Third Promotion Exams - Frozen Princess of Doom: Sakuryu vs. Iwa Kamizuru


Sakuryu, Hel (emitter)

Date: August 28, 2013


Sakuryu comes across an Iwagakure shinobi tending to his wounds and attacks him. She wins his scroll.

"Third Promotion Exams - Frozen Princess of Doom: Sakuryu vs. Iwa Kamizuru"

Forest of Death

An Iwagakure shinobi sits in the middle of the Forest of Death, tending to some bandages. He'd been injured previously by a rather large and grotesque looking lizard of some kind. The beast must have had some kind of armor as attacks to its body weren't penetrating. So, rather than stick around, the Iwanin ran off…and smartly so. Having done a little first-aid earlier, he's now just tending to those bandages from behind some shrubbery.

Sakuryu smiles. She knew this was a good place and a good plan. Being already injured and having some trouble she had decided it would be best to hide out and assassinate any would be competitors to get their scrolls. With her Kusari Gama in hand she focused her energy, staring and analyzing the ninja's body to figure out the most deadly strike.

The Iwagakure shinobi unwraps the one bandage around his leg, and when he does, a swarm of wasps come flying out. This guy is a Kamizuru…and he is built like a brick house…or maybe that is a brick hive? The wasps fly around him a bit before moving back into some other fold in the boy's clothes. The wound needs to be re-wrapped apparently because that's just what the boy starts doing. More bandages are laid out and he goes about wrapping up his arm.

Sakuryu curses under her breath. "Just what I need….wasps." She shivers a bit before taking a breath. She pulls her chakra in and lets her body become cold as stone, the air around her turn frigid, and her blood run like streams of ice. "Here we go….." She says as she focuses and allows her ice chakra to flow into the blade, allowing it to grow into a heads mans scythe, curling into it's deadly sickle shape as she let's it fly at the boys neck from behind to whip and crack to try and sever his neck, or at least severely hurt him.

RP: Sakuryu transforms into SHIRAYUKI-INFUSION.
COMBAT: Sakuryu attacks Hel with SOUL-STEALING-ICE-FANG…18
COMBAT: Hel defends against SOUL-STEALING-ICE-FANG(18) attack from Sakuryu with a KIKAICHU-COLUMN…18

The shinobi may not have sensed the change in temperatures or the eyes upon his back, but his little helper bees certainly did. As the girl sends her scythe-like weapon towards the Iwanin, his bees come flying out and form a huge collumn of bugs that just /barely/ stop the blade. The boy looks up, bandage half-wrapped and erks, "Woah, wait…at least let me finish tending to my bandages, will ya?" He looks lost in here.

Sakuryu appears, swinging the deadly scythe looking like a Yuki-onna the legendary soul stealing women of the frozen north. She swings the blade faster until it makes a sicking whistling sound. "No… This is too important to me, It is to win or death… Yours or mine… Concede your scroll or lose your soul.." She lets out a long frozen breath, leveling her soulless gaze on him before throwing out the jagged harpoon as a warning shot.

COMBAT: Sakuryu attacks Hel with FREEZING-HARPOON-TOSS…15
COMBAT: Hel defends against FREEZING-HARPOON-TOSS(15) attack from Sakuryu with a KIKAICHU-COLUMN…20

The poor kid meeps loudly as she doesn't even let him finish wrapping his wounds. If she looks like the soul stealing woman, then he must look like the mummy. When she speaks of his death, he sighs a bit, "This is all so bothersome!" Those wasps swarm at the harpoon styled weight as it heads for their host in an attempt to stop the icey-barb…and they manage to deflect it. The host shakes a little and states, "Very well…if you force me." So, he raises his hands and those wasps and bees come flying for Sakuryu in an attempt to sting her.

COMBAT: Hel attacks Sakuryu with BEE-ATTACK…16
COMBAT: Sakuryu defends against BEE-ATTACK(16) attack from Hel with a TWISTED-GALE-PARRY…28

Sakuryu looks at him soulessly as ever. "Why do you resist….Give your scroll and You'll live…" She hisses, a sudden wind around her knocking his attack away as if it was nothing. "WIth a wave of her hand she sends a volley of razor needles at him as well as a single rose made of ice all set to hit vital points on his body.

