Get that Girl - Part 1


Tsiro, Yuuka, Keisuke, Shoki (emitter)

Date: January 31, 2012


Three Kiri nin are given a covert mission to find and get a girl back to Kiri

"Get that Girl - Part 1"

Leased house for Exams in Suna, leased by Kiri VIPs

Two days after the cave portion of the exam was finished, messages were sent to Keisuke, Tsiro and Yuuka requesting they join one of the Kiri elders for 'tea'. The time requested for the meeting is sunrise, which seems odd for tea, and the location is an old building that has been taken up as a temporary residence for a group of visiting Kiri VIPs, who are here to witness the tournament. The property has been leased for the duration and cleaned up and set up in a style worthy of some of the more important figures of Kiri. Depending on when each person arrives they will be shown in to a rather ornate room with tea and breakfast items laid out and told to wait until everyone has shown up.
Tsiro had been in the area for a while and he had finally broke down and gotten some new clothing from the area. Mainly a brown hood with a cover. As the boy enters the residence and is shown in, he removes the hood to reveal his black hair with a streak of silver down the center. It would be new to anyone who had not seen him in a while. The red eyes of the boy take in the room and the breakfast items. Instead of take any, he simply leans up against a wall and waits as instructed.
The sun had barely begun to rise on her back as Yuuka stares up at the building in silence, aquamarine eyes blinking slowly from beneath the hood of her kimono. While she had been instructed by one of the village's elders to meet here she wondered what this was really about. Her jaw firms subtly before she lowers her gaze at the entrance and pushes forward, stepping inside without even a glance at the servent as she is lead further into the building, a specific room with the particular style of Kirigakure in mind. Yuuka quirks a brow at Tsiro, then looks to the spread of food that had been prepared for them beforehand. "They went all out." she murmurs lightly.
Stepping through the door just a moment after Yuuka, Keisuke says, "That means they have something very important to them or dangerous to do." His attire is the same as it has always been, not even bothering to put a shirt on to meet the elder. He turns to Yuuka, a faint smile tugging at his lips. "Hello, my love. I trust you caused much pain in the Survival Round. There is something we should talk about when this is over." A brief glance is given to Tsiro as the giant reaches over to clasp Yuuka's hand. "Hey, kiddo."
After all three have gathered in the room, one of the elders of the village enters and takes a seat while motioning for the others to sit as well. "Greetings. I have a mission for you. Please, feel free to indulge in the food while I explain." He pauses to take a sip of tea himself then waits to see if everyone sits or not. Even if they do not he continues. "We have been hired for a rather… strange mission. Because of its nature it requires some delicate handling. You will have to be careful, as this mission requires basically operating right under the noses of our hosts here in the land of wind.
The elder places a scroll and an odd looking ornate compass on the table. The mission is simple. There is a person, a girl between the ages of 16 and 18, who is here in Sunagakure. Your mission is to find her and extract her back to Kirigakure when we leave. Once there she will be turned over to the person who has hired us. She is not to be harmed in any lasting manner. She may or may not come willingly. She may either be guarded by Shinobi or being held hostage by them. Our employer in this matter has offered that he believes the girl may have been kidnapped. If so you will be rescuing her, but if not, then this is effectively a kidnapping of our own. The price for either has been paid. Your mission is to find her, take control of her one way or another and bring her home with us, without causing a stir, without alerting the Sunagakure ninja that we have even preformed this operation and to definitely keep our fingerprints off of this. If necessary you are to attempt to frame the ninja of Konohagakure if any such misdirection is needed.
The elder motions to the compass looking object. This is the key to the operation. This is a special compass. It only works every so often, basically there is a button on it that activates a seal and will point you to the target, but it lasts only so long and then won't work for a while before it can be used again. If it is touching the target a light will glow on it. We don't have a description of the target, so this is your only way of tracing her. While it is believed she is either guarded or held by shinobi, she herself is not one and so at least that part should be easy enough to deal with. We have confirmed that the target, if the compass is correct, is in fact in the area here. You have until the end of the tournament to complete the mission as we can only operate here under the guise of the tournament and exams. He leans back, I assume you have questions and will do my best to answer them now. He finishes as he looks over the three in front of him.
Tsiro offers a nod to both Yuuka and Keisuke as they enter. He then turns his attention to the elder. Though told to sit, he remains leaning against the wall. As the elder speaks, the boy looks over the compass. The mission seemed simple enough. It was the details that were troubling for him. Three Kaguya, all of which using the Shikot Kekkei Genkai trying to leave minimal, not lasting marks on a girl and frame another nation.
Then as he listened to the compass bit, Tsiro ponders how a magical compass actually works. He shakes his head for a moment as the thought was leading him off task. "So no bones left behind?" the boy asks. He already knew the answer.
Yuuka blinks her bright eyes over her slender shoulder at the sound of the voice behind her, frowning faintly at Keisuke as he enters so casually. And without a shirt, of course. She is silent while she listens but the light frown lingers for several moments. While she does squeeze his hand briefly, Yuuka pulls from his grasp to lower herself to one side of the table, breathing out a long breath while a hand absently brushes over her stomach. A habit of hers as of late. Still, she kunoichi isn't distracted by the sudden relief enough not to notice the elder enter, one that she has yet to meet in person.
