Fujikujo Bloodlines - Massacre Chapter


Akane, Sayaka

Date: August 1, 2016


Akane continues to make her move on the Fujikujo Clan, this time striking down the Kurogane Family.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fujikujo Bloodlines - Massacre Chapter"

Land of Iron

The Kurogane family. That is the alias that Okumo Ankoku had decided upon when he fled the Okumo as they merged with other clans into Kirigakure. For the past fifteen years or so, he had been hiding in the Land of Iron with his wife, Ikuro. She was a member of the Fujikujo clan, and she actually kept in contact with them, sending reports via messenger bird to keep them updated on her family's status. What she didn't tell them about happened to be Sayaka, who was kept a secret to the whole of the outside world. And she didn't know much about them either.
Because it's starting to warm up, the whole Kurogane family is outside. Ippei and Hideaki (Ankoku) are making their way through the fields and evaluating then while Sayaka and Ikuro just keep an we on the boys.

Akane had been watching her clan. Very closely. in fact she hadintercepted several of Ikuro's letters. Akane had been searching for Ikuro actually. She had little to go on for weeks. Then Ikuro's letter landed in Akane's lap. She wasn't sure if Ikuro had what she was after but she knew Ikuro's mother was on an elite list of Fujikujo members. There was a high chance that if Ikurodid not have sharingan, er children could still manifest it. But everything started with surveilance. She was dressed apparently normally, bandages covering her left eye, hiding her scars. Her hair wasdown in a simple braid and she carried a pack for collecting wood. She looke like any random pesant of the land of iron.. Except for a single marking on her sleeve. A wisteria embroidered at the cuf, the mark of thFUjikujo clan. So she wandered around collecting bits of wood here and there, making very little noise, but far to much of it to be considered a shinobi as she slowly moved toward the family ranks.

Naturally, both Okumo and Fujikujo have things to sense and otherwise detect those on their property. The moment Akane stepped in, spiders would be watching and reporting back to Hideaki. The wisteria mark was noted, of course… "I think we might need to consider changing where all the fields are… There looks to be some invasive species nowadays…" Ippei would blink and look at his father, raising a brow in his direction. His voice was loud enough for both the lovely females to hear as well. Ikuro was a bit tense, though Sayaka seemed to be excited. She didn't understand the hidden meaning and only thought of it as more food for the spiders within her. Ippei seems to take on a more aggressive stance, even as he surveys the land with his own senses.

Akane glanced around a bit. Some of the spiders moved differently. but only close interactio wth Okumo over the years has gotten her any sensitivity to it. Then she came out from around a band of trees, peering at them without suprise. Akane nodded to Ikuro and galnced over the two children, one of which was not mentioned in the letters. She stopped walking and merely stood there, her uncovered green eye on Ikuro as she waited for them to move. Akane as not visibly armed and did not bear any of her signature clothing or weapons.

When Akane steps out, there's a different mix of reactions. Hideaki would just incline his head stiffly to the Doihara while Ikuro's face would turn to stone. While she didn't recognize the red-head, she did recognize the wisteria. And the last thing she wanted was for the Fujikujo to know about Sayaka, if only because she didn't like the idea of her clan getting to her daughter. Sayaka had grown up pretty much oblivious to the shinobi world and its clans, and Ikuro actually liked that purity in her daughter. Ippei knew a lot about his parents' history, though, and he shifted subtly as if to hide Sayaka from Akane. "Greetings," Hideaki says, trying to stay calm. "What brings you here?" he would ask politely.

Akane watched the boy moving to shield the girl and turne to face the adults. She returned the greeting with a nodded head. Then she turned to peer at Ikuro, her cousin, een in this scenario, and her face fell as if sharing pain of some kind. "I bring news…. Not for sall ears." Her eye shifted to peer at the children again and ten steadily back toward te husband and wife.

Ikuro glances at Hideaki, and then she would say, "Ippei-kun, take Sayaka-chan back to the house…" Her tone implied to hurry, of course, worry and uncertainty within it. Ippei would twitch slightly, as if wanting to disagree, but then he would pick Sayaka up and swing her onto his back before rushing away quickly. His speed was similar to that of a Chuunin-level shinobi without chakra. Then Ikuro would turn her silvery gaze to Akane. "So..?" she asks. Hideaki moves slightly to stand beside his wife, watching Akane closely.

