Fujikujo Feud - Investigation


Akane (emitter), Shuuren (as Riku), Michiko, Naoya

Date: October 7, 2015


A group is summoned to Kirigakure to investigate Ishino's disappearance

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fujikujo Feud - Investigation"


Lingering close to the village gates at only a few dozen meters from them was a young man appearing in his late teens. Kneeling onto a wide length of cloth, that was likely a sheet used for meditation though the lack of provisions it would be easy to tell he had not been waiting for more than a few hours. Laid out beside himself as a tan dyed flack jacket though from its condition it was treated as an ornament rather than a rugged and well worn piece of clothing.
Naoya had been sitting in silence for little over three hours but he was far from resting. Dozens or possibly hundreds of small creatures were linked to his will during his focus, spreading out in each direction for several kilometers, not only studying what smaller life forms that were near the village, but several within the village, namely a set of children still too young for the academy. "Quiet.., they will appear. ..You saw the notices as well as I did. ..That is why we're meeting." Despite being alone, the young man would speak softly while his head was angled downwards though to whom would not be seen, but anyone within a half a meter likely could hear him.

Michiko ends up appearing around the time Riku did so, though in a bit more of a common manner, to no fault of her own. It's not like she has a giant snake to ride on or anything… She pauses as she looks around, wondering … It's been a while since she's been in the Land of Water. But then there is a figure. Two. Well, maybe she can ask… "Hmmm…?" she hears 'Doihara' and wonders… But then approaches the two. "I'm also rather curious on that situation," she comments lightly, forming a triangle with the others. She was just a bit guarded at the moment, it seemed…

The children had been watched very carefully by many people. Kit was silent as ever but she would not let Kitaru or Tsubaki out of her sight. She didn't know Ishino's parents as well as she would have liked but she went since they were the twins' next of kin.
A Jounin walked up to where the newcomers had gathered with Naoya and bowed formally. "Naoya-san." Turning to Riku and Michiko he bowed formally and added, "I assume you are here because of the .. Doihara Incident?" Upon geting nods and whatot, the Jounin introduced himself. "I am Ishino's father, please call me Doihara-san. The children are this way." And he turned and led them to a small park where they would find the twins and Kit sitting in the sandbox. The twins were currently playing in the sand building something vaguely like a castle but they were quiet and withdrawn. Kit watched them like a hawk and when the four adults came into the area Kit watched them too.
The twins were the ones caught up in the situation and little Tsubaki had cuts and bruises. Kitaru just looked tired. Upon spotting Michiko Kit stood up suddenly, running to Michiko and wrapping her arms around the older girl's waist whilst burying her face, shaking and trying not to cry in front of the twins. She did not recognise Riku due to his mask. Doihara-san spoke softly. "As you can see they are upset and Tsubaki-chan got a bit beat up in the atack. Unfortunately we have only begun getting an idea of wht happened from the guard Hiro-san. He was in surgery for 12 hours."

Shifting his attention to the side slightly, Naoya doesn't motion to stand to greet the newcomer. "There are always situations, though why outsiders are interested with an internal matter.. is concerning. I was ordered to wait for two envoys and listen to what they wished to say." Shifting his gaze towards Michiko as she arrives in turn, he would nod lightly to acknowledge her presence as well. "One.. and two. Can either of you answer why you have come over a matter of the affairs of Kirigakure?"
With the approach of the other man, and only then does he rise but also bows his head slowly towards the Jounin. "Sir.." is said with a nodded response, not seeming to argue and follows behind the man without a question. Upon arriving and seeing Kit's reaction, Naoya's gaze shifts towards Michiko, studying the woman's face carefully. "They have yet been to the academy, much less passed it. In time their worry will become more controlled, they are children not shinobi yet." Even as he spoke, his amber eyes do not leave from the pair of outsiders even as he spoke to the Jounin.

"I was asked to come," Riku responds simply to Naoya before looking to Michiko and then the older man that approaches. He is silent through the man's talk, simply nodding in response before following. He looks to Kit as she runs up to Michiko, canting his head slightly before he looks over to the man. A simple nod is given to the child, and he rather nonchalantly brings a hand over to scratch his wrist. "They are brave. They'll be okay," he says and then looks over to Ishino's father again. "So where is Akane or whoever is supposed to inform us of where we should begin with looking into this?"

