Get That Girl! - To the Rescue! Pt. 1


Fulgur (emitter), Kagami, Tsiro, Aoitsuki, Noab, Tatsuya, Tomoko, Hitoshi, Sami, Yuri

Date: April 14, 2012


Finally, after what seemed like forever and could quite possibly count for that length of time, a task force has been sent to retrieve the niece of the Fire Daimyou, Hiroko, to save her from the grip of both death and political gain. It won't be easy, though. She's being well guarded, even if the majority of the island resort population where she's being held don't know the specifics behind what their job entails. Part of a two pronged action, forces from Konoha go to cause the biggest disturbance they can with the hope of drawing attention away from their primary objective: to get that girl.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Get That Girl! - To the Rescue! Pt. 1"

Island Resort situated on one of the islands surrounding the coast of the Land of Water.

The weather was clear aside from a light mist that covered the island resort where the princess and captors resided. It was often like this as the waters were particularly strong around here, waves crashing along the rocks, smooth as well as jagged in some places. The entryway to the island was a slightly narrow passage in the middle of towering rocks of all sizes that served as natural barriers against the sea's ferocity, quite possibly being the easiest part of the trip once the attacking group has passed the turbulent waters. They took a larger boat that'd be able to take the brunt of the force of the water, then when able, released a smaller boat to travel the rest of the way to avoid detection.
It wasn't a great ruse in this time of day, but the mist may provide some minimal cover for them or at least mask the numbers that were coming up to the shores. Their objective was clear enough. They were to go in as the first wave and attack, cause the greatest distraction that they could so attention would be taken off the secondary group that was to come in and seek out Hiroko and save her. They'd be hard pressed, of course. Guards are standing around, waiting for activity to happen and if that isn't enough, there are four watchtowers each manned to look for people, but it appears they were particularly lazy today. At least, some of them were.
The small ship was able to get in with no problem, but it wouldn't be long before they'd be noticed. The path up to the resort had a few guards along it as checkpoints for any visitors to be searched before entering. Too bad they won't be the ones searching today. Further inside were stronger guards, hired Kirigakure hands to make sure that all was well and maintained. It was a boring job, but the pay was very good, even if some of them may not have known what it was for.

Yes. Lazy. That is totally the way to explain it. At least, for some of them. Among the people who /weren't/ being lazy was the young Chuunin by the name of Kagami. She was 'lucky' enough to have been chosen for this mission. Of course, she accepted it because it was an important one. As a Chuunin, it was her duty to be loyal and do her missions as they are given to her. Thus, she was here.

And now she was standing guard nearby the 'precious thing' in one of the towers, her blank eyes watching through the mist for any sign of would-be rescuers. She's well-armed at the moment, with all of the things that a Chuunin should have, along with her personal weapons and her blank stare.

"There haven't been any attacks yet, have there?" She asks one of the other guards in the tower, her eyes trailing over to him. Hopefully this wouldn't get too dicey. Because this sort of thing could bring out the more dangerous members of the Land of Fire. Whoever they are.

This was a nice change of pace for Tsiro. The Kaguya beast was happy to be away from the village for a little bit. Keisuke had been no where to be seen and Yuuka was off on maternity leave. Needless to say things were not exactly the most exciting in his life. Then again after his ship ride from Suna with the prisoner he was a little hesitant to come to the resort. He was able to put two and two together and figure out what it was that he was guarding.
The boy looks around with his crimson eyes as he stands on the inside of the main entrance to the resort. Slowly he bends his head back and looks up towards the ceiling of the room. For once in his life he was unsure just what exactly he had gotten himself into. "It sure beats sitting at home…" the boy mutters under his breath. "It could be worse. I could be sitting in one of those towers." The boy had no fear of heights but look out duty was kind of boring. This way he just had to wait for the sound of something breaking or a signal of some other sort.

