Ghostly Beasts - Roasted Scorpion


Kurome, Taiki, Eremi, Yasuo

Date: January 23, 2016


Kurome manages to track down Nogoro, and she brings a team of shinobi to deal with him once and for all.

"Ghostly Beasts - Roasted Scorpion"

Land of Fire/Wind Border

Kurome knew that this mission was dangerous, which is why she told the administration that she only wanted Jounin-level shinobi with her. And most of them geared for tracking /and/ destruction. Which is probably why Taiki, Eremi, and Yasuo were selected for this. The missive stated to meet at the top of the waterfall outside of Konoha. Kurome stood there, eyes already the pale red that indicated an active Sharingan. She was mega-serious today :|

Every Konoha shinobi was required to undertake a certain amount of missions per year to keep their certification. Taiki knew this regulation very well, and since those hunting him were effectively no more, Taiki thought this assignment was Atsuro's way of reminding him of his place in Konoha's ranks. He didn't get particulars, so he was prepared to be bored out of his skull and was already thinking of ways to pay the Jounin Commander back for this. Only thing that looked remotely interesting, given that he didn't have a list of his 'teammates' was that the leader of this mission was the Uchiha clan head. This caused him to take things seriously and show up with Nozomi and Shinobu alongside, all three fully kitted for anything.

A familiar territory to meet at. Yasuo would arrive a bit ahead of the appointed time, actually having his torso at least partially covered for once by a Chuunin Vest, though he wears no shirt under it. His usual pair of black pants are worn along with this, the Hyuuga's immense hair falling freely per usual in it rather ghostly manner. He figures the Chuunin Vest is at least some showing of his acknowledgement of the seriousness of the mission, as he is a Chuunin that's been brought along on a Jounin-level mission. He can't let that faith that's been placed in him go to waste. As he arrives, he offers a nod in greeting to those already gathered and waits for instructions to come.

A silent approach as Eremi sauntered toward the designated meeting spot atop the waterfall. The rushing waters cascading below masking his steps and the soft jingling of chains that dangle from the shackles attached to his wrists. His scent, however, permeated the air like much else carried on the breeze of the area. Perhaps already picked up by the nin-ken pair and Inuzuka that were waiting with the others. An unavoidable encounter despite Eremi's best efforts to keep out of arms reach of the man he feels he betrayed. Swallowing hard, Eremi joined with the others, single, visible emerald eye avoiding the gaze of any that would look his way as he stared off into the distance.

Once everyone was gathered, Kurome would signal for them to start moving. They were to head to the south and west, and she didn't seem to be inclined to share any information until they were moving. "We're hunting down a man named Shippodoku Nogoro. He was the one that killed my parents. This is more of a personal revenge mission, but he also threatened the Hidden Leaf. Still threatens them, even, because he experiments on people with 'interesting' Kekkei Genkai. He doesn't seem to be a part of any particular organization, though, so all we have to do is destroy him."

COMBAT: Kurome focuses 7078 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!
RP: Kurome transforms into SHARINGAN-III-MASTERED.

Shinobu, being more familiar with Eremi's scent than Nozomi, was was the first to pick up on Eremi's scent. He growls briefly, giving Taiki a warning. Taiki himself sniffs the air a moment after, his own advanced senses picking up the scent of an old… friend. The Inuzuka takes a moment to contemplate everything he's heard before turning around slowly to face Eremi. As he moves forward, Taiki closes the gap between them and attempts to capture the gaze of that emerald eye with his own brown eyes. Taiki's gaze is piercing, stern, and otherwise unreadable. If Eremi would actually gaze in Taiki's eyes, he would see Taiki's eyes slowly shart to show acceptance and loneliness. "Don't ever do that again," he says once in a growl, the five words carrying both forgiveness and a promise.
Then Kurome starts to speak up, and as she describes the situation Taiki nods. He knows just how she feels. "Whenever you're ready, you have our support," he says simply as he references both himself and his ninken, who are equally serious now.

COMBAT: Taiki focuses 5749 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!
RP: Taiki transforms into SHINOBU-AND-NOZOMI.

As Taiki speaks to Eremi, Yasuo cuts a glance between them before turning his attention back to Kurome to listen to the information given before they head off. His eyes narrow slightly at the explanation given, which describes a man a lot like those that held him captive most of his life. He nods in agreement with Taiki, bringing his hands into a seal to activate his Byakugan, quite happy to assist in ridding Kurome and the word of such a man.

COMBAT: Yasuo focuses 4699 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!
RP: Yasuo transforms into BYAKUGAN-II.

