Fujikujo Feud - Taking of Doihara Ishino


Ishino, Akane

Date: October 5, 2015


An unexpected enemy comes for the Doharas. Part 1.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fujikujo Feud - Taking of Doihara Ishino"

Beach outside of Kirigakure

The days had been warmer and the kids of course wanted to play in the ocean and collect various rocks along the beaches. Akane had gone to Sunagakure to see what she could do to help the Kazekage get out of a wheelchair and Ishino had some various dities around the village and house. So Hiro, the man who had lost an eye protecting the pregnant Akane, offered to take them. But only the twins wanted to go. Kit had never taken to Hiro so she stayed home with Ishino.
The day seemed to be going well. There was no major disturbances, nothing loud or noisy in town. It was conducive to getting a lot of work done. But then came small gasps andcries from the street and little Tsubaki rushed into Ishino's work area.. cut, bruised, and spattered with blood.
True to Akane's blood nature she seemed less terrified and more intent on telling Ishino something was wrong. Though that information cam out ia childish 3 year old way. She managed togive him the information that a 'bad man' had 'hurt Hi-hi' and 'Kita' was gone.

Ishino missed having Akane around, but that was part of the life of a shinobi. While there had been a gremlin near the children at the beach, Ishino was focused on his work so didn't actually see what had happen. With the sounds outside, he paused his work as Tsubaki came rushing in. Frowning, Ishino would nod and immediately get to work to tending his child. "Alright. I will go find out what's going on. No worries. All the cuts covered? We don't want you getting sick." He'd smile softly, patting her head before looking up at the door. The old man was already there, the gremlins all but hopping mad. Ishino would motion with his hand and they'd scatter outward as Ishino headed that way. The gremlin at the beach was used to scout what might be going on there with their friend. Whoever decided to attack his children? Well.. they were going to pay. "Stay here Tsubaki. You will be safe here and I'll return soon with Kitaru."

Tsubaki nodded as Ishino went to find Kitaru. Meanwhile Kit stepped in and helped take care of Tsubaki, cleaning the blood from her little sister. Ishino would notice the guard Hiro was down on the beach, but still struggling to try and follow the attacker. By the time the former swordsman reached the beach, Hiro had been forced to cease struggling for a while.
"Forgive me. I was not fast enough." He then directed Ishino toward wherethe strange man had taken Kitaru.
As Ishino went on he would find the man's trail easily enough, it seemed as though he was not trying to hide his movements. The soft sound of a scared Kitaru could be heard as Ishino got closer and closer….

Ishino shook his head. Having a guard come with him from the gate, he'd smile lightly to Hiro. "Relax. Sometimes the inevitable happens." Nodding to the guard at the gate to help Hiro back, Ishino would head on. The gremlins went into hiding around them as the old man would fall into step with Ishino. Kitaru was ahead. They had his son. They were going to pay for this. Ishino was already gathering his chakra, for any that could feel it the ex-swordman was powering up to full. They wanted a fight with the puppeteer? They were certainly about to get it. "Kitaru, I'm coming son. Don't worry. They will pay."

Ishino would step into a clearing in the wods to find Kitaru bound and set halfway up a tree. A fot hung beside him, leadng up to a man with crimson eyes. No, not just that. He had sharingan. "Ah, there you are, Doihara. I was wondering how log it would take you. What? no lovely wife today? A pity. I'll get her too though. Really, I was hoping to have a bit more time with the little one." He brought down a blade, forcing Kitaru's chin up a bit. "Do you think he carries his mother's tainted blood?" Yes this man not only had sharingan but he knew of Akane's eyes and the strange green hers had taken on.
Ktaru squeaed a little. But before Ishino could make a move three more of the man stepped out from behind the trees.
Shadow Clones.
One spoke up with a smirk. "So, I was curious, I don't need to worry abotu which of you I take. I'm more interested in your wife than some squabble kid anyway. So what will you do, Doihara? Let me take your son?"

Ishino doesn't say anything when the man talks, the old man stilling behind where Ishino stood as he'd watch impassively. What was hidden was the hand seals that the puppet was doing in Ishino's place. A casual smile touching his lips then with a small shake of his head. "Hmm.. No. No I don't think you'll be going anywhere. Not with my son, nor my wife. You will, however, learn what I have in my workshop as I pull you apart piece by piece to feed to the gremlins over the next agonizing year of your life." The hand seals would complete and that burst of chakra, along with the ticking of the clock would reach out to envelop all of the man. Clone or otherwise. Kitaru would get a gentler version of the Time's Thread. Enough to help him be at peace, without the necessary draining but enough to keep him still so he didn't get hurt in the following fight. If the man is caught.. which he might not be due to being aware of them, Ishino would move. "Just because I'm retired does not make me powerless."

