Genetic Infiltration


Kitaru, Keisuke, Aoitsuki

Date: June 25, 2012


A group lead by Seven Swordsman Keisuke is tasked with the mission to destroy DNA samples and clones of members of the Land of Water, as well as kill anyone involved with the lab during the process. The end result is a total blood bath and a burning bio lab.

"Genetic Infiltration"

Land of Grass - Bio Lab

Well, the time to get rid of the lab that is trying to make itself rich the corpses and DNA of Kirigakure soldiers has come. This mission is listed as A-Rank due to the delicate nature in which it has to be handled. The lab must be gotten rid of without disturbing or notifying Kusagakure that they have even been around, as they need to do this while avoiding the beginning of another war with Kirigakure in its recovering state. The two directly traveling with Keisuke at the moment are Aoitsuki and Kitaru, both of which have been given very specific instructions. The Genjutsu expert of the two is to silently neutralize any guards at the entrance of the lab that may attempt to alert the scientists and others inside of their presence.

Aoitsuki's job is to seal the entrance once they enter and when they leave to be certain no one escapes. They have both also been given large canisters of oil and matches, which will be used to torch the lab and all remains of Kirigakure residents inside. The strict rules of this mission are: No evidence of Kirigakure's presence. No survivors, regardless of age or identity. That is why only Chuunin and higher ranking officers were assigned to this mission. No mistakes can be afforded.
"If you have any questions, ask them now. We can't afford to screw this one up," Keisuke's deep, monotone voice rings out as he glances to the two Chuunin. No expression shows on his face, the giant Swordsman clearly all business today. They are roughly a half mile from their destination, so question time is now or never. "Stay on guard as we approach, Kitaru. Neutralize and kill anyone you see and bring the body inside to add to the pile. We don't have the luxury of sparing lives today."
Kitaru gave a solemn nod in response to Keisuke. "Hai. I understand. No survivors and neutralize everyone so no warning goes out. I can do it." He'd check the oil flask he had stashed on one hip, before pulling out one of those larger hand mirrors from a pouch on his leg. It was spun on it's handle to be slid up along side his arm. "Minimize any potential of knowing we were even here.. It shouldn't be too hard, considering they don't know we're coming." He'd glance over at Aoi, pondering something a moment. "If needed, can you make a block of ice that is reflective on one side? I don't need to be holding the mirror, I just need them to see a reflective surface to take them out."

Aoitsuki listened intently to the orders, there were no questions from her, and not a single crease of emotion along that smooth visage of hers. Her skin was already pale, vibrant locks of snow white hair rolling down her back and cheeks, her eyes the same pericing azure blue. Despite the circumstances, Aoi remained to be well kept and dressed, adorned in a beautiful green kimono, and a darker green bowless sash, she was at least… mixing in with her surroundings, and the kimono was cut short for easy movement. No leggings though, and for once she wore a pair of sandals, mostly to make sure she wouldn't leave any tracks behind.

"Your mirrors will suffice… I can't make a reflection without revealing myself as of yet," Aoi spoke honestly, moving along the giant swordsman and Kitaru, she knew her place at the moment… getting in was hopefully going to be the only obstacle.

"Good," is all Keisuke replies, his intense blood red eyes glancing around the path ahead. As the two collaborate on ways to pull their part of the mission off, he remains silent and ponders the task ahead. Despite his lead role in the mission, the Swordsman doesn't really have much to do until they get inside. Once the entrance is sealed, all inside will be fair game. Their deaths will be brutal, but it will look like some idiot accidentally caught the place on fire and no one got out. That's the point of sealing it off with ice, as it will simply melt, leaving no trace of bindings on the door and the residents inside to burn to a crisp with no hope of exit.
As the team walks down the path, a pair of mercenaries dressed in ragged brown clothing come into view. Thus, the game begins. A simple nod is given to Kitaru as Keisuke motions silently with his hand at the men for him to take them down. The real key here is to be sure they can't move or speak while they are trapped in the Genjutsu so they may be killed silently. Trusting in Kitaru's Genjutsu skills by what he's been told of the boy, he simply waits to see if what he was told comes to fruition.

Kitaru gave a small nod in response. His chakra would surge as that dark cloak enveloped him. Pouring on that focus, the link he obtained with both of the mercenaries was pretty easy to get. A moment's flash of that mirror he had palmed earlier caught both men within the stillness it forced. From there, it was a simple matter for Kitaru to use that genjutsu to tag the men, draining them of all their stamina and putting them into a coma. This was all done relatively quickly, his link and the comotose state of the men occurring all within a minute of each other. That dark cloak of

Kitaru's would continue to pulse around him as he'd keep walking with the other two, stopping long enough to tie up the men. "When we're in, I'll pull them in to the slaughter too. They however, will not wake up any time soon."

