Second Promotion Exams - Give it your all!: Eremi vs. Etsu


Aoitsuki, Eremi, Etsu, Goh, Daisuke, Risu, Hinotori, Rise, Kimora

Date: December 11, 2012


The third part of the Promotion Exams and with the new 1v1 line up, it put Eremi against Etsu for a lengthy battle.

"Second Promotion Exams - Give it your all!: Eremi vs. Etsu"

Dammed Arena

The exams were finally making headway, prompting a fresh new battle between candidates from Konohagakure. The chill of the blistering winter crept into the edges of fall, swishing the arena with chilling winds which poured in from above. Within the arena was a familiar kunoichi who proctored a battle not to long ago in the Legendary Cup. The familiar Shirayuki known as, Aoitsuki graced the arena with her presence, light steps making way towards the center while her soft snow white kimono lightly bellowed by her feet. As the crowd in the stands finally became silent the young Shirayuki made her announcement. " We will now commence another battle between two Konohagakure shinobi… Aburame Etsu, and Satonezu Eremi, please come down into the arena!" Aoitsuki announced, returning her cupped hands along her lips back down the traces of her sides.

No sooner than the announcement was made, Etsu made her way out into the arena. She didn't look at anyone, not even the crowd. Her sights were set before her at the proctor as her steps drew her closer to the center of the place where she and Eremi would be doing battle. It's only when she's settled in place that she momentarily surveys her surroundings in an attempt to gather anything useful about it before turning her head forward and preparing herself to fight. While waiting, she built up reserves to use in fighting her opponent.

High up in the stands, Goh strides in — his boots hitting the wooden floor and echoing out as he walks. The black tattered cloak sits around him, blowing slightly in the breeze. With a small smile on his face, he approaches the railing, looking down at the scene below. His hands grip the railing tight as he leans forward, perhaps curious on who was going to win this round.

Hearing his name called, Eremi took in a deep breath of the cold air, allowing it to fill up his lungs as well as settle his nerves for the fight to come. Competing wasn't a problem for the boy, it was the hundreds of thousands of eyes that would be peering down at him from above. Watching him, judging him, but if he was lucky, cheering for him. Though the latter wasn't something he expected or counted on.
Taking in his full of the air, Eremi would breathe it out all at once before coming to his feet and making his way toward the arena from the staging area. A bare hand would come up to shield his face from the chilling winds that showed no mercy as it blew in from the falls, while the other hand grasped tightly to the single strap of his backpack that hung from his shoulder. Clenching it tighter, he'd make his way further out into the field and eyes instantly locked on to Etsu, "Hello Etsu." Never stopping his movement nor bothering to look up at the spectators above. Doing so would possibly force the boy to faint. Something he'd rather have Etsu do if he had any say about it.
"Seems no matter the line up, we're destined to fight." Eremi would offer a nervous laugh while rubbing at the back of his hair with his free hand. "So, where do I stand? Over there?" This being the boys first fight he wasn't exactly sure, so just decided to take up a spot opposite his opponent.

Daisuke settles into a chair for the matchup, curious to see how the chuunin brackets were going. He had heard about the losses in the 2nd round and wasn't too pleased about it, but he had come to support his village so that Kumogakure doesn't win everything this year. Within his lap sits a nice sized bag of snacks, which he occasionally dips his hand into to munch. He knows Eremi from a few missions they had gone on, but Etsu was a fairly new face. Then again, he was still unsure of who to cheer for.

Taking a seat not far from the lower deck was Kimora. She's holding onto a bag of fruit and quietly sits eating an apple awaiting for the fight to begin. She has a nervous look on her face, but hides it as best she could behind her bag. Her violin hangs at her side with the bow to play it.

"Hmm, right there is about fine, just move over just a little bit more," Aoitsuki replied back to Eremi, offering him a slight thumbs up whenever he did move off in the right direction. "I'm sure the two of you are aware of the rules by now from how many fights have taken place. The victor of this match will be decided whenever either of you concedes your battle, or I determine you are no longer capable of fighting. Please try to gauge your own abilities before deciding to cripple yourselves…" Aoitsuki informed and offered her own advice, she took a few back paddles away from the two of them, reaching a hand up into the air. " If the two of you are ready to battle you may… /Begin/!" Aoitsuki prompted for the start of the battle, unknown to her was what these two was capable of. She was going to be watching closely as to who might come onto in this battle.

