, as the many fists of Nariko slam into the creatures hand and the flesh inside dents and malformed mangling the fingers and it raises up using its other hand to reset the bones and fingers with sickening thump, chunk, crunch. The many seals of Hiroyasu continue to pepper its back at it has had enough, as it swings around with a massive backfist right at the young Chuunin with reckless disregard as the flesh bounces off the earthen barrier along its way.. and stomps its feet trying to end the two beneath it.. -

- As the monstrous arm come hurling up the wall, he leaps over the arm landing on it with his feet held in place he runs at the monsters face hurling a barrage of seals which attempt to embed themselves in the creatures face, he shouts down to them.. "He isn't falling!, He doesn't even seem affected!?" he shouts as he circles around the monsters arms like a tiny ant. -

Hiei sheathes his swords, after a moment. They were doing him no good, afterall. Hiei takes on a look of concentration. "I noticed. Physical attacks don't seem to be working." He begins making hand seals, crossing his arms over his chest before placing his hand palm side out towards the monster sending another wave of electricity towards it. "Man. My mother told me that there would come a day when I'd have nothing but ninjutsu to fall back on."

Nariko looks to Hiei and Hiro. "Well, I guess we give it all we got." Then the monster sends out a shockwave with his foot, her arm out, electricity surging through her arm as she prevents the shockwave from going at her, creating a v shaped rut around her was he goes around her. "Well that was shocking." She smirks and then shakes her head. "Well, lets do this the hard way then." She runs at the monster, moving to jump up at the monster, forward thrusting her legs into the kneecap. She spins in the air as she begins her descent and lands on her two feet, one leg bent, the other extended to the side. She looks up at the monster, attempting to make eye contact with it. Chains leaping out to wrap around his body once more.

- The Lightning from hiei strikes against the hand of the monster as it raises it to defend its face from the shot… the hand absorbs in the shock and shudders with surges as the muscles flex and tense.. In true Yotsuki fashion her strike against its knee sending the beast to kneel with a thunderous quake of dead flesh.. "No.. no.. no.. wi..tc..h…" he shakes his head as the swirl of chains seem to leap from her gaze to his wrapping his legs in heavy chain and he is unable to rise but his free hand which Hiroyasu is running around attempts to swat at the insect. -

- Hiroyasu leaps out of the curve of the monsters neck only to find a giant hand in his way and he is slapped out of the air like a fly, the body flying into the ground with a large crater before the ~boomfp~ curl of smoke escapes to find a boulder cracked into a many small chunks.. He looks at the beast, "I'm not sure what you hit it with, it just seems to soak up damage like a sponge.." he shouts leaping out in a backflip falling backward towards the ground he hurls three more seals at the hand of the monster, before flipping and rolling as he hit the ground slowly coming to his feet, dusting off his robes. -

Hiei falls over from the shockwave that the giant's foot caused and as he climbs to his feet, he mutters, "I swear, if I get through this battle, I will devote the bulk of my time to learning ninjutsu from Mother." He nods at Nariko. "Follow my lead. Grab on." And then Hiei does something that Nori tried to do, but he was a little smarter about it. Running up the side of the body of the giant, he heads straight for it's face. He makes a fist with each hand and they crackle with lightning before he shoots both of them out at once. "Dual Lightning Shotgun!" He aims straight for it's eyes before kicking off and backflipping. He twists in midair and hits the ground rolling to soften his landing.

Nariko jumps onto Hiei's shoulders. "Lets do this." She smirks and when they get close enough, she moves to jump off Hiei. She brings her arm back, extending it when she gets close to the eye. She sends not one, not two, but three powerful punches to his eye as she flies forward. After the punches she does a flip or two in the air before hitting the ground, rolling on the ground, getting up to her two feet shortly after.

