Friend or Foe


Fuuta, Yaezaki

Date: January 23, 2012


After being attacked, Yaezaki finds help in an unsafe place.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Friend or Foe"

Mountain Pass

The mission should have been a simple one. Just deliver a scroll. Simple. As long as he kept himself low profile and the scroll well hidden, there shouldn't be a problem. Too bad things never quite go as planned. The route he'd taken should have been safe. He'd been skirting the area most likely to produce an ambush. It hadn't worked. A little over half way to his destination he'd been beseiged. Thank the gods that there had only been two of them. And he'd managed to keep the scroll hidden and safe, stowed in his pack. Lucky for Yaezaki that they had been bandits with no idea that he was on a delivery mission. Once he was wounded and down, they had robbed him and disappeared.
The boy had managed to crawl off the main path before he passed out, still bleeding. His wounds were deep enough that he was pale from blood loss and cold. His shirt was torn where the bandit's kunai had slashed his chest and stomach, both arms showed smaller cuts and bruises besides were hidden by his clothing. He'd sustained a small, shallow cut to one cheek and a deeper gash to one thigh which had made walking hard. And now it was raining to top it all off. The mountains weren't known for thier benevolent storms, though luckily, this was just a drizzle.. so far. He lays there off the path, barely awake, struggling to get a grasp back on reality. He did not want to be here when or if those men returned…
RP: Fuuta joins the roleplay.

Oddly enough Fuuta was on a counter-mission of sorts. The young chuunin was so obtain a scroll being delivered by an enemy delivery shinobi. Now Fuuta didn't know what village this deliver shinobi was from but he had already vowed to complete this mission and maintain a perfect track record. He was waiting on the mountain pass to intercept the delivery shinobi. He plays witness to a robbery and low and behold it was Yaezaki. Fuuta was surprised to see the boy and figured he was the delivery ninja in question.
Fuuta watches the bandits leave after they looted Yaezaki. When he had their blind sides he sent two shuriken wiping viciously at their necks. One he's confirmed the connected attack Fuuta checks the fresh corpses for the scroll. The man didn't find it on them which means Yaezaki still had it. Fuuta sighs wondering how's he's gonna deal with this. He moves over to check on the young Konoha shinobi. It seems Yaezaki is rather injuredhe doesn't look too well. Perfect right? Fuuta lands at the boy's side seeing him trying to hold on to his consciousness. The rain couldn't have been timed more perfectly. Fuuta reaches down checking his pulse and sighs "You're in luck kid." He states.

Yaezaki's vision was fading with every ounce of blood that seeped from his wounds. So it took several seconds for him to focus on Fuuta's face. His purple eyes look dazed as he furrows his pale brows and attaches a person to the face… a name. His voice is toned with a touch of tension. "Nii…San?" He woul flush if his body had the blood for it, since the nickname came out of his mouth rather than Fuuta's actual name. He was wary, however. Last time they'd been together, the flamboyant man ahd admitted to being a Kiri shinobi and had told Yaezaki he would kill him as an enemy. He wondered just what category he fell under at the moment: vassal or enemy. Neither was especially attractive to the boy. When Futa says he's in luck he scowls and tries to push himself into a sitting position, with moderate success, though his arms are trembling from the strain and the deepest of the cuts on his arm starts seping more blood. "What are.. you doing here…?"

Fuuta smiles as Yaezaki calls him by his nick name. "I'm on a mission. Well just finished it actually. What are you doing here?" he asks as if he didn't know. Seeing Yaezaki had pulled himself up Fuuta figured he wouldn't be able to take the scroll from him without injuring him even further, so he'd let things play out. Fuuta gives Yaezaki the look over "Man they kicked your koopa." He says chuckling a bit. He stands looks up into the rain. A droplet falls upon his face and trickles down wrapping around his jaw then slithering down his neck. "No hard feelings about last time right?" Fuuta brings up the time at the pub just to tease Yaezaki. "Well I'd love to stay and chat but you look busy so I'll be going. Be careful around this mountain peak. Lotsa bandits and with the might wanna watch your step."

