First Promotion Exams - Girl Talk: Yui vs. Yuuka


Yui, Yuuka

Date: January 17, 2012


Yui and Yuuka battle for a Jounin scroll, then end up talking about boys and life.

"First Promotion Exams - Girl Talk: Yui vs. Yuuka"

North Shiren Caverns [Land of Wind]


Welcome to the Shiren Caverns. This place is a maze of tubular tunnels, carved out over the ages by natural forces, some of them of the living variety. As desert locales go, the caverns are a hotbed of life, providing shelter from the merciless sun and collecting moisture. All manner of creepy-crawlies, reptiles, rodents, and even large predators like sand cats can be encountered here.
This area of the caverns features mostly small tunnels in great abundance, enough that exam participants can be sent into the network at different entrances and quite possibly not bump into each other for quite some time. Running and jumping about are limited, but opportunities for stealth and ambush abound.
Recently one of the smaller tunnels leading to the entrance area has been drastically expanded, almost perfectly circular in shape and twice as wide. Burn marks on the rocks themselves indicate this was caused by a great battle.


The depths of the cavern maze swallows everything in darkness, the subtle movement of creatures off in the distance faintly echoing off of the earth walls with the occasional drip of water. Yuuka tries to control her breathing so that its less auditable, stepping lightly while she sweeps the glowstick in her hand out in front of her, casting a red glow out in front of her. So far, she hasn't bumped into anyone yet. With the network of tunnels spread out who knows how far, it would be difficult to determine just how long it might be before she encounters another shinobi. She might just have to catch herself a few desert-dwelling lizards to cook them later, possibly drawing her target to the scent of food.

Yui had gone out to find her mistress. She follow her to the caves. She then wonders the caves. The ninja has no idea why she would come here but finds her why around slowly. Soon she makes her way to the same tunnel as Yuuka. She walks up on the other woman only speaking when in arm reach, "there you are. Why are you down here?" Her tone is cold and flat as always.

Yuuka blinks her bright eyes up at Yui with mild surprise when the younger kunoichi steps into the red light of the glowstick, the corner of her lips tugging faintly as she lifts the light a bit higher above them. "Yui-chan." she murmurs. And as flat as Yui's voice was, Yuuka couldn't help but quirk a brow at her for a short moment. "I am taking the exams of course. I would not be here otherwise." Her smile grows despite that. "I would ask you the same thing but I have a feeling that it is the same reason."

Yui tilts her head some and slowly nods, "it seems so. Are we suppose to fight now?" She seems clue less what is expected to her but then again this is her first time taken the test." She does not seem worry in fact she has that normal black look on her face.

The elder Kaguya kunoichi hesitates as she glances over Yui's shoulder, at the other end of the tunnel beyond the red light that fades and stretches out into more darkness. "I suppose we are." Yuuka replies lightly, "But on the upside, with each other would be better than if some other shinobi from another land got the scroll." She shakes her snow white head slightly while she smiles.

Yui is silence for a while, "Scroll are we looking for a scroll?" She slips the mask over her face and pulls out a throwing knife, "if we are after such a thing maybe we can work together to get it."

Yuuka arches a brow at Yui for a short moment, the quiet amusement shining in her eyes, "Before you entered the tunnels, you were given a scroll. The rules are that you are supposed to obtain two of them, and keep them the two weeks that we are down here. So even if you lose your scroll, you can get them still from others."

Yui does looks at the scroll tuck in her belt, "I thought that was a door prize." She then holds out her hand, "can I have your scroll mistress. I know you can get and keep all them in no time."

She chuckles once before Yuuka sharkes her snowy head gently, "Not without earning it, Yui-chan." she murmurs, "I would be happy to give it to you when you can actually take it from me." The light smile grows. "Want to try?"

Yui thinks about it she just got out of the hospital from her last spar but then nods, "if you wish Mistress." She reaches down and pulls out her silver sword with the thin blade. Yui takes a few steps back, "when this is done I need your advice on a weakness I discovered."

Yuuka nods softly as she reaches up to lightly pull the collar of her kimono back from her slender shoulders, slipping her slender arms from the sleeves to let them hang at her hips. Though she wears the white ivory around her chest, something else is out of place. Black lettering is scrolled into a circle around her belly, the kanji for 'osanago'. Clearly a seal of some kind. "I will give you my thoughts whenever you need them, Yui-chan." Yuuka exhales a slow breath as she focuses her power, her chakra within herself.