It was hard to remain focused on nothing at all as your once best friend stood mere inches away. It was a test of will, one that as a Satonezu, made it hard to ignore. Eventually succombing to the inevitable, Eremi glanced in Taiki's direction and met the gaze of the man where he was sure to find disappointment, but instead found something he had not expected to see again in his life time. He was speechless, only able to offer a slight bow of his head as the corners of his lips twitched slightly trying to hold back the smile that was desperate to break free.
Thankfully with Kurome taking action, the brief moment of awkwardness is allowed to pass as the focus is brought to the mission at hand. Shippodoku Nogoro. Eremi had never met the man, but helped gather reconassaince at one point. With an Inuzuka squad and a Hyuga present, tracking should be easy enough. Which just leaves where Eremi comes into play in all this…

RP: Eremi transforms into GHOST-STEP.
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…55

"Keep an eye out for anything. I know where his hideout is, but not the exact location." Kurome would then lapse back into silence. If the group had any questions, they were free to ask. But she was looking for any signs of this hideout, growing more alert as they continued to head towards the direction of the Land of Wind.

Taiki nods as he and his partners move in with such precision that it speaks of a lifetime of training and intimate knowledge and syncronization. Taiki starts to move chakra to his senses, augmenting that already sharp nose beyond the abilities of most normal people, or even more than half his own clan. His ninken act similarly as their senses start to move toward preternatural abilities. The hunt is on.

RPCOMBAT: Taiki defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…51
RPCOMBAT: Yasuo defends against with a BYAKUGAN-PERCEPTION-II…51

Nodding to Kurome, Yasuo begins using his Byakugan to thoroughly study the area around him. Since his vision allows him to see a bit more thoroughly, he tries to pick through any spots that could be hiding an entrance to a hideout or perhaps the presence of a strong shinobi.

RPCOMBAT: Eremi defends against with a SHARPENED-AWARENESS…48

Having tracked the Shippodoku before and faced them on several occassions as a shinobi and during his travels, Eremi knew many of their habits and signs that would give them away. They prefered to travel underground and avoid the light when possible. However, knowing about them didn't make finding one any easier. A needle in a haystack or more aptly, a scorpion in a desert. A single eye scouring the area as the group moved in formation. He'd want to be the one to find Nogoro first, to be a useful asset to the mission. But being back with Taiki reminded himself of how when he first became a shinobi, he always seemed to come up short.

The group wouldn't notice anything for the longest time. It took a few hours of travel to start to notice some odd things about the nearby growth. Clawmarks on rocks and trees, for example. And then there was also random crystals that showed up and maybe water when there shouldn't be any. They were a long way from Konoha at this point, and most maps show that this area is supposed to be uninhabited. "I think we're close…" she says, glancing around.

Well, finding human scents would be easier here, given that they should not be here. Taiki and his ninken continue to try to track down their prey. They may not know exactly what their target smells like, but they do know that humans should not be in this area, so finding something would be a lead.

RPCOMBAT: Taiki defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…64
RPCOMBAT: Yasuo defends against with a BYAKUGAN-PERCEPTION-II…63

As they get closer, Yasuo takes note of the odd formations and landmarks, continuing to keep an eye out through his Byakugan for the hideout as well as signs of any traps or signs of ambush. A simple nod is given to acknowledge Kurome's statement. One would see a look of determination were his eyes no so thoroughly covered up by his hair.

RPCOMBAT: Eremi defends against with a SHARPENED-AWARENESS…70
COMBAT: Eremi attacks target 1 with WITHOUT-A-TRACE with a roll of: 54

Further and further away from Konoha, now traveling through assumed deserted regions, the group was in unfamiliar territory. Quite easily walking into a trap or ambush. Eremi wasn't the /best/ tracker in the group, but he always felt as if something was lurking behind the corner and if he couldn't find what it was, he'd make it harder for hismelf to be found. Slipping into the shadows of whatever offered such in this near barren area. Undoubtedly still able to be picked up by the senses of the Inuzuka and Hyuga.

RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…57

Kurome looks around at the area. Nearby was a lake. But… Most maps did not show there was a lake. She was a bit confused. "Hmm…" she says, looking around at the area that seemed to be the victim of training. It was pretty bare of true growth from plants. Trees around them were dead if there were any. "I think we're onto something," she says again, staring at the lake, then bringing out her map to compare it to the surrounding area.

Taiki nods as he sniffs the air again. "The scent trail continues that way," he says, raising is hand to point to the south and west, "But it is being drowned out by the scent of the lake." He channels yet more chakra into his nose in an effort to push his senses to the limit and to filter out the scent of the water.

RPCOMBAT: Taiki defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…69

Eyeing that lake, Yasuo lifts an eyebrow as he tries to look through it. "We are. There's some kind of chakra infused in the water of that lake," he notes. "It's actually even blocking my Byakugan from seeing through the water, which is normally not the Hyuuga's dojutsu's weakness. We should tread carefully."

RPCOMBAT: Yasuo defends against with a BYAKUGAN-PERCEPTION-II…68
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Water Monsters! vs. Kurome from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Water Monsters! vs. Kurome from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 43. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…33
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PREDICTIVE-DODGE…67
RPCOMBAT: Kurome took 500 damage.

