Genin Versus Rats! Extermination! Don't Burn the House!


Kyuketsuki, Amarante

Date: March 7, 2015


Two genin were chosen to carry out an extermination mission! Exciting! There were no available Chuunin available at the time, so this was a test of how responsible the two could be.

"Genin Versus Rats! Extermination! Don't Burn the House!"

Land of Fire

Its night time in the Land of Fire! And raining at that! The moon is currently veiled beneath clouds, and the temperatures are warm, despite the rain. Today there was a request sent to the Leaf Nin, a small mission. Someone has been having a problem with an infestation! Of rats of all things! Unfortunately there were no Chuunin to respond to this request, but since it isn't far off they decided to send a few Genin, namely Uchiha Kyuketsuki, and Sarutobi Amarante. Kyu was assigned as the leader of the team and a letter was sent to Amarante via a courier, informing her to meet Kyu at Konohagakure gates. Kyu was informed that he should head southeast, not far from Konoha and he should head there after meeting up with Ama.
Kyu is at the gates, waiting patiently for Ama to arrive. He looks around nervously, this is his first real mission he was officially in charge of.

Ama sulks while walking up to the gate to meet Kyu. "Yawn… hey Kyu…" Ama manages to force out between yawns. she is obviously tired. "so, rats…" Ama doesn't seem to be fully functional at the moment. "i guess we should head out then?"

Kyu nods at Ama, "Yes, rats. The village has received a customer that paying to have the rats cleared out. They don't care how they just said that they don't want their house destroyed." Kyu turns around, starting to walk, better to walk and talk and not waste time. "This is actually an unusual mission for Genin to be doing alone but they didn't have any available Chuunin. We have to make sure we don't screw this up if we want to do a mission like this ever again by ourselves." Kyu walks briskly as he talks. Clearly not going to waste a second if he can help it.

Ama begins to follow Kyu but remains mostly silent occasionally replying to Kyu with "yea" she pulls a canister of tea out of her bag and begins to drink in order to wake herself up. hopefully by the time they get to the house she will be functional

The two Genin walk at a brisk pace for around an hour, not terribly far, for a ninja to walk anyways. As they near the small village they were told to go to they see a small house on a hill, this house was the customer's house, as they head that way and approach they see someone sitting out front on a rocking chair, its an old man who seems rather impatient. When the Genin get close enough he looks at the iconic leaf headband and he stands up. "Ah! Took you Leaf Ninjas long enough! The rats are in the basement. Please try not burn my house down if you can help. I readied a few water buckets just in case but if you burn the house the amount I pay the village will be reduced!" He isn't lying, the brief already basically told both Genin this.
Kyu nods at the man, "Don't worry about it. We'll find a way to clear them out without lighting your house on fire.." Kyu, with that walks a little ways away to gather some sticks, he has a plan, the man never said anything about smoke, only fire. While he does this he gestures for Ama to go into the house without him

before walking into the house Ama asks the man how to get to the basement. she continues to sip on her tea as she is guided to the basement door and decides to wait there for Kyu so that she doesn't burn down the house. "thanks!" she begins to wonder what Kyu is doing.

The old man happily leads her to the basement door, but isn't going any farther, he looks relieved when Ama says she's gonna wait for Kyu and starts to go back outside.
Kyu shortly after the old man goes outside, enters the house, carrying a decent number of sticks, he walks up to Ama. "Okay, can you get the door for me? My hands are kinda full. I'm going to try and smoke them out of the basement. The floor should be stone so as long as we put out the sticks after the rats leave it shouldn't light up the house. I hope you aren't afraid of rats.. Because we're about to see a lot." Kyu takes a breath and readies himself for whatever may happen beyond that door.

right, Ama readies herself before opening the door. "please don't burn down the house Kyu" she begins to walk down the stairs prepared for maybe 20 rats. anything more would probably startle her. "rats don't tend to bother me Kyu" Ama stats trying seem tough.

