Goat at the Gates


Michiko, Arashi, Seiko, Seiji, Sakuya, Reza, Hanami, Yori, Jon, Thor (emitter)

Date: July 14, 2016


Ex-KRD Agent Goat's forces attack the village of Kumogakure seeking revenge.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Goat at the Gates"

Front gate of Kumogakure

On this wintery night, the moon is high and the air is cold and crisp. The listening posts in the lowlands send a runner towards the main gate with a message for the Raikage. However, with Hiei away on business in the Land of Water, the message is given to Iwata Michiko instead. It reads simply: Army approaching from the South. With the village already on alert against such a thing, the alarms are sounded quickly. All villagers are instructed to remain in their homes while all available shinobi are ordered to gather towards the main gate. Ten minutes later, the sound of battle can be heard outside of the gates as the clank of metal on metal and the sight of various jutsu fly about as the attacking force meets the mobilized village guards first.

Michiko had yet to leave for the Land of Earth. There were several reasons for this, of course, and not just because she felt mildly treasonous. In fact, she felt far from such. The girl was worried that Goat would attack when both Head Ninja and Raikage were gone. And the newly named Supreme General disappeared with little word … Again… The guards told her, of course, and the logs at the docks indicated the truth. It was … irritating, to say the least, but she was going to keep an eye on Kumo. She was determined to keep the village safe, even at the cost of her life.
The village itself? Michiko was glad it was on high alert because the ring for the alarms and the warning system were all set up. Michiko appeared at the gates, dressed in her usual dark attire. A white fox sat on her shoulders as she gathered chakra to herself, both natural and from her inner reserves. "Che… I knew it…" she mutters to herself, glancing back at the gathered forces. Right about now, she was wishing for Hiei's eloquence… A shame she didn't have it.

Arashi upon hearing the alarms being sounded would move quickly. This meant they were being attacked, and he was ready for it. Good thing those bats stayed close to Kumo anyhow. He was heading towards the main gate already and making sure as he went that anyone on the street that wasn't a shinobi were getting into their houses and hiding. He also already seemed to have chakra preared for this fight. It wouldn't take him very long to get the gates and he quickly found a spot to stand and listen for orders. He was going to do what was needed of him. His eyes moved to Michiko who he figured was gonna be the one in charge here, and he was most likely to listen to her orders anyways. He would wait with the rest of the shinobi for orders though. Can't just do his own thing in such a dangerous situation.

Night shift was painful, but is the serpent not a nocturnal creature? Someone best suited for night-work is one that can utilize something other than sight to detect approaching traffic. Yet the attack on the village seemed to be central to the main gate, at least the at the moment, the attacking force had decided not to trail up the location she had been position as a lookout at. Standing at the other side of the village, Sakuya's watch remained vigilant as her hands remained clasped behind her despite the fatigue being on the night watch brought… Not to mention, the cold air had put the serpent coiled about her waist at this moment to sleep
It wasn't until an allied shinobi landed next to her, telling her of the situation, that she determined whether or not it was wise to re-deploy. "Hebisuuhai-san, there are reports of chakra expenditure across the front gate. They're requesting aid." The reply came swiftly from Sakuya, who saluted the messenger and replied. "Affirmative. I'll head there as soon as possible…" As soon as possible was intended, because she would seek out Saito Yori, the head of her team, because they had fought as a team for long enough that their combined efforts would be far more effective than if they were to fight alone. As Sakuya jumped off the guard-post along that section of wall, she would take to the streets as quickly and quietly as possible as the sounds of clashing metal began to approach quickly. Using scent as a guide, she pinpointed Yori rather quickly, sending a message to his location as soon as her jutsu could reach him. »Yori-kun, please wait for me! I'll be there soon to help you." Sakuya's tongue fluttered from her mouth, as she flicked a finger at her serpent, who was fast asleep. "Get up! Hibernation season is over, Zuzu."

Jon can be seen on the frontlines of the combat, creating brief flashes in the darkness with zapping strikes of his rod. Scruvo's nowhere in sight, probably tucked away with the civilians or at least keeping a wide berth from the fighting. This isn't a time to be a detective; it's not even a time to be a ninja per se. It's a time to be a soldier. Jon fights conservatively, saving his energy for when the figurative big guns show up. That usually seems to be the strategy of these huge forces that show up to take on a village full of highly capable fighters, throw tons of cannon fodder in to wear them out before risking any capital assets. Where do they get all these suicidal mooks anyway? e.e
RP: Jon joins the roleplay.