Out of sight, Eremi continues to keep his defenses sharp, hoping to catch something before danger strikes. The rest of the group was observing the water and how strange it was for it to be out in the middle of the desert. That would have been Eremi's first clue to get far away. Something he had done previously, something that may just pay off as the others inspect the conspicous lake.

Kurome stared intently at the water and decided to try and poke it. That might have been a bad idea, too, because when Kurome touched the water, something was triggered to form a few giant water monsters that would try to crush the Konoha ninja with their 'arms' and blasts of water. Kurome ended up getting blasted backwards by a water spout before she flipped in the air to dodge the next blast of water. She landed with a bit of a skid. "Uhh… I don't think I can fight water monsters…" she says with a -.- face.

[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Water Monsters! vs. Taiki from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 51. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Water Monsters! vs. Taiki from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 43. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Taiki defends against with a LIGHTNING-DODGE…64
RPCOMBAT: Taiki defends against with a LIGHTNING-DODGE…69

Taiki and his ninken look over as the water monsters come out, and two of them rather instantly develop bright pads of lightning on their feet which they use to skate away, with Shinobu moving Nozomi out of range even as her claws draw water from the lake to coalesce around them. Taiki they don't seem to use anything to coordinate their next moves, but the three of them form elementally-charged twisters as they launch at the water monsters.

COMBAT: Taiki attacks target 1 with LIGHTNING-PASSING-FANG with a roll of: 45
COMBAT: Taiki attacks target 1 with AQUA-TSUGA with a roll of: 57
[NPC System]: Water Monsters roll(s) Reformation vs. Taiki (45) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Water Monsters roll(s) Reformation vs. Taiki (57) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 35. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Water Monsters! vs. Yasuo from 30 to 50 and get(s) a 37. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Water Monsters! vs. Yasuo from 30 to 50 and get(s) a 43. - Rolled by: Kurome
RP: Yasuo transforms into BYAKUGAN-IV.
RPCOMBAT: Yasuo defends against with a JUUKEN-DODGE-II…74
RPCOMBAT: Yasuo defends against with a JUUKEN-DODGE-II…54

As the water seems to begin to attack on its own, Yasuo frowns slightly. He would leap to catch Kurome, but she seems to have caught herself well enough. "I think I can… Let's see how they deal with it," he says as he leaps toward the things, his fingers crackling with lightning as he begins to strike at them with a total of sixty four strikes, intending to use their natural weakness to dispel them. Of course, this could backfire majorly, but that remains to be seen.

COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 1 with 8-TRIGRAMS-32-ELECTRIC-PALMS with a roll of: 52
COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 1 with 8-TRIGRAMS-32-ELECTRIC-PALMS with a roll of: 49
[NPC System]: Water Monsters roll(s) Reformation vs. Yasuo (52) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Water Monsters roll(s) Reformation vs. Yasuo (49) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 49. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Eremi defends against with a SHARPENED-AWARENESS…70

She touched it! Eremi shook his head from the shadows as the resultant poke to the murky surface caused several creatures to form and attack those that they could see. Being hidden, Eremi took a moment to assess the situation. The creatures were made out of water, but what was controlling them. That was the target they needed to be focusing on. Water could reform again and again. The lighting helped keep the creatures at bay, but it also hindered the movements Eremi could take or be shocked himself. What choices did he have.
There! He saw it. A ripple in the water as the lightning coursed over its surface. That was the target, but….Sighing, Eremi sprang from the shadows high into the air with body contorted as a fist rears back before jutting ahead, colliding with the water itself. There was a chance he didn't time it perfectly, that the lightning still lingered and Eremi would be forced to take it through gritted teeth.

COMBAT: Eremi attacks target 1 with DYNAMIC-ACTION with a roll of: 60
COMBAT: Eremi attacks target 1 with DYNAMIC-ACTION with a roll of: 65
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Puddle vs. Eremi (60) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 40. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Puddle vs. Eremi (65) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 35. - Rolled by: Kurome

The attacks from the Inuzuka trio were a bit to much for one of the water monsters, and it dispersed with a splash back into the lake. There were three water monsters in total, and two of them would disappear with a huge splash thanks to the attacks. As soon as they disappeared into the water, a couple more would suddenly appear, and they were even about to lash out when *SPLOOOSH* They all just puddle into the lake.

Eremi was able to take out the Hozuki that was controlling the monsters. The Hozuki sort of … didn't expect to be punched at all. He didn't know Eremi was there until it was too late and he was flying. The sudden pummeling shocked him to the point where he was no longer controlling the water of the lake. Instead he was staring with a dazed look at Eremi. What just happened?!

Kurome was all but useful when that happened, but … She was saving energy! Totally! That's what she says to herself, anyways. "Good work," she offers to the five others. Any other poking that happened to the liquid would trigger no traps. "I think we should try to dive in an see if there's anything hidden underwater," she stated.

Taiki smiles as the effects are stopped, and then looks toward Eremi to give him a nod of thanks. Nozomi looks at Taiki and the two stare eye-eye for a few moments. "Well, water drowns out scents. However, Nozomi and I can use our Aqua Tsugas to take a quick dip to look around. Only thing is, that will anounce our presence rather soundly to whatever is in there, if there is anything in there."

