Getting the Goat part 2


Hige, Kaido, Michiko, Akane, Takeo, Naruko, Hiei

Date: January 6, 2015


Kumo nin and their allies assault the Yakuza base. Through careful planning, they manage to apprehend the elusive Goat after a battle.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Getting the Goat part 2"

Mountain Range southwest of Kumogakure in the Land of Lightning

Recently, an infiltration team was sent to a remote mountain range southwest of Kumogakure to investigate the possibility of a Kumo fugitive going by the name of Goat gathering to him the remaining forces of the once mighty Yakuza clan. Thanks to Michiko, Ryouji and a few others, their mission revealed that not only was their compound there, but Ryouji was sure that Goat was among them. The compound itself is built into he side of a mountain, giving it strategic defensive capabilities. Archers line the outside and can pick off anyone approaching long before they are able to climb up to their location.
Now, Yotsuki Hiei, the Raikage has assembled a team of Kumo, Konoha, and allied shinobi in an effort to dispel this threat to the Land of Lightning. Inside of his forward command base, a tent with supplies, Hiei has a map of the region spread out on a large table underneath the tent. "This mission was assigned to us by the Lightning Daimyo himself. We will complete it to our best ability, thanks to Akane and our allies in the Leaf." Hiei takes a moment to incline his head towards Akane, Takeo, Kaido, and Hige. "Our battle plan was devised by Kaido himself. At this time, I'll give the floor to him so that he can explain our strategy. Kaido?" He motions for the shinobi to step forwards while he takes a step back, clasping his hands behind his back in a very millitaristic manner.

Hige had heard that they were being called to this mission and the boy had immediately packed up and gone with. Since he was in Kumo he was going to do everything he could to help out as he'd said before and it included doing whatever was going to be needed for this infiltration. Now that they're close the boy and his nin-pup stand and wait for Kaido to fill them all in on his big plan!

Kaido takes a deep breath and then steps forwards to the map table as Bandit stays behind with Hige and Konsho. He pulls out a pointer and says, "With the help of Michiko and Ryouji's intelligence, we've learned a few things about the compound and surrounding area with which should help us make this somewhat manageable." He points with the pointer to the compound, "As you can see, the actual building itself is built within the mountain, making a direct assault too costly to almost impossible to execute, there's just too much cover for archers to fire arrows on any group charging the front for it to be anything more than a slaughter. Even for the group we have, it's just not worth the price to pay for it."
Kaido then says, "However, Ryouji and Michiko's recon managed to discover a sort of back entrance, here." He points to a spot at the back of the mountain and says, "There's a cave that leads to a tunnel that connects into the back of the compound, probably where Goat and his retainers would use to escape in case the compound was breached." He then glances at Hiei and then says, "So what I've come up with is this. We will be splitting our forces into two groups, an infiltration team that will use stealth and enter the cave and make their way through the tunnel inside. There will also be an assault team who's sole purpose is to create as big of a distraction and draw out as many defenders from inside as possible. The teams will be decided upon by the Raikage and I and once the Infiltration team hears the the signal of the Raikage firing a lightning bolt, they are to enter the compound and take out the whatever personnel that hasn't engaged the assault and either kill or preferably capture The Goat. Does everyone understand?"

It was perhaps by sheer coincidence that Takeo had taken a bit of time off and, having enjoyed his stay during the Chuunin Exams, decided to visit Kumogakure again. Would figure that his vacation would be cut short by a message from home instructing him to assist the locals with a little problem they're having. Even so, the young man in the longcoat's ever the upbeat sort, and so he goes along with the shift in plans without complaint.
"For what it's worth," Takeo offers to Kaido, "I can probably cut a hole through whatever outer defenses they have sitting there. If that'd be helpful." He does his utmost to maintain his good behavior among the more restrained Kumo, but there's still that slightly casual air. Having said what he had to say, the Inuzuka lowers his clawed hand.

Michiko is a part of this mission. She had mapped out the area with her abilities, and she can let the group know if anything changed. Her senses, hopefully, will be useful in exploring underground caverns. Not so much in finding Goat, though… The girl bows her head to the allies that are assisting with the mission in acknowledgement, seeming relatively relaxed despite the difficult times that are likely ahead of them. This will be… fun… Maybe.
She listens to Kaido's plan, though not attentively. She's gone over it a million times with him by this point, and she could probably say it in her sleep. The girl tilts her head a bit. "Hmm… So, then, who's on what team, Kaido-San?" she asks.

Akane was there, a silent figure in the background for the most part. Her crimson hair was up in it's intricate coiffe, hairsticks all over. She wore something similar to her leathers, the top being a bit less restrictive than her bustier, though it covered barely as much. Her arms were covered in sleeves that went most of the way up her arms, baring her shoulders and part of her back to the eyes around her. And her skin was an intricate work of scarrs from one inch to the next. Like lashing marks that appeared to have been burned as much as beaten into her back and a unique brand on her hip, a clock set to a minute to midnight.
Her face was covered, however, with a white Noh style mask. It bore hints of color around the eyes and lips and had twin tears of blood down each cheek, but the eyes were completely blacked out, obscuring even her eyes from casual view.
Hiei's invitation for her had come days after she had been released from the hospital. Having a tornado thrown at you left a few marks on it's own on the medic. But thanks to Konoha's medical staff she was mostly up to snuff again. When Hiei nodded to her she bowed her head formally, dipping down just enough to be elegant and polite in response. She looked over the map as he spoke and tilted her head as she considered. "I can make a nice diversion from good cover. But I am also a medic. Place me as you see fit." She could also be used in combat but she waited for the leaders to denote her placement. Though her flames might be less use in the rocky land….

