General Hospital: Eye transplant


Eremi, Kenta

Date: November 29, 2015


Eremi goes to Kenta needing a favor done in the form of surgery

"General Hospital: Eye transplant"

Konoha Hospital

Rain soaked and worse for wear, Eremi walked into the front doors of the Hospital and began to wander around. He was stopped several times by nurses and staff, but waved them off claiming to not need their help. He was looking for someone else, someone he figured had to be here. With the beginning of Autumn starting, the sun was fading earlier and earlier while the leaves of the forests were beginning to change. What once was bright and sunny warm days had quickly changing to cold and windy with periodic spurts of rain as the temperature started to dip to prepare for Winter. Where else would Kenta be besides the hospital during this kind of day? There was a chance Eremi had miscalculated and Kenta was on a mission. If that were the case, he'd return to the waiting room, hoping to see the doctor walk by.

Kenta arrives in the waiting room only a few minutes after Eremi settles down. "Konichiwa, Eremi. Umm… one of the nurses said that you came by my office looking for me," the young man says as soon as he's within greeting range. Kenta has a clipboard clasped to his chest, the dark brown wood of the back a stark contrast in color to his pure white assembly of lab coat and trousers. "Would you like to head back there to talk or do you need an examination done? I just finished with my last patient of the morning, so we should have plenty of time."

Eremi would rise from his seat upon Kenta's arrival, meeting the other halfway. "Hey, Kenta." Offering a slight bow of his head. It was interesting to see the man in a doctors coat as Eremi had never once came to the hospital before. He also hadn't seen Kenta as often as he would have liked, but hopefully things could change. "Uh, yeah. Probably better if we went back to your office. I don't need an examination, but I do need your help. Your…expertise in the matter." One hand lifting to rub at the other arm nervously. "Just lead the way."

It doesn't take much time to lead Eremi back to Kenta's office. The hospital is always full of people, but Kenta knows the quickest routes to take during this time of the day. It also helps that he's able to lead Eremi through several staff only areas. Before long, the medic-nin's gesturing for Eremi to sit while he closes his office door tightly shut behind him. "Umm… would you like anything to drink? Water?" Kenta asks as he starts to move behind his big work desk. He doesn't sit down yet, in case Eremi does need some refreshments.

Following behind Kenta, Eremi keeps his focus on the doctor rather than looking around. He wasn't curious about what he might see, he was here for a reason after all. Upon entering the office, Eremi takes the seat offered and shakes a hand at the offers, "No thanks." The hand then tapping on the gourds hanging past the chair some. "So, Kenta….How have you been?" An attempt at small talk as Eremi isn't really sure how to approach this, but he doesn't give Kenta enough time to respond. "Listen, I need a favor. It's not illegal or anything and it's totally approved by the higher ups. The Hokage and the likes, but it's definitely a big one as it needs to be kept secret."

So no water. Kenta sits down and folds his hands on his desk. "Umm… are you sure that you should be coming to me with this, Eremi? If this is a secret, I doubt that I'm supposed to know it. Taiki-sama would be the person that you should talk to if you need a medic's expertise for whatever task you're thinking of. He's the head of the hospital and the one in a trusted position." The young man's furrow in thought for a second. "You should probably have a document drawn up just to cover all the possibilities too."

Eremi shrugged, "I thought about going to Taiki, but he's always so busy. Head of the hospital, clan head…I just don't think he has time for one more thing on his place. I'm sure he'll learn anyways about what I'm going to ask you if he doesn't already know, either from the Hokage or yourself if you tell him." He'd glance around the office, eyes focusing on every thing but Kenta, "I'm not worried about that possibility." Knuckles crack as he forms a fist in one hand. "So," Turning back to look at the doctor, "I need a surgery done. It's nothing advanced, mind you, but I'd rather have it done by a professional than anyone else."

Kenta's brows furrow. The mystery deepens. Eremi seems to be implying that he needs some basic surgery done, who knows what a non-medic would believe is simple? Kenta shuts in a shallow breath through his teeth. "Umm… ok. If you think that I'm authorized to know about this simple surgery of yours, go ahead and tell me the details. But I'm going to have you sign a form afterwards, just so that we have a record of this. I don't want to perform a surgery for you only to find out that you were mistaken about me being authorized to do it. Umm… so… go ahead." Kenta gestures for Eremi to spill.

