Get Off My Lawn: The Eight-Tails Is Loose!


Reza, Suzume, Yasushi, Maia, Chichi, Mitsuomi, Takeda

Date: April 9th, 2010


The Cloud ninja face off with a hostile in their home. After dealing with them another appears to halt their chase. And the Eight-Tails makes an appearance!

"Get Off My Lawn: The Eight-Tails Is Loose!"

Raiun Falls

Turning about slightly at the sound of footsteps, Suzume peers at the form of Mitsuomi as he comes walking down the path as well. "…seems you have some backup after all." Suzume says simply, lifting a hand to rub her face a little. "Well, I'm not one who says you shouldn't do stupid things." She intones, crouching down a little. With a spare hand reaching for her back, she grasps the hilt of her large, bandaged sword.

Takeda frowns a bit, but gets into a stance. "Well how about you leave instead, instead of stealing… though at least state your name, so I can send you back to whomever sent you to steal. Maybe with a loaf of bread too."

Mitsuomi looked to the two of them and shook his head slightly. His hand moved to touch Takeda's shoulder. "Don't bother with this. There is no point in fighting this one. All that will come is death and suffering. You aren't meant to die in such a stupid way so young." Turning his head towards the sword toting woman he stepped in front of Takeda. "No sense in attacking someone much weaker then yourself without an order. If you want food that is fine, but release the grip on the blade first. Sounds fair don't you think?"

A pause, Takeda does, as the chuunin speaks. Not all that familiar with this one, still he waits, and doesn't release from his stance, hell no telling what this woman is going to do.

"My name?" Suzume queries, one hand still gripped on her sword hilt whilst the other scratches the tip of her nose. "There's no need. You won't remember it in a few seconds anyway." She comments, a crude smile coming across her face. "You seem very confident about your skills. I find myself a little bit interested. It's just that fighting takes so much effort. It's hard to get me riled up about this sort of stuff." A bit of a dramatic sigh, before she quirks a brow to Mitsuomi. "I was given the order." Suzume comments off-handedly. "I'm allowed to attack any I feel like. Just so happens I don't feel like attacking at all. And it makes perfect sense. The weaker person can raise the alarm, if I were worried about it." Releasing her grip from the blade, Suzume moves to turn about and make her leave. "Since you gave me the free pass, I'll guess I'll head for the next trade card. Thanks. Ja ne~." And just like that, she begins to leave again! Content on just leaving the duo there for the time being. What an odd one.

"Not So Fast!" Says a voice as theres the sound of movement before suddenly the afro ninja appears in sight a bit ahead. "Not so fast, thought hitting me with an ocean, shaving my legs, and running was gonna work right? Ha! I've been hit with much worse. But I must thank you for the shave, my legs have never been smoother." The last comment had a bite o sarcasm as it was obvious that Reza's legs had been bandaged recently. "Let's try this again shall we, you're under arrest for the murder of the innocent, the destruction of private property, armed robbery, and obstruction of justice. Stand down and no harm will come of you. Resist and you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law."

Dawdling up the way, Suzume glances up at the hills before her. Walking up them sure didn't seem appealing to her. But then, if she failed, who knows what would happen? Not that she would. She has already succeded by getting that first big cart. "Hum. This village needs to be levelled off or something." As she's walking along, the Swordsman stops with the arrival of Reza suddenly appearing. "W..What?" A narrow of her eye as she looks at him. "Oh. You're that guy I beat up yesterday. Wow, you sure heal up fast, huh? It was just the other day when I beat you up pretty bad." She snickers a little, before shaking her head. "You think that after what happened, you can still get me? You Kumo nins are pretty thick. Must be the light-oxygen levels or something up here."

Reza smirks. "Funny… you hit me with a high ranking jutsu, have at me with some special sword. And yet I'm walking the next day. Seems more like you're rather pathetic, eh?" Reza would lower his grin. "My turn." Forming only the hebi seal Reza's hands would glow a bright blue and yellow before suddenly several beams of light would fire forth before curving all aiming to hit Suzume. "Dilligent Chain Torment Element - Laser Circus!"

