Get that Girl! - Too Much on the Plate


Mika, Maikeru, Takeshi, Itami

Date: March 12, 2012


A meeting is held in the administration dome covering everything from thoughtless actions, investigations and a war that's coming right at Sunagakure. All in all, it's too much on Itami's plate with her having to deal with these issues as well as Hiroko's disappearance. While much isn't discussed, it does reveal exactly how much more serious this situation has become and how short on time the councilwoman has to act.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Get that Girl! - Too Much on the Plate"

Sunagakure Administration Dome

As evenings sets in on the Land of Wind, a fairly tall man adorned in a black shirt and pants as well a white trench coat steps through the Administration Dome casually. It's the first time in a while he has worn his clothes symbolizing the Onryou Brotherhood. Only he and one member remain, an old man who is still a part of Kirigakure. After speaking to the secretary, the Rogue Jounin approaches Itami's office and lifts a hand to knock on the door.
"It's your 'favorite' demon, Miss Itami," he calls out, patiently waiting to be invited in. "I'd like a word with you if you have time."

Mika is taking a small catnap in the new office of the Land of the Moon. There's about five hundred thousand papers scattered everywhere, plus bills for payment of fish rendered. Mika has a Jigoku stamp that she's been using for those…Anyways, she's in her chinese dress, and wakes up when her nose picks up on a familiar scent. She stretches out, and out the door she goes. It doesn't take love before she is behind Maikeru. "Yes! I'm here! Its a Mika! Itami's favorite fish eating demon! Blame Maikeru for waking me up!"

Actually, Takeshi is already here, since Itami has taken him prisoner what with the current war. So, he doesn't seem too concerned with the shouting and the Mika and Maikeruness. This however does wake him and since he's sitting outside itami's room, he snorts loudly, "What the ****? Who the ****? Whoszat? Whosthar?" He blinks several times, "**** you people, an old man can't even slee…Oh, Maikeru. You finally tired of running?"

Itami was bothered. A war seemed to be at their doorstep, an important individual is missing and she hasn't had her mud bath in a while. She's a bit frustrated with the events that have lead up to this day and what will continue on into future days if she doesn't try to put an end to them all. Oh, not to mention that a monster is on the loose. Sigh.
She looked up to the door with a weary look in her eyes and raised from her desk in a slouch to trundle over to the door. She places her hand to the knob and opens up the door lazily to look at all who was outside. "…What?" She inquired of Maikeru, clearly unenthused. A glance goes to Mika as she bounds to the door as well and she whimpers in her mind while taking a seat back at her desk. "So, torture me." No enlightening today, it seems.

Hearing a quite familiar voice, Maikeru looks over to see Takeshi waking up. A faint smirk tugs at his lips as the old man speaks. "Well, well, well, look who's on vacation during the war. Hikan hasn't learned a lesson yet, I see." A brief glance is shot toward Mika as she approaches, an eyebrow lifted at her before he turns his attention to the opening door. He doesn't even blink at the enthusiastic response, simply making his way to his regular seat across from the Jounin Councilwoman. "Actually, I'm here to be of service. You'll find I have cleared San Sara of its rubble and buried it deep underground. If I am to be consider moving there as we spoke about, I may as well make myself useful." He settles back in his chair a bit, bringing a foot up to rest it on the opposite knee. "That said, I am sure your plate is rather full right now. What do you need me to do? I suppose I could always assassinate that idiotic Shirayuki, but I wonder if someone worse might follow him."

Mika walks in right after Maikeru, and then promptly bops him on the head before shaking her hand a bit. "Such a hard head. Not everything is assassinating and blowing things up. Give him a babysitting job. He needs the practice.", she tells Itami. "Then again, I don't know if I should trust him with kids…", Mika pouts. THe girl leans forward on the back of Maikeru's chair a bit. "Have him learn farming! Might do him some good to have to grow something rather then shatter it. Also…I…ummm….I need about 500 yards of open space to play in a bit. I'm working on a new trick that…is a bit messy.", she says.

Takeshi might as well be involved in this, he's right outside the door anyways, so he stands, slowly making his way into the room, "Satsukiyami isn't affiliated with Kirigakure, so killing him would earn you no ire from Hikan or the village. In fact, some people might love you for it. He should probably be put down anyways." The elder scratches at his head and turns to Mika, "You have a desert outside your door and you can't find 500 yards of free space?" There's a shake of his head aas he turns to Itami, "Ah, you sure you want me to be here while you talk about details? Then again, I am part of Maikeru's brotherhood anyways."

