Genjutsu Vs Genjutsu - Failed Sharingan


Naru, Daomi

Date: December 20 ,2011


Daomi and Naru both have a strong history of fighting eachother during the war. Meeting for the first time after the war was over Naru attempted to challenge Daomi in his own game of Genjutsu, coming with unexpected results.

"Genjutsu Vs Genjutsu - Failed Sharingan"

Unknown location

The area is still and quiet while one makes their way to this junction point that leads to and from the village. The mist that lingers around is quite thick, obscuring most vision. For those that aren't accustomed to such a thing, it becomes difficult to traverse the forest and paths to find ones way about. Which for members of Kiri, is an easy task as coming from the south is a short and frail individual that at one moment is visible and the next gone. The clothing he wears and his slow movement blending in with the mist itself. He wasn't trying to hide and didn't care if he was spotted, he was heading some where and knew exactly where he was going. With the sun high in the sky, it would attempt to penetrate through, whether it did or not, the boy still knew it was lunch time and he was somewhat hungry.
Naru yawned quietly, it still seeme to be a rather long day despite it only being about lunch time. Looking through the mist was something Naru had yet been able to quite easily, more so simply attempting to get use to it and memorizing her surroundings. She sat there leaned up against a tree, her chakra resonating just slightly, she appeared to be training by using chakra molding. Naru is dressed in a new attirement, just a pair of black shorts, a green shirt, and a jacket to go over it, her head band had displaced so all there was, was her serene pumpkin eyes and jet black hair falling infront of her face.
As the boy continued on his way, he moved without bothering to look around, having little disregard for the possibilty of being attacked on his own land. Most those that reside on kiri are the physical blood thirsty type that have little to no defenses against someone like Daomi and he doesn't even consider the thought that perhaps a shinobi from another land might appear to do him harm. He figures that with all the wars Kiri starts with other nations, shinobi would be foolish to come on to their shores and start something. So he simply walks about through the mist, moving from one path to the next and even at one point coming to an opening of the mist that had sun light shining through showing his form to all that may or may not be about and yet, it still bothered him none.

It was at that moment finally Naru began to open her eyes, peering forth she caught the look of Daomi who seemed to be basking in the light, she narrowed her eyes down slightly and slowly began to rise to a stand, approaching the genin with a arched eyebrow and her arms crossed along her chest. "Don't I know you?" She asked him curiously, sizing him up with her eyes, she couldn't put her finger on it, of course it had been quite some time since she had last "battled" Daomi…
Daomi looked at your profile.
Barely back into the mist and the boy heard the voice of another. It was a question that could have easily been directed toward anyone, so the thought to simply keep on moving crossed his mind, but then again it could have been directed at him. One thing was for sure though, was that his curiousity to whom would even ask such a question gets the better of him and forces him to turn and acknoweledge them. Instantly his eyes scan the person over, taking in what details and information he can gather simply from the outward appearance. This girl was definitely looking at him, so the question was his to answer, "It is possible." He looks up and down the individual once more, "Judging from your eye color, you most likely aren't from kiri so there may have been a time where our paths crossed on the battlefield. Perhaps during the most recent war." He paused for a moment, thinking it over, "Then again, I don't see any affiliation to a village on your person, so if you are a traveling merchant I might have forgot to pay you. If the latter is the case, I still owe you a rain check on that." The boy would tap his empty pockets as proof. This of course was all an act as the girl to him was quite familiar. He'd never gotten a name the last time, but this time might be different. "Anyways, I am Okumo Daomi. Perhaps the name rings a bell."

Arms remainin crossed naru kept her questioning posture, tapping her foot, almost impatiently, as the Okumo explained his situation. She almost grinned and chuckled when he asked if she was a merchant, glancing at the emptiness of his pockets Naru wasn't really that well off either, especially after leaving out to go traveling, she was making most of her money on the go. the name didn't ring any bells however it seemed to jog some more memory.