Aoitsuki herself was high in the towers, watching over the water front with her arms crossed along one another, it was a little irritating doing such a mindless job of looking over individuals and seeing if they would attack or not, she prefered finding the enemy and crushing them at the chance, nevertheless she stayed put, golden locks of hair flowing down her back while wearing a beautiful sparkling kimono, she didn't look like much of a fighter at this point… But nevertheless there she was…

Sneaking is not something Noab is especially good at. He can attempt it when necessary, and he knows plenty of strategic tricks for it, but an Akimichi body is hard to hide, and old war wounds in the leg don't help either.
Now diversions, those Noab can do.
A huge ball of flame erupts from the edge of the mist, burning away a hole big enough to clearly see the approaching boat. The fireball sails off at one of the watchtowers, clearly announcing YOU'RE UNDER ATTACK, CHUMPS. "Scatter and take the shore!" Noab barks, before hopping out of the boat and rushing forward across the water.

Situated near the prow of the small boat as it cuts steadily through the shifting waves toward their destination, Senju Tatsuya is the picture of idyllic calm. This is usually the case when the young Chuunin finds himself near the sea; something about the sharp, salt-flavored air and the rhythmic beat of the waves seem to infuse the customarily sluggish teen with vigor and peace. In place of his everyday clothing, he has chosen to don the martial vest of his rank and a tall, thin spear is held loosely in his right hand, the thumb of that hand occasionally caressing the smooth wooden haft of the weapon.
When the Akimichi Clan Head signals the beginning of their assault, Tatsuya seems to undergo a near-instantaneous transformation. As the boat slides with a grating spray of sand onto the beach, Tatsuya rises from his perch in one smooth motion and swings himself sideways over the edge of the vessel and onto dry ground. His spear held to one side, he scurries across the beachhead towards the path leading to the resort, hoping to find some cover before the impending response.

Tomoko was a little nervous about her first real mission that didn't involve walking dogs or similar minor tasks, though she was taking it very seriously. She looks around from the boat as she gets closer to the target location. She closes her eyes and takes a few deep breathes as she prepares herself for the coming battle. Her goal was to avoid fighting for the moment and remain in a support role as a medic. When she sees the signal she quickly follows the others and sticks close to help where she can.

So, the hunch had been correct and Hitoshi had, once again, poked his nose into something that was far, far beyond him. Having accepted the mission and being tasked to join the Akimichi's unit for this mission, Hitoshi had accepted the mission and was on his way. Things had heated up, and now they were comign to a head… and he was right there in the mix of it all. Amongst the group as Noab announces their presence - quite brightly - he nods and moves forward as well, sliding off of the boat after him with a smooth jump and coming to land nearby.

Tatsu's got the right idea. He, too, moves for some kind of cover, a kunai in hand at the ready to defend himself with if it became necessary.

Of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist, two are still missing, along with their blades. Until recently, three were missing. Yotsuki Ryuutai has returned recently, though without his memory. He has been placed on guard duty here, partly to try to get him used to working with his allies again and maybe return his memory… But mostly to keep him out of the way and also to keep him under surveillance. He is a scarred man with a scarred mind. He doesn't remember most things. Not even how he can do the things he can do. Everyone seems to hold him both in awe and suspicion. With the same hand that welcomes him home, a sword is gripped by the hilt in preparation for… What?
What do they think Ryuutai is? What was he like before? Even that name feels wrong somehow. Ryuutai? Is that his name? Everyone says it is. So what now? He sits on an island, guarding a tower. Or was it two towers? More than two? He can't recall. One of the two girls who told him who he was and that he belonged here in Kirigakure is also guarding this place. He sits on a rocky ledge, not quite 'with' the other Mist Ninja, and watches. He watches the waves, the mist… And his eyes don't see what he's looking at.
He sees the past without remembering it. Like it's overlaying the present. He sees the ocean at sunset.

The water breaks the golden sunrays
Silver dances on the wave
But a memory…

I often dream about the old days
Playing hide and seek within the caves
But a memory…

What is this? Is this… His childhood? Everything seems bigger than him. The caves down by the beach, are the homes of dinosaurs or mythical beasts. An old man and old woman watch him play with smiles on their faces. But why is his skin so pale when he catches it in glimpses? Shouldn't it be dark? Dark like the half of his body NOT scarred?