Naruko was …happy to be on a mission like this. Well not entirely happy. She loved to prove her self but was very concerned about slipping up on what she considered to be an extremely important mission. The Raikage was with them after all. She listened intently to the others, arms crossed along one another as she tugs along her cloak, pretty much a pure black cloak trimmed with orange flames. "So two teams huh?" Naruko spoke up, thumbing a finger behind one ear as she looked at their company. There were a few people she didn't recognize… she sniffed the air, attempting to catch the others scent, just for memory purposes. " I can join the stealthy party or I can join the assault. More Naruko's are better than one so it will be hard to catch me. At least I hope," Naruko explains… "Or something? You all know my abilities pretty well! Destroy everything!"

Hiei steps forwards when questions about who is on what team arise. "I've placed people in areas where I feel they will be most useful. Takeo and I will launch a simultaneous attack towards the compound itself. Once they come running out, Kaido will use his traps to thin the opposition before they get to us, the infiltration team will use what stealth techniques they have to make a run for the back entrance, taking out any opposition they can. Naruko, Takeo, will be part of the infiltration team. Michiko will act as your commander. I will be frank. I don't care about the Yakuza. Eliminate them as you wish. I want Goat taken alive to face his crimes. As former Kamen Rai Da he is most dangerous, and a master of wind manipulation as well as a taijutsuist. Hige, Kaido and I will keep them busy out here as best we can. We don't know how long we can give your team Michiko, so be as swift as possible." Hiei meets the gaze each shinobi. "No matter where we come from, we are united in this. Look after each other. Let's be careful, but let's get it done."

Kaido nods and says, "Hige, Konsho, follow me, it's time you saw what I do close up." He starts pulling out needles and trip wires and other such things and with that gives them carefully to Bandit and Konsho and points out where he wants them to set things up. A couple of stray-looking dogs won't provoke a response if they're careful and he starts to explain to Hige how and what traps to use and how to hide them in plain sight for maximum effectiveness.

With the plan laid before them Hige only nods, looking around at those gathered with a faint smile. Yeah, they got this right? Assigned to his team he again nods as it's really what he does best. Kill people. You know, when you're coming at him. Let other people sneak. When Kaido calls him over the boy looks down to his nin-pup before heading off with Kaido for this rather important lesson.

Michiko nods to Hiei, offering a small salute before looking around at her team. She was… Moderately familiar with Akane. Overly familiar with Naruko. And not at all so with Takeo. "I want a quick run-down of your abilities, everyone. Use your best to be stealthy as we approach the mountain while Hiei-San and Takeo-san hog the attention. Takeo-san, meet with us /after/ the attack… We'll be sure to mark the trail upon finding deviations in the path." Hige and Kaido get a 'good luck' from her. "Akane-san, keep in back and watch our tail, I think is best. Until we reach the target."

"Kaido, Hige. Good to see you here," Takeo says to his kin, Alpha that he once was. The young Tokubetsu bares his enlarged fangs at the pair in a fleeting grin before turning his attention to Michiko. "Since I think you're going to find out anyway, I'm a magical turtle in a very handsome Inuzuka's body. My specialty's water ninjutsu. I've only bothered to practice a little with stealth, and ironically, you can sort of see when I use the technique."
With a dry chuckle following his rundown of his abilities, Takeo clarifies, "You'd find me to be most useful in combat, I think, after I've finished joining forces with the Raikage."

Scratched behind her ear as she looked through the group, though her eyes down narrow down on the masked figure. "Akane…? Really? Again?" She frowned in the woman's direction, her coddling with Yuuma still quite vivid to her. Naturally though she relents and begins to focus some chakra throughout her body. If they were going to pull this off they needed to be the best they can be. "I'll protect everyone, don't you worry about that. We will probably run into goat himself once we infiltrate the facility,"

Akane nodded to Hiei's assignment and took a step back, looking over at Michiko for direction. The girl was younger than her but had Hiei's faith and so she would follow her orders unless they went completely off the charts crazy of course.
Naruko's reaction to her made her grin behind her mask, though no one could see it. She tilted her head and saluted as if to say 'Yup thats me' She turned then, allowing her Other to take some control, Kyoujin being ready for a fight it seemed appropriate to let her wring a few necks… As a result her body language grew more agressive and fluid.
Michiko's orders to stay behind annoyed Kyoujin but made sense to Akane. As the medic she would be better suited to help if she was behind them. She peered at Michiko for a moment, though before she answered about her abilities. "I'm a medic and I have some lightning and some fire skills." Clearly she had taijutsu skills or kenjutsu skills as well if the twin swords and multiple kunai and daggers at her waist said anything about her. She nodded, though at Takeo and went off, following Michiko's lead. On the off chance that it would help she flashed through several hand signs and sent out a pulse of medical chakra all around her, looking for signs of enemies ahead of them as they moved…

Hiei gives the order for the group to move out. It's a short trip from the command center to the Yakuza compound. When they see it for themselves, they can see that it's massive. (think Helm's Deep, only a lot smaller, about half the size) Hiei lifts his fist to call a halt in a small outcropping of boulders. He motions for Takeo to join him as lightning begins to spark along his skin while he prepares his body for combat. His speaks in a low voice. "Infiltration team..go get into position. Takeo, I'll enhance your attack." Hiei's most powerful technique was taijutsu and he wasn't close enough for that, so instead he uses his most powerful ninjutsu technique. He forms handseals as lightning begins to flow down his right arm. It sparks in halos around his whole arm as the first two fingers of his right hand begin to glow brightly as lightning pools at the fingertips. Once Takeo launches his attack, Hiei would launch his own. "Lightning Release: Lightning Strike!" His plan is to enhance the water with lightning for a much more devastating effect. "Go now!" He bellows.

