Ghostly Beasts - Message Delivered


Shinobu, Daichi, Hige, Ryuusei, Yasuo

Date: October 21, 2015


Shinobu and a team are tasked to deliver a message to someone that the Uchiha Clan head must contact.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Ghostly Beasts - Message Delivered"

Land of Fire

RP: Shinobu transforms into KAME.
COMBAT: Shinobu focuses 1557 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…43

There's been a lot of verbage flying around in Konoha lately, hasn't there? The most prominent one would likely be Uchiha Shinji's little desertion stunt. While the details have been kept under wraps, it's not hard to imagine what they were. Interestingly enough, the mission had come from Uchiha Kurome herself. A letter was to be delivered, and it could not be opened except by the receiver. And she wanted to make sure that no one would take it, so a shinobi team was being sent to protect the letter… And track down the target. 'He likes to hide' would be the only explanation given.
Inuzuka Shinobu has this letter on her, having visited the Uchiha village not so long ago to pick it up. She was, perhaps even more oddly, put in charge of the mission. Yasuo has been tasked with evaluating her progress, though he was told to do such discreetly. The black pup, Kame, sits beside the young Inuzuka, and they both are staying alert for signs of either their team or any trouble.
It was at least obvious, to her, why they would send an Inuzuka and Hyuuga. The two clans were the best sensor-types. Daichi… Also made sense. He could get some experience on low-ranking missions under a curtain of safety. But why Ryuusei? Shinobu had met her before… She wasn't at all happy to be a ninja, though. So why were they doing that to her? The girl puzzles over this as she continues to look around, occasionally sniffing the air to double-check that nothing and no one unwelcome is around.

Daichi would simply enjoy being given a mission. Maybe it wasn't the first mission as a genin, but most of them involved walking dogs or other small tasks. He didn't really enjoy those all to well. Of course he didn't mind to much so he did them. Maybe after all of those he would get something important. Kenta told him they would be getting missions as a team soon as well so that always helped. He would head to where they were to meet up as soon as possible. He would of course greet Shinobu upon his arrival with a wave and smile.

Perhaps, after expressing so much displeasure in being a shinobi, Ryuusei has become the target of a last-ditch attempt to convince her that shinobi aren't so bad. Yet, Ryuusei could likely not be convinced at this point. She was set in the fact that maybe she should try again later, once she has gained experience. Soul searching? Her parents aren't going to be happy with her decision, at all. She usually arrives early, but always finds a way to not seem so apparent as she waits around. The more people around her, the more her terrible confidence issue strikes her. Maybe she is traveling to meet more people, and try and break her terrible social issues? She has her large blade hanging at her hips, held horizontally along her back. Really, all her blade training under Atorei and Atsuro will definitely pay off. "A-ah… Daichi… Uhm… Shinobu…" That's about all she spots… This wasn't too bad…

Of all people to send on a mission for the Uchiha, a member of their rival dojutsu clan, and a Main Branch Member at that! Well, psychotic Main Branch Member. Still, one would be hard pressed to pick a better set of eyes for evaluating someone's progress, and at least it gives him an opportunity to get away from the village, considering there are rumors of a bit of misconduct on his part. Apparently he beat the living scroll out of another Main Branch Member, healed him, beat him up again, and continued this cycle a few times. Oddly enough, there's been no punishment dealt out, so apparently whatever his reasons were, they were enough that the Elders couldn't argue with him, at least without making themselves look bad.
Stepping from the shadows, the ghostly-looking Hyuuga looks between each of them and offers a nod. It's hard to tell any expression on his face because his hair covers most of it, but he doesn't seem to be in too foul a mood despite carrying himself in that normal ominous manner… Or maybe it's just how he dresses. Tattered pants and extremely long unruly hair. The Elders have got to be dying to make this guy get a haircut… and maybe a tan. "… Hyuuga Yasuo," he introduces himself finally.