Kitaru's task seemed to be quite simple, Aoi couldn't even see what was happening… Once moment the guards were doing their thing and the next moment they found themselves slump into a coma, Kusagakure wasn't a village that had the most money, she figured their shinobi was definitely much stronger than the ones here as well. " Shall we continue on now?" Aoi questioned a soon as Kitaru was done being tied up, she herself began to produce a few clones next to her side, with a single hand seals there was about 4 Aoi's standing now, This was going to be her method to melding a wall of ice to seal the entrance…Her eyes looked to Keisuke briefly, curious of what he thought of the process so far… Still they had a lot of work todo once they got inside…

"Right. Wait until we're inside to slit their throats so there's no blood on the ground," Keisuke says with a nod as he walks up to where the two were standing and looks toward the hidden entrance to the lab, made to look like it's simply part of the rock wall. "Round two, kid. There will be two more on the other side of this door." So far, he is fairly impressed with Kitaru's performance. If he can them through the doors unnoticed until

Aoitsuki seals the door, his first objective will be complete. The Swordsman then turns around and holds his palm out toward each of them. One might wonder exactly what he is doing until a dagger of bone slides out of each palm and is held out to them. "Take these so I can keep track of your locations." That said, he turns back toward the door. "Let's do this then," he says before moving a hand forward to push a rock mechanism in and open the door, giving Kitaru only a couple seconds to do his work and subdue the mercenaries on the other side of the door.

Kitaru would nod in response, the two bodies left outside the door, he focused himself. The genjutsu was sent out before the door was even open, hooking into the two guards. larger mirror put away into his leg pouch as two of the spheres were palmed. Stepping through the door, both were held out, one towards each man to once again lock them down with that mirror stillness. He didn't look towards either one, instead focusing himself to use that genjutsu to once again drain them, it took a little more, they almost broke out of the stun before the drain finished off their stamina, making both go comotose again. Kitaru relaxed when they did, releasing a shuddering sigh before going out to grab the two who he had put out before and piling the bodies up in the corner. "Set. Let's do this."

Aoi moved in after the group, listening intently to Keisuke as she took his dagger and moved forward, carrying a slab of bone was rather interesting, but she simply tucked it away in her sash and soon enough the little army of clones followed in after Aoitsuki… Once everyone made it in the clones meld together next to the door, making a very rigid wall, very dense so it would be difficult to break down if someone attempted to try. " Sealed," Aoi said once her clones had melded together in the form of a wall, So far thinhs were going quite smooth…

Once all four guards are down and the door is sealed, Keisuke gives a nod to each of the Chuunin and looks down the hall of the underground lab. There are three rooms on each side of the hall and one big one at the door, the door to each closed. "I'll take the three at the end. Kitaru, take the one in the middle, Aoitsuki, the front. If we have any runners, make a wall and stop them so they can be taken out. Once they are all secure, we'll spread the oil around. Be sure all the remains are doused before we light is because we won't have time to come back in." That said, the giant Swordsman grabs a scroll from his side and opens it, using the bone in his thumb to poke a hole and draw a bit of blood from it and mark down the scroll. Once it is marked, water begins to spill out into the hallway from it, giving both himself and Aoitsuki plenty of ammunition to work with to get this done quickly and efficiently. "The fire to come will be more than enough to evaporate all of this," he says as he brings his hands into a seal. A moment later, a thick mist begins to rise up from the floor, engulfing the hall and hiding them and the exit from anyone who tries to run as Keisuke disappears into it to head toward his designated area.

Kitaru took that time while Keisuke was giving directions to slit the throats of the 4 men he had taken down. Leaving their blood to pool with the water, he also carefully doused them in oil to assist with the burning out that would happen later. Standing, a nod was given to Aoi and Keisuke before the mist would envelop them. He headed for the appropriate door, silent going by walking on top of the water to avoid giving away his position, he once again pulled out that hand mirror to be ready for what was ahead. First the link, then his body would head into the room, using that link to capture any minds he sensed, he'd do much like he had before, stun them with the mirror and drain them, working with the mist to make the mirrors seem to float on their own, throwing further confusion into the targets.

