Genjutsu training into tied passions


Kiku, Kitaru, Aoitsuki, Takehiko

Date: July 9, 2012


A genjutsu training turns into teasing the genjutsuist about his tie in a fight.

"Genjutsu training into tied passions"

Kirigakure arena floor

Well, Kiku was up early, and got to the Arena. She came to practice setting up her links while fighting with her tutor/teacher, Kitaru. THe girl is very inexperienced at setting up links in the first place, being a Kaguya. THe woman takes a deep breath, and adjusts her bone armor a little bit more before picking up the long nodachi style bone blade that Keisuke gave her. The woman takes a few steps before she takes off running, and tries a very quick, yet overly forceful link out at her partner, Kitaru.

Takehiko has returned to the land of water, and spent most of the day wandering around. He finally found his way to the arena and just stands in the doorways into the arena, watching the goings on. He recognized the bone armor of the Kaguya on the woman so his interest was peaked at what exactly she was here doing.

Kitaru, for his part, was doing his best to not be overwhelming. Afterall, this was his forte so it'd not be easy to catch him with that genjutsu link to start with. Keeping Kiku in sight, that dark cloak that was becoming more and more his only form of chakra would be a dim cloud about the teen, the evil pulsing dark purple dripping with malice. That first link was shut down almost before it began as Kitaru would move, keeping that distance from Kiku. "Strength is useful in genjutsu, but it has to be hidden. The first link needs to be light, the delicacy of touching a seal to charge it. After you have a connection to their network, then you put on the power.. but first, try to connect without being seen."

Kiku nods her head as she slides to a stop. That armor is heavy, and she's trying to run with it. She rushes forward, throwing a few kunai in front of her. She tries to hide a link behind the second kunai as the woman runs behind the trio. Its still fairly easy to notice. She's getting better, but its like everything she does, the girl puts a lot of power into it. She brings the sword up, looking to bring it down. A simple attack to dodge.
Takehiko remains silent, ice blue eyes watching the goings on with intense curiousity. He noticed how she threw the kunai and tried to strike the man and the man talking about genjutsu also told him that this was Genjutsu training. So for the moment he just remained quiet, to let the two work.

Kit responded to the kunai, reflexively dodging back away. The link got closer to Kit this time before being shut down. Afterall, he was holding the dark cloak back as that was quite often what he used for a heavy defense against other genjutsu attacks. A nod was given as he'd roll to the side, coming up on one knee. "Better. You're still pushing a little too hard. Think of a single needle. You have to get them in the eye. Focus on narrowing down the strike until it is barely seen, even less felt. Subtle for the connect is everything in genjutsu, hai?"
Kiku nods her head. She takes a few seconds to put up her seal barrier, and rushes in behind the barrier. The woman throws out the barrier in an attempt to capture Kit. Kiku spins in a simple yet easy to read sword dance. She gets as close as she dares, and throws out the link at Point blank range. Its close to where it needs to be. The woman takes a few deep breathes, sweating a bit. The woman lifts up her mask a little bit. "Its so weird trying to make it so small.", she says. "I keep trying to make it small, but…"

"Genjutsu isnt our speciality, so naturally it is difficult for us to perform." Takehiko says finally as he watches the two, not moving from his spot against the doorway as he nods his head. "I am Kaguya Takehiko." He says, introducing himself for those who dont remember him.

"Indeed. The smaller the better.. the easier to make the link.. a single hook on their network opens the whole thing.." Kitaru glanced over at Takehiko as he'd finally speak up, a nod of his head was given in response. "Gansao Kitaru. Nice to meet you." Straightening up from that fighting pose, he'd ponder for a moment before looking at Kiku. "You are close to what's needed, Kiku-san. Just a simple matter of refinement in combat now. It's small enough. Consider the the hook the crack in the armor.. It takes one small chink to cause them to lose everything, hai?"

Kiku nods her head a bit as she takes a final deep breath. "Hai.", she says. The woman looks over at Takehiko. "Kaguya Kiku. AKA, the Kaguya Failure.", she says. At least thats how most of the family sees her. Save for Takeshi, who loves teasing most of the family for being scared of Kiku rising from her grave. The woman gives a small bow. "Well, Genjutsu is also my third style, and the newest one I learned. Its also the hardest of the three.", she says.

"If anyone is a failure dear cousin, it would be me. Twenty seven years old and still genin." He says calmly as Takehiko watches the two, nodding when they introduce themselves. "I specialize in Kenjutsu. Before the formation of the village I was undercover in the land of iron, as a freelance swordsman." He says calmly.

Kit nodded in response to the specialization comment from Takehiko. "I was disowned by my clan and my boat happen to wash up on shore here. The Mizukage decided to take pity on me and let me grow here in my training." Kitaru shrugged slightly, the dark cloak fading fully from around him. "I am a genjutsu expert. Although I think I will definitely take further queue from Kiku-san here and add seals to my techniques on what I can do when dealing with others." He'd glance over at Kiku with a small smile. "Oh.. Kiku-san, did I tell you what happen to me the other day?"

