Goat Chuckers


Tora, Amani, Amaya

Date: June 17, 2012


A Kemonoken who has been away from Kumogakure for a long time returns, only to be accosted by ventriloquists, goats, and crazy cat ladies!

"Goat Chuckers"

Village Entrance - Kumogakure

It's late afternoon, the sun lightning the western sky ablaze as the light begins to dwindle for the day, the semi transparent moon rising in the eastern sky. Tora has been on the road at this point for 4 days. FINALLY he gets back to his home, the village of Kumogakure, and it's already roughly dinner time. He sighed, walking into the village slowly, rubbing his stomach. His stomach is reminding him it's time to grab some food… but he's -never- been the best with directions, and he's bee away for a loooong time. It's about time to hope he runs into someone he knows, that can guide him to a ramen hut or something. He's starving!

That someone is not Amani. She will not be useful for any guiding today. She'll be useful for something much worse and since she now has a target in place for her antics, she slips into a hiding place and decides to have a bit of fun. So, she decides to mask her voice as some random guy and throw it towards Tora saying, "Hold it! Don't move and remain where you are!" The beginning of fun is now.

"Boot To The Head!" a female voice calls out moments after the male one that Amani generated. There is a loud *POW!* and then a goat goes flying over Tora's head, lands on the ground, and slides several feet before coming to a stop.
No, really.
A white-haired woman in some loose grey pants and a tanktop that doesn't seem to be adequately 'holding her in' comes charging up the mountain slope a few seconds later. The goat lifts its head dizzily and looks up as the woman with cat-ear-shaped hair runs up to it. The goat is wearing a sunhat with a bite taken out of the rim. Nagayama Amaya plants a foot on the large goat's side forcefully, grabs her hat off the goat's head and places it back on her own head. "I told you I wouldn't take it easy on you just because you're a goat!" she offers hotly before turning away and noticing the teenage boy she bounced her way right past on the way into the Village.
"…Oh, hi. Didn't see you there. Say, you look kind of familiar… Have we met?" Amaya asks as she thoughtfully strokes her chin with one hand while cupping her elbow with her other hand. This results in resting her heavy chest on her forearm, and may in turn result in hindering Tora's ability to concentrate, but that's okay, because he's probably super confused already. Some male voice yelling at him, then a flying goat, and now some kind of cat-like kunoichi in way too few layers for such a cold climate!?
…Say, where did that other voice come from anyway?

Tora waves off the voice. "It can wait until I get something to eat." Then comes the flying goat. And the long, slow process of Tora coming to grips with what he just saw. "Ummm… wow. Nice kick. Tora. Yotsuki Tora. And I'm not sure, maybe? Hey, weres the nearest place to get something to eat around here?" he asks rather calmly for having a flying goat just zing past his head.

Amani paused for only a few moments as an idea blazed through her mind. She snickered to herself and tried to hold it back from being too loud as she continued with this gimmick. "Well, help me get something to eat too! I don't want to wait like you. I had a nice, straw snack until /somebody/ took it back and that's only after I got /kicked/ all the way over here. I would ram her right in the chest, but I'm afraid I'll bounce further away…I've already been in the air once today."

Amaya can't seem to recall where she saw this face before, so she just shrugs and says, "Nyah, I know of several places to get good food!" «Yotsuki Tora? That name seems -really- familiar…» "There's a restaurant that serves a wide variety of dishes over on—" she starts, only to hear a voice that appears to be coming from the same goat she just kicked after a lenghty chase through the mountains! The Cat-Fist Kemonoken turns suddenly, arms dropping to her sides and she looks at the goat. Placing one hand on her hat as though it might suddenly blow away, she stares with her jade eyes and…
So quickly that eyes cannot track she blinks over to the still-prone goat who has decided that lying there until the crazy chick goes away is an ideal solution to the 'don't get kicked' problem. Amaya is kneeling next to the goat, grabbing his face, and peeling his lips back as she angrily starts railing at the beast! "What!? So you can talk after all!? I knew it!" She puts the angry goat in a headlock, again so quickly the transition can't be trackedd, and demands, "Why didn't you say anything before!? I tried negotiating but all you could do was keeping eating my hat! You butt-head!" She then performs a German Suplex on the goat that sends it flipping and flying, limbs going everywhere, bleating all 'BAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa…', and eventually coming down somewhere in the distance, like maybe the lake!
"Goats are all the same! They never talk to you unless they want something!" She huffs.
…What kind of lunatics does Kumogakure have in its ninja forces anyway!?

