Todas las Personas - Gansao, Maneshi, and Puppeteer


Canis (emitter), Hiei, Michiko, Ryouji, Hanami, Zankuro, Sachiko, Jon

Date: August 28, 2015


Another attack from the mysterious enemies has come forth and yet another team is sent out. This time, though, the Enemy is prepared. Are the shinobi?

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Todas las Personas - Gansao, Maneshi, and Puppeteer"

Land of Lightning

It had been near a month since the last attacks had come against the shinobi of Kumogakure and things had been relatively quiet. The captured Watanabe had only been able to give limited information to those that dealt with him, leading to no real progress for the shinobi in general. All they could do was wait, hope, and pray that perhaps they had dealt with the last of the forces. But of course to really pray for that would be foolish after what had been seen so far…
A month, a whole month before word came again. Much like before it was the same - a village on the outskirts of the Land of Lightning was (likely?) under attack. What was different and caused confusion this time is because of where the message came from. A dead body had been deposited not far from the Kumogakure gates, only a little ways down the mountain, sans a head. Carved into the skin had been the name of the village suspected to be under attack. Or perhaps it was a diversion of some sort? Regardless, word had come quickly through the administration and straight up to the Raikage and his assistant within a half hour of the body being found and taken back to Kumo…
Since the arrival of the body had been thus far unprecedented, word had been sent out to the team assigned on the rotation as well as any others ready to travel almost immediately, leaving it only up to the top two what to do with the bloody information.

It had only taken Hiei about ten minutes after recieving the report about the dead body to take action. After calling Michiko into his office, he had ordered her to put together a team. Sure, it might be a trap, but on the off chance that it wasn't, they needed to check it out. Since both he and Sachiko were currently on the rotation, he sent a Senshi to both send word to Sachiko and inform his parents that Shun and Akira would be staying with them until the both of them got back to the village. Which of course, made his mother Aima very happy. Hiei has everyone meet at the front gate before gearing up himself and calling for Snake Eyes to be saddled and waiting for him.

Once people start arriving, they would notice that Hiei was not alone. Standing next to him is a rather large goat, even bigger than Sasuke. Seer looks up at Hiei and comments, "I'm glad you called me, Hiei. This would be the first time you and I worked together officially. I'm eager to meet the members of your team." The goat is well-spoken and very polite. Seer stands next to Hiei as he watches to see who all shows up. Hiei nods in return. "They're a great group, you'll like them…though some of them are rather eccentric."

Michiko had gotten word through Hiei, and she nodded lightly before calling upon several people she believed would be useful on the mission. Hanami, as a sensor (well, one in-training), Ryouji as a power-house, Jon for his skill of interrogation (maybe he can get some information out of these guys while they were fighting!), Zankuro (because he just was around and not busy), and a certain Tenjin Riku… Who had insisted on coming. Those who had no horse would be brought a standard Kumo-steed. Michiko had Roadblock and she climbed onto her horse's back while she waited for those she called upon to gather at the gate. "I think I picked a good team. Rise-san is still recovering from a recent incident," she says, gathering chakra and focusing it… And also doing something else that not many might notice.

Ryouji bounces along, "Oh yeah, yeah! Oh yeah yeah, common!" He's in a jovial mood as he moves to his own beat bouncing, skipping, and jumping. He's not about to spit lines, someone might thrown food at him again. Then again, he could go for a tomato. Nah, already had food before he left. He appears at the front gate pulling Echo behind him. The horse gives a small whinny upon seeing Hiei and the group as Ryouji lifts a hand in greeting. "Yo…" he says, "…mission time! Ready to go sensei! Can't wait to beat some skulls in on this one. Oh yeah!" He seems eager.

Hanami was idling more or less, a little down time lately. After the Seven Tails capture she had spent some time recovering and just lately had hopefully cleared the faint traces of poison from her system as she was instructed to at the hospital. Otherwise she spent her time relaxing or training and meeting some of the visiting Iwa-nin. All that was over now though, as the orders came and she was ready to fly. A headless body taunting the Kumo-nin? What were these guys up to? The last time had been successful in the end, though not the greatest of moments for her. She worried over that as she gathered her things, making sure she had her weapons and gear and bolted for the front gate. Once there she waves to the others and blinks at the large goat, "Wow…uh hello there?" She notes horses were provided which is good as she hadn't trained her wolf Honi yet. Hadn't gotten to training him in too much really, thankfully he just seemed to follow her naturally…

Another mission. Sachiko sighed, rushing around to gather some things to send with the boys and also prepare herself. Instructing the boys to behave, she headed out toward the gate. She doesn't have her blindfold on, pretty sure this is not a simple mission so she wouldn't bother with her usual social habits. Approaching the gate, she raises a brow at the goat and looks at Hiei quizzically. Mounting one of the extra horses, she looks around at the gathering group and takes a deep breath. She follows in Michiko's steps and focuses some chakra.

Ohhhhh joy. e.e Somebody's making moves specifically to draw out the Kumo forces. That's the trouble with being a reactionary force like peacekeepers, people know you're there and what your purposes are, so they can predict your moves — even force you to take them. Jon arrives for the trek and salutes those present. "Saito Jon, reporting for duty." Scruvo's with him this time, and his eye is immediately drawn to Ryouji's youthful energy. "Looks like we got us a bonzah group 'eah. Say lad, you got y'self a filly yet? A bright-eyed chap like y'self could 'ave 'em goin' gaga for ya wi' a few good lines." ;)

Zankuro wanted to sigh. He really, truly since recieving the request. It isn't the first time this compulsion has threatened to win the battle of wills, nor even the third since the request came for his assistance with a relatively recent Kumogakure problem. Normally, he would be happy to help, and for the most part willing to go beyond the calls of duty just to do so.
But the whole point of his traveling for miles, upon miles, upon /miles/ was to learn some of that fancy lightning taijutsu. Sure, he could've gone to any number of folk back at home. It might've even been the wisest course of action. But seeing as the only folks from back home that he /knew/ used that sort of thing was supposedly hospitalized in Kumo anyways, well… what other choice did he have. Some official may have also made some mention of needing to check up on Hige and possibly escorting him back too, but Zankuro didn't typically pay that much attention to things that didn't involve official missions or women. Especially both. He hated when it was both.
A low, drawn out whistel preceeds the increasingly less rotund shinobi's joining of the group. "Things must be pretty bad to be sending this many… Oh hey! Hello Hot-pa—thfft!!" Zankuro literally had to bite his tounge just to stop himself. Standing (or wait, sitting?) barely more than a few feet away was the same man that nearly crushed his head like a melon the last time they met. And only for simply speaking the truth proudly! Well, that and a few other things, but that's beside the point! The Sarutobi stands there staring up at the Raikage sweating bullets for a good half a minute before some helper (or perhaps the horse himself) reminds him to mount up. Which he does in a hurry. After that, there is no force on the planet that will make him willing look in either of the two's direction if it can at all be helped.
Nothing. o_o

Hiei looks out over the group before he swings up into Snake Eyes' saddle. He places his swords in the sheathes on the horse and leans forwards, nodding as people arrive. "About two hours ago a dead body was found at the base of the mountain. Carved in the flesh was name of a village that is suspected to currently be under attack. After discussing the matter with Michiko, I have decided that the risk is too high to ignore the plea for help. If that is indeed what it is. I won't force anyone to go on this one. But if you volunteer to go with me, know that we are probably stepping into a trap laid for us by the group that has been targeting the shinobi in the Land of Lightning. I've asked Detective Jon to accompany us, his powers of investigation and deduction will be invaluable." He pauses. "Unfortunately, we don't have any more intel than that. We know nothing of the people attacking, or how many. But many of you know me. If there is even the remote possibility that someone is being hurt, I'm going to go do my best to help." He smiles for a moment. "Alright, let's mount up and ride out..oh..and.." He looks over at Seer. "Go ahead and introduce yourself."

