Getting Your Just Desserts


Tatsuo, Shinobu, Ryuusei, Daichi

Date: October 9, 2015


Tatsuo leads a small team to guide a cart along a trail to Kadomai. The package? Well, they don’t know, but the client seems to think it’s very valuable.

"Getting Your Just Desserts"

Land of Fire

Ah, it's a nice warm, sunny summer morning! In fact, it's nearing ten in the morning and the temperatures are already starting to get a little too warm for some people! Tatsuo is not a big fan of hot weather but there comes a time when you just have to man (or woman) up and deal with it! And, since he had a mission to complete, now was the time to do it! Yep, totally manning up! And also letting a bit of a mist fall on him from time to time.
Tatsuo stands outside the gates of Konoha with a merchant and his cart. There's only one horse attacked to the cart and it really doesn't look so heavy. In fact, it's practically empty except for a medium sized crate right in the center. They didn't have to get it far, but apparently the cargo was so precious that the man wanted some shinobi with him, even if they weren't the strongest! So Tatsuo got assigned to leave as another Genin and two Students were sent for.

Daichi woke up later then usually to, and rushed to the village entrance. He got there as quickly as he could noticing the cart in front of the gate. Wonder what is in that thing. Can not be to important if the cart is that small, and I am on the mission. He walks up on Tatsuo with a wave of his hand. "Hey Tatsuo. So that cart is the whole mission? Shouldn't be to hard as long as he doesn't have a secret enemy." He grins before sitting onto the ground.

Shinobu lands next to Tatsuo, dressed… per her usual clothing. It's amazing she isn't all sweaty and gross, right? The girl waves, then looks at the cart, tilting her head and trying to smell what might be inside. "Here…" she tells her 'captain' for the time being, shuffling in her spot. Tatsuo gets a more energetic greeting from the small black pup that is her partner. Kame pounces Tatsuo and gives the Nara's face a thorough licking, tail wagging happily.

Field trip! One of the main draws of being a ninja was the fact that she could travel to interesting new places! At least, that was what her parents told her. She's merely a student and already she is being placed on a trip to see just what a ninja does on a daily basis. "Tasso…" She says as she peers from a distance, identifying the elder ninja based on that one time she had met him and Arika at a lake. Oh dear. He saw her faint.
Then there was Shinobu! Ah! Shinobu-sensei*. She was hear too, with her non-dog. Ah, and what do you know! Daichi! "Daichi-san, you're here too?" She slept in a little late herself, falling asleep at the training ground. She appears to have her 'Sealstone' blade behind her. A precaution. The blade isn't much for heavy combat, but it'll work in a pinch! She just needs to learn how to use it… "Ah, I'm coming!" She says as she tugs the hood of her cloak up over her head. Her cloak covering her usual outfit.

Tatsuo, not Tasuo! As the others start to arrive Tatsuo would smile at them and give them each a nod in greeting. When he's tackled by the evil dog that is Kame he holds her in one arm in order to give her pets with the other hand for a few moments before setting her down. "Good, um, it looks like everyone is here. We're going to guard Soku-san's cart as he takes it to Kadomai. Um, it has very special and important cargo, so be on the lookout, okay?" He looks around the group to make sure they don't have any questions or anything.

COMBAT: Tatsuo focuses 3656 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

Daichi peers up at the mention of Kadomai. His clan was from there last he heard. He himself happened to be born in the village though. "Oh really that is where we are heading. Alright ready whenever.. no questions needed." He jumps up off the ground, and stretches before standing still next to Tatsuo, and waiting for the others to be ready.

Shinobu nods quietly, not having any questions. The girl peeks over at the other two and bows quietly to the two in greeting, still a bit nervous. Sometimes she has these sort of lapses… But she's mostly okay. The girl focuses a bit of chakra on the off-chance they /do/ run into trouble, and she makes the mental promise that she wouldn't let the students get hurt. Then she makes a few handseals, touching their minds with genjutsu, but this is mostly for Kame's benefit. Speaking of Kame… Yip! ~I look forward to working with you!~ The pup barks to the pair of students. ~Let's work hard and complete this mission!~

COMBAT: Shinobu focuses 1184 stamina to turn it into 1500 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Ryuusei defends against OMEGA'S-BARK(34) attack from Shinobu with a TENSE…6

Ryuusei approaches for real, as she gets within talking range. "S-sorry… H-hello everyone." She says, out of breath as she had run all the way up. "I'm ready! W-what are we going to do?" She asks, having been given little background at all, though seeing the merchant cart makes her believe that they are indeed, "Are we going to be pulling the cart for this mission?" she asks. "I can do that! It's just like on the farm!"