Reza almost always prepped for action quickly answered the call of the alarms. His attire lacking his usual hat and gakueren, this time choosing a snug form fitting black compression shortsleeve which appeared water resistent. His usual baggypants were met at the waist by a bright yellow sash which was tied to his old white sash, both with the kanji for Thundergod adorning them. Reza would find himself within the crowd of shinobi gathering to recieve standing orders as he adjusted his gauntlets and tied his hair back. Village headband still at his neck he'd keep an eye out for those he knew/knew of. Grouping himself with other jounin of the village Reza would ensure his stock of shuriken, kunai, and prepared tags were ready. "Seems like time for a rousing speech…I love rousing speeches."
RP: Reza joins the roleplay.

Well… troll. Seiko had been just relaxing around the village, having a cup of tea at a restaurant when she heard the sounds of battle and the alarms. Her eyes widen as she wonders if it's her former comrades attacking again or someone else. No time to ponder on that much, though, as she quickly pays for her drink then takes off toward the gates. An aura of wind flares up around her as she literally takes into the air above the buildings to get there quicker to try and help defend the village.

Hanami was coming riding her quite large wolf Honi. So she didn't get the alert but between her senses and Honi's she knew there was a large amount of trouble outside the gates, getting the overwhelming chakra sense along with the noises and scents of battle. She leans down nearer Honi's head, patting his thick neck, "Keep going Honi! We're going to be needed I think!"

With as many people out in front of the gate as there is, any sensory techniques will pretty much say that there is a lot of people out there. Moving through the crowd is a slender man with long black hair and an alabaster white goat mask attached to the front of his face. He wears an outfit that is remnant of that of Kamen Rai Da. As he walks past people they simply shy away from him and the closer he gets the more distinct he can be seen among the crowd. "Oy. I've come for the head of the son of Yotsuki Kenshin. That little hoof has eluded me for ten years and I've come to collect!" He bellows as chakra surges in his body, an aura seems to come from him as he forms handseals with one hand before water begins blasting out of his mouth, and it's not long before a large wave of it slams towards the gates themselves. "Bring him out! Bring me Yotsuki Hiei!"

Michiko watches the guards fighting nearby, and a few people go in to try and act as reinforcements. Of course, a lot of the action begins to slow down as Goat appears to bellow out his claim. "Che… I would have thought you'd known," she would say calmly, even as she seems to be transforming before the man's very eyes. A tail sprouts from her tailbone and her ears seem to shift into those meant for a fox. There's also a bit of a dangerous look in her eyes. "Hiei-san is not here. You'll have to deal with me instead. Many apologies… I would also like to request that you remove your mask, as you are not a member of the Kamen Rai Da, former Agent Goat."
Michiko seems oblivious to the aura that emits from the man, not moving a muscle. And even after the surge of water, she is unfazed, using a simple motion to put up a barrier of earth around herself, though she can't do the same for others because … Admittedly, they're all a bit scattered ._.;; "You picked the wrong village to mess with," she says simply, making a few hand seals to create a number of earthen hands that seek out the enemy forces, grabbing them and tossing them into cages of earth that look more than a bit demonic.

Arashi just shook his head when he heard the call for Hiei. His eyes watched Michiko for a reaction, and this might've actually been his first time seeing her imperfect sage form. Unsure or not, but this would be the first time he remembered it. He himself already had a sorta chakra cloak surrounding him though it was simply a way to access it quicker and use more of it for pure power. When the aura came to make him submit he felt it, but he didn't let himself get pushed down from it. He also was able to form balls of storm chakra in front of him that blasted a human sized hole in the water so it missed him. "I figure you can handle him Michiko. I will help with all the others around the village." He moved to another location and quickly formed handseals for his laser circus move. The storm chakra shot out to hit as many guys as he could. Just move the numbers heavily in their favor hopefully.

A powerful genjutsu crushed Sakuya, even as both snake and partner focused their powerful genjutsu defense, it wasn't enough. Even this far from the gate, someone was powerful enough to overwhelm someone who was focused on genjutsu and defending from it. Sakuya promptly fell to one knee as the aura overwhelmed her, and when the water overcame the gates, spilling into the streets, she could only helplessly watch as it rushed towards her. «Sorry, Sakuya, it was too strong for even me.» Zuzu said as he braced himself tight against her, the impact of water send her quite far down the streets, disorienting her. The cold water chilled her to the bone. She was sure she had broken a finger. Sakuya was much too far from the action to retaliate, even if she could. She was stuck upon the ground, for the time being.

