Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk... Or Hijack Caravans Owned By Shuuren


Shuuren, Ataru, Rin

Date: March 27, 2013


While Shuuren is in Konoha, word reaches him that one of his caravans have been hijacked, and so starts a mission to retrieve it and teach the bandits a lesson.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk… Or Hijack Caravans Owned By Shuuren"

Southern Pathway

Word got to Konoha pretty fast via bird that one of Shuuren's caravans had been taken when the person who was SUPPOSED to be on security detail fell asleep. Shuuren luckily happened to be there already due to having to save a certain Nara Chuunin who'd been poisoned and quickly requested a C-Rank mission to go retrieve his goods before they reached Fuuma Alley and would be lost forever. On a horse-drawn carriage built chariot-style for speed, the Medical Ninja races with the pair of shinobi sent on the mission with him down the southern pathway toward the Great River Bridge, where the bandits were said to be heading toward. Adorned in his white suit and shroud, he has a rather serious look on his face, definitely not pleased right now. "These guys are probably just a band of morons, so there's probably no need to kill them. Feel free to hurt them, though."

Rin had already been travelling in the area when the mission was issued, so she had recieved and accepted it, and was now running alongside Shuuren, who she did not recognize, as well as Atarua, someone she did recognize from Konoha. They had met at least once before. And interesting person, to be sure.

Rin did have to admit though. She hated running. She was more of a slow, laid back person and keeping up with other people was just not her style. But… it had to be done. "I'm pretty sure that if we can find them all, I can restrain them easy enough. That is, if they are just normal bandits."

"Robbin from people fer medical supplies! I'll give'm the beatin of their lives, that's fer sure!" Ataru was watching as the surroundings blew past, keeping loose and ready for the combat ahead while they raced along the road. Of course, if he was going full out, he might even be faster than the carriage.. but that'd also drain him before a beat down.. and Ataru was more than happy to deliver a beat down to bandits. He'd cracks his knuckles, just spreading his fingers then balling them into fist, having that slow cycle of pops occur.

"Good to know," Shuuren says with a nod to Rin as he glances over his shoulder at her. "But you could've just rode with us instead of running. You're going to be pretty tired by the time we catch them… Actually, you should probably go ahead and hop in. This horse is about to get a lot faster." With that, he drops the reigns long enough to actually leap over onto the horse, withdrawing a rather large syringe from his coat and jabbing it into the horse to inject the medicine into him. "Sorry to do this to you twice in a week, but we've got to get a move on." As he leaps back into position, one can literally see the horse's physique increase tremendously, and his speed suddenly kicks into a level that is insane for a horse as shinobi speed is for a human. As the miles move past much faster now, he spots the caravan as a dot in the distance that's steadily getting larger. "We'll be to them in just a couple minutes. Get ready."

Rin hops up onto the back of the carriage and finds a seat. "It was fine, really. I have been neglecting any training lately. I needed some exercise." She lets out a sigh and then watches Shuuren with some curiosity as he sticks the horse with some sort of steroid. "Well, that is certainly a neat trick." She then cracks her knuckles. "I'll be ready."

That dot in the distance continues to get larger and larger at a rapid pace until the view of seven drunk bandits sitting on top of the caravan, downing sake bottles one after another in celebration as they think they've gotten off with a rather big pay load. "Seems they've gotten into one of my crates. That'll have to be taken out of their hides if they don't want to pay for it." It's not long before they're well within range for the shinobi to attack, and the bandits are looking back at them in a stupor, wondering what they can do to get away now.

Ataru would nod slightly, looking forward as they suddenly sped up. He'd grip the edge of that cart, tensing his whole body. Soon as they got within 400 feet of the other cart, Ataru would move. Planting a foot on that rim of the edge of the carriage, it would unfortunately dent slightly as he'd blur forward, launching himself off the moving carriage and onto the other one. He'd land with a thump on the top of the carriage with the bandits. "A'right folks! This here stuff belongs ta the man in white.. ifn ya dun want the livin pulp ripped outta ya while yer still breathin.. pull over and stop!"

Rin tips her head a bit as Ataru suddenly makes his move. Well… there goes any attempt at doing this without scaring the pants off the bandits. Hopefully they didn't get startled into being violent. Unlike Ataru, however, Rin waits until their carriage arrives and then hops down off of it, wondering what on earth Ataru had already done to them.

Shuuren smirks slightly as Ataru blurs past him to the bandits. A brief glance is cast toward Rin as they continue to ride to catch up, which doesn't take long at all. On the stolen caravan, the bandits all look up at Ataru and blink a few times as their drunk minds try to take in what's going on. Rather than do as instructed, however, one of them launches a bottle of sake directly at Ataru's face.

Ataru snaps it out of the air, catching it to look at it. "Drunk? Really?? Ya'll are really drunk, goin and hoppin on some guy's wagon that's fulla medical supplies??? What are ya thinkin?!?" He'd blur forward, from where he stood to stand between the men, that spinning snap kick was curved around rapidly, attempting to kick one guy off into a nearby tree, immediately following into the next one, hitting him forward into a tree on the other side. Even with the power put into that kick, Ataru did try to not kill them from that impact. If he did indeed manage to get the drunks off the wagon, he'd hop down to get the traces and try to reign the wagon in. "friggin drunks and their friggin sake tryin to friggin rob a friggin caravan.. what the inebriating influence???" Yep.. Ataru, grumbling all the way.

Rin watches as Ataru beats the booze out of the bandits while yelling at them with rather poor language skills. It seemed more like they were all drunk and fighting to her. She merely lets out another sigh and turns to Shuuren while Ataru deals with the bandits. "So, what are we doing with the supplies?"

Drunk as they are, the bandits have no chance of avoiding the exchange from Ataru. Shuuren just chuckes a bit as they're knocked right off. At Rin's question, he glances over to her and says, "That is a shipment that was supposed to be delivered to the Land of Grass tonight. See how it's now behind schedule, I guess I'm going to have to take it over myself." With that, he leaps off the wagon and walks over to the caravan, pulling a lever to separate the horse team from it and literally just easily push it back behind the other wagon and pull a few levers to latch them on together. He then lets out a melodic whistle, and the horses from the team that were detached walk backwards to the wagon, where he latches them together with the one they rode here and gives them the same medicine he gave it so they can keep up.

Shaking his head, Ataru would check on the bandits, verifying they weren't dead from impact. Walking over to where Shuuren and Rin was at, he'd shrug and shove his hands into his pockets. "A'right.. so.. that took less than expected, ta be sure.. either way.. ya'll got yer stuff now. Was that all ya were needin us fer, or are we good, Shuuren-san? I know this is kinda a rush delivery fer ya.. but I think we're authorized ta help ya get it all the way there ifn ya want.."

Rin nods to Shuuren. "Well, hopefully they don't don't scold you too badly for being late. It would be bad to lose a business partner, I assume." She folds her arms as Ataru wanders over. "Well, are you done pulverizing those fools?" She'd giggle and wave to Shuuren. "Like he says, if you need some extra assistance, we're good to give it."

Once the newly attached caravan is secure, Shuuren walks back over to the head of the carriage and steps into reassume his position. "Sure, you can ride along, and I'll pay the difference for the add-on to the mission once we get back."

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