While she listens Yuuka quietly observes him, glancing to the compass when he gestures to it. The subtle frown forms again and deepens with thought as she returns her gaze back to the elder, "If you want strength, the Kaguya clan is always the wisest choice, but this… it seems more like an Okumo speciality perhaps. Why us?" she murmurs, "Even if our client hired us, with so little information about this girl we could be walking into a trap… even worse, someone could be trying to frame Kiri instead of us framing Konoha." Yuuka breathes lightly with a shake of her head. She didn't like the odds, but this is how things are. And the risk is even higher than usual.
Keisuke watches Yuuka moves to sit before casting his eyes toward the elder. Perhaps he has gotten a bit lax toward such figures since becoming a family head himself. Then again, he may have always been this way, as he is one of the Seven Swordsmen. He listens silently to the explanation for a few moments, apparently preferring to remain standing for now. At Yuuka's comment, he casts his eyes her way and smirks. "If you don't think we are capable, perhaps this mission will be a good learning experience for you. A well-rounded shinobi can approach a village and be unseen until the streets are filled with blood and no one lives to tell the tale." Turning his eyes back to the elder, he lifts an eyebrow faintly as he waits for any further comments or instructions.
The elder frowns at Yuuka's words, I was under the impression that your clan was worth more than just brute force. Perhaps I was misinformed? He almost scolds, In any case if it is a trap, your strength will be needed. If it is not, then this can be an example of your ability to perform even complex tasks. If, however, you feel that those of your clan are not capable to perform such a task… I could seek out others more willing. His tone is clearly a tad annoyed at this, It may indeed be an attempt to frame us, in which case, avoid it. Be wary. There are few enough details, and this mission required a careful enough touch that it is Rank A. We have been paid triple the going price for a Rank A mission, however. So either someone is willing to pay a very very large sum of money to ensure privacy, or someone is going to incredible lengths to get us into trouble.
In either case, the man has paid enough for his privacy and it is your job to perform this task. He looks over at Tsiro, No Bones left behind. Then he looks back to Yuuka, If you are unable or unwilling to perform this mission…. He trails off, leaving it an open question. I need to know if you are willing to accept this mission. If not, then I need to know now. He finishes as he again looks over the trio, I will add that if you refuse I will be rather disappointed. The elder nods to Keisuke, Each of you must either agree or refuse. Those that agree will receive this scroll and the compass. The scroll contains details to assist in smuggling the subject out of Sunagakure undetected. And yes, this mission requires for more than scream and leap tactics, but all of you should be capable of such.
Tsiro shrugged his shoulders a bit. "I was just getting bored with the locals. I'm in." the boy states. He then glanced towards the others. He had been in this desert long enough and though training was a normal thing for him, he could only do so much of it here before it got old. At least now he was going to make some money. Also, an A rank mission did not look too bad on his record unless it was a complete failure.
Yuuka briefly gives Keisuke an annoyed glance before returning her aquamarine eyes back to the elder. "I am not saying that we can not do the mission. I merely wanted to know why you chose us specificly," she replies, just a annoyed as the elder appears to be. Status or not, she didn't care to be spoken to like that, scolded as if she were a child that did not know any better. She shakes her head once as Yuuka reaches forward to take the compass, examining it in her hand. "I accept the mission."
Listening to the explanation from the elder, Keisuke smirks just a bit wider. At least the job pays well. A brief glance is cast toward Yuuka, an eyebrow lifted at her. "So Hikan is trying to rebuild Kirigakure's treasury after his scientists failures. I do hope our efforts are not to help fuel further foolishness such as those weapons." His eyes narrow slightly, a rather intense gaze focusing on the elder for a moment, as if knowing something but not stating it. "I'm in."
The elder slides the scroll over towoards Keisuke, "The compass is simple, just press the small gem on top, and it will point in the right direction, for a short time, very short I'm afraid. But it should help to slowly isolate where the person is. Be careful and cautious, as you are right, this could be a trap. There are several options here on the scroll on how to smuggle the person back to Kiri. I hope you will accomplish this mission, no matter what small obsticals you might find in your way. I don't expect to hear from you until after the exam is over and we are back in Kirigakure, at that time you will be contacted and the girl hopefully turned over to us." He says, then gestures to the meal, "And now I must take my leave, internal matters to deal with. Please feel free to stay and eat and determine your next steps. You may be assured that at least here you will not be spied upon by outsiders." He assures as he bows slightly after standing, "Unless you have any other questions?" He pauss just in case.
There are no questions from Tsiro. He just glanced over at the other two. Keisuke who has the scroll and Yuuka who has the compass. He's not exactly sure how this will work being as Yuuka is in the tournament. That would possibly mean that more than likely it would be himself and Keisuke getting the girl while people are spectating the tournament. Either way being low man on the totem pole, he'd end up getting orders.
Left to their own devices it seems, with very little information to go on. Yuuka breathes out lightly though her nose as she shakes her head once in reply, reaching forward to lightly set the compass down on the table in front of her. "Tricky indeed." she murmurs to herself. Turning her covered head to glance out of the corner of her eye at Keisuke, she quirks a brow, "We can hone in and locate where she is this week, but I think it would be best to take her while the tournament has its matches because that is where most of the people will be. It would make it easier to slip in unnoticed, get her, then slip away unnoticed."

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