The man chuckled as he felt Ishino's genjutsu fall about him and as Ishino moved it would seem as though he had succeeded in catching the man. Kitaru was of course mesmerized. But as Ishino tried to move, he would find a man behind him, a blade flashing out to catch Ishino's arm with a deep wound. He laughed. "Nice try but next time it will be your son who's punished."
Reality coalesced and Ishino found they had both been using a genjutsu. Neither had really moved from thier positions and Ishino wasn't really cut. It had been an illusion. The man in the tree smirked and put the blade closer to Kitaru's throat.
"I'm not interested in you really. Your wife, however.. she's tainted. She needs to be dealt with. Now, if you're done struggling… I only came to gather bait after all."

Ishino held still. Eyes narrowed as he'd watch the man. Like her. The sharingan gave them that edge that would make it hard to stop him and of course anything physical would get Kit killed. Silently, Ishino would raise his hands into the air over his head, interlacing his fingers. "Alright. You got me. You want bait? Take me then. Don't include the kids in this, since you have nothing against them." Ishino would stare at the man unblinkingly. "Let him go and I will be your bait."

The man smiled darkly as Ishino slowly raised his hands. A clone moved toward him, unafraid, with shackles. He bound a chai around Ishino's waist. If he did nt struggle, the clone would shackle Ishino's hands to his waist, keeping them apart and thus preventing handseals. Finally, a collar went around Ishino's throat with a chain attached. Then he was stripped of any scrolls and weapons he had visible.
The whole time the one i the tree continued to threaten the boy. Onl when Ishino was compromised would he set the boy free. Slicing the ropes, the man landed on the ground and carefully set the boy down, untying him. "Run home squabble. I have what I came for." Kitaru of course, ran to Ishino, wrapping his arms around one of the man's legs tightly. The clone behind Ishino reached up to grab a handfull of his hair roughly. "Tell the squabble to leave."

Ishino's head jerked back. Right up until the blade from the old man's arm would lash out, stabbing deep into the chest from the side and behind of the clone, forcing it to POOF. Ishino's head slowly came back forward as he'd shift forward enough to gently hug Kitaru. "Do that again and you die. Quickly, rather than slowly." Ishino's look at the man was harsh, before he'd smile down gently at Kitaru. "Kitaru. I love you son. Please return home and assure your sisters that everything will be fine. Make sure Hiro-san is well. I will return soon." Ishino would rub Kitaru's head gently, before moving his chained hands to motion for Kitaru to go. "Do not worry. This will not end well for this man."

Kitaru blinked in dismay as he watched Ishino's head get yanked back. And then the clne was destroyed by TK… Much to the man's amusement. He laughed as though Ishino had told a jolly joke. But he did not interfere as he spoke to Kitaru.
The boy sniffled and tugged t the chains before nodding slowly and disengaging. He understood even at tht age tht he had to leave.. and he ran. One of the three remaining men stepped forward while another eyed TK. "Disengage it, puppetteer. Or I'll break every one of your fingers to do it manually. You will be leaving those behind."
TAhe third man stepped up to face Ishino and looked more serious than the clones. "Your squabble was never really in danger. I don't want to push Akane to a frenzy, after all." He smiled slowly. Ishino had been the target all along. "She's quite an interesting abomintion. Come."

Ishino stared at the man for a moment. Finally, the old man would carefully sit down as if for a cup of tea, then go limp, the illusion of humanoid about it vanishing as the strings would let go, leaving TK sitting there, a discarded puppet. Ishino raised a brow as he'd stare at the guy. "You do know that this is temporary and I will be killing you slowly. Just so we're clear. I'll probably even let Akane help. I'm sure she'll take great pleasure in it." Ishino would smile then, stepping back a step to sweep that formal bow, just like he did with everyone. "Doihara Ishino. Pleased to meet a walking corpse. Might I ask the name I shall put on the bag that will be holding your heart?" If/when the guy started them moving, TK would shift one last time, falling in the direction they left to point the way. The gremlins were kept out of sight completely, markers left in a trail for them to be followed. Rather the man hid their tracks or not, the puppets would make sure they were clear, while keeping well away from the men.

The man smirked at Ishino's coldness. "Nice to meet you Ishino-kun. I'm Fujikujo Ken." He let that sink in as he took a dagger that looked very much like Akane's daggers, and stabbed TK's chest with it, pinning a note to his wooden chest. He didn't care that Ishino was leaving markers. He wanted to be followed to a point.
Returning, he slid his sword back into his sheath and motioned, the clones taking up step behind Ishino. "I wishyou would see that I respect you. The chains are sign enough of that. If I did not, I would not have chained you." They moved through the forest heading for the coast, a lea where a ship waited for them.

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