COMBAT: Tatsuo defends against OMEGA'S-BARK(31) attack from Shinobu with a TENSE…4

Tatsuo nods to Daichi, giving the boy a small smile before his attention shifts to Kame and SHinobu, to whom he gives a nod of understanding since he /can/ understand Kame now. That genjutsu sure does help! When Ryuusei nears Tatsuo tries to give her a friendly smile before…he blinks in surprise at the question. "Ah, no…there's a horse Ryuusei-chan," he says, stepping aside so she can better see the front of the cart. "We're just here to guard on the trip to Kadomai. Um, for those of you that don't know, Kadomai is only about a half hour away. So…let's get moving! Um, Ryuusei and Daichi, I want you both to ride in the cart. I'll take the front, Shionbu-chan and Kame-chan have rear guard. Keep your eyes open and alert!"

RPCOMBAT: Tatsuo defends against with a PERCEPTION…17
COMBAT: Daichi defends against OMEGA'S-BARK(37) attack from Shinobu with a TENSE…10

He lets the genjutsu take hold so he can understand Kame. Daichi nods as he is told to ride in the cart. "Yeah no problem. Will keep a lookout for anything from there. He slowly makes his way to it, and hops on in. He starts looking around the area the moment the take off trying to make sure they don't get caught off guard. He expects though that if he missed anything that Shinobu would spot it.

RPCOMBAT: Daichi defends against with a PERCEPTION…17
RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a PERCEPTION…39
RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…35

Shinobu keeps an eye on things while Kame follows the girl and sniffs around, trying to keep her senses open. The pup isn't entirely sure what to look for. Stinky bandits? Strange scents that don't belong in the forest? Well, she's certain to find something, right? Shinobu is just relying on her eyes for now, though, so she isn't sure if she'll spot much of anything.

RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei defends against with a PERCEPTION…11

Well, if she's not pulling the cart then… what is she going to be doing? She'd get on the cart as Tatsuo ordered, as she rubs the back of her head with a light flush. "S-so where is the part where I do something?" Ryuusei asks, as she looks around the cart to get a good lay of the land. She sits crosslegged as she rests her hands in her lap with a rather confused look on her face… with a smile though. "D-rank missions are missions that require some sort of work, right?" She asks Daichi.

"Um, D-ranks just mean there's not really any danger. We won't be fighting bandits or anything," Tatsuo explains as he walks ahead and squints to try and see around. "Um, at least we shouldn't have to. Kadomai isn't far so I think we'll be okay." As they go along with Tatsuo leading the way he wouldn't see anything…neither would anyones else! Except Kame. Yep, Kame with her sniffer might smell something very strange coming up ahead. A half dozen people…but they don't smell like full grown people…

Daichi would nod, and agree with Tatsuo. "Most D-Ranks involve simple work with no threat to the shinobi doing it. This could be a C-Rank if we encounter any fight." He looks at Ryuusei before continuing. "Yea we just happen to be students so in case something dangerous happens they want us in less danger… We will probably help if anything shows up.

"Tatsuo-kun…" Shinobu says, trying to alert him. Of course, her voice is a bit quiet, and Tatsuo is clllll the way in the front :P Fortunately, it's Kame that scented the strangers. ~I think there are people up ahead… Like six. Umm… They … don't smell… like adults…~ She wrinkles her nose, confused a bit. ~It's probably nothing. But you should know.~ Shinobu tilts her head a bit and also sniffs the air to see if she can smell anything.

RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…52

It was just a D-rank. Nothing was going to happen. Ryuusei still sees the good in people, even before they present it. "If they aren't adults, they're probably just a bunch of kids having fun! Like we are, ne?" She asks Daichi with a tiny smirk. "R-right?" She says losing confidence fast. "W-what if they start trouble with us?" She wonders, suddenly becoming more and more worried. A quick transition from 'sure of myself' to 'trouble afoot'.

Tatsuo looks a little surprised when Kame mentions not-adults up front. That's…strange. Probably just some kids out playing in the forest right? Of course…not. When the man driving the cart hears Ryuusei mention kids he sits up stiffly. "Kids? Did you say kids?" The man looks annoyed and worried at the same time. "Damn, thought we'd lost them. How did they find out…I was so careful." The man looks up at the shinobi and nods quickly. "Alright! Do what you're paid to do! We're going to push through to Kadomai! Don't let any of those kids get on the cart! Got it?" Tatsuo just looks confused for a moment but then nods. "Uh, hai ojii-sama."
And then it happens, the floodgates open and!!!!! it really is kids! Youngsters probably ranging anywhere from six to twelve! "Ojii-sama did you bring more candy!" "No now get lost you scoundrels! I'm taking this shipment to Kadomai! Don't go trying to steal it again!" the man yells, shaking a fist at them. Tatsuo just looks…confused. "Um…you heard him, don't let them on the cart!" As the man whips the horse into moving faster some of the kids try to cling to the side of the cart and climb up! "CANDY!"

