What If? Genderswap - Matron of the Hotsprings


Akane (Akane), Noab (noanu), Miyo (Miyo), Taiki (Aoi)

Date: January 23, 2014


Genderswap Challenge in the hot springs

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"What If? Genderswap - Matron of the Hotsprings"

Konoha Hot Springs

Akane had spent the day in training and climbing trees to hide from one of the medics that were teaching him at the hospital. So he was of course ready to relax and take a nice hot bath. He entered the washing room and stripped down to his towel, washed off and headed straight for the springs wearing just his towel. His short crimson hair spikes even when wet and his torso, front and back, is covered in scars. Cuts, slashes, was that a stab scar or two? He evenbore a scar directly over one eye. Walking headlong into one of the hotter springs he settles in on a rock and just grins as he sinks to his nose in the water.

Ah, the hot springs…where curious young boys hang around all day in the hopes of expanding their knowledge of female anatomy. Of course, in the communal section, people usually wear some manner of swimsuit, but the swim fashion for girls these days does tend toward the revealing. And rumors persist amongst hotblooded youths that every once in a while the communal springs are visited by young ladies with a very liberal outlook on what constitutes public decency in this sort of establishment. Who knows, maybe one will walk through the ladies' changing room door right nOH SWEET MERCIFUL KAMI WHY!?!? DX A fat old lady just came in! At least she's wearing a swim outfit that doesn't display anything unnecessarily, but a couple of would-be oglers turn swiftly away and retch. x.x Akimichi Noanu, feared as one of Konoha's toughest old drill sergeants, plods over to the edge of the springs and settles into the water, just discernably raising the level of it.

+ At about the same time that the old Nanu exits the changing room, Uzumaki Miyo, does as well. He bursts forth from the changing room, a towel secured around his slim waist. The lanky, long-limbed boy strikes a pose immediatly outside. "Ahhh…. yeeeah!" He throws his hands up and then begins walking towards the pools while busying himself with pulling his waist-length hair into a ponytail. As he does, he catches sight of something massive out of the corner of his eye and turns to see Noanu. The pale-kid blanches an even ghostlier shade of white. "Oh…towel…" He then spins on his heel and continues to side-shift towards the pools, hopping into the water a moment later.

Based on an assignment by her well-meaning uncle, Inuzuka Aoi makes her way into the communal section of the hot springs. Normally she restricts herself solely to the women's side, for several reasons that no one but her previous sensei may truly know. Still, she bucks the trend and wears a one-piece that is designed to hide curves, though it may be a lost cause for someone with the kind of chest she has. Still, when she enters she is walking by her ninken Nozomi and Shinobu, Nozomi being the larger white dog and Shinobu being the smaller red. Shinobu races toward the water while Nozomi almost seems to hover, lending support to the decidedly nervous clan diplomat. She blushes a bright red at the sight of the boy coming through here, and seems to be trying to get into the spring somewhat away from him, while trying to attract as little attention to herself as possible.

Akane looked up as the water level rose and spots Noanu. Scrub. The one day he'd ditched would be the one day he'd run into her at the hot springs! Of course that was assuming she'd spoken to the medic he was supposed to be training with… He was about to sink deeper into the water and 'train' his breath-holding ability when this lanky little kid comes out of nowher splashing in between Akane and Noanu.. followed by a ninkan cannon ball of fur… All of which combines to an underwater Akane. When he surfaces again he comes up right to one side of Aoi, shaking his spikey haired head like a dog… and ends up looking directly at her chest. He blinks a few times, staring before he coughs and gives the woman a hesitant. "H..hey there."

Noanu is aware she isn't making things more pleasant for a certain kind of spring-goer, but they can stow it in their duffel bags! If she catches any undisciplined young idiots looking at the fairer sex the wrong way, she'll have them staring into latrines for a change! As for the rest of the tolerably decent folk, they can just put up with her presence, a crotchety old lady's got as much right to a hot soak as anybody. Dogs, on the other hand… "Say, when'd they start letting animals in here?! There'll be hair all over in minutes!" >P Noanu leans back with a grumping sound. "And they complain about me smelling the place up." When Akane pops out of the water in suspiciously close proximity to Aoi, Naonu narrows her eyes and stretches an arm waaaaay out using her clan's special technique to pinch the youth's neck. "Ever heard of a zone of aggression, sonny?" >/

Aoi gives a loud "eep!" when Akane comes up right in front of her and tries to backpedal a bit to get away from being so close. "A… a… arrigato," she squeaks. Thankfully Noanu tries to get the young man's attention, giving her time to get closer to Nozomi. For the moment the dogs are the poor girl's lifeline. She seems very shy for an Inuzuka, which fits what most have heard about the clan heir, though she has been coming into her own lately in the field. Finally she starts trying to get her blush under control and says, "H… h… hello."

