Fudo's Revenge


Katsurou, Fudo

Date: September 8, 2013


Its been a long time coming and Fudo finally gets his chance at revenge on Katsurou

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fudo's Revenge"

Zen Garden - Water Flower Ponds

Katsurou was sitting on the grass with his legs crossed inwardly while he faces the pond. His eyes were closed. Across his bare upper body were patterns of seals that glowed with a light blue color. His body was also outlined in the same light blue aura. It was apparent he was currently linked to his ancestors in order to seek guidance and what wisdom they could bestow to him at this time.
A massive gray cloud rolls in over the village as it threatens to rain soon. A rumble of thunder can be heard way off in the distance. A wind picks up around the area but the Shirayuki doesnt seem to be bothered by it.

Fudo had spent a /lot/ of time when he wasn't off leading teams or investigating disturbances or what have you on his "break" between the second and last leg of the exams trying to find out where he could find Katsurou, and when he might find him alone. The Uchiha had not once forgotten the vendetta he had put out against Katsurou, and the vengeance he sought in his defeat due to his betrayal. And this was that day. Ironically, it was in the same area that Fudo had saved his life from an assassin that he very well may take it himself. As Fudo rounded the corner, striding in to the area, he would notice Katsurou meditating for what ever reasosn he had to do so, and immediately, his sharingan would reflexiviely activate as a single hand seal was made in order to make it so that Katsurou was unaware of his presence by any senses he may have.

Katsurou was too deep in his meditation to sense Fudo's presence. In his trance he was being lead around by an ancestor as he was being shown a glimpse of how his clan came to be. Of course to him not having much mastery over this new power he has unlocked, the images were fuzzy and poorly put together like a dream that one tries to remember after waking up. The words of the spirit that was guiding him were muffled and sometimes mute, though Katsurou did his best to understand what he was seeing. For now Katsurou is ignorant to Fudo's approach.

The Uchiha, burning with rage, would continue to step forward. His chakra growing immensely as he would look to Katsurou with, at first, cold disregard, but soon enough his face would fill with contempt and with angery as his sharingan became as crimson as freshly drawn blood. If Katsurou was able to be aware of his presence, he sheer killing intent from Fudo may be enough to break him from his trance. This peaceful place may very well become a war zone before long, just as it did when Fudo saved his miserable life the first time.

Katsurou's face twists and his brows furrow as he continues being lost in his trance. He would see glimpses of elders with the Shirayuki clan symbol on their robes. Then a few more visions would flash of those same people kneeling before a large crest that was no doubt the same symbol that represented the Hidden Mist village. He saw a little boy run into a room to hug an older man and something would tell him that that little boy was him. On the outside, his face would lighten and even curl into a slight smile.

Glowering darkly upon Katsurou, standing right in front of him entirely unnoticed, Fudo's rage built up. Everything he held back since the survival exams, everything he resolved to after being rescued from death through his own sheer will power and the aid of those who truly cared for him. Everything that he had been waiting to unleash coming to bare all at once in this moment as the genjutsu finally shatters and the full weight of reality comes down upon Katsurou. Well, with a little help of more genjutsu.
"Deluded little maggot." Fudo would state quite clearly as it seemed that gravity itself was his ally. His mere presence was absolutely stiffling. It threatened to crush Katsurou's bones to jelly as Fudo's overwhelming power was simply too much for him to take. His chakra, his sheer will power, his intent to end Katsurou was in such an extreme that it seemed to be physically manifested as pure force. "Crawl on the ground where you belong. You fear me because of how dangerous my mind is? I will show you fear! I will make you crumble before me like a helpless child that watches as their whole entire world /BURNS/ before their drenching wet eyes! I will show you the price of your betrayal, "Brother", and live up to and far beyond your pitiful fears."
The last words were said with a strange calm. One that comes with a lack of conflict in ones mind as well as ones will. Anything that was going to stop him from this act seemed to be cut off from him entirely now. He was focused on the task entirely. To end it here and now.

Katsurou's visions were interupted by an image of Fudo. Fudo's presence in his mind was overwhelming and over bearing. The Shirayuki's brows furrow and his face twists. He could feel his body weakening with the Uchiha forcing his vision into Katsurou's mind. Suddenly one would notice ice traveling along the Shirayuki's upper body. It was a built in defense against genjutsu that Katsurou had prepared for himself in the past. Although it wasnt enough to defend against Fudo's genjutsu, it was enough to snap Katsurou out of his trance. His eyes shot open to see the Uchiha not close in front of him. Instinctly, the Shirayuki goes from sitting down down to leaping backwards away from Fudo. Landing lightly on the ground, Katsurou studies the Uchiha for a moment. "So the day has finally come. I was beginning to wonder how long it would take you." His voice calm, yet stern as usual. His expression and stance is as if he has no worries that this could be his last day alive. However, he focuses on his chakra flow and awaits Fudo's next move.