Kiku shakes her head. "No, you didn't mention anything to me as of yet.", she says. THe woman looks over at Takehiko. "My speciality is Seals, but I practice all styles of combat. So then while I won't have speciality, I don't have a weakness either.", she says. THe woman takes a deep breath, and rolls her neck a little bit. Unlike many of the Kaguya, Kiku's armor is much heavier and isn't her own bone, as of yet. She doesn't do as much of the dancing as the others do.

"Seems toe Mizukage made a smart move. You seem to be quite good with Genjutsu." Takehiko says calmly as he watches them. He remains silent now as he watches the two train, hand resting on the hilt of his sword as he leans against the doorway to the arena.

Kitaru would chuckle softly. "Well.. I managed, if ever so briefly, to fool a sharigan user with my genjutsu." He'd smile towards Kiku and then Takehiko. Looking back to Kiku, Kit would shrug his shoulders. "I had to carry some documents out to Fort Kyuusen, some top secret info or something along those lines. When I was out there, I found the same Uchiha that had beat me before.. what had almost put me on the path of Rage.. We went to a tie in our contest of passions.. I caught her with the void mirror.."

Kiku takes off her mask fully now, and hands it over to Kit. Its got the symbol for fear marked under the left eye. "So…you tied passions with…a Uchina girl?", she asks. Her mind goes from being Kaguya to that of a teenage girl for a moment, and her face flushes a little bit. "I…I think I need a drink of water. I am very unsure how to take that bit of news, Kitaru.", she says.

Takehiko laughs. "I think he means he tied with genjutsu abilities. Not the same kind of passions your thinking of,
Kiku-san." He says with a playful chuckle as he watches to see how Kitaru would react to Kiku's response.

Blink.. blink. Kitaru would dumbly take the mask as he kinda stood there blinking and his mouth opening and closing much like a fish out of water would do. Finally, after a moment, his voice caught up with the rest of him.
"Ahh, no.. nonono.. nothing like that Kiku-san! No, I fought her, with genjutsu, and she had the sharigan and her path of rage and I, and her.. and.. gah!" He'd throw his hands up in the air, although he'd keep a hold of the mask as he was beyond flustered then. Shaking his head, he'd just eye Kiku and if she didn't have something handy, would pull out a small canteen to offer to her for water.

Kiku nods a thank you to Kit, and looks at Takehiko a moment before Kit answers. She looks at the bottle, and gets out a small towel. "Did you two share?", she asks. Oh, no. Her mind isn't thinking about training anymore, and god, Aoi is going to hear about this…"She had her Sharigan and path of rage, and you with your genjutsu…So you two were like not touching either, but…with your skills, and like…", she says. The girl turns beet red…Teenagers…"…I didn't think these techniques could be used like that! I'm going to have to make
some /major/ defenses against Genjutsu!", she says, her face still red…

Takehiko pulls his sheathed sword out and uses it as a cane as he laughs, using the sheathed weapon to support him. "Oh Kiku-san…" He says between laughter as he finds the whole affair hilarious. "I dont think the Genjutsu works that way." He says, still laughing.

Kitaru's eyes widen and he shook his head. "oh nonono.. That's not it at all.. Kiku-san, you need to stop that!" He'd huff, totally flustered still as he'd put his hands on his hips. "She tried to burn me with fire Kiku-san!" Kit would tap the bandages on his arms with that comment. "There wasn't nothing else other than a fight going on! She said it was a fight of her passion vs mine!" Kitaru would give up at that point, it didn't seem to matter what he said now. The mask was offered back to Kiku once she was done with the water so it could be put away.

Kiku takes her mask back as she returns the water. Her mind is contesting things. Her face bright red. "Aoi-chan is going to love to hear about Little Kit having a girlfriend.", she says outloud. "Burnt you with fire? Kit! Shame!", she says. THe girl takes a look at the arm a little bit, and sighs. "You shouldn't take it so literally about your passions burning for each other!", she says. THe girl shakes her head. "Offer her some strawberries instead! Really! You shouldn't let her hurt you this badly to express your feelings for her!"

Takehiko had finally stopped laughing before Kiku opened her mouth once more and sent him laughing once more. He holds onto his sword for dear life to keep from falling from laughter, tears even falling from his eyes as he continues laughing. "She has a point you know, Kitaru-san. I hear girls like chocolates as well." He says before bursting out laughing.

Kitaru looked over at Takehiko before holding his hands up! "No that is not it at all! We're rivals! She put a kunai through my hand before! It was just a fight and I managed to match her in strength, instead of being left in the dirt again!" Kitaru would hang his head, sighing. "Why are you guys picking on me? I finally was able to match my rival with her passion and you guys are just poking fun!"