Akane felt the hand ont eh back of his neck and tried to move instinctively but felt the pinch anyway. He yelps and one hand snaps back to try and grab Noanu's hand protectively. "A wha?!" He scrambles away from the touch and looks around for Aoi giving her a big scoundrel grin and rubs the back of his head. "Sorry. Didn't see you there." He sends a look at Noanu. "/Honestly./" Then he settles back into the water, keeping an eye out for that dog jsut in case it wants to try and take revenge or something. He knew Inuzuka dogs were definitely unique. Lucky for him, he wasn't here to 'sightsee' so he really shouldn't rub Noanu the wrong way…much… He did find Aoi attractive of course but he'd never have gotten that close right away. it took… finesse.. with a shy girl like that. So he just sits back down and grins at Aoi.

LIES! >P Akane has an unreliable narrator! Noanu knows it! Nobody makes a move like that without it being intentional, that only happens in silly manga! Noanu scowls while reluctantly withdrawing her hand. "I'm watching you <strike>Wazowski</strike>, alllllways watching." >/ Noanu turns her head toward Aoi. "Should be safe enough now, haven't seen any others with more confidence than sense. RIGHT!?" Noanu turns a sudden glare around the other residents of the spring. >.<

Nozomi is indeed watching, and seems to move her large, white-furred body between Akane and Aoi and gazes at the man. Aoi looks down was Akani flashes her that smile and barely resists the urge to put her two pointing fingers together in front of her. "A… a… arigato," she says as she looks toward the older woman. "I… I…'m s..sure it w..was a m…mistake." Yes, she is distinctly uncomfortable here, but Shinobu seems to be enjoying himself so she's not going to leave yet. Normally he's the one out numbered by the ladies after all.

Akane saw the girl was pretty shy, stuttering her words and the look he'd gotten from Noanu was enough to make him 'sit pretty' on a normal day… But this time he just tosses the old bat a grin too before he turns to… Nozomi. He smiles at the dog. "Hey buddy." And holds out his hand for Nozomi to sniff if he wanted. "See? I'm okay."

"Darn right it was a mistake," Noanu mutters, still glowering a bit at Akane. "Nearly the last mistake he ever made too." Having run out of misdemeanors to punish for the moment, Noanu settles back to let the heat soak into her bones. Of course, that'll take a while, considering how much bulk it has to get through. -.-

Nozomi snarls and lets out a low growl before saying, "Stay away from her," in human tongue. The dog obviously isn't taking any chances for a repeat of the earlier incident.

Aoi looks at the large white dog and exclaims, "Nozomi!" The dog's hear swivels toward her as she continues. "He's being polite, so you need to be too," she says in a soft voice. Admonishment done, she looks at Akane for a moment and says, "Inuzuka A..a…aoi. N..nice to m…meet you."

Akane puts both of his hands up as Nozomi growls then talks to him, telling him to stay away from her. "My bad." She was certainly attractive.. but he was pretty sure a talking dog knew basic anatomy…. Ye, it wasn't worth it to try the dog… But then Aoi chides the dog and Akane offers her a smile as she introduces herself. "Fujikujo Akane. But my old friends called me Kyojin." He sounds amicable enough as he introduces himself, unable to resist his nickname from childhood. 'The Assassin's Blade'. He puffed his chest up a little, proudly, scars from combat more apparent in the hot water. "Very nice to meed you Aoi-chan." And.. he just…can't..resist… "I like your suit."

Aoi blushes again but resists shrinking back. She looks down at the old-fashioned swimsuit that covers most of her main body, only showing a few of the scars that run across her shoulders and upper body. She then shakes her head and replies, "N… n… no… it's s…somthing I j…just p..picked out. I.. I sh…sh…shouldn't even b…bbe here." She sighs and shakes her head, wishing not for the first time that she didn't accept the assignment from her uncle.

Akane shakes his spikey head at her words. "You got every right to be here as anyone else. I'm the one who shouldn't be here." He leans over conspiratorily just far enough to make the motion but not push the dog's imposed limits. "I skipped my lessons this afternoon. So you see, You have more right than me to be here, Aoi-chan." He grins again, big teethy grin, running a hand through his crimson hair. "Would you like some tea or anything? I can get a tray…."

Ever here the joke about Jesus watching? Well in this case Nozomi is watching, and she looks very protective of Aoi. Akane is only allowed so far before Nozomi snarls, despite Aoi's glance of warning. The dog looks singularly unrepentant, causing Aoi to sigh. "No Akane-kun," she says softly. "I… I d..do..don't do w..wel around b.. b.. b..boys. I sh…should bbe w.w..with the g…girls," she then sighs adn shakes her head. "It's nothing ag..gainst you, j..just…" Wh then shrugs and waves off the offer of tea. "No… thththank you…"

Akane smirks when he hears the dog growl and simply backs off. But when Aoi suggests that she just didnt do well around boys he smiles a bit without his bravado and turns so he's facing the wall of the pool. He folds his arms on the rock and offers a sarcastic half-grin. "Would it help either you or your dog to know I can't really see you anyway? I just saw your suit when we were close. You're mostly a shadow to me." He doesn't look or sound like he's lying…. But then that would just make him a good liar, right? maybe…

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