From Sword to Scalpel: Bee-ing Patient


Kioko, Kaneko

Date: December 19, 2015


Kaneko meets Iwagakure’s latest beekeeper and starts trying to channel medical chakra.

"From Sword to Scalpel: Bee-ing Patient"

Iwagakure - Hospital

Early in the morning, about 8am, Kamizuru Kioko steps out of a patient's room with a clipboard, where some various profanities were heard being uttered that seem to have come from the man's mouth through the process of his treatment. She makes a few markings on the clipboard and then moves over to the nurse's station to hand it over. "That was a… strange one. Be sure to administer his pain treatment on time… but don't overdo it. He needs to learn his lesson."

Kaneko was here in the early morning. She had just finished helping her dad at the forge, and now she was at the hospital to try and learn a bit more about medical stuff. She hasn't passed much more than 'bandages' and other first aid skills, but she was studying on the side with this other experience. She looks around a bit in the halls, now, and seeks out someone to learn from who didn't mind showing someone a bit…

Hearing steps come down the hall, Kioko looks over and spots Kaneko wandering. She tilts her head slightly and ponders a few moments before walking down the hall. "You come here pretty often, hmm?" she asks as she steps up. "Are you just here to help, or are you interested in learning medical jutsu?"

Kaneko perks up when someone comes over to her. That saved her a bit of trouble! "Hai! I try to come everyday. Umm… A bit of both, really… I think helping here helps me learn how to apply what I learn. I haven't really been able to help outside patients with likes small scrapes and cuts, though," the Murasame informs.

"Ah, I see. Always glad to see someone eager to learn," Kioko says, smiling brightly. "My own medical methods are a bit different than most, but I can teach you the basics so you can develop the way you want to use it." She gestures down the hallway then, saying, "The library's this way. We should start with knowledge."

Kaneko nods quickly. "Oh! I know where the library is! I've been there so many times I could probably find my way there blindfolded!" She grins to Kioko, heading towards the book-filled room eagerly. "What're we gonna learn about? Also, I forget your name, sensei…" She frowns a bit, guilty that she doesn't know Kioko.

"Oh, good," Kioko says, a bit impressed with the girl's eagerness to learn. She walks with her down the hall and into the room, chuckling a bit as she does. "That's okay. I'm still pretty new to Iwagakure… My name's Kamizuru Kioko. I recently moved here from Konohagakure." She steps into the room and starts to move around, collecting several books that are good for beginner medical ninja.

Kaneko watches Kioko start to pick out books, and she frowns a bit. "Umm, sensei? I know reading about all this stuff can be important, but I've read a lot already. Is there anything new that you could maybe teach me for real?" she asks hopefully. The information that Kioko used to be with Konoha was interesting and tucked into the recesses of her mind.

Looking over her shoulder at Kaneko as she speaks, Kioko lifts an eyebrow and says, "I suppose I could." She still comes over with the books, setting them down on a table and opening one to a page specifically about channeling healing chakra. "Read this. I'll be right back." With that she turns and walks out of the library to go get something.

Kaneko has been doing a lot of reading lately on medical things, so… She was a bit tired of just reading. The girl, nevertheless, goes over to the book and dives into its contents, studying it all very closely. Channeling healing chakra was a topic touched on some of the other books, but they only described how the body worked and ways to help the patient. And she hadn't gotten to this book yet. Interesting…

After a few minutes, Kioko comes back into the room with a cart containing a small tank of fish. She uses her bees to hold the door open while she moves it into the room and stops it by the table. "This seems kind of cruel, but you're going to save the fish we take out of here," she says then walks over to a case and grabs a scroll, which she then lays out on the table that shows a seal diagram meant to help show a training medic how well they're doing. "Take one of the fish out and lay it in the center of the symbol."

Kaneko blinks at the tank of fish when the door opens, and she scrambles a bit to clear the table of books. Can't have them getting wet. Then she hesitates a bit and peers at the intricate scroll. Wow… The girl would nod to the Kamizuru and quickly move to grab a fish, though it takes a few moments to even grab one. Slippery things… "Haha!" she says triumphantly as she finally gets the fish on the scroll.

Of course, it wouldn't take too long for the fish to begin to stop its moving despite whatever fight it put up. "Now just go through the steps the book described. Rather than to harm, you need to focus your chakra to heal. You'll know you've succeeded when the fish starts to move again."

RP: Kaneko makes a Int and Seal roll and got 13 and 4, respectively, for a total of 17.

Kaneko knew the theory behind it well! It's just… difficult to apply… She nods quickly to Kioko and approaches the fish, making the correct handseals and placing them on the fish as directed. Everything looked perfect until she tried channeling chakra. Then it was DOOMED.

Watching as Kaneko practices with the healing jutsu, Kioko chuckles and says, "This is going to take a while, but I'll stick with you as long as it takes." With that she picks up a book and starts to read some while watching…

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