Yui tilts her head at the undressing and more the seal. She then nods, "well I face a man who used mind tricks to make me see things. I had no way to know what was real or not." She Then moves forward and then flips over her teacher and stabs at her back between the shoulder blades. She then does a flying cartwheel and swings at your side.

"Ah. It sounds like this man used genjutsu on you." Yuuka murmurs as she lifts her right hand to her left shoulder. Digging her fingertips into her flesh, she pulls out the bone from her arm in one smooth movement. The hiltless, ivory blade curves just slightly with a flick of her wrist, splatting crimson drop on the cavern floor. "Genjutsu is difficult, but you can learn techniques to defend yourself against them. Even condition your mind to recognize when you are caught in one." The corner of her lips tugs slightly as she watches Yui, blinking once when she suddenly is dashed towards. Her agility has improved, to be able to flip over her in such close quarters. Yuuka lifts a hand to sweep backwards at the girl in a slight spin, deflecting the silver blade to counter and stab at Yui's shoulder all in one smooth motion. When the younger kunoichi cartwheels to her other side, Yuuka counters once more, deflecting the blade to take another stab at the other shoulder. "In tunnels such as this, there is very little room to move. So it is best to shift your movements, control yourself and keep aware of your surroundings."

Yui has notice the tightness with the flip her heels did drag on the ceiling. She frowns and cries out as you counter her first move and then the next. She frowns behind her mask, "yah I notice." She swings at your head with her sword. She then drops to her knees and thrust up at your torso. She has no idea your with child she did guess you were once but you said you weren't so takes your word.

Yuuka winces as she is slashed at, each attack connecting and causing her to stagger back a brief step before extending her arm out in front of her. The camellia blade in her slender hand curves on its own just before the Kaguya kunoichi throws it hard at Yui. After the first attack, her fingers curl inwards into a loose fist and turn it towards herself, pulling the ffying blade back to slash at her target a second time.

Yui nods, "yah not so fun when your hit." She brings her sword up to block your attack but soon finds her footing wrong and misses both of them. She winces some as you hit her twice. She frown behind her mask, "Damn it." She then thrust forward with her sword. She then spins and swings the sword around at your head. As she does she speaks, "the thing is the guy seems to be attracted to and wants to prove he strong so I will accept him. But he only doing what I tell him to do and not thinking on his own. How do I really judge if he worthy to calm me."

The first thrust of Yui sword misses as Yuuka smoothly dodges, stepping back just enough to avoid the blade. Pulling her camellia blade towards her, she tries to catch it to deflect and counter the coming second attack, only to be just fraction of a moment too slow. Yuuka shakes off the pain as she lifts her aquamarine eyes back to the younger girl, quirking a brow at the strange turn of the conversation. "A strong male with the guts to stand up to you, even put you in your place if need be, is rare. Most men nowadays are weak of spirit." she murmurs, "Tell him your thoughts with no games. I think he is worth a chance if he has captured your attention like this." Yuuka smiles gently, "He must have left an impression on you if you are worrying about this now." And the sword is thrown again, slashing at Yui to boomerang back once more.

Yui sighs some, "I know I told you this before how my father with one hand calmed my mother I want a guy like that." She brings her sword up to block but her mind is wondering some and both attacks get though. She drops to one knee and frowns behind her mask. She holds up her hand, "you win." Blood drips from the cuts on her body and she feeling weak, "You win no big surprise there." She sits back and sighs again, "at this rate I'll never be strong."

Yuuka catches the sword in one hand, watching Yui when she drops to a knee and holds up a hand in surrender. Her expression softens, and while she's clearly beaten up too the elder kunoichi moves over to kneel in front of Yui. "Sometimes we have to trust our own judgement and even have the courage to place trust in others. And I know how you feel, Yui, very much so. For a long while I wished I could be with someone that is like my brother. But the greatest gift you can bestow a person is acceping them for who they are. It is what we all want in life." Yuuka lifts a hand to gently rub the girl's head. "I can already tell you are getting quicker and stronger, so do not feel bad. Experiences like taking the exams is what shapes us." She holds out her hand for the scroll. "How about after this we get you patched up. I will stick with you to see if we can anbush some other shinobi."

Yui nods hand hands over the scroll. She stands up weakly, "sounds good." She then lifts her mask to the top of her head and gives a faint smile, "So tell me about your your brother? Is he anything like your boyfriend?"