The laser circus strikes Suzume before she really has a chance to act! Taking a step back, she tries to perform seals, but is unable to get there in time. Instead, she's sort of blown back by the electrical bursts, all of which hit and explode on her body. Staggering back, Suzume resumes a solid footing through gritted teeth. "..this guy just said I could have all the food. Now you come in out of no-where and attack me. You crazy Kumogakure ninja. Alrighty then. More effort, here we go." Lunging forwards, the girl aims to get a good hit in with her sword! Like the attack on the legs, Suzume attempts to shave away, this time at his torso. "I guess now you know what Samehada likes to eat … it might be a bit easier for you this time. Heh!"

Reza attempts to jump back but the sword catches and hits his midsection. Giving him a decent wound. "Grah…" Biting his teeth down to hold the pain he'd form several handseals suddenly water would leave seperate from Reza's body and form a clone which would then charge Suzume. Reza would then proceed into another set of seals. "Strange Stinging!" With that Reza's hand would glow again sending forward several needles of light which would follow the clone towards Suzume.

The bright light could be seen from a good bit away. Maia was going to take another bath and frolic in the lake to relax, but the sounds of zapping and pew-pewing and other sounds of battle have gotten her attention. So hoppity hop hop she goes through the trees trying to get closer to the battle to see what's going on, scrunching her nose the entire time.

Withdrawing her sword, Suzume has a quick look about to find a clone heading right for her! Crunched by the attack, she reels, before being struck by the stinging needles. Weakening fast, she pants out loudly. " bothersome." She pants out aloud, before performing seals os her own. "There's no cart here to defend, so it seems I'm at an impass. Probably best to flee for now. Sounds like the best plan!" It seems that instead of continuing this fight, Suzume is keen to get out of here whilst she still can. And, just like before, a thick mist slowly falls down onto the area, hoping that she dissapears from view. It seems that even Maia will be caught up in it, too!

Reza would smirk as his hits land as planned…cept… "Crap! The Mist! Damn!" Reza wasn't used to this jutsu quite yet, and as such he was blinded by it once again. He'd hold his hands in a seal and prepare for anything that could come from it. But given the girls track record he'd assume she'd flee. "Anyone out there! Watch out, High Ranking Threat, Be careful!" He'd say hollering blindly.

Oh geeez! There's Mist now. That's not good at all. Maia blinks for a few moments as she scrunches her nose and purses her lips as she crouches in the trees flailing a little. She doesn't respond to Reza's call, cause that would be lame and dumb, giving away her own position when she's trying to hide herself. Either way, she stops and just hopes the mist will just be blown away. Wooosh.

The black slits of the ivory mask hid behind them a discerning eye that viewed the battle below. His vantage point was concealed and certainly able to view without hinderence. The ebon, tattered cloak and hooded robe about his form made him little more than a shadow along the crieveces of the mountain side. Suzume had been trusted with a task, but that did not mean that even at her level she would go without observation, especially considering what "side" she ultimately played for. The figure was silent and made no move to do anything beyond observe at this point in time.

Chichi has completed her morning training with her Jounin teachers for today, and is thus spending the afternoon doing some independent training. It seems they were told off for their brutal training methods that rendered Chichi a bloody and bruised wreck, just for telling them that they were training her too roughly. This is the first time in a long while she hasn't been sore from injuries all over. The Jounin were clearly frustrated at their inability to just beat the hell out of Chichi, but someone had told their superiors what happened, and now they had to watch their step.
Chichi optimistically hopes that this is the end of the brutal training regime, and maybe now she can actually advance properly, through skill and hardwork, rather than being beaten into unconsciousness and beyond. "I think I'll try that Tree Walking skill that they've been trying to teach me since forever…" she says to no one in particular as she hikes along the trail to the waterfalls. "The cliffs should be a good place to start!" But as she approaches, she notices the mist is much thicker than usual. It's usually a bit misty from the waterfalls, but this is like… Mega-Misty! "Whoah! This mist is so thick I could probably get lost in it!" she says outloud. Then she hears a shout that startles the red-head.
Something about a high-ranking threat? Be careful? "Yeah, okay! This mist is pretty high-ranking, alright! If cars existed you'd be in danger of crashing if you tried to drive through it!" she calls back. She backs up to stay out of the thickest parts of it, staying around the edges.