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Seer nods at Hiei and then looks at the group. He inclines his head by dipping it towards the ground. "Ohayo, all. My name is Seer. I am a Battle Class goat from Goat Village. Hiei and Yori helped my people out and I have agreed to be Hiei's partner. It is a pleasure and an honor to meet you all." He's a well spoken goat, afterall. However, he looks at Ryouji and then Scurvo and looks over at Hiei. "When you said eccentric, you weren't kidding were you?"

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"Yorishiku, Seer-san. I'm Iwata Michiko," the girl tells the goat with a nod of her head. The girl glances over to the team and picks out those she plans to help out while on the mission. Well… Help out more often and be close as possible. Then she flashes through a few hand seals and a small white fox appears, the fox climbing up and onto her shoulders as the pair start to gather natural energy.


Ryouji nods to Hanami as she arrives. He climbs up onto Echo's saddle, patting her neck after settling in. He even takes enough time to focus some chakra with a hand sign. He's not happy that this fight started by a death and a possible village wiped out. If they are too late saving it, he'll be quick sure to avenge it. He looks over at Seer and frowns slightly. "I'm not eccentric yo, I'm me. And that's all I can be. Good to see you, Seer-san, hope we have a good mission." He looks over at Michiko and says, "I've been wanting to see you use your fox in battle. This should be interesting." He looks over at Hiei, "You really need to ask that? So we leaving, or what, Hiei-sensei?"

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Hanami ohs as the goat, Seer, speaks. How interesting! She gives Seer a nod, "Nice to meet you, I hope you enjoy working with our Raikage." With that she swings into the saddle of the horse she was given, frowning, "I was there the last time, that whole village…"she shakes her head, "Whoever these guys are and whatever their end game is, I want to help stop them. Anyways, just because they probably intend to trap us doesn't mean they'll succeed. We're Kumo-nin after all." She looks a bit embarrassed but gives Ryouji a return wave, then waves to Sachiko and Michiko. Jon and Zankuro she greets with a nod as she eyes Michiko and her fox, "Definitely will be something…" She then focuses her chakra, getting herself ready for the likely inevitable battle to come.

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"Greetings, Seer-san. I'm Yotsuki Sachiko, your partner's wife. I'm glad he could aid you." The redhead offers a warm smile. The explanation makes her somewhat amused. There's a curiousity about what he needed help with, but now's not the time for that. She focuses her attention on the mission at hand, assuring herself Hiei doesn't even really need to question that she's coming along. This was the whole reason she asked to become a kunoichi for Kumo. To help the land that accepted her when she didn't feel quite welcome anywhere else. Turning her attention to Zankuro, she smirks. At least it'll be fun /and/ gratifying. "Hey there."

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Jon nods to Hiei. "I'll do my best, Raikage-sama." Scruvo turns his head and blinks when Seer speaks up. "Corks, a talkin' goat? That's blinkin' absurd!" Jon rolls his eyes. "Yeah, just so you all know, anything that comes out of Scruvo's beak…feel free to ignore it if it doesn't have anything to do with the mission." -.-;

COMBAT: Jon focuses 9053 stamina to turn it into 11759 usable chakra!

Yep. Still not looking, but he kept a keen ear open for direction. The request sent wasn't exactly all that specific on details. 'And now I know why' His sour expression just seem to radiate as he looked elsewhere from the group. He turns back as everyone began properly introducing themselves to a talking… goat? Zankuro shook himself, and promised his brain many an eye candies if it didn't shut down on him just yet.
Once that is out of the way, he's at least able to greet Seer with a twitchy smile. Then, Sachiko just had to go and really notice him. Zankuro takes one look at her, and tries to muster up the words for a proper greeting, only to curtly look away instead and break out into another bout of nervous sweating. Eventually he reaches that point in which the only thing to calm him down (and not get killed, maimed, or robbed for) is to focus his chakra. Yes. Peaceful meditation atop a creature that properly did not care for the smell of sweaty man meat atop its back.

COMBAT: Zankuro focuses 4169 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

And so the shinobi set off to the village of Luchesa, known to have a population of nearly five hundred men women and children. The ride down the mountain is a decent enough one thanks to the Spring weather and from there the trip along the road is brisk. Merchants and other travelers move aside as the shinobi gallop down the road to avoid being smashed on accident by the quickly advancing mini army. Hours of travel pass and it's not until the group of shinobi are only a few miles from the villages' location that the first sign of something wrong appears in all of its grotesque glory.
More bodies start appearing along the path to the village, each of these missing body parts of their own. A head here, an arm there, this one is everything but the torso itself…all in all the sight is less than pleasant and the scent is far from appealing. Those with a weaker continence may very well feel nauseous from the smell alone. Every few steps it gets worse, the bodies missing less pieces but instead laid out in ways that are instead more disheartening and disorienting. Men, women, children, they are all displayed in a way that not only shows the shinobi what lies ahead, but also what they were unable to arrive in time to stop.

As the group gets closer to the village, Hiei begins seeing the dead bodies that are missing limbs. With the smell of death in his nostrils, it awakens that part of himself that he tries to keep a tight reign on. The part that he wasn't proud of. That beast on the inside that drove him to destroy anything and everything around him. He closes his eyes for a long moment, trying to calm himself and take a small reprieve from the horrible sights. Just before entering the village's boarder, he calls the group to a stop and dismounts his horse. After transferring his swords back to his own back, he states. "We'll leave the horses here and approach on foot. Everyone who's capable of such, keep your senses peeled. We were too late to save these people, but perhaps we are not too late to avenge them." He glances back at the group. "Jon and I will approach first, everyone else stick close Michiko. If this goes sour, don't hesitate to get back to the village if you can." With his orders given, he pauses a moment to really look over the area while extending his senses to search for anyone using chakra.
Seer hangs back with the rest of the group instead of going in with Hiei. He walks next to Hanami and turns to her to speak softly. "I suppose things like this happen to you lot often?"

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Michiko's features start to turn foxlike. Well, sort of. A pair of fox ears grow from the top of her head, and her tailbone sprouts a fox tail, black tipped with white. Her eyes also change, pupils turning to slits and her brown eyes shifting to more of an amber. And it is in that form that she picks up the smell of death… The girl pales faintly at the smell and sight, but she holds her own, climbing off of Roadblock when instructed and looking around. "They'll definitely pay for this…" she mutters, sending a pulse of chakra through the ground to pick up any movement.

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Ryouji isn't too freaked out by the goat, he deals with talking giant hawks, so goats are just a few steps removed from that. Giant talking animals, nothing new. There's a mission to do, so best to focus on that. While the group moves along, each body part makes Ryouji more and more anxious. Echo can sense that and stamps her feet, eager as well, if only to get out of the area and let Ryouji cut the enemy down. In these cases, he's a weapon, just point him in the right direction. The body parts are a good arrow. Ryouji growls and says, "They are so going to feel all seven of my blades. I can't wait for this…" He focuses his senses on the road ahead as he slides off of Echo patting her on the neck. He removes his bundle of swords and slides each on his back before tying Lighting Cutter to his hip. Ryouji looks to Echo, "Good girl. Best find a good spot to…" Echo takes off even before he finishes to get out of the battle, "…well, okay then." He shakes his head and transforms with a quick hand sign into his blur mode. Ryouji sticks close to Michiko per Hiei's orders as he nods to her. Ryouji looks surprised by the transformation and just grins spotting the tail and ears. He clears his throat, not willing to get punched by her for commenting about them just yet. Besides, mission first.