"Why are you shouting?" A voice suddenly calls out, the princess of Ice leaped down from the tops of the Arena landing gracefully along the top of the water, she was wearing her traditional kimono, the beffiting snow white dress and a bright teal sash, traditionally whenever she was coming to or from home in the seastone isles, Aoi quickly moved to examine Kiku and Kitaru, after all whenever Kitaru was hanging out in the arena, someone always seemed to be more droopy than normal, due to the enormous drain of his genjutsu. "Sounds like you have a story to tell, Kitaru-san," Aoi spoke softly to him while motioning over to Kiku's side, casually moving closer to whisper. "Hmm…are you okay? Kiku-chan?"

Oh Kiku is giggling heavily now, and then leans over to whisper back to Aoi-chan. "Aoi! Listen up. We were practicing, and then Takehiko over there came in. Well, we called it a day, and Kit told me that he had something to tell me. He told me that he and Uchina girl had passions for each other, and fought over it. He got a little too fired up, and the girl burned him. Our little Kit, growing up, and having girlfriends! And not only that, but a Uchina girlfriend. I heard stories that Uchinas only act cold in public, but in private…they get very heated up.", she whispers to Aoi. Kiku is giggling heavily. "Kitaru was telling us about his passion with her.", she tells outloud. Kiku takes a moment to pull out a small book. The Passions of Youth, a Makeout Paradise Novel. One of the first books of the series. "I can let you borrow this, Kitaru, but you have to give it back. And you can't tell Keisuke that I have it. This may give you some ideas of what a real passion should be like.", she says.

Takehiko finally manages to calm down a bit until Kiku pulls out that book and he laughs some more. "I think she intends to give you tips, Kitaru-san." He says with a playful tone as he leans on his sword some more. He looks to the Ice princess and gives her a nod. "I am Kaguya Takehiko."

Kitaru would facepalm at Kiku's calling out about what they had been talking about. Shaking his head again, he'd turn to Aoi. "That's not it at all! The Uchiha that beat me before Aoi-san, I met her again while carrying some documents, we had another genjutsu fight, although we did use other jutsu, she got me with one of her fire attacks, but I brought her to a draw! My genjutsu was strong enough to fool the sharigan for a moment!"

Aoi offered Kitaru her ear. Not literally but she did attempt to understand just what it was he was trying to convey, though she simply sweat dropped at his speech, "I knew you were fighting an Uchiha kunoichi, but I didn't know you were speaking in those terms of engagement," Aoi resolved with a slight nod. " I'm content to know they you have found a path for yourself, Kitaru-san," her reply was pretty frank and straight to the point, she even glanced slightly at the book Kiku attempted to hand Kitaru, she smiled smiled at the gesture and nodded to Takehiko. " My name is Shirayuki Aoitsuki,"

Kiku takes a deep breath for a moment, and settles her thoughts. She leans over to Aoi. "Do you have any strawberries?", she asks. Yes. Kiku likes her strawberries…"Well, he did say that he was not touching touching her with his genjutsu.", she says. THe woman blushes a bit. "Should we invite this kunoichi over, and supervise the two of them? I mean, I hate to see Kitaru end up being a victim of love.", she says.

"I am going to go before I die laughing. If anyone needs me, seek me out." Takehiko says as he laughs and begins to walk off now.

"There were no terms of endearment! I called her assassin-san until she told me her name this time!" He'd shake his head, looking between Aoi and Kiku. "We are not inviting a konoha nin here! She is a rival!" Kitaru would mutter for a moment, eyeing Kiku. "There is no, 'not touching touching genjutsu' to my genjutsu.. I shred your soul!" Kitaru would turn away, folding his arms over his chest. "I think Kiku-san should get no strawberries."

Aoi smiled lightly at Kitaru, he was hysterical, which only meant that things were true right? " Kiku-chan, Do you mind if we head out later on today?" She requested quietly and waved Takehiko off as he moved along, her eyes once again trained on Kitaru. "You don't have to fight it Kitaru-san, we all here are pretty much…mature," she states with a light smile, there was really no sign of hosility or even picking at him, she accepted it as an honest truth.

Kiku giggles a little bit, and nods her head. "Sure! I don't have anything planned today.", she says. THe girl breathes in lightly. She waves as Takehiko walks away. Already, Kiku is thinking about what can they get Kitaru to give to Miss Naru. They say rivalries bring out intense love out of a couple. So…what to get a Uchina…Kiku figures it out! A pair of glasses!

Kitaru would glance over his shoulder at Aoi and Kiku. He'd turn to face them then, studying both for a moment before he'd shake his head slightly. "I am not going shopping with you though. Just so we're clear on that. I still have more work I need to do on my genjutsu.. I've made a new level of power and so I need to work harder in using it."

Aoi nodded to Kiku, "I need to head towards the admistrative office… Perhaps after that we can meet up somewhere inbetween…" Aoi nodded to this statement and finally began to back off. " You should come along Kitaru, you might find something you like in the mean time," he almost smirked at him and began to move away, hands lacing back into her sleeves until finally moving along, attempting to exit the arena.

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