Then he has a hole in his belly, he is leaking blood into the ocean, and he hurts so much. He's big now. He's an adult. And his skin is again the half-dark and half-light that it is now. He sees a mighty tower in the distance, and it is on fire. He just came from there. He was thrown into the water by the explosion. He hurts so much…

I still feel the rising tides embrace me
Carrying me to a place unknown
But a memory…

Sharks swim in a circle around him. Hundreds of them. They feast on the corpses of the fallen as the laboratory of Samominoryuu Kei, the wielder of Samehada, is eaten by the flames. The sharks do not close on him as they swim around… And around… And around. They do not intend to eat him. He is like them somehow. He bleeds into the water and they do not desire his blood. Something else is in the water with him, though. A presence.
It is offering him a deal.

I remember all the love they gave me
In this fluid world we call our home
But a memory…

And then fire erupts from the mist, tearing Ryuutai's mind back from that place in the dark. Fire.
«No, not fire! Not again!» he thinks to himself. Then the fireball strikes one of the towers. The tower is burning. «Not again!» He rises from where he was sitting, even as Kirigakure's defenders on this island likely hasten to action. He does not. He stands and stares at the flames in horror. Horror and peace at the same time. He is of no use and likely will remain that way.

The island is under attack. The precious captive might be liberated by the Leaf's ninja. This is the aid that Uchiha Fuyu recommended Senju Hashiramako, the First Hokage, >not< send. Did Fuyu know Hashiramako would send help regardless? Maybe. Either way, however, the reinforcements for the stealth team have arrived. They are going to pwn some shiz.
In the water, there are already dead bodies. Wait, in the water? Were they thrown there from the fire on the tower somehow? Unlikely. So why are there more and more corpses floating to the surface and then just bobbing up and down in the water? That's… Probably bad.
Bad like whenever the boat winds up nudging any of the corpses and the bodies respond by >exploding< oh my gosh what the snap! Fire, smoke, sound, potentially splintering wood, and also the things one might expect to rain down when a dead body explodes. Rising up out of the water is a form that is still alive. Standing up straight, a woman with a 'hime-cut' of black hair and the charred, ceramic mask of a Hunter-Nin of Kirigakure, rises up out of the water and stands on it.
She's holding Nuibari in one hand.
Only one Swordsman missing now, it seems. Poor Konoha.

The watchtower got the message and the watchman picked up his mallets and proceeded to bang on the alert gong to signal that they were under attack. The alert was specific and indicated that the enemy was approaching from the front. The other frontmost watchtower drummed out the same beat on their gong and soon the signal traveled all over the resort, causing guards to funnel out from the ground below the watchtowers and barracks to get to the entrance of the island to try snuffing out the opposing forces.
It was time to attack! Err, defend! Yes, defend! That was certainly the idea as that fireball that came out burned the enthusiasm out of the tower and sent some fleeing from the burning structure. Those that saw who released the fireball went to put up a defense against the person. This might get ugly. Before long the 'courtyard' was going to be full of shinobi and guards alike to keep this place protected, though the guards outnumbered shinobi by far. Someone must have been a bit overconfident in his predictions…and holy, was that an explosion?!
Looks like Konoha aren't the only ones with some power on their hands. The princess here is definitely going to be protected at any cost, even if it takes…exploding…corpse…bodies to do so! The boat definitely suffers some severe damage from that explosion, so anyone still on it may have taken some damage and thrown into the water by the blast. They'd best be careful, though. Bumping into those bodies while swimming or water walking will be bad business.
Some shinobi guards that have gathered in the area begin to toss water around, specifically clones at whoever might be present. They're keeping their distance and using them to engage anyone who is around, some of them even wielding weapons. A water clone dashes up the courtyard and towards Tatsuya where it sets itself off in a rush of water, a couple others doing the same to Hitoshi and Noab as well. The last engages Tomoko with a kunai, thrown straight at her.

Things are going slow. Yep, ever so slow. At least she wasn't alone up there. If nothing else, later she could push one of the guys out of the tower for amusement or something. Sand breaks falls, right? Yeah, that's right. Really, Kagami could call herself 'bored' for a bit there. You know, until fire happens, and it cuts a hole through the mist. Luckily, she was on one of the OTHER towers, but that fire wasn't that hard to see.

Moments later, she's moved to action, running towards the area of the fireball to take up a position to monitor what all is happening. Her eyes trail over the approaching konoha ninja… and she spots… oh. Oh how lucky. Her eyes trail over Hitoshi. Someone who she can play with. Someone who she /knows/ will be amusing to play with.

