Gaining Customers


Goh, Shuuren, Amani, Jun/Nao

Date: June 25, 2012


Goh selling his products to the people of Kumogakure.

"Gaining Customers"


Sitting in the little stall that he's setup, Goh continues to do his best to try and sell his stuff. Even with the help of Odo just recently, the blonde had failed to really become the hit that he had hoped for. He had sold a few things to be sure, but nothing really worth bragging about. It's now becoming mid-afternoon. The lunch rush is over, thinning out the people as they go about their day. Yet Goh still remains, sitting cross legged on his rug—laying on the ground. Some ceramic pots sit in front of him, sealed. Some samples? Who knows. On anyrate, he just sort of sits there, smoking from a long pipe that he holds between his index and middle finger. Just staring into space, thinking. Blowing out a flume of smoke every now and then.

Having decided that today would be a good day to check up on his investment, Shuuren walks through the Village Center Area toward the stall he lent to Goh. As he approaches and notices the man hasn't really got that much traffic, he tilts his head and starts examining the stall. "Hmm," he says as he walks up to the stall. "Slow day for vegetables, huh?" he asks as he looks to Goh. "I think you may need some signs on the stall and some fliers around. If no one knows you're here, word may not get around. Don't always depend solely on word of mouth, my friend… I trust this day finds you well otherwise?" One can tell his mind goes to business first.

With his principle investor approaching, the blonde wanderer sits up a little more straight, collecting himself as he sucks away on the magic leaf in his pipe. "Afternoon, Shu." He's already got a nickname! "Well, business was sort of okay during the middle of the day, but traffic is hard to come by at this point of the afternoon." He leans back a little bit. "But it's alright. I'm taking in the lifestyle of you Kumogakure ninja. How you wander around and such. I got a bit of a boon when someone… a swordsman of some sort visited and had one of my vegies. Everyone was impressed." He grins. "But you could be right though. Signs not a bad idea. How're you doing? Enjoying the weather?"

"Ah, I see. That's good to hear. Not a bad start for only being here a day or two," Shuuren says with a nod. He seems pleased enough with that report, as well as the fact Goh is going to take his advice and get some advertising out there. "I'm good. Weather's not bad, so it's good for business. Being up on a mountain, certain types of weather can make business golden, and others, you may as well close for the day and go home. The snow tends to be one of the former, unless it's a total blizzard, in which case it's the latter."

Nodding at that sentiment, Goh clears his throat a bit. "That's true. It's sort of a weird environment, actually. You can't count on it to be anything other than unpredictable." Putting his pipe down, the blonde looks around. "Hey, you seem to be the knowledgeable sort. Have you heard of a ninja called Rise? She's a girl that's from this Village. I ran into her last time I was here, but haven't seen her upon returning. Do you happen to know if she's still around? Or if you've even heard of her?"

Out and about is Amani who has an hour break from the hospital. She's using it to get some lunch before she has to get back. What she wants, she doesn't entirely know, but she has at least 15 minutes to figure that out. While wandering around, she surveys the village center, hoping to find something that will catch her interest. Nothing has done that so far, so with her time drawing short, she thinks she'll just pick a random place and…what's this…stand over here? It doesn't have signs. Seems…oddly suspicious?
"Exactly," Shuuren says with a nod. "But, if you can do business here, you can do it anywhere." At the next question, he brings a hand up to his chin and ponders a few moments. "Rise… Rise… The name is vaguely familiar. Then again, I am a Jounin and a Medical Ninja. That some love interest of yours? I could have her found," he says with a shrug. So far, Amani hasn't gotten close enough for him to seem to take notice, though he does cast a backwards glance toward where she is… Of course, being a Sensor Nin along with a Medic Nin kind of helps… However, he seems to take no notice and looks right back to go.

Leaning over to the side, the blue eyed Wanderer cannot help but notice the girl wandering closer to the stall. "Welcome, friend!" He calls out, gesturing for her to come closer. "My name is Goh, seller of the worlds best Pickled Vegetables. I have come to the Village partly to spread my customer base." The ceramic pots still sit in front of him, each inscribed with a kanji stroke that indicates what's inside. Carrot, tomato, lettuce, potato. There's quite a variety.
"The pickling juices I use spicen up your life, charge the soul and life-force. Some even proclaim that they get a heighetend sense of things. Keen to give them a whirl?"
His eyebrows raise at Shuuren. "Love interest? She's like, twelve man. Ease up!" He smirks. "Just a friend really that I wanted to catch up with." Seems he has no problem continuing the conversation with Amani in proximity. "From what I saw, Rise seemed to be a bit of a loose cannon. Which is cool. Just wanted to have a chat."