Not even begining to answer Katsurou with anything but his own actions, Fudo would keep track of his chakra as he leapt after Katsurou, a couple of seals made very quickly before a few balls of lightning would accelerate past Fudo's form to pelt at Katsurou. A seal was barely half formed as he would fly down towards him, a condensed ball of flame churning in to existance as it was lobbed at the target just as Fudo rotated his entire body with drawing his blade in a vicious slash at Katsurou's chest.

All of Fudo's attacks would strike true against Katsurou. The slash at his chest was the final blow that would finally cause Katsurou's ice clone to explode. The Uchiha would realize he was fighting an ice clone all along. The Shirayuki could be found standing on top of the pond behind where Fudo once stood. He would only blink with his arms folded across his chest while he watched the Uchiha fight in a fit of anger.

Normally, Fudo would smirk at something like this, finding it to be something he expected of Katsurou, and also noting that it didn't put him in lower footing, but exactly where he wanted him. However, there was no humor in him. There was no mirth in this at all. There was only vengeance, and he was not amused. Standing back up smoothly from his last attack, he would twirl his ancient sword around in his grip with great dexterity as his free hand would launch shuriken at Katsurou. Fudo's blade would be thrust at Katsurou from where he stood,as if challenging him openly, however, if Katsurou did not take the proper precautions, he'd find himself stabbed in the same spot that his former assassin would have struck him before.

Katsurou underestimated the speed of the shuriken that flew at him. He weaved together a series of hand seals but it was to no avail. He finds himself peppered with shuriken then almost immediately feels the blade of the Uchiha's sword thrust into his upper chest. Due to him already receiving such a great injury there once before, the blade would travel through his body with ease. This causes Katsurou's eyes to widen and cry of agony escapes him as blood would drip fron the tip of the sword that stuck out of his back.

The genjutsu would fade once again, Fudo standing right in front of Katsurou, sword extended, length through Katsurou's chest as he looked him dead in the eye with that demonic sharingan of his blood. He would pull the strings of his prisoner, tightening the razor wire and threatening to impale him more upon the blade as he would say to Katsurou directly, "Shirayuki Katsurou. For the betrayal of one you called brother, for the deception that you used to inact your plot, for taking advantage of my weakness, I condemn you as nothing but trash." And with that, Fudo would remove his sword with a harsh yank of the blade, resheathing it smoothly after clearing it of blood. He would then form several hand seals as he continued to start Katsurou down, muttering the words, "I welcome to your very own, personal, Shounetsujigoku (Burning Hell)."
Inhaling deeply Fudo would suddenly exhale a twisting stream of molten fire upon Katsurou from a mere foot or two away. This fire would actually bind to his flesh as Fudo would cover him with it liberally, the glow of his Sharinganactually seeming to be visible beyond the flames as he would bathe Katsurou in fire that would not extinguish so easily as covering ones self in water, and perhaps not even yield to his ice jutsu. And Fudo would simply watch him burn.