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Hanami was going along fine enough, keeping her senses open. So the smell hit her and made her blanch. Then the sight of the bodies has her choked up for a moment before becoming impassive, "I want them to die. Horribly." She grits her teeth and forges ahead through the path of bodies, trying not to let her attention be drawn to them, unsure what'd happen if she did let herself…but she'd do everything she could to make sure they suffered for this. Once Hiei stops she does the same, going to tie up her horse out of the way somewhere safe and with food within reach at least. Michiko's transformation illicits a curious gaze, though she thinks the look works for her. As she listens to Hiei's orders she makes sure her gear is set, chakrams ready to go, all good. And then Seer is next to her, causing her to pause for a moment, "Oh! Uh…I haven't really been on a mission like this. I mean there've been bad guys, bandits, and the like. This kind of…abuse. Again, this reminds me of my own village. Like the last time, so many bodies…"she shakes her head, "I'm sorry, and I never gave you my name. I'm Shinatobe Hanami. But I'm not sure these kinds of acts are all that common. People killing other people, sadly yes. But this kind of manner…no." She hopes she was able to answer Seer's question satisfactorily enough. While she moves she draws in her wind chakra, infusing it with her body causing a faint breeze to constantly stir about her. She was being prepared this time, and as such casts her senses out on the wind ahead to see what she can pick up.

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It's all well and good to say Jon's investigation abilities will be useful here, and of course he has every intention of doing what he can toward that end. Usually, though, a detective is most valuable when somebody is trying to hide a crime. In this scenario, it's quite obvious what's been done, the perpetrators even sent a mutilated body to tip the Kumo nin off. The only mystery is who did it and where they've gone…both of which are probably about to become apparent when a trap is sprung. e.e; Still, maybe Jon can discern some useful details from the crime scene. He paces slowly out amongst the carnage looking for clues (besides the obvious), while Scruvo takes off to get a bird's-eye view of the area.

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It takes some time, but eventually Zankuro regains his center. However, after taking one look at the others riding ahead, the Sarutobi wisely decided to keep his mouth shut until things started to stink. A hated stench that instantly places him on guard. He looks at the passing bodies moreso just for the sake of rememberance than anything else. As morbid a thing it is, the reminder helped strengthen the resolve formed from the war with the recluse.
A desire of his to see an end to such depravity.
Once the order is given, Zankuro slips off his horse without complaint, and led it over first to some place to tie her down. After hearing thundering hooves then seeing Ryouji's mount run off in the distance, the teen just sweatdrops and looks back to his own mount. "Well, that happened." He chuckles weakly, finishing his work. THen, it is back to investigator mode, focusing largely on the manner in which the village and everyone came under attack over

The village is silent. Deathly so. The entire place is a ghost town complete with shutters creaking on broken hinges and clothes blowing in a soft breeze as they were hung out to dry. What should be white sheets are streaked with a dark red as the person there was cut down while they were still tending to their daily chores. The ground is muddied and red and the walls are painted in the same sticky, red substance. Blood. Lots and lots of blood. Perhaps that shows why there wasn't as much blood in some of the earlier bodies…it was all thrown out as they died.

Hiei continues to approach cautiously, his eyes darting left and right as he moves slowly along the ground. The sight of the blood everywhere isn't surprising, given the state of the bodies as they came in. He asides to Jon. "I'm not seeing any movement anywhere. Looks like a ghost village. But I am detecting chakra everywhere. I'm not able to identify what kind, but we can assume that it's nasty." As he moves further into the village, he lifts a hand over his head and motions for the others to come forwards, but slowly and carefully. "Detective, what do you make of all this?"
Seer comments to Hanami. "This reminds me of the state of my own village after the Tannuki decimated it." The goat snorts faintly as if trying to clear his nose of the stench. Moving forwards at Hiei's insistance, he scratches the ground with his hoof before moving forwards. "This is just horrible.."

Michiko frowns a bit as she feels the tremors in the earth along buildings. Were they… underground? Or was this some ploy to drag their attention away? Hanami-san, do you sense anyone below-ground?" she asks the Shinatobe. "Do /any/ of you sense anything below? Near the buildings, especially," she inquires, glancing around the shinobi.

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Ryouji calls out, "Woh, they're all over the place. I'm reading lots of chakra signatures in the buildings! So many I can't pick out individual ones. Careful, everyone." He is sure that Hiei or Jon already know or sensed it ahead. He's ready for anything to pop out, resting his sword hand on Lighting Cutter on his hip.

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Hanami gives Seer a curious look, part of her wanting to ask more but it isn't the time. She just gives him a nod and focuses on the village ahead. Really unpleasant as she feels the 'click' of her chakra sensing and wind sensing fuse again. The enhanced reek of the dead makes her silently gag a bit, but amidst that smell she catches that 'whiff' of chakra as she senses it ahead. "All through the buildings, I'm getting chakra but yeah no idea about anything specific. No doubt it's nothing good." She looks to Michiko and frowns, "Let me see…" admittedly nothing came to her senses initially but that doesn't mean there wasn't something. So while she still keeps her senses active above ground below she turns her attention while Hiei halts them.

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"They're playing us." Should be pretty obvious at this point, but Jon has to point it out to make sure everyone gets it — especially since he can sometimes be a poor judge of what's obvious to others when he's in hyper-detective mode. "The display is intended to make our weaker members hesitate and our stronger members reckless. Divide and conquer. Question is, were they hoping to catch our best in a trap as they rushed forward, or would they target the less resilient ones while they're undefended? Considering they drew us here on purpose, my money's on the first…though depending on their resources they might try both at once." Jon smirks. "Of course, the obvious way to combat that is for us all to stick together, but that means we'll all be walking into whatever trap they may have set. Unless…" Jon forms some handseals, and a large number of copies of him fizzle into being. "…we do the smart thing and send expendable scouts to check things out." ;) Ah, the Boring but Practical applications of the Narutoverse's abilities. Jon's lightning clones fan out to investigate the buildings, going for speed over caution since hey, it hardly matters if they're 'killed'.

RP: Zankuro transforms into RISING-ASHES.

Zankuro turns over several bodies before finally releasing a heavy sigh and shaking his head. He rises, turning and opening his mouth, only to not only see that most have already walked well ahead of him, but hear talk of chakra signatures in the buildings. Ignoring temptation, Zankuro carefully stalks his way closer to the orders while staying as far away from as many buildings possible. When Jon began talking of more plans and traps, the Sarutobi had to reinforce his will further just to keep from slipping.

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Sachiko had fallen a little behind in their travels, not quite able to keep hold of the horse and so needing to slow in order to keep balanced. Now, she surveys everything and frowns lightly. This was… just terrible. Dismounting — gratefully — she watches Jon's clones go on ahead to test what traps might be there. While that happens, she focuses her vision and gazes around, starting to send out her sentries to help in the exploration.