Kaido draws his chakram and just as Hiei and Takeo launch their attacks, Hige, Konsho, Bandit and him have already finishes setting up traps just outside the main entrance, just waiting for suckers to run out and trigger them and fall. He's also set them up so as they fall, it'll make it harder for the rest behind them to be able to come out in huge numbers and overwhelm the assault team unless they're desperate enough to climb over bodies and trample the faces of their friends. All the while doing so, he's been explaining how all of his mechanisms work, and how to handle the poisons he's put on some of the traps without poisoning yourself.

Hige moves in tandem with Kaido now that things are underway, he and Konsho taking place opposite his mentor with a kunai drawn. He's listening to Kaido more because he doesn't want to do something stupid and hurt himself than to actually try and remember later. Sure it's good to know, but it's a lot of information at one time, just know how to avoid them yourself. The pup is with Hige, ready and waiting so they can begin their diversion.

Once Akane makes a report on who's around, Michiko nods to the information. "Alright. We're gathering at the point below the exit. Once the explosions go off, sprint to the exit and travel along there. Be sure to keep your senses open and take down anyone who comes are way as quickly as possible. And as unnoticeable as possible." Those are Michiko's final instructions before they all get into position.
Once the lightning and water strikes… "There's the signal. Move quickly, everyone," she says, using her chakra to accelerate herself to the opening. A bit of ninjutsu to try and expand the opening just slightly so it's easier to get to, but nothing more. Can't be too obvious. No one's shooting arrows at them or trying to kill them with swords, so stay on the down-low for as long as possible.

"Hello, Raikage," Takeo says as he steps up alongside the only vaguely familiar man. Still, there's that fang-filled grin to bridge the gap. "Looks like we'll be undertaking some diplomatic teamwork today." He doesn't seem to have need for an incantation, and only a single hand gesture. The Tokubetsu parts his jaws broadly as water begins to swirl into a small sphere in front of his mouth. It's like a silent roar gathering the liquid from the air itself.
Once Hiei's ready, Takeo plays along, clawed fingers splayed outward as he exhales an extremely compressed jet of water from his mouth. The spear goes from left to right as he turns his head, combining with the Raikage's lightning to carry the surge. The water itself cuts through stone as though it were butter, causing a good deal of it to crumble. "Sake later, then, okay? We should know each other better." The fearsome display over, Takeo grins at Hiei and pats him on the shoulder, moving thereafter to join the infiltration team.

Once the order was given Naruko quickly began to move along, almost trying to spearhead her way forward ahead of everyone else. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruko mumbles under her breath, creating a clone to help preemptively detect others that might try to track her down. Two heads were better than one after all. She proceeded with caution, careful to take note of Michiko's orders and even more cautious with the infamous Akane at her back. "Nice and easy now…" her steps were light, along with her clones for that matter who took point watching the enemy archers…Along with anyone else covering the majority of the area.

Akane lifted her head as she recieved the information back from the chakra check. "There's about 15 archers on top, but I can sense a strong chakra signature down there." She pointed to the base. "Inside there's some small fry and one pretty strong figure. but we'll have to go inside." Hiei's order to go had Akane following Michiko closely. Akane glanced around and then nodded to Michiko, poised like an adder redy to strike. When the explosion went off, Michiko ordered Go and Akane moved fluidly along. Silent. She glanced around and flashed through a few handsigns so it would look like hse was practicing another jutsu similar to Vital Search when in reality she was activating her sharingan behind the mask. She flicked her eyes back and forth before slipping in behind Michiko.
She could not see through rock with her sharingan but she was able to prep herself in case someone came by. She coould read their positions and actions quicker at least. And unless they had another sharingan user or a Byakugan it was a low risk that anyone would see through her. She went through another few hand signs and sent out another pulse of medical chakra all around them, checking positions, watching the activity that Takeo and Hiei were causing out front….

The result is immediate. Once Takeo and Hiei's attack slams into the side of the compound, there is a huge explosion as half of the complex caves in on itself. There is a lot of screaming and yelling as people come rushing out. The archers fall from their perches, getting lost in the rubble. At least that's one problem taken care of.
SAs the yakuza swarm out of the entrance, they are immediately struck down by the traps laid by Kaido and Hige. Some of them fall to their knees with kunai sticking out of them. Some are filled with poison senbon and their bodies twitch uncontrollably from the poison. But as many that fall to the traps, there are some that get through, moving to engage the assault team.
The ferocity of the frontal attack is enough so that he infiltration team moves almost undetected. Once they reach their destination, Akane's technique allows her to see that the back entrance to the cave is guarded by four sentries, each carrying staves. At this point, they are still hidden from view, and they have no idea that the team is upon them.

Hiei grins at Takeo. "Definitely sake later. I'm buying." He nods to him. "Be careful in there." He then moves up to the open area as the yakuza come pouring out of the entrance. He draws both swords from his back before slamming the hilts together and twisting, locking them in place to create a sword staff. Hiei twirls it around his body before tucking it against his back and taking on a fighting stance. "Bring it on…" He murmurs under his breath, a slow smile coming over his face. He might be the Raikage but he wasn't meant to be stuck behind a desk. He never felt more alive than when he was hurting someone.

Kaido peers around the boulder he was using as a hiding spot and watching his traps work so effectively, he says to Hige, "Alright, our job is to make sure none of them escape, you and Konsho take one side of the hill, I'll take the other. Don't take any chances, just take them down one at a time and Konsho?" Kaido looks at the pup, "Make sure he doesn't get flanked or surrounded, bark if you need any help." He then moves off and looks down at Bandit and says, "Bandit, take out the first one, I'll get the other two.
Bandit nods and growls and rushes off after the first yakuza, attaempting to bite off his jugglaur vein while Kaido throws both his chakram, using Wind Manipulation to control their flight to make them harder to dodge as they move at weird angles.

