Ghosts Risen



Date: March 12, 2011


None given.

"Ghosts Risen"

Unknown location

Late Night in Kirigakure

From the sea, five people disembark a tiny boat, little more than a
rowboat but smaller. Three women and two men. Their robes are oddly
colored, not anything that's been seen in or around Kirigakure or even any
travellers from other nations. There is no rhyme or reason to them, random
patterns adorn them made of gold, grey, silver and black stitching against
the stark white backdrop. Hoods are drawn, not a sound is made by any of
them, even their breathing hard to pick up, if it exists at all. Dock
workers and guards stare, but make no moves. Even though this is war, they
are obviously not from Konohagakure.
At the gates they are stopped, an ID is given across to one of the guards
by one of the men, the guard stops breathing for a few seconds as he
stares down at the name. There's a moment and his face turns purple for a
few seconds before he gasps breath and hands the ID back. The gates are
opened, the identity still unknown, stares from the gate guards are of
total disbelief. It was like they were seeing a ghost, a ghost of someone
they held dear.
In the village, villagers and other shinobi stop to stare. But no words
are exchanged. One older jounin is brave enough to ask for ID. Again, one
of the men hands an ID over and the jounin stares. The jounin continues to
breath, but his eyes are wider than saucers. Villagers and other shinobi
notice this reaction, they tense as if ready to attack and scatter. But
the jounin hands the ID back and then he does something different. He
bows, calls the mysterious man sensei and walks off. Everyone drops their
guard and the five cloaked people walk forward.
At the gates to the kaguya village, kaguya guards stop the travellers.
"Only Kaguya," is echoed by the head guard. Again an ID is produced, but
the head guard snaps it away. "That is a fake." Within moments the guard
is off the ground, the man who had handed over the ID speaking in hushed
tones. The other guards can't hear, they draw their weapons but the head
guard waves at them and nods slowly. He picks up the ID and hands it back
to the man who just picked him up, a nod is given as the gates open.

Inside, with the cover of darkness, the five figures continue up the
village, towards the top houses. There are the houses of the most revered
and oldest kaguya housed, there is their target. Along the way, guards and
citizen kaguya alike stop to stare at these white figures moving through
the night. No explanation for their passing given. At the top, where a
final guard stands to keep trouble makers out of the most important homes,
they are stopped once more. Here, a single word is passed and the guard
drops his halberd. It clangs against the ground. His face is stark white,
this was a ghost. It had to be to cause that reaction. The five pass by
Once past, they move towards the back, where the oldest houses stand.
There sits three houses in the far back. The clan elders, another unnamed
family's and finally, the dilapidated Odori household, to the right of the
Clan Elder's house. It is easily the largest house asides from the clan
elder's. The sign and grounds have fallen into disrepair. The five figures
stop for a moment to survey it before they walk inside.
The next day, the Odori household has been renovated. Through out the
night they worked, the five strangers, with many watching from the
streets. Once finished, the five finally remove their white cloaks, their
only remnant of stealth shedded to reveal…The Odori Family. Long since
gone, now returned as if nothing had changed. The doors to the house are
closed for the first time in years and lights are going as the five
retreat into the house for much needed sleep. A ghost has woken from the
dead, a single message left on the doors for those curious enough to read

We have returned to fight the scourge which assails us.
The Odori Family
Takeshi, Aoi, Sumiya, Yuuji and Akiko

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