Gaining Knowledge from the Dead


Naoya, Taree

Date: November 3, 2014


Okumo Taree and Okumo Naoya both gain a lesson of not only the body, but also a almost direct lesson of how the bodies are tended to after their life leaves them, removing all traces of how the shinobi lived or died with honor.

"Gaining Knowledge from the Dead"

Land of Water, Kirigakure

Naoya's training was slowly leading to a pretty obvious conclusion. Taree realized this early on as she watched him work on skill concepts. Right after seeing him putting so much effort into gathering and learnign natural poison Taree would make a decision. Spending some time to make and use a few connection to arrange a bit of proper medical ninja training for Naoya and herself. It took several weeks to fully prepare the lessons that would be required.
Taree would start keeping track of Naoya's where abouts. This of course would be noticed by Naoya. And would fully well lead to some sort of confrontation. Yet the learning opportunity would present itself before things would come to a head. Taree and a dark clothed man would approach Naoya out of the mists one day. The man seeming totaly undescript totaly covered in black cloth. Even his face masked, completely covering everything even his eyes. Taree speaking up first. "This is the master of the bone garden. Yesterday during the graduation exams several of the students died. Would you like give them one final honor in death. And learn what you can from the dead?"

Before Naoya could see either of the two approaching, he could feel another brood drawing close. Raising a hand to the side of his head, he presses mildly onto the side of his head, grumbling at a mild headache from trying to still force a connection. When the pair came out more into the open, several of the boy's brood begins to wrap a layer of silk around his skin until Taree spoke up.
"If we have the bodies.. I'm assuming it was in the arena again?" Even though he spoke to Taree, his eyes were kept onto the masked man. "An honor in death? We're to make them presentable to their clansmen before they are laid to rest in the garden?" This time as he asks he glances towards Taree, not sure which one was going to answer him.

The feeling of aprehension would continue, the brood would sense each other fine. Yet the dark individual before each of the broods to them would simple just not be there. They could see him, but no other senses will admit to his presense being there. He just stood there, not making any form of sound, not even looking like he was breathing. "There are always at least one person that does not pass their graduation exam. All the dead eventually get turned into mulch and bone for the garden. There will be nothing to be made presentable." The dark figure head turning like it was looking at Naoya and then at Taree, before returning to remain still. "While the bodies are fresh. and yet to be turned to mulch they can be given the honor of teaching someone about how a body works. The chakra networks. Muscles and bones."

A furled brow rests on his brow as he glances back at the man, hearing him speak for a moment, but then bows his head lightly. "I understand.. partly." Turning his head to the side, he glances towards Taree and asks, "You did me this kind of favor without me asking you outright?" He didn't linger on the question for long, returning his focus onto the garbed man. "I would like to honor these students, maybe I can learn something to keep their classmates on this side and not passing like them."

Before Taree could respond further the dark figure would take a single step. That little movement would all it would take before a wave of darkness to creap in the edges of the shinoboi's vision. A feeling of a overwhelming chill would spread across the skin of the two okumo. Quickly bringing them chilled to the ground in a mere moment. The cold would follow by a sudden silence and it would all be gone as fast as it came. The surroundings completely changing. The air suddenly having a steady chill in the air. Cold stone walls surrounding everywhere. A tunnel leading off into darkness. The dark figure standing against the wall slowly raising his hands pointing down the tunnel.

Almost immediately as the darkness sets in, the boy's left arm spasms from flinching pain, causing him to curl it inwards briefly but, nothing seemed to change. Muttering to himself, Naoya turns towards the man and then to Taree, only to lowly say 'I hate Genjutsu..' Though never the less, the boy looks away and begins to slowly walk along the cold stone floor, leading into the tunnel. Compared to a few moments before, every muscle of the boy's body seemed tense to one degree or another, though it wasn't clear if he was planning to flee or planning to strike the next thing that drew close.