Akane bent, setting the wood pack on the ground before cracking her neck knce the children were gone. "Your mother is dead, cousin." She was still sympathetic toward Ikuro, but she was more bussinesslike with the children gone. She looked over to Hideaki and tlted her head a bit. "Ken-sama wanted the news delivered in person. He's poked a shark. And I came to be sure you got the mesage respectfully and to help with anything you need."

Ikuro blinks a bit when Akane shares the news. She almost suspects Akane to be lying… "I see… How did she die?" Ikuro asks. A few spiders would continue to crawl along, monitoring Akane from all angles to make sure she wasn't about to try anything. "Also… Who are you?" Hideaki asks, raising a brow in minor suspicion. He actually didn't know much about his wife's clan.

Akane watched their suspicions, but she hadn't cracked under the Mozikage's questioning, she wouldn't crack now. The spiders would note that she never changed breathing patterns or heart rate, though her calm in itself could have been suspicious. The qestion about the deceased got a cold matter of fact answer. "Ken-sama's niece slit her throat." Turing then to Hideaki she looked him over and reached up, pulling a necklace from under her shirt, a green crystal with the marking of the Okumo clan of Kirigakure. "You didn' think you were the only Okumo the Fujikujos are after…."

Hideaki's brood would continue to monitor Akane, though their host was growing more and more suspicious. "That doesn't explain who you are," he practically growls. "And I'm not so arrogant as to think that I'm the sole Okumo that you seem to be after…" He glances at Ikuro briefly, an unspoken question in his eyes, but Ikuro was staring at Akane. "His niece? I see… I guess I need to watch out for her…"

RP: Akane transforms into SHARINGAN-III.
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 1 with PRESSURE-POINTS-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 64
RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a BREVITY…46

Akane nodded slowly before looking cocky, smirking at Ikuro slightly. "Well, you would not have heard of me. I am all that Ikuro-chan here could not be."She reached upand tugged at thebandages covering her scarr before looking up, her eys an acid green with a distinct 3 tomoe sharingan.. despite the strange color.. or perhaps because of it, she would indeed be prized by Uncle Ken. The she disappeare, reappearing behind Ikuro, her handsflashing out to strike at very specific pressure points, though no pain would be felt, she was only interested in incapacitating Ikuro. The possible threat was Hideaki whom Aane kept an eye on. "And yea, you should watch out for me. Cousin."

Ikuro hardly has a chance to react, Akane blurring slightly until she was behind her. The strike felled Ikuro in one easy swoop, but Hideaki - Well, Ankoku now - would choose to act. His brood had not just been watching. They had infested this area, even. Of course, he has had years to do such, and there were a number of traps that were laid about his land. Webbing would suddenly cover Akane if she was unable to avoid it, keeping her (and Ikuro…) in place so that Ankoku could question Akane. "Who are you?" he asks again, his voice low and threatening. "Your /name/."

Akane let Ikuro fall at her fet, eyes on Hideaki. She needed Ikuro alive for the time being, so she was just going to let her lay there for now. Hideaki was the threat. Ankoku. Akane could track the little spiders but she kept her green gaze on Ankoku. "Well, she might have heard of me as Fujikujo Akane, but my name is now Doihara Akane. Now you listen, Okumo-san. You have two options. fight me now, one of us dies. Come with me back to Kirigakure and submit to your clan. make the choice."

Ikuro was down for the time being, unable to move her limbs properly, though she could hear the words being exchanged. 'Akane..?' she would think, trying to recall the name. Ken's Niece… is the woman before her. How unlucky… Ankoku scowls and would bare fangs at Akane. He was not a proficient user of them like his son, but he did have them. "The one to die is obviously you," he states simply. "I'm not going to Kirigakure. I'm not going back to a life only to die." He would raise a simple knife and point it at Akane, watching her carefully. Then his spiders move forward, seeking to swarm her and bite into her to insert venom.

COMBAT: Akane focuses 7871 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES…94

Akane had gathered chakra as she watched Ankoku, waiting for him to make his move, make his choice. And then his spiders would run straight into multiple electric currents, leaving the real Akane to focus herself, gathering more andmore chakra and power, eyes always on Ankoku as she waited, concentration clear on her face…. "You're not going to live through this. Allow me to make it fast."

RP: Akane uses A-RANK-CHARGE.

Ankoku growls as he realized that it was only lightning that he had sent his attacks towards. The man would have his spiders begin to move, forming a Webbed barrier between himself and the Fujikujo while other members of his brood try to swarm Akane again, this time attempting to trap her in silk. "Funny, I was thinking of how best to torture you for doing this…" he says darkly, Amber eyes flickering a bit as he hops between spiders' eyes to examine the battle field.

RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES…79
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 1 with JUDGMENT-BOLT with a roll of: 79
[NPC System]: Ankoku roll(s) Web Wall vs. Akane (79) from 45 to 87 and get(s) a 59. - Rolled by: Sayaka

Akane repeated her last move, more spiders succumbing to the lightning… And Akane wasstuck by her feet to a tree, She lifted her hand, peering down at the man. "If you make me torture you.. know your son will watch you beg for death." And down came the huge thunderbolt. It would leech energy away from him and his brood as well as hopefully pierce through that webbing he'd erected. A focused attack more aimed at damage than accuracy….

Ankoku wasn't expecting such a powerful blast from a Jounin that had been stuck to a tree. He ends up getting knocked away by the Lightning, his chest smoking where he had been hit. The webbing before him had a hole in it, blackened around the edges. A few of the spiders even scattered away, the host's control breaking. "Ughh…" Ankoku groans, struggling to sit up. He had taken a lot of damage. He was pretty sure his heart stopped from that blast of lightning. "What… Is your goal..?" he manages to ask through gritted teeth.

Akane watched the Okumo get tossed back on his backside and raised an eyebrow… It took her a few seconds before she stopped staring at him as though she expected to dodge a life-altering jutsu. When it was more clear tht he was actually seriously hurt she slid down the tree, walking over to stand over him, a serious but blatently honest expression on he face. "Sweet Uncle Ken declared war on my family. Twice now. I am taking apart his fabric of genetics the only way I know how."She sighed softly and crouched down, peering at him. "I cannot leave behind a vendetta. Your children will be tested and depending on their skills sent to one of the villages but they wll live and they will be taken care of. Unfortunately I don't know if one of them carries sharingan wthout trying to activate it."

Ankoku holds a hand over his injury, trying to at least fight through the pain. He was down, but not completely out. "Che… That… How are you even planning to awaken the sharingan?" he asks, frowning. "You really are just planning to test every single child of your clan? It's… Ridiculous…" A few spiders would begin to move at his silent call, then, weaving silk around Akane's legs to try and keep her in place for the time being. Maybe it would allow him more time to recover.

Akane did not move away or shoo at the spiders around her. She simply held her hand down lower and the heat began to flow.. Hot enough to brand with a touch. Spiders and fire don't really like eachother…. "No.. Not all of them. There is a very specific line and group seeded with sharingan. Just so happens your mother-in-law had it. If one of your children awakens sharingan in Kirigaure, Konoha will take their head. So I need to know if I settle them with someone I know will care for them in Konoha, or whether I steward them myself in Kiri. Can you imagine? Not only a sharingan carrier but bred with one of themost powerful Okumo. That's one agenda. Ken's insane. There's no helping him." She reache own with her other hand and held it over his wounded chest, lightly tapping the skin and decreasing his pain expertly "I wish I did not hav to harm you. I'm quite attached to the Okumo…"

Ankoku's brood skitter away from the heat, obviously not liking it at all. The Okumo blinks a bit when Akane says that Ikuro's mother happened to have the Uchiha Bloodline Limit. "Sou…" He doesn't flinch when Akane heals the injury she had caused. "I won't let you touch my children, though…" he growls. "They're mine!" Then he would try to lunge at her, a hand reaching out to try and grip her neck. His reflexes were not like Meruin's, for example, because he was not a Hunter-type, but he was Jounin-level, which means he probably proved to be a surprising challenge.

Akane interestingly did not ove. She did not dodge. She did have to ben a little to keep her balance, But she never looked away from his eyes and seemingly allowed him to grab her by the throat. A moment to consider.. and her hands fell to her sides. Of course she pulled two syringes and aimed them both for the Okumo's sides, hoping to inject him with one or the other. One was a poison caustic eough to cause severe iternal bleeding. The other was an infusion of Kit's pheremones, looking to turn his brood on him from the inside out. Of course if she was lucky he would be bleeding and his spiders would have a meat tenderizer…. "You don't have a choice."

Ankoku didn't see the syringes aimed at his legs. His spiders didn't act because he did not see them. He was consumed by rage at this 'Akane' person before him, and it opened up a weak spot that would, perhaps, be deadly. There's a small prick in each side, and then there's a wave of pain washing over his body. That in itself wouldn't be so bad, but then he felt that his brood was acting oddly. Differently… They started to try and wrap him up in silk, and he couldn't control them. The thing he relied on most had turned. "What… did you do…?" he asks, feeling silk around his free hand and his legs. And the toxin was slowly eating at his insides.