RPCOMBAT: Yasuo defends against with a BYAKUGAN-PERCEPTION-II…66

"Or, since the jutsu is no longer controlling the water, I can just look through it now," Yasuo suggests, smirking a bit at the more experienced ninja ignore the easy way. He peers down at the artificial lake then, doing just that to see if he can see any signs of further traps or useful markings.

Grasping the Hozuki firmly, Eremi stood atop the waters edge, singly eye fixated upon the dazed individual. A good shake of the man would be given, the Hozuki's limbs flailing about helplessly. Unconscious…"You think there's some kind of…underground cave in there? Hyah!" Tossing the Hozuki to the side at a nearby rock or crystal formation. "Could be another trap…But what choice do we have I guess."

Yasuo would be able to see that there was more things going on down below the water. It seemed to stretch down into an underground laboratory that was surrounded by barriers of crystal. Dark crystal. And there's no other way to get into this hideout (go figure). Kurome would frown a bit as she looks at the water. "Well… Why not both? After Yasuo-san checks on things, Taiki-san can try and explore a bit more on his own."

"There appears to be an underground lab under the lake," Yasuo informs the others, eyebrows furrowing slightly. "There are barriers of dark crystal barring the entrance, and I don't see any other way to get inside… If one of you is able to pierce through such things with your jutsu, we can get in. I might be able to with my Thundering Palm technique, but it could take a few tries."

Taiki nods, then he and Nozomi walk onto the water. Without so much as a glance they become spinning waterspouts as they plunge into the water. The whips that come from the head churn the water feircely as they are literally propelled through it, first at shallower depths, then greater depths as they look for traps before making a decision about testing the strength of the crystals.

COMBAT: Taiki attacks target 1 with AQUA-TSUGA with a roll of: 54
COMBAT: Taiki attacks target 1 with AQUA-TSUGA with a roll of: 63

Eremi brought an arm up to shield his face from the splash as he rode the rippling waves formed from Nozomi and Taiki diving into the waters depths. Spiraling vortexs created beneath his feet keep the waters surface moving enough to force Eremi to make a decision about getting back to shore with the others. "I hope nothing happens while he's down there. At least he's got Nozomi with him." A brief glance given to Shinobu before focusing back on the lake.

The only trap was the water monsters used by the Hozuki. So Taiki and Nozomi could probably attack without fear. Kurome would end up pacing on the shore as she awaited some form of either a report or destruction. She also took the time to think over what she's seen thus far. "I think he has one of the crystal-wielders. And he may have a Kirryu. That's what he based some of the albino creatures on when I last faced him," she tells the two still with her.

Having determined the terrain is safe, Nozomi and Taiki spin and erupt out of the lake and into the air. They flip over a couple of times, then dive back in, once again forming waterspouts as the drill straight down on top of the crystal barrier, twisting even faster than before as the two spouts become one, thereby adding gravity to an already substantially more power attack.

COMBAT: Taiki attacks target 1 with AQUA-GATSUGA with a roll of: 52
[NPC System]: Crystal Cavern roll(s) Durability vs. Taiki (52) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 46. - Rolled by: Kurome

Well, at this point it's time to wait and let Taiki do his work, so Yasuo simply watches. As Kurome speaks, he looks her way and takes note of the jutsu users she lists. He wonders how many more there might be to deal with. It could be quite a few depending how cooperative the experiments are with the scientists.

Staring in silence, Eremi was left to his thoughts until interrupted by Kurome's words, "Seishukuni and Kirryu…" He repeated, recalling as much info about the clan as he could. Until again being interrupted, though this time by the displays of Taiki and Nozomi briefly appearing only to dive back down. An arm would raise once more to shield his face from any splatter. "Should we follow after?"

When Taiki and Nozomi strike the rock, there seems to be a pause. As if the whole world had taken a breath before the crystal shattered beneath the duo's might. Nothing but a small air bubble would indicate something happened on the surface, but for Taiki and Nozomi, they'd suddenly be drawn in by a tornado-like vortex that wanted to draw them into the lab they were breaking into. A whirlpool forms on the surface of the water. "That's our cuecl Kurome says with a nod to Eremi. She would use Water walking so that she could reach the center of the whirlpool and get sucked down into it, holding her breath…

[NPC System]: Whirlpool roll(s) Grab! vs All from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a TENSE…9
[NPC System]: Whirlpool roll(s) Grab! vs All from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 49. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Taiki defends against with a TENSE…10

Taiki and Nozomi really can't fight the suction, not since they're in the middle of a spinning waterspout at ground zero of it. So they don't try. Instead they spin with the vortex, spinning faster as Shinobu leaps down to join them, timing a spin of his own to be equal to theirs. He doesn't electrify it though, even if the thought is tempting. Water conducts after all. Instead he simply adds his force to the pairs efforts, allowing them to come out the other side in a hopefully devastating attack.

