Free From Hatred



Date: December 13, 2010

"Free From Hatred"

A boy is in the desert around Sunagakure, during a sandstorm. There is a
piece of crystal embedded in his stomach, miraculously missing any organs,
and he holds his right hand over his right eye, and blood trickles under
his palm. It is night, and moonlight shines down on this battered and
exhausted figure as it wades through snow. Yes, snow. This figure, in his
state, perceives the sandstorm as a blizzard, his footsteps leaving prints
in the sand as he walks away from Sunagakure, and the silver moonlight
paints the sandstorm, or snowstorm the way he perceives it, with a
metallic and slightly blue color, as if it was midday.
He walks, forcing one foot in front of the other, every now and than,
leaving a spattering of blood on the ground, in his eyes, marring the
perfect white of the snow. And he is freezing. The cold is so unbearable
he can no longer feel the pain, he can no longer feel his arms or legs.
What he can feel however is, a terrible emptiness being filled by
something which in turn puts so much pressure on him that he feels as if
he could shatter.
Yet he walks on, through the surreal snow and nothing is getting clearer.
At all. This place is his home, but he can no longer recognize it.

This person has killed Kureno. And yet, he /is/ Kureno. Yes, this person
has burried Kureno, so he could start a new page— As Kaede.

In his delirious walk, his left eye kept closing further and further,
narrowing his field of vision, and his thoughts raced. Perhaps the only
reason why he was still alive. Because he kept thinking. "If Kaede had a
friend.." He began, voice weak, ".. He'd be called.. Rai maybe, or Sai?
No, Sai is sad. Sai rhymes with cry and die. Sai is bad." He said, as he
walked onward. "How about.. .." He sighed as he made another footstep,
another heartbeat, in this god-forsaken place. Away from everyone.
Detached.. Reality seemed like a bad joke. This /place/ seemed like a bad
joke. And yet, he wished for snow, and now he could see it. "I hate this
place.." He muttered out, and than his left eye widened in surprise, "No..
Kureno would hate. Kaede doesn't hate. Kaede.. is free.. from hatred.
Kaede is free from.." He trailed off as he finally realized. The
emptiness.. it was being filled with.. loneliness.

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