Get that Girl - Narrowing the search


Yuuka, Tsiro, Shoki

Date: February 7, 2012


Yuuka and Tsiro try to narrow down the location of their mission target.

"Get that Girl - Narrowing the search"

Suna Cafe and outside a Suna Apartment Building

The compass has been maddening. Really it has. The problem is that the darn thing fades out. The compass itself is basically an metal octagon with clear 'gems' at each of the major points, 8 of them in all, plus one gem that is larger in the center. Then the metal is etched with strange seals and the whole thing appears to be kind of a box, but the box is sealed with, you got it, more seals. Something is inside, and although no one in the group has seal mastery it is pretty clear breaking any of the seals will probably destroy the ability of the darn thing to work. Simply put, you push the middle gem, and then one of the edge gems, or sometimes two light up. You can turn the compass around and the light will shift to still point at the target. Simple enough. The maddening thing is that it lasts but a few moments. It was hinted that it should work for a minute or more but it just doesn't seem to work that long. And the thing looks VERY old, so perhaps it just doesn't work as well as it should. Worse off sometimes you hit the button and nothing happens. You can't seem to tell how long it will take between use times. You can't even tell what the metal is made of.

But after days of trial and error and attempts to triangulate, you discover that the worst case seems to be true. Your target is mobile. She isn't staying in one place. You almost got a trace on her at the arena during one match, and then another. She seems to go to the matches that are formally scheduled. Also she seems to be stationary at night. That was helpful until you isolated the location as one of the main apartment buildings that is used by Suna Shinobi, exclusively from what you can tell. And they don't seem eager to let Kiri shinobi enter, there are guards oddly enough. Not a lot, and you might be able to sneak by some, but you'd have to figure out what /floor/ she's on and in what unit and then not be sure if she is even alone.

The good news is the drug front. People sell anything here and with some effort you were able to find, for a pretty coin, someone who would sell you a few doses of something that /should/ knock out most folks. That's the good news, bad news is it will be tricky to use in combat because it is something the target needs to inhale. The drug is in small vials, basically you need to wet a rag or something with the contents of a vial and hold it over her mouth, then it should be nighty night for the girl for several hours. Not exactly practical in open combat but useful if you can sneak up on the target or if she's bound and you need to silent her for transport.

That all set you are in a small cafe, that is fairly empty, to plan your next steps.

Yuuka exhales a long breath through her nose as she leans back further in her chair, narrowing her aquamarine eyes at a point somewhere beyond the table in front of her. She hadn't even given her hot tea a glance while she lightly taps her index finger on the surface beneath her hand. "Drugs are not a problem." she murmurs lightly, just loud enough for the others to hear her. "The problem is this compass." She breathes out slowly again. "The short lapse of time it can be used is not enough, and I do not think that one of us running with it would make a difference, regardless how fast." Yuuka gently shakes her snowy head. "We may need to rely on my ninjutsu…"

Tsiro ponders all the information. "There may be another way…" the boy states quietly. "We know what we are looking for. We know she goes to the matches. We have a location where she is at night. We have an unreliable pointer…" The boy then finishes the evidence and gets down to business. "If we sit outside the apartments and watch for a group of people. Obviously the girl and her guards, we click the gem and see if the lights move. If they do, we located her. If not, we have to wait for the next time it juices up. But she should leave in time to make the announced match. That will at least give us a good idea who our target is…" the boy states before taking a drink from the glass in front of him.

Yuuka pauses for several moments while deep in thought before lifting her gaze to focus on Tsiro, silent while she listens. "Maybe…" she says slowly. "The best way to go about it is locate where she is at night, and every time we use the compass we narrow down which building she's in. Perhaps even get lucky enough to find out which floor." Her lips press tighter. "Either way we do not have much time to work through the plan."

Tsiro nods his head. "If we figure out who she is, we no longer really need the compass. Except to make the final check and make sure there is no decoy." the boy grins as he talks. He has spent some time thinking about this. "If we can find where she is, we might be able to get in and out without a fight with the guards. Maybe through a window at night."