A wild grin spreads over her face as she moves stealthily to begin to attempt to flank around behind Hitoshi. This stealth is possibly ruined by her pulling her kukri from their sheathes at her wrists. A pair of slashes aimed at Hitoshi's back, one across his shoulder blades, the other across his spine just above his rear end. "Why… hello there, little Hito." She murmurs, her tone more or less empty. Devoid of most emotion. For now. Her eyes, on the other hand, tell another story. Recognition. And a quiet wrath.

Tsiro did not see the fireball, but he heard the explosions and then the sounds of the alerts. To be quite clear, the boy could give a damn less what happened to the niece of the fire daimyo. He was here for the fight. It was in his blood. That very began to boil as the sounds of battle range through the air. Soon bones began to protrude from the boys body before he turned around and kicked open the main doors to the resort.
"Come and get it!" the boy yells as he places both his arms extended outwards from his body. He was showing off his muscles and the bones protruding from his arms. His eyes glance around for targets. After spotting two Konoha shinobi, he spits out little bone slivers towards them. He was attacking Hitoshi and Tatsuya.

The explosive was enough to rock things into motion, and soon enough it seemed like an invasion was quickly commencing, sitting the watch tower rather than fight for now she just focuses an significate amount of chakra, allowing it to channel through her veins as she slips out from the tower and onto the beach bay below, she grinned almost with excitment finally this guard mission was going to give her something more interesting to do, She remains at the head of the beach, keeping her distance and watching everything take place, Konoha was not going to win this battle… They were invading their territory once again…

It's tough leading an assault when you're slower than your subordinates. e.U; Noab sploshes along toward the shore, scanning for any attacks headed his way. Aaand there's one already, somebody sent a water clone after him! Noab does a few seals, then puffs out a brief gout of flame, which forms into a copy of him. Fighting water with fire? Not the best option usually, but being out here on the sea limits Noab. He'll be much more effective once he reaches dry ground. Anyhow, the fire clone isn't there to take on the enemy water clone. It turns around and cups its hands low, and Noab hops up and plants his foot in the waiting hold. The clone launches Noab up and overhead, just in time to avoid the searing steam as the water clone smashes into it.
Noab observes, as he sails through the air like a boulder from a catapult, a number of corpses coming up out of the water and causing explosions in the vicinity of where he was. o.U Hmmm, fortunate he happened to be out of the way for that, though hopefully it doesn't damage their boat too much — might be handy for the escape. Noab also observes a number of assaults converging on a certain genin. Bit much to ask a little whipper-snapper like that to handle! So Noab shoots an enlarged arm out and snatches the bone needle from Tsiro out of the air. Noab lands on the water's surface again with a grunt and continues onward toward the shore, saving up his chakra for when he can make the best use of it.

Tatsuya's never been the sort to be enthralled with glorious full-frontal charges and poetically inspiring assaults-turned-massacres, but here he finds himself in the forefront of the attack. Right on the heels of this uncomfortable (at best) realization comes the sound of a ear-splitting series of explosions as the trustworthy seacraft that brought them to the island in the first place explodes behind them. So… that's how it's going to be. No clear way back home in sight and a brigade of determined (or so they appear) and stalwart defenders before him.

Luckily for him, he's spared the arduous task of thinking/reflecting/mulling over the full implications of the situation when the first of the Kiri guards hurls himself toward him. Tatsuya brings up his spear in a reflexive defensive motion… only to be surprised as the "guard" detonates in a terrifically painful burst of water. There's no time to dodge - only enough time to grit his teeth in pain as the force of the blast sends him reeling several feet to the side.

Even then, there's little time for rest. The sibilant hiss of something pointy knifing through the air in his direction barely constitutes a "warning," but to adrenaline-fueled, shinobi ears it's certainly better than nothing. Ram, Boar, Ox, Dog… SNAKE! And with the distinct POP heard so often in Academy halls, the young Senju substitutes himself with a big, impassive rock from which the piercing bone needles bounce off harmlessly.

From a momentarily secure position just a couple of yards away, Tatsuya quickly strings together the proper seals, muscle memory taking over in the heat of the moment and thrusts his neck forward, mouth open to shoot a geyser of water towards the source of the bone needles, hoping to take a couple of the guards down as well who may be standing in the way.