Etsu appeared to pay no mind to the weather considering how she simply walked through it without much regard. That isn't to say she wasn't chilled in some sort of way, but she did have a nice layering of clothing that protected her somewhat from the elements. She slipped her hands into her pockets as she usually does still waiting, silently, for her opponent to arrive. When he did, she looked up from the ground and met his greeting with a soft nod of the head, followed by a reply to his statement, "Destiny has a tendency to do that sort of thing."
Once Eremi was settled in, she lifted her hands from her pockets and rested them at her sides to be ready for battle. She was familiar with the rules or at least, they weren't that difficult to remember. At the call to begin, she didn't start…yet. No, she hesitated…
"Landshark," she pointed out over to a corner indicating one flopping around and snapping as if waiting for one of them to fall victim to its maw. Not gonna happen. She'd then flash through handseals and gather up the gravel from around her in a jutsu to rain down upon her opponent to start the match. "You should watch out for that one," she offered to Eremi.

The moment it was announced that Eremi's first match was finally about to get underway, Rise literally dropped everything and made a mad dash for the Arena. Along the way she managed to gain the ire of a few other spectators by using their heads and shoulders as spring boards for the last few meters. Their yells failed to even elicit a glance back from the Kumogakure ninja. "*pant*.. *pant*.. I.. Idid'nmissn'ethingdidI?", She asked all on one breath to some random red headed teen beside her. The demand for air forced her to tip her head back in and inhale deeply.
Only once she fully caught her breath did she turn to look at the person she asked. It was an action she soon regreted.. "Dai..suke…," She murmured with eyes changing from confusion to wide-eyed terror, fearful to rage, then to something completely unreadable. Unless stopped, Rise would hastily bow her head, then turn to dash down the rest of the stairs and try to drape across the railing seperating the stands from the arena blow. A none too polite shoulder grab followed by one of the Kirigakure shinobi, one of the many in charge of making sure noone hurled something (including themselves) over the edge, gestures for her to take a seat.
"… Whatever," She rolled her eyes her eyes but grudgingly complied.

Eremi would glance over toward the proctor, "Oh, right there?" Shifting his feet across the floors before looking for confirmation once again. Seeing the thumbs up in response, Eremi would smile then look back at Etsu as he waited for the signal to begin, his mind briefly flashing through what he thought the rules in the Kirigakure arena might be. Sure he had seen a few matches so far, but from what he was able to gather, there were no rules. Some contestants leaving the field on the brink of death, if not already dead. So why a proctor? Perhaps for a sign of good faith toward the other villages. "I understand I guess…"
Hearing the go ahead, the hand that clinched the strap of his backpack released and the backpack slid from his shoulder before falling to the ground with a thud, causing a deep indent underneath it. The boy was now free to move at will, but was expecting Etsu or was going to allow her the first chance to strike. Her hesitation was perplexing, no more so then when she actually points and calls out shark. Naturally he turns and looks, only to be pelted from behind from the various gravel that littered the field.
Hands would go up to defend himself, though a little too late now, the first blow had been struck, Eremi just never imagined it to happen that way. "Misdirection." Turning to face the Aburame, "Not something I can honestly say is your type of strategy." Shrugging as both his hands reach behind his back quickly only to reappear with a kunai twirling around each index finger. "I guess the tournament brings out all sorts of things in people."
With a flick from each hand, the kunai would go flying off in Etsu's direction only for Eremi to follow behind, ready to attack up close.

Goh just continues to watch, bending in a way that his forearms will now rest upon the railing. Seemingly unaware of Rise also in the stands somewhere, as with the others. "Hmm." He thinks, always enjoying when the youngsters get to go at each other.

Daisuke turns towards a familiar voicee asking him if he missed something, his mouth full of snacks. "Nuffinmuch." he says with a full mouth before he turns to see that it was Rise. He offers the girl a smile, to which he gets wide-eyed terror and an attempted suicide. Well he supposes that was probably the worst greeting he had received but the bow made it a little better, He keeps his eyes on Rise for the moment.