The pair discuss things for a while, as it gets dark, then after a while it seems like it might be a good time to try to find the right floor and room. Actually, with a bit of thought, finding the right floor shouldn't be so hard. The button hasn't been pressed for a while and the compass doesn't seem to care if you hold it flat or sideways, so pointing it sideways as you run up the side of the building should get the right floor rather quickly as the lights shift until they point straight across. So that at least is something. The building is sort of hive shaped, a series of bulbous domes kind of stacked on each other with each apartment having a small balcony. There are some people around but just running up the side of the building shouldn't cause too much attention.

That said, while on the way to the building and approaching it, Yuuka notices what appears to be a pair of Shinobi from Konoha 'following' you. They are trying to be fairly discrete about it but they do appear to be trailing you, as you head towards the apartment, before you have a chance to try to find out what floor it is.

Walking side by side, Yuuka and appear to be like elder sister and her little brother rather than shinobi. She smiles warmly at something said as she places her arm on Tsiro's shoulder with a quiet display of affection, moving with the steady current of people while she discretely slips the compass into the collar of his shirt. "There are two shinobi following us, about forty-six feet back." Yuuka murmurs quietly to him, the gentle smile still in place, "I am not sure if they are following both of us or just one, but we need to split up to make sure." She raises the hand on his shoulder to pat his dark head, "Take the compass and run straight up the outside of the building to find the floor, then run from each of the balconies in a circle to find the specific apartment. I will try to get them to follow me. Got it?"

Tsiro listened to the whispers from his sensei. He then nodded his head. He was pretty damn fast for a genin. The boy then waits for the signal from Yuuka before he takes off towards the building. He tries to get to the side that would have the least amount of spectators. He did not really want people knowing that he was a shinobi or that he was running up the building.

The two followers seem to be paying more attention to Yuuka. For whatever reason, but as the pair slows down a tad, or if they do, the pair also slows and starts to pretend to look at a stall along the street, despite it being closed, not a very good attempt then they talk to each other, still out of ear shot, voices low, one glancing at Yuuka. They seem to be waiting to see what is going on, but when ever Tsiro does take off, the pair seem to hesitate, and mostly what they do next depends on what Yuuka does to get them to follow.

The hand on Tsiro's shoulder tabs once, twice before Yuuka straightens, watching the boy move to disappear on his own through the sea of people. Under the gaze of those following her, the Kaguya kunoichi becomes visibly worried as she gives a quick glance around from beneath the hood of her kimono. The sudden alarm is her lure and she uses it to her advantage, quickening her pace and taking a sharp turn around a corner. As if she were trying to allude anyone following.

Tsiro finds a spot that looks fairly secluded. He starts up the wall and makes it to the second floor before pressing the button and turning it sideways. He then follows the directions so that he can get the height on the building right. Though he is slightly worried about Yuuka the boy does not show it. His sensei was able to take care of herself. Thats what he assured himself with.

The two seem worried, that they might have been spotted by the way Yuuka reacts. This causes some trouble for them, and at first neither Yuuka or Tsiro can tell if they are being followed. But as Tsiro runs to the building, which happens to only be three stories actually, but very big around, he easily runs up the side and… finds that his target is on the second floor some where. Meanwhile Yuuka finds herself not being followed either. Seems the reaction of the pair spooked the tail and they don't seem to be /anywhere/ at the moment, not that either of the pair can tell. They seem to have not tried to follow either, simply because they seemed to realize they were spotted.

It doesn't take long for Yuuka to figure out that the pair that were following them isn't following her specifically now, which could mean that they might be tailing Tsiro now. She quickly doubles back to meet with Tsiro at the building they had narrowed their choices down to, swiftly extending her bone sensory skills around her to make sure that she wasn't being followed a second time. Even by those that were following them originally.

As Tsiro sees the light point to the second floor, he turns the compass horizontally and takes off running in the direction it points. He just hopes he can get a good read on the girl before the thing cuts out. He's no longer even thinking about the Konoha shinobi or his sensei. He's focused on the task at hand.

