Nariko, Yagyu

Date: February 3, 2017


Yagyu and Nariko go and destroy an illegal petting zoo in the city of Rakuen.


Rakuen City

Standing at the gates of Sunagakure, waiting for her friend Yagyu, was the lovely, and apparently peturbed Yotsuki woman known as Nariko. She had recieved word about goats that had been locked up in an illegal petting zoo and there is no way, no how, that she was not going to get involved. Now, of course, she had a bag of sorts that held her other persona, known as Moriko the Great. She seemed impaitent, only because she received news of this the night before and had to restrain herself due to a formal gathering she was attending. She was ready to get on the road and start finding out what was wrong with the people holding onto these goats.

"I didn't get no pretty paper this time. What happened?" Yagyu showed up at the gate. "I thought we were cool? I keep that stuff in my scra—err, I keep it locked up tight, y'know. Anyway, where we headed to. Heard you got somethin' lined up for me," she grinned. "What we 'bout to do? I'm ready to go. Don't keep me waitin' like I kept you waitin'. I had things to do and stuff. Important stuff. Had to write…reports," she folded her arms. "Don't be askin' me what I was writin' about!"

Nariko looked at Yagyu as she showed up and just stared at her as she started rambling. "First off, Grim stole all my fancy paper. My cousin threatened to give all my fancy paper to him. Which, is not cool." She shook her head and sighed. "But no, it's being kept locked p tight. Can't trust anyone with it." She tilted her head when she mentioned reports and couldn't help but just shake her head. "Whatever they were on can wait. We have to go to this place. Apparently a group of people have set up an illegal petting zoo filled with goats. Which, is just wrong. Goats are meant to be free. So we need to go take care of it." If Yagyu was paying attention, then she would notice that Nariko started to walk off towards Rakuen City. "Let's do this."

"What?! He gon' wish he ain't made me mad today! Got /all/ the fancy paper? Fa'real, fa'real?" Yagyu questioned. "That is more than not cool, it ain't right. It's all sorts of wrong!" She paused. "Don't you be walkin' away from me!" She followed after Nariko. "I ain't never feelin' safe about no goats, but an illegal petting zoo for 'em? They ain't really deserve that. Goats should be free. They jump on rocks and , wiggling their tails and makin' fun of you and makin' you mad and makin' you question reality!" She kept going and it's clear she was growing more heated. "But they a'ight. Let's do this!"

So after some time, the two arrive at Rakuen City. Nariko puts on her Moriko the Great outfit just outside city limits and looks to Yagyu. "No animal deserves to be locked up. Besides, goats only make fun of you because you're human." She smirks behind the mask and tilts her head. "Let's find these and destroy their business." While the two walked further into the city, one or two goats come running down an alley, two thugs chasing after them, hollering for them to return. "Well, I think we're in the right place. Let's see if they can direct us to it."

"I agree, no animal deserves to be locked up, but they deserve these hands when they try to make fun of me!" Yagyu huffed. "We gonna find 'em and we gonna end 'em. Should be simple, but we talkin' about our type of missions. Ain't nothin' simple about 'em, so maybe I should just stop talkin' while I'm ahead." She followed after Moriko and took note of the goats that were running off from the thugs. "A'ight, so we gonna follow 'em. Cool. I can do that. See where this leads, bein' all super secret and stuff." She pulled her hat over her head to obscure her face. "Let's see what happens."

Thankfully the street the goats were running down had a dead end at the end, and well, Moriko and Yagyu would be able to corner the thugs. She smirks and looks to Yagyu. "Well, I'm thinking we should probably see if they'll give us directions to this petting zoo." Now, the thugs themselves, had caught the goats and turned around only to spot the two coming from behind them. Juding them by their looks, the thugs started to quake in their boots, but still tried to act tough. "Out of our way. We have a business to look after." Nariko made a clicking sound. "Well, if you're running a business, then you wouldn't mind telling me where it is, and why your goats belong to a shinobi of the Land of Lightning." Now, Mariko was lying, but she'll probably end up taking care of these goats upon her return to Suna anyway.