Michiko nods lightly to the Jounin. "Yoroshiku, Doihara-san. I … suppose I am? I only got word to come here… Though I didn't realize another was called." She inclines her head to the Tenjin, then her gaze is on Naoya. Before it disappears. She merely follows the man, keeping nearer the back of the group if she can help it. When she sees the children, the girl watches for a bit. "I see… So what happened, exactly, Doihara-san? And how are we supposed to help exactly?" The girl's gaze shifts to Naoya, and she says, "I am here because I was requested." A hand rests on Kit's head when the girl comes over and clings. "It'll be fine, Kit-chan. Hai?"

Kit looked up as Riku began speaking. She watched the man closely for a few mintes before she let go of Michiko with one hand to hold up her arm silently. It only lasted a second but then she nodded to Riku slowly. She nodded to michiko too and finally let go to wipe at her face then looked up all serious. The twins watched Kit closely as they sat in the sandbox.
Doihara sighed softly. "That's just the thing, Michiko-san. Riku-san." He glanced at Naoya then continued. "You see Hiro-san, a man who has been Akane-san's guard since she was first pregnant, and a jounin to boot, was overpowered while briging the twins to the beach. Tsubaki-chan was the first back. She had been hurt but Kitaru was still out there. Ishino went to find them and we became aware of Hiro-san's inuries. Finally Kitaru-chan came runing back. Between the children all we knew was someone had hurt Hiro-san and tried to take Kitaru."
Doihara shook his grey head. "We were not aware of what had actully happened. When Hiro-san came out of his surgery he was able to tell us a man had attacked and tried to kill him then ran off with Kitaru. He sent Tsubaki for help and Ihsino went out. He never returned and his puppet Time Keeper was located i the woods bordering the beach a note attached with what appears to be one of Akane's daggers. We cnnot decipher the note or verify the weapon. Ishino is .. just gone. Akane was making a visit to Sunagakure and Iwagakure before she was to come back. We sent a fast runer for her but she has not returned yet."

Returning his attention and his gaze to the man, Naoya parts his legs slightly, firming his stance before slipping his hand behind himself, grasping onto his right wrist with his left hand. Letting his eyes lid slightly, the young man would listen intently, and silently until the man became silent. "Sir, are you the one who called upon the envoy of these other lands to arrive here over a private matter? I have yet to be assigned to a deployment team to investigate either of the Doihara-s could be located personally." Glancing off to the side, Naoya would glance first to Riku and then to Michiko as he mentions, "If you were not the one who requested outsiders to gather here, it would be telling who else might know of this matter. Also, where are these pieces that were left behind? I would like to view them."

With full attention on the story, Riku looks mostly to the elder Doihara, though he would glance around once in a while so as not to stare. The puppet and the dagger being left behind are definitely signs that Ishino had to at least pretend to be disarmed, so he's likely been taken… He glances to Naoya when he asks his questions before looking back to the older man as he says, "We need coordinates of where the children ran from and where the weapons were left. If we can get a reading of the culprits' scents and any evidence they might've left, we might be able to figure out who they are and where they might be going."

Michiko considers the issues handed over and frowns. "I see… When is Akane-san returning from… Iwagakure or Sunagakure?" Michiko asks, nodding lightly to Kit when she seems to at least brace herself properly. "I imagine she's one of the few that could read this note… And if not…" Well, there was likely other things. She hadn't the ability to scent things, sadly, but she could do other things, hopefully! "May I look at Tsubaki-chan and Kitaru-chan's injuries? I might be able to find something out from them, if the injuries were caused by the enemy.. There might even be traces left."

