Get that Girl - Planning Phase


Keisuku, Yuuka, Tsiro, Shoki

Date: February 13 ,2012


Mission planning meeting to discuss new events

"Get that Girl - Planning Phase"

Rented Mansion in Suna, rented by Kiri VIPs

Log starts with information mailed to participants in the mission:

From: Shoki
Subject: Mission part III

Okay, update time! I submitted the log to Clary and it should be posted shortly.

Update part: Using the compass, the target has been moved, and more over the bone dust seems to have been detected and removed from the apartment building. The target is now in a single residence, at the edge of town, with a wall and at least two guards at it at all times, who appear to be Jounin. However she seems to only have one guard while going to the tournament events which she still seems to be doing.

More over, the target appears to be the Genin named Sabaku no Hana, if you scout out the place and wait until she leaves to go see a match. That's right, the target is one of the genin exam contestants.

Okay, with that out of the way, I hope to have another scene Saturday if people can make it. I am free all day but need times from you three if possible. Please @mail as soon as you can if you can make it saturday and what time, if not Saturday try Sunday. Mail everyone on this mail with times and avaliablities this weekend.
This mail was sent to Keisuke, Yuuka and Tsiro


Scene Starts Here:

Inside one of the inner halls of the mansion a figure leans against the edge of the table, fingers loosely gripping the side as they scan over the documents that have been gathered. A complete file on the target, Sabaku no Hana, as well as the blueprints and layouts to several buildings she had been moved to and from the last several days. Even a pretty penny spent for detailed blueprints of the Sunadome Arena. "Lets us go over this again." Yuuka murmurs lightly, leaning forward subtly to point at Sabaku's picture. "We know that she goes to the tournament matches regularly, though to and from she is likely to be best guarded. So we have an option of waiting until after she fights next." She blinks her bright eyes at a thought. "Instead of ambushing her at the hospital, we /could/ try to disguise ourselves as mednin. It could be easier that way and its likely no one would discover she is missing until after we are long gone. How does that sound?" Yuuka lifts her eyes to her team mates.

"Perhaps, but, if they realize she is gone too soon, they are likely to figure us out and pursue," Keisuke comments as he glances over the documents. "If she thrashes the next kid like she did the first, she probably won't need any medical attention she can't perform herself." Peering up at Yuuka, he crosses his arms over his chest as he emits a low 'hmm'. "As far as getting her out, you two could stow her away as luggage or in a water barrel while I remain behind with a Water Clone made to her likeness. I might even make several if people start getting suspicious. By the time they are all found to be fakes, you will have long made your escape."

Yuuka nods quickly as she keeps her attention focused on the papers spread out on the table. "The Water Clone should work if you are careful." she agrees, "After we put her to sleep we can set her inside some luggage and get her out of the village." The kunoichi lifts a hand to point at the map, "This village here is small and on the coastline, it should be easily enough to slip through it unnoticed if we arrange a boat or a ship beforehand. That part we can do if we are swift enough. The problem is how and where to snatch her." Yuuka lifts a brow and glances up at Keisuke. "What do you think of getting her in the middle of the night? If we put each of the guards asleep one by one it is possible to get her while she is sleeping."

"Right. Have Tsiro get that arranged. He will not be missed while doing so since he is not in the Exams," Keisuke says with a nod. "A night attack might be too expected, and my being in the area when the guards wake up would raise suspicions. Catching her and replacing her in the bustle of the arena might be the easiest way. Tuck her into a corner and henge yourself and her into a patient and medic combination, then have Tsiro help you transport her 'to the hospital'."

"Get what?" the boy asks as he approaches the table. He had been out and about and was now joining the planning session. "So during Sensei's match, the girl only had a single guard. She was watching the match and he more or less looked around. I really think if there is going to be an easy time to get her, it is when she is away from the house." He then glances towards the two to see if that bit of information helped any.