Daichi would awkwardly look around as they speak of kids. "We are not really allowed to hurt them are we…more then bonking them upside the head at least?" He looks at a kid clinging to the side of the cart. He doesn't know what to do honestly, and hesitates for a moment before shrugging. "Well whatever." He jumps at a few kids on the side of the cart, and simply kicks or punches any he can hoping to knock them off.

COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 24
COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 11
COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 21
COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with PUPPY-PETTING with a roll of: 28
COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with PUPPY-PETTING with a roll of: 35
COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with PUPPY-PETTING with a roll of: 35

Well.. Kids were one of the few challenges Shinobu expected. Fortunately, she and Kame are well-prepared to get these kids off the cart. How? Well… Shinobu makes a few handseals, and then three of the six kids would just notice Kame. All their attention was drawn to the friendly black pup, and Kame is just sitting there /begging/ to be pet. The kids, unless they broke out of the genjutsu somehow, just wouldn't be able to keep their minds on candy for long, and the three she 'attacked' would start trying to get to Kame so they could pet the pup.

So far we have seen Daichi make use of his excellent tiajutsu, and Shinobu to defeat them with her genjutsu. Ryuusei stands and draws her blade, focusing chakra into it as she drenches the children on the side of the cart! "I-is it really okay to be using ninja arts on children?" She asks, unsuredly. "C-cause… I-I'm n-not really sure of what the rules are, but I'm sure this can't be allowed." Well, she doesn't mind soaking them at all! For the most part, the water would make them sluggish, and would make cart surfaces a little more slippery…

COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 1 with HEAVY-SPLASH with a roll of: 17
COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 1 with HEAVY-SPLASH with a roll of: 19
COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 1 with HEAVY-SPLASH with a roll of: 14

Poor kids, all a ruckus and with all the troubles! Daichi's fists of non-fury are flying and he manages to knock two of, including one that now has an owwie nose! He starts crying and running away and Tatsuo ends up catching up to him quickly and healing his nose, then shooing him off. Others fall prey to the puppy that is so adorable and they all get on their hands and knees to pet the cute puppy! And then a few others get wet from the sword! "Eww wha's that?!" "I don't know is she like peein' on us or something?" "EWWWWWWW GROSS! I need a bath!" And they run off. Hey, look…all the kids are gone! They did it! Well except for the three petting Kame.

Daichi would shrug when all the kids ran off, and just settle back into the cart. "That was easy… Think they will come back? Maybe more will come?" He just stares at the kids who seem distracted by Kame… "Good job Shinobu? Did it without hurting them… Unlike me." He frowns, and just stares downwards.

Kame snuggles into all the attentions, licking kids' faces and just enjoying pets. Of course, all things must come to an end! The pup nudges the three back towards wherever they came from, making sure they were well away before she bounds back over to Shinobu. "Umm… You… could have just poked them… Or shoved them… Punching and kicking is a bit much…" Shinobu tells Daichi awkwardly. "I … just have good jutsu for this…" she murmurs, head ducking slightly. "You did fine… Just be careful. Hai?" Of course, by the end of that little speech, she's red from embarrassment and would rather climb down a well than stand where she is.

No one called Ryuusei's way of handling it terrible! Which was a relief. The Takaha would take a deep breath and exhale as she sets her wavey sword down. "I-it wasn't… Pee…" She says with her own blush. "S-so rude…" She says meekly. "Shinobu, that was really good. Good job." She complimented.

Darn tootin' Daichi hurt them! Tatsuo had to heal a booboo nose! But then, everyone has to work with what they got. With the kids all gone the man in charge of the cart seems pleased as punch. "Hey you lot aren't half bad!"
Tatsuo reappears and nods to the group, smiling. "Well done all of you. And, um, don't worry Daichi-kun, everyone was alright. And since some of them were older then you, um, I think you did well. Good job Daichi-kun. Good idea to get them wet Ryuusei-chan. And good job Shinobu-chan and Kame-chan." With that done Tatsuo returns to the front of the group.
They arrive in Kadomai only five minutes later and the man leads the cart to the candy shop. "Those kids have stolen my candy on my trip from Konoha to here for the last two weeks! I'm out of things to sale! But now I got a whole new batch thanks to you kids! Tell you what, come back in a few days and you can have a couple of candies for free!" Mission complete!

Daichi nods when Tatsuo speaks on his punching the kids. "Yeah I could have just tried to pull them off maybe, but I didn't try to do anything to much." He frowns before shrugging. After a small trip they arrive at Kadomai. They end up at a candy shop, and Daichi shakes his head some. "Those kids must be a pain. Can't they let people be?" He then shrugs when the man speaks of giving them free candies.

Ryuusei doesn't even like candy, but she got to witness what a shinobi mission was like. It wasn't bad! It felt more like having a good time with friends, rather than work. It was surprising. "Thank you for the offer sir." She would say, delightedly. "Arigatou Tatsuo!" She says, starting to feel far more comfortable around this particular group of people.

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