"Lets just say my eldest is quite the chemist. And she's not a shinobi either." Akane remained where she was, allowing the spiders to go wild at him, but when he showed signs of faling or dropping she would show great physical strengtha nd catch him. Lower him to the ground. Her hand slid inside her sleeve and tapped a bracer there, withdrawing a small dagger. If he was unable to fight any further, she would lean up and quietly say, "I give you an Okumo death." Before slipping that dagger between his ribs for a mercy kill.

Ankoku finds himself felled by the dagger, though he did attempt to struggle until the end. Akane would find it a bit difficult, hopefully, though her strength was greater than his with the poison and his brood having turned on him. He would simply continue to glare at Akane until the light faded from his eyes… And then suddenly something slams into Akane's side. It was, perhaps shockingly, Ippei. He had four arms, proving a bit how much mastery he had over his own clan's traits. His eyes did not blaze with the Sharingan, but they did blaze with hatred. "You…" he hisses out, obviously enraged.

Akane got a second's warning and she used it to close he eyes and deactivate her sharingan. No need to hasten the boy's death… Then she let herself be knocked to the side, rolling, struck by a heavier weight than her own, she ended up under the multiarmed boy. She looked deeply into his eyes and offered a gaze of sorrow and pity. "How badly do you want to die today, child?"

Ippei would bring use his two newly formed arms to grip Akane's wrists while his original right arm places a knife at her throat. Anger was driving him right now… He had watched his parents fall to this woman, and he probably wasn't any match for her excepting the fact that he had (technically) surprised her with his sudden appearance. "I have no intention of leaving this world when I still have to protect my sister… But you… You killed my father. Prepare to die…"

Akane watched the boy and that rage in his eyes as he did his best to pin her to the ground. She could practicly taste his rage and pain…. But as he bared his fangs at her she watched him stoicly. "Your father died honorably. His spirit will guard you, child,but do not go to meet him so soon." Shewas tense under Ippei, but as soon as his knife moved she snapped powerfully into a kind of curled position. Her head pressed backwards and her legs went up, nailing Ippei in the groin even as he sliced the skin on the side of her throat.Deeply enough that she had moments to spare. She twisted, wrapped one leg around his waist and jack-knifed, throwing him tot he side. She followed this with a half roll to end up on top of him in turn. One hand went to her throat, burning the injury closed with just the touch of her hand. The other had pulled a syringe marked with a green tag. She aimed that syringe for the kid's chest. This however was not a heavy poison or heremones. This was pure and simple, something that would knock the kid out fr a long time….

Ippei didn't expect Akane's strength or speed. He should have, but the emotions driving him had also driven out his thoughts and analytical skills temporarily. He had to curl up on the initial strike, an instinct that would result in him getting easily knocked over so Akane was looming over him. And then the syringe was plunged into his chest, and he was knocked out… Ankoku was dead. Ippei was unconscious, his chakra releasing the chitin limbs until the shattered apart, and Ikuro was useless and sort of jelly-limbed because of Akane's pressure point technique. The final Kurogane family member? Sayaka was in the house hiding under her bed like Ippei had told her to do. ._.

Akane sighed as the boy went under, gancing over at Ikuro. She frowned then sighed and stood up. Carefully she tied Ippei, hand and foot.. and anchored him to a lib in a tree, well up and out of sight, the ropes soaked in spider poison to keep the brood frm trying to eat through it. Though she should have plenty of time considering that tranquilizer wore off high metabolisms only after at least 8 hours.
Next she moved to Ikuro's side, beig careful as she rolled Ikuro onto her stomach. Folding her forears together and binding hand to elbow, she then wrapped the rope about her torso to keep the arms bound, then tied her feet together (if allowed to get that far. Akane sighed at Ikuro then and helped her sit up. "You heard. You know what I'm doing here. Ken has tried to kill my family for the last time. But your children do not have to die. I have no intention of harming either of them."

Ikuro's limbs still aren't cooperating with her. Right now they get to experience pins and needles very badly, though, so she could act. It just slaughtered to move. The woman just shakes her head a bit at Akane. "So you have to kill me to do it?" The woman glares at Akane. Unlike the Doihara, she didn't have any hidden weapons on her. She probably should have… She let her guard down, though, over the years.

