Second Promotion Exams - GIT OFF MAH LAWN: Ogosokamaru vs. Koseitama


Ogosokamaru, Koseitama

Date: November 27, 2012


Nothing can distract Ogosokamaru from his URGENT QUEST TO RESCUE HIS FELLOW KUMO NI — oh look, crazy Kiri nin with a scroll. :o

"Second Promotion Exams - GIT OFF MAH LAWN: Ogosokamaru vs. Koseitama"

Hidden Tropical Oasis [Land of Water]


Marvelous, strange and exciting. A literal forest domed right inside the large cliff face. Its walls spand high into the sky surrounding the entire area, high above there are large openings where light seeps in providing just the right amount of light to light up this area. The dome shaped area from within the caves is filled with life, trees and bushes. Some trees spanding 100 meters into the sky with thick green leaves. The area is heated in the days and cooled in the evenings, a constant cool wind brushes throughout.
There are vegetables, fruits and a natural source of water in this area allowing the flora to grow. There are rocks, small caverns and openings with flower patches. Further north there are ruins of what seemed to have once been a stone city, now a relic of its former self. Overall this area is a miracle to exist, undisturbed by the human race it is a natural living habitat of great marvel and mystery.


It wasn't long after Ogo had started his search for the alleged kidnappers of one of his fellow Kumogakure nin. He was looking everywhere. Under a rock here, in a tree here there and everywhere in the oasis. Now he was scouring the tunnels again in a relentless effort to find whoever it was and as well Eri. He had removed the bell from his sash and was moving as silently as he knew how, other than moving all over the place so if someone were able to follow his speed, they could tell who he was if they knew him, or just that someone was there, looking around for someone or something in a ferverous exertion of effort.

A reedy yet powerfully shrill voice calls out from the brush as Ogosokamaru whizzes past. Koseitama hobbles out, supporting herself with a stick as though it were a cane, and inspects the area Ogo just passed through. "Goldang kids, runnin' around without no concern fer nuthin'! How's a body supposed t'keep a decent garden growin' when it gets trampled a hunnert times a day?!" >.< Koseitama waves her stick after Ogo. "You trespass on mah property agin, an' I'll tan yer britches so hard you'll have to sit on yer head instead!" >P

Ogo couldn't help but sweatdrop a little at that after he stops and sees what/who is making all that racket. He approaches her, and up to her. Close vicinity, intimidation factor attempting to kick in. Being just a little taller than she, looking down at her. "I'll give you a choice. Either you give me whatever scrolls you are carrying, or you can give me whatever scrolls you are carrying. But one choice doesn't look good for one of us, and the other has your… 'garden' being left alone, and my sanity still intact."

Koseitama scowls in response to Ogo's intimidation efforts. Insanity overcomes self-preservation instinct! :D "Don't they teach you youngsters no logic in them schools these days?! Y'cain't not 'ave two choices that're th'same thing!" The stick whips up to point underneath Ogo's chin, and Koseitama's necklace brooch glows a faint red. "And don't think you kin skeer me with that punk attitude o' your'n. You want somethin' in this life, y'dang well gotta earn it! Bunch of spoiled, entitled brats." >P

The stick in Odo's face gets him to step to the side, reaching over quickly for the handle of his large ninja-to, straight bladed katana. "The choices both have the same end, which I told you," and he would draw his weapon at her chin in retaliation, bringing his leg up for a powerful roundhouse to her side should that have connected, "but the means are quite different!"

Ogosokamaru's strikes both strike home, almost as easily as if Koseitama had really been that shrimpy old grump she was personifying. She cartwheels in midair and lands on her front. Her hands plant against the soil and push her body up…but she doesn't go upright like a human normally would. Instead, she goes into a four-legged crouch and turns her head to glare at Ogo. The cranky peer from before is gone; now she looks simply feral.
"ARRRAAAAAAGAAA!!!" Koseitama suddenly lunges at Ogosokamaru, swinging wildly at his legs and midriff. She's not even doing proper punches or chops, more attempts at clawing — and despite her snarling and beastial expression, her nails are still quite punily human. Still, wouldn't be fun to be scratched by something that ferocious!

Ogo's movements keep him out of her way enough that he has time to speak to her for a second while his blade turns slowly in his hand to a backwards position, putting the flat back forward. "So I guess this isn't going to be one of those normal battles.. you know, like between two human beings."
So, he takes a single quick swing at her with the back of the blade towards the back of her neck in a downward motion as he quickly goes to move beside her, and then the sword goes to try and pierce her shoulder from the top, which would be her back in that position. A simple stab at that vital nerve, or close enough to it to cause pain to the arm if he could correctly manage such a precise attack.

Koseitama gives a shriek and suddenly whips her body aside in a gust of wind, managing to avoid Ogo's first strike. Then she dives forward, the stab connecting, but it fails to pierce deep because of the wind chakra still flowing along Koseitama's form. She rolls several times before uncurling, then swiftly forms some handseals. There is a sucking sensation like air being pulled together in several spots, and copies of Koseitama suddenly come into being. They leap at Ogosokamaru in a concentrated pack, howling and snarling. Their technique is no more refined than what Koseitama was using earlier, but their group tactics make it much more effective, and they have the sting of wind chakra backing their blows!

Ogo hisses under the sting of the attacks catching him from the wind clones, and he then leaps back from her, pushing his chakra into his transformation, but not focusing any extra chakra right now because he needed to conserve what he had for another time, and from here, he merely takes two quick slashes at her, each of them making a big popping noise.

Koseitama gathers her wind around herself and springs into the air — but not quite fast enough. Both of Ogo's slashes score on her, making her yowl piercingly. She lands in a crumpled heap.
After a moment, Koseitama arches her back to lift her torso and fumbles around in her back pouch. "Ow…what'd I land on?" She pulls out her scroll, holds it in front of her face for a moment, then scowls and tosses it away. "Stupid homework!" >P Apparently forgetting that Ogo even exists, Koseitama painfully picks herself up and staggers away. "Moooommmmiiiiie, I got a boo-boo!" :'<

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