Get That Girl! - Interview With a Jinchuu


Daisuke, Itami

Date: March 13 ,2012


Continuing the questioning of Konoha shinobi, Itami interviews Daisuke to get the notice out about Hiroko's disappearance.

"Get That Girl! - Interview With a Jinchuu"

Sunagakure Administration Dome

Interviews were still continuing with those Konoha shinobi that remained and thankfully, there weren't many left. It's been the same drill each day. Summon some in, question them and let them out. As of today, nothing seems to have changed and there appears to be a steady gain of favor towards Konoha's side. Some interviews might last a bit longer than others, but nothing too out of place for this process.
From the other side of the door, a guard opens the door to allow more to enter. So, whoever is next in line will receive the next interview. There's no telling who it might be, but that doesn't matter much. Itami enjoyed surprises sometimes.

Daisuke had heard that someone in the examination's final round had gone missing and was a little disappointed that the final match had to be modified because of such. When he heard that Suna was interviewing Konoha nin in regards to this issue, the chuunin made it a duty to go answer some questions both to help in any way he could and to clear any doubt of himself from their minds.
Standing out in the heat was a little rough for the red-headed Senju, who had retrieved a straw hat from a vendor and some nifty water canteens in preparation for the wait. Even still once he had made it inside and close to the door, the chuunin was sweating a bit. As the door opened for him, the chuunin entered waving a hand at his face to try to cool himself down, his neck a little burned from the sun. "I'm next I assume." he says as he looks over those in attendance while waiting to see where to go, noticing that no one he was familiar with was in the area.

Itami lofted a brow and looked over Daisuke for a few moments, "Yes, you are…" She grumbled to herself. Why didn't they have any water out there? She rose from her seat and stated, "I'll need a few moments." Peeking outside, she saw there was no water being given to those that were waiting. She sighed to herself and signaled for someone to come and bring water for these people. Honestly, they're /obviously/ not from the desert. Closing the door behind her, she shook her head and spoke while taking to her seat saying, "I apologize for that. I have some water being delivered. At least in here, you'll be cool in no time. The building isn't as hot as outside. Well insulated to keep the cool air in during hot days and all. So…" She started while reaching for a file in her desk.
"I'm sure you know why you're here, but if not, then I'll explain. Recently, some events lead up to Sabaku no Hana going missing. Witnesses reported that at the time the crime took place, they observed Konoha ninja going away from the scene. I only wish to know if you knew anything about it?"

Daisuke takes a long draught of his canteen to aid the process of cooling down his body before he slides it back into his backpack and removes his hat. He smiles at Itami, immediately getting the feeling that she was someone he would like, someone kind enough to look after others, and he usually had a good sense about people. "Thanks, the Land of Fire may sound the hottest but it certainly is not." he says with a small chuckle.
The Senju chuunin takes a seat in front of the desk hesitantly, hoping it way intended for him. He listens to Itami, a crease forming on his forehead as he frowns at the information that Konohagakure ninja were seen at a potential scene of the crime. "I only met her once in the caves, I wish I could be more help. Has there been any kind of information about why she has gone missing? I don't know why any Leaf would want to kidnap a single girl during an international event, my Aunt strictly advocates peace wherever possible." he asks, poking a bit into the situation as usual to try to help where he could, taking after his Aunt.

Itami chuckled at the joke. She feels a bit saddened, if only because her time spent in the Land of Fire was during war. Hopefully, that will change. "It does take some getting used to, I admit. I do hope they'll be bringing it up quickly." Now… she looks to the file and then back to Daisuke, "Do you have any suspicions on who could have potentially performed the act? I understand Konoha's stance but there may be some bad apples in the bunch sometimes." She shrugged. "There isn't much about the why she's gone missing, no. That's what I've been trying to figure out in these interviews."

"She was pretty strong in the exams, I don't think she came even close to defeat. Would there be a reason why someone would want to kidnap her? If I knew that then I could probably identify a few power hungry people within the Land of Fire, but right now I can't think of a single person who would want to just abduct a single girl." Daisuke says, his brow creased again but this time in deep thought, running through the situation in his head. "Or perhaps it was another nation wanting Konoha and Suna to be at odds, I have difficulty thinking that even if we did something we would be spotted doing it, right? I'm sure your nin's are the same as well." It was obviously bugging Daisuke, this case and the bad name someone was trying to give Konoha after all of the work the Senju had put in bringing disjointed and powerful clans together in the Fire Country. "I'm sorry I don't know much more, but I'd like to help if I could. With my Aunt Hashiramako busy at home and the exams ending, I'd like to help clear up our name and find this girl, whether she is a victim of something sinister or not."

Itami hummed, "Who are these power hungry people, if I may ask? I think this might help because…" Itami opened up the file and presented it to Daisuke. Inside it was a letter. "This letter was written by someone in the Land of Fire. Particularly Toyotomi Hiroko, the Fire Daimyo's niece," she offered. "Sabaku no Hana was her counterpart or…disguise, rather while she took asylum here in Sunagakure in order to determine what was going on in her own land. She wasn't able to figure it out, but I suppose she's suffered as a result. Somehow, she was found out, but we don't know who yet. These questionings were for me to make sure I wasn't dealing with any associates that could potentially threaten her. More so than she already is," she explains.
"But I'm glad to have you in here to aid with this. With Hiroko missing, this could potentially mean a civil war will break out in the Land of Fire."
ooc :can forward the letter if you'd like to read it.