- The free hand manages to block most of Hiroyasu's seals but while it was trying to block that, the tag-team of Yotsuki find its face as its pepper with shocking shotgun pellets of electricity.. the bolts around its neck begin glowing eye piercing blue-white as electricity begin leaping off it errantically "Too.. muc..h… pow..ah…urgh.." he groans the hits from Nariko to his face and eyes as he hold his eyes… before lightning bolts the size of trees begin to fill the area leveling trees, boulders, impacting the dirt turning it into smothering holes, if not for the earthen coffins made by the late Yamanaka the village and the surrounding forest would be set ablaze.. Everything in the area cannot escape this case of being thunderstruck. -

- Hiroyasu finds himself in the middle of a lightning storm, he raises many barriers which are struck by the huge bolts of lightning sending them shattering in an instant. He leaps infront of nariko managing to block on of the bolts heading towards her before being blow into a tree as the seal explodes from the overload of power… "urgh.." he moans.. -

Hiei begins to run as the lightning begins to rain down upon him. "No fair…no faiiiir!" He flips and rolls around and dives and manages to just avoid the lightning, even though he ends up face first in the dirt. "Get him, guys!" It'll take him a couple moments to recouperate and get back into the fight. He was a bit breathless after throwing around all that lightning. It tired him out faster than just swinging his sword.

Nariko moves her hands up in front of her face, letting the lightning accumulate around it as the remaining lighting shock is sent to her, fizzling when it hits her forearm. "Thanks Hiro, I am in your debt." She smiles and then looks to Hiei. "Still too young." She softly breath, mostly joking of course. She runs back towards the monster, her body not wanting to give up. She was kind of sewn, and what happens to an angry Nariko? She bites back, hard. She runs at him, power building up as she pulls her arm back, reaching his leg and sending two powerful punches at him and then a third powerful strike towards him. "Don't. Hurt. My. Friends." She yells at the monster as she punches him.

- The monster's flesh absorbs the brunt of her first strike, her second one hits and the final strike hits him deep within… He growls and attempts to swat at the annoying Yotsuki witch.. "ba..d wi..tc..h" he mutters trying end her… Meanwhile the fire on his back had finally run out of oil and went out… now the only thing not on fire was 3 shinobi and the large monster..
Hiroyasu gets to his feet and runs in towards the monster leaping up to its leg at attempting to avoid its arms as it swats at him as he tries to put two seals on the metal bolts.. -

Hiei recovers his breath and stands up to his feet. There was no way he was going to let Nariko and Hiro fight this thing by themselves. He rushes over sending a flurry of palm strikes towards the monster, using the same damaging technique that Nariko does. "Fall! Fall!" Hiei growls out as his arms piston back and forth as he rains down thunderous attacks.

Nariko growls at the monster as the hand comes towards her. Her body dissipates into a puff of smoke appearing shortly after a few feet away. "I am not a witch!" She yells at the monster, her anger getting the better of her. She lets out a loud scream as she runs at the monster, pushing off the ground and aiming for his leg with three kicks. She flips backwards in the air, landing on her two feet, breathing heavily and with a very angry looking stare.

- The monster swats at Hiroyasu as he approaches the bolts only one of the seals finding its place on the bolt but it begins sucking out chakra as painfully as possible.. suddenly the hulking monster falls to a knee.. "So… tired.. why.." it mutters before the barrage of strikes from the Yotsuki team on his legs sends the monster tumbling over reaching out with a single hand which buries into the dirt.. as it trying to crawl away then nothing, the flesh seems completely stopped..
"Is it.. dead? or whatever?" he huffs looking at the other two his eyes still swirling with the power of his seals holding many seals in his hand just in case. -

Hiei continues punching it for a little while after before he notices that it's not moving. He takes a step back, a wary expression on his face. "I'm not sure it was alive to begin with. But I think it's down, yeah." He looks over at Nariko, then back at Hiroyasu. "What should we do with it now?"

Nariko keeps breathing heavily as she watches Hiei punch it even more. "I don't know if it is or not but I want to make sure it is." She walks over to it and gives it one last hard punch, to the face. "Thats for trying to hurt my friends. And I'm not a witch!" She yells at it, the last of her anger simmering. She looks at Hiei and Hiro. "Throw it in a fire. Let it burn." She lets out a deep sigh and turns around. "Let me set it." She says, looking down at her hand.

- The dead flesh just sits there taking the hits from the two… Hiroyasu sighs closing his eyes for a second and taking a deep sigh releasing his eyes. "I.. uh.. think it ran on lightning chakra or something.." he says rubbing the back of his head.. "Good job" he says to them.. "Let check in on the town.." he says..
After helping the many people in need when they return the body is gone and one of the walls looks like it has been ripped open.. Hiroyasu takes the time to buries the pieces of Nori with a short prayer. -

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