"Eremi nodded in agreement, not caring about having to sign a form. His hands would find their way into one of his pouches, rummaging around before finding a vial that he'd place on the table. Within the vial was a single eye floating in liquid. The eye itself was a three tomoe'd sharingan. "I confiscated a pair of sharingan from a runaway Uchiha. I brought them both back to the Uchiha clan head, Kurome, but I asked if I could keep one. With a bit of convincing, she approved my request. Now I just need to get it transplanted."

Kenta stares at the grizzly object on his desk. He glances at Eremi to read the other man's expression. Then, he stares at the eye again. "Umm… I can see why this is confidential… I've read records of such transplants being authorized before, without any names mentioned, but they're -extremely- rare. I'm surprised that you've managed to get it approved by the clan head." The young man's brows furrow again. "It's also not going to be as simple a surgery to transplant this eye as you think. Eye surgery is already complicated on its own, but an eye that carries dojutsu requires additional considerations. They have to be properly integrated into the chakra network. Only Taiki-sama, me and a few others in Konoha have the skill to do that. Ummm… even then, I'm not sure that any of us can make it work as efficiently for a non-Uchiha."

"I'm just as surprised as you." Eremi added as he leaned back in his chair, eyes focused on the vial on the desk. "Well, taking it out was easy enough, I guess I just figured putting it back would be the same." His lack of medical knowledge was showing, but if he knew more he'd try to attempt the surgery himself. High risks for failure be damned. "If you're one of few that can do it, then I came to the right person. I'm not looking for full functionality. The sharingan is stuck in its three tomoe'd state, so I won't be able to deactivate it. I'll have to keep it covered at all times I'm sure or risk draining my already low chakra reserves…"
He'd pause briefly, hesitant to say more, but knowing at this point he shouldn't keep anything from Kenta. The man that may be willing to do the surgery. "Is there anything you aren't particularly good at? Like, you're so bad at it, even with practice you'll never get better. It's almost a debilitating weakness? That's how it is for me with Genjutsu. I can't counter it. Never could. It gets into my mind and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm told it happens with all the Satonezu blood line, but in my position, I simply can't have that being my one major weakness. I need the sharingan to balance that part of me out. Even if it's only a little bit, it's more than I already have."

Kenta nods slowly. "I can understand that. I just hope that you've thought everything through. This might seem like a big blessing to you, but it could end up being a burden later on. It's always hard to tell until after the fact." The medic-nin picks up the vial to inspect the eye inside. He shakes his head slightly. "I wish I knew how to deactivate it and transplant it in a way that'll give you greater control. There just hasn't been enough similar surgeries performed and details of previous ones are lacking due to the classified nature." He glances at Eremi again. "Umm… when do you want this surgery performed?"

Eremi sighed slighty, "Just another thing to carry on my shoulders if it doesn't go as planned." Chuckling to himself as he shakes his head before listening to Kenta once again, watching the man inspect the sharingan, "As soon as possible. I'll need to get a feel for it now rather than later when I'll need it. I'm sure it won't be as easy as learning to ride a bike, but that won't stop me from trying. I'd also like it in my right eye, if possible. I already have a scar that cuts over it that people barely notice due to my bangs, so it would be the best choice for location. Unless you can put it in my forehead?" Asking almost jokingly.

Kenta shakes his head regretfully. "I can't insert an eye into your forehead. That'll take more medical training than I have right now, if it's even possible at all," he tells the other man. Kenta leans sideways and reaches downwards to open one of the desk's drawers. From it, the medic-nin withdraws a form, which he quickly starts to fill out. "Like I said earlier, I'm going to have you sign this consent form for the operation. It's going to be filed with Hokage-sama's paperwork, so I -really- hope that you're not mistaken about this whole thing." Kenta slides the document and pen towards Eremi once he fills out several sections. "Ummm… put down your personal information and sign at the bottom."