COMBAT: Taiki attacks target 1 with AQUA-GATSUGA with a roll of: 68

As the whirlpool starts to pull them in, Yasuo smirks over at Kurome then hopes down into the pool to go down. After Taiki, he comes through with a violent spin while he focuses lightning chakra that he sounds out in a rotation that bursts out in the lab to try and stun any living being that's not in their team in here. They were brought to destroy things, right? might as well get right on it!

COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 1 with 8-TRIGRAMS-HEAVENLY-SHOCKWAVE with a roll of: 65

Seeing the bubble followed by the whirlpool, Eremi didn't hesitate to quickly join with the others once the signal to go was given. Running toward the edge of the water, he'd suddenly leap high into the air before dropping down into the center of the vortex. The spiraling sending him spinning about until he popped out on the other side in the face of chaos and destruction!!! @.@ But what was with all the commotion? He'd want to help with the violent, but needed something to direct them at. "Hyah!" He throws a punch at the air.

The mass destruction would mean that the entrance to the lab was destroyed. Shame, too, because there looked like there were a lot of random machine-looking things in there with buttons. Oh well. Kurome wouldn't be as destructive as her teammates or punch the air the like Eremi. Instead, she looked around, trying to find Nogoro's chakra. Her Sharingan was a blood-red at this point. "Coward…" she mutters. "Where is he…" there are a two doorways in front of the group, and Kurome looked at each. "Split up," she suddenly declares. "Yasuo-san, go with Taiki-San down the right doorway. Myself and Eremi-san will go left."

Lost machinery? Oh well, that means it can't be used against them. Besides, this was a power in entry, and things get damaged in those. He waits for the others, and once Kurome makes her decision he motions towars Yasuo, "Come on Hyuga-san, let's see what's behind door number 1, shall we?" he asks as he walks over to the door to open it.

"Hai," Yasuo responds simply to Kurome with a nod before he turns to Taiki. A nod is given to the Inuzuka as well before the Hyuuga starts to walk toward the door, using his Byakugan to try and pick out signs of any traps, enemies, or such before they open it.

RPCOMBAT: Yasuo defends against with a BYAKUGAN-PERCEPTION-II…72

Splitting up was not something Eremi would ever do, but it wasn't his call and the others seemed fine with it. Even if the numbers seemed off. Taiki, Nozomi, Shinobu and Yasuo were Team Right Door while Eremi and Kurome made up Team Left Door. Glancing at the right before taking a breath and heading toward the left. A hand on the knob before twisting and pushing the door open to allow himself and Kurome to move forward.

RP: Kurome transforms into SHARINGAN-III.

Kurome would step down the passage with Eremi and keep an eye out for chakra signatures. There were, from what she could tell, two in front of her. One of them was … small. Sorta like a child. The other one she recognized. The hallway, though, was really long. Painfully long -.- Almost like there was no way she would ever get close to her goal. Just as she was about to suspect Genjutsu, though, the pair would enter a room with a single chair and many machines inside it. Nogoro stood studying a clipboard while there was a young child with crystals surrounding her arm.
On Taiki and Yasuo's end, they'd experience much of the same thing. But instead of two, there was one before them. This one smelled a bit animalistic (at least to the Inuzuka), and it was a very large figure…

Taiki and the three ninken move out of the way from the door, then jump on top of each other. He runs through a few seals before intoning, "Man beast transformation: Elemental Wolf Horror." His lower-ranked skills simply would not fit in these quarters, and this is probably going to be an ugly fight. A thick cloud of smoke erupts over the three, then starts to fade away revealing a large, bipedal, three-headed werewolf that not even a mother could love. The sound of rolling thunder appears to echo in this chamber, but really it's all three heads growling at once. Lightning claws form on one "hand" while a water fist forms on the other, and with that the beast lunges forward, twisting into an vortex of water and electricity that just /looks/ wrong on so many levels.

RP: Taiki transforms into ELEMENTAL-WOLF-HORROR.
COMBAT: Taiki attacks target 1 with LIGHTNING-WATER-SPOUT with a roll of: 64
[NPC System]: Albino Panther roll(s) Acrobatic Dodge III vs Taiki (64) from 40 to 80 and get(s) a 70. - Rolled by: Kurome

Watching as Taiki and his ninken move into a rather impressive attack mode through their transformation, Yasuo eyes the enemies at the end of the hall and charges forward to attack as well. He lunges forward into a spin, throwing a huge rotating sphere of chakra around himself as he goes to destroy their targets. No use holding back when the orders are to kill on sight, right?

COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 1 with GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN with a roll of: 82
[NPC System]: Albino Panther roll(s) Acrobatic Dodge IV vs Yasuo (82) from 50 to 90 and get(s) a 81. - Rolled by: Kurome

Eremi kept his focus ahead, though couldn't help but steal glances at Kurome every now and then as the pair continued down the never ending tunnel. He was sure he saw the low dim of the sharingan brighten to a much more full red. She was determined and it showed. Naturally, Eremi would want to do what he can to repay the clan head for the gift she had given him, but as they reach the end and enter the tunnel, he waited before acting. There was a young girl and a man he would assume to be the Shippodoku. Did Kurome want either of them outright killed or was she hoping to get Nogoro to start monologuing? The details were hazy, but in the next few moments Eremi would know what needed to be done and act upon it. Ending things very quickly if need be.

Kurome would watch as Nogoro meticulously scribbled down notes. "Not even showing your full strength, Kurome-chan… Tsktsk," he would say casually, unhooking a few wires from the Seishukuni girl. "Do you really perceive me as so little a threat? And you even brought a friend with you compared to the four you sent down Ghost's way…" The man would sigh, and Kurome's eyes would narrow a bit. Then they would whirl to life, Genjutsu activating to try and trap the man that stood before her in an illusion, as well as the youngling. If it worked, he'd be trapped in darkness…
The beast before Yasuo and Taiki… Well, it was able to dodge the smaller horror that Taiki became, but the destruction Yasuo unleashed was enough to grab it and send it flying for a bit. It stood back up on all fours and paced after shaking its head. A pure-white Panther with red eyes faced the two leaf ninja, and it stared at them before letting out a loud growl that might intimidate them for a little bit.

COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with BLACK-INFINITY-PRISM with a roll of: 55
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 2 with BLACK-INFINITY-PRISM with a roll of: 59
[NPC System]: Nogoro roll(s) Genjutsu Kai vs. Kurome (59) from 40 to 70 and get(s) a 60. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Seishukuni roll(s) Genjutsu Kai vs. Kurome (55) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 45. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Albino Panther roll(s) Rawr! vs. Taiki from 40 to 70 and get(s) a 60. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Taiki defends against with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…99

The three-headed monster avoids the panther's attack with ease, making it seem all too easy. It then follows this up by another attack, this one a vicious claw attack with six-inch long claws designed to really put a crimp into the pather's day and render it unable to fight for a bit…

COMBAT: Taiki attacks target 1 with LIGHTNING-CLAW-II with a roll of: 71
[NPC System]: Albino Panther roll(s) Acrobatic Dodge IV vs Taiki (71) from 50 to 90 and get(s) a 63. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Albino Panther roll(s) Rawr! vs. Yasuo from 40 to 70 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Yasuo counters with GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN…52
[NPC System]: Albino Panther roll(s) Acrobatic Dodge III vs Yasuo (52) from 40 to 80 and get(s) a 65. - Rolled by: Kurome

Eyeing the beast in front of him, Yasuo watches it intently as it preps to attack. When it lunges forward, he spins again, throwing up a massive shield of chakra once again to try and slam the beast back right into Taiki's attack then lunge forward with the rotation mass still around him to slam into the beast once again. The Hyuuga can be a bit merciless when such an objective is presented it seems.

COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 1 with GREAT-HEAVENLY-SPIN with a roll of: 63
[NPC System]: Albino Panther roll(s) Acrobatic Dodge III vs Yasuo (63) from 40 to 80 and get(s) a 79. - Rolled by: Kurome

Hands twitching at his side, fingers curling into balled fists and the chains that hung from his shackles jingled in the silence of the room as Eremi waited as patiently as he could. The anticipation was reaching a boiling point that the man was unsure he would be able to keep at bay. He just needed a signal to strike. Something. Anything. But nothing showed itself. Nogoro moved about the girl that seemed to be lost in her thoughts, drugged or the most patient girl he's ever seen. But no one was making a move. And neither would Eremi.

Kurome feels her Genjutsu dispersed by Nogoro. But the girl was caught. "Eremi-san, get the girl away from here. If she tries to fight you, just knock her out. Then get back here as fast as possible." Kurome would adjust just a bit so that she could stare at Nogoro for a bit longer, then her hands would form handseals and she would unleash a huge fireball at the scorpion! … Assuming Eremi followed her instructions.
Yasuo's attempts to spin the Panther away were ignored and dodged, but then really long claws of lightning scraped the beast's side, forcing electricity into its body and making it spasm a few times. Unable to move properly, the Panther would just glare at its 'two' opponents.

COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 61
[NPC System]: Nogoro roll(s) Scorpion Scuttle vs. Kurome (61) from 40 to 80 and get(s) a 72. - Rolled by: Kurome

The monster that was taiki growled deeply at the cat, two of its heads showing teeth every bit as sharp as the panther. Beast meets beast… sorta. The beast then jumps and spins as a large vortex of water, slams down on the panther, twirling whips of water around in attempts to slice the animal further. The more damage that can be done, the less misery the beast will feel.

COMBAT: Taiki attacks target 1 with AQUA-GATSUGA with a roll of: 84

Though Yasuo's attempt to hit the Panther fails, Taiki manages to ground him. The Hyuuga nods in recognition of the Inuzuka's skill before he charges forward, drawing his arm back with his palm aimed toward the Panther. His palm begins to charge more and more with lightning that crackles around his hand before he goes to slam it directly into the beast's chest.