Shinobu nods quietly as people show up, and the girl looks around again before saying, "We need to find someone… And protect this scroll…" She holds up the letter Kurome wrote, which is sealed by both wax and jutsu. The girl tucks it into one of her more secure pouches before continuing. "We don't know much… on the where. So Yasuo-san and myself will be looking around… You two need to keep bandits away…" That being said, she knew that Yasuo and herself would be able to keep bandits away by themselves. But orders were orders, and run-of-the-mill bandits were not the only thing to be wary of! Shinobu holds out a picture to Yasuo. It was a sketch of the man they were searching for. He had a rather oddly-shaped figure beneath his cloak, a half-mask to cover his lower face, and it seemed he was dressed mostly in black. The labels show he's six feet tall with long legs. "Umm… Kurome-sama… said we should start to the southwest… Since he's from the Land of Wind," Shinobu adds, shifting a bit to head in that direction. "Let's go," she says, voice barely reaching the other three. Then she and Kame, once they know everyone's ready, take off.

RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…52

Daichi would greet Ryuusei when she arrived with a smile. "Hey Ryuusei. You okay with doing this?" Then the Hyuga, Yasuo popped up. "My name is Daichi. Nice to meet you." Of course it didn't take long for them to start talking about the mission, and what they were gonna do. He was allowed to beat up bandits so he was happy. "Alright Shinobu." He spoke as they took off. He would keep an eye out himself until bandits popped up.

RPCOMBAT: Daichi defends against with a PERCEPTION…21

"You can call me Ryuusei. Takaha Ryuusei." She would nod her head to Yasuo. Then she would flank Daichi as she scratches her head. "Uhm… Daichi… Right… W-well…" How is she going to put this. She could have rejected, but… this mission opportunity gave her some time to speak with the recently-turned genin that she didn't have before. "I was wondering… about… you know… about… N-nevermind…" she sighs and pauses a moment as her hand rests upon the hilt of her heirloom. "… O-okay.. Listen… Daichi… I'm taking a… Taking a break from the academy…" She starts off, slow. Really, probably a bad time to talk about all of this…

RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei defends against with a PERCEPTION…10

Listening to the instructions, Yasuo nods to Shinobu then looks between the other two. He nods in resonse to each of their introductions before looking back to Shinobu. He tilts his head side to side to crack it a bit before seeming to prepare to take off with the others to move toward their search area to find the target for today.

Shinobu wasn't really able to pick up a scent for a while. Continuing on this trail, however, she would eventually notice the smell of sand where there should not be any. Daichi is perceptive enough that he might notice something on the ground after about half a mile of traveling. "Umm… We're on the right path… I think…" Shinobu says, sniffing at the air again while Kame's nose is to the ground for this temporary stop.

RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…61

Daichi would follow along while listening to Ryuusei. "Your leaving the academy?" He frowns before adding to the end. "Lets not speak about it now. I want to concentrate on this." Concentrate he does as he notices something on the ground after a while. "Shinobu. There is something on the ground there. Should we check it out?" He would wait obviously for an answer from her.

RPCOMBAT: Daichi defends against with a PERCEPTION…21

Ryuusei supposes all the times are the worst times… It's not a happy subject. She supposes now is as good a time as any to do that thing… The thing where she closes her eyes, and feel invigorated as she reflects deeply at her inner self. They call this… Focusing? Well, just in case a mean-chiha pokes his head up, she needs to be ready. "Sure, maybe later Daichi… Maybe…" She would tighten her grip upon her blade behind her, before opening her eyes to look as serious as she can.

RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei defends against with a PERCEPTION…20
RP: Yasuo transforms into BYAKUGAN-II.
COMBAT: Yasuo focuses 3992 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Yasuo defends against with a BYAKUGAN-PERCEPTION-I…45

As they walk along, Yasuo brings his hands into a seal. While he doesn't call out as most members of his clan do, the veins around his eyes show that he has activated his Byakugan and began the search. Whether he finds anything or not isn't evident, as he doesn't say anything, even about the two talking about one of them leaving the Academy. Then again he's fairly new as an official shinobi himself, despite being currently ranked as a Chuunin.

What exactly are Hige and Konsho doing on this very same trail that the group just so happens to be taking? Well, they're likely returning from some mission or other and just happen to be passing by when they catch all those familiar scents. How intriguing! The pair would hop to a tree branch above the group and peer down at them curiously. "Well this is quite the group here. I feel like I must be missing out!"

RP: Hige transforms into KONSHO.
COMBAT: Hige focuses 3856 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…59

Of course, Hige isn't sure what they're all looking for, so he can't help in the search. Yet. But he /can/ track them all down with ease. Shinobu waves quietly, even as Kame gives an excited bark and launches herself at the older Inuzuka. Yip! ~Kurome is having us deliver a secret letter! Wanna help us?~ the pup asks, tail wagging eagerly. Shinobu nods a bit to Kame's explanation, then adds, "The trail… Is around here…"
Yasuo and company would see less with their eyes than they'd like, but the Hyuuga's white eyes are powerful. After a bit of searching, Yasuo would be able to notice a small cluster of men. They were armed, and, if he can tell so much, they were. counting some loot that they just retrieved from a prisoner.

