Getting The Job Done


Setsiro, Akemi, Hoiishime

Date: January 16, 2011


A small group of Kumogakure ninja were assigned to apprehend a group of bandits who'd attacked and offended a diplomat.

"Getting The Job Done"

Forest Below The Plateu — Kumogakure

Setsiro stands at the edge of the cliff, the toes of her boots held up by nothing but a thin mix of air and hopes. The small woman's deep eyes, a blue hue as dark as the ocean depths, lay leveled on the spread of trees that were so far below her. A breeze drifted by, toying with the end of her long ebon hair as it went past, tickling her collarbone and the hollow of her neck. That and, her eyes said, something more brought the faintest hint of a smile to her face.
She lifted a hand, slender fingers moving the tresses over her shoulder and out of her way. She let it drop to fall to one of the three hilts on her waist, it's blue surface holding fire the morning sunrise's light. It was still somewhat chilly, the bright eye of the sky not yet spreading it's influence upon the land, and the mountains were often harsh with the winds they carried. It did not seem like they would be today, however.
A still day, it would be.

Akemi bounced up the trail with a light step. She seems to be talking to herself as she travels, "I don't know, nana. They didn't give me any details, they just said to report up here. Its a mission of some kind…. Of course you're coming on the mission with me, silly." She hops from stone to stone, landing on her toes until she gets close, where she returns to a normal walking pace. "Yamayuki Akemi, Reporting for duty" A chirp calls out from the cricket cage at her hip. She looks down at it, "Oh all right, Nana Cricket reporting as well."

Being the last it seemed, Hoiishime would not be too long after Setsiro, walking in his own garb, alittle different from the Kesa and Hakama pants of his younger days. He would come to the stand before Setsiro, and say, "I be set, Setsiro-nee-sama.", before bowing to both the Reizei, as well as to the Yamayuki. "Akemi-senpai.. Nana-chan! It be a long time, since me be seein' ya two. I tink it be right before me leavin' to da tourney?" Hoii would scratch his chin, pondering the question, not to sure of when they met. He would then shrug, and look to Setsiro, asking, "I be missin' da briefin' on dis'? I don' be havin' a clue of where our headin' be."

Setsiro turned around as after Akemi arrived, voicing her and her cricket's readiness for service. She inclined her head to the Yamayuki and, afterward, Hoiishime as he arrived. But she wasted no time in getting down to business, making that clear by ignoring any superfluous comments. That errant breeze returned, and stronger, throwing her long hair about her shoulders.
"Below us is a camp of bandits. Two days past, they attacked a particularly haughty politician's traveling troupe on their way to Kumogakure. The travellers were protected by a team of ninja sent for that sole purpose, and so the bandits were successfully repelled, and the issue averted. However, as haughty as this man may be, he does hold heavy sway in the scheme our government. As such, he has made the request that the bandits be disposed of, and the Raikage has allowed this. And so we are here. It's been two days, and they have yet to move on. Something is keeping them here. We will use this to our advantage while we still may. We know that they are here. In all likelihood, they also know we will be coming. Not when, exactly, but they'd be expecting some kind of movement against them. We will deliver it. Preference is given to bringing them out alive, but if you need to kill, do not hesitate. Subterfuge is our best tool. Use it."
That said, she turned around, and leaned forward to fall down the cliff.

Akemi would listen seriously, despire her whimsical approach. She hmmms softly, "I don't like this.. if they were beaten, shouldn't they have moved on to find easy pickings? Could it have been a hired hit instead of a simple theft attempt? I guess thats why we're supposed to take them alive?" She looks down the cliff after Setsiro's plunge. "not that good yet.. Yes, nana.. I know you could just fly down, don't rub it in." She slips off the edge, making a swift, but not freefall, descent of the cliff.

