Gates vs. the Clan Head


Taiki, Shinobu, Daichi

Date: March 12, 2016


A little training time with Shinobu and Daichi….

"Gates vs. the Clan Head"

Secluded training ground

Taiki has just gotten off limited duty, though he was told it would be best if he still took it easy. Yeah, like that would ever happen. It's likely why the doctors kept him on limited duty for so long, as he is a known workaholic. Still, he can't refuse Daichi's rather cryptic request for training, so he set up a time in the mid-afternoon in the genin training area. Nozomi is off to the side, apparently snoozing, while Shinobu is sitting calmly next to her, watching his human partner stretch.

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Daichi would've invited Shinobu too of course for various reasons. One being she was always there for him, and he for her. So his training being witnessed by her would likely be a good thing. Sorta. He made it to where Taiki was first though, and sat on a tree. "Hey Taiki!!! I was wondering if we could find a sorta secluded spot. That okay?" He asked loudly.

Shinobu plopped herself down next to the huge ninken, tentatively using him as a pillow while Kame used Nozomi as a sort of climbing ground. The pup was getting bigger, yes, but she was still comparatively small. It shouldn't be difficult for Nozomi to carry her, right? Shinobu peeks at Daichi for a moment, wondering for a moment why they wanted to go somewhere more secret. Then she remembered what they were training and frowned.

Taiki tilts his head to the side and blinks for a moment, then turns in time to see Nozomi frown. He shrugs, then nods to Shinobu who stands up while Nozomi does as well, causing Kame to have to shift his weight to remain on her. "Okay," Taiki says uncertainly before motioning them to follow him. He leads them through a rather twisted path to an area between the genin grounds and the jounin grounds. "This is secluded enough. Now, care to tell me why you want to keep this training secret?"

Daichi followed along now, and landed in the area with them. "So… I wanted it secret because I didn't want people worrying like Shinobu does." He noticed her frowns obviously. "Plus it is good to be away from the rest because I don't want people in the way. You know what I mean Taiki?" He grinned, and stretched a bit. "Shinobu. You can help me of course! Anytime." He smiled towards her and then looked at Taiki. "So… Training?" He grinned.

Shinobu would start just a bit when Shinobu-dog stood up, and she hopped up to follow along with the group. Every now and then she'd shoot Daichi a sort of worried look… But at least she was around. And Taiki, too! Taiki knew healing stuff! Kame gets a free ride, so the pup is happy.

Taiki nods as he starts to stretch out and then looks over toward his ninken. "For the moment, stay out of this," he says to both ninken as he eyes Daichi carefully. "That still doesn't explain everything, Daichi-san. Why does Shinobu have a worried expression and why is it better others are out of the way? Why would they be worried about you? In other words, what kind of training are we doing that is going to necessitate this secrecy?"

Daichi looked at Taiki, and frowned a bit. "I uhh.. The gates. You know.. I have to train while using them, so my body learns to understand it or something. Kenta said that a lot of training while using the gates would make my body more used to it, so it will be less likely things like me getting really tired will happen. And then I usually relax in the hot springs to release the tension in my muslces and such afterwards. Because…it does wear me out a bit. That works right?"

Taiki smiles and cracks his head for a moment. "Okay, what I know of the gates is you actually need to train in them to get used to them, at least at the lower levels. Of course, I'm not the expert on the gates, that goes to a friend of mine. So, let's get this party started, shall we?" With that Taiki starts makeing some handseals and calls out, "Raiton: Lightning Needles!" followed by, "Raiton: Lightning Arc." This is immediately followed by a set of three shuriken in his pouch, set to hide the explosive tag in them. For the first gate, that should be no problem…

Daichi was slow to react as he wasn't quick to opening the gates yet. Meaning he was hit by the blast of lightning, but luckily did avoid the explosive tag. "Ow… That kinda hurt." He sighs, and stretches a bit. "I will just continue fighting back. You two can both heal me to keep me going if I need it I assume. But I can't hold back." He then charges Taiki quickly before suddenly activating the second gate(As he had already opened it before anyhow, and it was one he needed to practice as well) and would then swiftly flicker(Something Taiki with how much experience he has might still catch the movements of)to be right below Taiki. He then kicks upwards into Taiki's jaw. His movements sending him upwards to shadow Taiki before he would spin around and send a kick into his chest to try and send him crashing back to the ground.