Wow, some former KRD agent. How could his intelligence network possibly miss an event like the Raikage taking a trip outside the country? :P Jon suspects there might be some sort of mind-game at play there, but he can't devote much thought to it because now a game's being played with his mind. Jon very nearly pushes the foreign influence out, but it takes a little too long and there's another hazard incoming. >.<; Jon throws his effort into an electrical shield which brunts some of the liquid impact. Then he finds himself dropped to the ground under the mental pressure. Thiiiis is not gonna be fun. u.u;

Reza grits his teeth as his chance at hearing a rousing speech is rudely interrupted. But out the corner of his eye he's positive he just witnessed Arashi launching an assault using the Laser Circus technique. A grin spreads across Reza's face as his aura crackles with lightning. "OK! Here's the Deal! Cover me. I'm going to blast these jackasses into oblivion! Buy me time!" As he spoke Reza's hairs would slowly stand on end as lines ran throughout his compression shirt and a purple glow lined his upper body and hands all leading back to his heart. The lines would run to his face and eyes giving his eyes a mystical glow but only briefly. With that aura Reza would dispel the attempted suppression aura before blocking himself and a few unnamed people with a seal wall emitted from twin tagged kunai. With a wrist flicker Reza would send the Kunai into the ground near his feet before forming a vast number of seals. "Don't let me down!"

Former KRD… The shinobi world is so full of traitors. Seiko, however, doesn't have a lot of time to think about this. While her flight path is able to carry her over the incoming torrent of water, this advantage turns into a disadvantage when the Genjutsu hits her. "Oh… bridge," she grumbles as she feels her body freeze up and she plummets to the ground and bounces and skids along the ground. "… Son of a…"

Hanami was racing along with Honi when she saw and heard the man Goat. So this was the guy she had heard others talk about hmm? She wouldn't let her guard down and as he unleashes the torrent of water she tries to move the two of them out of the way combining her wind with Honi's agility and speed but the water catches them sending them tumbling head over heels. Battered and bruised she can't muster much defense against the crushing presence that sends her falling back after sitting up and leaving Honi crouching down, whining. Which is something considering he's bigger than a bear.

Having been training when all of this happened, Seiji quickly went to the front gates along with others who were coming to the aide of the village. Hearing the ring of weapons and the sounds of combat, Seiji moves quickly covering ground. Seeing a Kumo-nin about to be attacked, Seiji quickly reaches out grabbing two kunai and slings them with a supple grace, launching the two projectiles towards the enemy in hopes of sparing the Kumo-nin he's trying to help.

Yori hadn't been in the village when the attack had begun but he had been close enough to see the fighting light up the sky and barely hear the sounds of the alarms. Despite racing back he was late in his arrival and the fighting had already begun. Not that it would stop him from taking care of business now that he'd arrived. Without pausing for a beat he moved into action as he neared the back side of the attacking forces and in a flash he zigzagged through a group of them, blade sheathed as he came out the other side near Sakuya. "Sakuya-chan! Are you okay?"

Goat knew Hiei wasn't in the village, it was all part of the plan. Which is the prime reason why the Ox had sent him to attack with a group of his men. Arashi's laser show hurts. It hurts a lot. And as they impact him, Yori's blazing fast movements knock him off balance even though one of the attacks only just missed him. He growls towards the Saito. "You're HIS student, aren't you? Your moves stink of his. Tell me where that Yotsuki gruff is hiding or I will level this village!" It was a good threat. One that he is definitely capable of delivering. However, as coffins of earth jutsu surround him, he gasps slightly, recognizing this jutsu from the last time he faced Michiko. "You can pry it from my cold corpse, Iwata Michiko…" Which she might just end up doing after all of this is said and done. As his form is enclosed in the jutsu and his body is sucked into the ground…Seiji's attacks hit their mark, saving the Kumo nin who offers him a nod of thanks before going back to the massive fight around him. The spray of blood flies into the air once Yori completes his attack, and even though it seems like the army's leader is off the battlefield, they still continue to fight like there is no tomorrow. Because for them, there isn't one.

Michiko frowns a bit as so many of her Shinobi fall to the Genjutsu, and then the tidal wave shortly after. Note to self: create mandatory training sessions to defend Genjutsu… And these sessions will be RP'ed out so that people can actually get a real defense. Michiko has little time to dwell on such a thing, though. She would hear Reza's call for back up, and she takes note of it. "Sensors, keep an eye out for other suspicious parties!" she shouts to whoever can actually move, recalling Hiei's words. The Goat and the Ox King had teamed together… And the Ox King was nowhere in sight. "Those who can move, watch for the ones that fell to the Genjutsu and keep the group out of our village." Then she glares at the ex KRD agent because he had hurt some of her most precious friends and allies. "Allow for me to make this a bit easy for you," she says darkly. "Leave here and never return, or die after we wring out every piece of information from you." Even as she speaks, the enemies in the back that were fighting get to see a lot of metal spikes springing up to pierce them. Michiko was very careful not to touch allies, her senses finely attuned to the earth and recognizing the Shinobi she has been working with for the past six years of her life.