"Consider it done…" Aoi spoke at once to Keisuke, her eyes carefully looked around, examining her surroundings until the thick mist began to fill the area, it did give her the much needed ammunition to do as she pleased, and soon enough she moves forward, her kimono swaying with her movement, she didn't run and merely walked silently towards her desginated door, inching to clear out the place as swiftly as possible. Rather than using water though she wielded a few kunai, moving passed the door and locking her eyes and slinging the kunai on anything that moved, the kunai themselves was amplified by a wind chakra, increasing its cutting power and hopefully stabbing into a few of the targets and silencing the quickly… To make sure there was no surviors another set of clones poofed into existence, and aiming at impaling each individual with a hand of bladed ice.
As his two counterparts go to work, Keisuke walks into all three rooms, two of the forms of him being water clones. Screams are heard ringing out quite briefly as each one points a hand at the people of the rooms he's walked into, firing off four Drilling Bullets of bone in each one, the bullets spiraling around and flying to pierce through the temporal lobe of their targets to kill them instantly. Each one glances around, smirking slightly at how quickly the place has turned into a blood bath, the bullets seeming to fly around in circles of their own accord to strike at any remaining targets.

Kitaru didn't have the same speed kill as the other two on this task. However, the targets couldn't get out. With him in the doorway of the room, he used that mirror wall to seal off the room from any escape to their minds. With that done, he got to work on draining them all, reducing the screaming foes to comotose bodies slowly drowning in less than a foot of water. Once that was done, he'd do as before, simply step in with a kunai to slit their throats. After it was taken care of, he doused the room and bodies in oil, opening the door to lead the trail out into where the rest should be at. He would look around for Aoi and Keisuke, believing that his part of the mission was now basically done.

Aoitsuki also soon followed suit, there were only bodies now, dripping with blood and mutilated on the floor, however if this didn't kill them the ensuing blaze definitely would. She took the oil from her pouch and began to lather the room, pooring out a trail around the room and then back out into the hall way. Her clones were dispsered and there didn't even seem to be a drop of blood on her… As she headed out into the hall way she simply peered at Kitaru knowingly, waiting for Keisuke also to return back before puting too much oil on the floor before them.

Once all his targets are finished, Keisuke walks back out into the hall with a four scrolls in hand. He unties all four and lets them hang down as he swipes them all with the blood on his thumb. Once that's done, he tosses one into each room then drops one in the hallway. Oil begins to leak out of each one, beginning to flood the area with oil as it did with water. "Kitaru, Aoitsuki, time to go," the Swordsman calls out as he turns to walk back down the hall, the mist beginning to dissipate, thus making it much clearer what's beginning to fill up the hallway. He apparently prepared scrolls just for this occasion. Standing at the door, he looks back over his shoulder, waiting for the two to come and for Aoitsuki to let them out of the room before they turn this place into a furnace. One might notice all the oil is scentless, thus it won't leave as much of a trace for any investigators to track. This will all look like some freak accident. "Shall we?"

Aoitsuki followed along with Keisuke, walking above the oil she gave the area one last look, they seemed to do everything silent without a problem at all. Oil mixed in with the blood and water that drizzled the floor, and soon Enough Aoi followed and eventually lead the group to the ice door, with a quick motion of hand seals it began to fracture, crackk and leaving a small opening for them to squeeze through, after all Aoitsuki did plan on sealing it back up soon after. "We shallm" Aoi replies back and takes the lead once more, motioning through the crack in the door she was going to wait for them all to get out before finally resealing it incase a survivor attempted to get out…
nce Kitaru has secured his area and gotten out of the lab, Keisuke opens the door and steps out. He pulls a match out of his pocket and strikes it on his spaulder before tossing it inside and quickly closing the door. The sounds of the flames rising up is quite monstrous from inside, this definitely being the last day for the lab and all its scientists and hirelings. "Seal it in with about five five of ice or so, and we'll be on our way," the Swordsman says as he steps away from the door, the Genjutsu expert of the group in tow.

Aoitsuki was already on it, or at least her entourage of clones were…. there was a poof of smoke and soon enough they begin to line along the doorway, melding into the door and finally causing a dense door of rigid ice blocking the way, it was going to be difficult to completely break through that block, especially from the outside of the door… Her attention turns to Keisuke and she just nods her head, brushing the dust from her kimono while her snow white hair began to bright up into blonde locks…And Aoitsuki's flesh… not so pale. " It would appear that business here is concluded," Aoi replied there was a hint of a smile on Aoi's lips…

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