"Yeah…" Eremi didn't think it would be possible, but he hoped. Knowing little more than how to wrap a bandage around some cuts and bruises left him lacking in the medical department. "I hope so too." Scooting toward the desk to grab the pen, he'd look the form over, skimming through the information before filling out what was needed from him. "Alright. That should be everything." Sliding the form back to Kenta and setting the pen on the desk. "I guess another thing I should ask…Is this a costly surgery? I mean, I have the money, and I wasn't expecting you to do this for free or nothing…"

"It normally would be, but I think this is a special situation. This surgery could help you with your work as ANBU and that'll help Konoha. If you want, you can make a donation afterwards," Kenta says while he inspects the form to make sure that everything's filled out properly. He slides it into a different drawer than the one that he took it from and locks the drawer tightly. Then, the medic-nin gets to his feet. "If you're ready, we'll do this now. Umm… I know for sure that one of the operating rooms are still available. The surgery could take a while, especially since I can't bring any assistants, so it'll be evening by the time we finish. You'll also have to stay overnight, but I'll put you in a special room that only Taiki-sama and I will be granted access to."

Eremi nodded as he stood from his chair, looking at Kenta once again to lead the way. "I'm ready and staying all night is fine. No one is normally looking for me and if I can't be found they assume I'm drunk some where, passed out." He'd shrug, as that's how he wanted people to think of him. If no one relied on him, there was no one he could disappoint. "I'll at least get a free meal out of this right? Hospital food :|"

Kenta nods his head up and down in an encouraging manner. "That's the way to look at it. You get a free meal out of the stay," he says, obviously not having caught Eremi's sarcasm. The medic-nin leads Eremi out of his office and makes sure to lock it behind him. Can't be too careful when there's sensitive paperwork inside.

Just as Kenta remembered, one of the operation rooms are free and he brings Eremi straight there after leaving instructions for them not to be bothered. The next hour is spent making sure that they have the equipment needed. Kenta keeps the eye out of sight, since the preparations does require some help from other nurses. Once all the surgical tools needed are in place, he ushers the rest of the people out, except for Eremi. "Umm… go lie down, please."

Noticing so much being locked behind Kenta's office peeked Eremi's curiousity a bit as to what information Kenta had on others within the village exactly. It wasn't something he'd ever likely find out, but it was intriguing. A fleeting thought as they walked down the corridor and into an operating room. Eremi watched patiently in a corner and out of the way while Kentan and hosptail staff made preparations. When asked to lie down, he would do so. Staring up at the lights hanging from the ceiling, knowing that within hours the world would look completely different to him.

The first thing that Kenta does is to run Eremi through some tests. After taking a blood samples and a gentle scraping of cells from the eyeball that he's going to replace, the medic-nin affirms that there should be no major compatibility issues with the new eye. Should be, but that's not a guarantee that there -won't- be. After that, Kenta proceeds to strap Eremi down on the surgical bed. All four limbs are lashed to the bed, along with a strap over Eremi's stomach and chest. "We don't want you to move accidentally while we're doing this," Kenta explains to the other shinobi while he does this. As soon as he finishes, the medic-nin pulls over an IV, which he affixes to his patient's right arm. Kenta mixes together several different chemicals. He draws the concoction into a syringe, so that he can inject it into the IV bag. "This is going to make you sleepy very shortly. Don't try to fight it."

Eremi did his best to remain motionless well before the straps were put on him, knowing that proper cooperation during even the initial setup could be crucial to not messing up what is now a delicate and complicated procedure. When the straps are put on him, lashed down and held firmly in place is when he begins to become nervous. Fists clenching tightly into himself and his chest rises as much as it can through the strap as he takes in a deep breath. Being restrained was never a calming moment for Eremi. Thankfully he'd be asleep shortly, with nothing to think on but his dreams. Before the chemicals takes effect, Eremi glances at Kenta the best he can. "I trust you." His eyes would then close as he waits to pass out.

The next few hours are grueling ones for Kenta. Not so much for Eremi, since his patient is completely passed out. This is something that Kenta checks before he begins. When shining a light into Eremi's eyes and other methods of stimuli fail to doesn't cause any reaction, he finishes the rest of the surgery preparations. Another cocktail of drugs are added to the IV bag that should lower Eremi's immunity and reduce the chances that his body will reject the new eye.

Finally, Kenta starts his work. He uses some special clamps to draw Eremi's right eye open and keep it that way. The medic-nin uses a combination of regular surgical tools and shaped chakra to remove his patient's staring eye from the socket. This is a slow process that takes over an hour on its own, since Kenta wants to preserve the old eye in case it needs to be transplanted back in. Transplanting the Sharingan afterwards is another four hours of mind-numbing work. Popping it into the empty socket and aligning it properly isn't a problem. Things start getting more difficult when Kenta has to use medical jutsu to attach the eye to the optical nerve. Worse than that, the medic-nin must realign parts of Eremi's chakra network, since normal eyes don't usually need to draw chakra at the amounts that a Sharingan would.

