Getting in the group


Akinori, Hitomi, Mikoto

Date: May 9, 2014


Mikoto get's introduced to Hitomi by Akinori. Mikoto and Hitomi go on a spar in order to show Mikoto's skills to Akinori.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Getting in the group"

Hokage Mountain base

Akinori'd come back to the base of the mountain, but this time with a new face. The boy next to him would be smaller in size as he seems to be smoking yet again. He'd chuckle as they walk alongside towards the base. A small bag of the Ramen shop is visible in Akinori's left fist, clenched as they approach Hitomi.

"Hitomi, time to meet one of my new kinsmen!" He'd place his right hand with the cigarette onto the boy's back, pushing him a bit forward. "Introduce yourselves to each others, young cubs!" He'd smile, taking a last drag from his cigarette as he throws it onto the ground… vaporizing it with his foot.

Hitomi has been training in the interim. The girl has carefully packed away all her tea making gear, and the tea, and has instead resumed her dancing, twirling motions. As the others approach, though, she stops, and turns around. The Hyuga girl smiles faintly at the words, and gives a low bow to the other Genin.

"I am Hyuga Hitomi. Akinori-sama has been helping me with my training. Ah, its, nice to meet you, Sarutobi-san." Her voice is quiet, and she doesn't straighten until the introduction is complete. Even then, she looks faintly uneasy.

As the boy would be pushed forward, he would chuckle softly. His long blond hair would cover up the left half of his face, the other part would be in a pony tail. His pants are brightly red; his white T-shirt would be covered up by a dark blue vest with the white sarutobi emblem on the back of it. "My name is Mikoto of the Sarutobi clan, it's a pleasure to meet you, Hitomi."

Akinori chuckles, holding the bag up. "Now that we know each other, let's eat!" He'd place himself down onto the ground, placing the bag next to it as he grabs a small lunch packet from it. He'd open up the packet as it reveales Chicken Ramen inside the main compartment, rice to the side and some sauce to the other side. He'd grab a pair of chopsticks as he rubs them from each other. He glances around the area as he spreads his lips apart. "So Hitomi, how's the technique going? Perhaps you and Mikoto could do a … spar after food?" He'd chuckle.. he has no idea how powerfull Mikoto can be, but he has heard some bits about him being good in Genjutsu.

"Ah, thank you, Akinori-sama." Hitomi says, with regard to the offer of food. Moving to settle down, the girl does take up chopsticks and start eating… though a keen eye would notice that she is very carefully avoiding eating the actual chicken; she's just far too polite to actually bring up the fact that she's vegetarian. "The technique? Ah, you mean my Gentle Fist training." She says, nodding her head. "I, still need to practice. My basic forms are, not as good as they could be. I am still relying on thought, rather than instinct, far too much…" She smiles apologetically, before she looks to Mikoto, "If Mikoto-san would like to practice, I don't mind… but I wouldn't presume to say that I could teach him anything."

Mikoto would look at the food for a second, moving up his thumb as he after that reaches for the food. "Thank you Akinori-sama, this is great." Mikoto says. Sliding himself oposing to Himoto, then starting to eat fast but carefully. "A spar would be nice, and I think that you, Hitomi, can actually teach me alot". Mikoto would smile after his last sentence with a mouthfull of food, continueing to eat his Ramen and of course his chicken.

He'd down a nod to both the students as he starts to eat his ramen aswell, he glances towards Hitomi as he notices that there's allot of Chicken left…Akinori's kind of the opposite of a vegetarian, loving every piece of meat that's availible in the shop. However, he would stay quiet as he occasionally places some rice into her bin and—..hopefully sneaks out some chicken from the bin. "So… Hitomi. You should know that Mikoto is a Genjutsuist… you have learned how to defend against it, correct?" He'd continue to eat some more, glancing to Mikoto for a second.

Hitomi looks embarrassed at that. The girl's cheeks darken just a little bit. "T-theoretically." She says, "In the academy, I read the scrolls, you have to be perceptive and know that you are under the influence, then, you try to … move … your chakra, or… hurt yourself. I've never actually been a victim of it, though."

Mikoto would glance back at Akinori as he cracks open a slight grin. "That makes it more interesting. I would like to see where my limit lies, or yours." Mikoto would look down at his bowl of ramen which is now empty, then looking at Hitomi, nodding friendly as he would lower his plate on the ground, moving his hands behind him as he would lean relaxing.