Amani headtilts. She doesn't say anything for now, but instead pulls out her money and slaps it on top of the counter. "I want food," she states to Goh. "I only have a limited time to work with and I want something really good. Just gimme all of 'em. I don't know what they are or what kind of harm they can do to my body, but I'm running low on time." She states while casting a sharp glance to Shuuren. She doesn't say much instead of scrutinizing him and saying, "Where have you been in the hospital all this time? Or have you been out here?" She asks of him.

Shuuren happily remains silent as Goh does a bit of advertising. Perhaps his words will reach some of the other bystanders as well and draw their interest in his goods. Always good for business! When Amani finally approaches, he turns his head to her and smiles slightly, replying, "I had some business in the Land of Wind and a few other places, but I've been around as I can. It seems some people don't know how to drive a caravan effectively to stay away from bandits and wolves, so I had to do some clean-up, family business and all. I also got this." With that, he withdraws a scroll and opens it, creating a puff of smoke around him. Once it fades, a rather expensive-looking cane has appeared in his hand, its body a pearly white, the tip of the handle a golden lion's head. "I'll let you know if I hear anything," he replies a bit off-handedly to Goh as he shows off his newest acquisition.

Goh's eyes widen when the money is put down, staring at the amount of coin there. These medics certainly got paid a large sum of money! "Well, good is certainly the right type of stuff that I have! Welcome to heaven, little lady." He smirks, before leaning forward to collect the jars in front of him. And then, taking the vegies out of the jars, he begins to put them all together and wrap them up. Of course, in doing so, the FOUL smell has wafted out from the jars and into the air. Of course, it's only disgusting if you don't enjoy pickled vegetables stewing in their own juices for weeks on end. If you like that sort of stuff, it's quite nice.
Of course, a very small amount of the population thinks like this, but still!
"Ooooh, that's a nice cane Shu. I dig stuff with animal heads on it. Makes it look bad-ass, yknow? Is it a fighting cane? Or do you just have a limp every now and then?"

"Bah, Land of Wind," she remarked to Shuuren with a huff. She didn't care much for the trip he took or mission that happened, but something shiny caught her attention in his hand. She looked back to observe the staff he had. "What is that?" She asked, needing to fulfill her curiosity. Back to Goh, she folded her arms and waited to be served up with the pickled vegetables he had. The smell? Most certainly foul, burns the nostrils with every inhale, but being in the hospital, she's experienced much worse. So, she can endure well enough. "I'd like to know about that staff too. So, spill it."

Catching the scent of what comes out of the jars, Shuuren tilts his head slightly. That certainly is an… interesting scent. Being a Medical Ninja, he's smelled much worse. Playing the part of a coroner isn't fun either! Still, many things taste better than they smell. "It's a cane I had the old man who runs the Item Shop in Sunagakure make me. I ordered it ahead of time through a carrier pigeon, so I was a little surprised when he got it exactly right. It made the trip worth it." A brief glance is cast Goh's way again as he speaks, a light chuckle escaping Shuuren's lips. "Thanks, and, yes, it's for fighting." Bringing his other hand on it, he twists it to unlock a mechanism on it then pulls the lower part of the cane off, revealing that this item is actually a masterfully built sword-cane! Looking back to Amani, he shrugs his shoulders and says, "Not a whole lot to tell. The carries wrecked my carriage, but the metal crates I have my goods shipped in are very heavy, so all I had to do was hire a team from Sunagakure to accompany me to kill some bandits and wolves and fix the wagon so the delivery could be made. I halved the carriers pay for that, of course."

"Well, aren't you a fierey type." Goh says with an amused file, clearing addressing Amani. "I wonder if all the girls in this Village are like that. You don't happen to know anyone called Rise, do you?" His head tilts a bit. "If you do or run into her, let her know that Goh, the amazing pickler of everything vege, is looking for her." Handing over the wrapped up parcel of goods to Amani, he tips his head in thanks.
"I appreciate the business. Please come again tomorrow, I will have more in stock!"
His eyes go back to Shuuren, where he watches the medic draw a sword out from the cane. "Ha! Well, there you go. Nicely hidden there. That's another thing I've noticed with you Kumogakure ninja. You love your swords. I mean, more than the regular pointy object."
Then he looks back to the girl. "So what's your name, girl? You're a mednin too?"