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Lightning clones with dissipate and explode as they searched buildings as various traps were unleashed. Some were of the exploding variety, some were of the more practical 'oh shit it's a bunch of kunai' variety. All were deadly efficient, regardless. Despite the routes the clone take and the damage they do, there is still so much more to the village to be explored…and still no real telling of what might be in the buildings or might not. The chakra signatures themselves remain except in the exploded buildings, where they have vanished. Dead person inside them?
From seemingly out of nowhere sharp objects of various types rain down on the gathered shinobi, attempting to pierce and wound. While the more astute may recognize the attack for what it truly is, those who fail would feel the pain of their wounds even if their bodies were not truly effected. In the end the question will be where did such an attack come from.

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Hiei watches as Jon's lightning clones go off to do their jobs. He waits patiently while they search the buildings and when there is a reaction, he knows what it is before it can fully effect him, thanks to his training with Kasuya all those years ago. Withdrawing a kunai from his leg, he gives himself a shallow cut, which causes enough pain to drive the image out of his mind. He yells. "It's genjutsu!" Chakra surges through his body as he crouches into a half-stance while looking for the culprit. "Bubble…where are they!?" His eyes look all over the place, trying to find a shift of shadow, or anything to indicate there was someone there. He knew genjutsu needed line of sight to work. So if they could see him, practically he should be able to see them.

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As the kunai come down, Seer is struck, mostly because he can't see through the illusion. With a loud bleat, he falls over onto the ground, his body writhing in pain from wounds that are not even real.

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Michiko feels… something. It tingles the edges of her mind. Hiei wasn't the only one who trained with Kasuya, after all! Michiko had trained rather extensively with the Genjutsuist, pitting herself against Kasuya time and time again, though she often failed. That practice, however, is put to good use, and it only takes a 'gentle' pinch of chakra to awaken Michiko to its effects. "Hmmm.. Genjutsu…" she murmurs, frowning lightly as she realizes what this means. Their opponent, one of the higher caliber ones, was likely a genjutsuist… And that meant that Hiei would not be a happy camper once he found the caster.

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Ryouji could sense the genjutsu trying to pry his mind open and tell him he's injured. So, in for a penny, Ryouji pulls out a kunai and jams it into one of his legs, making sure not to damage anything important. Still hurts like wood though and Ryouji bites his lip, drawing blood, which helps even more. The bladed weapons pass through Ryouji and disappate around him. "Well, that was…" he pulls his kunai out, "…an experience." He sighs and says, "Where did that come from?"

COMBAT: Hanami defends against SERIOUS-WOUNDS(54) attack from Canis with a TENSE…3

Hanami stands still, trying to relax her tense muscles as she watches the lightning clones race off into the village. And then the traps start springing, not surprising. What was surprising was the rain of kunai coming down upon them. She draws the wind to her to dash out of the way and yet…she failed? Not like that hasn't happened before but she could've sworn she was moving out of the way. Any other thought is dashed by the pain as she falls to the ground from the wounds. She hears Hiei call out that it's genjutsu and yet…the pain hurts so much!

COMBAT: Jon defends against SERIOUS-WOUNDS(46) attack from Canis with a GENJUTSU-KAI…78
RPCOMBAT: Jon defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…51

Hmm, yup, traps, traps, and more traps, though not any single big whammy to try and get everybody at once. Except maybe this genjutsu they're suddenly faced with. Jon's pretty proficient in genjutsu himself, so it only takes a simple practiced disruption of his chakra flow to disperse the illusion on him. Apparently some of the others are having more trouble with it, though. :/ Jon makes a note to watch out for more incoming attacks while his team-mates are in less than ideal condition to fight back.
Meanwhile, something bothers him about the explosive traps…namely, the fact that the enemy was willing to use such on rooms that held their own. o.o; If that's really what's going on here, that is…those chakra signatures are way too strong to be ordinary civilians, even if they're massed together, but what could produce such strong chakra yet be disposable enough to be used simply as bait like that? "Maybe we should be more careful about setting off these traps after all," Jon mutters, trying to get a better feel for what's inside those buildings. "We don't know what we're killing by doing so." :/

COMBAT: Zankuro defends against SERIOUS-WOUNDS(56) attack from Canis with a GENJUTSU-KAI…44

By the time Hiei's call reaches his ears, it is a little too late. Zankuro falls flat on his back, buried beneath a hail of kunai that didn't care about the paper thin barrier of plaster summoned to shield him. That stubborn Sarutobi will wouldn't allow him to just die quietly. He groaned and struggled to block out the pain, but no amount of effort seemed enough for him to retain focus.

COMBAT: Sachiko defends against SERIOUS-WOUNDS(52) attack from Canis with a SENSORY-POINT-ARRAY…34

The warning was helpful, but Sachiko still couldn't fight the illusion and exhales her pain as she drops to one knee. She waits a moment to recover before growling and standing up. Focusing her attention on her sentries, she sends them out to do more searching, specifically in the buildings to see just what is inside them. Of course, she also needs to look for whoever used that technique on them.

RPCOMBAT: Sachiko defends against with a FOCUSED-SENSORY-ARRAY…45

Where did it come from indeed? Something here is different from the other times this group has attacked. It's more organized and the group seems to have planned this out carefully. Wherever the person who used the genjutsu may be he must physically quite well hidden…perhaps with only a peephole of a view of the shinobi. All that's certain is the group is intent on using what it's learned from others past mistakes to attempt to take down this particular group of shinobi. At least, for the moment, nothing else happens. A taunt?

RPCOMBAT: Hiei defends against with a PERCEPTION-III…44
RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-AURA.

Hiei growls under his breath. "Cowards." He says before forming handeals as a carbon copy of himself comes into being. He looks over at his clone and nods once. The plan was simple. If they wanted to play this cloak and dagger air, Hiei would just resort to his default plan. Good old fashioned wanton destruction. Hiei flashes through a series of handseals before both of them have an aura infused with lightning. Then they take off running in opposite directions, each taking a side of the village. The people were dead, which means they didn't need the buildings anymore, right? Using tree walk, they both sprint up the sides of the buildings before leaping high into the air. Then they come down in a spin as lightning pools around their feet. The impact is a large KABOOM, almost like a missile hitting it's target. The attack would crumble the buildings, creating large craters in the ground. If they wouldn't come out, then he'd force them to come out, if for no other reason that to save their own miserable lives.

COMBAT: Hiei attacks target 1 with LIGHTNING-CURB-STOMP with a roll of: 53

Seer moves over to Sachiko and stands next to her. He stomps his hoof on the ground and raises a shield of earth, if for no other reason so that no debris from Hiei's attacks would harm either of them. The goat looks down at his partner's wife and asks in a calm voice. "Is he always like this when he gets angry?"

RPCOMBAT: Seer defends against with a EARTH-SHIELD…19

Michiko tsks lightly at the cowards that decided to only weave illusions. She watches as Hiei just springs into action, and the girl just watches, ears twitching a bit. She can't really cast out her senses /now/ because Hiei was making a huge racket, so she just looks around for anyone that happens to run out of their little hiding spot. If there really isn't anyone in these buildings, though, then they'll probably have to try a different tactic.

Now that they have a second with no one to attack, Ryouji gets a chance. He does get a nice shot of Hiei acting all Raikage though, very nice. But that's now what he's going for right now. He takes a step back, looking around Michiko…and staring at her tail. Fluffy, tail, wanna…touch…Ryouji reaches out with a hand and brushes it with the tips of his fingers, eyes growing a bit wide as he does. It'll be a few moments before they know if the Raikage can send them home early anyway, best get this urge out of the way since he has the chance.