Yaezaki forces himself to sit up, holding his stomach wound tightly. When Fuuta says he got his koopa kicked he mutters a 'shut up' before saying, "I thought they were just civilians, they got the drop on me…" He coughs and shivers int he cold rain. "I'm… on a mision too. I wasn't expecting to be robbed by bandits… Maybe run into a shinobi but not a bandit…" Fuuta's standing up and acting as though he was about to leave sends an odd feeling through the boy. He realizes he doesn't want Fuuta to leave. "W..wait.. my mission has nothing to do with Kirigakure… Could you at least help me to a dry place? there's got to be a shrine around here somewhere…" He coughs again and takes a few shallow breaths, the blush finally forming on his cheeks. He was too soft and he knew it. And now he was asking a potential enemy to hang out with him.. to help him… And for all he knew, his mission /did/ have something to do with Kiri… He had no idea what exactly he was carrying….

Fuuta sighs at Yaezaki's request but actually he wouldn't have it any other way. He turns around and hums with his hand stroking his chin, imitating deep thought. "Well….you do look pretty bad. Knowing how naive you are…letting bandits get the drop on you like that, what kind of big bro would I be if I didn't help you out? But you owe me." he says poking Yaezaki's forehead. Fuuta moves to get under Yaezaki's arm and help him stand. "There was a cave on the mountain side up here. I think it's best we go there. You're not exactly as much of a lightweight as I thought." ah double entendre.
Fuuta traverses the mountain side with Yaezaki for a good 10 min before the come upon this cave in question. Fuuta had already disposed of the bodies of the two bandits from before. The young man enters the cave soaking wet as the rain picked up. His hair was heavily draped over his eyes shrouding his face in strands of wet sliver. When they get into the cave Fuuta moves to let Yaezaki down and leans him up against the wall. He groans and stretches making his back pop. "Oh…gah…coinit." he looks back to Yaezaki with the -you totally fireballing owe me- look and moves to the boy's side. Leaning against the wall Fuuta rings out his sash. "I didn't want to get caught in the rain…I hate water." he murmurs.

Yaezaki is greatful and secretly pleased that Fuuta is willing to help. He knew that the feigned hesitation was just for show. He also belived in Fuuta's innate kindness still, and though last time he'd acted as something other than a friend, the silver-haired boy couldn't shake the sense that he was still trust worthy. He flinches as he's pulled to his feet, but he does his best to walk. He limps heavily from the thigh wound and sohe did indeed have to rely on Fuuta for balance at first. The kid might have taken a blow to the head if his dazed appearance was anything to go by, but appearances oculd be decieving.
By the time they get to the cave, he feels like they've been walking for hours, but he's again greatful for Fuuta. When the younger man sets him down he's thankful for the weight being taken off his leg. He looks up at Fuuta as the man wrings out his sash. "Thank you, Fuuta-san…." He chuckles at the joke then laughs as Futa admits he hates water. "I think you should relocate to anoher village if you hate rain." Then, more seriously. "If you can find some firewood I have my tinder box along. So there's no change it would be wet…"

Fuuta rolls his eyes at Yaezaki's comment. Land of Water.water hater yeah those two things didn't go hand in hand. Fuuta perks up a bit at Yaezaki's suggestion. "Hey that's a good idea. Then I can dry my clothes." Fuuta smiles and moves to the entrance of the cave. "Be back in a flash." And he wasn't kidding. The young man basically sprinted trying to spend as little time out in the rain as possible. When he returns wood I just tossed haphazardly into the cave and Fuuta is there panting and shaking. "I.reeeeeeaaallly don't like water." He says shivering. "Hurry up and make the flower fire." He snaps moving to the corner of the cave he starts to strip down removing his sash first.

Yaezaki chuckles when Fuuta rolls his eyes. At least they still have thier senses of humor. As the younger nin heads after the wood, Yaezaki goes about pulling his tinder box from his pack and rolling the scroll tightly inside an extra shirt before tucking the pack away again. Fuuta returns with teh wood and Yaezaki moves sluggishly, but he manages to get the fire going after his second try. He hated tinder boxes… It was no match for a good lighter…. Fuuta stripping has little effect on Yaezaki at first, just like a public bath, he thinks, no big deal. The fire came to life slowly but finally it burned well and Yaezaki rips the bottom of his shirt to make a makeshift bandage for his arm. "You're like a cat…. Hating water." He chuckles again..