"Sounds legit," Yagyu nodded. Upon the thugs being cornered, she stood back and allowed Nariko to do all the talking, mostly because she knew goats better than she did. She took care of deer, not goats, after all. Besides, she had to hold her tongue if she hoped not to mess everything up. Her natural reaction was to tell them off, but they gotta be all diplomatic and stuff. "Nice goats, though. They look well groomed and stuff. Horns maintained, hooves tidy. Coats shiny."

The thugs smirk, starting to gain their confidence. "Yeah, why should we tell you? Clearly you already know a thing or two." Both of the men begin t move closer to Nariko and Yagyu. "Well, I wouldn't do that if I were you." She tilted her head and looked at Yagyu. "You take that one and I'll get the other. We just need one to give us information." Now, she wasn't saying "kill them" but she didn't want one to run away. She looked at the one in front of her and made eye contact with him. As soon as he does, he would find himself feeling wrapped in chains.

"Sounds good to me," Yagyu cracked her knuckles as she stood back and let her shadow do the work. She cast it forward with the hopes of stopping her assigned thug in his tracks. They only needed info from one, right? Maybe she could hold one down while the other got headbutted to death by two angry goats. She really did not trust those animals in the slightest.

Both thugs get taken down by the two amazing women. Well, one with absolute control, the other with some, but not all. The thug Nariko has complains about the chains eventually saying, "I'd rather die than give you the information." To which she hmms. "Well, if thats how you feel, then let me explain to both of you. If one does not provide the information we are looking for, I will not hesitate to allow these goats to harm you." She looked to the other one. "Or, you can tell me, and I'll let you both go." Nariko looks to Yagyu. "Actually, I've changed my mind. See if he'll tell you where this place is. I'm tired of this one." And with a swift punch, Nariko would punch him in the head.

"Bad choice, yo," Yagyu stated plainly with a shake of her head. She didn't know how real that was about to become until she saw one of the thugs get head checked and sent crumpling to the ground. "So…you wanna talk or nah? He already done met his fate, fam," she thumb pointed to the partner. "Even the goats are sittin' there lookin' at him. You know it's bad when they over here just lookin' at his corpse, bruh. So, you might as well just save yourself some problems and answer the question before you get checked and have goats starin' at you too. Make it easy on yourself. Go home and be a family man, y'know?"

The Thug that Yagyu had was sharing all the secrets so that he didn't meet the same fate as his partner. Telling them hw sorry he was, how he was doing this because he was trying to take care of some family. Making sure there was food on his table. You know, all the excuses that eventually come out. Nariko was standing up by now and listening closely. She looked to the two free goats. She leaned down to them and whispered in their ears before giving them some goatly love. "Alright, perfect. We got the location. I'm ready to cause a scene." She turned and began making her way towards the illegal petting zoo, after waiting for Yagyu of course.

"I can understand all that, but dang you coulda picked somethin' that coulda actually supported them. That's what a job is for, man," Yagyu explained. "Go and get you one before you end up like your partner," she pointed out the dead man once more.
She released the guy from her shadow control all while watching Nariko finish her business around here which looked like it was about to get messy. "I guess if you're ready, then I am. Let's go make a mess."

Nariko led Yagyu through the streets of Rakuen to a building that looked abandoned. The windows were boarded up and it looked as if no one was home, except a family that left with children all excited about what they saw. When Nariko saw that, she frowned and growled. "These people make me sick. If there are young children in there, we do not do anything except get them out before we take care of business. Got it?" She made her way to the door, and opened it. "45 Ryo for the petting zoo." An ominous voice said. She looked in and shook her head. "Sorry sir, but I don't have the money." Now, she was distracting the man, to allow Yagyu in to check for families and those they should not harm. The voice responded. "Without 45 ryo I cannot let you in. This is not a charity petting zoo." She mumbled, "Nor a legal one. With * conditions."