With the thick mist falling down onto the ground, hiding the Swordsman so she's able to escape, Suzume does just that. Flees. It appears she wasn't super intent on sticking around, especially since she has no cart of trade caravan to try and defend/steal right now. Why fight such a hard fight when you didn't have to? Hopping up on her feet, Suzume almost struggles to get away, the teen fleeing the scene as she escapes through the mists. Bloody ninja. She'll have to kill that Reza next time, that's for sure! Possibly even reveal 'it'. But oh well. With one large cart already gone from them, she was still one-up!
The new voice of Chichi is picked up, but no attention is shown her way. Instead, she just exits in the shortest possible way, and is gone soon after. So close! Yet so far, it seems.

As the mist clears Reza's hunch was indeed correct as the girl has seemingly made a dash. A quick over of the area gave Reza the impression he knew where to track her down. "Not this time, you're not getting away that easily." Reza would quickly make an examination of the path he believed she took before looking towards the direction he heard the reply from. "You safe?" He'd ask before making a more deliberate look around for any signs of those in hiding.

"You know, I could've done something to blow the mist away." Maia says, popping out this time when she thinks that the swordswoman is gone. She idly runs nher fingers through her hair as she bounces from tree branch to tree branch while making her way as she scrunches up her nose and heads towards the jounin. "But oh well, it's moot now." she says with a shrug of her shoulders.
With that, she starts walking towards the lake. It's time for fun and frolicking. Huzzah!

Noting the fleeing female, the figure would not make a sound or a movement to display any emotion towards the act. He did however make a move to clean up Suzume's mess. It was one thing to wreck the enemy and leave them crawling on their bellies, it was another to leave thme intact in their country and allow the the opportunity to report and give chase. Her objective had nothing to do with this, but it would certainly be more difficult if they gave immediate chase.
Almost seeming to rise from the mist themselves, the black, inky pool would climb to tower over the one named Reza as the seeming lack of eyes would stare down at the back of his head, whether he was aware of the presence or not. Wordlessly, the figure loomed and kept it's presence near by to react to Reza's intent when it would be made. As the mist dissipated, anyone else looking towards Reza would of course notice the figure as well.

Chichi blinks. "Safe? Yah, I'm safe." The mist slowly seems to dissipate. And she sees some people nearby. She starts walking towards them. "Man, that mist sure was freaky, right! It's like, 'Revenge of the Mist' or something. Like that one motion picture with the pirates, right?" She shrugs and keeps on advancing until the mist is gone completely. Then she pauses. There's three people she hasn't seen before. Some girl, some guy, and another guy standing reeeaaallly close to the first guy. He's wearing a mask too! "Hmm… Two men… Standing really close… Hmm… Hmm…" She thinks to herself, tapping her chin with one finger. Then her eyes widen, as she comes to the natural conclusion. "Aaaaahhhh!" she yells and points at Reza and the masked man. "Y-you're…!" !!! "…You two are… Like 'that' with each other!?"

Reza saw nothing out of the ordinary beyond the formerly hidden girl rushing off. "Alright, going to need you to go get backup I'm goin…" Reza would pause as the girl began screaming about some guy being close to him. Reza not taking chances would perform a quick summersault away before drawing a kunai and looking to see who she meant.

The figure didn't pursue or move to stop the somersault in any way. The black, eyeball-less holes in the mask showed nothing, and it would be impossible to even tell if the shrouded figure was breathing. No arms or hands were even shown, just a pitch black mass that had a near featureless face as a silent greeting of sorts.