Yuuka doesn't hesitate to help Yui up to her feet, giving her support while the girl lifts the mask to rest on top of her head. At the question the woman blinks her bright eyes with some surprise at the question, only for her expression to shimmer with mirth as she chuckles lightly, shaking her snowy head once, "My older brother was everything to me. When my father worked and my mother rested because of her illness, he took care of me and played with me. He was a very kind brother, and he must have been strong because eventually he had to leave to become a shinobi and try to help support the family." she murmurs, her gaze becoming distant. "And for the longest time he and my family were the only ones I thought about." Yuuka gently shakes her snowy head to herself before returning her gaze back to Yui. "Keisuke-sama has kindness within him, but he doesn't show it to just anyone. I feel honored and treasured knowing that side of him, and awed and enchanted when I watch him in battle."

Yui leans against you she is pretty beat up but that how it is normally when she face people. She nods some, "so he not around anymore? Well there goes that idea." she rest her head on your shoulder, "you know I lost my mother and father when I was only ten I never had this type of talks with my mother."

Yuuka faintly quirks a brow as she gives the girl a sideways glance. "My family was stolen away from me when I was just a child, barely a toddler. So that option is out the window for you, yes." she chuckles, almost surprised when Yui rests her head on her bare shoulder. "You knew your parents longer than I did then… I hope you still have fond memories of them." Yuuka shifts the weight against her while they walk. "I never had talks like this with my mother either. I was barely able to speak to her when she was so ill."

Yuuka comes to a slow pause in their steps with silent consideration, sighing lightly before she carefully begins to lower Yui to the floor. Once that is done, she pulls out her pack to search through it, pulling out a first aid kit. "It was just as I said, my parents… my mother was very ill and she was in bed resting all the time. And we were not very rich, so my father worked all hours so that we could get medicine for her." she murmurs, pulling out rubbing alcohol to disinfect wounds. "And my brother took on allot of responsibility taking care of me. I looked up to him, wanted so much to be like him." Yuuka smiles sadly. "But after he left to train and be a shinobi… something terrible happened."

Yui winces at the cleaning of her wounds and close her eyes, "I'm sorry to make you relive that." She then opens her eyes, "what with the seal on your body. Are you trying to hold something inside you. Do you have a demon? How did you capture it?"
From afar, Shintaro (Shin) falls over laughing.

Yuuka smiles lightly as she shakes her pale head, "There is more, but you can hear it later if you want." she murmurs, only to quirk a brow as she flits her bright eyes up at Yui. The corner of her lips tugs with a slight smile and a small chuckle escapes her lips. "Yes and no." She shrugs. "It was a gift from a friend, its to protect the lifeform that is inside of me against anything that I might face during the exams. If I am poisoned, for example, it is not." The smile grows some, "What you suspected last time is now true. I am indeed with child now." Yuuka chuckles again and leans forward, "As how I came to capture it, you see, when a man loves a woman—"

Yui blinks, "oh it's a baby. congratulation. I know where children come from. My aunt told me when I was 13. I just never seen someone use a seal on a unborn child. I didn't know someone could. Are you sure it safe to fight even with the seal what if you take a sword or a fist in your stomach?"

The older kunoichi chuckles lightly, but her focus remains on the bandages as she begins wrapping the smaller wounds. "Well when I started to feel sick, I went to the hospital because it is shrange that a Kaguya would be ill in the first place. Our regenerative ability prevents illnesses, among other things. And the woman mednin that diagnosed me said that I pregnant, but also that my body had reacted naturally to it. There is… a protective cacoon of bone that is wrapped around the womb. So since Kaguya bone is harder than any diamond, and the seal bounces any attack directed to it, I am assuming that the baby will be safe and well." she murmurs, "Eight weeks though…"

Yui blinks again, "I didn't know our bodies react that way when we have a baby." She touches her own belly, "so if I am with child I will have my womb protected by bones like aroro for it." She faintly smiles at that, "that means when it happens I'll never have to worry about it."

Yuuka shrugs a slender shoulder, frowning gently, "I do not know if it is all women from our clan or it is just me. Because… of how I am different. Or how Keisuke-sama and I are different." she does watch Yui as she smiles for a moment longer before a quiet, soft smile tugs at her own lips. "I hope that when you do get to that point in your life that it does happen for you though." Yuuka breathes out a long sigh, moving to another wound to start wrapping tape around it as well. "Right now I would just settle with Keisuke proposing. Pretty much the whole village knows what happened now, married or not, but still… I had hoped he would have asked by now."

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