Doihara chuckled a little. "Well she might not speak but Kit-chan was the one tht sent the messages out. Michiko-san is a family friend that Kit-chan knows. I.. did not see the message sent to Tea."He looked at Riu a little oddly then back down to the child in question. Kit responded by holding onto Michiko's hand and then reaching out to grab Riku's as well, silently claiming both. "Kit-chan is kind of a paranoid child." Kit huffed.
To Naoya, Doihara nodded and withdrew the note and dagger in question. For those familiar with Akane, the dagger did look like one of hers. The note was written in a strange script with no discernable kanji.
To Riku Doihara nodded. "I will see they are provided to you. Unfortunately we think the enemy had a ship waiting as that is all that is in the direction indicated by TK." Unfortunately the only thing in that direction was ocean.. and the far off continent. Assuming they went in a straight line, they would end up on the Dark Continent, far fromany allies or eemies in hidden villages…
Michiko's words got Kit's attention again and the child looked up at her as she spoke. Doihara glanced at the girl wen Michiko asked to see the twins' injuries and nodded. Kit nodded too. She would lead Michiko over to look at the twins. Kitaru had rope burns and a few small cuts and bruises. Tsubaki had a few burns and cuts.
Doihara looked around at everyoe. "As naoya-san stated, this would be considered an internal affair but Kit-chan insisted on sending you word. My son and his wife tend to be a bit aranoid about who gets to watch the kids." And finally to Michiko he answered, "Akane-san should be arriving i a day or so."

At the news that Kit was the one who sent messages off, his gaze shifts suddenly to the small child. With little warning, the young man's figure would blur with speed only to suddenly stop a few centimeters from the girl, his hand already extended. Unless halted, Naoya would lay his hand to rest onto the top of the girl's head before beginning to concentrate, attempting to send a pulse of chakra through her body in order to test a theory. "To be attacked.. kidnapped.. rescued.. and then have time to alert two different lands.. and for them to arrive before the Mist had been fully informed, and teams sent out?"
The young man's tone were dry and cast with suspicion, even towards the child at this point it appeared. Without looking away from Kit, Naoya asks "Sir.. how many days have passed since Doihara Ishino was last seen? I will prepare for this information to be passed on directly to the Mizukage." If he manages to complete his test upon the girl, he would withdraw his hand while shifting his head to the side, looking towards the Jounin with a bowed head. "Those who live within these mists are taken care by them as well. We will collect him without fail."

When his hand is reached for, Riku blinks but does not resist his hand being grabbed. He blinks again when Naoya flickers up, almost seeming as if he's pondering punching the young man in the face for a moment for startling a child who's gone through such a trauma and then experimenting on her with jutsu…. maybe more than almost. He then looks back up to the Doihara, nodding again. "Any trail is better than none. I am familiar enough with places like the Dark Continent. They will not flee our grasp."

"Arigatou, Kit-chan," Michiko says, bending down to be on-level with the two Doihara kids. "Kitaru-kun, I'm going to see what's wrong with you, okay? And then I'll make it feel better," she tells him, making a handseal to gather chakra. So long as the boy doesn't pull away, Michiko would rest a hand on the boy to see how the injuries were. "Hmm…" Then she would soothe them both a bit with some cream and salve before doing the same with Tsubaki. "A day or so? I suppose I can stay that long…" And then Naoya's by Kit, and Michiko is about to try and kill Naoya if he startles her even one bit. She's a bit protective of the girl!

Kit looked at Naoya justin time for him to lay hands on her and though Naoya's chakra pulse did go through the girl and return that she was in fact a child and not especially powerful, she reacted as though she had been struck, skittering back and behind Riku and Michiko, dirt dusting her black skirts, golden eyes wide and her breathing shallow and paniced. What had she done to deserve that? What had he been trying to do? She showed well the reflexes of one who has lived in rough conditions. When she realized that Naoya hadn't meant any harm she stepped up again nervously.
Michiko would find that luckily the kids were mostly scared and the wounds were being cared for carefully but Kitaru and Tsubaki took to the kindness offered by Michiko and endorsed by Kit quite well. Kit peeked up at Naoya again with those large golden eyes, silent but clearly not nderstanding why she'd done something wrong. She looked at Riu with the same look.
Doihara sighed softly. "Honestly, I have a few theories myself."

With Kit skittering away from him, Naoya lifts his hand and looks down towards him, grumbling softly. "The scent is like last time.. the organs are in the proper place as well, not a hint of chakra origins within them." Furling his brow, the young man looks back down towards the girl, though he seemed to pay little mind to the hostile shiftings of Riku or Michiko. Humming to himself, he gently shakes his head and lowers his hand down to his side.
Shifting his attention back to Doihara and the note that was left. Moving a hand into his hip pouch, a small note book that was well born with time and stains that range from sap to even possibly drops of blood he soon takes his time making a duplicate of the note that had been left behind. "These aspects are odd.. If they are traveling my sea then the Water Spider will be contracted on this assignment along with the Blood Spider." Pressing his lips thin, he shifts his attention to glance towards the pair of foreigners fleetingly. "The Giant and Kaiju-hime will both also be needed to keep this orderly.. You didn't answer something important sir.. how many days have pasted?"