Chichi blinks as Reza flips out with a kunai. "Whoah!" she offers at the Matrix-y leap. The fact that the other dude doesn't move at all only confuses Chichi further. "…Hahaha! Your boyfriend snuck up on you, eh? Wanted to give you some surprise booty action, eh?" She pauses. "Man, that's hot! I wish I had a camera!" She puts her hands on her hips and pouts.
She then shrugs, and says, "So, you two visiting the Land of Lightning, or are you natives? I think Kumogakure is very gay-tolerant, but I haven't done a census or anything. You can probably fit right in without any trouble!" She gives a thumbsup and grin.

Reza looks somewhat disappointed at the perception the young girl was setting. "For one, I'm not gay, and two, this is an unknown. I'm going to need you to run back to the village and get backup." Reza would now address the one before him. "And what are you here for? Are you with that girl?" As he asked he'd focus preparing his chakra.

Hearing the instruction given by Reza, the figure would seemingly flicker from sight and wind up reappearing near Chichi. The figure would seemingly hover around her as if not touching the ground as it made tight circles, perhaps seeking to possess her body or what ever such things may do. The billowing shreds of cloak and robe would be flared up as if the possible aparition was upset or furious, and the mass of fabrics would flutter along her body in an aggressive manner until eventually they would stop. Given success, the figure would now be standing behind the debilitated form of Chichi, though she would not appear to be physically harmed.

Chichi just stands there in confusion at Reza. "Huh?" She's not the brightest hammer in the sack, or however that goes. She looks at the man with the mask and robe and peers. "Are you two ninja too? Seriously?" The kunai and Matrix-moves from Reza didn't give a hint!? Before she can react to follow Reza's orders, however, the swirling black robes of the masked man are encircling her. She startles and looks around wildly, but can't see any way to get out of this situation. She feels little pokes of cold all over her body, and shivers violently as she loses sensation in her extremities. "What the heck!" She falls over to the ground in her attempt to stumble away, unable to feel her legs beneath her.
Face-down, bottom-up, she calls out into the grass, "Hey, you better not be planning anything! I'll bet you are, right!? Wearing a mask and paralyzing attractive young women! You pervert!!!"

Maia wasn't paying attention for a bit, at least until Chichi just start ranting. That was an interesting rant, to say the least and so she stands by the Kumo-jounin with her brows furrowed a little. She idly runs her fingers through her long hair and scrunches her nose a bit, not having followed the series of moves on the young woman. For now, she just crosses her arms over her chest and blinks blankly while assessing their situation.
"You know.." she says cooly and calmly. She was known as the 'cool one' after all when she was a pop idol. "You're not really that funny talking about them being a perv and all. It's kinda contrived." she says with a little sadpout of sadness.

"Serious Situation here! We can argue the appropriateness later!" With that Reza would watch not fast enough to stop the masked attack. But atleast he knew it was an attack. "Dilligent Crushing Chain Torment Element! - Laser Circus!" With that Reza's hands would glow as he maneuvered into a better position before launching forth a barrage of beams which would soon curve towards the attacker as Reza appeared to guide them in on their target. He'd already faced one without starting strong, never make the same folly twice.

The figure remains where it is as the arcing and omnidirectional guided bolts of energy came its way. It almost seemed to want to have Chichi be in the way of the torrent of controlled chaos, but just as the beams woudl criss cross at its previous location, The form would have risen i nt othe air and spiralled laterally to a significant height. With a strangely lagging imagery, there would come a sudden storm of senbon needles raining down upno all i nthe area. It was timed so that the first and second and third volley would be meshed with those beyond to make a thick blanketing of the sharp objects. Correcting it's decent, a pair of black gloved hands might possibly be spotted making a seal as various senbon would suddenly discharge stored electrical energy towards the various foes. From the air it may even be considered an eerily beautiful cascade of energy.

Chichi fights to get her body working as some bratty lady starts criticizing her. "I'm not >trying< to be funny, you jerk! Instead of just standing there and bitching, how about >HELPING ME<." She struggles but goes nowhere, just flops over on her side sort of. Just in time to see RAIN OF DEATH coming down at her! Needles and electricity and aaahhhhhhhhh! She closes her eyes and waits for the pain to hit, flinching away from the incoming attack!