Always business as usual, Hoiishime would not mind that Setsiro skipped the small talk. Questions were being answered, and by her explanation, he knew he hadn't missed a thing. The monk would understand all. He wouldn't quite agree with the killing the bandits.. He would be thankeful however, for the ability to take them down harmlessly. Stealth, would probably not be a problem either. He would lend himself to began asking questions but before he could, Setsiro was freefalling. Very much straight business with this one. "…Oi..", would be said minutes before he would watch hear Akemi' speaking, and then after awhile, doing the same. Guess he was up next. "Well.. If a ting don't be ventured.. a ting don't be gained.", would be said with a chuckle before he himself would follow, taking a rather goof smile, and cartwheeling over the edge.

Hoii would tighten up his body as he would dive, speeding up his freefall to catch up with the Chuunin. As air whipped around him, he would voice his concerns while shouting, spreading his kimono so as to use its restrictive cloth to slow himself down. "Well.. stubborness don' be that uncommon amongst thieves, Akemi-senpai. Perhaps der' may be a ting that was abandoned from da last time dey be pilferin' from the politician. Though I don' be tinkin' it priority, investigation into da matter probably may be provin' worthwhile, an' even help us finish em' for good. In da meantime, gettin' dere seems Setsiro-san's top priority."

The tips of the Reizei's boots skimmed the edge of the cliff at all times — she made sure of it. Setsiro's hair streamed behind her with the fluid lashing of streamers, dark as the raven's dreams. As she drew nearer to the ground, she withdrew her spread arms, putting a hand to the hilt of her sheathed sword and planting her feet on the cliff wall, letting her tree-walking abilities slow her descent. It was perhaps ten feet above the ground that she leaped off of the cliff wall, landing in a gracefully strided run towards the tree line. It wasn't too far away, so she gained it in short order, leaping up into a tree and waiting for the others.

Akemi descended much the same way, but kept a hand to the cliff wall as well as her feet. She pushes off the wall when she nears the bottom and rushes off, following Setsiro swiftly. Her strides are long and light, bounding to the tree Sitsiro disappeared into and does likewise. She peers into the distance, staying silent as she looks for signs of bandit activity

And Hoiishime? Well, while he could use tree-walking, the space between he and the wall about him, had been very large. Thus, he had really nothing to cling to. So… The way that slowed his descent in the air before, would be continued, except with a minor different. Chakra Flow, had been being practice for a week now, and Hoiishime was definitely becoming proficient. The same process, would be used to take his rather large kimono, and harden the sleeves, causing them to become very resistent, cupping the wind beneath him, and allowing him to simple glide down, like a flying squirell.

Ten feet above the ground, Hoiishime would float down and lightly touch the ground beneath him, working immediately at focusing the chakra he needed, and then moving to his group, and the treeline. He would seem to have immediately formed a concentration seal, attempting to tap into his senses and feel out any chakra sources other than those around him.

"The bandit camp is located 2 kilometers north-northeast," said Setsiro, pointing out the direction to the others as Hoiishime arrived. "Expect to see scouts after a kilometer of distance. If you don't, then chances are you've passed them and may have tripped an alarm, so be vigilant. Are there any questions before we continue?"

Since Setsiro had spoken, Akemi assumes it is safe to do so. She speaks quietly, "whats our formation? Hoiishime san is out healer, so i would guess he needs to be in the center. I don't have much training towards point, but i have some subtle tricks that might be useful." The cricket at her side remains silent during this. Perhaps she has nothing to add.

Nodding, Hoiishime would then say, "I be expectin to sense em' chakra way before then, Setsiro-nee-sama. Hopefully, within at least 170 meters from where we be now. Do we be havin' any intel' from da previous attack? I'm sure dey able to gauges just how good dese bandits be in a fight, eh?" Hoiishime would skate the branches, almost sliding across a few of them before gliding to the next one. When Akemi would then suggest the formation, Hoiishime would say, "You' be a better sensor den' I be, Akemi-san, so you be earin' em right away.. If any ting, you be takin' point, in me opinion. Any way it goes, we be watchin of each others backs."