Hanami gasps, then smacks the ground. Stupid genjutsu! The effects still linger a bit as she stands and shakes her head with a growl. As she does Hiei is already taking off to destroy the rest of the village. She moves over to Michiko, "So what's the plan now? Let Hiei run wild till something gets him or he gets them? They're better off than last time, that isn't a good sign." She doesn't try to cast out her senses either, too much racket anyways. But she gives Ryouji an incredulous look to say, 'Seriously, right now?'

RPCOMBAT: Jon defends against with a MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES…59

Erk, so much for being careful about what they're killing. -.-; Jon sighs and generates some more lightning clones to go investigate the buildings that are still standing…this time more cautiously. e.e

RP: Zankuro uses B-RANK-CHARGE.

Zankuro snaps out of the genjutsu. Eventually. Apparently whoever used the technique either didn't mean for it to last that long, or were distracted by the earth shaking like some kami just descended from the heavens. Wait… Did one do that?
Zankuro shoots up, only to regret that decision five seconds later. His whole body still felt sore as if those blades really sunk in deep. Willing away the pain as best as he could, the Sarutobi arises in time to see everyone still looking about with their own expectations. None of which involved a 'real' plan, so he cooked up his own. One involving a whole lot of fire and possibly burning the village down completely. Sure, the enemy might have a hostage or two as a safety measure, but what's a few casaulties in the grand scheme of things?

Sachiko takes a deep breath, her sentries picking up more than she really wanted to know. "Michiko… Jon-san… This is… this is beyond a simple trap. This is a trick. It's all a parlor trick. The vibrations you felt, Michiko… It…" Her brows knit and she glances over at the younger woman. "No one was alive in there, anyway… Don't worry." She doesn't go into detail about what she saw, but she gulps and yells, "Quit wrecking everything!" Hiei may be the Raikage and definite in charge here, but she's still his wife and this is the best way to get his attention, even if he comes back down and talks down to her. "Yes, by the way, Seer, he does tend to get like this. Oftentimes worse!" It's a cheerful recollection, Sachiko seeming to go a little haywire. "Who's ready to find the nutcase putting all this together?"

Well Hiei wanted a response and he sure got one. Okay, maybe it's not the exact response that he wanted, but he still got one. An overwhelming sense of dread echoes out from the edge of one of Hiei's blast zones. Wind whips through the area, blowing the dust away to create the sense towards anyone within the man's sight at the edge of the area. Luckily some of that sight is blocked due to debris and very few are affected. But other folks have other things to worry about…
Remember yon bodies that you so sadly passed by? Well they're rising slowly, a few of them at least, and someone who looked closely with any chakra sense would notice strings attached to various parts of the body as they lunge towards more of the shinobi, fists and legs not always attached to bodies attempting to do damage and, sadly, spewing blood out here and there in the process. Hope no one is too squeamish.
Oh and don't worry, that's not all. From the same direction as the genjutsuist comes a swiftly moving duo. An overgrown cat and an equally overgrown human that looks somewhat cat like. Their attacks aim to rend those still remaining with claws imbued with chakra.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against DREAD(71) attack from Canis with a BLADED-SELF-INFLICT…75
RP: Hiei stops using SHADOW-CLONE.

Hiei was about to wreck another couple of buildings when Sachiko's voice pierces his ears sharply, causing him to immediately pause in what he's doing. His foot is lifted off the ground while crackling with lightning, and an almost shocked expression is on his face as turns in her direction. He knew that tone of voice. It was perhaps one of the two things in this world that instilled him with fear. The other one being a life behind a desk and not being able to go on missions anymore. The clone offers as sheepish look before it goes *poof*. And then the lightning fades from his foot as he looks off to the side while clearing his throat. "Uh..yeah, Sachiko. That sounds like a good idea. Good plan."
And then that feeling comes across his brain again. Someone was trying to make him feel fear..that was just so against his nature that he knew it was genjutsu again, so he took out that kunai and made another shallow cut along his arm. As he looks back towards the group, he sees the bodies getting up and his first thought is, hitokage…but it couldn't be. The crawler was still on ice, so it couldn't be it. Movement out of the corner of his eye and he sees the cat and the man come running and Hiei forms handseals quickly and blows towards the duo, fireballs expelling from his mouth as he peppers them with it.

COMBAT: Seer defends against PHYSICAL-II(26) attack from Canis with a EARTH-SHIELD…28

Seer, still standing next to Sachiko, sees the zombies come and asides to the woman. "Remind me never to piss him off, okay? Oh..look out." He stomps the ground with his hoof and causes a wall of earth to come up so that the attacks bounce off it. He backs up a little and turns his attention to the cat, of all things. Chakra surges through his horns as he casts an illusion of his own. Hopefully, the man and cat duo will see ghosts and zombies rising out of the ground and begin to attack them. The ghosts and zombies of their own comrades at that.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against DREAD(56) attack from Canis with a CHAKRA-PINCH…52

Michiko curses faintly. "They can figure us out, but we can't figure them out. This is hardly fair… And we're wasting energy." Then her voice falls into no more than a whisper as she tells the Iga, "Sachiko-san, you're in charge of fi- Tch.." suddenly she feels genjutsu prod her senses, and she throws up a 'shield' around her mind through pain, pinching nerves. Sadly, that isn't enough, and she has to fight her body from panicking completely, forcing her to stay still. Okay, next time, they should check the bodies, it seems! "That would explain the chakra," she notes, seeing that these bodies had something controlling them. Only ninjutsu could do such a thing (though she wasn't sure /what/ ninjutsu). At least /some/ of her wits were about her, even if she mostly wanted to get out and it was pretty much using her muscles to /keep/ herself there.

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against CHAKRA-SHARP-III(47) attack from Canis with a BLUR…47

Ryouji watches the puppet zombies rise up and starts attacking. Then the wall comes up. Ryouji takes off running, pulling lighting cutter free. "Finally!" he says, as he disappears for an instant of speed. He leaps off the wall, coming down with a howl of joy at the zombies puppets. He slices and dices, hacking at each before zipping to another and giving them a taste of his steel. "Figure out how to take them down, I'll be ready when you have the answer, Michiko-chan!" he calls out, spinning and going stabby stab as he moves.

COMBAT: Hanami defends against PHYSICAL-II(31) attack from Canis with a WIND-DASH…32

Hanami finds it interesting how quickly Sachiko stops Hiei in his tracks. But there isn't much time to reflect on that as stuff begins to happen again. She sees Michiko start to tremble, looking downright afraid which seems completely out of character. Then what could only be a Maneshi charging, and zombies! But…would that be possible? One shambling corpse swings at her which she swiftly dodges, "Puppet strings…they have chakra strings. Metal. Cut the strings?" She tries hanging close to Michiko just in case, given the state she's in. She draws her chakrams in preparation but starts things off by inhaling and fusing chakra to her breath as she expels it in a fast spinning vortex to hopefully rip into the zombies. Also since it picks up debris cast about, might cause some loose limbs and parts to be picked up and spun around as well :(.