"Tell us what you think," Riku says with a nod to the old man. He looks around at the others, satisfied that Kit realizes she's in no danger. When she looks at him, he looks down to her and then back up to the others as he waits for a response.

Michiko shakes her head lightly to Naoya, then rests a hand on Kit. "Kit-chan, you're fine. Hai? Nothing to worry about." The girl pats Kit's head softly, then she says to the other two children, "I think you two will be fine. I'll stick around for a bit longer to make sure everything heals fine." Then she looks over to Naoya, and then the man. She just stays silent.

Doihara nodded. "I do not think the children were the ultimate target. It was clear that they were targeted but Ishino was taken instead when they could have easily taken the two kids. Akane was gpne on an official mission so… Ishino must have been the target all along. Also, Kitaru seems to have been used as bait to get Ishino to surrender and the calculations involved.. it just seems to be a very organised person behind this." He hesitated a little glancing at Kit and the twins. "But perhaps Akane is also a target. She was due back yesterday but had sent word she might be a little late due to storms."
That was when a Kirigakurean genin ran up to Doihara, looking scared and upset. "S..Sir… The.. We found.. a body. It.. It's Akane-sama!" Kit jerked and looked up with wide eyes, shaking her head. Behind the genin is a small group carying a stretcher with a covered body.. brilliant crimson hair spilling out from under the blanket.
And Kit froze, breaking her silence with a shriek full of pain. Unless restrained the girl would rush the stretcher, intent on ripping off the blanket.

Shifting his attention towards the stretcher, Naoya would quickly notice Kit beginning to dash towards the corpse and make his move. Rather than stopping in front of her, the young man would slow down behind the young girl and grasp onto her shoulder, in the process his glove rapidly broke down and braids itself. Unless stopped the white fibers would act almost as if a chest harness attached to his left hand to keep Kit at bay. "Someone.. collect this small one. If this is Akane-san, the corpse is likely poisoned, if not a possible bomb to spite those who managed to cut her down." Looking down towards the young girl he slowly said, "That's unlikely though. It is more likely a false corpse set out to slaughter her loved ones.. Understand? I will check the body."

"That makes perfect sense," Riku says with a nod to the older Doihara. Of course, there's a chance Akane was the ultimate target, and the rest were only collateral damage in the plan, or it could be both of them. Too many factors here to determine without further research rather than just listening to speculation… He glances to Michiko and motions to the children, hoping she'll handle getting the children out of the way. Just to be safe, he extends his hands, allowing vines to spread forth from them that form a cocoon around himself, Naoya, and the corpse. "I trust you can move quickly enough through the opening I'll leave you before I close it if this DOES turn out to be a bomb or other trap." Of course, his own chakra senses let him perform a diagnostic without having to touch the corpse, but he'll let Naoya come up with his own evaluation while he keeps the shield ready and in the mean time covers the possibly mangled corpse from the sight of the children.

Considering Kit is standing rather close to Michiko and Riku, the girl would be caught up in Michiko's grip (most likely…) instead of Naoya's. Michiko would just wrap her arms around Kit to prevent the girl from rushing towards the body. "Kit-chan, shhh… It's okay. Do you really think Akane-san would die when she's coming to protect you?" Michiko would keep a tight hold on the girl, dealing with Kit mostly. But she also carries the young girl over to her brother and sister (if possible). "Kitaru-kun. Tsubaki-chan. Would you two like to come with me for a moment?" She'd get them out of the immediate area… just in case. And then come back to help Naoya and Riku with whatever was going on. Something in her gut told her that Akane wasn't dead… Or maybe it was her heart? Who knows! She just didn't want to believe that Akane was dead. It was hard to believe that could happen.