Akane tilted her head at Ikuro, curious for a second. "So you would prefer to come and live in Kirigakure peacefully? Make no mistake. Both of your children are now in my custody. While I know you might agree to it now, you would betray us in the end. And I cannot have that. There is enough danger aimed at my children as it is." She reached up and… paused. "Anything you want them to have of yours?" Once the answer (or none) were given Akane would gag Ikuro. She then turned and returned to Hideaki's body. She took samples of the Okumo's skin, blood… and caught several of his brood, sealing those samples away she turned and picked up Ikuro, tossing her over her shoulder and carrying her to the house…. She would retrieve the boy child later……

Ikuro rolls her eyes at Akane, and the answer should be obvious with that motion. "Just let her into my room… She can pick something out…" Ikuro says with a small scowl. Then she was gagged, and the most she could do was glare at Akane as she looked over Ankoku's body. There was a minor struggle when Akane casually slung her over the shoulder, but otherwise she complied.

Akane sighed and used her medical chakra to find the room where Sayaka was hidng. She could pick the girl out. Walking in, Akane spoke first. "I know you're in here, little one. come out. See what I have." She then laid Ikuro on the bed on her back, arms still behind her, feet of the end of the bed. "Come on little one, come out. /Now./" That… well that was an order.

Sayaka's brood skitters around her room, the girl watching Akane with her own eyes as well. She flinches when Akane's voice turns sharp, moving even further underneath the bed… Some of her spiders seem to scramble into hiding as well, sensing their host's fear.

Akane sighed and leaned up to stick a finger in Ikuro's face. "You. Don't move." The she dropped to a knee and peered under the bed an eyebrow raised. "I said.. /Now./ girl." She reached out then ad tried to grab hold of Sayaka's arm, trying to drag the girl out. Assuming she succeeded, Akane would push he girl into a chair, atempting to tie her to it. "Don't struggle."

Sayaka's bed isn't too big because she's small, so Akane can easily grab her from out under it, though she yells out of surprise upon being handled so roughly. Sayaka landed in the chair, gripping it and looking nervous… And ultimately making it a lot easier for Akane to tie her up. Oh, huh… These binds weren't here before. A bit restraining… Her spiders would sort of start to move, but a silent command made them skitter back into their host or more into their hiding places.

Akane looked at the girl, watching her and frowning for a ong mment. Finally she had to turn away, looking at Ikuro agai. She seemed to take a long moment… Leaning down she peered at Sayaka and tapped the girl's cheek. "Hey. You keep alert. Pay attention. You don't understand now. I will explain things later. for now you watch. you watch this Konoha nin and what she does." Turning back to Ikuro, Akane cast a henge, turning her into a black haired distinctively Konoha style ANBU with a dog mask. It was starkly an Inuzuka pattern. Akane was careful. The body was slightly different too. Assuming Sayaka was watching her with those wide eyes, Akane lit her forearm with lightning, lifting Ikuro by the neck off the bed. She made a distinct hissing sound and then… impaled Ikuro's heart on her arm….

Sayaka's eyes flicker upwards to watch Akane, blinking … And then another blink when Akane turned into a Konoha shinobi, and she was extremely confused … She hadn't seen someone perform henge before, so she was very much fooled by it for the time being. Sayaka's eyes, purple in color, would follow Akane's arm when it sparked with lightning, and then they would widen when Akane killed her mother. It took her a few moments to realize that her throat was turning raw from the scream that had escaped her, but she couldn't seem to stop it. The girl's eyes didn't seem to have the sharingan, or at least it didn't manifest if she ever was to have the ability. Probably for the best… But who knows.

The Konoha ANBU disappeared then, letting Ikuro's body slump to the bed. Several moments later Akane, now in all her usual splendor (minus the hair) and wearing her white and red mask entered the room. It had been a short while and she had taken that time to re-bind Ippei and lay him in a trunk and put it into a wagon. The next time Sayaka would notice Akane was when Akane slit the ropes away from the child and wrapped her arms around her. "Easy… Easy… shhhh. Shhhh.. What happened?" It was the sweet kind voice Akane wasknown for in Kiri by the children. It was completely different in tone and tenor than she had been earlier.

Sayaka doesn't calm down when the 'ANBU' disappears. She just keeps screaming, the screams turning into sobs that were uncontrollable for the rest of the time that Akane had disappeared. When Akane reappeared, Sayaka didn't seem to register that it was the same person from earlier, just curling up a bit in the Doihara's arms and crying. The comfort was slowly working enough that she could say, "S-Someone… K-k-killed her…" in a shaky voice.

