Genjutsu Defenses are Convincing?


Kyuketsuki, Shinobu

Date: May 17, 2015


Kyu tries to convince Shinobu that she should become a shinobi, then teaches her how to defend Genjutsu

"Genjutsu Defenses are Convincing?"


It's been a few days since any incident has occurred that would cause Shinobu to withdraw into her shell. The girl is still on the shy side, but there's less fear when strangers are around. Thinking that things were gong well, Mana decided that it was high time for Shinobu to start considering what direction she wanted to take her life. As such, the older woman first invited Kyuketsuki to the Inuzuka's home. Tea and snacks have been set out, and Shinobu is sitting at the table enjoying one of the cookies that are out. Kame is rolling around on the ground, waiting for the company and looking eager for the colder months to come, as it's sooooo hot for September.

Kyu had gotten the message and started heading quickly to the Inuzuka village. He arrives outside of Shinobu's house and knocks on the door. After that he looks around and then back at the door. He had just recently been in a spar with Zori, which ended in his defeat and several cuts. He has changed since then, since it happened yesterday, but he still has light lines on the skin on his arms from the recently healed wire cuts. The other cuts are hidden beneath his clothes. He seems to be in a good mood though, despite that.

Shinobu peeks over at the door, as Mana hadn't told her that they were going to expect guests. The older woman also perks up a bit, hustling over to the door and opening it. "Kyu-kun, please come in. We've got some snacks all set out, so you're free to have them. Just take your shoes off before you come in." She goes inside, leaving Kyu unless he quickly follows, and shows Kyu where to go by simply making her way to the dining/living room area that was a rather open space with pillows everywhere along with a few tables to the side, not just the one in the center where the food was.

Kyu bows to Mana when the door is opened. And then removes his shoes as told before entering. He follows Mana and looks around the room. He looks at Shinobu and smiles, nodding to her in greetings. "Thank you for inviting me Mana-sama. And hello Shinobu-chan. I hope you're doing well." Kyu then looks around for Kame, wanting to give the pup some pettings.

Shinobu gives a quiet wave to Kyu, the girl watching as Kame bounds over for expected pets. Yip! ~Pets? Pets? What're you doing here, anyway?~ the young lab asks, practically barreling into the Uchiha out of excitement. Mana ends up over in the kitchen, the woman gesturing for Kyu to take a seat while she makes tea. As she works, she speaks. "Now, then, Kyuketsuki-kun. I hope you're doing well? No trouble?" she asks politely, hoping Kyu remembers that in the note, Mana wanted him to convince Shinobu that the Shinobi life was fine and well. The academy … well, it was uncertain if she would join it, still, but who knows.

Kyu smiles as the pup attacks him, he laughs softly. He (if Kame allowed) holds the pup in his arms and pets her. He then goes and sits at the table Shinobu is at. When he is asked how he's doing, and specifically the 'no trouble' part he shrugs a bit, as he keeps petting the pup. He does in fact recall the note, since he wants to convince Shinobu to join the academy, "Yeah. No trouble at all. I did go on a mission not very long ago where we had to track down a bear. That was interesting seeing as the two assigned to it were both not trackers, Kenta and me. After a long while we found the bear, knocked it out, and then found out why it was being a problem. Turns out it was just injured and in pain. The pain caused it to rage. But it was really fun. And a lot less dangerous than it sounds. It would've been much easier if we had an available Inuzuka or something."

Kame is perfectly happy with being held and pet, snuggling into Kyu's arms without reservation. Shinobu waits for Kyu to sit down before she scoots over and offers the plate of treats, the girl looking nervous still, but also happy the boy was here. Why nervous? Well, that's begun to replace the fear, and it only comes out when she's scared. Just so long as that place doesn't come up, she should be fine.
"An Inuzuka? Well, trackers are always good to have, whether it be sensors or otherwise. I remember medics can find things based on pulse, so you could try learning that sometime." Mana takes a seat at the table finally. "Shinobu-chan. We need to talk a bit about your future now. Do you think you can handle it?" The question comes as Shinobu put another cookie in her mouth, though instead of nibbling, she just sat there with it… Slowly, she nodded, though she looked even more nervous than before. What was she going to have to do?

Kyu takes a single cookie and eats it quickly before resuming the petting and then looks to Mana as she mentions other trackers, "I suppose that's true, but tracking it by scent would've made that specific mission easier." Kyu watches as she sits at the table and when the mention of discussing Shinobu's future comes up Kyu looks to Shinobu, then back at Mana, not saying anything.

Shinobu looks at Mana as she waits for what exactly this discussion will be. Mana is likely going to be talking the whole time… "Now then… You've lived in the village for a few weeks, and you know how our life style works. We want to help you, Shinobu-chan. We can't protect you forever. Even Kame-chan has her limits." At the mention of the pup, Shinobu's eyes flick towards her partner, and she hesitantly nods before her attention goes back to Mana. "I want you to understand, we're not forcing you. But if you want to help your friends like Kyu-kun and Hige-kun, you're going to need to learn how to be a Shinobi. That takes time. And you will need to go to the academy, unless Kyu-kun feels like giving private lessons in ninjutsu." Mana pauses to let this sink in, then gives Kyu a glance to see what he has to add.