Tora blinks at this whole set of developements, and then… can't help but just start laughing. "Hahahah… oh most certainly. But I dare say, that one won't be bugging anyone for quite a while at this point." he says with a chuckle. "Ok… well where's that resturant you were-*crash*" Well now we know what happened to the goat. It landed on Tora! Tora, now flat on his face, has this utterly annoyed look in his eye. He stands up, grabbing the goat by the horns, and tossing it into the air. "BOOT TO THE HEAD!" he roars, turning and kicking the poor bleating goat off into the sunset. 'BAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa…' He sits there growling for a moment, before taking a nice deep breath, and regaining his composure. "Ehem… Sorry about that… so… resturant… where… hungry… now… please?" he asks, with a small grin.

Amani watched as the goat was assaulted from her hidey hole with some reservations about keeping this up. The goat was headlocked and nearly had its lips peeled from its face or so it appeared. She wanted to try and think of replies to shoot back, but the whole event went by so fast, that the goat wound up back in the air where it then crashed down on Tora. She winced softly, cringing at what just happened, though she was more concerned for the goat than Tora.
She didn't think he'd do the same thing, but she guesses she could understand. Now…what to do? She decided to go all nonchalant and act like she just came from the alley. She 'recognized' Amaya immediately, so she greeted her first chiming, "Hello! It's been a long time, yeah?" Problem is, she forgot to cancel out the whole voice thing. When she realized what she did, she coughed and cleared her throat followed by a sheepish grin.

The white-haired ex-Jounin rubs her head a little bit in embarassment. "Sorry about that. I'm out-of-practice. I was aiming for the >lake< not your >head<. That was a pretty good kick, though! Looks like you have a lot of strength at your disposal! Anyway, as for food, there's—" Amaya has to stop as Amani suddenly comes out, speaking with the same voice that she heard come from the goat before!
She blinks her eyes, and the sound of wood blocks being struck over and over, faster and faster, go through Amaya's mind as she puts two and two together and gets >sixteen-hundred<. *Ding*
Suddenly, Amaya is looming up in front of Amani, hands ready to be put to use, as she goes, "Yaaaah! The goat has possessed this young girl! What a diabolical fiend! I will exorcise him with my >fist<!" D:<

Tora grins a bit, chuckling. Hmmm… this girl certainly seemed to be completely off her nut, didn't she? "I don't think that's the case." he says with a grin. "But… can I kick her anyway?" he asks with an evil grin. "I think she was the one giving the goat it's voice though."

Amani looked up to Amaya with a sense of dread. For some reason, she hesitated and wondered if that goat had gotten to her after all considering it just continued laying in the street. So…why was she just /standing/ here? "No, no! I'm not possessed by the goat! I did the voice, I don't wanna be exorcised!" What did that even /mean/? She didn't know, but if it involved a fist, it was probably painful. "I can take us all to the restaurant my treat!" She offered to both of them, though she did point to Tora with some emphasis indicating his words were correct. "Yes, yes, I gave the goat voice. I want to go to the restaurant now, let's go!" She didn't want to stick around and get hit, so she decided to guide them both to the place and spend her hard earned money to make up for the pain she might have received.

Amaya listens to the theory proposed by Tora, and then Amani's own assessment, and then offers an unconvinced, "I dunno' about that…" But eventually, she stops cracking her knuckles and justs plops a hand on Amani's head, messing up her hair and saying, "Sure, let's go. Might want to reconsider pranking people with your ninja skills in the future, though, okay? You're an official kunoichi of the Hidden Cloud. Act as though our entire Village will be judged according to how you conduct yourself!"
Had a finger raised during this lecture, but then lowers her hands and rests them on her hips as she says, "You know, because… It very well might." A brief pause and then Amaya says, "So, who wants okonomiyaki? I'm soooo hungry that I could eat a goat! A really big one! After that, I'm going to head home. My father just got back from a mission the other day, and we haven't talked in awhile…"

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