Daichi would look up at Hige with a grin. "Oh were not up to much. Just some mission that you don't have the skills for." He smirks although it doesn't take long for Kame to tell him their real mission. He would shrug before looking around again. "You didn't happen to notice anything out of place on your way here did you Hige. You got a pretty good nose, so maybe it is possible?"

RPCOMBAT: Daichi defends against with a PERCEPTION…21

"Looks like we've got company up ahead, armed ones at that. Be ready to brawl," Yasuo says as he eyes the men in his sight, giving the others a good indication of the direction of the group by the direction his head is turned. He looks to Shinobu then, waiting for her to give orders. This is an evaluation of her, after all, so no need to jump the gun and start acting on his own.

Hige reaches out to snag Kame by the scruff of her neck with a soft chuckle. "You sure are an excitable one aren't you," he tells the pup before setting her down on Konsho's head and then dropping to the ground. "This many people to deliver a letter?" Hige asks, glancing over the group until his eyes settled on Yasuo whom was given a nod of greeting. "Inuzuka Hige. That's Konsho." The last is added as the overgrown five foot 'pup' drops to the ground next to him. "Well, honestly, you guys all smelled so bad I couldn't pick up on anything else," he adds with a chuckle as he glances to Daichi. "But I guess since I'm around I could give you guys a hand if you'd like."

RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…66

Shinobu frowns a bit. She didn't really want to fight when they had an important letter to deliver. The girl considers for a bit, then says, "We… should go look…" She motions for people to stay as quiet as possible, even making the handseals for a communicative genjutsu. 'Sneak up on them. If there's no one there, then we'll not do anything. We need to get /our/ mission done first.' The girl starts to make her way over to the group that Yasuo pointed out, going slowly.
As the whole group came upon the bandits, they would see a dark figure. One that was cloaked in all black. His face was hidden, so it was hard to tell, but it seemed as if he was prisoner. Not really an ordinary one, though. If anyone can sense chakra at all, they might notice he's keeping his levels low and obscure.

COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with WOLF-SOFT-CLAW with a roll of: 42
COMBAT: Daichi defends against OMEGA'S-BARK(41) attack from Shinobu with a TENSE…7

He would frown as well. He didn't mind a fight, but sometimes it was important to not fight. Either way Shinobu wanted them to check it out, and he would follow along quietly with the group. It seems that they had a prisoner, and we couldn't just leave them there? He would look at Shinobu, but doesn't say anything. He didn't know what to do here.

COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 20
COMBAT: Yasuo defends against OMEGA'S-BARK(39) attack from Shinobu with a TENSE…14
COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 25

"Hyuuga Yasuo," the Hyuuga says to Hige with a nod in return before looking back to Shinobu. He nods again to her plan before moving into the trees to move stealthily toward the group so he can get a bit closer look with his Byakugan to decide if they actually need to attack at this point or not.

Hige turns to follow after the rest, a bit curious at first and even hanging back so as to not interfere in something that isn't his mission to begin with. But then he smells something familiar and it causes him to frown faintly before he jumps up to arrive near Shionbu and Yasuo, speaking softly. "Their captive is someone I know. This isn't your mission so you don't need to interfere, but I need to check in on this." He looks between the two, waiting to hear what they have to say.

COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 31
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Perception from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Perception from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Perception from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Perception from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Nogoro roll(s) Perception from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Shinobu

Hige's presence might have caused Ryuusei to fall -far- behind the pack. Scary Jounin and his big scary land otter shocking her into… Maybe falling back. It's not as if she should be penalized for being a coward in the face of the threat of Hige. She really hasn't had many complete interactions with the scariest of Inuzuka. She was already being sneaky to hide from Hige, and was far back from the rest of the group. Maybe that will help her case?