Arashi saw a quick turn of events that did a lot of things. Goat seemed caught at least, and Reza was preparing to destroy a lot of them. Arashi was looking to use the mist to see how many were left in the surrounding areas and see if there were any hidden forces. "Reza. I don't see anything coming…. So I will join you with a bit more of my beams to destroy anyone left in the area. He didn't have much else to do luckily.

"Yori-kun…" Sakuya said with a grunt as she took out the bandages. "I'm fine now. You came just in time… I never thought I'd be overpowered by genjutsu like that." Sakuya said regretfully as she began to wrap up what might have been a broken bone in her wrist. She couldn't quite tell, but the impact was certainly strong enough for it. "Thank you." She says as she leans back against the wall of the very house she crashed against when the technique hit her hard. "Let me just get this on tightly, and… I'll be ready to help in the counter attack."

Jon manages to push himself up and recover. Lucky for him, it looks like nobody noticed he was vulnerable during that. c.c Well, still plenty of foes to deal with. Jon grips his rod in both hands and starts up a chakra-propelled spin, lashing out at the crowds of enemy combatants while sliding through them.

Reza nodded as his seals finished. "Clear the way!" As Reza spoke a small burst of electricity gathered in his hands. Rushing to get further into the battlefield Reza would shout the entire way there. "In Brightest Day. In Blackest Night." The energy ball in his hands would progressively grow larger. "No evil shall escape my sight. You come into Kumo looking for a fight?!" Reza launched himself as high into the air as he could. "Beware my power! Thunder God's Light!" Suddenly the energy orb in Reza's hands grew 3 times it's former size before Reza hoisted it above his head before slamming it down towards his enemies. Should the attack land it would explode into a brilliant show of electricity and enough light to make the night sky appear like daylight for a brief moment.

Seiko shakes herself a bit and is rather surprised no one took the opportunity to try and take her out while she was out of it thanks to the Genjutsu. Since she wasn't attacked, she takes the opportunity to attack instead. She hops up to her feet again and brings her hands into a seal, causing a powerful wind to blow that turns into a tornado directed at the enemies coming for them, attempting to blast some of them back into their buddies or into whatever else in the environment they can get blasted into.

Hanami groans, shifting a bit as she grumbles to herself. The effects were wearing off as she looked to Honi, seeing he was recovering. Poor wolf, but he was tough and should be fine against that attack. She meanwhile was left starting things off battered and bruised, go figure. She gets to her feet and looks to Honi, pointing toward the village walls, "Honi, defend!" Hopefully the training would pay off and hed go protect the village from any enemies getting inside. Still grumbling she inhales, focusing her chakra and sending a vortex of wind out to rip into the enemy forces. Moving forward regardless she forms the hand signs and tries flattening them with hardened air from above hopefully clearing the way and leaving them open to attacks from the other shinobi.

Heaing the orders Seiji quickly moves into a defensive posture over a few of the Kumo-nin who were still under the effects of the genjutsu. Knowing his abilities in genjutsu are lacking, he makes sure to not touch them until hey are able to get them selves out or at least have someone break the hold of the genjutsu. Knowing what he must do and knowing that this will disorient him a bit, still Seiji closes his eyes and forms seals as quickly as he can, pulling his chakra out around him, he sends pulses outwards from him. The pulses of chakra wouldn't be felt by anyone, but he knows what he is doing as he sifts through the Kumo-nin chakra and focuses it on the city and the intruders, hoping this will help him get information to the leaders and allowing people to react.

Hearing someone warn him, Seiji doesn't seem to hear them, but he sees the chakra coming towards him and with one quick strike Seiji lashes out, although slowly, he tries to strike the opponent coming towards him but at the same time he is trying to keep his focus on what he's doing or what he was ordered to do.

"Don't worry too much Sakuya-chan. Here, let me check your injuries." Yori hadn't had much time to work on his healing abilities outside of the minimum. There was always other things that he had to do that healing had somewhat fallen by the wayside. Yet he knew enough that he could hopefully help ease away the worser of Sakuya's injuries. A hand moves to the snake's forehead and he sends healing chakra through her, gathering up his own chakra in preperation for what else he would have to do before this battle was over. As for the Goat, he didn't even look at the man when he'd spoken or made his threat. And now he was silenced.