"We're going to penetrate straight to their core." Setsiro looked towards Hoiishime. "You and I will head for the trees over the center of their camp. When we reach it, you'll bring up a mist from the nearby pool that they're using as their watering hole. It's sizable enough." She looked towards Akemi, "You will utilize your abilities as a Yamayuki to secure the perimeter as best you can, making sure that as few escape us as possible.
"And the cricket stays."

Akemi shakes her head, "We're a team.. I use her sound with my 'abilities as a Yamayuki'. Its alot more subtle than my sister's singing. And don't worry. She won't give away our position." She looks to Setsiro, being serious. "you'll have to trust me on this."

"Hai!", would be said to the rather straight forward plan, as he would nod and make himself ready. Hoiishime would even sniggle at the suggestion of a water source. Unknown to Setsiro, Hoiishime was /way/ pass needing one for his Water Release. He wouldn't make any mention though of it. The monk wanted to surprise her alittle with how talented he had become. At the mentioning of Akemi and her clan's abilities, Hoiishime would smile. He wouldn't be surprised if that cricket had anything beyong normal. "For some reason, I be believin' her, Setsiro-nee-sama." He would then say, "Just give me da queue, and I be gettin' to work on da Mist, Taicho."

Setsiro stared hard at Akemi for a few moments after the chuunin had spoken, silent, her lips pursed. She seemed to judge the Yamayuki's mettle and methods both. However, the tightness around her mouth vanished, and she inclined her head, acquiescing in this to them, accepting. "Very well. Let us begin."
She nodded to Akemi and Hoiishime before turning, going along from one branch to the next in the direction of the bandit camp. "Keep your eyes open," was her final few words of advice.

Akemi nods to Setsiro and Hoiishime. She sets out to take the lead, moving from tree to tree. She waits for the sublte motions of the breeze through the trees to cover the sounds and movements of her passing. She searches carefully for the guards, looking not only for the guards, but for the appropriate guard routes that would be around the camp when they near it.

As Akemi had already been strafing off, Hoiishime would also began moving, nodding to Setsiro's queue to go. He was determined to not make a move unless he had gotten Setsiro's /direct/ command to. They were still a long distance away, and hopefully, they would not be ambushed on the way.

Setsiro adjusts her speed so that Akemi can easily take the lead, trusting her most for this exercise in perception. One hand on the hilt of her blade, she weaved through the trees tailing Akemi. She signaled back to Hoiishime and pointed to their right, telling him to keep his view there. She kept her eyes on their left as they approached.
They got in about half a kilometer before she spotted the first sentry. They were further spread out than she'd thought that they would be. This meant that there would be more work for Akemi, more like than not, when battle hit and the sentries came back in. The sentry was too far away to spot them, so he went unmentioned.

Akemi continued to make her way from tree to tree as she heads to the camp, oblivious of and sentries that may or may not be around. She moves carefully, using the natural sounds of the night to cover her. When the wind rustles the treens she moves, when it falls stil she does. Not finding a sentry, she doesn't stop until the lake is in sight.

And Hoiishime? Well, he would try to keep moving along. His sensing for chakra sources, had still been novice level, so if he had been able to sense anything, or not, he could not tell at this point. His concentration was what it was, and his movement, was hardly without a sound. He had been sliding along from tree branch to tree branch, flipping and landing while seeming to weight nothing at all. He was simply letting chakra fluctuate through his system, and at the same time, using the grace and fluidity taught only to him through the Shime Style of Grappling. "Not a ting so far, being sensed.. No sign of dem'?, would be voiced but only enough for those about him to hear. At least he should be able to make note of if anyone had seen signs.