Akinori's sight falls onto Hitomi. "That's okay, Mikoto will take it easy on you…" He'd switch to Mikoto with a bit of a stern look. "… won't you, Mikoto?" He'd ask, a bit with a authorical strong accent. He'd continue to eat as he gazes about. "I want you to experience Genjutsu, but don't be afraid of it." He says that now… but he knows she'll be scared, oh well it's a step to learning. He'd snort as he dips some chicken into the sauce as a small grunt emits from his mouth. He'd scratch his nosebridge as he awaits Hitomi to finish eating.

Hitomi sets the bowl down in front of her, and nods her head. "I will do my best, Akinori-sama." She says, standing up. The girl hasn't eaten much at all, but given the size of her… that's probably not too surprising. She doesn't exactly look like someone with a big appetite, this one.

"I, I don't mind if Mikoto-san doesn't hold back." She says, "S-so long as he doesn't trick me into walking off mountain or, something so drastic… if I encounter it in the field, then, they won't hold back just because I'm inexperienced…"

Mitoko would look to Akinori, nodding casually as he then moves himself up, straightening himself as he would look at Hitomi. "I might like Genjutsu, but walking you of a mountain is pretty much way too far in my opinion". Mitoko would smile at Hitomi as he would then grin. "You ready?"

Hitomi stands, and turns to face Mitoko more completely. "I, ah, o-one moment…" The girl says. She's doing her best to hide her nerves, but Akinori is right; it is frightening to know that she's going to be fighting someone who can get in her head. What if he can read her thoughts? What if he knows what she's thinking right now!? What if he can make her brain pop out of her ears?!! Its a fairly worrying situation.

Both hands come together in front of her, and she says, firmly, "Byakugan!" Which causes the veins around her eyes to bulge out. She honestly doesn't know if this will help her see what happens next any clearer, but it might!

"Now I'm ready."

RP: Hitomi joins the roleplay.
COMBAT: It is now Hitomi's turn.
RP: Hitomi transforms into BYAKUGAN-I.
RP: Mikoto joins the roleplay.
COMBAT: Hitomi finishes her turn.
COMBAT: It is now Mikoto's turn.
COMBAT: Mikoto focuses 4000 stamina to turn it into usable chakra!

Mikoto would look at Hitomi for a moment looking at her Byakugan as he would nod slowly but looking weary. Mikoto would slide up one hand and move one hand in front of is face as he would try to focus. His thoughts would be simple. How the clique do I get around that Byakugan. Mikoto would close his eyes. "Good luck Hitomi."
COMBAT: Mikoto finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Hitomi's turn.

Hitomi raises her hands, and she too focuses her chakra inwards. She had been so worried about her defense that she's definitely sacrificed the immediate opportunity to take the offensive. One hand is raised in front of her, the other rests at her side, and she takes a few, deep breaths to try and calm herself down. "And to you, Mikoto-san. This is just training, if… if I hurt you… please, say so?" She sounds apologetic already!
COMBAT: Hitomi focuses 3000 stamina to turn it into usable chakra!
COMBAT: Hitomi finishes her turn.
COMBAT: It is now Mikoto's turn.

Mikoto would look at Hitomi, shaking his head for a moment as he sighs. "Don't worry about me". He would quickly turn both his hand in front of him, focussing on them as he would do a few handsigns, making it a rather long sequence.

The Illusion would contain the looks and the feels of a pain on Hitomi's right arm, it would be close to a scratch, and the pain with it would be just that of a scratch.
COMBAT: Mikoto attacks Hitomi with WOUNDS with a roll of: 16
COMBAT: Mikoto finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Hitomi's turn.
COMBAT: Hitomi defends against WOUNDS(16) attack from Mikoto with a GENJUTSU-PERCEPTION…13
COMBAT: Hitomi loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.
COMBAT: Mikoto drains stamina from Hitomi

Hitomi flinches with the realization that her arm is hurting… but she doesn't let it slow her down. She has another arm, and she soon realizes that this is probably his genjutsu - just causing physical pain? That's, unpleasant.

Stepping forwards, the girl favors her other arm, and aims to bring two fingers forwards towards Mikoto's center. If she makes contact, the tenketsu point will be firmly jabbed, and the shock of chakra she unleashes with it will try to seal up some of his own. She doesn't really know, but maybe if she can disrupt his concentration, she can stop the pain with it.
COMBAT: Hitomi attacks Mikoto with JUUKEN-STRIKE with a roll of: 18
COMBAT: Hitomi finishes her turn.
COMBAT: It is now Mikoto's turn.
COMBAT: Hitomi attacks you with JUUKEN-STRIKE and rolls a 18. Action?
COMBAT: Mikoto defends against JUUKEN-STRIKE(18) attack from Hitomi with a FADE…24
COMBAT: Mikoto wins the roll.
COMBAT: There are no more attacks for you to defend against.