"Rise?" A questioning, curious voice pops up from not that far off. A second, similar voice quickly decides, "Oh. She's not here." Jun, the second to speak, peers at Goh curiously since he was the one that mentioned the name of the girl they're also trying to meet up with. Nao, however, was quickly distracted from the initial interest by something entirely different: the sword.
She steps right up to him, examining the blade from mere inches away without really even seeming aware that proximity may bother him. Her fingers stroke her chin thoughtfully, almost as if an expert. However, she says nothing even while Jun smiles brightly at Goh and waves at him before glancing toward Amani with an equally warm, but silent, greeting.

"Oh. Well, it's alright…" Amani regarded the cane with a lack of enthusiasm now. She couldn't find any use for it herself, so it didn't strike her as very interesting. It's only when the blade comes out that she lofts a brow at it, but shifts her lips at the sword. She isn't very fond of those after she got cut by one before. By a Swordsman, no less, but she isn't sure what happened to her since then. "Anyhow, yeah I know who Rise is. I can tell her you're looking for her. Goh, you said your name was?" She took veggies into her hand and unwrapped them to partake of them and see waht they were all about.

She didn't find them all that bad. She could hang with these. She's eaten many different kinds of things over the course of time being a hunter. "Hi," she greeted Jun.

"It does seem to be a village trademark," Shuuren says as he looks over the new weapon. Actually using it will likely be a last-resort thing, as the Jounin doesn't really care to fight. He's mainly at his rank for his Medical Ninja and business skills, though it's said pissing him off enough to make him fight has been proven to be a really bad idea for whoever the aggressor happens to be. As a new pair of spectators walk up, he tilts his head slightly to look up at them. One of them actually walks up and looks at his blade from a few inches away, drawing a blink from him. "Umm… Hi." He glances over to Amani once more as she speaks before sliding the blade back into the cane casing and twisting it to re-lock the mechanism.

With two more arriving, Goh tilts his head a bit. It seems there was a bit of a gathering brewing! "She's not?" He enquires, looking at one girl in particular who stares at the sword which Shuuren wields. A little oddly, really. "That's a shame. I was hoping to catch her. Oh well. What will be will be I guess." He shrugs honestly. "Thanks Amani, I appreciate it." Watching as she chews on the vegies with nary a reaction, Goh smiles widely. Perhaps she could be one of the few that can handle his wonderful treats! She will feel a boost in energy, that's for sure. It's chockablock full of vitamins and good stuff. Just not many people can keep it down long enough to feel it.
"Welcome more people to my stall. Unfortunately you got here a little too late. Amani here cleaned me out!" Standing up, he stretches his legs out a little bit. "If you come by tomorrow though, you'll be able to get as much as you want."

Nao frowns as the sword is put away and tilts her face up to glare at the wielder. "Heeeey," she whines, "I was looking at that." As if that wasn't obvious. Jun simply blinks at Goh and then looks around again. "Am I missing something? Are you hiding her?" The girl goes so far as to reach out and attempt to lift the back of Goh's shirt to peek beneath.
Regardless of success or failure, however, she simply tilts her head at his talk of being cleaned out. "I doubt we could afford it, anyway," she answers simply. Then her attention turns to Amani and she smiles brightly again. "So that's two names. Nao-chan, Nao-chan, ask the sword-man his name!" The other girl blinks and tilts her head up at Shuuren. "I'm Nao. What's your name?" At the very least, she has manners… even if she has yet to move away from him, either. Then her sister, waiting for the answer to that, looks back to Amani and Goh to explain, "I'm Jun, by the way."

Amani continued to chow down on these vegetables. These are definitely something to use on the field. She wonders if they could have some medical application. Anyone that was down would definitely wake up with one of these. The smell alone could be used like salts, but tasting one could produce good results, she thinks. Keeping it all down could be a means of training for the girl. She can't go on upchucking all over the patients and tools. Sterile environment, after all. Maybe there's benefits coming from a hunter-gatherer clan. Food poisoning all the time!
"How much time do I have left…" She wonders and looks around for a time source. A localized clock tells her she's got about thirty minutes left. "Alright, I've got some time to spend around here. Who else wants some of these? I can share, but I'll be needing them if I'm going to work all day at the hospital. I have inventory to take and monitoring to do on the hour, every hour for three patients." She holds the veggies out for anyone to try.
"He sells pickled vegetables. They're…I don't know how to explain them, so you'd just have to try them yourself and see what you think!" She's still offering some of the veggies to Nao and Jun.