Tomoko looks around the battle field as she sees explosions going off and fire flying around all over the place. Then she sees a Kunai flying out of no where straight at her! She quickly starts to make hand seals and suddenly a large gust of wind swirls and spins around her. The wind catches the kunai and it flies off target but still slices against her left arm as it flies by, causing it to bleed some.

She takes a deep breath and concenrates the chakra inside her body before she sprints over towards Hitoshi. She places a hand against his shoulder and gives him a boost of energy before she runs off to find some place with a little more cover so more Kunai don't hit her.

The tower continued to burn and at this rate, it didn't look like it'd be recovering. No need to try and put it out. It'd be a wasted effort that could be used against these attackers. So, those that could evacuate did, others that couldn't either died inside or tried to jump to false safety and into the waters, but anyone unlucky enough to hit a body would just explode with it on contact. Not the best of odds at all.
Before the events started here, a man arrived on the island seemingly moments before, though there was a decent amount of time between the arrival of the attackers and his boat. There was a private entry that was only accessible only to the owner of the resort here that he took inside, eventually to end up within the resort home itself. He was the man behind the plan or at least, related to him. A second cousin to the one responsible for this whole…mess he could say. Now that he's around to see the attack going on he can admit that his security has been pricked. He's hoping the security will do their job. In the meantime, he thinks he should take the precautions necessary to have Hiroko more properly secured…
Guards continued on the defensive, though they looked to be having the worst luck since the fight was just about even between them and this force. The attackers from the other side were keeping up their end just as much as the opposing side was. There's no telling who will win at this rate and they've been going at it for a while. Grunts, as they've been known to be called by the shinobi around here, try their hand at attacking by using the standard issue swords they've been given to do the trick. They don't have chakra at their disposal, so all they have is speed and physical strength. They've gotten out of tight spots before, but they don't think they're guaranteed to get out of this one. After the water clone attack, one grunt runs up to Tatsuya, blade drawn to give him a good 1,2 slash across his chest. One other uses an individual as a stepping post to bound up into the air and deliver a slash to Hitoshi. The grunt spots Tomoko, but can't get to her that well. The cover she has is enough to protect her from most attacks. Noab would be threatened by various sharps and other items being thrown, mostly shuriken that have a good curve in them. The opposing side looks to be getting tired, though as they've gone a bit sluggish in their attacks. Looks like the battle is finally dwindling.

The fight was on.

The fight was also going to be very, very short, because Hitoshi's not built to take much damage. At all.

As Tatsuya and Hitoshi had taken their refuge, they found themslves under attack immediately by a harsh water clone… and a Kaguya. With bone needles. The first attack, Hitoshi attempts to absorb it with a clone of his own, but the thing just slices right through his own… and the explosion is quite a toss, throwing the boy over their hiding spot and right onto his back after he is tossed a distance. Crunch, snap. It's probably a good thing that Noab saved the day and kept him from getting pierced, too… but for how long would that matter in this case? As he rolls over onto his stomach, he moves to get up, shaking his head clear… and as he gets up, he tries to gain his senses, trying to figure out the situation. Tomoko is nearby… and she tries to apparently buff him. At least, for the mome—

Hrnghk. "Wh—"

Slice. Slice. Hitoshi winces as he's sliced from behind… once, twice. An unseen enemy? He bites his lip against the pain, and he moves to turn to engage… an older opponent? A Genin? No… she was fast, too fast.

"T'**** are you?!" With that, he begins to strive forward, wincing in pain… he was hurt and he knew it. But he had to defend himself. His own kunai are produced… one tossed. A distraction? As he closes in, he takes his own slicing attempt, wanting to try and bring it up her front, vertically.

Hm. People were encroaching on her target. This was annoying, but she decides to just accept it. She is actually slightly grateful that the giant ninja mitigated some of the attack! … Hitoshi was hers. Her toy. Her thing that she wanted to play with. And she did not like distractions. Oh well, she could deal with that. She had gotten to cut deep into his flesh anyway~.

As Hitoshi turns, her lips spread into a wide smile. The curved blade of her right Kukri is lifted to deflect the first kunai, as she gives a soft click of her tongue. "What. You don't remember me, little Hito?" She asks softly, an amused knowledge in her eyes. As the second slash sweeps in, she slides one of her Kukri into it's sheath, and forms a single seal. And very suddenly lightning arcs along the blade of her still-drawn kukri, which meets Hitoshi's blade to simply… knock it away.