And Akane stroked her hair and nodded, picking Sayaka up and carrying her out of that room, setting her on her lap as akane sat on a chair in the kitchen. Akane stroked her cheek and wrapped an arm around the girl, working with something on the table.. powder in a glass then water. Akane lifted itto Sayaka's lips. "Hey hey,you're going to hurt your throat, little one… Sip on this ok?" It as a very light sedative with no real taste, just enough to cal the grl, maybe make her drowsy, but nothing like she'd used on Ippei. "We have to get you out of here… I'l explain everything laer alright honey? Isthere anything you want to take? something of you rmum's? We have to hurry…" Assuming Sayaka would go after something in her mother's room, Akane went and covered Ikuro's body with a sheet. Taking what looked to be a favorite toy and a blanket and pillow before heading back to check on Sayaka.

Sayaka sniffles, hiccuping for a moment and she would sip on the water, the sedative calming her even further. It doesn't make her drowsy, though, probably thanks to the Okumo blood/engineering on her DNA. When Akane asks if she wants to take anything, she blinks and would nod slowly, slipping off Akane's lap to go and find something. She made her way to her parents' room, looking around. Her spiders would skitter around as well, seeking out something of interest. In the end, she had more than a few things, a majority of it wrapped in spider silk for easier carrying. She glanced back at Akane when the woman appeared, holding the silk 'bag' tightly as if it would disappear when she dropped it.

Akane blinked several times at the child's silk bag. Then she chuckled softly and dropped down so Sayaka could reach her to set it on top of her pile. "Okay, now go get us a loaf of bread and some cheese and a snack if you want it right now but we'll pick up food on the way too, ok?" She nodded and when Sayaka was digging for bread and cheese, Akane brought ou the stack of stuff, arranging things in the back o the wagon, burying the trunk with the sedated boy uder the frier's seat and so forth. Then back in to fetch the girl. "Alright. anything else?"

Sayaka nods and would make her way to the kitchen to collect the items Akane told her to, grabbing some bread and the cheese. She also took some crackers that she liked to munch on between meals, and she had them in her arms for when Akane returned. She shook her head quietly at the question and just waited, almost a bit nervously, for Akane to tell her what would happen next.

Akane looked down at the girl and patted her little head before she made a motion to wait there. Then the woman moved through the house, picking up a few things here andthere, she spent some time in the gir's bedroom and then came out with a pillowcase of stuff. Nodding then, Akane shifted, they had to hurry. "Alright. lets goI'll get yuo to safety and then I can introduce myself.. though I'm not sureyou'll be very happy about it.. Come.. I promise. I will keep you safe, yes? Good." And Akane bent and picked up the girl liek she was nothing, touching her cheek to Sayakas softly. Se put the things in theback of the wagon and put Sayaka in the driver's bench, following up as well. Akane had put a banket down on the bench and put that around Sakaya's legs then pulled another blanket up to cove the top. Assuming Sayaka would not pull away, she alowed her to rest against Akane, even using her as a pillow if she wanted. "My name is Akane. What's yours?"

Sayaka watches Akane curiously, her spiders skittering and peering after Akane as well until Akane reappeared. Sayaka would nod slowly and she would prepare to follow when she was suddenly picked up. A small squeak of surprise before she was settled down in the drivers set, and then there was a nice blanket to keep her warm. It pretty much sealed her opinion that Akane was a good person and there was some evil twin or something that had dragged her out earlier. She didn't actually remember who it was that dragged her out, anyway… Sayaka would snuggle into the blanket, resting slightly on Akane and saying, "Sayaka…" in a sort of quiet voice. Her throat was still a bit raw, even if the water had helped.

Akane started the horse moving then wrapped a free arm around Sayaka. "Sayaka-chan. That's a lovely name." Akane drove the wagon and made good time considering the load. She let the girl rest, though. There would be plenty of time to talk the next day….. When Akane was sure they were out of Sayaka's brood range she made a single han seal… a small pop might have been heard like far off thunder. It was really small explosive tags covering Ikuro's body, destroying the evidence of the lightning….

Sayaka would end up dozing off after the rather exciting day. Most of Sayaka's brood is now inside her, the ones that aren't skittering around the cart and exploring the more obvious features. Sayaka didn't notice the explosion that came from the tags Akane had set, so long as they were two miles away or more.

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