What If? Genderswap - An Interrupted Meeting


Sousa (Sousha), Shuuren (Shuurin), Chitose (Cho)

Date: January 23, 2014


This is a submission of a log for the Genderswap RP Challenge for Sousa, Shuuren, and Chitose.

"What If? Genderswap - An Interrupted Meeting"

Sunagakure Administration Dome

The great experiment continues under Sousha's watchful eye. Not a chemical or physical one. She dabbles in those too, when she has time, but they're not her main focus. One might make an argument that the experiment is biological, though that would be misleading. Psychological is closer, but it doesn't involve the study of any single mind. No, Sousha's primary passion lies in the social sciences. Sunagakure itself is her great experiment, growing, changing, without a foreseeable end. She pokes it, tickles it, tests it, disciplines it, but above all…nurtures it.
Which is why she can be found, as is usually the case, in her office at the administration building, diligently working on the papers left on her desk. She's expecting a visitor soon, though…a figure of some influence, and renown in the intellectual world.

Approaching the door in what would be considered a woman's business suit, white in color with a black vest as per her usual, Shuurin would lift a hand to knock at the door. "Kazekage-sama, I'm here for our appointment," her smooth voice rings out as she waits by the door. Her guards seem to be missing, though they've likely just been dismissed to have some leisure time in the marketplace while she meets with the Kazekage.

And that's when Cho walks right up toward the door with the approaching Shuurin without missing a beat. The young man with long hair seems to be fully ready to enter the officce, bidden or unbidden and even goes so far as to walk past Shuurin's knocking and into the office before pointing at Sousha with a finger and ire, "What the hell is the meaning of having me followed all over the place, Sousha? I have proven on more than one occasion that I can take care of myself. Even so far as to face down the great scorpion one on one and had him running for the proverbial hills!"

Sousha reaches for a button on her desk which opens the door…but pauses when she hears a familiar stride coming down the hall. e.e Rather than waste mechanical energy she lets Cho push the door open and folds her hands under her chin to listen to the coming tirade. "Put simply, you are a variable of some interest, Cho-san," she replies evenly. "Your actions and the reactions of others to you are useful data, data which I prefer to have observed and recorded as much as possible. That, and you are still in a juvenile stage of development with all the potential for irrational behavior that goes with it, compounded by your overconfidence."
Sousha stands and walks around her desk, giving a bow toward Shuurin. "Come in, Nagayama-sama. Please forgive this youngster's blunt behavior, he is somewhat spoiled. A fascinating case study, though, remind me to tell you some of the findings I've had regarding him." Sousha motions toward a comfy chair. "I believe you have something of interest to tell me about yourself?"

When she is walked directly past, Shuurin blinks a few times and tilts her head a bit. She lets the young shinobi vent his frustrations for a moment before coming in when invited by the Kazekage. "I understand. A few of the younger soldiers in my guard are a bit rambunctious as well," she says with a smile as she steps inside the room and moves to sit in the offered chair. "Ah, yes, I've been working on something new that I think you may be interested in using a new form of Chakra Scalpel that I've invented," she says, reaching into her coat to grab a scroll and hand it over to the Kazekage. What she will find inside are details of a jutsu using Nano Chakra Scalpels to basically create a temporary regeneration that could replace necrotic tissue, recreate limbs and organs, heal from fatal wounds, and even bring a recently deceased person back to life.

A blink as he hears that and he points at Sousha, "Hey!" He declares, "I wouldn't exactly call being followed around constantly and watched all the time spoiled!" He then shakes his head, "Nor would I call what I have done, spoiled." He then looks over at Shuurin and blinks a few times before saying, "What is this about a new scalpel?" She then looks over at the scroll before looking back to Sousha and sighing, "Of course, as if you care about anything I have to say once something new and interesting comes along."

Sousha gives Cho an absent-minded pat on the head while accepting the scroll. "Few who suffer from behavioral disorders are willing to recognize them," she murmurs, studying the document. "Hmmm, fascinating. It would be tempting to willingly undergo euthenasia merely to observe the effects, if we could be reasonably certain it can be reversed. Of course, I imagine the Council would require quite a few successful volunteer trials before they allowed me to attempt it myself…" Sousha glances to Shuurin. "And what might I offer you in exchange for instruction in this technique? I have made some rather interesting strides in the area of communications seals recently."

"We're scientists, dear boy. What do you expect? All things socially are treated as fickly as possible for an opportunity at the next big discovery," Shuurin says to Cho with a slight grin before looking back to Sousha. "Well, the idea was to work on this together. Of course, I'll need to teach you how to create the Nano Chakra Scalpels. I'm sure you've got a few… spare prisoners who may need some sort of physical augmentation to be able to lead normal lives due to injuries they've sustained? After that we could try giving some of your shinobi who've sustained serious injury mobility again."

"Oh good, someone who is just as mentally unstable as Sousha to talk with. That's just what she needs." Cho takes a breath and looks at Sousha, "I don't know how you came to be in charge." He shakes his head and turns to walk toward the exit, "You enjoy your psychotic conversation over hurting others to 'further' your causes." He then starts out.

Sousha nods faintly. "A collaboration, then…that could perhaps be arranged. As far as guinea pigs goes, as it happens the Sunagakure bylaws are rather restrictive regarding what actions may be taken even toward prisoners, but yes, I'm certain we could find some volunteers for whom the potential benefits would outweigh the risks. Of course, the ideal candidates…" Sousha glances after the retreating Cho. "…would be those with the greatest chance of recovery even if something should go awry."

"No one ever said being a genius didn't take some neurosis," Shuurin says with a wink up at Cho before looking back to Sousha. She seems to ignore the boy's leaving as she gives a nod to the Kage. "Of course. I believe this endeavor will strengthen both our countries, along with being a rather interesting experiment for us as scientists."

A glance at Shuurin before Cho stops and looks back at Sousha. He stares for a moment, almost glaring before saying, "Not a chance, old lady." Cho then turns to the exit, stops only a moment, looking at avase on a pedestal and then breathing in suddenly to spit ink right over the vase and the pedestal. The ink flows down on to the floor as Cho leaves, melting the vase half down along with the pedestal and pitting the floor as well as the door shuts.

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