Her free hand darts out towards the center of Hitoshi's chest, as if she was attempting to just… push him away. Of course, that touch flashed instantaneously, as the lightning that was on her blade discharges. Zap! Poor Hitoshi. He's so abused. Even moreso when Kagami lifts her blade once more, this time not for defense. She's attempting to stab him right in the shoulder — followed by following through by putting her weight in it, attempting to pin him to some convenient driftwood. "I'll give you a hint~."

o/` "They tremble in fear of the child left behind."

Tsiro spots the large man come from the ship. He had seen a similar technique to the one that the older man used. This was his second time watching an Akimichi fight. Though as he considers a technique to use against the man, he spots a wave of water come from Tatsuya. The boy forms a bone shield across his arm to deflect the wave around him. After a moment of the water passing him by, he places his fingers together to build his chakra. The crimson eyes glare outwards across the opponents. He was using this time to formulate some kind of plan in his head. Normally the boy could care less for tactics, but this was no ordinary brawl.

Aoitsuki was becoming pretty determined, and with no attacks leaving her in the first barrage she decided to take things to the next step, utilizing her own jutsu, suddenly a the water around her begins to lift up, those daring eyes of hers looking towards Tatsuya and Tomoko considering that others were being occupied for the most part, the water around her shifted and changed into that of varies senbons, utilizing the bird seal they finally go up and come straight down, rainining sharp hell of water down upon them to cut into their flesh, she was interested in ending this quickly, putting down this assault before things go too far…

Noab reaches the shore, holding his battle-axe and deftly shifting it this way and that to deflect incoming projectiles. There are certain advantages to a weapon big enough to qualify as a shield. Now then, which enemy seems to be causing the most trouble? That water-user over there seems like a good candidate. :P Noab shoots an enlarged arm out at Aoitsuki, going first for a straight punch and then whipping around for a curved slap (if a blow that large could be called a slap). "Cavalry's here, better rethink your strategy, Kiri!"

When the Kiri genin sprouts a bone-based shield to ward off the torrent of water that Tatsuya sends frothing toward him, it takes the Konoha shinobi slightly aback. He had expected the jutsu, for all the chakra and concentration it required to pull off, to produce greater results. Consequentely, the instant of surprise costs him as he finds himself momentarily exposed and out of position, having revealed his position with the failed water-based attack.

In that heartbeat of vulnerability, a Kirin guard erupts into his hiding spot, flailing a kunai about as Aoi simultaneously launches a pair of liquid needles at him. Desperately, Tatsu spins his spear about while retreating, parrying the kunai slashes with the haft of his weapon. Unfortunately, when he attempts to knock aside Aoitsuki's jutsu in a similar manner, the spear-haft simply disrupts the water-based form of the needles, but do not completely knock them aside like it might have done to physical kunai. The projectiles, though disturbed in their needle-like form, still slam into him with jarring force.

Heavily injured from the pair of hits, Tatsu staggers toward a large boulder, the nearest source of cover, and hunkers down. He focuses feverishly, trying to block out the insistent pain wracking his body while gathering his inner reserves.

Tomoko turns and sees the water needles flying at her and quickly she does some hand seals and a large gust of wind rushes around her from all direction. It seems she still needs practice with the jutsu however as the wind is only strong enough to move the needles just enough to avoid any serious injury but they still slam into her, causing her to stumble back slightly.

She looks around and spots two people in trouble but she was only a genin and can only do so much at at time! Being nearest to Hitoshi however she rushes back to his side. Tomoko slides in behind him just as he turns to face his enemy. "Be strong because leaf shinobi always stick together!" She places her hands against his back and breathes deeply as she starts to focus chakra into his wounds to stop the bleeding. She heals as much as she can before she is forced to get out of the way of the next series of attacks, before trying to move closer to Tatsuya though he will need to hang on a little longer before she can reach him.