Fuuta hisses at Yaezaki's statement about being a cat. "I'll punch your teeth down your throat you little…." he hisses again. Dispite his apparent disapproval he was most certainly acting like a cat at the moment. Fuuta sighs though knowing full well that Yaezaki was just joking. It was probably some pay back for the pub incident. Fuuta removes his sash and shirt revealing surprisingly bare and flawless flesh. He moves over to Yaezaki holding his soaking cloths in hand waiting for the fire to start. Once it does Fuuta smiles and sits down setting his clothes next to it. The young man sighs in relief ceasing in his chronic shudders now that the warmth of the fire graced him.
"Fire. Now that's an element." he nods. For the moment he seems completely intent on warming himself up. One would never suspect that he was considering how he'd steal the scroll from Yaezaki. Well there never was any confirmation that the boy had it. It was highly possible though. Fuuta does glance up at Yaezaki a few times looking at his injuries. He sighs heavily suddenly "Can't believe you got me to do this for you."

Yaezaki watches Fuuta's every move with his odd purple eyes. Maybe it was pain or exhaustion but there seemed to be a touch more red in the pupils than usual. There doesn't appear to be any other reason for the change and quite possibly it's simply a play of the glowing firelight. The boy carefully pulls off his cut and soaked shirt, exposing both gashes on pale skin, like creamy colored paper and aler because of the rain. The effect brings out the red blood in sharp relief. He makes a face and looks at the wounds.
The cut on his chest is the deepest of the two, thankfully. He'd been able to move fast enough to avoid getting gutted. He makes a face and presses against the side of the chest gash, causing it to bleed a little more. He then starts going through his utility belt's compartments, setting a small jar of something on the floor, then a tin and a little cylinder.
Fuuta's hissing and threat gets a chuckle then a stifled laugh. The younger nin was ironic in his motions and sounds and Yaezaki finds it endlessly amusing. As the flame-eyed boy sits by the fire, Yaezaki's eyes flit over his unspoiled skin and makes a bit of a face before he goes back to what he was doing, eyeing the bag for a second before reaching into it and pulling out just a small med kit. He sets it beside the cylinder and small jars, preparing to do some clumsy first aid on himself.
"I thank you for your assistance, Aniki." His tone is a touch teasing but it also carries with it cincerity. He really is thankful for the help.

Fuuta subtly makes note of all of Yaezaki's injuries. As far as crippling wounds go Yaezaki had sustained two deep cuts. Neither was fatal nor deep enough to impair any evasive movement, not significantly anyway. Fuuta then glances to the boy's injured arm and watches as Yaezaki moves to retrieve some things from his belt. The boy seemed accustom to pain. Fuuta then eyes the med kit Yaezaki pulls out and his amber eyes flash with the same glint as the flame. His attention finally settles on Yaezaki, the individual now. "Yeah yeah. Don't make a habit outta it though. I may not always be this friendly." he states. The young chuunin makes a face as he sees that Yaezaki intends to do first aid on himself "Oh this ought to be good." he mutters with his eyes panning off to the side
"When is this rain gonna stop?" he says looking out of the cave. It had only gotten heavier and heavier since they first entered the cave. IT sounded as if they were underneath a waterfall. Fuuta groans and glances back to Yaezaki giving off impatience. His stomach then pulls a fast one on him and growls. Fuuta blinks and glances down to it. "Frick. Didn't expect to be out so long so I didn't bring a snack or anything." he curse under his breath. If Yaezaki wasn't so injured Fuuta would've socked him one "Why did you let those guys beat you like that anyway?"