Katusrou found himself helpless to defend against the fire technique that Fudo spewed forth on him. A low cry sounds out from the Shirayuki as he can do nothing else but endure the flames. Katsurou's figure would be lost in the flames of the attack. After a few moments, the sounds of the Shirayuki's cry starts to turn into a low roar. The water below him rises up to kill the flames around him. Katsurou still stood slightly hunched over with his skin charred and his clothes sizzling.
"I too thought vengence was the path of freedom." He pants. "My vendetta against the current Mizukage being fueled by it. Then I realized. If the day came that I took the Mizukage's life out of vengence, how could that make me any better?"
He coughs up a string of blood that falls into the pond beneath him. "Revenge. It is a source of fuel with no substance. It only leads to more disaster. I do still plan on removing Yuge from the Mizukage position one day, but under a diferent reason. I believe it is for the best that Kiri sees no more wars or conflicts. Since Yuge has been in power that is all Kirigakure has come to know. It is time for Kiri to grow and branch out from the shadows of war and for that to happen they need a different leader."
Katurou winces as he presses his hand against the bleeding wound on his chest. "Tell me, how are you feeling finally getting your vengence on someone who has "betrayed" you? I am sure it feels great now, but in the end what have you gained? So you have beaten someone who is trash in your eyes down to where they cannot walk for weeks while you move about the battlefield in a fit of rage as if you were a four year old boy who was denied a lolipop. Is that how you are to represent your clan?"
Katsurou kneels down on top of the water's surface as it seems he doesnt have the energy to stand any longer. "What you see as betrayal was nothing more than simply doing what needed to be done at the time for those weaker Kumo nin. Even if that meant raising a hand against you. I have come to realize that unfortunately I may not ever experience a place I can truely call home or feel that my alligiance could ever be one hundred percent. What I do know though, is that there are matters out there that need to be taken care of that are larger than the chuunin exams. Matters that would take a certain mindset to contribute to. It is not evil, nor the sense of good but more so the sense of balance. I do not claim to be wiser than most, especially at my age, but with the guidance of my ancestors I see that my existance serves a higher purpose than how i have been living."
Katsurou stands up with a grimmance on his face as he was still pressing against the wound on his chest. "Now, you may feel as though I am babbling nonsense, but at least now you know why things had come to be that day. Only…standing before you now in the condition that I am in has brought something else to my attention. I will be a dead man soon if continue taking on this burden alone."

While Fudo did actually seem to quiet and listen to Katsurou, in the end of it all, he simply said, "Spare my your realizations that come far too late. None of that has anything to do with why you betrayed me. Those poor, weaker Kumo nin got in to harms way on their own. They betrayed me of their own accord and paid for it themselves. You had a choice, and you made it, and now you will live with it. Just like the choice you made to abandon your people to come to this village. You betrayed your /family/ twice over. Three times even, if you count Sakuryu's attempts to regain you."
Fudo would move a hand behind his back and draw forth a very long, curved pincer that was easily as long a a sword. "Do you want to see what /I/ went through because of you? What it is to be truly alone in this world, surrounded by danger? Do you want a glimmer of what it is like to be born in to a world with nothing, and then when you grasp just a single piece of what everyone else has taken for granted or abandoned like you, it being torn away?" Fudo stepped forward swiftly, holding the pincer agaisnt Katsurou's throat. He could likely feel the irritation and stickiness of some sort of venom at the tip. "You made your choice, and now I will make mine."
Pressing the pincer against him, but not moving to puncture him at this point, Fudo would say to him in a commanding tone, "You are mine. You owe me your life, twice over. I spare you, so that you can wallow after me like the stray dog that you are and beg for my scraps. YOu are not my friend. You are not my ally. You are not even my servant. You are a presence I tolerate and take pity upon. You are the destestible shinobi that has forgotten his place in the world, and has forsaken all of his bonds and ties for nothing. And if you /ever/ want to reclaim your dignity, your titles, and return to your people in the future…. then those are my terms. And if you ever even think about betraying me for a glimmer of a moment… I will personally experiment on you, unlock the secrets of your clan, and send what remains of you back to the Shirayuki to forever bring shame to your name, if not erase you from history altogether. Do you understand me? This is the /only/ remaining chance that I will afford you, and it is the lowest of the low. And it is still far more than you deserve."
The sharingan seemed to being to mix with a purple hue as Fudo spoke down to Katsurou as if he was literally some entity that was barely on par with recognition as a sentient life form. He stared at him without flenching, meaning every word that he had said to this person before him. "I knew long before you did that the way things are cannot continue. That these villages cause more harm than good because they are founded upon the principles of strength being power, and manipulation and exploitation is part of how one remains strong. I didn't need your betrayal to see this. I had plenty before it. I have a life times worth, and the village has not proven a haven from it. Your enlightenment is cute, but the cost was far too high."

Katsurou looks down on the blade as if he is not even bothered by it. "And had I left with Sakyuryu I would "betray" Konoha. Do not play that game with me. I am no toddler, merely just someone without any direction in the world. You speak as though I do not know what it feels like to be alone. You do not know me. Because if you did, you would see position I am in. Unable to control my path because either route I take labels me as trash who betrayed his purpose. I do not ask for pity nor do i ask for your scraps. If there is no more need for words then I suggest we continue this fight or you get the Hamlet out of my face."