Upon seeing the basement the Genin plan would be ruined! The floor is polished wood flooring! The floor constantly has ticks and clicks as rats skitter here and there across it! It seems like quite a lot but in reality it's only eleven rats, the rats are constantly moving and shifting a squeaking, making then difficult to count.
Kyu looks upset upon seeing the wood floor. "Well there goes that plan…" Kyu leaves the sticks on the stairs. "Have any other ideas on how to get these things out of here?" Kyu looks at Ama… Hoping she has some kind of idea…

"well Kyu, you are a specialist in genjutsu, so just hold them still and ill take them out with a kunai, if anything we will scratch the floor, but hey, the old man said nothing about that. he only said not to burn down the house" Ama says cockily. before pulling out a kunai and run toward a rat trying to get a hit off.

The rat sees the ninja sprint at it! The rat panics and tries to run away, but ninjas are just /soo/ fast! The poor thing gets skewered, ceasing its frantic movements almost immediately. One down! Ten to go! The rats start panicking, running, seemingly aimlessly around, some of them in their panicked, frenzied state even make swipes at Ama, and a few head up the stairs where Kyu is standing, trying to get him out of the way with their teeth and claws!
Kyu sees the panicking rats and starts trying to bind some, he launching a few binding illusions around, but is suddenly attacked! Kyu leaps back up the stairs, avoiding the first rat, but the second gets his leg, ouch! He leaps back again, looking at the three rats, he quickly reaches back and closes the door, they won't escape on his watch… But now he's cornered.

Ama notices the rats coming for her, she quickly uses her fire clones to avoid them, she then looks over to Kyu and noticing he is in danger runs toword the stairs and slashes at three of the rats with her kunai "are you ok Kyu?" Ama turns around and prepares for more combat

The rats that attack Ama are burned up by the Fire Clones, the fire luckily not catching the wood floor at all! Two of the three rats who were struck by genjutsu are bound, and imagine that they cannot move, shortly after getting stabbed, one managed to resist the genjutsu somehow and awkwardly move out of the way of the Kunai, the rats seem to squeak, as if talking, communicating, and then they all leap! And make a last ditch attack! All five of the remaining ones attack in unison!
Kyu tries to bind more of the rats when all of the sudden! The rats are leaping at him?! He panics and isn't quick enough, trying to replace himself with a nearby broom, but takes a claw swipe, and then replaces himself. Then finishing up with his binding illusions!

the rats begin to leap at Ama she try's to focus and use her replacement technique to replace herself with a dead rat, the first rat saw through it and went straight for Ama clawing at her face. but the other two went for the clones. in response Ama goes toward the rats that are standing still and swipes her kunai at them and one other.

All of the three rats end up bound! The rats cant move! And as a result can't stop the kunai being stabbed into them! Only 2 remain, and they back themselves into a corner. They know they've been defeated, and they look like they know it. They run into the wall. And, out of ideas, charge at the two! Final Claw Swipe! They put all their strength into it! They're not going down without a fight!
Kyu tries to dodge but was caught of guard by the rat's sudden ferocity! He takes the claw swipe and winces as he does, that really hurt! Kyu decides to try and punt the rat, kicking it to finish the thing off. And Binds the other one. Leaving it for Ama to finish off however she sees fit!

the rat jumps toward Ama. Ama quickly shifts her weight to attempt to strike the rat down with her kunai before the rat can make contact with her. "now I've got you" says Ama confident that this will end the fight, and she is ready to collect her pat on the back.

The final two rats are dead! The genin can call this a victory! The basement is now a mess with rat corpses everywhere, but they still did it!
Kyu smiles at Ama, "I think we did a really great job here! Do you think we should clean this up? Or just leave it. We aren't getting paid for clean up duty you know." Kyu smirks jokingly, as he starts picking up rat corpses. Their mission is complete. And he can't wait to get home and collect his reward!

Ama begins to leave agreeing with Kyu that they should not have to pick up the rats but as she begins to head up the stairs she sees Kyu pick up a rat and decides to help before going home.

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