Kyu listens to all of this and closes his eyes, thinking. After a moment he opens them and smiles to Shinobu, "I'd gladly teach you ninjutsu. Not exactly my specialty, but I know enough about it to teach you. Plus Kenta would gladly help me with that. Between the two of us, you'll know everything about it you'd need to know." Kyu watches Shinobu with a friendly look.

"You don't have to decide now. Give it some time, Shinobu-chan," Mana says, resting a hand on the girl's shoulder. "You're strong. Know that, at least. You were able to survive the horrors of your life, and now you shall experience some good. If you want to keep this good life, you need to work for it." Shinobu shrinks a bit in her spot, but nods again, showing she understands. Then she peeks over at Kyu, the girl turning her head slightly so her left eye can catch him. "H… Hai…" she says quietly, not making up her mind yet.

Kyu sets Kame down and takes another cookie, eating it. Kyu isn't good at convincing people of things unless he's lying (apparently) so he eats the cookie to get out of saying things and to get time to think. Once he finished eating the cookie, he speaks up, "I just want you to know. I believe in you Shinobu. And I will always be here for you if you need me. And just so you know, you've helped me already. I learned a Genjutsu defense technique thanks to you. So, thank you."

"W… Which?" is asked from the girl, Shinobu wanting to know if he could teach her, likely. Kame could totally bite her since people didn't usually try to genjutsu both at once, but sometimes it happened… And they couldn't always rely on the other. Kame wriggles away from Kyu to snuggle up to her partner, giving encouraging yips to sway her decision.

Kyu looks at Shinobu and nods, "I believe it's called 'Genjutsu Kai'. I saw Zori keep doing it. And you using Genjutsu on me helped me realize what I'd need to do to break out. I just need to practice it a few times to make sure I got it right. If you'd like I could teach you at some point. Whenever we have time." Kyu nods to her and thinks. He look to Mana, "If you're worried about me using Genjutsu on Shinobu that may mentally harm her, I can even show you the Genjutsu I would be using. It isn't mentally scarring like… some techniques."

Mana gives a small shake of her head. "Ah, no… I know that you use some sleep-style Jutsu, yes? Quite non-damaging." The woman glances to Shinobu. "It's up to you, Shinobu-chan. I think you should learn how to free yourself from Genjutsu, though. You may know how it works, but getting out of it is a somewhat new skillset." Shinobu pauses, peeking over at Mana with a worried expression. But both she and Kame were rather adamant about her training, so she peeked over at Kyu and offered a small nod. Okay, she wouldn't mind training.

Kyu shrugs a bit, "Dream Style, but close. Yes it's entirely non-harmful and not scary at all… Unless you REALLY don't like bed-time. Heh." Kyu looks to Shinobu, then when he gets the signal from Mana, he looks a bit unsure, he brings his hands up, ready to do the seals, "Are you ready Shinobu-chan? Just remember, it's nothing scary."

Shinobu looks to Kyu, looking a bit nervous. But she nods, as if she had to steel herself for the whole ordeal. Kame is with her. And so is Mana. She was completely safe, unless… No, don't think about that. "R… Ready…" she mumbles, bracing herself by staring at Kyu and clenching her hands into fists.

Kyu nods and slowly does two seals, Monkey, Ram. "Dream Style Sleepy Jutsu." He says. Shinobu would feel something seem to shockwave through her body, a sense of relaxed sleepiness. It would seem to just stay there, locking her into a state of sleepiness. The sleepiness is an illusion, that she could break out of. But the longer she remains locked into a sleepy state, the more she will believe she really is getting tired. So when the illusion is lifted she'd still feel sleepy. Just not quite at 'passing-out' level.

Shinobu tries to free herself, using pure will to try and escape. Not that it's any good. The girl simply can't break free, and she starts to yawn, eye drooping a bit as she feels sleepy… so sleepy. She wonders if she can take a nap when Kame yips. Oh right, she needs to be training… The girl rubs at her eye and looks to Kyu, waiting for another bout of sleepiness to hit so she can practice breaking free.

Kyu sees Shinobu isn't doing too well in breaking out, but he simply bites his bottom lip, tosses Mana a 'should I do it again?' look and then looks back at Shinobu, "You can break out of it Shinobu. I believe in you." Kyu smiles comfortingly and does the two seals once more. "Just focus." He watches her. Even if she failed to break out, at least nothing bad would happen. Just her falling peacefully asleep.

Mana gives Kyu the go-ahead, so he can try and put Shinobu under the Genjutsu again. The girl ends up falling to the genjutsu several more times before the fourth try, which she manages to break out of. Still, she's a bit tired. Certainly more tired than she was, and she goes over to a chair, wanting to curl up and take a nap.

Kyu sees she got out, something most people would never notice, but Kyu knows his own jutsu well enough to catch it, and smiles, "Seems she got it. Good job Shinobu." Kyu says, but realizing how sleepy she looks now he feels kinda bad. "Sorry… Guess she's gonna be tired now. I hope that won't mess up her sleep schedule or anything like that…" Kyu seems genuinely worried. He really doesn't wanna mess anything up or something…

Shinobu ends up dozing off, and Mana simply chuckles and shakes her head. In a quiet voice, she says, "It's fine, Kyu-kun. I think she's happy with herself. And it's quite alright if she takes a small nap. I'll wake her in an hour." The woman hmms softly. "If you want, you can stay for a bit. I'll be making some dinner for Shinobu-chan. That's all." Whether or not Kyu decides to stay, she would work on dinner for the evening.

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