"You put yourself in this position. But fine, I will have no pity for you, nor any mercy. You have chosen wrong once again." Fudo would say without even switching his tone as his will would be pressed upon Katsurou once again, attempting to force him to his knees as the pincer was angled towards the hole in his chest, once again moving to damage and aggrivate the wound that he himself had saved Katsurou's life from dying from. Fudo also attempted to make it so that all of the pain Katsurou was feeling, the wound in his chest, the flames that began to burn along his flesh once more even after being doused, and even any internal pain he had were all attacked by Fudo's will and his control over Katsurou's reality.

Katsurou would let out a roar of pain as he felt old injuries resurface due to Fudo's genjutsu. The rest of the Uchiha's attacks were defended but he was not capable of getting around his genjutsu. The Shirayuki stood there panting and wincing though, he did not raise a hand to attack which was something that he has refused to do this whole time even when given the chance.

Fudo stared at Katsurou as he would simply defend or take what he is going through. "You think this makes up for it? You think that you acting as some sacrificial lamb is going to calm me? It will take far more than that. When you are ash, I will still spit on the name of the one who called me brother and then stabbed me in the back. The betrayer of his country, his village, his clan, and his brother who saved his life. Your pain means little to me." And it seemed that Fudo was 100% serious about that as he would create his hand seals once more and breath hellish fire upon Katsurou once more.

"You still think this is about you. Your inability to control your emotion on the field of battle has riddled you with arrogance and ignorance." Katsurou watches as Fudo would take in another deep breath like before. Now he could properly defend himself unlike before. He ignored his injuries and weaved through a series of seals as if catching a second wind. He slams his hand on the surface of water which would cause waves to form around them. Not because of the slamming of his hand but the frozen gate that would rise in between the Uchiha and Shirayuki. Once the fires of Fudo's attack diminished against the gate, he would see with a clear view that what had stopped his attack was a gate made entirely of ice which bears the Shirayuki clan symbol on the gate's doors.
"I do not regret what I did to you that day." Katsurou says from on top of the gate's doors that stands erected high into the air from the water's surface. "Therefore there is nothing for me to make up for; nor am I being a sacrificial lamb for your benefit. As I said before, what purpose do I have to attack you? What do I gain out of it? Beating you senseless, if I could, would not change your perspective of me. Infact it would only fuel your rage even more towards me."

"I shall not regret what I do to you today and every day here after, if that is the case. You feel that I have an inability to control my emotions because I allowed myself to give a Brutus about you and it upset me that you would betray me? You think that this vengeance is based upno a lack of control? You understand nothing…" Fudo would say with a shake of his head as he would leap from his location, up towards the wall, wielding the pincer against Katsurou with a swipe and a thrust. As he sailed by, he would once again glance at Katsurou, and make him feel the agony of the wounds he bares due to his own ignorant arrogance. "You are right, that there is no purpose in attacking me. So stand there and suffer, because I have every reason to cause it in you."

Water races up past Fudo after Katsurou has performed the necessary hand seals. Ribbons of water deflect the Uchiha's strikes, however Katsurou is victim once again to his genjutsu. He drops to a knee as he feels the injuries pulse through his body once more. "I do think your vengence is based upon a lack of control." The Shirayuki says through gritted teeth. "You have not been listening. It is because of your need for revenge that is causing you to be sloppy on the field of battle. If I were someone stronger…" He says slowly getting back up to his feet. Half his body was covered in blood from his wounds and the water that had splashed on him from fighting. "You would be close to defeat which ultimately could end your life and those around you. You think this is the way someone should act who deserves the rank of chuunin? Are you sure it is I who does not understand anything? Skills and abilities do not make a person great. I know you know this. If I have to wear the title of "The Betrayer" then so be it. If I have to walk the world alone then I will, but I will always be there to do what must be done. To me, to me that takes the strongest type of person. A person that can shoulder the burden of what the consequences can lead to. Your actions today being one of those and that is why I do not fight back. I know I am no saint, nor do I feel as though I am a demon. Perhaps, I will settle for…misunderstood." A slight chuckle and a warm smile would push through a grim face for the first time since this fight started between the boys. He takes the moment to channel more of his chakra as Fudo shows no signs of stopping his assault.