"It's not, really, but I thought it surprising enough to work. Turns out my prediction was right," Etsu stated about the false shark. She was preparing herself to go on the offensive once more, but Eremi took his chance to attack her, causing her to have to switch up her strategy on the fly. She'd gather up the earth around her in an armor like coating to prevent the kunai from striking her as she wasn't fast enough to dodge. The first bounced right off, but the second took advantage of the weakened state of her armor and pierced right through, giving her a nasty cut on her upper body. She didn't say much about the damge she took, only removing the blade from her body and tossing it aside. It did hurt, though.
"I hope you don't think that tactic meant I'm being underhanded," she remarked as she removed the earth coating from her body to leave it crumbled on the ground near her feet. "I have to use what I think is best for the situation. Now that you know you're susceptible, perhaps you won't fall for it again?" She pointed mockingly over into the same area where she mentioned the landshark being. She utilized her free hand to send out a thick swarm of kikaichu.

The kunai were thrown and with one deflected, the other luckily enough pierced right through. It was a small victory for Eremi, something he was going to focus on to keep his spirits high as he continued to run toward Etsu. "I only think slightly less of you. I'm sure you don't mind." He said with a smile as he jumped into the air, spinning about at the height of the leap to once again look in the direction of where the girl was feigning another distraction.
He knew nothing was there, at least, nothing to worry about and was instead using this opportunity to set up his own, misdirection. Once his foot had barely touched the ground, expecting another attack from behind, Eremi took off. Running toward the outer edge of Etsu and barely avoiding the swarm of Kikaichu. "Maybe I did learn, and I owe you a thanks for teaching me something."
His gratitude would be shown by his rapid change in direction, now on a direct course with the girl. While still several feet away, Eremi would jump in the air once again with a solid foot extended and the other tucked into his legs. It was a familiar attack for Etsu, one he fully expected her to avoid in some way or the other. It didn't matter how she did it, if at all, for he was already springing off the ground once landing with a series of kicks to keep Etsu on her toes.

"Slightly less…I can live with this." Etsu nodded, showing that she didn't mind much at all. She had to try and watch him at this point, being familiar with his speed after observing him in the survival round. Considering she wasn't much of a taijutsu sort, she'd always have to be on her toes and be careful about going on the offensive. She thought she might be alright. Most of her defenses covered her enough for her to feel secure, but he was powerful enough to break through.
All the switching around was something she couldn't follow up with, so to make up for her inability to focus on his movements she decided to go with a defense that would give her a chance to defend against something she couldn't quite 'see'. At her guidance, her kikaichu funneled out of her coat and surrounded her in a column. "Bouncing around all over the place. One thing for certain, you are one to make someone very dizzy." She paused, "But I can't allow you to draw too close to me. You'll have to be careful of your actions from here." She jumped back out of the column of kikaichu and called them back to her, but some were left over… "You should know, I wasn't exactly lying about that land shark…" From there, the ground would burst open and a swarm of kikaichu would raise up to latch onto Eremi. He may be familiar with this, though this one is a lesser scale. She'd follow up with a wave of her insects to come through and attack him should he go down.

Rise gave the Kiri-nin that stopped her the stink eye as he left. Consequences be D*. "Excuse me." Rise nearly jumped out of her seat from the creepy, deep voice. When a frantic look to the left, right, and even towards her feet reveal nothing, the Young Shirokiri began to warily relax back into her seat. Soon after she is overshadowed, but by what is difficult to tell from just the shadow alone. Not that Rise spent much time pondering over who it was before sinking deeper into her seat to glance back at the being behind her. "You are the one called Shirokiri Rise correct?" Rise only response is to narrow her eyes to try and focus more until recognition dawns on her. "Faceless-san? What da heck are ya doin here?" She facepalmed. "Oh right, ya here to watch right?"
The faceless Kusa shinobi shook his head and waggled a finger. "Fraid not Shirokiri-san. Seems Kiri is a little short handed with all the festivities so the ask if I'd run a few errands for them." He replied bitterly with a weary shake of his head. "Troublesome thing it is too… *clears throat* Right, before I forget I tasked with delivering this message.. ah, now what was it… Oh! Right right, just uhm, some flamboyantly dressed fellow asked that you meet him at the Boneyard Gardens. Something about one last session before your match begins later on today."
"Right now?"
"Fraid so mam."
"But—" The faceless shinobi cuts her off with a headshake. An annoyed sigh escapes Rise lips as she turned back to take one last look in the arena. "Eww.. *winces then grumbles*.. He'll come back from that.. I know it." She mumured as she pushed and gestured for Faceless-san to lead the way. She quickly changes her mind to nervously follow right next to the larger man after catching sight of Daisuke though.