Of coure, the boy was already injured, so defending himself was difficult enough. Hitoshi knew he was -hurt.- His strength was dwindling, and he needed to—


His attempt and flicking himself away in a flash had failed as Kagami had closed back in and all but paralyzed and shocked him with the force of a powerful cattle prod. As he recovers just quick enough, he brings his kunai up to try and keep her aw—


Those words that she utters after the stab, and the follow-through, combined with the pain, narrow the boy's pupils and his eyes widen in a mix of shock, fear, sadness, and -anger,- before dulling slightly from the pain. But the fact he was already pretty badly injured was another issue. She is easily able to pin him, and keep him down.

He's too weak to say anything. He just stares.

The look on Hitoshi's face was enough to make Kagami grin widely, her face seeming to take on a dangerously creepy look. "Ah~. You remember, little Hito~." She licks her lips as he just stays there, leaning down to kiss him on the forehead. "Just stay there for the moment, little Hito~." She pulls out a length of rope to attempt to tie him to the driftwood quickly. And then she reaches to pull the Kukri out… surprisingly gently. She runs her tongue along the blade of the Kukri, giving a slightly disturbing 'uh-hu-hu-hu-hu' giggle, before turning towards those pesky allies of his. Specifically Tomoko.

"Run little birdy~. Flit and fly~. Get out of here lest you die~." She sing-songs at her, sheathing her kukri in favor of grabbing several kunai from her holders as she begins to walk towards her. She doesn't bother breaking into a run. She doesn't worry about catching her right now. Right now, all she wants to do… is throw a kunai towards the Genin's leg, attempting to restrict her movement.

Tsiro had not been attacked as he scanned around. The battle seemed to be going in their favor, although things seemed to be off. This was such a weak force for an attack. The boy raises his hand and fires off a bullet towards the medic girl who seemed to be causing a problem. He then rushed towards the very large Akimichi man, and attempts to jump upwards and stab him with a bone protruding from his elbow. "Die!" vthe boy yells. He was certain the old man would be able to handle the blow, but it seemed everyone else was taken care of.

The raging massive smack that was coming for Aoi hit her square on and she exploded into a million peices of ice, shattering all throughout the battle field, it was then known that she had exploded into a clone, only to be revealed not to far away from the battle scene. " Rethink our strategy? You might need to do the same. What do you care about more? Yourself or your allies?" Aoi questioned, she moved quickly, inching toward Tatsuya's body reaching a hand out towards him, suddenly a blade of Ice erupts from her finger tips attempting to impale him through the stomach , it was going to be a bloody scene, and right now Aoi wasn't going to hesitate to do whatever it is she needed to do… " You should retreat… Right now," the girl commanded, suddenly utilizing yet another hand seal, the same water senbon erupted, this time aiming for Tomoko yet again to help bring her out of comission.

Noab brings his axe around to shunt away Tsiro's elbow-bone blade. "'Die'? Son, there are two extremes to talking to your enemy in battle, one is to not do it so you don't give anything away, the other is to say things that'll intimidate or confuse them or something useful like that. You're not getting the advantage of either like that." e.U Noab smirks at Aoitsuki. "Retreat, eh? Good idea, actually…for them." Noab does a few handseals, and suddenly starts growing as though inflated by some massive pump. "FALL BACK!!!" Noab bellows as he rises. "OPERATION COMPLETE!!!"
Once he finishes growing, Noab jams the head of his now-gigantic axe (ain't it great how clothes and weapons and such grow with you) in the earth before him, putting a barrier between most of the Kiri forces and the Konoha nin. After waiting a couple moments for the Konoha forces to grab their wounded and make a run for it, he hefts the axe again and jumps into the air. With a *POOF*, his body changes yet again, expanding outward into a ball, which then starts to rotate rapidly. The enormous-ball-Noab SMASHES into the ground in the vicinity of general concentration of Kiri forces!
Is Noab making a heroic last stand here? :o No, not quite. As he bounces up after the smash, it becomes apparent that his spin was rotating backwards, contrary to the typical use of the technique. Also, just as he bounces, he shrinks back down to his normal size, putting his enormous momentum into a relatively much smaller mass and flinging himself far back out over the bay. Hooray for blatant abuse of physics! :D

In battle, even a span of heartbeats can be just enough of a blessing for a shinobi to recoup, gather himself, and cobble together something to save his own neck. Tatsu isn't given much of a respite before Aoitsuki's Ice Clone finds and targets him, but it's enough for him to harness his chakra and find a way out. "Kawarimi No Jutsu," he mutters, his hands clapping together and his fingers interlocking in the class "Serpent" seal that'll replace his wounded body with a nearby piece of driftwood. The poor piece of dried up vegetation will receive Aoi's clone's murderous thrust while the Senju nin will gain a head-start back to the withdrawal zone. To Tatsuya's mind, the signal to retreat couldn't have come fast enough, but you'll never get that admission past his lips.