Itami lofted a brow, "Alright…" San Sara is cleared. She won't be getting started on it anytime soon, but she shrugs it off for now. "You want to be of more service to me?" She paused. "Yes, my plate is full right now and I don't think there's anything I need you to do," she admitted. "I haven't forgotten about your issue, though my actions may be a bit delayed with what's occurred at the moment," she sighed. "I don't know about babysitting. Maybe if I feel more comfortable, but I'm not at the moment," she smirked, though tiredly. "I'm sure farming for him might be easier if he was the one tending the fields and not necessarily doing the planting," she chuckled. "He could be a farmer's dream, actually. Clearing land in no time." She leaned back in her chair and pulled on a lever to recline a few degrees.
"I've nothing against Satsukiyami other than his involvement in the war. Although, that's between him, Kiri, and Konoha as far as I'm concerned. It hasn't had much of an impact on us," she explained. "I don't really care if you're here, Takeshi. Your presence is neutral as far as I know. It's the others I'm worried about."

"Mika…" Maikeru gives a glance over to the cat girl as she speaks, eyes narrowing as he watches her moves behind him. After a moment, he simple shakes his head then looks back to Takeshi and chuckles a bit. "I was talking about Hikan, but I might kill that jackass some day too." That said, he looks back to Mika and reaches back to touch her belly. "What do you mean, I need practice? I don't think this village could handle a spawn of the two of us." He then looks back to Itami and says, "If you don't think you need my help, I suppose I can go find something else to do then."

Mika squeaks a bit when Maikeru touches her belly, and she slaps his hand a bit lightly. She makes a face, and kisses Maikeru on the cheek. "Behave. And no killing Kages without the permission of 3 Kages. Mostly cause the paperwork sucks, and some places can't take the damage of a Demon and a Kage fighting.", she says. THe girl looks over to the elder. "I ask cause if I start practicing these techniques, and accidently do something dumb during them, as a citizen of this village, my jounin have a right to know what I was doing.", she tells. The girl takes a deep breath as she moves rub cheek to cheek with Maikeru a bit before shaking her head. "**** Cat…" she mutters. "Anyways, Treaty went through. Routes are being worked on, though, protection rights are a seperate issue. Those from Suna need to have their own guards. Not so much until they get off the port and cross into the Land of Demons. Can't promise that beings as strong as the Jigoku won't attack them."

Takeshi scratches his head, "Well, that was the point. Not to kill Hikan. It's not like you would convince him to actually come over to Sunagakure anyways." Then he sighs at Itami, "I told you right? My involvement is neutral until I feel like joining the fight. Right now though, I don't see any point in it." Then he turns to Maikeru, "I don't think the world is ready for another you, let alone Sunagakure." Then he tilts his head, "Oh, did I tell you I'll be a grandfather? Keisuke went and knocked up a kaguya."

"No…no, no, no," Itami shakes her head. "No. Just no. I can't have you doing 'something else' because I don't know what that is," she smirks. "Maybe I will have to give you something to do after all. But what…?" She hummed. "A spawn between the two of you would be the end of us all…" She muttered and looked to Mika with a thoughtful expression. "Ah, good. Treaty went through. That's wonderful news to me," she nodded, though she felt a bit odd commenting on that with Takeshi in the room. Oh well. "There never is any point in the fighting other than fighting. I just want it to end so I can do what I have to do. It's nothing but a nuissance to me that needs to be ended," she addressed Takeshi. It's clear she was tired in more ways than one. "Trying to speak of Sunagakure and our lack of strength is very demeaning. You can do that with Konoha, maybe but here it's not needed."

"It'd be a Black Operation, so who cares about permission?" Maikeru asks with a smirk before turning his attention to Takeshi once again. "Your boy that was gone for so long? That didn't take long. He must be a prowler like his old man." Finally, he looks back to Itami as she speaks, a bit amused at her rush to give him something to do just because he mentioned going to find an activity on his own. "It's not like I'm officially an agent of Sunagakure. Me wandering concerns you that much?"

Mika coughs a little bit, and whistles a little. "Well…", she says. "I think she's more worried that you're going to create the Antikage, and doesn't want you to think about that. You're a young immature little boy still.", she says with a sagenod. Mika stretches a little bit. "I could drag him off for a vacation. I know the perfect place for Maikeru!"