Kit squeaked as Naoya's silk wrapped about her and Michiko stepped in to grab her. But his words made her blink and glance back at the body as Michiko lifted her off the ground. Did she understand? She nodded and held to Michiko, nable to look away from the body for the moment.
Riku's request for Michiko to help shield the kids made Kit turn and squirm out of Michiko's grip beore she was with the twins again. She was going to make CERTAIN that they did not see any of this. She icked up Tsbaki and motioned for Michiko to grab Kitaru and headed around te corner up ahead which would block the kids' view of the corpse. It might have been cute to any who knew about the bloodlines in play, but Kit truely thought that just stopping them from seeing the corpse was enough to stop red eyes from comming out.
The body looked like Akane. Smelled like Akane. It had all the right scars in all the right places, though that would have to be verified by a mednin with her records. There was a large hole in the chest cavity and hints of poison in the blood stream. Multiple cuts and gashes and burns. But the jaw was too square and there was a mark on her cheek that Akane did not have. Aside from that, though… Anyone not /very/ familiar with Akane's skin would easily be fooled.
Doihara huffed and folded his arms, staying back a little to be sure everyone else was out of harm's way. "Whoever is behind this knows an awful lot about Akne and Ishino…"
He did not have much longer for comment as when probed with anything more complex than a diagnostic, the corpse suddenly blew apart, a blast heavy enough to send a small shockwave in all directions. Doihara flicked a bit of muscle off his flak jacket. "Well called Naoya-kun."

The presence of vines surrounding him, caging him with the corpse pauses the young Okumo to become rather tense again but also causes his clothing to ripple and shift unnaturally even as he stood stock still. "I will endure.. There might be something lost if it there is a blast that goes unseen." Unable to mimic Riku's pattern, Naoya proceeds to approach the corpse that was largely still covered and strokes the back of two white fiber covered fingers along its spin as he focused.
Furling his brow, he gently shakes his head from side to side. "It's off.. The growth isn't-" With widened eyes he withdraws his probing hand and tucks in his chin, as he soon cocoons himself for protection, mitigating the blast, though in the process covering himself with blood, bile and worse. "..Truth be told, I suspect her actual corpse to be very similar to that." Lifting his hands, the young man whips the downwards, slashing the ground with what was caught on his figure before starting to claw off the webbing that was dyed red. "It wasn't her though.."
Turning his head off to one side, a mostly covered head would turn towards Riku and simply look at the man for several moments. "Just what is known within your country of these two? I can understand other villages.. but I need to know how loose is information about those two are, or do you know them very personally like the other?" Looking away from the others, even from Doihara, Naoya looks towards the direction of the coastline. "What is there to gain.. that is what's curious to me."

"Yes… It's subtle enough for the layman, but not masterful enough to fool the apt," Riku replies with a nod to Naoya. When the corpse explodes as expected, he simply makes a simple step outside the plant shielding to allow it to absorb it before stepping back inside. "I would imagine her true deathtrap is something like that, yeah…" At the question, he looks over to Naoya directly and replies, "I know them personally, yes, as does the Tea Daimyo. That is why I was sent… Those who captured them might think there is much to learn from them, but they would sooner perish than share any secrets with their captors."

Michiko releases Kit once it seems the girl isn't going to rush towards the body. A good thing, too, that they were at least able to grab both children. Michiko picked up Kitaru (well, she had him get on her back) and piggy-backed the boy off with Kit when she heard the muffled explosion from behind the vines. She frowns, but is intent on keeping the kids safe. If she knew the other two, they likely would be fine, if irritated. She sets Kitaru down when Kit indicates that she ought to (or when she thinks they're a decent distance away). "Kitaru-kun. Tsubaki-chan. Kit-chan. I want you three to stay close to the one I'm about to introduce you to." Then Michiko goes through a few handseals, drawing some blood by creating a small spike on her armor so that she can summon the black fox, Kimura, and the white fox, Shiki. "These two can protect you three. Okay? Stay close to them," Michiko orders. The girl then turns so she can go and check on that explosion.