At the bit of whining from Nao, Shuuren snickers a bit. "Sorry," he says before twisting the cane again. To the question, he responds, "Nagamura Shuuren." With that, he opens the cane again and withdraws the sword again. "I'm a Medical Ninja as well and a traveling businessman." He allows the girl to look at it for a few moments. If he actually knew who she was and that she wouldn't grab his new weapon and run away with it, he might let her hold it. Not a good idea to let girls you don't know hold your cane! "If you're late, tell them you were asking me about some prescriptions for a patient," he says off-handedly to Amani.

"Hiding her?" He peeks around to look at the little one looking under his shirt, where he chuckles. "No, I'm not hiding her. I'm looking for her too, is what I said. Nice to meet you, Jun. And you too, Nao." He gives Jun a ruffle on the head, the palm of his hand extending down gently. When Amani offers some of her own stash that she just purchased, his brow quirks. "You sure are showing quite a bit of willpower there, Amani. Most that get hooked on my Pickled Vegies have difficult times trying to give them up!"
"But she's right," He turns to face the smaller girls again. "I sell amazing pickled vegetables. So strong that it will fire you up for any task that you need to get done! Whether it be bringing down your enemies, or… I dunno. Emptying the trash."

Jun blinks in surprise at the offer from the other girl and smiles. "As long as you're sure." When Goh ruffles her head through the hood of her coat, she doesn't really react in any particular way. Just… stands there and takes it with a faint giggle before she shifts forward and reaches out to take one of the carrots from Amani and stares at it for a moment before taking a small bite off the end. Her face scrunches up and she looks at it again. "Ack… Goodness gracious this has… too much flavor. Pickled, huh…?"
While her sister ponders that, Nao perks back up some when presented with viewing the sword again. She claps her hands a bit in her excitement and leans up on her toes before reaching out with her palm down to just touch it. She doesn't seem interested in taking it, but just barely tries to brush her fingertips against the flat of it. If not allowed even that, her only real reaction would be to pout at him before, in either case, she turns toward Jun. "Jun-chan. Shuuren is his name. What's that?"
"Pickled carrot. It's certainly packed with flavor," she answers and holds it out to her sister. Upon Nao taking a bite, the other twin snickers seeing the similar reaction: wrinkled face and staring at the vegetable in bewilderment. "What'd you do to it?" she wonders, sounding honestly somewhere between interested and disgusted. "He pickled it," her sister answers brightly, to which she gets a 'no, really?' look from Nao.

"I'm from a clan that eats everything under the sun. Give me a bear and I'll eat a bear. Wear it's coat too. The goats around here? I'll eat and skin them too. Make a nice horn out of their horns. Maybe even some good clubs or decorative pieces. There's a lot to use out of them and much of that comes from having an iron stomach," she explains. "I'll make a note of that, by the way…" She replies to Shuuren as an added note.
She'd then look back to the twins, still waiting for one of them to take her up on her offer. When she does, a most devious grin crosses her face. "Pickled, yes. These are perfect for a warrior." She pulls the veggies back and continues eating them. "Good to eat with other foods so they don't burn through your stomach…" She cackles in a teasing fashion.

"It's called 'Goh's super amazing pickling ability'." The blonde replies, as if it was self evident. "I stew it, juce it, and then do my ultimate secret techniques to it. Over the days and weeks, it eventually becomes the product that you just put in your mouth. Something truly out of this world." He gestures to Shuuren and Amani. "Medics love it because of the properties it has. Charges the soul, fills you with energy. It's a good ingredient to get their injured ninja up and about. Front liners like it because it gives them the spike in energy they need, while being all natural. It easily has a million uses. Maybe even TWO million." There's a smug smiles on his face, just as he is folding arms across his chest.
"I am glad you all enjoy them. But, I must retreat back to my living areas to re-stock on this amazing commodity." Holding up his hands to the sky, he echoes one word. "Poof!" And just like this, he explodes in a puff of smoke! Gone from view, having likely returned to his current living quarters.

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