Hige looks to Kaido and the silent boy nods once the elder gives him his instruction. Konsho offers a soft yip of understanding as well. With Kaido on one side he makes sure that no one can easily get by him on the other. Once the crap starts hitting the fan Hige goes through a few quick flicks of his hands and sends some shuriken and a pair of kunai at those that come closest to him. Konsho doesn't move yet though the pups hackles are raised and he is ready to attack should anyone get close. Since both of the pair are more used to close in fighting they're just biding their time at this point, taking out as many as possible at range for ease's sake.

Akane tells her, and Michiko can sort of feel the men ahead, too. "Naruko-san, take two. Akane-san and I will each take one," she orders, recognizing that Naruko has a shadow clone. When Takeo shows up to join, she says, "Takeo-san, keep behind Akane-san while we move in." Then she makes a handseal, preparing a jutsu. Once the men are in sight, she gestures for her team to attack all at once. A firebolt flares from her mouth, taking out the one furthest in the group, maybe singing a few others in the process.

"Sorry about this, but I'm not so great with stealth," Takeo says to the two ahead of him, "and I'd rather be a bit heavier if there's a wind ninjutsuist around. It's not fun to be thrown around like a ragdoll, believe me."
The reason for his apology becomes clear as he's briefly engulfed in a bubbling, watery blue chakra. When it spreads out and disperses, what's left behind in his place is a miniaturized but otherwise identical likeness of Isobu. Spheres of water swirl into existence above his shell, two lances striking out at waiting targets.

Getting the jump on the Yakuza members was quite easy… thanks to a combination of two very destructive jutsu. As Naruko, or rather the Narukos here their orders, they quickly begin to split up, one Naruko going for a Yakuza pulling off a swift one two pummel to the side of the head (hopefully to knock him out) while the other one applied the same attack, suddenly to combust in a wide explosion. " It should be easy to get in! Rather not waste any time on the small fry though!" Naruko exclaims, her azure eyes scan across the group before settling on…. a turtle? "Wha….the.." She squints her eyes, pointing at the bubbling beast. "Is that an enemy?!" She didn't notice a giant turtle before after all.

Akane informed Michiko about the four people below them that were still unaware of their presence. Michiko assigned Naruko two of the men while Akane would take out one. Naruko and Michiko before her, Takeo behind, she paused just a moment as Takeoshifted into Sanbi form, taking in the chakra around him silently. It was certainly an interesting sight. But she had other things to do…. So she shifted as they went in and flashed through her handseals, bringing her fingers up to where her lips would be she directed her chakra out in a way that spit little fireballs at her target. Unfortunately for him her fireballs were small but potent. She moved along, one hand down at her hip while the other remained up and defensive. Naruko's expression and comment about the resident Jinchuu made Akane shake her head. "No, that is Takeo-san." She indicated the path ahead of her and moved along.

Bandit is swatted away by the yakuza swordsman, but while dealing with the nin-ken, he doesn't see Kaido's chakram coming for him and half of his face is sliced off. He falls to the ground as his companion turns to look, and then as the chakram passes zips by him, a shocked look comes on his face, just before his head falls from his shoulders. An archer pops out from behind his comrade and fires an arrow towards Kaido.
Hige's opponents seem to be a little more skilled. The first one dodges his shruiken even as the second one takes one in the throat and falls over while clutching it. The rest of his attacks miss their intended target, but now Hige is in melee combat with a taijutsuist who leaps the last few feet to kick him.
As the infiltration team comes upon their targets, Akane's information proves to be valuable as Michiko launches a fireball at one of the four sentries. The shockwave causes him to fly backwards, setting him on fire, and making him bang his head on the side of the rock wall. When Takeo transforms into a verision of his bijuu, his opponent's fate was already sealed. The twin water lances strike home as blood wells up from his mouth and he falls over dead. Naruko's attacks work in tandem with her clone's. Her opponent never had a chance. He never even knew she was there. He had turned to see why his companion fell down and was knocked out cold. Akane's attack was a little more flashy but there was nobody around to really see it. The small fireballs impact the remaining sentry turning his body into tinder. The smell of burning flesh fills the area before the wind dissapates it. With no more opposition, the cave was unguarded and their way deep into the compound is free and clear.

Hiei was the advanced vanguard as the Yakuza come for him. Some of them blink as they recognize him as Shiro no Inazuma…the White Lightning Bolt. Hiei smirks as a lightning infused aura surrounds his body as he kneels down to one knee, slamming his fist onto the ground. "Fire Release.." He bolts to his feet, running into the masses before he leaps high into the air, bringing his flaming fist to bear. "Faaalcooon PUNCH!" He thrusts his fist towards a poor opponent.

Kaido nods to Bandit to move up, he catches his chakram and pauses for a moment to check on his charge, making sure Hige and Konsho aren't in trouble. With that done, attempts to dodge the arrow and throws a chakram at the archer and then a gas grenade into the entrance to make sure no one else comes out and to give those inside a reason to run for the tunnel right into where the infiltration team is.

Hige didn't really expect all of his thrown attacks to hit, though he had silently hoped they'd do at least some damage. And they do. But that doesn't stop the outflow of yakuza and when the taijutsuist comes at him he tries to sidestep the kick only to fail. The small boy is knocked back onto his rump from the attack but is back up in a flash, growling softly. While the boy recovers quickly the ninken acts even quicker, lunging for the attackers throat, an attack followed shortly by the boy himself who comes in with a clawed hand to strike towards the yakuza's chest.

… Wait, he wasn't lying about being a turtle… Michiko decides she is glad she assigned him to the back. "Okay. Silent as possible. Orders stand as is: take out anyone we run into with as little flashiness as possible." Those last words are meant for the fire users of the group (Naruko and Akane, as well as herself). "Takeo-san, please do your best to be stealthy, even if it's not your strong point. Now /move/." She starts dashing through the tunnels, sending a bit of chakra through the earth to make sure the way she's going is correct. To make sure that her teammates are behind her. To make sure there are no enemies ahead.