The boy picks up his shirt and does his best to wipe the water off his skin before he opens the cylinder first. Leaning back he sprinkles a kind of powder on his chest wound, flinching as it stings like a cheep-cheep. The powder has the desired effect, however, clotting the blood there quickly to slow the bleeding. Next he opens the tin and pulls out a string of butterfly bandages. He uses four of the little pieces to hold the gash together. It'll probably leave a scar either way but at least this will keep the wound closed for the most part. Then, after closing the cylinder and putting the lid back ont he tin, he opens the med kit, pulling out a roll of gauze. For several moments he looks like he's trying to figure out the proper angle, twisting the roll this way and that then lifting both arms in a pantomime of wrapping it around his own chest. The motion pulls at the wound and he hisses, dropping his hands quickly and cursing softly. This was going to be harder than he thought…
He finally sighs and goes about the same basic proceedure with the stomach wound. The cut on his arm has already bled enough that the red is showing through the wet fabric he'd used for a temporary bandage but he seems oblivious to that one for now. The stomach wound gets a pair of 4x4 gause and some tape… alright a lot of tape, he believed in making sure the tape held. For a long time…. And would probably cause more injury removing the tape later…
Next he holds out the roll of gause to Fuuta and in his innocent way says, "If you help me wrap this yoshi thing," Meaning his chest wound of course, "And I'll make some food for you. I'm not a bad cook.. I mean it won't be special or anything but it'll be warm and .. well.. food…" He flushes a little and clamps his mouth shut for a moment as he realizes that he's starting to ramble like Akane. "I didn't think they were bandits! Or mushroom that they thought i was worth robbing!" He looks like this is a ludicrous idea in and of itself.

Fuuta watches Yaezaki go for it. He didn't say anything watching the young man treat his injuries. When Yaezaki starts to bandage Fuuta would be made aware of to what extend his injury affected him. He inclines his head and continues to watch Yaezaki with observant eyes. The idea of offering to help crossed his mind but he needed to observe a little bit longer. The stomach wound could serve as a weak spot if nothing else. If need be a critical or fatal shot could be made out of the wound easily. A few more moments of observation and the only thing left for Fuuta to figure out would be the location of the scroll.
-I have to get close to him somehow- he thinks. The kid was already suspicious of him though. Fuuta was actually cursing himself for toying with Yaezaki back then. -How the 1-UP am I gonna get close to him now?- his mind was racked for the answer until Yaezaki did something rather fortuitous. Fuuta blinks looking between Yaezaki and the gauze. "Uh" Fuuta starts partly before Yae begins to ramble. Fuuta scowls a bit. "Ok ok ok ok." He says "Shuddap. Gosh I mean I know I talk a lot but you…" he fights a smile and shakes his head. "You got yourself a deal." He agrees. While taking the gauze Fuuta makes a face as Yaezaki tells him how the bandits got the jump on him. -Oh good lord. This guy has to be the most soft-hearted piece of- "Goomba, let's see if I still remember how to do this." Fuuta was finding it hard to believe Yaezaki was so trusting. He scotches over to Yaezaki so he could mummify the brat. "Bare with me here."

Yaezaki was aware Fuuta was watching him and his pale skin flushes under the scrutiny. He's not used to being watched that closely. In the academy he'd been of average grades and average notice.. That is to say no one really noticed him at all. He was a member of the 'Invisible Center' of every crowd. So Fuuta's attention was a little disconcerting for him.
The boy flat out blushes when Fuuta basically tells him he talks too much. For a moment he wonders why Fuuta would be uncomfortable with conversation then simply discards the idea. This guy had an ego that could crush the entire Fire Country, no way could conversation make him uncomfortable. So that left one option… He was mocking Yaezaki. He didn't react though, his mind was centered on the bandages.
Yaezaki nods at him in thanks and lets the possibly enemy nin close to help. He points a finger at his shoulder. "Wrap up and over the shoulder then around the chest. At least that's how my mother taught me. Just in case Janli got hurt so I'd know what to do." His tone is easy and sociable, but it's obvious that the idea of this Janli getting hurt is something the young chuunin finds absurd if not impossible. He lifts his arms a bit to allow Fuuta the required access to do the job. The bag to Yaezaki's side is folded over so no one can see inside it. He'd been careful while he pulled out his med kit, then folded over the top almost carelessly.