By the time Eremi starts to wake up, it's already evening as Kenta has promised. He would find himself in a private hospital room with Kenta seated in a chair nearby. The medic-nin does some studying while he waits for his patient to wake.

When Eremi finally awoke after the surgery, instinctively he tried to open both eyes. Still somewhat dazed, he was a bit surprised to find out only his left eye would respond and even that was a bit hazy. Continued attempts would elicit the same response from his right until he brought a hand to touch at his face. He'd find bandages under his fingers, tightly wound to his head perhaps to prevent sudden shock upon opening an eye that's never been used with this body before. Clearing his throat, he'd turn his head from side to side atop his pillow, looking about the room with just his left eye. "Kenta?"

Kenta gets to his feet as soon as he hears Eremi's voice. The book that he was reading gets set on the side table. "Eremi? How are you feeling?" he asks as he stands over the prone man. Kenta places a hand on his patient's chest to send small pulses of medical chakra into Eremi's body. "Umm… seem a little dehydrated despite the IV I hooked you up to. No signs of infections. Everything else seems OK. But you're probably feeling plenty of pain from your new right eye. Don't worry about that. That's normal until you adjust to it."

Focusing on Kenta the best he could, Eremi swallowed hard and cleared his throat, "Not great, Doc, but I'm sure it'll pass." He hoped. The throbbing pain in his right eye would be hard to ignore, yet alone live with for the rest of his life if it lingered constantly. "Alright, so when do the bandages come off? Or should we wait until tomorrow?" Another day in the hospital wasn't preferable, but he couldn't argue with the treatment. Doctor knows best and all that.

Kenta removes his hand from Eremi's chest. "Your bandages will have to stay on until tomorrow. I'll give you an examination before I release you. It's still too early to tell if your body's going to reject the eye, but the chances seem very low so far," the medic-nin informs his patient. His voice grows stern. "But you're still not supposed to expose that eye to bright light for at least another week. I want you to keep it covered up during the entire time. It needs time to integrate properly. Even though I've attached it to both your optical nerve and your chakra network, the connections are very weak. Giving the eye a week will allow that to strength. Understand?"

"Alright, that seems fair." Licking his lips to moisten them he'd turn away from Kenta and glance up at the ceiling. Focusing on nothing in particular, but wishing he could ignore the pain and the fact that he wanted so badly to rub at his eye. "Wait…A week?!? I don't…that seems a bit much. I can't wear bandages on my head, people will get suspicious." He knew there wasn't much way around it, but that didn't change the fact he didn't want everyone knowing he was the proud new owner of a sharingan.

Kenta frowns sternly at Eremi. "Bandages… eye-patch… it doesn't matter what you wear as long as it covers the eye completely and blocks all light. I'm not going to let you cause damage by accident due to exposing the eye to lie too early. If that happens, I don't know if we'll be able to do anything to fix the problem." The medic-nin's expression softens slightly. "It won't really be as long as you feel it'll be. A week passes very quickly. Umm… and I doubt people would get suspicious. Eye injuries aren't uncommon. Besides, no one would guess that a non-Uchiha would be granted a Sharingan. You can tell everyone who asks that you're suffering from some eye problems that require having it covered for a while. That's true."

Eremi sighed, but accepted what he was being told. Again, he had no choice in the matter. He was disappointed, but it wasn't like he could object. Doing so though, did help distract from the pain. "Alright, I'll think of something. Maybe say I hit my head stumbling out of a bar. No one would object with that." He'd glance briefly at Kenta, smiling slightly, "Thank you, Kenta. I appreciate this, I really do." He'd turn back over, staring up at the ceiling.

"Umm… don't thank me yet," Kenta warns the other shinobi. He shakes his head slightly. "You might end up having problems because of this surgery. Who knows what introducing the Sharingan to your body will do. If this will have affects on your health and I shouldn't have done the surgery. At least I should be able to remove your Sharingan and reattach your original eye if things go wrong. I've stored that away with seals of preservation to keep it viable." The young man gives Eremi's shoulder a gentle pat. "For now, go back to sleep. You need your rest."

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