Takeshi snickers, "So, what? You joined Sunagakure Maikeru? Of all places, this one? I suppose it makes the most sense, the neutral village, not like anyone can touch you here right?" There's a laugh, "Anyways, I find this discussion of Mika and you bearing children disturbing and so why don't we skip ahead to what Itami really wants you to do. Come on Itami, just give him the order and he'll attack Kirigakure. You know you want to."

Itami looked across the whole group. Her eyes closed slowly and reopened in the same fashion. She needed some coffee to drink. "I know you're not officially an agent of Sunagakure. That's exactly what worries me. You can do what you want to do whenever you want to do it, which is problematic for me. I don't know what you can do when you leave here," she shrugged. "Maybe a vactation can keep him distracted, but that doesn't change how I feel or what he thinks as far as I'm concerned," she yawned, placing her hand in front of her mouth to be curteous. "He hasn't joined Sunagakure, Takeshi. He operates of his own free will, but I would say we have a fairly loose relationship." Takeshi managed to catch her attention momentarily with the mention of attacking Sunagakure. She took it into consideration and thought about it for a good long while, but in the end shook her head. "We can't go off starting wars. They initiated and we're just going to finish it. If they come to this village, they'll risk being killed and that's it. The only one that will retain blame is Kirigakure and it says something when they sound out an army to have them slaughtered. I'd take that approach. Besides, I can't make a call to war alone. I may have the authority of course, but that doesn't mean I should do so. What Kiri has done is nothing for me to be concerned about. I have bigger issues. It's only a barrier that needs to be broken down to continue forward."

"Mika, listen to what you say, and you'll understand why you are not a part of the Onryou," Maikeru says, cutting his eyes to her then looking back to Itami. A slight grin tugs at his lips at Takeshi mentions attacking Kirigakure. That is definitely an idea… "Actually, despite all your delusions of grandeur, I'm probably just going to conduct part of my investigation solo, at least as much as I can without being discovered."

Mika glares at him. "Remember one thing, Maikeru. You already pissed off two villages in your life time. And one village had developed anti Jigoku techniques to fight you with. No soloing. And I never recalled asking to join the little team you had. For once, think about just taking some time to relax, and think about just being…normal. Who in the world is going to really be able to stop you from doing whatever the **** you want? It would take 2 or 3 kages to do that, so whats the point in you rushing off to Kiri? And stop for a second to think. WHat if something happens, and you're spotted. Suna gets dragged into a war since you've been associated with Suna."

Takeshi just laughs at all of them, "This is an interesting group. One chooses to ignore everything until its on her doorstep, the second does whatever he pleases without any understanding of the consequences and the third just wants the second to shut up and take her somewhere. Amusing, if only this was all I had to deal with as Clan Elder, I'd be happy as a log."

Itami rose from her seat and walked to her door where she opened it and made sure to check it since it was recently kicked in. She swings it back and forth a few times to make sure it was intact before peering outside and calling the closest person over to prepare her a cup of coffee…make that a pot. She'll need all the ingredients delivered to her office to finish up making the cup on her own. When she was finished, she closed the door and faced the group with her mind bouncing back and forth between attention loss and piqued interest. "This isn't all I have to deal with. This is only one slice of this grand, bitter pie I have to take in doses," she stated to Takeshi. The other two didn't get past her, but she didn't have much to say to them at the moment. "I don't ignore everything to allow it to come to my doorstep. It's just /this/ particular situation that I'm not bothered with. We'll deal with it when the time comes and they will be handled. Simple as that. We wouldn't be dragged into any wars. He would have acted of his own accord and that wouldn't be associated with Sunagakure at all. I don't even /want/ to attack Kirigakure. The village isn't the problem, it's who leads it. Attacking Kiri includes attacking innocents too. That is why I don't want to lead a full on assault. I'd much rather deal with the problem as it comes instead of taking it overboard and taking innocent lives. The name of Kiri has become an entity, sadly enough and because of that, their people are at risk. That is a consequence that I would not be taking up which is /why/ I don't want you doing anything under Sunagakure's banner unless it can at least be dealt with in a civil manner. There's more at stake than just running in and blowing everything to ****." She finally pointed out to Maikeru.