COMBAT: Yasuo attacks target 1 with 8-TRIGRAMS-THUNDERING-PALM with a roll of: 42

Bound by his word to obey Kurome, Eremi sprinted ahead toward the girl and Nogoro. But what's this?! His fist is reared back, poised to strike at Nogoro as he closes the distance. A wide swing would be made, but it comes up short. A feint to throw the Shippodoku off guard as the intended punch grabs the girl by the arm instead and Eremi takes off out of the room and down the exceedingly long tunnel. Dragging the girl along, it was clear her body had gone limp. Was she forcing dead weight or had Kurome done something..Was this Genjutsu? Had the fighting already started? Several questions answered as the darkness of the tunnel is filled with the brightness emanating off the flames from the great fireball behind him. "Argh…" He'd drop the girl off half way, before making his way back to Kurome.

RP: Kurome transforms into MANGEKYOU-SHARINGAN-IKIRYO.
[NPC System]: Nogoro roll(s) Pincer Slice vs. Kurome from 40 to 70 and get(s) a 52. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PREDICTIVE-DODGE…70

The Panther that faced Taiki and Yasuo was dead by the time they finished it off. It growled a bit as the light from its eyes faded, but otherwise didn't struggle much. Almost as if it wanted to die. Pretty sure it's in pieces, actually… At least in half. Kurome would wait for the flames to pass, but it didn't seem to affect the Shippodoku, who was now a scorpion. The scorpion clacked its pincers together, then it rushed forward to try and slice at Kurome. She would avoid it, Sharingan continuing to whirl until it formed a new pattern. Kurome would make a handseal, and a multitude of Kurome's would charge at the scorpion to try and turn him into toast. She heard fried scorpions were a delicacy somewhere. Land of Wind? …

COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with MULTIPLE-FIRE-CLONES with a roll of: 89
[NPC System]: Nogoro roll(s) Scorpion Dash vs. Kurome (89) from 45 to 90 and get(s) a 70. - Rolled by: Kurome

The great ugly beast sighs as the panther is now so much mulch. A puff of smoke later reveals Taiki and his two ninken looking down at the panther. "You know, if I had more room, this would have been more equal, and not such a waste. I really hate killing animals like that. It's the Inuzuka in me." That said, he looks around for anything that might be important, or dangerous, and unrolls a few storage scrolls to load up with anything he can find.

RP: Taiki reverts to his normal state.
RP: Taiki transforms into SHINOBU-AND-NOZOMI.

"Perhaps, but it was necessary, and we don't know what trouble it could've given us down the line," Yasuo says, peering around a moment before he looks down the hall. "Should we head back and find them?" he asks as he tries to look through the hallways through his Byakugan to see what's going on if nothing is blocking his sight.

Racing back down the tunnel, the light of the flames only growing, dancing about in the room ahead. The fighting had already started and Eremi was late to the party. Why was he even sent away? Personal reasons that could get Kurome killed if she wasn't careful? The others had came to make sure that would happen. They wouldn't allow it. It was why Eremi was racing back at full speed, eyes squinting as they began to adjust to the light, but he saw his mark. He saw Nogoro within the mix of several Kurome's barreling down on him. There was an opening.
"Dynamic Entry!"
Eremi called out as he flew through the air like a missile, a single foot aiming to kick Nogoro's head off that was quickly followed by a series of kicks and punches that had no real rhyme or reason, except to overwhelm the opponent with the ferocity and number of strikes in a matter of seconds.

COMBAT: Eremi attacks target 1 with DYNAMIC-ENTRY with a roll of: 68
COMBAT: Eremi attacks target 1 with DYNAMIC-ACTION with a roll of: 70
[NPC System]: Nogoro roll(s) Hard Shell vs. Eremi (68) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 43. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Nogoro roll(s) Hardened Shell vs. Eremi (70) from 40 to 80 and get(s) a 42. - Rolled by: Kurome

Yasuo wouldn't be able to see much of anything. Or he'd see walls of chakra that basically worked to block his vision and distort it. Taiki would notice that there were some charts that described Kirryu and their transformative abilities, specifically pointing out how they could only turn into one animal, but the animal was apparently not determined by the person's genetics. And so on and so forth.

Kurome's fire clones seemed to overwhelm Nogoro even as he attempted to escape. Perhaps the new Sharingan of hers was empowering her? He was delighted, in a sense, that the experiment was such a success. Then Eremi came at him, knocking him in the face and breaking his … Something. Nose? Scorpions have noses, right? Well, either way, chakra hardened the shell around his body, but it couldn't keep up with Eremi's fists of fury, and he ended up cracking under the pressure (literally). Kurome would suddenly try to trap Nogoro's mind in Genjutsu again while he dealt with the physical pain from Eremi. Part of Kurome wanted to scold Eremi for coming back so soon, but she didn't actually say for him to leave, so she had no right!

COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with BLACK-INFINITY-PRISM with a roll of: 93
[NPC System]: Nogoro roll(s) Scorpion's Mind vs. Kurome (93) from 50 to 95 and get(s) a 66. - Rolled by: Kurome

Taiki hmms and puts those notes into a sealing scroll. Valuable information that was. As he continued to look around for things he'd look up toward Yasuo and ask, "See anything of note Hyuga-san?"

"Nothing," Yasuo says, frowning a bit and peering down the hall again. "Whatever kind of barriers they're using, it's distorting my vision. If we're going to check on them, we'll need to go on foot." Since Taiki hasn't said one way or the other, unless told not to, Yasuo would start moving back down that hallway to try and make it to where Kurome and Eremi are fighting the other guy.

Eremi continued the assault only long enough to realize that Nogoro wasn't responding properly to being beaten. He would assume the creature had slipped into unconsciousness, but the look in the mans eyes said otherwise. Genjutsu. Stepping away, Eremi glanced back at Kurome as he moved toward the back of the room. This was her fight, not his. He was here for added protection, not to rob Kurome of what she fought so hard to achieve. Taking the mans life herself.

RP: Eremi reverts to his normal state.
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 24
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a GENJUTSU-KAI…41

Kurome nods lightly in thanks to Eremi, then she steps over to the frozen Scorpion before her. She would examine him for a moment, then she would purge her chakra to be sure there was no illusion placed on her. The last time she attempted this, she was foiled… This time, though, she knew her target was before her. The Uchiha removes a kunai from her belt and holds it to Nogoro's throat while maintaining eye contact.
Within the illusion, she inserted herself. "So… It ends here," she starts to say, both aloud and to the scientist's mind. "You started this whole experiment when I was younger. Killed my father and silenced my mother. And then you came back and made me kill her so I could fully 'unlock my potential'. Well, I'm going to use these abilities you offered me so freely. And I'm going to make sure that you die a very slow and painful death." The Kurome would fade from the arachnid's mind, and the man would experience a sword. The sword was black and had dark flames on its edges to increase the amount of pain that Nogoro would mentally feel. It sliced through his skin, forming jagged lines as it moves to ensure that he would suffer.
In the real world, Kurome would push her kunai into Nogoro's throat, and his scorpion body would collapse with blood pooling around Kurome's feet. Yasuo and Taiki would get to see her step back, leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind. "It's over…" she would say, voice and tone practically lifeless. She could hardly believe that it worked out like this in the end. So anticlimactic for her!

Taiki looks at the hallway that Yasuo talked about and said, "Actually, why don't you give me a hand with this?" he motions down the hallway. "The more of us working on it, the more we can get. And while this guy was… a certified wacko, some of these notes would be valuable from several different standpoints, including medical."

"… Very well," Yasuo says, nodding to Taiki and turning to help him with gathering things. He'd really like to go check on Kurome right now, but he is the only Chuunin on this mission, so he's not in a place to be disobeying orders.

Standing in the back, Eremi stood silently as he watched for a bit as nothing happened. At least not that he could see. Until finally Kurome plunged a kunai deep within the mans neck, the scorpion husk dropping to the ground. "You did it." Eremi would comment as he slowly approached. He wanted to say more, offer her some kind of condolence, but didn't have the right words to express himself. Probably didn't even have the right to do so. "Let's get out of here. I'll carry the girl on the way. Though not sure what we'll do about her."

RP: Kurome reverts to her normal state.

Kurome would nod and wipe her hand off on her clothes to get rid of some of the blood. "If she's not aggressive, we might be able to take her in. Or to the Land of Wind, since that's where Seishukuni are from," she suggests, walking away from the room.

Taiki works as fast as he can with Yasuo to seal away anything valuable or dangerous. They can divide up the "loot" later, but in the meantime getting this stuff may be important. When they finally finish, he says, "They should be done by now. Let's go find them."

COMBAT: Yasuo left combat at 38.2 percent stamina.
RP: Yasuo reverts to his normal state.

"Sure, definitely sounds like a problem for the Land of Wind. We can let the Kage or Daimyo deal with it if you don't think we need to bring her back to Konoha first." Eremi offered as he followed along with Kurome until they'd eventually meet up with Taiki and Yasuo.

COMBAT: Taiki left combat at 44.9 percent stamina.
RP: Taiki reverts to his normal state.

Kurome would nod a bit. "Let's bring her back to Konoha for a bit. I want to make sure that we aren't giving Suna a pain in the butt. We may not be friends due to their allies, but we don't need to seek their animosity." Kurome would let Eremi or Taiki or Yasuo carry the still-unconscious girl back to the Hidden Leaf. They could discuss what they found in the lab later. Kurome doubted that this lab would ever be touched again, but she would likely come back out to destroy it once and for all another time. For now, though, back to Konoha. Mission Complete.

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