Oh snap! "I've got my own problems!" she says as she remains standing where she is. Why the hell is Maia just standing there? There's a flash of various seals as she takes in a deep breath, her chest inflating a bit as she sucks in air while focusing on the man with the sparkly bright pew-pews of lightning. She holds it in for a moment until she finishes the last hebi handseal before she screams.
It's not just any scream though! It's a sonic scream. A terrifying battle shriek at that as she tries to blow away the various senbon headed towards her way. It does deflect some though she ends up getting cut by several of the needles, but hopefully that lessened the damage as she continues to huff and puff to try to blow his house down? No, she's not doing that. She's still shrieking using her advanced vocal training from her time as a pop idol as she maintains her gaze on her target. The sparkly pretty nonTwilight Vampire that is Yasushi.

As the giant moved, as did Reza's hands. Suddenly attacks would rip through Reza, then…SPLASH! A puddle would be all that was left of Reza. Chichi's flinching might keep her from seeing that she indeed had help as Reza had scooped her up and flickered to a safer location. "Okay now, run, go get backup, tell them someone is trying to kill people." With that Reza would sit Chichi down and flicker back towards the action, but not without sending forth his own attacks upon arrival. Another Reza would be charging towards Yasushi as Reza forms a set of seals before taking in a deep breath. With That he'd spit forth a bullet of water towards Yasushi with high force.

The figure would rotate out of the way of the waves of sound that would race towards him smoothly. The clone of water however was there to meet it, and it's attack hit the figure as it dissipated, though strangely, the figure did not appear to attempt to manuver in the first place, taking the blow on fully. The water bullet that came afterwards was avoided with a minimal lean to the side as the figure continued to approach the Cloud Jounin in it's overing manner. Suddenly, the mass of black would move in swiftly, the tatered edges of it sending a flurry of movements and attacks Reza's way, it all seemed to flow into an upward motion that carried with it the whiffing of heavy momentum before a strange nearly appendage like attack would spring forth, gleaming like a blade almost seemed to come from the midsection of the figure before slipping back away in to it's depths.

Chichi opens her eyes when she is scooped up and whisked out of the line of fire. When she is dropped off on the ground, she finds that Reza has rescued her! Yay! But now the swirling dude in the air is attacking! Oh no! "Watch out!" she calls out and points excitedly at the figure as he attacks Reza. Reza is probably already aware of it, but Chichi is trying to help! She starts to turn hesitantly and run towards the Village to get help. But after a few steps… She stops. She stands with her back to the chaos of battle. So few people have shown any care for her. There's Seiji… And… Maybe Saito Jon. That's it. The others are merely acquaintances. No one else really cares. But this Jounin, whoever he is, just pulled her to safety. She could have died to that hail of needles, and been unable to defend herself! But she survived because he rescued her.
"No…" she mutters. Her parents died in an avalanche. She could do nothing to save them. Didn't even know it happened until after the fact. Is she going to run away? Is she going to remain ignorant of the fate of someone who is nothing more than a stranger, and yet has saved her life? "Not again…!" she says fiercely.
Then she turns around and starts running back towards the fight. "If… If the people of Kumogakure want me to be their weapon… If they want me to protect them…! Then that's what I'm going to do! I'll protect this land from its enemies! Including >you<!" She then leaps into the air after her charge and tries to punch the swirling cloaked figure by using her body like a whip and thrusting out both fists at once!

There's a deep breath as she inhales once more as her eyes widen at the genin. She just blinks blankly for a few moments as she flails her arms for a few moments, now definitely annoyed. "You just got told to do something. Go and do it! Or we'll all be killed due to your incompetence." No, she doesn't like people who try to be heroes as she scrunches her nose and looks towards the group. "It's your funeral." she says, mumbling something else under her breath while she looks towards the jounin.
"You should've kept her stunned. She's worthless." Maia tells Reza as she starts to bounce back and forth to try to get some message to the village.