Taiki quickly goes down to all fours and tries to leap over Daichi as he attacks, but the dual action makes him slower, allowing Daichi to catch with the one-two punch that causes him to skid back. While such an attack would be devistating to most, Taiki just has a couple of bruises to show for it. "Oh, I can tell I can take the kid-gloves off a bit. Hey Shinobu, mind lending me a hand?" The dog barks once and leaps forward to join Taiki even as Taiki is readying a diversionary technique, "Raiton: Lightning Clone!" The result is another Taiki/shinobu duo that rushes forward in a pincer movement toward Daichi, but right behind that is Taiki and Shinobu in a non-elemental gatsuga.

Daichi is hit twice by the sudden attack. It wasn't like he didn't try to move. Maybe the lightning made him freeze or something, but it hit him pretty hard, and he slid away. His wounds had already started healing though it seemed. "Ow… Gosh why can't I keep up." He frowned. He hasn't ever even opened past the second gate…. Not that he had tried too hard, and even Hige had tried to get him too, but it didn't happen then. "I can keep going… Come on." He stood up straight. "I need to fight as long as I can. Not stop right away."

Shinobu shuffled worriedly when Shinobu joined the battle. Seeing Daichi get hurt made her frown, and she was near him as soon as he seemed to pause. A quick pulse of healing chakra ran through Daichi and she would step away from the battle field.

Taiki notes the healing from both internal and external sources and nods once. "I kind of guessed that's what's going on, though I didn't know Shinobu-san had medic skills. Interesting!" He smiles wickedly as he jumps up and starts to spin on his own, a torrent of lightning transforming the apex of the whirling wind into a sharp, high-speed drill. At the same time Shinobu opens his mouth, and a torrent of thicker lightning shafts rush at Daichi.

Daichi did a sort of cart wheel away from the passing fang to land to the side. Then suddenly a barrage of arrows came towards him, and hit him down to the ground. He seemed to be stunned as he shook a bit from the lightning. His eyes shifted and he looked at Taiki while trying to get up. "I..I…Uggg… I don..don't wanna…open..anoth..another gate."

Shinobu frowns a bit and shakes Daichi to make sure that he's okay. Also, minor healing pulse that would let his muscles loosen up. There was no healing effect, sure, but it was better than nothing. It should give him a sort of jump-start or something. Then Shinobu looked to Taiki, feeling a bit upset at him. He kept attacking Daichi :( The girl would gather some chakra and send two arcs of lightning at her clan head.

Taiki seems to stand there as Daichi tries to regain his footing, and catches the healing pulse that comes from Shinobu. Yes, he may have been seemingly ignoring her, but as soon as she sent those lightning arcs he formed a couple of hand seals and a blue wall of chakra sprang up to intercept them. "Hmm… okay, you wanna play too Shinobu-san?" he asks with a feral look on his face as he sends his chakram toward her. Attached to the chakram is two tags, one explosive, the other… something just for ninjutsuists…

Daichi frowned, but stood up with a quick nod to Shinobu. He didn't try to help her knowing she could handle it. He moved quickly to Taiki's position now, and landed on the ground next to him with a spin kick. It would be followed up by him flickering, and sending another kick into his back as he was being sent towards a random tree. His eyes shifted to Shinobu, and he gestured to Taiki. "Could you send him into the air, and keep him there?" He grinned slightly with a small wink before looking at Taiki again and was ready to strike.

Shinobu ducks away from the explosion, but somehow that chakra leeching tag managed to get her and drain her of her remaining reserves. not that she had any to begin with… The girl had yet to focus her chakra, after all… So she did so quickly, dropping to all-fours. Kame joins her (because gotta fight with the partner!) and the pair would nod to Daichi before springing into a Gatsuga that was fairly low to the ground. AT the last moment, they would veer upwards to try and smash into Taiki to send him flying into the air, and the pair continue to spin and drill into Taiki after that fact.

The duo start acting like the well-oiled machine of partnership that they are, using the full agility of their four legged stance to avoid some of the attacks, and reducing the effectiveness of others. Taiki then grins a bit and says, "Not bad…" before launching forward with another one of those lightning-charged tsugas at Shinobu. In the meantime, Shinobu leaps toward Daichi, his claws extended out into long, lightning-charged spikes.

Shinobu just avoids the incoming lightning. Hey, she can do that too! The girl would land on all-fours, focusing on Taiki. The skill itself was difficult to pull off since she just managed to get it down. Its destructive levels… Or something. WELL ANYWAY, she launches herself at Taiki with Shinobu coming from the other side.