The sound of several bugs meeting an untimely and fast death at the feet of Eremi. It was something that always made him feel a little queezy. "Gross." He'd comment as he jumped back and shook off each foot covered in the remains of the Kikaichu, even going so far as to rub his shoes against the ground in an attempt to clean them. "And you are one to…make someone…grossed out!"
Feet now clean, Eremi would take up a defensive stance with legs spread apart and a single hand held out in front of him, palm facing up. "I'm sure you weren't. A misdirection within a…" Sentence cut off as Eremi's eyes go wide from the rumbling beneath his feet. He'd try his best to get out of harms way, but all attempts to do so end up in vain as the Kikaichu burst out of the ground and latch on to any exposed part of the boys flesh they could while others scurried into other parts that might not be so well protected.
Each bite and pinch were enough to cause Eremi to jerk this way and that while swatting at the Kikaichu that clung tightly to his frame. The sudden distraction enough to prevent him from being able to avoid the next wall of Kikaichu the swarmed and ensnared, encompassing his entire form as they bit and drained more of his chakra, preventing the spectators to see what exactly was going on beneath that shroud of Kikaichu. Though their curiousity would soon be sated, this battle was starting to favor heavily toward Etsu and were Eremi to win this, it was a desperate time that called for a desperate measure.


The Kikaichu that clung to his form suddenly erupting and scattering in different directions as a massive wave of chakra explodes from Eremi in such power the ground around him began to shake and the few gravel that littered about slowly started to rise up from the pressure released from opening not only the first gate, but pushing straight through to the third. The chakra that coursed through the boys body enlarging his veins and tightening his muscles while his skin turned a shade of red.

Kimora's eyes show excitement for the first time when the kikaichu go into action and swarms the other ninja. She sits at the edge of her seat in anticipation as to what's going to happen next. Clutching her violin and bag of fruit she yells out, "Go Etsu-chan!! Woooo!" in a very enthusiastic cheer. She looks around a bit embarrased yelling out like that since the rest of the crowd is spectating rather quietly.

"That is part of my job, yes. I must gross people out…and make them fear me," Etsu started to explain to Eremi. "That is some of the nature of my clan, but I don't think it is all that effective against you. You know me too well," she shrugged. "Misdirection, yes," she finished as Eremi fell into her trap of sorts. She'd watch while they attacked him, not seeming to show any empathy or emotion toward what pain he was experiencing. She knew it hurt and she knew that the experience could be traumatizing dealing with her insects. Hmm.
A flash of red and the following carcasses of her insects flying through the air gave rise to her arm to block her goggles so that they wouldn't splatter across them. Poor, unfortunate insects. They fought well. "Had enough of being stung, I imagine?" She questioned, continuing her trend of mocking. "Alright, then I shall try and meet you where you are. I imagine that this will not be a pleasant experience for me." She wouldn't admit that she was excited about this turn of events.
Buckling down, she placed her hands together into a seal to start her insects into producing more as well as gaining more efficiency in communication.

At this point, having opened the third gate, Eremi wasn't in the right state of mind to try and hold a conversation with, especially if it's with someone that's trying to mock him. It was bad enough just trying to focus through the pain of what his body was going through, but also trying to juggle taunts and ridicule would be pushing it. So for now, he'd ignore Etsu, keeping his mind soley on trying to finish this match and quickly. Using the gates over time, while continuing to train ones body gets easier with each use, but will always take a toll on the user and no one knew that more then Eremi.
Peering across the field, he'd watch Etsu place her hands together in the form of a seal only for nothing to happen, at least not to his 'unspecial eyes'. He could only assume she was preparing herself for something, what it was he was unsure, but he wasn't going to wait to find out. With a shifting of his feet, Eremi was already in the air and barreling down on his opponent. Upon reaching the ground, he'd begin his onslaught of fast paced punches and kicks, some were feigns while others were meant to knock her head clean off…not purposely though, but it possibly had the power to do so.