The group continued on, passing directly over a sentry that Akemi had missed, their superior abilities at stealth and silence the only thing keeping them from getting caught. It continued on this way, shifting their paths slightly from the sentries that Setsiro noticed, but the enemy going unnoticed by the other two. It was a mixture of luck and subterfuge abilities that let them reach the camp without being caught and they came to a halt at it's edge.
"Akemi," she whispered, "Go to the other side of the camp. They will try and escape away from the village, if they can. Stay in the trees and wait for the mist. You will fare better with a bird's eye view." She looked over to Hoiishime, "Look to the center of the camp. There's the water. It's not exactly a lake, but it is no puddle, either." Indeed, it looked to be a pool of water big enough to suffice. It was part of why she requested Hoiishime for the team, afterall. "That tree over it's edge is where you and I will be. That is where you will conjure your mists. If you have no questions, get into position and wait on my orders."

Akemi nods and continues her oh-so-quiet journey to the position. She looks down to the camp, trying to pick individual targets of interest. Which ones would be the most dangerous. She settles in her position, concentrating her chakra flow to ready herself.

Setsiro's business before humor attitude, though it had been getting the job done, seemed to unsettle Hoiishime some. It wasn't that had been causing him to hesitate. It just felt alittle intense for the normally cool, and rather calm monk. Her guidance, however, was precise, and it was well thought out, as it should have been for a chuunin of her calibur. Still, he wondered whether or not the research she had done in advance, had been well documented and up to date. She had remember Hoiishime to use Water Release, true, but the monk still wondered if her plan had gone differently, if the woman knew the full extent of his abilities. This thought would not linger however, for the monk had better to concentrate on. His own silence as he moved, was an example.

Once the instructions had been related, Hoiishime would simply move to where he would soon be beginning his sealing, yet waiting for Setsiro's orders.

Setsiro followed quickly after Hoiishime, wraithing from branch to branch to join the monk. Before she reached him, though a glint caught her eye and she found herself twisting mid-air, batting aside with her sheathed blade a throwing knife that'd come at her, and well aimed. Not at her, she soon realized, but at Hoiishime. They'd heard him.
Immediately, she continued twisting, throwing out her arm to catch the branch and swing herself on top of it. "Get us hidden now. Keep the mist twenty feet past the edge of the camp." Already, alarm had spread throughout the whole camp, and the bandits were coming out, armed. "Akemi will work on sound; not by sight. It'll give her an advantage."
She whipped around, her sword now gripped in her slender fingers watching as three bandits stepped forward out of the rushing group, each tossing a throwing dagger her way.

Akemi heard the calls from the other side of the camp. First rule, expect something to go wrong and deal with it. In the din of the building chaos, the small sounds of the night are forgotten.. but to her, forgotten sounds have the most power. She taps her cricket cage ever so lightly and the cricket chirps. A sound lost in the din of the orders being shouted and the bandits rushing to arms. A second chirp… and with it a link to her genjutsu. She chooses the woman shouting orders to the camp and the strong man beside her.

The altercation seemed a blur for Hoiishime. He heard the whistling of something high speed, traveling through the air. However, before he could even see anything, Setsiro had been in his way, moving with speed he couldn't track, and blocking his view. The instruction held urgency, and thus, Hoiishime would have no hesitation in getting the job done. "Hai!", would be said along with handseals. He would go through three before suddenly, mist would began to form in the air. The range of such would show Hoiishime proficiency with the technique, as not only would mist form around the group, but over the pond at the center of the camp, as well as the from the outer borders around it. It would be done to seem natural, the mist forming just shy of 30 feet outside of the camps boundary.

