Genjutsu training under the Raiun Falls!


Kasumi, Konda

Date: September 28, 2013


Konda gets some hard core training in genjutsu from Kasumi-sensei.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Genjutsu training under the Raiun Falls!"

Raiun Falls

Kasumi had planned a field trip for her two genin. Yoshomaru arrived early with her to get an early spar in. And now Kasumi returned to get Konda, teaching him other things on the way to Kumo. Her knowledge about seals, but mostly, on how to throw them attached to kunai. Shurikenjutsu being her strong suit. When they arrive at Raiun falls (the place she arranged to meet Yoshomaru as well) she stops. "Welcome to Raiun falls." She looks at Konda and smiles. "Beauty aint she?" She looks at the falls and lets Konda enjoy for a moment. "How is tree walking coming along?" Kasumi asks Konda, leaning back against a tree before looking at the falls again. Making small talk while chewing on some of her mint.

Konda absorbs the knowledge like a sponge, but it's nothing he hasn't heard before from his clan. But better to be polite and smile and nod. As he looks out over the falls his jaw does drop and his eyes go wide looking at the falls. "Amazing, some titanic battle must have happened here. That would have been awesome to see…ah, from a distance." he finishes with a smile. "My tree walking? I trained with Berii sempai a few days ago and made a little progress. But honestly, I was hoping to learn something a bit more…offensive before I tackled tree walking. Still, the practice was nice."

Good, she's sensei, Berii is sempai. Glad she didn't have to explain that. "I think you're right.." Kasumi muses. Pointing at the falls. "Take your shirt off.." She orders, walking towards the water, standing on top of it. Walking over towards the falls. Close to where they crash with tremendous force, she pauses. "I brought you here for just that purpose.." She sits down in a lotus position. Across from the falls. Having her hands in typical zen circles. "Sit across from me, same lotus position.." That would mean he would have to sit down IN the crashing waterfalls. It's not impossible, they come down hard, it hurts like rapids, but it wouldn't kill anyone (unless you're stupid enough to drown yourself) … "Once you are calm, we will continue to the next step.." She has one eye open and waits for Konda to get in position.

Konda blushes at the thought of removing his shirt. He hesitates for a moment, but complies stripping it off leaving his boyish features visible save a bright red scar running down one side of his chest. A hand feels the cold water raining down, then he enters it taking care not to slip ont he rocks. "Yeeeeeeah! Cold cold…gah…rrrrrrah!" he yelps and shivers in the cold, just bearly able to sit down. He looks like a soaked rat, but one who isn't leaping away from the water. Eventually though, he dips his head so he's not breathing water. He's still shivering in the cold, but is quiet and mostly calm. He looks up at Kasumi, poking one blue eye out form wet block hair that hangs down in front of his face.

"Good. Today's lesson is about genjutsu.." Kasumi explains. "Genjutsu is mostly in the mind. Much like most things.." Kasumi smiles. "Many people think pain, discomfort… That these feelings are physical manifestations.." She shakes her head, looking at Konda. "Cold… Pain.." She nods. "Much like you are feeling now.." She pauses. "Are the result of your nerves sending off signals to your brain. Telling it that a part of your body is being damaged. Sometimes they make a mistake and send false signals. Either way, your brain will respond by sending a repair team and by sending impulses to 'escape' the pain.." Kasumi nods. "It's very important to understand how this works before we can begin teaching you actual genjutsu.." She says firmly. "What are you feeling now?" She asks.

Konda studders, "C..Cold, but not u…uncomfortable. The water feels like a hammer though." He is slumping every once in a while but pulls himself up. "It hurts, but I can take it." he says sounding more stubborn than at first. He isn't about to sound weak at this point.

"Good.." She says. "Now you know what these irrational feelings feel like.." She pauses. "The cold, is not cold enough to hurt your body within the next hour. You can sit there, as long as you're calm, and come out the exact same way you came in.." She pauses. "The pressure, albeit annoying… Is not enough to crush bones or damage joints." She pauses. "You could sit there for an hour, and come back the same way you came out.." Now, the worse part. "The individual drops of water, that feel like whiplashes. The - pain - …" She pauses. "Is not real, it is your body believing there will follow damage to its skin. Yet, it's a mere drop of water. And then again one.. And again." She pauses. "The waterfall, is the master of genjutsu. Your body is screaming… Aching to run." She looks at Konda. "And yet, there is absolutely - no - reason to!" She smirks. "That, is at the heart of genjutsu.." She looks at Konda. "Now, weave monkey tiger catfish…."