"Don't worry. I'm …" Takeo's rumbling voice pauses. "Well, it's complicated, but let's say I'm Takeo." Satisfied that his weight should counter most attempts by a wind ninjutsuist to blow him away, he turns his single black-red eye to Michiko. At the order to remain stealthy, he does the best thing that he possibly can.
A cloud of mist suddenly bursts ahead of him, and as he tromps into its confines, his chakra blends perfectly with the surrounding moisture. It would be impossible to pick him out visually by chakra, and a bit less so by regular sight.

"Weird…so totally weird. Nothing screams out stealth then a giant turtle walking at your back… I guess you can act like a boulder," Naruko began to speak up, not necessarily complaining but definitely vocal with her concerns, in a more tamed and joking sort of way. Naruko went ahead and formed yet another clone, allowing to steer further ahead so she could gain more information on enemy positions. "No Flashy juts…" She squints at that idea, flashy juts was all she and, at least for the most part. " Looks like I may have to depend on you after all, at least a little bit," She scours and senses out for anything that might catch her attention.

Akane watched her opponent get turned to tinder and let out a little 'che' in disappointment. These guys were pathetic… Michiko reminded them that they needed to be stealthy and she nodded, tossing her head as if she had tossed free flowing hair over her shoulder. She moved to the side to allow Takeo to go around her, putting the medic in the very back and allowing her to cover them in general. Then Takeo ..turned into mist? She blinked and narrowed her eyes behind the mask, her sharingan reading the flow of energy around him. She just wanted to keep tabs on her allies, after all.
As they all entered the passageway, Akane once more sent out a pulse of medical chakra, searching for that stronger signal again, looking for Goat….

Hiei's attack smacks into the face of his opponent, his fist driving through the face, shattering the skull before he falls down. But then the Raikage is attacked from all sides by sword users, they swarm him in an attempt to stab him to death.
Kaido's attacks strike home once again the chakram slamming into the chest of the archer, sending him to his doom. A sliver of paper falls onto the ground in front of him just before it explodes. The paper bomb directed at the Konoha Chuunin. The poison bomb goes off, stanching the flow of Yakuza from coming out of the front entrance, but some of them come out of the huge hole that Hiei and Takeo made earlier, hell bent on taking down the attacking nin.
Konsho proves his mettle as he latches onto the taijutsuist long enough for Hige to split him open with his claws, blood splatters up into the air and onto the face of the pup and the genin. But as one goes down, another steps in to take his place, this one wielding a hand axe and attempting to cleave the young genin in half.
The infiltration team is now inside the base, they continue to move unseen until coming into a large hollowed out chamber full of boxes and crates…the supply room. Michiko and Akane would be able to sense them a few moments before they can hear a loud voice walking towards the room. "Send all available people to the front. The friggin Raikage is out there..kill him!" As Goat rounds the corner, they can see why he got his name. He wears the mask of a goat over his face. Short brow hair sits atop his head, and he wears a skin tight outfit that looks a lot like the Kamen sneaking suits. "I remember when he was a snot nosed punk…" He growls to himself before he rounds the corner and spots the team of shinobi. Two of his henchmen, both female, step up next to him. None of them carry weapons, but those sensitive can feel them charging up their chakra. Goat smirks. "Kill them all." They would feel genjutsu assault their senses as their surroundings begin to fade and turn into white mist that would hide the forms of Goat and his two kunoichi.

When the Yakuza begin to stab at him from all sides, Hiei begins to move in a way that resembles a dance. The swords slide by his body even though some cut his duster as it swirls around as he moves. Hiei backflips out of the center of the melee as he forms handseals, launching small fireballs towards the group before his body warps and disappears, appearing behind the group in a crouch with his sword staff held out to the side.

Kaido simply leaps high into the air over the explosion, seeing that Hige and Konsho are handling their end of things, he focuses on the people streaming out of the hole. He launches his two chakram once more, trying to take down the lead two and aiming his landing to be able to be near the hole to engage the rest. Bandit rushes forwards to help as well.

Konsho releases himself from the now dead yakuza after Hige's claws do their duty. The boy's feral eyes scans past the man as he falls and he sees the new attack coming just in time to jump back out of the way. He launches himself forward as soon as he lands, not giving the man with the cleaver any time to recover as he starts spinning in a tsuga. Konsho has moved a little back but he's put himself behind the man, the back up plan in case Hige misses as well as watching to make sure no one is getting past the pair on this side. Apparently the two companions have worked together on different patterns and plans of attack. Maybe he did read those books that Kaido gave him after all…

Michiko senses the people ahead and gestures for the team to be prepared. Those footsteps were heading right toward them. The girl feels chakra start to affect her, and she responds with her own chakra flaring up to do some internal damage. It hurts, but if it gets her out of the Genjutsu, it's worth it. Nothing comes of the illusion, and she is able to create an earth barrier that ends up exploding upon contact with the lightning attack coming her way. "Remember, we want Goat alive!" she calls back, sending two bolts of fire at the Genjutsuist and Goat while the one who attacked her struggles to see.

Takeo, like so many Inuzuka, is absolutely terrible with the use of Genjutsu. As much in defending as in attacking. When the illusory white mist clouds his sight, it does so with minimal effort. Fortunately, the team he was sent with is a very organized one, and he remembers exactly where and how far apart each of them was when he last saw them.
Using that memory and a bit of Wave Ninjutsu to gather water from the air, Takeo forms a line of water upon the floor, ahead of his teammates. It rises, defying physics, into a greater and greater wave surging toward the other end of the cavern. The great turtle simply stands there, unleashing the fury of water and wave alike while attempting to maintain a degree of restraint. They want the head honcho alive, after all.