[NPC System]: Ryuusei roll(s) Stealth from 9 to 23 and get(s) a 14. - Rolled by: Ryuusei
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Perception from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Shinobu

'Someone… Is it the person we're trying to find..?' Shinobu asks Hige. 'Kurome-sama wants us to find… Someone… The one who gave her the scorpion tail… Is it him? It … smells a bit like sand… But it's too faint now…' Plus, the bandits are all overpowering what little there is to go on. Sadly, she doesn't have much time to make a choice.
Apparently, most of the people around there are being very not-careful. Except one of them sees Ryuusei, which ends up with the alarm being called! Of course, considering that they all /only/ see Ryuusei, their attacks are all focused on her. A number of weapons are in their hands, and rocks are just being chucked left and right at the girl.

Daichi would watch closely as the guys seem to not pay attention. Sadly Ryuusei was not as silent as she could be, and they noticed her. He might have done something, but they have only thrown rocks so it might be best if he stays hidden to attack them. He would wait until they all throw their rocks, and when he was able to he would throw three kunai at people attacking Ryuusei.

COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 17
COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 19
COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 20
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Dodge vs. Daichi (17) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Dodge vs. Daichi (19) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 11. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Dodge vs. Daichi (20) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Shinobu

Since only Ryuusei has been spotted, Yasuo decides it's best to remain still for now. He looks over to Shinobu for a moment then back forward as he looks to try and see which guy they're supposed to be attacking. He'll probably wait until the opportune moment to start his attack.

[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Rock Throw vs. Ryuusei from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Rock Throw vs. Ryuusei from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Rock Throw vs. Ryuusei from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 14. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Rock Throw vs. Ryuusei from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 15. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Rock Throw vs. Ryuusei from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 12. - Rolled by: Shinobu
COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 62
COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 63
COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 44
COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 49
COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 52
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a BLOCK…41
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a BLOCK…36
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a BLOCK…26
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a BLOCK…30
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a BLOCK…33

Hige is watching the group and nods to Shinobu, "Yes, it's him. You guys don't have to-" he's cut off when Ryuusei makes some noise and they seem to notice her. Well damn. Hige drops down and pretty much just catches each rock as it comes, grabbing the last and crushing it as he looks at the kidnappers and growls, feral eyes digging into them. "Let your captive go now and I won't make it so that you see your own entrails."

COMBAT: Ryuusei focuses 963 stamina to turn it into 1000 usable chakra!

That's not good. It's not bad either, but it's not good. "W-wait, you don't understand! I-I'm not here to fight anyone!" Too late. She is but a stone's throw away from the bandits, and their stones indeed let loose at her. Ryuusei's eyes widened a moment, a look of confusion on her face. So dishonorable… She would make a handseal before grabbing her blade and drawing it from it's spot upon her back. She would draw her blade in front of her as she drops into a wide stance, releasing water from it, as the water released compressed into a shield… Only…. That shield was absolutely useless because Hige moved right in front of her. Her saviour? The shield drops, even before it was done forming. "Tasukata. Thanks uh… H-hige…" She would say as she slides her blade back along the ground and behind her, bending at the knee and placing a hand outstreched in front of her. "That was close…"

Shinobu waves to Yasuo to stand down for the time being. 'I think… Hige-kun has this covered…' she tells him, watching as the bandits look pretty scared. Well, two of them. They turn tail and flee, leaving one guy to his own devices. Upon seeing that he's alone, though… Well, he also is forced to run. He may be able to head off a little girl and boy, but a scary-looking shrimp who just turned a rock to dust? No chance!
Nogoro blinks and, with one smooth motion, rises up. His hands are completely free of their bonds, rope on the ground. "My thanks to you, Inuzuka Hige," he tells the boy. He's much taller than one would expect, especially when he's beside Hige. Six feet is no joke! The man's gaze shifts between the different people, and he blinks when he sees Shinobu. "That one… hid very well," he comments with a raised brow. Regardless, his attention is back on the Inuzuka. "Uchiha Kurome has yet to contact me… I suppose there is little surprise, though. She has been dealing with quite a bit, no?"
Shinobu stands up fully once she sees that all the bandits ran away, and she pulls out the scroll. "Um… I have to… give this to you," she tells the man, offering the sealed scroll to Nogoro. She doesn't particularly like the 'feel' of him, but a job was a job. "Umm… It's… from Kurome-sama," she adds.

He would watch the bandits run off, and just shrugs as they run. "Well that was simple I guess. Wow." He would lean against a tree as everything that they needed to do takes place. "Hige you seemed to scare them off. They hadn't even seen the worse of it yet." He chuckles slightly before pulling out a kunai, and carving into the tree.