COMBAT: Jon defends against DREAD(64) attack from Canis with a OBJECTION…86

Ah, finally, a target. :P It doesn't take a genius to guess that a sudden sense of dread is likely because of genjutsu when they've been facing genjutsu assaults already. Jon cancels it out with a surge of chakra, then heads for the source. He could turn this into a battle of wills between genjutsuists, and quite possibly he'd come out on top, but why play to the enemy's strengths? Jon has his lightning clones converge on the man, and naturally they arrive ahead of him since they were out looking at the buildings. They throw themselves at their target, intent on delivering lightning-charged blows.

COMBAT: Zankuro defends against CHAKRA-SHARP-III(43) attack from Canis with a INTUITIVE-ACTION…46

Once most of his chakra has been focused towards his ultimate jutsu, Zankuro's focus returns to his surroundings. And it isn't a moment too soon, as it turns out! A timely spares him a clawed face. Although cat-man-do seemed the obvious choice, he spots a frozen Michiko. He didn't need to more than one guess at what happened there. Using all of his considerable non-existent speed, Zankuro races to her side, and grips her shoulder; shattering the illusion.

COMBAT: Zankuro releases Michiko from stun.

COMBAT: Sachiko defends against PHYSICAL-II(20) attack from Canis with a DODGE…26

Sachiko frowns at the craziness that just popped up. Hmm… Attacking the zombies probably isn't going to actually help much. So, she hatches a plan and looks toward the Maneshi pair. Gathering herself, she forms seals and immediately shifts. Bubbling skin, which fur erupts from. She grows, popping and growling. What's left after her 'transformation' is, for all intents and purposes, a werewolf. Fiery red mane which prickles as she snarls at the Maneshi duo. Zombies, why not a werewolf? Part of her transformation is actually a Genjutsu, but even if that fails, she /is/ still shifted, hopefully prompting more shock than even the Genjutsu would accomplish.

COMBAT: Shiba defends against FIRE-BULLET-BARRAGE(61) attack from Hiei with a DODGE-III…47
COMBAT: Shiba loses the roll and sustains 564 damage.
COMBAT: Shiba defends against DIE-FOR-ME(24) attack from Seer with a SELF-INFLICT…28
COMBAT: Canis defends against WHIRLWIND-OF-BLADES(73) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 1013 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(30) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…10
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 472 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(31) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 504 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(27) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 421 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(25) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 418 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(38) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 511 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(62) attack from Jon with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 1440 damage.
COMBAT: Shiba defends against FEAR(31) attack from Sachiko with a SELF-INFLICT…24
COMBAT: Shiba defends against IGA-HENGE-II(42) attack from Sachiko with a PERCEPTION-II…36

The 'zombies' as they're apparently being called really aren't very good at…living? Or just zombying? Regardless they fall pretty quickly and whether people realize it or not they're cutting chakra strings. Hanami's is the most effective as it whips up debris even jumbles some of the strings together until they're just lost and dropped, causing the dead themselves to fall again lifeless. Ryouji would likely only get himself covered in blood as he cut dead bodies up…surely that would be attractive. However much they destroy the dead, however, it's of little effect to the man literally pulling the strings.
While the Maneshi had been intent on attacking some of the others he hadn't really expected the Raikage to target him. Ouch! And then some silly goat too! Well, he was just going to kill their friends now to get back at them! The man and his cat continue their attacks with a renewed vengeance, trying to claw and scrape at folks!
As for the genjutsuist…his attention is fully on Hiei and he's preparing to unleash doctor wily upon the man before he meets with some unexpected lightning clones, knocking him back and through a building or two. It only serves to anger him however as the man appears again with a strange purple chakra around him, serving only to intensify his genjutsu as he aims for not only Hiei but not Jon as well.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against PREDATORY-GLARE(57) attack from Canis with a SELF-INFLICT-II…53

When the genjutsu comes he presses his finger into one of the cuts already on his arm, but the pain isn't enough. His hands fall at his side as he simply stands there staring. In his mind's eye, he is witnessing his death many times over. All of the ways that this man could kill him. For now, he is at his mercy, and it even causes Hiei's facial expression to drop. He didn't want to die here. He promised that he would be around to see his sons grow up. The thought of that happening sends him sprawling down into a deep depression.

COMBAT: Seer defends against PHYSICAL-III(33) attack from Canis with a EARTH-SHIELD…20
COMBAT: Seer loses the roll and sustains 274 damage.

Seer is trying to stick with what was working. However, this time when he raises that shield, it's shattered from he force of the blow and it sends the large goat sprawling onto the ground, his body sliding along the dirt until it comes to a stop several feet away. He groans slightly and climbs back up to his hooves. "When I go back home, I'm going to demand more training from our Battle Master. Chakra surges into him again as he stamps his foot down on the ground, causing spikes of earth to fly out of the ground to pierce his enemies.

Michiko shakes herself a bit from the trance, giving Zankuro a nod of thanks as she refocuses her energies on the battle. "Looks like… They finally showed themselves." The girl flashes through hand seals, looking around carefully to make sure she doesn't miss anything. Some purple guy, a puppeteer's puppets, and a Maneshi and his partner. Targets noted. Michiko suddenly has four hands spring out from the earth, controlling them to try and grab at the various enemies. Should she manage to catch any of them, she would drag them down into an earthy grave so they can think upon their actions while her comrades destroyed the lot of them. "Ryouji-kun! Hanami-San! Try to follow the chakra threads to the owner!" she tells them quickly, eyeing the flying purple man. Geez, why the heck was he up so high?

RP: Ryouji transforms into REIZEI-BLUR-III.
COMBAT: Ryouji counters against a CHAKRA-SHARP-III(46) attack from Canis with a LARIAT…35
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 674 damage.

Ryouji tries to beat the manshi and the claws, but they dig deep into Ryouji. Deeper than they should if he was focusing on defense as well as attack. He tenses his arms, channeling swift release chakra into it and charges. The Reizei is moving so fast, the two attacks just merge into one. He might have backed up and ran at the Manshi a second time, but it's hard to notice.

COMBAT: Hanami defends against PHYSICAL-III(31) attack from Canis with a WIND-DASH…29
COMBAT: Hanami loses the roll and sustains 266 damage.
RP: Hanami transforms into BREEZE.
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…39

Hanami watches the zombies get torn apart and fall down lifeless once more with satisfaction. Which is short lived as more keep coming. Flash, need to get the puppeteer or they're doomed. One of them comes at her again and she moves but not enough it seems as the hit sends her stumbling a bit. Cursing, she unleashes another vortex of wind to hopefully hold back the horde. Michiko was shouting directions and without looking at her Hanami nods, "That was my hopeful plan!" And so she casts out her senses focusing on trying to trace the chakra strings to their source. Or maybe at least a direction.

COMBAT: Jon defends against PREDATORY-GLARE(61) attack from Canis with a OBJECTION…89

Jon wards off the genjutsu assault once again and closes in on the foe. He draws his rod from its holster and charges it with lightning chakra. "Y'know, I sure hope for your sake you don't actually manage to snare Raikage-sama with anything unpleasant — " Jon swings the crackling rod at his opponent. " — because he has a tendency to forget about taking prisoners when genjutsu gets involved." >.<

COMBAT: Zankuro defends against CHAKRA-SHARP-III(40) attack from Canis with a TENSE…16
COMBAT: Zankuro loses the roll and sustains 500 damage.