*DUCK!* *SIDESTEP!* *POOF!* *Wooden Block!* Reza makes it out of Yasushi's barrage safely at a bit of range away as he forms the rat seal and focuses his chakra. "Bah I don't like Casualties on my watch! I can handle this!" Reza says as he prepares his next movements carefully taking note of how long he's been fighting and how much chakra he's been using in rapid bursts.

Chichi's act of bravery unfortuantely would not be met with praise from the enemy, nor mercy. The spectre however seemed to either have a sense of humor, or a desire for challenge as the motion that it used to overwhelm Chichi was… the exact same movements of her own attack! They would clash, fist to fist for a moment, but she would be sundered under the power of the berobed one. Standing straight once more, the right side of the figure would flare out violently, and projectiles would seemingly be almost conjured from it's mass of fabric to strike down the one retreating for help. Simultaneously, the left side would shift and manuver as the blade would twirl upwards as it sprang form before swinging downwards in an arc towards Reza's form.

Chichi wasn't being foolish for once. She is dumb, yes. Very, very dumb. But despite what Maia might think, she learned from what has already happened. The moment Reza told Chichi to go for help, the cloaked figure took her down. Why would anyone think he'd let someone else report to the Village without incident? He, or it, clearly didn't want back-up coming.
Unfortunately, the Chuunin turned her back and ran off to do what would not be permitted by this enemy. Chichi, however, has little time to think about this. Because Yasushi just practically shattered both of her arms. She has been through brutal training. Training that broke bones repeatedly, in order to make them tougher. She's just a Genin, but she has seen much suffering. And now… Now she was being pushed to the limits of her pain tolerance as she is hurled from the air, and slammed into the ground with her fists covered in blood, and the bones of her knuckles exposed. She fights not to scream, and instead, somehow, manages to sit up slowly after the impact.
She is dumb. But she is also stubborn. "N-not gonna'… Give up…" Chichi coughs a bit, and feels pain flare in her ribs. Probably dislocated a few of them. She struggles to her feet without using her hands or arms. "This… This monster…" She growls a bit, gritting her teeth. And her canines seem a bit sharper than usual. Chichi's Chakra begins to steadily climb, rising upwards at a rate that can likely be felt by those in the area. This Chakra is different from normal Chakra… And it's beginning to make the ground around this young woman shake a bit. The grass blows away from her as though trying to escape.
Chichi's head whips up as she screams out in rage at the cloaked figure. "You won't hurt… ANYONE ELSE!" she cries out gutturally, her eyes change to appear vaguely inhuman. She gnashes the fanged teeth she has grown, and then leaps into the air, a streak of movement that attempts to slam into Yasushi with a force that belies her size. A visible aura of red Chakra surges around Chichi now — and when she stops moving, she is no longer Chichi. A blaze of red has engulfed her, her skin appears to be peeling away, and her muscles are bulging all over. Clawing at her own head, she screams out in anger and pain as her hair seems to burn away, along with her clothing. Then she doubles in size. Then doubles again! She keeps growing and growing, her shape changing into something more and more monstrous every instant.
Then pale circles of light glare down at those assembled, from the face of a monstrous ox-like humanoid… One with eight tentacles that resemble tails.

Bounce, bounce, bounce. Maia's off going to actually do what the jounin said to do, cause you know, that's what what a good ninja does. Still, she knows she might be sought after and so she turns, her eyes widening to see the boney bullets. She flails as she takes a deep breath and starts doing another series of seals only to scream once more. SQUEEEEEEEEE OF DOOM! Take that! But still, it's moot. She's not quick enough to shred the bone with her voice as the bullets rip into her body and she groans and falls towards the ground, wounded. Still, she's got to get out of her and so she dashes still, a bloody mess the entire time.