Genjutsu was always a weakness of the poor Uzumaki, hard to shrug off, and hard to overcome once it had taken over. She squirmed briefly as a voice spoke into her ear. 'Don't over do it Naruko-chan. Just enough to resist' With that her seal began to unravel, her a light bubbling cloak began to shroud about her form. "Alright….flush it out," Naruko speaks to herself though unable to focus enough chakra to snap her out of the genjutsu, with that she began to take note of the turtle man, following through with his wave of water she began focus chakra along her palms, forging an orb of fiery chakra, condensed and molded along with her bijuu chakra. Naruko then clenches her jaw and tosses the orb forward, hopeful that the wave would wash out most of her attack making it a concise but controlled explosion at the enemies before them.

Akane paused as she heard and sensed Goat comming at them. She tried to warn her teammates but did not give them much time before Goat and his two guards were face to face with the shinobi. As soon as the Kunoichi tried to hide, Akane focused, watching the chakra flow, using it to pinpoint the location of the three targets. But she saw the attack comming at her as well. Her sharingan allowed her to see the attack and produced a fire clone that took the hit meant for her main body. Even then she was moving. Naruko's shift to her bijuu form as well would have caught Akane's full attention but she had other things to worry about. Takeo's water attack would prove annoying to her if she stayed on the floor…. So with the intent to take him alive (though wishing he weren't), she called out. "i'm going after the leader!" Akane leapt up then, showing an acrobatic ability that stuck her to the wall and then the ceiling as she ran over, trying to get behind Goat, a syringe in hand… She leapt down then trying to land the pre-made syriinge in the man's neck. If she made it he would go down like a lead balloon with all manner of symptoms such as nausea, hallucinations, bleeding internally.. Lots of fun things….

Kaido once again launches his chakrams only for one of them to strike home this time. As he lands near the hole, two more paper bombs are waiting for him. Apparently he's not the only one prone to setting traps.
Hige's spinning attack is deftly avoided by the axe wielder. He zig-zags towards Hige and attempts to cleave him again.
As the genjutsu settles in on the Infiltration team, Michiko and Akane shake it off to see the two Kunoichi standing there plainly with Goat standing a few feet behind them. Michiko's fire strikes the genjutsu woman, causing her to stagger back while trying to shake off the effects of the dirt bomb. She retaliates by spinning a genjutsu that would cause Michiko to believe that she is developing wounds in several places on her body. Goat deftly dodges Michiko's attack. Takeo and Naruko, even though they can't really see, unleash area of effect attacks that actually change the game. Takeo's water douses the second Kunoichi, though Goat leaps up onto the wall to perch there as Naruko's fire balls light up the woman as well, causing her to fall forwards, unconcious. With one down and two to go, Akane manages to sink her syringe into Goat, casuing his muscles to seize up. "The bleat…" He moans. For the moment, he is unable to move thanks to the poison.

Hiei spins on his heels and separates his swords before once again moving into melee combat, this time he aims quick slashes at those in his way, showing his formal kenjutsu training. One might note that his moves mirror that of the Reizei in that he strikes quickly and accurately.

Kaido tries to step back quickly, but gets caught in the blast, tearing his uniform and causing slight wounds. He winces and seeing that Hige is getting into trouble yells at Bandit, "Bandit, assist Hige!" With that Bandit peels off to try and attack the axe-man as Kaido tosses a couple of poison stun bombs to take care of the ones streaming out of the hole.

As Hige spins right past the man he lands on the ground a little ways away, hands on the ground as well as he settles into his four legged self. If his eyes looked feral before now they are almost creepy crazy. Doesn't help that the boy himself is always just a tad little (lot) o' bit angry. Neither boy nor dog expected the cleaver dude to be quite so fast but he still sees it coming and moves just enough to avoid the attack. Konsho is moving immediately as he launches himself with some added chakra to try and knock into the yakuza to knock him over or at least distract him. Either way Hige is at him again with claws and fangs if need be. He's not picky.

Michiko just breaks the Genjutsu again, experience telling her what it feels like and how she should handle it… That is, with a surge of chakra. And now that Goat is down thanks to Akane's medicine, she can make a few handseals that will effectively trap the two. Well, hopefully. She flashes through them, landing on 'snake'. The water that soaks the ground helps a bit with her earth manipulation, the solid stone easier to move and mould into hands that grab trio, even the unconscious one, pulling them into graves that enclose them with stone ribs. "Akane-san, knock out Goat as best you can. Naruko-san and Takeo-san, I think you should finish this other one off."

For all of his power, Takeo isn't one to kill most opponents facing hopeless odds, as the other comrade of the Goat is. The Jinchuuriki instead opts to use one of the less vicious jutsu in his repertoire to deal with the individual indicated. Three small, condensed spheres of water swirl into existence above his shell and fire off, seeking the remaining shinobi out. They /could/ kill, but on the other hand, he could've simply cut the lady in half. Small mercies.
"Matatabi," Takeo rumbles. He may be a master, but there are still moments when thoughts in his Bijuu's mind rumble to the surface. Proximity to the other Bijuu seems to prompt recognition. Blinking his unshielded eye once, the red and black orb then shifts to assess the overall status of the room and any potential threats.

There wasn't any need to overdo things. She did listen to Michiko's orders but Takeo was already finishing off the threats in the room, the storm of water bullets was good enough and well…Naruko didn't want the area to crash down upon them. Fire jtusu wasn't the best in close quarters. "I…think everything is settled," Naruko speaks up, the wisp of her aura starting to fade off in bubbling ripples. She uses this time for damage control, peering over at the turtle which limbered around the room. "Are you sure he isn't a bad guy?" Naruko repeats, a sweat drop trickling down her cheek.