Setsiro's blades whipped out, but her balance was wrong, off with the branch drooping where she stood. Her weapon flashed thrice, and thrice the flying daggers made cuts. One along an arm, another along her hip, and the last along her ribs. They weren't too deep, but together, they made her sure to take things seriously.
"Come," she said as she slipped off of the branch into the mists all around. The lines of her form blurred as she sped through the mists. She had not yet adjusted, herself, to the hinderance to her sight despite expecting it. She gave a slight, rueful grin at Hoiishime's efficiency with this ability as he blade missed it's mark twice. The third, though, she caught neatly along his stomach as she dashed by, letting him bleed as he dropped to his stomach, holding it. He wouldn't die. But the pain to the center of his body should keep him from getting back up, hopefully.
Meanwhile, a pair of bandits near the starting tree rushed towards Hoiishime, tossing their own throwing knives at him. With the speed and accuracy of the throws, it was clear they were adept with them.
The woman with a ragged scar along her left cheek was shouting orders to the bandits, "Recall the scouts! Get everyone back here! We're under attack!" The man next to her, silent, large and looming, walked just behind, with the air of a protector. Both he and she clenched their jaws, suddenly, looking around as they sensed someone had been attempting to form a link with them.

Akemi stills. Her two targets detected and blocked her attmept to enter their minds. This did not bode well. She had not expected aven the bandit leaders to have enough training to fend off intrusion in their minds like this. She changes her tactices and tries the same trick with the three guards nearest them. She hopes having the obvious targets will help her stay hidden and sway the fight in secret.

Looks like things hadn't been going as Setsiro had ordered!! Action… While it seemed that Hoiishime had been protected enought to filled this place with mist, it seemed that wouldn't protect any of his team from enemy attack. He would watch Setsiro get cut twice, only then to slip down after an order. Before he could even duck down into the depths of his own jutsu, he was beeing pursued! A slight weave, and slide to the left was not enough to stop his left arm from getting cut. However, with seemingly no break in flow, his other arm would sweep forward, before then moving in a circular motion. The bandits would not probably be able to the chakra emitted like steam, and then gathered, before the second throwing knife was caught, and tossed away.

Hoiishime would not waste time with these guys however. They could probably lose them in the mist. However, Setsiro's life was of priority, and his guilt for not being able to defend himself, would not let him /not/ heal here. However, he had to be ready for what else came. As he and Setsiro would make there descent, Hoiishime, would change almost immediately. His tranformation, was quick, his pupils forming into into blue raindrops, while the rest of his eyes became an inverse of blue and white. His dreadlocks seemed dipped at the tips with blue chakra, while an aura of blue chakra would condense into water vapor at its outer edge. His hands, covered in foam and water vapor, would touch her back mid-fall, causing her wounds to seal after glowing a bright blue. Meanwhile, feet covered in foam and vapor, would land ready, as eyes would stare from beneath a foam white eyebrows.

"Ya okay, Setsiro-nee-sama? Look like ya plan's be changing some."

"I am well," called Setsiro. "The plan is the same. It is still applicable." And then her speed picked up and she became almost one with the mist, traveling as swiftly as the moist veil's breath. Her blade flashed, the glints of light tracking her swift progress as she ran about, slicing into the legs of any she came across, careful not to hit any arteries. Abruptly, though, he blade was caught by another and a few sparks of light. above her stood the scarred woman glaring angrily down at him, her protector's blade guarding her leg.
The two who'd attacked Hoiishime flicked their wrists, bringing a knife into each hand. They rushed in, swift and proffesional, launchign into a flurry of synchronized strikes at the monk.
Two of the three guards Akemi thrust her chakra at fell prey to her link, though it slipped off of the last. They ran around in the confusion of the mist, calling out, simply adding to the tumult. More to that, though, with the screams that were rising, bandits began to start deserting to run for their lives. Two popped out in Akemi's direction, simply running full tilt.
The leader of the bandit camp drew her sword and raised it above her head in a single motion. Quickly, it came flashing down while her protector's came streaking up, dicking up chunks of earth with it.

Akemi looks over at the two leaders joining the fray. They would be dangerous for her allies. Her first priority is to thin down the crowd… and nothing thins a crowd like pure, primal fear. She lets the sounds of battle sink into the minds of the guard. Every cry of pain and fear calls out and echos in their mind. She hopes the mist clouding theing eyes and the fear clouding their minds will send them into a panic and drive even more bandits into fleeing.