Nodding to Shinobu, Yasuo decides to just remain in his tree. He eyes the man she moves to give the scroll to, folding his arms over his chest as he watches the transaction. While it doesn't seem to be the most pleasant of exchanges, it's at least not gone violent thus far, so he remains quiet and back in the tree he's watching from.

Hige watches as the bandits run off and release their captive, feral eyes rising up to stare into the much taller mans before he nods. "She has been busy, but…it appears you have a response now. And it must be something interesting if she sent this entire team to ensure it's safety." Hige reaches out to ruffle Shinobu's hair after she hands the scroll over. "Good job munchkin," he says with a chuckle. Darn, he could've used a few victims to vent some rage too. Ah well. They can continue to spread rumors of the small yet vicious Inuzuka. He is building a name for himself after all, though he hadn't really been trying…"Yeah Daichi. Sometimes you just have to be scary. And threaten them correctly. And then follow through if they don't listen." Hige leaves it at that before hopping into the tree next to Yasuo, hands slipping into his pockets as he leans against the trunk, facing the Hyuuga. "So, not sure we've met before."

Ryuusei holsters her blade and steps back a few times, holding her hands up. She was glad that was over, though she isn't sure she's ready to bring up her resignation with Hige. Even Kaido would be a less scary choice, if he wasn't on a mission… Ryuusei would blink, turning towards Daichi. "Daichi-kun…" She says quietly as she trudges off towards wherever he was. Had to find him first. "Where are you? Ninja and hiding…."

Ryuusei holsters her blade and steps back a few times, holding her hands up. She was glad that was over, though she isn't sure she's ready to bring up her resignation with Hige. Even Kaido would be a less scary choice, if he wasn't on a mission… Ryuusei would blink, turning towards Daichi. "Daichi-kun…" She says quietly as she trudges off towards wherever he was. Her blade dragging on the ground behind her as she would move beside him… quietly…

Nogoro would accept the scroll from Shinobu with a light incline of his head. "Ah, thank you. I expect it will be … an interesting meeting." He flashes a grin to Hige, then says, "By my leave." The man would tuck the scroll somewhere and start moving away, heading straight north. Shinobu would blink and look back to the group. "Mission complete… I think we can go back to the village…" She smiles quietly to Hige when he compliments her, but she waves for the others to move out as well. The mission was done. Daichi and Ryuusei could talk on the way back, if they so desired.

Daichi would nod in Shinobu's direction when she said mission complete. Of course he could talk to Ryuusei now so that is what he would do. He would start off moving, and waits for her to follow so they can talk. He makes sure to stay a little behind the rest of the group. "Yeah Ryuusei? Wanted to speak about what you said earlier?"

Ryuusei drags along behind her that heavy blade she can barely lift, as she nods her head at Daichi. "Y-yeah… You're my best friend here, so I thought if anyone should know what I'm going to do i-it should be you…" She would take a moment to sit against the tree nearby, as she likely causes Daichi a little… pain… "Y-you see… I never really wanted to become a shinobi. I know that I should, I've already put a lot of effort into it and my parents want me to… I just think that… I should go see the world before I take on responsibility like you. As much as it embarasses me to say…" She settles her blade down and rubs the back of her head, eyes furrowed in a rather apologetic look although she never makes eye contact with Daichi. "…I'm not ready to be a shinobi… A-a shinobi requires someone who can work well with others, and… I've never worked with anyone buy my parents on the farm. Never really had friends. That's why I'm going to travel, and make friends. See different faces. Meet new people. Maybe if I've seen everyone's face, I won't have anything left to be shy about. Then, it won't matter how many names they call me at the academy. I'll be strong in soul, then… Then I can be a proper shinobi." The flesh is willing, but the mind needs work…

He frowns before looking at Ryuusei. "You can do what you want. I have noticed you are not liking the academy things. So I won't be upset if you decide to leave. It isn't like you will just be gone for good anyways right." A small smile appears on his face, but anyone that can read people at least a little bit can tell it is faked. "You come back here eventually though when your ready okay. Maybe they will let you come back as a genin if you grow stronger so you don't have to deal with the academy. You know….being much older, and all." His smile slowly becomes less faked as he honestly doesn't mind. It sounded like she would come back some day at least. "Good luck on your adventures!"

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