While Yaezaki didn't notice it, there was much truth to his thoughts. Fuuta was uncomfortable speaking to him. Only him. Yaezaki was the closest thing to a friend Fuuta's had in a while. Yet they're of opposing nations and their missions are opposing as well. Any other shinobi and Fuuta would've done away with them coldly. With Yaezaki however he had to think of a way to achieve the mission goal without harming the young chuunin. The more Yaezaki spoke the harder it was for Fuuta to think. He follows Yaezaki's instructions starting with the shoulder. Fuuta cringes as the boy speaks of his mother and someone named Janli.
"Who's Janli?" he asks lowering his head a little. Fuuta had spotted a rather peculiar bag which he had noticed Yaezaki had been taking special care not to hint its contents. He'd scanned the boy's waistline repeatedly not finding evidence of the scroll's presence. This left two possibilities. Yaezaki didn't have it or the scroll was what he was protecting/hiding in that bag. Fuuta looks away from the bag now "Let me know if they're too tight." He says softly.

Yaezaki winces as the bandage is applied and wound around him, pressure making the powder sting a little more. He remains silent, however, not wanting to scare away his helper. The incident in the restaurant was on the edges of his mind as he let this shinobi not only within striking range but even closer. And yet he doesn't seem to even see the problem with such an action, let alone acknowledge it enough to just suck it up and do the job himself. Rather he's quiet as Fuuta continues, not noticing the flinch when he mentions his mother and Janli. He even smiles as Fuuta asks him who she is.
"Janli is my little sister. She's nine and she's constantly bugging me to bring her ninja toys. At the New Year's festival I bought her this little ANBU mask and Mom couldn't get it away from her for days. Evidently she took it upon herself to 'ambush' every guest that came to the house." The boy laughs and as his mood and adrenaline stableizes, that red tint to his eyes decreases. "Dad says she's a boy stuck in a girls body. I think he's just sexist." Yaezaki is talking as though htere could be absolutely no conceivable harm in telling a Kiri nin about his family… And it's made plain that the girl is something extremely special to him.

Fuuta realizes he shot himself in the foot when he inquired about Janli. He was now aware that Yaezaki had a family. Fuuta was now envious of the boy. When he finished with Yaezaki he hides his ullen eyes behind his hoary tresses. He moves back to his former position leaving his back towards Yaezaki. "Geez runt. You really shouldn't be a shinobi." Fuuta remarks with a soft laugh, the melancholy within it was barely detectible. Fuuta sighs heavily and feels around for his clothing. Still damp to the touch. His head rises but Yaezaki would only be able to see the back of his head from this position. "Still though, your sister sounds sweet."
Fuuta is quite silent for a while and motionless. His head turns slightly to the cave entrance. The rain had stopped pouring. "Tsk" is all he says as his head turns back forward facing the wall. "What a pain." He says softly "The rain hasn't let up yet." He comments.

Once Fuuta's done with the chest bandage the elder chuunin reaches down and pulls another roll of gauze out of his med kit and goes about binding the cut on his thigh with half of it before turning his attention to his arm. "Tanuki thing wont stop bleeding…" he mutters as he pulls the make-shift bandage off his arm and sets about powdering the wound, putting two butterfly bandages on and wrapping it himself. Between one hand and his mouth, he's pretty good at wrapping wounds on himself. Perhaps it speaks of how hard he trains… Perhaps not.
Finally he nods, satisfied with his patch-job and shivers from the chill. He moves a little closer to the fire, glowering at his bloodstained shirt. "Bought that thing three days ago… Oh well. I just can't let mom see it…" He sweatdrops as he imagines his mother fretting over a bloodstained shirt.
Fuuta's putting his back to him brings an odd feeling to the boy. He's not sure what to make of it. Such an action seems out of place for the flamboyant shinobi. Te comment about how Yaezaki shouldn't be a shinobi gets a dark look from the boy. Of course with his back to him, Fuuta couldn't know that he'd just made a bit of an error. The red pupils are back and the expression on his face is colder than Yaezaki has ever shown to his 'aniki'. He shifts his weight a little as if adjusting his position then moves with lightning speed, bringing a kunai from his thigh holder with him as he moves so he's kneeling just behind Fuuta, the blade of the kunai slips around to the side of Fuuta's neck, not pressing, not drawing blood… but the threat is there. A simple pull and a little pressure and Fuuta would be the one that's going to bleed to death. The movement had pulled at the chest wound and he felt it seep a bit more blood as he holds motionless and silent, watching Fuuta's every muscle movement. He speaks into Fuuta's ear in a low, regulated tone… "You've got a nerve after what you pulled…"