Her first task completed, she turns her attention to the leaders again, trying to link her mind with the big leader. Hopefullt the big guy will prove to be the weak link mentally.

Looking on as the Reizei woman would answer him, never quite reacting with any defined, Hoiishime would smile. It seemed that though Setsiro had not made any facial expressions of resentment for these guys, the beast had been unleashed the moment she hit the ground. He couldn't even see her move, until sparks and the clash of blades would stop her dead. It seemed someone else was just as strong. Before Hoiishime could even move to assist, he would have his own attacks to face. It was something that unnerved him a bit. These guys, really didn't know what they were dealing with. Well, with handseals, Hoiishime's blue aura, would burst out from his body, flowing forward and down into the ground.

Seconds later, water, would burst in a wall curved like a semi-circle, the throwing knives having no chance to penetrate. Had this been over kill? Nope… Hoiishime had been preparing… Water created from his own chakra, had now been infront of the monk for to use. But they would not be used now.. Not yet.. Hoiishime had other plans… A clone would be created, as a mere distraction for the bandits to be baited. They moment they would take too such a distraction, Hoiishime would be ready with non-lethal means. Each bandit would get a series of soft taps, all into central portions of pressure points, which if successful would leave them immobilized and drained of strength.

Setsiro lurched backwards, the action as indistinct as a half-remembered dream, so great was her speed. Her sword lashed out, arm crossing, so that the protector's blade was pushed off to the side as it lifted up, the female leader's sword simply missing in it's downwards chop.
She moved back in immediately, swinging her blade at the large protector in front of her. He barely managed to raise his blade before him, stopping her swift strike cold. However, immediately upon contact, a rent tore open along the scarred female's arm and she bit back a surprised gasp as the pain hit her.
Hoiishime's opponent's made surprised sounds as the water lifted to stop them from assaulting the monk. They'd been told to expect things like this, though, and quickly pressed the attack once more, going after Hoiishime. Suddenly, though, there were two of him and usually coordinated evasive movements failed. The first knife-user took Hoiishime's strikes exactly as the monk had intended, rendering him immobilized and weak as he fell to the ground. The second, however, just barely managed to stay out of his way, the monk's taps often just brushing the cloth of his shirt. To turn the tide, he lashed out with his own strike — a pair of them. Slashes frmo the knives, one vertical, one horizontal.
Suddenly, a few of the bandits staggered, as though they'd been hit in the leg with something, and it couldn't hold them up anymore. A scream tore from them as they panicked, adding to the tumult. They simply dashed through the mists, bumping into others on their way out of the camp, causing four to try to flee.
The protector lifted his weapon up and stood in front of the camp leader as she brought a hand to her bleeding arm. He pushed forward in front of her, grimacing as he swung the large blade in a horizontal sweep. In a surprise maneuver, he let the hilt spin on his hands so that it whirled around for a second strike without him drawing back his arm.Focused on combat as he was, however, his mental defenses failed to stop Akemi from linking from him.

Akemi smiles. Success! She watches the battle for just a moment. She makes a hand seal and concentrates on the female leader of the bandits as she fights with the Reizei. A voice calls out immdeiately behind the woman. "Hidden Strike!"… that there is no one there to give this battle cry might cause confusion. even more so is the confusion she causes with the man. She focuses on the rhythms in the battle, the sound of the foot steps, of his heart beat, of his breathing. This sound, this pattern becomes the catalyst for her genjutsu, making the male completely unaware of times passing long enough to fall victim to her teammate.