Protection is important, especially with him in this state, so Etsu utilized her bug jar technique to keep from having to endure the blows of his atacks. Hmph. "Faster," she muttered loud enough to hear.
"You need to be slown down. It's clear you don't fear me enough, as well." From within her coat rose up some of the insects that had been breeding increasingly to provide her with more to use to attack and defend herself. From the look of them, they were swollen and ready to burst to release the contents they were holding. A cocktail of acid that would be released against her opponent to burn his skin.

Having arrived late, Hinotori does make it while the match is in session. Here to support another of his old students Etsu. He quickly moves to back and stands up giving him a good vantage point to see the match from where he is.

More bugs would come to Etsu's defense and despite Eremi's best effort at increasing his speed to get through the girls defenses, each punch and kick only managed to kill more of those Kikaichu. One would think that eventually there'd be less of them, but as the fight progressed it seemed the amount of bugs only increased. Though that couldn't exactly be possible, could it? It wasn't like he was keeping track of such things, though he was surprised at how well Etsu was doing. Pleasantly so. Were she to defeat him, he'd regret nothing at this point.
Though Eremi would like to think that point was still off in the distance as swollen bugs came out toward him, ready to explode what ever conconction was brewing inside them. Not wanting to find out, the Satonezu flipped backwards onto his hands then pushed off to land on his feet. Repeating the process several times over until out of harms way. While doing so he had heard the words Etsu had muttered and those she spoke more loudly. If the timing were appropriate he'd respond or even smile as the memories of them together before this exam and even before the previous flooded his mind. There was no doubt Etsu was a Shinobi to fear, but being afraid now would do as little good as being afraid during an actual mission.
Clenching his teeth, Eremi would bend at the knees and hunch forward a bit as he placed his finger tips on the ground. The knuckles would start to turn white as he pressed hard against the ground preparing his next attack. Then in an instant he was gone. Completely vanishing and no where in sight. He wasn't gone long though, as he reappeared beneath Etsu with a powerful kick to the girls chin that would send her flying through the air.

It was getting tough trying to hold up all these defenses against these attacks. Etsu was going to have to recover in order to continue this battle. "Have you considered conceding yet?" She inquired of Eremi. He may not be talking much, but she doesn't think her words are going unheard. She decided to sit back and try to build up her reserves once more so that she'd be able to take whatever he had up his sleeve. No need in trying to sit on low reserves and defend against an attack she couldn't withstand.

The thought of opening more of the eight chakra gates passes through Eremi's mind, but it seemed like an unnecessary overkill. Especially while fighting against Etsu. Someone he considered a friend, among the few he had. To him, this was only a slight step above that of a spar and if he could help it, he wasn't going to put Etsu in any serious danger. So for now he'd stick with what he had and just continue to be amazed at the responsive speed of the Kikaichu as they blocked another one of his blows, preventing any chance of him grasping victory. The kunai he had thrown at the beginning of the match, the one that managed to land, seemed like a fleeting memory to where they stood now.
Which, by Eremi's calculations, was still relatively close to one another. Normally after the Shadow of the Dancing Leaf landed he'd follow into the persons shadow or if it missed, the opponent would jump back, but that didn't seem to be the case this time. Feeling he was still in range, Eremi would extend his hands, force through what ever bug wall that was protection the Aburame and do his best to toss her off her feet and put the girl in a daze.

Etsu watched Eremi closely. She had somewhat wondered why he didn't push his limits, but then it occurred to her that the Gates were rather dangerous and each level meant more damage to him as much as it would her. The net gain wouldn't add up. She sees a bit of a disadvantage in these techniques, but it's clear that he has more than enough will to handle them.
As he tried to close range, she showed that she still had some speed available to her and she barely formed her stronghold of kikaichu before he drew close enough to strike. Her heart skipped a beat and she even sighed a soft breath out on that note. "I couldn't allow that…I'm sorry," she offered to Eremi. "But you were very close," she remarked. Now that he wasn't close enough she decided to let the insects go and find their way onto him once more where they'd attempt to sting him as much as they could. A plague against him and his body.