Yuuka frowns with some thought for a moment or so before she quirks a pale brow and glances in Tsiro's direction when he appears, narrowing her gaze with further contemplation. "Hm. I doubt that the one guard is the only one there. Probably more are hidden and on the lookout that we are not aware of. But… I think Tsiro is correct. The best way may be switching her with a water clone during one the matches." She leans back in her chair and interlaces her fingers. "We need a distraction. Someone or something big enough that everyone will /have/ to look towards it and give us an opening to switch her with a clone. A patsy to take the fall afterwards."

"Probably, yes," Keisuke says, nodding in agreement. "I hear that Satsukiyami guy is around. Enough water and such around, the blame should be pretty easy to put on him. I'll take care of that part."

Tsiro seemed a little confused. "She sits in a section that only allows shinobi from Sunagakure. It is going to be impossible to get inside there and replace her there. We would be better off replacing her and the guard or guards before the match. We hit them and take her, then use water clones. If we're found out we at least do not have a thousand local shinobi at the matches to contend with. We have time to try to make and escape."

Yuuka lightly taps a finger against her hand thoughtfully. "We can also have the distraction on their way to or from the arena. Still plenty of people for their to be confusion but not enough that we have to worry about them necessarily. How does that sound?" she asks, glancing between Keisuke and Tsiro. "We can time when the next match is and zero in on our target in the crowd. Keisuke, you take care of Setsukiyami and get him riled up. /Without/ him knowing its you. Maybe you can use a water clone for that too. Then with the guards distracted, we can pull her out and replace her with another water clone. It should be easy enough to disappear into the crowd. Tsiro, I need you to find us a boat or a ship in one of the tiny villages in the Land of Tea. Make sure that is ready for us when we meet up with you. Is there any details I am missing?"

"So either after her match or during another after a big distraction," Keisuke says, crossing his arms over his chest. "I'm going to do a bit of recon and try to figure out your easiest way out based on guard patterns. They are spread thinnest during matches generally." He takes a step around the table and looks over the file and charts from her perspective, emitting a low 'hmm'. "Though I think you and I need to settle something so you'll stop being so resentful," he says, placing a hand on her shoulder and leaning over to kiss her cheek.

Tsiro gets all bright eyed for a moment. "Wait a second. I have an idea. Along the path they would take are many narrow alleys. If we could draw her into one of them, we might be able to knock her out quickly. We would even be able to distract the guards. We would need to find someone to henge into. If you go high enough up there is always someone. The Kazekage would be too obvious, but maybe there is someone below him that guards would answer to. We would just need it to throw them off for a second…"

Yuuka rolls her shoulder to shrug off Keisuke's hand, giving him a short look before returning her attention to the matter at hand, blinking up at Tsiro when he comes up with an idea. Listening for several moments before she frowns and leans forward, "That sounds a bit complicated. And we also risk the possibility of this commander or whoever also showing up and proving that something is amiss." she murmurs, "Though that is still good thinking." Yuuka lifts a brow as she glances between Tsiro and Keisuke, "Are there any holes in the plan that you two are aware of that I may not be able to see?"

At the shrugoff, Keisuke quirks an eyebrow then crosses his arms over his chest once more. Back to business-only-mode. "If she suspects anything, this will turn into a fight. She needs to be knocked out before she has time to react. This may require some deception. Yuuka, she is a medical ninja, so if you want to lure her, perhaps you should play to that side. Act like a pregnant woman that is feeling ill and ask her to do a quick checkup or something. While you two handle sedating her, I will have the clone come back out."

Tsiro was unsure exactly how things were going to work. There were a lot of ideas but he was not sure exactly what they were doing yet. The boy holds up his hand and a piece of bone protrudes from it. He then starts playing with the bone. He was thinking.

The Kaguya kunoichi gently shakes her snowy head and relaces her fingers together. "Which is why we need to be swift before she even has a chance to suspect anything. Deception might not be necessary though. We should pour over the details a bit more thoroughly." The corner of her lips tugs lightly, glancing from Keisuke to Tsiro. "But so far this is a good start. Lets get some dinner and meet again after."

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