The death trap was easily deadly but Doihara looked like smething didn't make sense. Still, he kept quiet a moment as Naoya asked Riku about his interest in Ishino and Akane's disappearances. The man's reply made Doihra raise an eyebrow. So the Tea Daimyo sent him? Interesting…. He shifted and looked back at the corpse before stepping forward. Wrapping the remains in the sheet again, the Jouni sealed the body into a scroll for later dissection and investigation (which of course naoya was invited to).
Kit heard the boo and flinche but when Michiko set Kitaru down and summoned the fox Kit nodded. She was quite an adult for a 7 year old. The twns on the other hand were completely and utterly and instantly obsessed with Shiki, plopping thier toddler butts down to play with the fox cub. Kit stood over them like a protective sister would.
When Michiko returned to the scene, in time to see Doihara sealing the body into a scroll, something glinted at her feet, hidden in the dust, apparently lodged there from the blast.
It would not be long before word spread about the exploding body. Doihara then turned to Michiko and Riku and folded his arms. "Well then we have to dea with the children. I do not know how the Tea Daimyo learned of this incident so fast and I assume you won't be telling me either." His ees shifted to Michiko. "And while the twins are safe enough at my house, Kit-chan does not know us well even now. I am under orders to keep them within Kirigakure, however." Orders directly from the Mizukage's office.

With a growing glare in his eyes, Naoya's voice was calm almost droning though one thing began to shift, his eyes shift from their normal bright amber appearance to that of a dark golden tone. "Moving of assets of kirigakure during a time of one disappearance, one missing person and one attempted murder of closest kin.. Moving of the children, or external activities of them would be invitations of targeting." Moving his hand to his chest, Naoya pulls at the fibers of his chest and casts them to the ground.
"If you wish extended lodging within the village, such could be arranged without expense." Shifting his gaze between Michiko and Riku, he would dip his head lightly in silently acknowledgement before further explaining, "This offer is open to both parties, not a single one. Meals beyond what is needed shall be upon your own expenses." Stepping away from where he had taken the blast, Naoya began to walk slowly around the house, studying it for the moment. In his wake, dozen after dozen of bark toned spiders swarm where the fibers and blood were discarded, rapidly acting to quarter and bind the scattered remains before dispersing.

"Correct," Riku says simply to Doihara before looking over to Naoya. "Appreciated, but unnecessary. I have my own provisions, and I will spend my time doing research." He glances at the summoned fox before looking back to Naoya as he says, "My own summons can get us to the Dark Continent in a hurry, long as you don't mind taking a ride in a snake's mouth. Be forewarned, it's not named that for any pleasant purposes. There are strange things there, things that are not shinobi. Prepare well for the journey."

Michiko blinks a bit when she feels her foot bump against something. Something solid. She almost dismisses it as a mere pebble when the girl notices it shines… She leans down and dusts off this shiny thing, raising a brow at the object before picking it up carefully. Then Doihara-san speaks. "Of course, Doihara-san. I do not mind remaining within the village so that I can guard Kit-chan and the other two." She wasn't a regular visitor…
"I don't mind going to the Dark continent, Riku-san. Let me know when we leave." She pauses for a moment, then adds, a bit louder so Naoya can hear as he walks away, "Arigatou. Let me know what to do to get this housing. In the meantime, should we perhaps discuss this?" Michiko holds up the object she dug from the sand, revealing a hitai-ate of Konohagakure. It was pretty real-looking, though she didn't inspect it closely. There was a scratch across the Leaf's symbol, too, which implies it's Akane's. Though Michiko wouldn't really know that, nor would she know whose it was. She couldn't scent like an Inuzuka.

Doihara nodded toward Riku. "If nothing else I can remain here when the trip to the Dark Continent occurs. Someone needs to be with these children at all times from here out." He was quite insistant about that. The children would not be leavig Kirigakure and they would be guarded until thier parents retured or were verified dead. He did not explain the orders.
However he looked darkly, frowningly, at the hitai-ate, recognising the look of it. "Well, it's the same color as the one she wore when she first arrived here…." He looked around for thier insights.
The hitai-ate was infact genuine, it bore a distinct maker's mark on the inner side of the metal piece. This one in particular held the mark from the shop Soren was affiliated with.
Pets, companions, summons, broods, all would be able to detect a distinct scent on the fabric and a hint of must suggestng it had been stored away carefully for some time. The scent was Akane's. The question, however, was….
"How in the 9 interrogations could an enemy have gotten that?!" It was impossible to tell if Doihara was astonished, examined or upset. Or.. well.. perhaps just sugar hyper. But it bothered him. "They keep things like tht under lock and key. The house is a death trap when they are gone too."
And what's more…
The Hitai-ate was the symbol of a past Akane had chose to leave behind. A symbol of treachery and lies, secrets and more. But what did that distant past have to do with what was going on now?

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