The jounin would attempt to dodge the blade before witnessing the boost in power from the girl. Reza frowns as Chichi reveals what was hidden within her. -Oh boy…- Was running through his head bout a hundred times. "Well…back up is coming now….got to end this before things get out of hand…" Taking this moment to attack the intruder once more he'd form the hebi seal before launching more laser beams towards the stranger. "Calm yourself! This is not the time! This is not your fight! Settle Down!" -It wouldhelp if I knew her name…- Reza would focus on homing in his laser beams hoping this attack and the beast would deter the man from remaining.

The figure could possibly be amused or bored at this point, it was impossible to tell with the lack of words and the lack of expression. However, even the robed figure gave pause to the charge of the immature and rapidly growing Jinchuuriki. Still, it would manuver low and follow through up under the chakra beast in order to start and attack, before suddenly having to leap away and twist and turn to avoid a variety of near homing bolts of altered lightning. The figure would stand qutie a bit away from them both, analyzing the situation with silent patience. The Jinchuuriki was growing out of control. He would have to use "that" jutsu at this rate… and he wasn't willing to expose himself as anything more than a spectre to the likes of these two. Glancing towards the location of the sun, it growing dimmer in the sky as it dropped below a few mountain peaks, it had been more than enough time for Suzume to cover he tracks and provide misdirection to those wanting to trail her. They had all been delayed, so Suzume can continue her mission with… some stealth intact.
Luckily for Suzume, she did not attempt to go beyond her limits foolishly. That was the entire purpose of his presence in this form after all. Making a single hand seal, he would disappear within a bolt of red lightning, leaving them with nothing left to face at this time. The Jounin would have to deal with the Jinchuuriki, and now that information was known to Kirigakure. It was now time to move forward in the plans of his village and make sure that Kumogakure felt the reprecussions of their arrogance.

Chakra seethes around the Bijuu, tinting the sky crimson in the general area. The Eight-Tailed Ushi-Oni throws back its head and roars with such force that a wave of air passes over the area, blowing nearby trees down so hard they bend in half, and making the river literally fly out of its bed. Anyone standing in the path of the shockwave will likely not remain standing for long.
Then it turns its attention on those in front of it. The cloaked figure vanishing before the Bijuu's eyes does nothing to assuage its rage. It merely snarls and looks for a new target. And finds one. Maia is too far out of range at this point. The Eight-Tails could chase her, but why bother when Reza is right there? The monstrous creature draws in a huge breath that sucks all the trees and water from the river from the other direction. The wind howls, spiralling inwards to the creature's maw. Anything metal in the vicinity begins to spark and tug towards the Eight-Tails as well. But then, a shudder passes through its body… And then again. It howls violently as its host body can no longer handle the strain of the transformation. It swings one clawed hand at Reza regardless, but it's poorly aimed, and already the Chakra-body is retreating inwards, breaking apart and collapsing into a pool of crimson lightning that leaps across the ground, as though trying to escape its fate.
Slowly, Chichi is revealed again. Whole, alive… But writhing in pain as her skin is a deep, dark-red, like blood. Steam rises from her body, her clothing tattered, and making gagging noises as though choking on something. Then she just collapses, a crater scarring the land where the Eight-Tails previous loomed.

As the guy seemingly left Reza makes sure there's no sneak attack planned, least till he has to dodge the beast. He most certainly wasn't trained in handling a Jinchuriki..least not yet he wasn't… But as the girl began to revert. Reza kept his ears open as he studied her for a moment to ensure he wasn't about to be hit offguarded. "Well…that cats out of the bag…well…..blah!" Shaking his head he knew there'd be a giant report of this, but something more urgent came to mind. Noticing the chuunin already on the run, he'd not bother chasing the enemy, his stamina was far too low to bother with any more, let alone ending up running into both of the swordsmen. Unhooking the strap from his uniform his flak jacket would be lifted off his head as he began to remove his shirt. "Don't worry, I got cha." Hopping into the crater he'd look towards the sky and with that he'd toss his shirt over the girl before replacing his jacket. "Well..i asked for action, blah!" He'd hoist the girl up and into the piggy back position. "This is going to be a handache…." With that he'd flicker from sight.

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