As Hitomi would approach Mikoto with her Juuken-strike, Mikoto would not appear to be there. He reappears to the side of her, sending a punch down to her shoulder
COMBAT: Mikoto attacks Hitomi with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 8
COMBAT: Mikoto finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Hitomi's turn.
COMBAT: Hitomi defends against PHYSICAL(8) attack from Mikoto with a DODGE…20
COMBAT: Hitomi wins the roll.

Hitomi's eyes widen when Mikoto seems to vanish… but the Byakugan is very useful for defending oneself against such tricks. The instant he is coming at her again, the girl is moving around him, feet twisting to let his punch pass smoothly through where her shoulder was a moment ago.

She's definitely far more comfortable up close, and the girl brings both hands forwards this time. The first aiming for his side, which, if it should hit cleanly, would spin him around. Even if it doesn't, though, her other hand follows up aiming towards his hip, to try and keep him within this range - not to mention try and disorient the boy.
COMBAT: Hitomi attacks Mikoto with JUUKEN-STRIKE with a roll of: 19
COMBAT: Hitomi attacks Mikoto with JUUKEN-STRIKE with a roll of: 26
COMBAT: Hitomi finishes her turn.
COMBAT: It is now Mikoto's turn.
COMBAT: Hitomi attacks you with JUUKEN-STRIKE and rolls a 19. Action?
COMBAT: Mikoto defends against JUUKEN-STRIKE(19) attack from Hitomi with a FADE…18
COMBAT: Mikoto loses the roll and sustains 234 damage.
COMBAT: Hitomi drains chakra from Mikoto
COMBAT: Hitomi attacks you with JUUKEN-STRIKE and rolls a 26. Action?
COMBAT: Mikoto defends against JUUKEN-STRIKE(26) attack from Hitomi with a FADE…16
COMBAT: Mikoto loses the roll and sustains 276 damage.
COMBAT: Hitomi drains chakra from Mikoto
COMBAT: There are no more attacks for you to defend against.

Akinori's gaze falls onto the pair, downing a nod. "That's enough for now, cease and desist before I come into play." He'd grunt, clapping his hands together. "Mikoto, are you allright?" He'd scratch over the back of his head, glancing at him. "Nice punches Hitomi, told you that you are improving. That Genjutsu of Mikoto was a good one though… next time, try to gain the upperhand by assaulting first." He'd grin, seemingly just excited that the Two genin are pretty strong for the usual bunch.

Mikoto would be flung in a spinning whirlwind by her first Juuken-strike, letting out a gasp as he finds himself hit again by her other Juuken-strike, sighing deeply as he reaches for his hip as he lowers himself down onto the ground, nodding slowly at Akinori as he shrugs. "Good one Hitomi, you hit me in the right spots".

Hitomi backs off almost instantly, and her Byakugan fades, the veins around her eyes smoothing back down. The girl moves to offer Mikoto her hand, "You should stand, ah, moving, helps restore circulation to the effected muscles…" She murmurs, blushing a soft pink as she explains. "I… I got lucky, really. I couldn't resist the genjutsu, I could only react to it… if you kept your distance, I'd have been in trouble!"

"Thanks Hitomi, I'll try to move." Mikoto says. Mikoto would look at Hitomi, smiling at her as he would grasp her hand, taking it as he would push himself up onto his feet. Mikoto would look a little bit pale now, but seems to be in good spirit. "I told you, you would teach me something." Mikoto kicks his legs into a slow motion as he would move himself around, trying to let his chakra flow. Mikoto would look at the ground while he walks around, seemingly going into his own mind for a moment, then looking at Akinori.

Akinori's gaze falls onto the two. "Good thing you help each other." He'd glance up in the air as several birds are flying around the area. "Can I leave you two alone to entertain for yourself? Hitomi, perhaps you can escort him to the medbay and get him fixed up." He'd down a nod. "Yea, sounds like the perfect task for you two. I'll have to attend some other things now." He'd place a cigarette between his lips, carefully glancing around as he ignites it with Chakra. And with that, he's gone. Strange… he was here and the next moment he's gone.

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