"Eeee??? I missed!!", would be shouted by the monk, as he would feel nothing but his palms, and pinches hitting the guy's kimono, and seeing him move to the side. This altercation had not been meant to go on this long, and at the moment, he was seeing where the tide was turning in there favor. He could not press an attack beyond one on one, without enough chakra for it. This guy was keeping him from focusing. However, this had not meant that Hoiishime was outmatched. After all, the Shime Style of Grappling, was made for fights against an armed opponent. Not only was a prodigy of this very same style, he was even trying to reform it. This man, had no chance.

Hoiishime would face him down in a match of eyes, looking to the man who had escaped his attack. Hoiishime had indeed tried to put the both down painlessly. Too bad the bandits may have known this… Perhaps they may have picked a better alternative than to attack him. As the first slash would be made, Hoiishime, would simply move into the strike, sliding into a sidestep, and pushing the blade down by the hilt and the man's hand. This was done with more than just a subtlty of touch, but a grace so light, and fluid, it would probably even make the man blush. Manuevering further, the monk would slide along the bandits back, before then spinning to face his front once more.

The horizontal slash, however, would be where the bandit would be in for his own punishment. Hoiishime's perception in a fight, was beyond anything this bandit would face. The monk would know instantly, the correct time to duck beneath the blade, bear-hugging the man so tight, that his clothing would tear. Then came the lifting. "Grrrr!!!!", would be pushed out from the small monk's grunt, as he would then lift the man from this position, bending his small frame backwards in a complete arc. The attacking bandits shoulders, neck, and back, would smash into the ground with authority, the earth beneath his slammed body be molded into a small indentation. Hoiishime, now laying on his back, would simply kick himself up to his feet, and began to focus more chakra, as well as scanning the area for more to do.

Under the din of battle, Akemi's attempt at drawing the woman's attention away went unheard and unnoticed, and the man next to the leader there for her protection seemed not to notice the Yamayuki's attempt in meddling.
"Disperse the mist!" called Setsiro to Hoiishime as she swept her weapon up, ducking as she guided the protector's sword over her head, rendering it harmless. When it came back around in a surprise attack, her arm vanished, reappearing over her head, the bandit's blade mimicking hers from the force of her parry. And then she vanished only to reappear behind the man. In his back just beside his spine was her blade, sunk into a nerve to render him motionless. In the hollow of the scarred female bandit's shoulder was the Reizei's dagger, Setsiro's hand still wrapped around it's hilt. She, too, was rendered immobile by the attacked nerve.
Setsiro jerked her weapons and both staggered to their knees with grunts.

With the command, Hoiishime, would scream out, "Hai!", before he would then simple hold up a release seal, causing nothing but water to rain down, hitting the ground all at once with a refreshing shower. Hoiishime would look to the handy work of this entire skirmish, and frown. "Gruesome..", would be said with a cringe, as Hoii would look the results of Setsiro's attack. As clean as each hit had been, and as harmless to the two bandits' lives, at the same time, he knew well that the work hadn't been pretty. With all of the movement he could sense through the mist itself, it was impossible to say otherwise. "Everyone okay?", would be said by Hoii as he would approach Setsiro from behind, immediately checking for wound's if any.

He himself, would have been slowly regenerating, his transformation already reverted from lack of chakra, and his own sword cut glowing gold with chakra.

Seeing the two most dangerous foes felled so easily, Akemi is stunned a little. She looks to the fleeing ones.. too far gone already. She drops to the camp and with a threatening call points to the still concious bandits. "surrender, or you will wish you were the one with a knife in your spine."

"All is well, monk."
Setsiro turned her head to the side, speaking to Hoiishime over her shoulder. "Akemi. Go back to the village and acquire transport for our prisoners. Hoiishime. Tie these two up before I release them, make sure that I did not hit anything I had not meant to, and then make sure I did not do the same with the people on the ground around us." She shook herself, slightly, letting the water from the dispellation of the mist drop from her. The movement caused a slight groan from the two held on her blades. "Sorry to call on you so, but you are the only medical ninja we have. Anyone else, let them leave. We have who we need.
"Let's get things cleaned up."

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