"A traitor to everything he has ever been a part of, has no right to lecture me about a lack of control. I have listened to every word you have said, and i have denied and of it being considered right or truth to me, just as you cling to your self righteousness about betraying me. You were wrong. You shall pay. You will not reconcile nor will you apologize, so you will suffer. It is as simple as that. Emotion is no longer needed where you are concerned." Fudo said to the other teen and as he spoke of being able to defeat Fudo if he were stronger, he would finally earn a smirk from the seemingly cold hearted Uchiha. "If you were stronger. No… if you were smarter. I have fought beings and people stronger than you. Your strength is not what would determine victory against me, and that is what none of you have ever understood. And that is why you think you understand me at all. That is why you think that betraying me has any amount of praise to be had. You would not have earned anything for your clan. You would not have gotten closer to Yuge from that act. You would not have gained anything at all, but eliminating me. So… I will return the favor… and eliminate you for the Othello of it. So practice what you preach, and be the strongest type of person and reap what you sow. Endure your punishment you have thoroughly earned, and be the "better man" as you smolder in the hospital."
Fudo's eyes narrowed as he would hiss, "I know that you killed Atsui… in order to get his scroll. A piece of paper. Both of you foolishly fought unti lthe end of one of you, or at least, until he was all but gone. It was your fault, oh enlgihtened one, that someone died in there. All for a peice of paper. I had someone literally tell me he would kill me the first chance he got before falling unconcious… and I made sure he survived instead of killing him or leaving him for dead. You cannot possibly lecture me on benevolence… when you murder people for credit in a test for a title you do not deserve." Fudo's chakra would raise once more as he stared at his chosen nemesis who was at the same time, speaking the words that Fudo was going to inact through his own will and the will of others, while betraying the principles of it with every action he took to get to this realization. "You can't even admitt your sins, nor are you willing to /truly/ pay for them as I offered to you. To absolve you of everything you have done, and every person you have ruined or clan you have made suffer due to your actions. All it would take, is a moment of humility… but that price is too high for you. So burn.

"Atsui did not die by my hands." Katsurou responds a sigh a sigh. "I had asked Atsui numerous times to hand over his scroll before and during combat. However, he continued to push his limits. For that I have come to respect him even more so. He would not stay down no matter how many times I asked him or pleaded to him. He kept charging at me and until finally he exhausted himself. Last I saw of him I had dropped him off the the medical officials to get him treated just as I did for you that day. He was beaten, but he was still alive. You forget that you were moments away from doing the same to the Kumo nin for their "pieces of paper" had I not stopped you. Had you been anyone else I would have done the same. You can consider it self righteousness as much as you want but I am not the monster you have pinned me to believe. You are just the sniffling baby who had his hand caught in the cookie jar and when things did not go your way you lashed out like the spoiled Uchiha brat you are. Also, as for my cousin Sakuryu? She engaged me in an honorable fight after I refused to go back to Kiri. I had the chance to end her life there, but did I? So what say you? How well are your "facts" holding up now baby Uchiha? The only thing I apologize for is the fact that that was you I had to put a stop to in the forest. No "brother" of mine will act the way you did that day, nor how you are acting now."

"You had other options, and you chose to ignore them and beat him to death, Katsurou. Are you so blind that you can't even see that? HAs your new found wisdom come with even more than a price than I realized? And no, I was not about to do the same for the scrolls. I was about to severely harm, but not kill them, because they betrayed me, just like I am going to /severely/ harm you, but not kill you, for the exact same reason. Except your torment will not end. It will not end, because your betrayal has not ended." Fudo's power once again surged, baring down upon Katsurou once more as he stepped towards him defiantly. "I do not need the likes of you to stop me from ending a life. I have proven capable of it, where as you have proven incapable of it. You did not drop me off with medical officials. You left me outside of the tower… and I survived on my own and with my true family's assistance." The feeling would intensify if Katsurou was unable to defend. "Don't you ever think you had anything to do with it. The only thing you did, was not kill me in my sleep. No brother of /anyone/ should have ever acted that way, let alone the way you are now."

Katsurou finds himself victim of Fudo's genjutsu yet again, however this time it was so much of an over bearing pressure from the genjutsu that it causes the Shirayuki to black out. His body falters and drops from the bridge where he would then plunge into the pond below.

Watching at Kasturou would fall back in to the waters, He simply walked around the obstacle and watched him barely float, wounds bleeding in to the water. He would shake his head as he looked to the unconcious boy. "I will be waiting for you to recover… and I will burn you once more, betrayer." Fudo grabbed Katsurou by his hair and dragged him from the water. "You will continue to burn… until you learn what the meaning of loyalty is." Then, Fudo would drag him through the streets, all the way to the medical center for him to be looked at, until next time.

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