Fuuta keeps his head forward wondering what to do now. He had an insurmountable level of guilt swelling up within him. -So much for my perfect track record- he thinks. Fuuta realized he couldn't harm Yaezaki now even if he was on direct orders too. He was the one that shouldn't be a shinobi now. In the midst of his thoughts he in unaware of what Yaezaki is feeling or doing. When he feels the cold steel against his neck a smile appears on his face. "Bout time." He remarks not unnerved in the slightest. "Thought you'd still have some hard feelings over that." Fuuta spoke. He doesn't really make any sudden movements knowing Yaezaki is watching him closely.
Fuuta sighs softly "I'd be overjoyed if you actually had what it takes. I should be killed." Fuuta snickers "Figures right?" he moves now taunting Yaezaki beckoning him to act hastily. His hand rises to the kunai pressing it harder against his neck "I bet you're the kind of guy who can't kill off of a whim. Even though you seem to train yourself to the breaking point a lot. I bet you're the kkind of guy that wouldn't be able to look his loved ones….his sister in the eyes after taking a life. I bet you couldn't hold her with bloodstained hands." Fuuta's head turns slightly "So which of us /really/ has the nerve? Hmm? I spared your life on a whim that night. But you…you're pretending to be something you're not aren't you…..Yaezaki-kun?"

Yaezaki had suprised himself more than he'd suprised Fuuta with his sudden action. What the star is wrong with me, he thinks, holding very very still. His surge of anger is overtaken by a wave of …what? Guilt? no, he thinks, disgust. He chides himself. After Fuuta had helped him too… But that threat that night in the bar had upset him and his body had moved without his really thinking about it. By the gods what was he doing? He fumbles about in his mind for an explaination…. That small distraction is what gives Fuuta the time and control topress the kunai harder against his neck and Yaezaki winces lightly.
Fuuta's little speech about being overjoyed is like a slap and he mentally recoils even further. He had to admit even if only to himself.. Fuuta was right; he couldn't kill on a whim. He didn't want to kill /anybody/ let alone Fuuta. But the words taunt him and his anger seems to swell again in his chest… or maybe that was just because he'd stopped breathing… He shivers and when he hears the taunt about Janli and bloodstained hands and the shiver turns into a full shudder.
The boy suddenly lets go of the Kunai, leaving it in Fuuta's hand and completely abandoned by the Konoha shinobi. He withdraws a few feet, shoving fuuta away as he moves, and forces a glower onto his face. "And what am I pretending to be that i'm not?" He is almost afraid of the answer. Confusion lights his eyes. He'd just attacked an unarmed man that was helping him…

Fuuta's hand slowly drops as Yaezaki backs up. The young man would feel disgust and disappointment in Yaezaki's actions once again. -Things would be so much easier if he'd just attack me with the intent to kill- he thinks. But Fuuta knows that's not going to happen. He sighs letting his hand rest on the ground. In the farthest corners of his mind he was prepared to retaliate had Yaezaki intended to do away with him. "So this is what they call a 'true friend'? Hehe how ironic." Fuuta hand moves back up to his face and seems to be wiping away at something. "Block rain." He mutters.
The young man listens to Yaezaki's tone and chuckles now. What he says next is out of anger. Who it was directed at was uncertain but he did take it out on Yaezaki. "I can understand why you're asking me that. I mean with a mask like yours you're not really expecting anyone to get that close. Too bad for you, your mask always cracks when you're speaking with me." Fuuta chuckles "You noticed right? Then again maybe you didn't. Why else would you continue to make yourself so vulnerable? Your only line of defense, gone. That's why I can say things like this. Or suggest that you shouldn't be a shinobi." Fuuta slowly stands "You agree don't you? You're pretending to be a shinobi when in reality you don't have what it takes. You're doing this for different reasons all together."