" So I finally have your name…" Naru whispered softly, uncrossing her arms she finally grinned at him. " We have crosse paths on the battle field once before, though fortunately with the war over, it looks like I can't fight you like I would have months ago," Naru explained before finally introducing herself, " My name is Naru, your the one with the creepy spider jutsu… Im never going to forget that… You and that other one…"
Daomi nodded in reply, "Then I guess you do know me." He'd raise a hand up to rest it into the opening of his kimono while the other dangled at his side, "Yes, I do have creepy spider jutsu as well as the rest of the members of my clan." The boy would tilt his head, "Naru. The Uchiha if I recall. Your sharingan was quite formidable if I recall."A quiet hum would eminate from his throat, "Though I must ask, what brings you out to Kiri? You must know that your eyes would pay a hefty price out here in the land of water or any where really." He'd shrug it off, "Not that I'm interested in such a thing, black market dealings that is. The research on the other hand would be quite invaluable. Then again, hard to find a live specimen that's willing to submit to such pokes and prods."

"Truth be told, I got lucky the last time we had a chance to fight…" Naru explained, she kept her eyes on him, curious to see if perhaps he would speak about getting revenage on her from their last battle, but then again they were both alive right? "I'm aware of the dangers, but unfortunately being here was the only way I could meet my master… Mind you though, obtaining my eyes would also come at a hefty price… I'm not itnerested in being a test subject however… She grinned a little bit and brought her hands together. " If you wished to test your abilities against mine, that would be a more fair situation… i'm never going to forget the time we fought, fighting you was the weakest i ever felt.
The boy pondered this for a moment, all that the girl had told him. "Your master?" This was quite a strange statement to hear. He hadn't heard of any konoha folks being out this far, unless she was speaking of someone different. There was slim chance someone from Kiri would train an Uchiha. Unless it was all a ruse to trick poor Naru, which was some what more believable. "I must say, since our last meeting I haven't grown at all skill wise. My mouth still runs the same if not more, but if you wish. I do not mind being a practice dummy for you to pound on." After saying such, Daomi still remained still, not bothering to change stance. The kimono of his clothes and pants did move some, which was a bit odd if noticed since there was no breeze about.

"Watch him… Naru," She spoke within her mind, nodding to Daomi. Even if he was going to ask a question about the matter she wouldn't go more into detail as to why she was here, either way she began to stance, catching his own non stance as a sign of supierority or perhaps he just didnt care much about the fight, " Just make sure to give it your all, or else neither of us will learn anything," Naru responded back, doing a slight hand seal while chakra began to race throughout her body, preparing herself for what was to come… was Daomi lying or not? it didnt truly matter, she got lucky the first time, hopefully she could get lucky again…
Daomi watched the girl, studying the stance taken and the movements there after. "Ahh…" He would almost smile now for the first time after such a proclamation by Naru seeing as the case warrented such. "Now that is something I can truly get behind. Learning." He saw the girl in a new light after that, "I can easily respect that and I full heartedly agree." With that he closed his eyes, focusing deeper within himself. It didn't take long to achieve and when he finished he opened his eyes and was still unharmed. It was shocking and still he had hoped to not have to make the first move, but if he didn't do so now the two of them might remain in this position longer then either want to. "Alright. Here I come then." The first move was probably a suspected move, if it were to be noticed as he sent his chakra racing to intermingle with hers. The other, quite possibly just as difficult to see as his spiders that he spread across the area come racing in through the mist to reach at the girls feet.

Naru wasn't able to sense the link, but the spides coming for her were real enough to get away from, " Thse…are real.." Naru spoke softly to herself, quickly feeling away from the attacking spiders, her body exploding into a puff of smoke, a classic jutsu of hers. She reappeared further within the mist, difficult to see but she could still make out his form for the most part, was she getting better at this mist fighting? With a successful dodge she too began to attempt to mingle with his chakra, amplified slightly by her sharingan, the next assault would be to break him from his mist cover, sending a barrage of fire bullets to get him on the move. "Fire Release! Fire bullet barrage!" Naru shouts cuping her hand along her lips.

Daomi blinked in surprise at how easily it was for him to get a hold on the girls mind. As if she had completely forgotten about the last time they dueled, it was his favored abilities. Then again, he might have just gotten lucky. Which wasn't the case for the spiders that tried to swarm their prey. "That's one thing I definitely remember. My spiders having the hardest time trying to feed the last time we battled." His eyes moved around, peering through the mist the best they could after Naru vanished, replacing herself from a clone. Instantly he spotted her only to see a swarm of fire balls coming his way.
But he didn't move, he remained still up until the point where they made contact and simply kept going through. His form that was there, slowly faded away into the mist and Daomi was now slightly off of where he was standing. Still completely visible by the girl. "Was that a hint of your own chakra I detected. Trying to capture my mind? I applaud your effort. I would love to have another challenging mind about."
With that he continued to stay where he was, allowing the spiders to do all his dirty work. A few of them once again swarmed after Naru, while some simply vanished into the ground.