The only thing close to a word Eremi was willing to emit as he's stopped by an even thicker wall of bugs then he's encountered previously. Their numbers so great, that even upon coming into contact with the Kikaichu wall and extending his hands as deep as he could through the swarm, he was still only able to grab more of the bugs and squish them within his hands instead of what he actually intended. That he was unable to touch Etsu anymore only made more bitter by her constant belittling. It was starting to make him think that she was looking at this fight as something different, not even considering Eremi as a shinobi to Konoha or even a friend to her as if she enjoyed pouring salt in the wounds.
Jumping back in a fit of rage, Eremi could only bite down hard as he tried to calm himself while gauging how much Etsu had left in her. It seemed like quite a bit as she wasn't showing any sign of fatigue and the Kikaichu just kept coming in more numbers. Though as the most recent wave came, he managed to disappear in the blink of an eye and upon deciding not wasting anymore time, Eremi burst forth toward Etsu as he tried to push through what ever bugs blocked his path. His intention was to blast her up into the air and once she was suspended, he'd begin his assault of constant punches before finishing it off with a foot and fist combo that if it worked, would send her slamming into the ground.

Packed full of protein those bugs were…

Etsu was growing a bit tired and it was finally beginning to show. She inhaled deeply and sighed each breath back out as she continued fighting. It's been a while since she's been this way, truthfully. She tried not to get to this point as her condition wasn't exactly nice to her when it came down to these sorts of things. She tried to better her control of chakra to /prevent/ her having to feel weak. At this point, she was feeling slightly light headed and it was this that potentially granted Eremi his chance to break through and strike.
She used her bug jar defense, thinking that she might be able to secure herself once more, but instead, he left a hole open in her rotating cloud of kikaichu and launched her into the air where she was repeatedly pounded and finished off with a combo of fist and foot to be jettisoned back to the ground and leave a dent in the ground where she was.
Everything seemed to move in slow motion as her mind took time to catch up with her. Once it did, all the sounds and elements began to filter back into her consciousness as she heard the crowd roar and the weather seemingly pick up. She blinked behind her goggles, one of the lenses cracked…

and smiled.

It wasn't the first time she smiled, but it was the first time it'd ever been this bright. Some may think she's lost it and it may appear that way as she began to stumble to her feet while chuckling. Was she smashed up enough that her mind just left her? Not really. She was just terribly excited. Weak, but excited. "Finally," she stated to him and pointed him out with a lazy finger. "I was wondering when you'd get to this point. Took you long enough. I needed you to fight me with the best you had," she explained to him. "Now, I'm going to try and build up my reserves again and see how I'll fare," she coughed a bit and proceeded to focus her chakra.

That makes twice Eremi had seen his most devestating attack land only for the person to get back up and still want to continue fighting. It made him reconsider his abilities as well as himself. He knew being a pure taijutsuist was a struggle in the shinobi world, but he had truly thought that he was making some great strides with his own skills. With or without the gates to help him, it was clear he had a long way to go before he was able to make a name for himself…as a taijutsuist.
"Etsu…" Eremi would finally speak to her once again as he kneeled on the ground, trying to catch his breath from using an ability that just a few months ago would have forced him to forfeit right then and there were his opponent to still come at him. The strain it put on his body would have been too much, but now it was a little more manageable. "This…Isn't the best I had…" Taking in a deep breath, he'd push himself off the ground, find his balance and then face the girl. "There's still far more I'm able to give…You remember that giant Alligator in the swamps? Of course you do, that's not something you easily forget after only a week. You have to be seeing the huge difference between when I was fighting back then and how I'm holding back now…"
At this point Eremi could only shake his head, wondering if Etsu…Etsu before the exams, was even still there. She wanted to win and it was obvious, but in this tournament he knows there are far stronger people then what she just faced in this fight against him. Would she 'fare' as well then as she was now? It was unlikely, but if she did manage to beat Eremi with the current power he was showing, then she more then enough deserves a shot. However, he wasn't going to give up easily.
The moment Etsu began to focus her chakra was when Eremi sprinted forth once again, using that brief moment when her defenses were down to hopefully get in one last attack. He'd reach out for her clothing like he had before, hope that she was unable to properly summon her Kikaichu, then with all the strength he had left, he'd toss her across the field in an attempt to end this match right here and now.