"Shut up. Just.. shut up!" Yaezaki shakes his head and runs a hand over his face, paler than he was even a moment before. He looked spooked. "Being a shinobi doesn't mean I have to kill for the reasons you're saying! We're not murderers!" He seems to be getting back his proverbial feet as he takes his time, forcing his breathing back to normal, forcing the anger to disappear. He had to have been exhausted to flip out like that. What had happened here?
The boy's eyes betray his thoughts and he flushes when Fuuta says he's wearing a mask. "I'm doing this ….I'm shinobi because.. It's what I… I mean… I had the talent so I went to the academy. Why else would someone do something? Because they have the talent required right?" The tone is a bit shaky as he tries to talk himself down off the cliff he'd been on when he'd attacked Fuuta. "I…Look, I'm sorry. I don't know why I did that. I.. have to be tired… You.." He takes a shaky breath. "You don't deserve to die just because you're from Kirigakure! I've said that before! And I meant it!"
Fuuta's words about a true friend pull him back and he lowers his eyes in guilt. It's strong enough that he feels ill from it, his face ashen. He knows his mother would be ashamed of him, and he wouldn't want his sister to see him like this. That's why he's shinobi. Slowly he calms, though that look of guilt remains, a resolve formulates in his expression as well and he finally looks up. "I am shinobi so I can protect those I care about…" And despite his actions… "I would help you if you needed it too… I don't know why I did that just now. I'm sorry.."

Fuuta laughs now "Oh man…you're a mess." He states. "That's exactly what we are. Murderers. We kill not to defend ourselves always or even to defend our country. We kill simply because those are our orders." He clarifies Fuuta turns around facing Yaezaki now. His eyes hidden under his bangs. "Protect?" he responds to Yaezaki's claim. He moves towards the boy "So nave." He encroaches upon the boy looking to be guarded well. "You can't even protect yourself." Fuuta remarks. "Why? Why is someone like you a shinobi." Fuuta's hands ball into a fist each. He's now within arm's reach of Yaezaki
There is a moment of silence now. The burning flames are the only sound thee two could detect. The rain had stopped and the world outside the cave seems to have not noticed. Fuuta's body his tense and his breathing only intensifies. He finally moves forward drawing his arm back as if he's about to attack. Instead of striking Yaezaki the arm wraps around the young man and pulls him close into an embrace. Fuuta trembles holding Yaezaki close "I don't want to see you get hurt you brat. You're too soft. I can't take it…you'll get yourself killed." Fuuta mutters

Yaezaki shakes his head, denying the claims that shinobi are murderers. He wasn't like that. He /wouldn't/ be like that. Ever. Fuuta'smovements put Yaezai on guard and he watches the other boy warily, suddenly feeling each of his wounds as if they were fresh. Those men had been murderers. He was lucky he hadn't joined thier victim list. And it was thanks to Fuuta. He knew this. So when Fuuta moves closer and pulls back his fist, he tenses but doesn't ty to move or defend himself. After what he'd jsut done he figures one punch should be free. After that he'd have to defend himself…
So when Fuuta suddenly grabs him and holds him close Yaezaki's mind goes entirely blank. He doesn't respond or move for several moments. Then his hands move up and he rubs the other boy's back comfortingly. the chuunin feels the other trembling and sighs softly. He offers Fuuta what he would any member of his team: comfort. For as long as Fuuta wants, he'd let the kiri nin do as he pleased. And in turn he offers the physical assurance given by rubbing his back.
"I'm not going to get myself killed. I'm only on this pipe mission because most everyone else is in Sunagakure for the exams." He leans his head back against the cave wall, looking up at the cieling, thinking deeply. "I don't want to see you hurt either, Fuuta. And I do ..usually.. think of you as a friend. You just made me so ..mad… I'm sorry. But I'm not stupid enough to think I could complete this mission if any other Kiri shinobi was here… Not like this."

Fuuta sighs not use to the comfort he's currently receiving. Fuuta slowly losens his grip on Yaezaki and chuckles "Yeah right." He pushes away for now. "As weak as you are….I'll never get a good night's sleep." Fuuta turns to pick up his clothes. "If you really intend to protect what's truly important you're going to need to become stronger." His clothes were finally dry. He starts with his top then the sash keeping his back to Yaezaki the entire time. "I've wasted too much time here. You're gonna have to grow up sooner or later Yaezaki-kun." He glances back with amber eyes looking very serious. "But I'm glad at least you're not a murderer. Ironically it's what's kept you alive." Fuuta chuckles. He hoped one day though that he could be like Yaezaki and not have to kill. -He's gonna be strong. I shouldn't worry anymore-


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