They kept coming numbers after numbers, she grunted at his talk about feeling a bit of her chakra attempt to latch onto him, pressuring even more so to hopefully get the best of him in the element of genjutsu. " I'll show you…" Naru challenged, though as the spiders cae once again her body began to move around, first with a quick replacement of fire to lash against the spiders as she retreated further back, but yet again she was taken in by the second wave of spiders, moving along her body, biting along her flesh she quickly began to pat and push them off her body. " Freak!" Naru shouted out, her comfort level with the spiders obviously not at its peak, still she began to regain some posture to bring up her counter attack, attempting to link their chakra once more before going through hand seals. " Katon…Bakuhatsu no Jutsu!" Naru exclaims, this time sending a more condensed ball of fire at Daomi, maybe this one would hit….

This time was a bit different, the chakra he felt coming his way seemed more focused and wasn't as easily to avoid as the first attempt from Naru. Perhaps it was fueled by her emotions, perhaps it was more of this luck involved. Either way, he was going to have to be more careful. His spiders on the other hand, were fairing much better and though the first wave missed, the second feasted before retreating back awaiting more orders. "Now name calling isn't necessary. Although at this point in my life it is expected and has been heard before." He'd shrug, even as the explosion of flames came his way and once again he faded away only to reappear next to the image that slowly disappeared. Now it was time to kick it up some and with the spiders that went into the ground earlier, they've had plenty of time to prepare as the ground opened up beneath Naru to attempt to grab at her and inject their poisons while above, several spiders began to fall from the sky and appear through the mists like black rain drops.

It was difficult for Naru to make any contact with him, causing her to become slightly disgruntled but rather than letting her pride get in the way she began to chuckle quietly under her breath, "So is this it… Is that what your truly capable of?" Naru taunted with a smile, almost as if she was trying to pull her own bluff, "I'm not going to let you make a fool of me again.." Naru continued to say, replacing herself with fire yet again, she reappeared closer to Daomi only to run into a blotting sky of spiders washing over her body, she swished and moved through them, this time not so much as losing her cool but becoming more frantic. " Damn it there is too many…" She soke, each bite and nibble began to sap away at her stamina making it feel even more real as she attempted to get them off of her completely. shaking some of the spiders off she motioned through her hand seals, aiming to give him as much punishment as possible. "Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Naru shouts out, this time sending a spherical orb of massive fire burning in his direction, eating through the genjutsu she was previously in and hopefully to engulf Daomi as well, with luck, the explosion would help the next genjutsu link…
Daomi took the taunts in stride, shifting about to follow where the girl might end up next. "Well, I have but one move left in my repertoire and I'm sure you've seen it, I just don't know if you remember it. Though at this point in time, if you can't even touch me I think I'll save it until that point." He said, watching as the girl dodged one attack only to end up caught in his genjutsu until coming out of it once again. She didn't even try to recuperate and instead shot out more fire which he faded away from view, moving a greater distance away to avoid the massive fireball. When he reappeared, he turned toward the girl and tilted his head, watching as the ground beneath her opened up to try to poison her once again and the spiders came to swarm in.

it seemed just as quick as Naru ran out of chakra her body began to falter, the enuormous amounts of spiders continued to swarm and bite against her flesh, she growled at first, ablle to withstand the damage of the first strike but soon enough she began to groan and cry out while the sea of spiders continued to just eat her flesh, before finally leaving her a mush of pulsating flesh, the posion was going to get to her eventually. " Ugh…" Naru groaned quietly under her breath as she looked up at Doami, her Sharingan disspitated away quickly though she grinned up at him. " Looks like.. you still have an edge over me…"

Daomi watched in neither amusement or dissatisfaction as his brood was able to feast to their full extent, meaning that he no longer had to go out in search for lunch this afternoon and could simply return to the cave when this engagement was over. The spiders themselves retreated from the girl, running back to their host and disappearing inside the clothing. "It does seem that way yes, but as you mentioned earlier." He slowly approached the girl, head tilted to the side, "You have a master waiting for you where as I, do not. You'll be able to surpass the slight gap between us in a matter of no time with that advantage on your side." The boy then turned to begin his walk back toward home. "I'm not sure how it works, but you should seek medical treatement. Either the hospital inside the village if they let you or else where. That poison will eat away at you for a while."

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