Zankuro doesn't stop until satisfied that Michiko is free from the effects of the genjutsu. Even the threat of an impending catastrophe won't break this young man's focus! He just barely catches himself under his own power when the claws sink into his backside. Successful and freed of his work nevertheless, Zankuro offers a grin to Michiko before turning to glare at his attacker. By then, Ryouji has already engaged the enemy. "Tch! Haaa—oh.. Heat it. Had to slip som — " He stops short, catching during the display of martial arts a frozen Raikage. As much as he truly feared the man, with an audible gulp, Zankuro takes off recklessly.
Hiei would feel a hand pressed into his back, then a gradually rush of foreign chakra burning a path through his system. "C'mon thunderer. This is no time to let'em get to you."

COMBAT: Zankuro releases Hiei from stun.

The ears of the wolf flick a little, listening to everything going on around it. It twitches slightly, eyes locked on the Maneshi pair before it snaps its jaws and heads after Hanami. No way is Sachiko letting her go off by herself, particularly to find a Genjutsuist that can do to Hiei what he did. She keeps the henge up, as well as her act. Werewolves in myths and stories are often unstable creatures, so she makes sure to twitch occasionally to show that. A curl of the lip, a muscle rippling in her arm, tail twitching. She can only hope she's not freaking the girl out. Those sentries skill scattered about don't move much, trying to keep the illusion that she's less intuned with her normal abilities, but they are scattered enough to help her follow these strings and the ones she'd seen before Hiei started wrecking buildings.

RPCOMBAT: Sachiko defends against with a FOCUSED-SENSORY-ARRAY…64

COMBAT: Shiba defends against EARTH-HAMMER(30) attack from Seer with a DODGE-II…32
COMBAT: Shiba defends against DEMON-GRAVES(103) attack from Michiko with a DODGE-II…30
COMBAT: Shiba defends against DEMON-GRAVES(89) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Shiba defends against DEMON-GRAVES(86) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…15
COMBAT: Shiba defends against SWIFT-RELEASE-LARIAT(66) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Shiba loses the roll and sustains 744 damage.
COMBAT: Shiba defends against SWIFT-RELEASE-LARIAT(60) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…17
COMBAT: Shiba loses the roll and sustains 610 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(36) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 492 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(37) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 489 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(29) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…13
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 419 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(25) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 451 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-VORTEX-TECHNIQUE(28) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 458 damage.
COMBAT: Rushi defends against LIGHTNING-PHYSICAL-II(65) attack from Jon with a INACCURATE-EVASION…104

Yep, just fighting them dead things really isn't going to help, but at least keeping them busy will keep them from hurting you I suppose? When Hanami searches out for the chakra strings she'd be able to pick them up now that the bright buildings are gone from the area. They lead to one building in particular that Hiei hadn't managed to crush yet. Sure, it's still too filled with chakra to truly see inside but all the lines converge just behind that window. With the werewolf following after it's apparently enough to frighten the puppeteer as suddenly a man bursts through a door and starts running, leaving the poor dead to finally drop to the ground.
The Maneshi duo are successful in hitting Ryouji but not so successful in escaping those random earth hands! Since they're the only ones really on the ground it makes them the perfect targets! They start to get swallowed up just as Ryouji comes and starts smacking them around, just dazing them more and puttin' on a hurtin'. On top of that they're still stuck!
"He was foolish to come here," the purple shrouded creature says to Jon. "Every time you fight, we learn. Even if we die, others will take our place. They will be better." The man turns his gaze back on Hiei, trying to smack him with another genjutsu to wear him down and drain him to his last dregs. His focus on the Raikage is rather intent, almost seeming to ignore Jon completely. A genjutsu leaves the rod missing him by inches before the man finally drops to a rooftop and sends out another draining wave at the Raikage.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against NPC-A-GEN-ATTACK(85) attack from Canis with a HYPER-SPEED-BLINK-DODGE…101

Hiei's body jerks forwards slightly when Zankuro manages to break him out of the genjutsu. Hiei blinks down at him and then lays a hand on his shoulder. "Thank you, Sarutobi. I really mean it." His body stutters again from the second genjutsu attack and his knees wobble a little from the drain. But he stands up yet again as he asides to Zankuro. "You might want to stand back." Hiei fixes his gaze upon the genjutsuist before the air around his body becomes electrically charged. A lightning infused aura surrounds Hiei's body. Or rather, explodes from his body. The sheer force of it cracks the ground beneath his feet as a growl much like that from a wild animal comes from his throat. His muscles expand to three times their normal size, hulking him up even more than he already is. "I..will never forgive you." Is plainly stated. "Tell me, genjutsuist. Do you ever experience fear? You know that feeling that you have going down your spine right now? That's what true fear is." He reaches over his shoulders and draws both of his chakra swords as his aura begins to pulse and wave around his body. "I was going to capture you, perhaps interrogate you. We broke the last one. So sorry." The tone of his voice indicates that he's not really sorry at all. Out of the corner of his eye he watches Hanami and a werewolf go towards a building. Figuring it was Sachiko, he'd have to ask her about that later. It was kind of sexy.
But now it was time for business. That lightning aura begins to flow into his swords as lightning seems to drip off the tips. The hulking Raikage crouches slightly before his body seems to vanish into thin air. There is a loud crackle and boom as wind rushes to fill the area that his body previously inhabited. Moving towards the genjutsuist at hyper speeds, he briefly appears on the side of a building before 'teleporting' to behind the man and then zipping forwards. A booming crack of thunder can be heard as he swings with both swords, looking to render him asunder. Perhaps he should have listened to the detective afterall.

RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-RELEASE-ARMOR.

While the rest of the shinobi continued to attack, Seer takes it upon himself to attempt to keep zombies at bay with Hanami and Sachiko dealt with the caster. Seeing the zombies fall, the battle goat turns his attention back to the Maneshi. He clops his foot on the ground again, sending spikes of earth for him. When this was all over, he really was going to ask for more training from his mentor. These shinobi were crazy strong, and his partner was a little scary. "What did I get myself into by agreeing to that contract?" He asks himself.

Michiko peers at the two she captured. Okay, that was good! They were going to die a bit! The girl brings out a spike of metal from the ground, and it shoots out under her control, piercing the Maneshi duo with ease and sucking out their chakra. Michiko would also send a branch over to the genjutsu user, though whether or not he falls to it is really up in the air.

Ryouji follows up with Michiko's attack on the manshi duo pulling out lightning cutter and jabbing it at them while charging it with crackling chakra. It'll take the fight out of them at least.

Hanami doesn't even bother with the zombies after her vortex is released, intent on the puppeteer and it seems she struck a bit of luck for a change. Pointing out the building as she runs, she shouts, "Puppeteer!" And off she continues, hoping others will follow if they can but he needed to be stopped. As she nears she hears noises behind her, one of the others as the puppeteer bolts. Grimacing her chakram whips out in front of her in a quick blur. Cross hatches of wind chakra gather together gaining some semblance of teeth as she keeps running, focusing on moving and forming the attack at the same time. With a flourish she forms what looks like a large, snarling wolf's head of wind chakra. With a howl she releases it to chase down the puppeteer, twisting and moving back and forth like a prowling wolf. If the attack hits the puppeteer would find himself enveloped in the wind as it slices and bites at him from all sides like the beast itself. With that done she works to form the hand signs, using her speed to close the distance she flicks her wrist as she condenses the air above the puppeteer to smack him down and pin him on the ground. As pissed as she is, she's trying to catch this guy alive. Glancing back she sees Sachiko-wolf, "Previous ones were rigged with explosive tags, strip him down and lets see if we can keep him alive!"
With that she'll move in. If he looks to be about to explode she of course would stop, and otherwise if he's trapped by her jutsu she'd run in to strip him down in case of tags, using her chakrams to cut his clothes(and probably him a little, she's not /that/ careful) off and toss them away.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…38

Again with the cultish devotion. =.= What makes these guys think destroying Kumogakure is worth tossing their lives away? It sure can't be any sane sense of justice or hatred toward shinobi specifically, because they seem to delight in slaughtering common folk as well. Well, doesn't seem like they're going to be able to get any answers from this guy, thanks to the aforementioned take-no-prisoners clause. Matter of fact, it's probably pointless to even contribute to his demise at this point, let's help Hanami with that puppeteer instead. Jon projects his chakra at the puppeteer, aiming to trap him in an illusory cage just in case Hanami's wind doesn't quite do the job of restraining him. "Just once, it'd be nice to run into one of these guys that actually wants to live."