Konda nods and makes the monkey and tiger hand seals, then stops. He looks up and looks at Kasumi increabably, "Wait…catfish?" He giggles and makes fish lips flapping his hands on the side of his head like gills, "Like this, sensei?"

Kasumi smirks and nods. "Very sharp.." She nods. "You are ready.." She then stands up, waving the actual seals. Tiger monkey bird… "tiger, monkey… Bird…" She looks at Konda. "Illusion of wounds!" She doesn't launch the actual genjutsu. "Follow along here.. While ignoring the falls. Make the seals, tiger… Monkey… Bird…" She pauses. "Focus it on me, hit me with your chakra, invade my nerves to send signals to my brain. Show it, what is unreal, and make the brain respond. Tire the body.." She looks at Konda. "Hit me!"

RP: Konda makes a Int and Gen roll and got 8 and 9, respectively, for a total of 17.

RP: Konda makes a Int and Gen roll and got 7 and 7, respectively, for a total of 14.

RP: Konda makes a Int and Gen roll and got 9 and 13, respectively, for a total of 22.

Konda makes the hand signs, tiger monkey and bird. He feels the genjutsu flowing around his chakra, even reaching out towards his intended target, Kasumi. Konda's eyes go wide, surprised on how easily it worked. His lab rat illusion style training must have been more efficient than he thought. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Are you ok?" he asks as he shuts down his chakra, even pushing it lower than normal.

Kasumi perks an eyebrow and shakes her head. She had dispelled that thing before it even hit her. However, when Konda blinks he suddenly feels a sharp pain in his chest. Kasumi sits there, a kunai dug deeply into his left pec. Blood streaming out. Hurting like a cataract. "Don't do a genjutsu, unless you're willing to pull through with it.." Kasumi says, looking Konda in the eyes. "Understand?" … She waits for him to nod before taking the genjutsu off. When he blinks again Kasumi was still sitting there, lotus position, she didn't even seem to have twitched.

Konda is breathing hard, he swears the kunai was burried in his chest. He slips out of the water and pats his chest feeling the spot. Konda whews deeply and shakes his head, "Genjutsu, this is why I love that stuff. It's freaky as a nightmare." he says laughing now feeling like he did something dangerous. He walks over to the shore where his shirt and travel pack was but stops, "Oh, we're done, right sensei?" he says looking back.

Kasumi looks at Konda, then the waterfall. "Actually, we were not.." She says, getting up and sighing. "But fair enough, you deserve a break… Grab a pockey.." She walks over to her own pack. She came prepared, throwing Konda nice warm towel! "There.." She smiles. "Much like with agony of the waterfall, genjutsu can be countered by pleasantries like sweets and great feelings, like warm fuzzy towels protectively wrapping around your body." She then gives Konda a very serious look again. "Next time you hold back when training with me, I'll cut off one of your fingers… Do you understand?" She was dead serious. She didn't want Konda to hold back on her… Not now, not ever. He wouldn't learn if he would. Nor would he be able to actually ever hit her, if he didn't actually try. "Always strike, with the intention to hit!"

Kasumi smiles and likes the spice on the kid. "Lets do it!" She muses. Waiting for him to get back under the waterfall. She had to ask him about the scar after that. Making sure his towel is in the sunlight, she gets ready. "Okay, ready?" Soon, the wounds genjutsu begins to manifest, that kunai is back in his chest, slowly twisting.

RP: Konda makes a Gen and Int roll and got 6 and 14, respectively, for a total of 20.

RP: Konda makes a Gen and Int roll and got 7 and 8, respectively, for a total of 15.

RP: Konda makes a Gen and Int roll and got 8 and 12, respectively, for a total of 20.