Akane caught Goat by the collar, keeping him from landing hard on the ground and slid down the wall so she could lay him down. Then seh immediately began to work, pulling rope from her pouch she bound his hands and tied his feet with just enough slack to walk in a shuffling pace. Then she pulled out another syringe and bit the cap off, injecting this longer version into Goat's arm, to keep him down but not dead. She had made this combination especially for this mission so she had removed the main damaging chemicals, but kept the sedative effect. She put her foot on his hands on his back and looked up then, wqtching as the two kunoichi were dealt with. Akane watched Takeo as he identified Naruko as Matatabi and made a mental note toherself about that fact then bent down, rechecking to be sure Goat was out but not too damaged. Naruko got a glance from the Masked medic and she chuckled quietly. "Well as 'good guy' as anyone from Konoha can be." She teased, then looked at Takeo. "So. who gets to carry this idiot lump?" Allowing her eyes to settle back down to the normal form, Akane was then free to shift her mask to the side and peer up at Takeo with forest green eyes.

Upon Kaido's command, Bandit streaks across the battlefield and leaps into the air, latching onto the axeman's buttcheek. The man howls in pain, giving Hige the opening that he needs. Konsho latches onto his upper thigh just before Hige tackles him to the ground. The axeman hits his head on the ground hard, knocking himself out. Bandit and Konsho leap clear of him before he hits the ground.
Hiei manages to take out the remainder of the melee fighters and takes a moment to turn around to see yakuza coughting, twitching, sneezing and having stomach pains near the hole. Some of them aren't unconcious, but they're in no condition to fight. Hiei flicks his blades, getting rid of the blood before he slams them home in his sheath. The aura around his body flickers away as he turns to look towards the complex. Hopefully, the other team was successful as well.
Things are winding down under the complex. Most of the yakuza have been taken care of, or just ran away. Michiko's graves rise out of the earth and entrap both Kunoichi even as Akane secures Goat himself. Takeo's attack pretty much finishes the genjutsu kunoichi which makes Michiko's job all the easier. As Akane bounds Goat and injects him again. He fights the chemical for as long as he can. "Death to..the..Rai..zzzzz." He is out and is now dead weight for someone to carry out of the place.

Kaido checks the battlefield to make sure there are no more threats and then calls into the entrance, "Clear?" He motions for Bandit and Hige to move up to the entrance in case the team inside needs some backup, but a quick glance shows that everything is literally taken care of but the clean up and he walks back to Hiei. He says, "Raikage-sama, all yakuza have been taken care of and the Infiltration team has successfully apprehended Goat. All that's left is cleaning up the stragglers who are running down the mountain and bringing Goat back to Kumo for trial, but otherwise I'd say it's mission complete." There is a note of pride in the man's voice, his strategy worked better than he thought it might. It's more proof that his philosophy and methods of fighting work.

Once the man crashes under him Hige jumps off of him immediately, spinning for whatever the next attack might be. But everything is done. The boy straightens up, unthinkingly wiping the blood from his hands onto his pants. Easiest place to clean them off really. Konsho is next to him, the nin-pup keeping a wary eye around but pretty well sure that Kaido is right and no one else is going to cause problems. Boy and pup move over to join Kaido at his request, Hige taking a moment to let his eyes flick over the bodies on the ground around Kaido and Hiei. What a mess.

"I'm a good guy, or so I'd like to think," Takeo rumbles as he crosses the chamber, front legs stomping upon the floor, whereas his armored tails work to assist in pushing him along. He seems to have no trouble moving, all told, even out of water. "You'd be at risk of my skillful womanizing, maybe, but I'm even a committed man now. There's the gluttonous eating and drinking, too, but I've already pinned the Raikage for that one."
The great turtle's eye shifts toward Akane as he seems to take the hint. "I did this recently - for someone I mostly liked - and he was fine. I'm sure it'll work out," Takeo lowers his head as the armored plating about his mouth parts, gently scooping Goat up. He then closes said shell around the man, ensuring that he's safe but still securely clamped and unable to make hand signs.
Turning about, Takeo heads for the exit, speaking around the rogue shinobi as he might an unchewed piece of food. "Fis hab betta be goo' sake," the Jinchuuriki states, "cause fis guy tastes like socks. I fink I'm upgradin' to a nice ryokan fo' my help."

Michiko hmms. "Takeo-san is probably best for carrying Goat. Nicely done, everyone," she compliments. "We'll go back the way we came since we know it's clear and we can rendezvous with the others at the base…. Would it be terribly rude to send Goat rolling down the mountain?" she idly asks at the end as she makes her way to the exit. The graves that held the kunoichi had sunk back into the ground, taking them with if they were still within.

Another sweat drop trickles down Naruko's cheek as she further considers things, it looked like everything was pretty much taken cared of so she exhales and turns to Michiko and Akane. "Does that mean we get the ride the magic turtle on the way out?" Her eyebrow perks, slightly grinning at the idea as she stretches her arms to the side. The mission went off a lot easier than she thought. "Hopefully that's good for first impressions as a chuunin….still so much to learn though," She merely muses quietly, following after the turtle on the way out.

Akane grinned as Takeo took Goat into his mouth and when they would get to the point where he could get rid of the guy from his mouth, Akane would offer him a small vial of mouth wash to help get rid of the taste. Fresh Mint. She followed the group quietly, glancing around to see if anyoen was hurt badly. She would check the otherr team for injuries as well and offer healing to them that needed it. She dawdled about quietly in the background as she waited for the teams to get everything together. The trip back to Kadomai would be rather quick…

Hiei nods to Kaido and then to Hige. "Great job, you two. We couldn't have done this without your help. All of your help." He says towards the others once they return. He raises a white brow briefly at the turtle, but doesn't really comment. "Let me see him." He states, his voice going cold as the man is spit out of Takeo's mouth. Hiei kneels down, placing his hand over his face and removing the white alabaster mask, revealing a man in his early 30's with a brown goatee and a scar across his nose. "You've been a thorn in my side since I was a fourteen year old Genin." Hiei's voice takes on a dark tenure as he speaks to the unconcious man. "I'm going to put you in the same prison with the people that you once apprehended back when you had honor. That's why I didn't have you killed. There are old friends who wish to say hello." Hiei crushes the mask in his hand before he stands up, wiping his hands on his pants. "Let's go..dinner is on me at the resturant." He looks at Akane. "That includes you..unless you have to get back."

