Fujikujo Feud - Your New Home


Ishino, Akane (emitter)

Date: October 7, 2015


More developments in Ishino's kidnapper

"Fujikujo Feud - Your New Home"

Island in the eastern seas

Ken was aware of the gremlins following and assumed Ishino would have some way to let them follow evve when he was uncnscious. When Ishino woke next he woul find himself in a kind of cellar, reinforced with metal. He hung by his wrists out to either side and his feet just barely touched the floor. By the tension in his shoulders he had been there for a few hours. He was also stripped to the waist.
Silence abounded and a single candle on the floor seemed to be te only lighting. If he looked up he would find Ken sitting there smoking quietly, watchinghim. The man's shirt had blod on it, blood not from Ishino.

It'd take a few moments when Ishino came from unconcious to awareness. While his Final Kai had muted the mental damage that Ken could of done, it hadn't stopped him from being taken under completely. If Ken had that sharingan going, he'd see those threads start out as soon as Ishino's eyes open, blinking awake to stare at the man. The blood was ignored. Something so common in Kirigakure would be normal to Ishino, even if not so much here. "Killed her then? A waste of resources. But you do seem the type to do such." Ishino would flex his hands slightly, the threads moving faster, through cracks in the walls and going out of sight. Could he reach the puppets? Depends on the distance from wherever he was and the boat. "So, where does that leave us now, hmm? you seemed to have attempted to take most of my things from me to render me as helpless as possible."

Ken smirked at Ishino. "Killed her? Not quite. I need to make it look like she put up a fight." He glanced at the strings. "Oh we're playing that game again?" He tapped his cigarette then squashed it as he stood languidly. Stretching he walked over to Ishino "I'm well aware of your little pets. Would you quit already?"
After a moment he moved on, walking around Ishino and studyng him, his skin his scars…. A cool hand reached out and trailed over his back. "So, now that we just need to wait for that niece of mine wht /shall/ we do o entertain ourselves….."

"I would recommend a game of Go. It is quite stimulating for the mind. You might as well have some entertainment as a walking corpse before you die." Ishino wouldn't react to the touch, simply continue as he was. The gremlins were gathered up and would make their way back to the compound Ishino was in, marks designed for Akane to read without being obvious to others were left by the gremlins as they went. Ishino would smile to Ken with a small shake of his head. "You didn't grow up in Kirigakure. You don't hold a candle to the basic classes I have taken and endured on torture. I am a bit of a specialist in it. So while I wouldn't mind comparing notes with you, any attempt you do at forcing the issue? It will just hasten your death."

Ken chuckled darkly. "Who said I was going to torture you? I'm well aware of the things Kirigakure does to make thier warriors. And I'm aware that that tack creates certain.. weaknesses in the warrior afterwards. IF I had the time I could find yours. I do hope it would be something more interesting than 'family'." That last word was snarled, as if the iea of family agered the man. Or perhaps it was misdirected anger that Ishino had a family to worry about. It was hard to tell if this guy was an organized psychopath or a bored sociopath. Either way he was clearly not all there.
Ken stopped pacing behind Ishino again and lifted his hands, resting them on Ishino's back. Fingers flexed, bringing nails to bear on the skin just enough to sting, running from shoulder to waist. It was just enough to cause a flush of warmth to flood Ishino's back in response.

Ishino sighed softly. "Well if you absolutely must know, it's loyalty. Having someone break a bond with me is actually rather crushing. It is quite a pity when it happens." Ishino would pause at the scratch, the flood of warmth going through him. Interesting. There wouldn't be an otherwise shown response, the pause taken was enough to have one of those threads shift to his clothing, pulling out the watch and bringing it floating over to Ishino. If the thread wasn't able to be seen, it'd just look like it was hovering there. With the thread seen, it's just one of the ten available to him. It'd click open and he'd study the time, nod, then return the watch to his clothes. "You don't have the time. I can see that easily enough. But it would be an interesting process to go through, certainly."

Ken snickered and patted Ishino's back lightly as though they were great friends and a mighty joke had just been shared. Then he moved and reached up, a fnger lightly trailing Ishino's jugular, hot, accented by the flame Uchiha control. "Loyalty.. how quaint. I thank you. I shall break her of that habit when I finally get her."
The watch got a bored glance and then Ken looked like he'd just remembered something. "Oh, yes… Today they should be finding the body. I doubt that first one will distract them for very long. She was a rush job. I wonder, dear Ishino-kun… If either of your children have seen the body of thier 'mother' and given away the family secret yet." A diabolical grin crossed his face. Not only was Akane the main target, but Ken was trying to activate sharingan in Tsubaki and/or Kitaru. And if they were seen to have it…. He waited for that dawning to cross Ishino's mind.

Ishino raised a brow, then chuckled. "She has loyalty to me because I proved that mine is impeccable. She is loyal as needed to anyone else. A mirror, if you would. I really doubt you could break that.. You aren't strong enough." Ishino ignored the finger at his throat, musing contemplatively. "While that's an interesting concept and certainly something you could attempt with the girl you had mimiced into Akane, I doubt it would be a true trigger. You see.. I've taught them a lot. Observation, calculation, logic. While Kit-san is the one that I haven't completely attuned to it yet, as she is a bit more fragile.. all three of them know the simple truth." Ishino would smile then. "I'm alive as is Akane.. and you're a walking corpse that will lay down soon."

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