Konda pushes out with his chakra, filling his mind with pleasant thoughts, of candy, of his mother, and the genjutsu begins to weaken. The blade flickers as it nears Konda's back, almost becoming insubstantial. Konda pushes hard, sending a wave of chakra out but it only bolsters the blade now that slices into his back. The shock sends Konda back on the defensive sending his chakra out along the genjutsu weakening it once again, but it's still there. Konda shakes his head, frustration and sweat forming on his brow. He drops to one knee, for real, as the pain feels almost real to him. He can't keep going and drops his efforts panting hard and twitching from the after effects. "Wow, I almost had it." he says between breaths. He slowly pulls himself up and shakes it off, "Still, a bet is a bet, right?" He shrugs, having lost this one and splashes into the water and heads for the waterfall again.

She admired his effort and stayed calm. "Give it one more shot.. You will get it!" Kasumi encourages. Crossing her arms and looking at Konda with an encouraging smile. "Ready?" Then, that kunai is right back there, slowly digging its way into his chest.

Konda stops for a moment, ready to give it a go again. He hops up on a rock, ready to push back against it. "Ready, bring it on sensei!"

RP: Konda makes a Int and Gen roll and got 6 and 5, respectively, for a total of 11.

RP: Konda makes a Int and Gen roll and got 13 and 10, respectively, for a total of 23.

RP: Konda makes a Int and Gen roll and got 11 and 12, respectively, for a total of 23.

Konda pushes back against the genjutsu and at first a wave of nausia hits him. His mind remembers how it felt to have that blade sink into him and it did not feel good. It weakens his resolve enough to feel the blade hit him. He flinches and crouches down, "I can't give up…not again!" He pushes chakra out of him in a circular wave, enough that the water around him starts rippling. It flickers the genjutsu and causes it to shatter. Konda sits on the rock, laughing and out of breath.

kasumi smiles. Ear to ear! "YOU DID IT!" She rushes up to Konda and gives him a hug, making herself totally wet in the process. She didn't even care, giving Konda a very tight proud hug. "Good job! You actually did it!" She smirks and puts Konda down, ruffling his hair to make it one big mess. "Good job!" She smiles and gets to dry land, grabbing a towel of her own to towel off. Konda might notice Kasumi's wearing a wedding ring by the way! "You have made your sensei very proud!" … Kasumi was in extacy, she could not have wished for a better training session right now!

Konda beams from ear to ear. He has noticed the wedding ring, but figured it was just some jewlery. Something that someone wears if they want to wear something nice. He doesn't connect it to anything specific to a wedding. He is lifted into the air, something he doesn't mind too much. Is is a boy afterall. Konda coughs and blushes after he's put down. "Thanks, if I learned a better technique than perception, I could do lots better. But one thing at a time." He takes the towel and dries off on the shore.

Kasumi nods and sighs. "No need for you to learn everything on the same day.." She says. "One at a time. Tomorrow we will work on your taijutsu in the mountains.." She then points at a nearby mountain. "And your ninjutsu in the valley the day after.." She looks at Konda. "Sounds like a plan?"

Konda nods, a little unsure about the taijutsu, it's something he really lacks. At least he can take a punch. He smiles at the idea of his ninjutsu, "That'll be fun. I want to try out explosive tags when we do that."

"Will be arranged.." Kasumi walks over to Konda. Putting a hand on his shoulder. "Come on, campsite is that way!" She says, pointing a little further away.

"Wait, une moment sil vous plait!" A man with a GIANT mustache says, running towards Kasumi with ALL haste! "Eh?" She says, the man hands her a picture, it was her ruffling Konda's hair in the basin, both of them smiling. Cool action picture for sure. "Je suis a photographer!" The man says. "Eh… I a've made a picture of you when I wanted one from zhe waterfall.." He explains.

"But I want ou to a've it.." he smiles. "For free, I only need une petite favour!" Kasumi perches an eyebrow. "Elp me wif a few pictures tomorro? Et zhat picture est pour vous!" The obviously French man bows at Konda… It was a good picture. Kasumi considered and nods. "We'll help you tomorrow!" She says happily.. "Splendid!" The man muses, walking off. "I will be at your camp by dawn!"

Konda cracks a sarcastic smile, "A mission, even out here? Wouldn't have thought we'd have one here. Cool…" He looks at the picture and chuckles, "…it is. Wish Yoshomaru-san and Berii-sempai was in it though."

'We'll get our group picture taken soon enough!' Kasumi walks up to the camp. "Come on, we could use some good sleep!"

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