Daisuke reaches over to accept the letter, his eyes scanning the scripture as Itami explains the situation. 'So it was political after all.' he thinks, getting an internal groan from Son who hates anything having to do with politics. "I may not be old or experienced enough to fully understand the politics behind this, but this situation seems to be one the Fire Country should be dealing with. As she sought your help I can only imagine what trust she places in those around her within the Fire Country, I had heard news on the Daimyo's family and none of it was good." he says, handing the letter back to Itami. "It seems a mutual enemy of ours is named more than once in that letter, and I hate to admit it but it was the first village to pop into my mind when I heard you explain the situation. None of the clans I know of that seek power would take on the Daimyo himself, many of them seek what would be considered true power amongst the shinobi and would rather wash their hands of this situation."
Back to thinking for a moment, the chuunin finally speaks, asking Itami, "Who else would know of her identity here in Sunagakure? Would this bone dust incident be enough for Kiri to mark her?"

Itami nodded softly as she took the letter back and placed it back in it's respective file. "Yes, Kirigakure is mentioned a number of times. I'm guessing that she feels certain that it's Kirigakure even if the letter had the tone of slight uncertainty every so often." She placed the file away and continued speaking, "I don't think it should come as too much of a surprise for Kirigakure. They tend to be the type that enjoy this sort of thing. Sad enough as it is. Although, I'm unsure if Kirigakure itself shares the same sentiments. In fact, the only ones I hear push for fighting are…" She shook her head, "I suppose that's besides the point. To get back to what we were speaking on, no one else knows of her identity except me," she admits. "This was made sure to be kept between the both of us."

Daisuke nods his head, "Well I'm not planning on informing anyone of who she is, so you don't have to worry there, though I think if you would inform my Aunt you would find her very helpful in matters of tracking and retrieving. Like I offered before I knew who she was, if you need a hand with anything at all in order to resolve this issue, I will help. Not because she is now a super important person, but because she has been unjustly taken from her home and by someone who would benefit from strained relations between Sand and Leaf." he says, cracking his knuckles. "She has every right to live the life she wishes to live just like the rest of us."

"Well, that's what I was hoping would be carried back to Konoha, but I should send a letter anyway. I was hoping to raise awareness of this matter with you all, just in case I was too busy to do it all on my own. Whatever you've been told would probably go back much more quickly than what I could manage," Itami admits. "I do need help in this as Hiroko is already in transit. I can safely assume this. I want to be able to head them off before they can get too far. I think Konoha would be able to do this better since taking a port from the Land of Wind would take too long. Land of Fire would be best since you all are closest to Kirigakure and I agree, she does have the right to live the life she wants to. As of now, though it seems to be in jeopardy."

Daisuke nods his head slowly, those last words hitting him hard. "And that is completely unacceptable. If you wish me to carry a letter or word back with me I will do so, and I will let my Aunt decide if it should become public knowledge and who to trust within the Land of Fire. Politics are a sticky thing and I hope I will never have to get involved in such matters." he says with a sigh, rubbing the back of his neck. "I was planning on leaving within the next two days if you could prepare something by then?"

Itami huffed softly, her expression clearly reading understanding to the whole politics scene. "I think carrying back a letter will work for us, yes. I've discussed this same situation with others from Konoha after interviewing them. I don't know if it should become public knowledge yet. I'm running that risk already by telling you all this. I just want this information to stay between me and the others I've told and no one else but your fellow, trusted, shinobi and the Hokage," she explains with a tone that suggests utmost importance. "I can prepare a letter by then, yes. It shouldn't take me very long to write one out."

Daisuke nods his head, standing up and stretching his legs a bit. After standing for so long, sitting down had cramped them up a bit. "I will stop by in 2 days then, on my way to Konohagakure. You don't have to worry about me, I have learned that being the Nephew of the Hokage comes with certain responsibilities. I wouldn't do anything that may jeopardize our relations or the girl's safety." he says with that wide smile of his, finally returning to his face. "Till then?"

"Good," Itami smiled and rose with Daisuke. She then offered her hand to him to shake, "I'll have it ready by then and it will be prepared and ready to be sent off to you. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it," she bowed to him to emphasize her thanks. "I'm glad that nothing would happen to jeopardize Hiroko. I do hope that we can act quickly enough to get to those responsible before it's too late."

"I'll pass it on immediately and let Hashiramako decide what actions she will take." Daisuke says with a smile, placing his straw hat back on before tipping it up in a notion of farewell. "Lets find her and bring her home, wherever she wishes that to be."

"Indeed," she grinned. "I look forward to working with you all and keeping the peace in your land." She looks down to her desk and then back up to Daisuke, "Have a safe trip home."

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