Kaido walks over to Hige and says, "You ok Hige? Any of that blood on you yours?" He asks as he also checks on Konsho as well. He pauses to watch and listen once Goat is dropped in front of him and raises an eyebrow, and says, "What is it with Kumo and KRD agents going rogue? That's like the second now…" He shakes his head, if he was ANBU he sure as HECK wouldn't be going rogue… he's got enough problems as it is.

With the fighting complete and everyone back in order Hige relaxe-holy shit is that a turtle? The boy blinks at Takeo in surprise, tilting his head slightly as he sniffs the air to try and figure out what…is…who. Huh, okay. Well no one else seems to see it as a threat so that's good. And speaking of which where's their other clan cousin? So confusing. With things complete the boy falls back into his normal silent self. Wait has he talked at all? Probably not. Shocker. He does give Michiko a grin when she returns though, glad to see her and her group are okay.

Michiko gets back to the main group, watching Hiei silently as he grumbles at their target. She's not sure what went on between them personally, but she does know the history somewhat. KRD and all… She wanders over to Hige to check on any wounds he and Konsho might have and quickly heals him with a bit of medical ninjutsu. "Good plan, Kaido-san. It worked like a charm," she compliments.

Takeo doesn't need any additional prompting to release Goat. His plated jaws part and the man is dumped unceremoniously at Hiei's feet, to do with what he will. Thereafter, the great turtle is surrounded by an obscuring aura of aquaeous, bubbling chakra. It swirls inward and eventually bursts, leaving Takeo in its place, good as new. His robe settles around his body as he exhales a sigh. "I'm glad my nose isn't what it used to be," he says to the Raikage, "because he tastes bad enough." The young man doesn't seem to be conscious of some of the looks he's earned.
"I appreciate the offer of the restaurant, but I'm just here on a one day vacation. Maybe two. I'm thinking I'll make the most of the ryokan," Takeo says, rolling his shoulders so as to stretch out their muscles. "You could come by, though, yes? We can share drinks and soak in the hot springs. There's plenty to talk about between Konohagakure and Kumogakure."

Akane watched Hiei as he took off Goat's mask. His reaction to the target was not so much suprising as.. interesting. Her eyes went a darker shade of emerald then she shifted in her stance. So, there had been a history with these two. That was interesting. But when Hiei told her she was invited to the dinner she looked suprised. Her eyes drained to a jade shade and she glanced around expecting to see negativity but then eyes back on the Raikage Akane nodded and bowed her head in response. "It would be my pleasure Raikage-san."
Then Akane turned to inspect the two who looked banged up. Nothing too serious, but they should deal with it quickly anyway. She bowed her head and if she was allowed, she would reach out with a gentle touch to hover her hand over the worst of Kaido's injuries. Several moments later she had closed the wounds, stopped the bleeding and soothed his pain. "She smiled lightly at the Inuzuka and glanced around. "Is your nin-ken in need of aid?" If so she would bend to heal Bandit as well, having an interesting knowledge of nin-ken anatomy and medical tricks.

Hiei flashes Takeo a smile. "Sure. I'll come by..we'll have that drink and soak in the springs. I'm interested to get your take on the Kumo/Konoha alliance, and our strategy against the Silence." He asides to Kaido. "He's from an old faction called the Faceless. It was a dark time in Kumo, before Ogosokamaru-sensei became Raikage and the Elder council was running the village." He nods to Akane. "Then let's get back to camp and head back to the village from there." He reaches down and grabs Goat by the front of his shirt, lifting him effortlessly with one arm above his head and deposits the man across his shoulder like he weighed nothing more than a feather. That's Yotsuki strength. "Let's move out. I'll send Kamen to come clean up here." He was uninjured himself as he turns to walk back down the trail.

Kaido closes his eyes as the wounds are healed, not that they were all that bad, and he smiles at Akane, "Thanks and no, Bandit usually never gets injured, do you partner?" Bandit looks up at Kaido and then at Akane with wide eyes and says, "Kaido… she's… ho… I mean, she's something else…" Kaido slumps then, THIS again? He just shakes his head at Bandit and says, "Yes, she is… now be nice and thank her for asking…" He arches his eyes and Bandit says super polite, "Thank you, but I'm perfectly healthy, I appreciate your concern…" Bandit then gives a grin that shines a sparkle and Kaido facepalms and mutters, "Great… just what I need…"

Akane nodded her understanding that Bandit was not injured and offered the nin-ken some jerky instead. She grinned at the cut off comment. It really wasn't hard to figure out what he was going to say. Then the super polite attitude and the glittering expression… Akane chuckled. "My husband agrees with you." She grinned then turned to follow Hiei.

When Akane tells Bandit that she's married, his face falls and he says, "You're… married? Awwwwwwww…" He kicks the dirt and says, "I'm never going to get a girlfriend… this sucks." Kaido looks at Bandit and says, "Partner… I REALLY need to get you fixed, you're waaaaaaay too hentai for this world. It can't contain your hentai-ness. Tentacle monsters have nothing on you…" Bandit then perks up and grins at Kaido, "REALLY!!!! AWESOME!!!!" He spins around barking and says, "I'm a super hentai! I'm a super hentai! WOOOO!!!"

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