Hiei would get no complaints or question out of this Sarutobi! He knew darn well from experience training with his own father. When someone suggests you stand back, it is not really a suggestion. Unless one is built like a Kaguya or something. Now /that's/ a different story altogether.
Zankuro has all but managed to get a good ten feet away from Hiei before sparks literal start flying off the Yotsuki's body. He doesn't stop running until he reaches the village's edge. Let them call him a chump, coward, or whatever else they wanted to all they wanted too. Those lessons of his was just to hard wired for anything less.
Plus, his best jutsu wasn't exactly kind to allies…

RP: Zankuro makes a Spd roll and got 8.

Sachiko nods her head to Hanami, the fur on her neck bouncing with the action. Definitely didn't lose any sanity. She raises her 'claws' and forms seals, first for a splintering wave of lightning and then a more sustained bolt to keep him from moving. As soon as the lightning leaves her form, the fur sloughs off her form, leaving just the regular old Sachiko in its place. She still runs right toward the puppeteer, not particularly caring about being cautious. She wants to take this one alive. Moving as fast as she can to get to him, intent on removing any tags from him to keep him from exploding if that would be the case. There's a pause before she'd force his mouth open to check for a poison pill too… Assuming things are safe from that point, she'd just take hold of his arms and hold onto him, grumbling to herself a little about craters and freaking puppeteers.

COMBAT: Canis defends against THUNDER-SLASH(99) attack from Hiei with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 2406 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against THUNDER-SLASH(125) attack from Hiei with a TENSE…2
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 2654 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against EARTH-HAMMER(24) attack from Seer with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 334 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against DRAINING-METAL-IVY(86) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…2
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 2480 damage.
COMBAT: Michiko absorbs chakra from Canis
COMBAT: Canis defends against DRAINING-METAL-IVY(83) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 2548 damage.
COMBAT: Michiko absorbs chakra from Canis
COMBAT: Canis defends against DRAINING-METAL-IVY(66) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 2292 damage.
COMBAT: Michiko absorbs chakra from Canis
COMBAT: Canis defends against LIGHTNING-SHARP(46) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 790 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against LIGHTNING-SHARP(45) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 824 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against HOWLING-WIND(42) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 498 damage.
COMBAT: Canis defends against MACROBURST(36) attack from Hanami with a TENSE…4
COMBAT: Canis defends against JAIL-CELL-ILLUSION(57) attack from Jon with a TENSE…15

It's the beginning of the end for this group, sadly. Though the genjutsu user didn't seem afraid, there was never really time. In fact he was readying another attack when the Raikage began his own and by then it's too late for him to finish. The boom from Hiei is followed by another crashing boom as the earth below him is cratered and the houses around the crater explode outward from the center. Needless to say, a genjutsuist was not going to survive such a devastating blow and his corpse is mangled below.
The Maneshi pair as just as unfortunate as their genjutsu counterpart…a Gansao, for those that would have recognized the dark cloak and genjutsu speciality (cough)…between Michiko's stabbing spikes of death and Ryouji's stabbing sword of trying-not-to-kill they still die anyways. Because hostages are boring!
As for the puppeteer, he is rather unfortunate as he is kept alive. And apparently unlike some of the others of this group he likes to stay that way, as he's stripped bare and…no, he isn't wearing and tags. Instead he's wearing more and more badges of painful honor from the wind before being locked away in a genjutsu.
In the end three died and one was captured. But the village was a complete loss. This group, whoever they are, are vicious and appear to be learning much about the shinobi as each battle they have new tricks…all that remains for this village however is to send a team to properly bury the dead.

After dealing with the genjutsuist..let's face it, there was no way Hiei was going to leave that guy alive…he appears next to Sachiko and Hanami, who seem to have everything under control, along with Jon. Hiei nods to them all. "Good job. Tie him up with ninja wire and put him on the back of my horse." He sheathes his blades and then walks up to Michiko. He blinks, noticing for the firs time really that she looks like a fox. Huh..maybe there was something to this sage business. He'd have to look into it later, right now he says, "Michiko, I want you and Yori to work over the prisoner. Hanami and Sachiko managed to take one alive. I want a base location, and I want it last week." He motions around with his hand. "This will NOT happen again, do you understand me? I don't care what it takes!" He pauses just long enough to let Michiko know that he is not kidding around before he finally withdraws some bandages from his belt and tends to his own wounds. He notices Zankuro has withdrawn to the edge of the village, but he doesn't comment on it. He did tell him to get back, afterall. "Let Michiko take a look at you if you need it. Then let's go home." He then gives a shrill whistle and Snake Eyes trots up to him from where he left him. Just like how he was trained to do.
Seer looks around and then trots up to Hiei. "If I'm not needed, I'll be returning home now." He looks around. "Bye everyone." And then the goat just poofs.

Michiko nods lightly to Hiei and says, "Hai. Myself and Yori-san will get right on it." The girl glances over to Hanami, Sachiko, and Jon. "Keep him as tied up as you can," she calls out. "I don't want him to so much twitch until we're done interrogating him. Jon-san, I want you to be there with me and Yori-san when we do interrogate him." Then she looks around for anyone who looks very injured, healing those who are and giving energy to those that look a bit tired before she mounts Roadblock.

COMBAT: Michiko heals Hiei for 1154 with RESTORING CHAKRA PALM.
COMBAT: Michiko heals Hanami for 585 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.
RP: Michiko reverts to her normal state.

Completely and utterly satisfied that they managed to catch one of these crashes, Sachiko has to fight to not flaunt her ego on this one. "Good job, Hanami-chan. Finally got one of these losers." She's clearly excited about this, too. Looking around the group, she relaxes a bit. This was one crazy ride… Time to go home. She looks at Hiei and smirks. "You seemed to enjoy obliterating the town," she remarks. She looks at the guy she's still holding onto. She doesn't actually carry ninja wire, so she just sort of waits for someone else to pull some out to tie him up with, at which point she'd say, "All right. So ready to go home now."

Hanami would feel a rush of relief, and satisfaction as she and Sachiko make sure the puppeteer didn't have tags or other means of ending his life before he could be questioned. Phew, she actually captured one, yes! She doesn't let it get to her head though, just the sight of the devastated village is enough to sober anybody. But she'll help make sure the guy is tied up securely as ordered, probably taking a bit of satisfaction in making sure the bonds are /tight/. When the prisoner is secured on Hiei's horse she'd get checked out by Michiko though it was really just a bruise from the zombie attack, and then work to get things ready to go if she's needed before heading out with the others. Also making sure to thank Sachiko for her head with the prisoner.

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