As he seems to be assaulted from all sides, Maikeru sits back in his chair and steeples his fingers. He chuckles a bit and shakes his head before saying, "You know what's interesting. I said the word investigation, and somehow all three of you managed to hear 'attack Kirigakure'. It'd be amazing what a conversation could accomplish if what was being said was actually listened to. I personally have no quarrel against Kirigakure itself, merely its leadership, which Takeshi here knows I have always planned to deal with in a manner that would not send Kirigakure into chaos. The investigation I am speaking of will be in and around my homeland and has nothing to do with Kirigakure. Itami, I can understand misconstruing things given your current situation. However.." He stands up and turns to Mika, lifting an eyebrow at her. "I will be going solo on this if I see fit, Mika, as my patience is wearing quite thin with your habit of disrespecting me over and again. This investigation is also going to require more tact than you seem to be capable of currently."

"And just what is the source of your power, remind everyone here? And remember, my village knows what you're capable of. Its only natural when you say go off by yourself to investigate to think, "Go off, and if I don't like whats going on, blow it up." Thats the Jigoku's way of dealing with things, is it not?", she says. The woman stretches out. "And remember, part cat. How many cats you know that don't disrespect others?", she asks him. THe woman pops her neck a little bit. "All I care about right now, is recovering and then resting. I can't go on active duty yet.", she tells. The woman shakes her head. "And if I get one more piece of paper with numbers on it, Itami, I'm threatening now to eat it!"

Takeshi just stares at all of them, "Well, you three obviously have your own problems. How you manage to have problems like these when another nation is marching on your own in an act of war is entirely beyond me. It's no wonder there isn't a single village that will touch you, there's nothing to be gained for it. I'll get hikan to call off the war, because fighting your village now would be pathetic."
With that he turns to Maikeru, "And since when do you take the opinions of others? Go and do it. We both know it's not like you need a baby sitter."

Itami places her arm up on the desk and propped her head up with her hand. "Yes, my current situation isn't all that kind to me at the moment. If you want to run an investiation, that's fine. Go and do so. I know you don't need my permission to do that. If your time would be best suited to that, then do so. I can't do everything, so I can't act the way I want to in these matters. If I had a means of doing so, I would," she shrugged. "And I can't help the documents with numbers. That comes as part of the job, but you can have someone that specializes in them to aid you," she remarked. "And for the record, every village has problems, both existing and pushed aside. However pathetic it will be, just call the ****ing thing off so I can get around to dealing with things that have meaning," she offered to him. "Maybe we'll be more ready next time to give in to this request to war and we can go out and destroy each other to your liking. Sound alright?" Her tone was dripping with sarcasm. "So congrats to Sunagakure for living another pathetic day in our pathetic little war-lacking lives," she rolled her eyes. "Where the **** is my coffee?" No sooner than she asked the question, someone entered with the tray of coffee complete with different sugars and creams to utilize for it. "Finally," she expasperated.
When the tray is set down, she snatched a cup off of it and proceeded to pour the coffee lazily, following up with the rest of the process to drink it.

"So I spend my whole life fighting not to be him, yet you think I am no different, even after his soul was taken, huh?" Maikeru asks, shaking his head. "If all you care about right now is resting and recovering, stay here." As Takeshi speaks to him, the Rogue Jounin chuckles a bit and gives a nod. "Good point. Perhaps it's time I start gathering members again as well, eh?" That said, he turns his head back to Itami and gives a light bow of his head. "I hope you get relax soon, my friend. I apologize that a certain cat turned what was meant to be a simple conversation into such drama. I'm sure she'll act better while I'm gone." He then turns and starts to make his way out of the office.

"****ing idiot. Sometimes I don't know if he even thinks or listens.", she says. The girl grumbles a bit. "Either way, I'm going to practice those new moves. Oh, and umm, no mentioning that I'm practicing to my elder, please? I'm kinda doing something I'm not sopposed to be using, since it was orignally a Anti-Jigoku technique and not sopposed to be used unless its an emergency. Something about screwing up and the losing of limbs if not done properly…", she says. The woman gives a small bow. "Back to the mountain of paperwork…", she grumbles, and heads off, grumbling about being in love, and hating it.

Takeshi watches both of them leave, "Well, i'll be around since you've got me held here. If you need help with the paperwork, you can always ask." Then he turns to shuffle out of her office and back into his hallway chair.

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