Taree's brood would react under her skin, softly glowing brighter and brighter as the darkness closed around her vision. Shaking the chill off she would slowly stand, her brood quieting down quickly, as she headed down the tunnel. The dark figure behind them moving behind them with out a sound. The darkness slowly fading as a lights can soon be seen ahead. The trio suddenly finding themselves deep in a under ground room. The passage behind them no longer seeming to be there.
The room was very clean and sparten. Arranged across the wall was a series of tables. Each table had paper pulled acrossed it, sporting many seals scrawled along the outside edge. On each was a body of a recently deceased students. Each body almost looking alive, just sleeping held in a odd state of perfect silence.On the other end of a room a door would open allowing a group of med ninjas to come in. One obvoisly a doctor followed by three students. Dressesed in white. None of the new arrivals would ackknowledge the trio's presense.

Upon reaching the room, Naoya would begin walking deeper into the room, closing in towards one of the tables but then suddenly takes a step back once he notices a door suddenly opening. Focusing onto the medical ninja, the boy would twirl two fingers around, gently before coming still. A single thread flows down his finger along with a small spider, smaller than a finger tip climbs down and makes its way towards one of the tables, doing its best to stay silent and out of sight.
"Is this real or.. is this a memory?" Was asked but the boy didn't turn away. Focusing his amber eyes, he looked at not just the seeming instructors but also the students, trying to see if he noticed any of the faces long past.

The doctor and the students would go about setting up trays of instruments infront of the bodies. Silently going about their work with a sense of respect for the newly dead. Taree would watch in interest for a moment watching what the doctor and the students did before she would turn to Naoya and answer his question. Shrugging, "I do not think so. Look at that body over their he was in the arena yesterday dying. But I really don't think this is completely real." Emphasizing her point as she waves her hand infront of one of the students and he does not react at all. The dark figure sudden standing besides the doctor in the background. Next to the first student that would have been looked at.

Stepping closer, Naoya raises a hand and rests it against one of the tables, allowing other members of his brood, the smallest ones it seems travel from his arm and onto his table. Each of spiders would take a position, some attempting to crawl onto the med ninja and watch their hands. The boy's eyes on the other hand began to become dull in tone as he watches them form many different angles at the same time. "A recent memory or.. possibly this is happening right now, just we're not there? Either way.. it doesn't quite matter." It wouldn't be long before te boy's eyes are faint with color, while his brood on the other hand seems entranced by what is going on.

The Doctor would start with the first body, ordering the student to explain why the person died. The med student explaining the would be genin died of a poisonous sting to the chest. The poison ate away at the arteries that fed the lungs. The poor body drowning on his own blood. A fierce debate insueing amongst all the med students on what would have been the best treatment to save the life. The doctor finely taking out a scapel slicing open the chest of the body. Showing the blood vessels, the muscles controling the lungs, and pointing out a few points of interest.
The room seeming to blur for a moment as each med student would state his case. A chilling silence filling the air, almost letting the Okumo see there breath. The dark science being lifted as the med student spoke. His inner thoughts and voice suddenly being heard. For a brief moment the students mental image of the lungs and all the parts innvolved being seen. His Imagination showing where the stinger landed in the chest. Showing the poison spreading eatting away at the veins. It being a rather week poison if he was stabbed a little further away the person would have lived. a lucky blow so to speak. The attention would change from student to student. Each thoughts comeing forward in a blur of imagery, adding more to the mix. The final student finally thinking of the correct method of a slight cut to the chest tampering the flow of blood. And putting a tube in the lung to drain out blood moving the person on their side. to make them live.

Slowly raising his hand back to his head, Naoya shakes his head tries to clear his head but soon realizes it isn't his thoughts nor of his brood. Looking around, he begins to circle around one of the tables with the student in question, leaning in to look at the true body before looking up and towards the students one at a time, looking at how their ideas compare to each of the current results. "So many different ideas looking at the same corpse.." Looking away from the students, he turns to watch the hands of the instructor, resting his elbows against the table to watch more closely, some color returning to his eyes. "Just what is done to make sure the toxins won't mess with the garden? Is there any worry about adverse effects?"