No sign or sense of anyone following, just the light crowds around. A few people have stopped to watch Tsiro, most of them clearly Suna nin or villagers just curious at someone running around the outside of the apartment building. They arrow on the compass points to a spot and as Tsiro runs around the building he gets kind of a 'bead' on the part of the apartment he thinks the girl must be in, narrowing it down to perhaps two possible apartments at best, before the light fades away. Certainly a heck of a lot more information than they had before! That much is clear at least. As Yuuka scans the crowds she really doesn't notice anything out of the norm, at least for Suna. No sign of any other Konoha nin in the area even at the moment.
At ground-level Yuuka lifts her gaze to the building that Tsiro circles, watching him pause between two balcony windows at the second floor. She narrows her gaze slightly but doesn't move, doesn't speak as she lightly tugs at the boy's Epigaea dagger just enough for him to get the hint that she's below him. Yuuka waits for him long enough before she disappears through the front door, keeping her senses alert so that they aren't snuck up on again.

Tsiro feels the dagger tug and becomes aware of her presence. Being as their are some spectators and shinobi below the boy does not make a move to any balcony. He merely remains there. It seems he's now confused as to what to do. The boy then decides to wait for the dagger to activate again. He also considered maybe waiting for the compass to rejuice.

The compass usually takes hours to recharge at best, so that could be a very long wait. This leaves Tsiro out by the balcony landings. Light comes from both apartments, through shaded windows, clearly people are awake in both units. As Yuuka heads in the front door she is greeted by a rather large burly fellow who appears to be the rather low tech door man. "May I help you?" He asks in a voice that is gravel filled and rumbling. He is built more like a blacksmith than a doorman, his form rather thick to say the least. He stands tall, looking down at Yuuka who just entered via the front door. No one seems to be sneaking up on her but the doorman clearly has his full attention on Yuuka.

Yuuka comes to an abrupt stop as she blinks up at the large doorman in front of her, blinking a second time with mild surprise for a short moment longer until the light smile tugs at her lips. "Oh! Yes, you might be able to, sir." she answers kindly, appearing far less dangerous than she actually is. "I was wondering if there were any apartments available to rent during the exams. Is there a manager I may speak to? Or, should I come back tomorrow when the sun is out? I would not want to be a bother." Yuuka gently bites at her bottom lip, her aquamarine eyes impossibly bright and innocent.

Well, the dagger was not helping him at all, so Tsiro decided to walk back down to the ground level. He moved off to the side and began to follow a slow group of two people moving. Though it was obvious he was a shinobi, he did not want to blow Yuuka's cover. He just now hoped that no one would tell the guards and that they would not move the girl before they were able to complete their mission.

Well, Tsiro thinks no one really noticed him other than a few folks on the street. There were no signs of guards by the balcony, a place one might expect them. No seals for protections up there either as far as he could tell, just looked like a normal balcony. Both of them did. Not much help there in telling which place was the right one.

Meanwhile down inside the front door the large man seems not eager to have a long discussion, despite Yuuka's charms. He gives a grumble sound then says, "Yeah, come back when the office is open if you wanna talk about places but they normally only rent to Suna residents here." He points out, "Not short term leases." He adds, to make the point clear. He stands in the front hall and just by his look it seems clear he expects Yuuka to just turn around and leave. Sure, Yuuka could probably take this guy out in just a few moments but it would likely raise a real alarm in doing so.

Yuuka frowns gently at the large man, still quietly biting at her bottom lip while she listens to the large man's reply. He wouldn't notice the light dust around her feet, mixed with the natural sands of Suna, though in actuality its the dust of bone moving under her will as if flowing with the gentle wind. "Well, thank you anyways. You were very helpful." Yuuka smiles softly, taking a step back as she turns to walk out the front door where she had just come from. But with some of her bone dust behind she'll be able to search the second floor a bit more thoroughly than in person.
Yuuka's bone dust is able to move along through the building, up a stair way and through cracks. She's close enough she's able to guide it, with effort. This allows a crude scouting of the two apartments. One apartment seems to consist of a small family. Male and female adult sharing one bedroom, and a small child in another. From the chakra signatures the adults are both shinobi, and the child is just a normal child, probably around 2 to 4 years old at best. Hard to tell with the bones limited senses.

The second apartment seems to be your target, maybe. Something isn't right though. The chakra source is way too strong for a non-shinobi, and there is just one person there. Young adult, might fit the age grouping and definitely female. But, definitely someone with shinobi training, something your target was not supposed to have. Further there are no signs of guard /or/ kidnappers. She does not appear to be under any obvious guard, nor is she being held against her will from what limited information Yuuka can get.

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