COMBAT: Sakuryu attacks Hel with ICE-NEEDLE-TECHNIQUE…22
COMBAT: Sakuryu attacks Hel with ICE-ROSE…18
COMBAT: Sakuryu attacks Hel with ICE-NEEDLE-TECHNIQUE…35
COMBAT: Hel defends against ICE-NEEDLE-TECHNIQUE(22) attack from Sakuryu with a DODGE-II…17
COMBAT: Hel loses the roll and sustains 367 damage.
COMBAT: Hel defends against ICE-ROSE(18) attack from Sakuryu with a KIKAICHU-COLUMN…33
COMBAT: Hel defends against ICE-NEEDLE-TECHNIQUE(35) attack from Sakuryu with a DODGE-II…27
COMBAT: Hel loses the roll and sustains 390 damage.

The boy grunts, "I would give up, but I'd never hear the end of it if I didn't at least try." The boy starts to move, perhaps preparing his own attacks next, but he gets hit with the volley of ice needles before he can move far enough away. The bees swarm to form a column to protect him from the rose, but the ice needles fly right through the swarm and hit the boy. He falls to the ground with a harumph. A swarm of wasps flow out of the fallen soldier's body. They move towards the frozen princess and then suddenly explode before they actually attack her. The explosion releases a toxic cloud that floats out towards Sakuryu. Underneath the cloud, and close to the ground, several other wasps move to attack her in a normal stinging fashion.

COMBAT: Hel attacks Sakuryu with VOLATILE-KIKAICHU…34
COMBAT: Hel attacks Sakuryu with BEE-ATTACK…20
COMBAT: Sakuryu defends against VOLATILE-KIKAICHU(34) attack from Hel with a TWISTED-GALE-PARRY…37
COMBAT: Sakuryu defends against BEE-ATTACK(20) attack from Hel with a TWISTED-GALE-PARRY…36

Sakuryu doesn't even twitch an eye as she sees the needles pierce the man. "Relinquish the scroll…" She says in her icy breath as she lets out another hard gale, blades of wind slashing the insects to nothing as she glares at him. WIth a flick of the wrist the Needles in his body would erupt and incase him in a giant Ice lotus prison, encapsulating him in solid freezing ice before the Snowy girl would move close to slice at him hard with the freezing blade of the kusari gama. "I'll take my scroll now."

COMBAT: Sakuryu attacks Hel with BLOOMING-ICE-LOTUS-PRISON…32
COMBAT: Sakuryu attacks Hel with SOUL-STEALING-ICE-FANG…23
COMBAT: Hel defends against BLOOMING-ICE-LOTUS-PRISON(32) attack from Sakuryu with a KIKAICHU-WAVE…26
COMBAT: You lose your stamina for 1 round(s) starting on your NEXT turn.
COMBAT: Sakuryu attacks you with SOUL-STEALING-ICE-FANG and rolls a 23. Action?
COMBAT: Hel defends against SOUL-STEALING-ICE-FANG(23) attack from Sakuryu with a KIKAICHU-COLUMN…35

The boy shoots out a wave of wasps when the ice crystals start exploding around him. He's attempting to use the wasps as cover when he accidentally triggers one of those ice crystals. He is struck with the blooming ice lotus prison and comes to a halt. He is too busy getting frozen to the spot to notice that the rest of his bees manage to block the kusari gama's attack again…but then they are dead after the blow and he is stuck there. Frozen up to his head, he calls out, "Take it…take my scroll…you win."

Sakuryu nods and moves close, holding the scythe at his neck, channeling her chakra into it to keen the blade and extend its length along his neck. "Where is it, lie and you lose more than a scrap of paper…." She says in an icy tone as she stares deep into his eyes with deadly intent.

The boy sighs, "And where do you think I'm going to go exactly?" With a roll of his eyes, he looks down, as if staring at his nose, "My front right pocket has the scroll…in my pants."

Sakuryu nods and breaks the ice at his pants level, rummaging around to get the scroll out. "I know you insect users love to play tricks. We have spider users in my village." She grumbles as she waits to fish out the important roll of paper/

There wouldn't be a trick, he'd actually allow her to go through his pants. The scroll was there. Once she has the scroll, the Kamizuru asks, "So…can you defrost me now…or you just going to leave me here to die like a popsickle?"

Sakuryu looks at him. "I'll get away and you'll be free, I'll set a tag to blow the ice for you." She grins and sets a tag up on the ice, not too close to hurt but enough to rattle the ice prison. She nods and stows the scroll before jetting into the winderness, powering down and returning to camp after a succession of double backs and false paths.

When the tag finally explodes, the boy drops to the floor, sighs, and goes back to doing what Sakuryu saw him doing at the beginning…tending to his wounds.

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