Taree's brain would almost itch as all the memories of others would finish seeping between her ears. So many different views of medicine and anatomy drifting back and forth. Shaking off the last of the effects she would look at Naoya, "I don't think that would really be a problem. Or the garden would have become tainted long ago." The doctor would continue to work on the body slowly disecting the corpse removing each of the organs. Explaining things about each organ while making comments on the body condition. The doctor would hold the heart in his hand explaining the fine muscles it is made of. How a little chakra can flex a muscle. Channeling a drop of chakra through his hands making the heart beat a few times. Going into the need to jump start a heart carefully. The thoughts of the students passing inturn between the group like a someone narating a story in the background.

"That's one thing I never understood, how all of the bodies, not once has it ever caused many prob.." Silence fell upon Naoya as he watches the instructor began to remove the heart even to go as far and make it begin to beat within his palm. "Hmm.." Turning his head back to the student on the table, he furls a brow, studying it slowly. Looking back up to the med nin, he seems some what entranced with the forced reaction. "If you apply the subtle amounts, could you cause a body to stay alive even when it would normally shut down, allowing someone else to work on it?"

Moving on to the other organs the doctor would use chakra and show the students exactly how each organ should operate when alive and functioning. The discussing turning to exactly how each life support like effect could be use to bring someone back from the edge of death. Once the body was completely gone through the doctor would tell the students to prepare the body for the next step. Bringing a cart over with a coffin like box on it. Carefully they would lower the body into the box before dumping a bucket of dirt over the body. The dirt seemed to move on its own as hundered of beatles would start to move across the body, as the sealed the coffin. Wheeling the cart down the hall another cart would replace it a few minutes later. Opening the coffin hundreds of dead beatles would be slowly scoped out into buckets. Only a clean skeleton remaining of whoever was in the coffin.

"Hmm.." Naoya seems to focus more now as each organ was forced to operate even though the student was still long dead. 'I wonder..' Shaking his head lightly, he looks across the room, watching as the students prepare the coffin close towards the table and the corpses lowered into them. When the beetles are noticed, but then turns to the other medic when they were locked within the box with the body rather than it being left open. "Just why would they.." Before he could ask fully, he notices something returning and found the answer soon. "What will they do with the beetles now? Burn them? They might still be useful.. I think at least." Furling his brow, he looks towards Taree, wondering what might of caught her focus.

Taree would be looking at the resulting skeleton they removed from the second coffin. The beatles stripped every little bit of flesh completely clean from the bones. "I have no idea what they would do next with the dead beetles. Probally recycle them even more. Amazing how efficient they are at cleaning off bones." The bones would be layed out on the table. The doctor ordering the students to name off every bone in the body. Then asking them to identify the bones sex and aproximate age, then explaining their reasoning. Hmming softly Taree would point out a spot in the back where the bones were broken. "Whoever this was they were died from a broken back. paralyzed then finally killed"

"They can tell all that from just all of the bones?" Naoya was more than a little mystified, soon making his way around to look at the students before looking to Taree, studying her for a moment. Turning to the instructor to check to make sure that Taree was correct. Moving closer to the girl, he leans down, trying to look at what she was pointing towards as well. "How do you know what to look at with so many different ones?"

Pointing to a spot on the spine Taree would explain. "It is like when you catch a rabbit in a snare. After cooking and eatting it you can see where the bones in the spines where snapped. With them all layed out like this you can see where this skeleton was hit. right below the neck. Like someone hammered in the back of the neck. I presuming it paralyzed him." The students would bring the bones over to a metal box near the other side of the wall. Taking a moment to say some last words before they closed the lid and flipped a switch. Grinding noises being heard for several long moments before small ground up bone would be seen comming out of the bottom. Very closely resembling what the garden pathways were decorated with.

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