Tomoko is running full speed towards Tatsuya when she sees all sort of crazy stuff flying at her from every direction. She quickly starts making hand seals again and wind gusts all around her as she pours her chakra into it. The flying bone bullet are deflecting and shoot wide thanks to the wind but then a kunai hits her in the back of the leg, and a bunch of water needles dig into her arms as she lifts them to block herself.

She looks to Noab when she hears the order to reteat and quickly does so. She pulls the kunai out causing blood to run down her leg, while she lifts a hand up and tries to pour some chakra into her bleeding arm as she makes a hasty retreat out of there.

The fact that Hitoishi didn't have a decent range of movement right now was a bit of a problem. The weapon in his shoulder pinning him to the bit of driftwood was another. Slowly, and surely, he attempts to reach upward, trying to yank the blade out of his arm, wincing and gritting his teeth as he does. "I should have…"

Yank. "Never…"

SHRNNK. "Came!" He grits his teeth for the final pull, crying out when he finally gets it out… but all he's managed to do is cause more bleeding. Something he tries to alleviate by putting pressure on at least -one- side of the wound with his palm. He's bleeding pretty heavily. He can't really move.

Everyone else is retreating. And Hitoshi just became another statistic that they talk about in the Ninja Academy regarding loss of life versus beneficial missions to the village, and how one outweighs the other. He grunts, fading in and out as he watches on… just kind of leaning against the driftwood now. No, he's not dying… but he is -hurt.- Badly.

Okay, now that her distractions are made, and her enemies don't seem to be in terribly great shape, she decides it's time to take care of her — what's that giant shadow? Kagami looks up at the sight of the massive, massive fat man. And then the axe comes down. As it does, she makes a dart towards Hitoshi, ensuring that she's on the side of the axe with him. No, she got him, she's not letting him go. Yet. He was /hers/. And then suddenly there is a large fat man falling towards her. Quickly, she forms a seal and attempts to deflect the fat man with her electricity!

Unfortunately, in the battle of fat versus electricity, electricity wins. And she is hit *very* hard, falling down onto her rear as she does. However, her electricity gave her several chances! And she took them. While she was being smashed, that is. Several touches are unleashed upon the giant fat man. Each of them charged heavily with electricity, which would hopefully be enough to electrocute and get the jounin to go away!

… But as he rolled away, she recovered calmly. Sure, she was hurt. And it sucked. But she had something else to worry about right now. She made a quick dash for Hitoshi, and grabbed him. And then? Well… then she starts to run, dragging him along, into the wilderness. Uhuhuhuhuhu. She had her prize.

Tsiro raises his arms and plants his feet, unfortunately it's still not enough. The obese man still knocks him back. He feels like he just got hit by a small building. The boy begins to sprout more bones all over his body as he realizes that the man said mission complete. "Let them pull back! We need to fall back and check the defense of the resort!" He then turns and begins to run back to the door. The battle was fairly one sided though in the end it fizzled out. Now it was about making sure their princess cargo was still where she was suppose to be.

The bullet of such a massive man was difficult to understand, how did such a person suddenly go into massive size and then litrally fall down upon them not just like a bullet but a metero falling from the sky? Aoi wasn't able to defend against this attack, despite her instinct to rush away with her clone replacing her, he was pummeled by one blow, she probably felt a few fractures in her body due to the magnitude of the attack… No problem for Tsiro with his bone technique but for Aoi…it was quite painful it would take some time to heal.. She begins to lift herself back off the ground though definantly, listening to Tsiro's words the attack had demoralized her just a bit, nodding her head she began to fall back just a little bit to hold the defenses, her body wobbling and weakened fro mthe attack.

Quick conclusion: Konoha forces retreat, having accomplished their purpose. Casualties are relatively low for an assault operation, but existent, and includes the MIA of one Taniguchi Hitoshi. DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUUN.

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