With everything going according to plan, Goat is safely tucked away in the ground, or well he was until Michiko's attack killed him while he was under there. The combined attacks from the rest of Kumo's forces decimate the army, and they fought until the last man. None of them made any attempt to run or retreat. They kept fighting until either their bodies wouldn't move, or the blood drained completely from their bodies. There is no sign of the Ox King himself. As for these series of events, it would take some investigation on the shinobi's parts to figure out just what happened here. However, there is minimal damage to the village itself, but the gate will need to be replaced. Kumo has earned a victory against a former member of Kamen, but the war is not over yet.

Oops. Apparently Goat was misplaced and got in the way of some spikes or something. Michiko didn't think people did that much damage to the man. Well, oh well… "Che… I wanted to question him, too…" Michiko would say as she flickered over to examine the now-dead body. "This is annoying…" she says with a small sigh, making a hand seal and sending a wave of chakra through the ground to see if there was any fighting around the village. It really didn't seem like it… Was this all a diversion? Michiko finishes checking the surrounding area, then she turns once more to Goat. She rests a hand on his body and sends a pulse of chakra through it to see if anything was odd… "Hmm…" she murmurs to herself, considering. "Arashi-san, Reza-san, take this body away so we can study it later. Assign a guard to it just in case. People who are injured, go to the hospital and see the medics. They should be ready for healing." She expected a much bigger fight than this… She still couldn't believe it was over that quickly…

Arashi stared a bit. The fact that all the damage he took was him pinching his own chakra. "I am surprised…. That this is all that was here. Where are the others? And why would you so simply do something like this.. Let so many die instead of having all of them together." He frowned and shook his head. "You can't tell they aren't pirates. A captain doesn't send his men off to die." He shook his hea once more before turning to Reza. "Alright Reza you get the legs." He grabbed the shoulder and head area and started to heft him up. "Will do Michiko." He states as a passing remark before waiting for Reza and heading off. He also expected more of a fight.

With Yori's help, the initial damage done to her was almost completely removed… The bone in her wrist almost completely healed up. Sakuya would be bringing herself to a stand once more, and… Alas, it seemed as if most of the fighters had already been killed or incapacitated. Sakuya's hand slowly slips behind her head, scratching it with a fair amount of embarassment. "I could have done better than that…" She admits. Given there seemed to be no one else, she simply rested her hand upon Yori's shoulder and smiled before letting it off and assessing the damage that would need to be repaired.

Jon comes out of his spinning attack in a defensive stance, ready to deal with anybody who might try to take advantage of the slight dizziness that comes with that technique. >/ But it looks like the enemy force has been pretty much mopped up. c.c Hm. Well…that's good news. Jon sets about helping with the cleanup of battle, binding enemy survivors, sifting for last-ditch traps, helping the injured, etc.

Reza frowned as his form discontinued it's glow. "Carcass duty. Fun." Reza was totally not sarcastic about the assignment as he hopping into what was essentially the shallow crater Goat had fallen into. Grabbing the ankles he'd hoise em up and nod. "Let's get this where it needs to go quick just in case it wants to jump back to life." Reza said half serious.

Well… That went a lot easier than expected. Seiko's going to have fun explaining to Michiko that her injuries came from falling out of the air rather than an attack later. For now, she simply goes to move and see what she can do to help amidst the chaos, a little confused as well as to how things went so easily.

Hanami stopped eventually when it seems the army is done. And the man Goat was stopped so suddenly? Smacked around by a wave and before she knew it the enemy was defeated. Well that was good though, but seemed rather…odd. She didn't really know anything about this Goat guy other than he was suppose to be bad news. So what else was going on? She shook her head, then helped get clean up going, and make sure any injured got on their way to the clinic for treatment. Her bumps and bruises would just need a little rest. Finally she collects Honi and makes sure everything else is in order, then hops up and takes him for another run. A quick hunting. After what went down Honi would need to run and hunting would help him along with feeding.

Seiji sensed the enemy chakra fading as they were cut down, he felt sorry for the loss of life but not for why they came. They've rebuilt and he didn't have any sympathy for anyone coming here to attack their home. He doesn't lower his senses at all, though he does walk over to where Michiko is. He moves closer to her and whispers something to her and waits her reply, "I will help with the clean up once I'm done." he says to her.

Yori was looking over the battlefield with a critical eye, standing tall and taking in every small detail of every group until there is no one left standing. Interesting. He had expected such an attack to be more organized and for them to put up more of a fight. This information is stored away somewhere though what it means is likely something he'll dwell on for a time. But he had seem some interesting things. "Sakuya-chan, make sure you report to the hospital so that a medic can take care of the rest of your injuries," he says, looking back towards her briefly before he starts moving through the dead bodies, examining them as he goes in silence.

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