As the incoming attacks appear to be more coordinated, and switching from the stated objective, Taiki decides its time to end this. He runs through a couple of handseals and brings up that seal wall that worked so well against Shinobu's lightning arcs, and rotates it around to first catch the fire kunai. As he watches the spent kunai fall to the ground he hears the distinctive noise of the lightning tsuga, but neither he nor Shinobu (the ninken) are currently using the technique! He quickly rotates the seal wall around in an arc, catching both Shinobu and Kame and bouncing them away. "That's enough," Taiki states clearly as he looks between the three opponents, a frown forming on his face as he does.

First he looks at Daichi and says, "You're very good for a genin. If it weren't for my extensive experience, you would have given me problems. In fact, it's rare that I have to call in even one of my ninken partners to help train a genin. But toward the end you switched to ninjutsu, which is not what we were here to practice. Always bear in mind the parameters of what you're doing, be it training or missions. You'll just make more trouble for yourself if you don't."

He then turns his gaze toward Shinobu, and his frown deepens slightly. "I can honestly say you surprised me on three fronts. First, you know medical ninjutsu, which shows me you have a keen mind. I did not know you had gone so far in the medical program, and for that I am proud of you. The second way you surprised me is that you din't use genjutsu. That is a known weakness for me, but you had no idea I have spent time starting to shore that up. Don't be afraid to use all the tools you have at your disposal." Taiki then narrows his gaze at Shinobu and Kame and says, "But it's the third surprise that has me somewhat… vexed. You came to me asking for training in lightning four legged stance, and I refused. I had planned to start teaching you after the entire Zori situation was handled, but it looks like you already started to figure it out. While I applaud you for your initiative, and I do remember not forbidding you to try it on your own, my observations of that style still apply, it is a dangerous style to learn, full of pitfalls. In a way, it is as dangerous to train as the gates are to use. I will ask Hige if he's taught you any of this, but if he hasn't, we will be having a talk about safety in training. Do you understand me?"

Daichi looked between the both of them. Taiki was talking about things, but Daichi didn't really get why he couldn't use ninjutsu too. He was using it mainly as just a way to use something unexpected. Sure he wasn't amazing with it, but one day he could be. And he wouldn't let using the gates stop him from using ninjutsu if it could help him. Now he spoke to Shinobu too, and Daichi didn't know those skills of hers she was learning were dangerous to train. Not like he could say anything with him using the gates, but now he maybe had a reason to be worried too. "Well… Okay Taiki. I just want to get better at ninjutsu as well as taijutsu. Just because my strengths lie in taijutsu doesn't mean the others have to be neglected." He just nods and looks at Shinobu with a small smile as his wounds continue to heal.

Shinobu would stop since Taiki said so, the girl working on healing her injuries first since Taiki was talking to Daichi mostly. The girl would look up when he addressed her and sort of bow slightly. "Umm… I didn't … think… to use it…" Sort of because Daichi was mostly working on Taijutsu, so she was sort of following the same restrictions X) The girl would hesitate a bit when Taiki addressed the Raitsuga. The girl probably wouldn't have managed to figure it out unless she managed to get assistance, really. She would have focused on something else. "I… got Hige-kun to teach me… Umm… So he taught me the stance… And then how to do Tsuga… like that…" she tells Taiki.

Taiki listens impassively at Daichi's defense before he says, "That's fine. Feel free to learn all the ninjutsu you want. But when we are practicing something, in this case, you using the gates, then that's what you're restricted to using. The gates are taijutsu skills, so that's what you were to use /for this spar/," he explains patiently. His gaze then turns toward Shinobu and he nods once. "At least you went to someone who knows the techniques, which allows for mistakes to be tended to," he says, somewhat mollified. He then walked over to Daichi and started to apply a healing technique, before turning it on himself. "Overall, good work. I normally like to be surprised in a spar, especially by the younger generations. It means you're growing strong."

Daichi nods and reverts to just being in his normal non gates mode. "I…" He blinked a few times seemingly dizzy, but otherwise still standing. "Thank you." He just looked over at Shinobu for a moment. "Lets go get some Ramen. I am hungry." He smiled and started walking off hoping he could possibly get some help because he was still visibly tired somewhat.

Shinobu would nod quietly to Taiki and would give him a small smile for the earlier praise before looking over to Daichi. He seemed a bit unsteady on his feet! D: The girl would shuffle over and hug him quietly, and also sort of working on steadying him, before she would nod a bit to the food idea. She would take his hand to make sure she could catch him if he fell, then start heading towards the ramen shop. Mmmm, food…

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