The fight is growing more intense, and Hinotori is actually really enjoying it. Crossing his arms over his chest, the older Uchiha continues to watch, still cheering for Etsu to do well. "Come Etsu-san." he says grantd she may not be ale to hear him, but still.

Etsu prepared herself for this next attack in the best way she knew how. She was going to have her kikaichu gather once more, perhaps moving on chance more so than confidence this time. The way he seemed to somehow get better in such a short time made her wonder if it was a result of her condition or if he was really moving that much more faster.
Her name rang out clearly enough and she lifted her head to meet his eyes as he spoke. "I know what you're able to give, Eremi. I wanted you…to give that to me," she started. "I admired that…what…what you did in the swamp. I wanted to see that…and I did," she smiled again. "Granted, I'm..a..a little disappointed at you. You…could've…" She didn't get her words out as things started to slow down a bit and she threw up a defense that was far too late to capture him and ended up falling to him by being tossed across the field to land on the ground. The thud shocked her into focus for a few moments and she looked at him lifting her hand to give him a thumbs up at his performance. "Still could've done more…" She finished while on the ground.
With what strength she had left, she called out, "I concede!!" She couldn't move at the moment, but she thinks she'd give it a shot so she could pick herself up off the ground. She had a lot of wounds, possibly something was fractured, but she'd be okay.

The throw was all Eremi had left in him, so he was lucky that he was able to get a hold of Etsu and finish this fight. Otherwise it would be him lying on the ground giving the thumbs up, if his tiring muscles would allow of course. The gates that he had opened, the chakra they had released were all used up now. The only way he'd be able to continue fighting was if he forced his body to open more gates, which would only hurt him more then anything he'd gain in the condition he was in.
Etsu had put up a great fight, she was the second person in quite some time to get his body feeling so fatigued. Still, he had no idea why she wanted him to give it his all…This was only the first round and he was going to have to save something for the final match. After all, he was getting a free pass to the final bout. The only thing now was waiting to see who would win. Ryo or Berii. Two Uchiha's, so it really didn't matter which one won.
Looking across the field, Eremi planned to make an attempt at helping her up, but it appears she was able to do so on her own. "You're…quite scary." Eremi would offer as he dropped to both knees, no longer having any reason to push his muscles if she was able to get up on her own. He'd need his muscles to rest and the both of them would need to head to the hospital if they wanted a speedy recovery. Still, it was up to the proctor to make an announcement, so his eyes would travel over toward the quiet Kiri nin, waiting to see what she had to say.

Aoitsuki watched as finally the battle had neared it's end. It was hard fought, lots of tongue holding, but in the end the taijutsu expert reigned victorious. Eremi's fast pace assault had caught Aoitsuki eye, and upon launching Etsu off to the side she was gearing herself to cease the fighting between the too of them, but Etsu elegantly beat her too it, shouting out the magic phrase, 'I concede'. The phrase stirred Aoitsuki from her focus and bringing her towards the center of the arena, holding her arms high in the air and gesturing for the combatants to cease fighting.

" The winner of this battle is Satonezu Eremi! Satonezu Eremi will proceed to the finals of the first bracket Chuunin Exams!" Aoitsuki announced followed by a roar from the crowd. Her announcement had prompted a medical team to quickly field within the arena, one squad instantly attempting to get a lock on Etsu's vitals and another checking for Eremi. " You both did quite well today, definitely a good bout…" She nodded to the both of them, gesturing for them to shift towards the exit of the arena, they needed to be looked over before released.

HInotori nods his head, it was a hard fought battle between the two, but Eremi earned the win. Taijutsu is one of the hardest skills to master when going against those who use genjutsu and ninjutsu, due to the fact that all their attacks must be done close in. But still Etsu proved herself as well, using her kikaichu's very well, the Uchiha lets a smile form on his face as he gives a silent clap. With that he walks down the stairs and out of the arena for now.

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