"This don't look suspicious at all," Yagyu commented sarcastically at the condition of the building. She eyed the family leaving the area and shook her head to herself. "A shame, really. They don't even know…" She muttered.
With Nariko distracting the doorman, Yagyu made quick work of slipping inside, using her shadows to obscure her movements. ". There's a family in here…" Guess she has to play this off. "I think there are more goats to see at another facility," she offered to the family. "Part of the Hoof Beat tour," totally made that up. "Put hoof to pavement and see more goats in their other locations. We should check it out," she offered to the family, hoping they'd follow along."

The family gets excited to hear that there is another place to see goats and ends up leaving quickly. "Thank you!" Is yelled to the two inside. Nariko looks around to see if anyone besides Yagyu and her were left, and she smiles, closing the door behind her. "Aw shucks. Looks like I did bring my coin purse. Hope I can pay in fists of fury." She smirked behind her mask and looked to Yagyu. "My only rule is don't kill a goat. Other than that, let's give them hell." She looked around the room and noticed the only one left was the ominous voice. "Why don't you come out of the shadows and recieve your payment. I think I have two. Besides, your last customers are gone." Now if that didn't make the voice angry, I don't know what would. From the shadows out comes a pretty burly guy, hands on his hips as he looks at Nariko. He laughs looking at her. "So, you think you can frighten me? Well, jokes on you. I'm not afraid of losing a customer or two. But, just for that, yoou have to pay." He flicked a toothpick out of his mouth and ran at her, throwing a few punches.

Nariko looked at the guy as he came up to her, throwing some really pathetic punches. "man, you are so pathetic. Did you try to punch me or are you just faking?" She let out a sigh as she raised her arms, lightning crackling around them, as he punched at her. She let out a yawn as she put some space between them. "You done?" She shook her head. "First off, you don't take goats that don't belong to you. Second, They are not an attraction." She ran at him, her fist glowing bright as she punched him square in the chest, then brought her knee up to him and slammed it into him. She admired her handy work as he laid on the floor, unconscious and unable to move. "Third, you don't mess with goats." They are sacred.

Yagyu saluted the family as they ran off to find the other attraction that didn't exist. It was the best way she could think of to get them out of here. Now…how to herd up these goats? She wondered if they were anything like deer? Offer food and follow? She never had to study goats and after today, she's glad she wasn't exposed to them too much. Bunch of mischievous animals that are involved in things she wasn't ready for.
Bright flashes lit up the room from the fists and knees going into the ominous voiced thug, causing Yagyu to winced slightly at each blow he received. She's sure they were all unpleasant. Dude was probably getting fried extra crispy with all that lightning. "Goats…" She muttered to herself to keep her mind on track. She needed to find the food and herd them all up to guide them out of here. Carefully. She didn't want to offend Nariko or anything and end up at the receiving end of all that hate.

Nariko looked to Yagyu and smiled, as she was herding the goats. She gave her a thumbs up and tried to help her with the doorr. "If we are able to get these goats back to Suna in one piece, I will be very happy. I'm thinking of having a goat farm in the backyard." She smiled and looked to the goats. "Y'all are coming home with me!" She gave a bleat, the goats bleating back. "Thanks for your help Yagyu. Couldn't have done it without you." When the goats are all herded together, Nariko would give Yagyu the signal to head back to Sunagakure. "Oh, before we head back to Suna, here." She pulled a coin ppurse off her belt and gave it to Yagyu. "For your help." Yes, Yagyu fnally got paid by Nariko, for reals.

"I hope so. I ain't tryin' to get my dome rocked like the other dude," Yagyu shook her head. Nope, nuh-uh. "I'll make sure to take good care of them on the way back." You can bet she would. She really ain't tryin' to die. She didn't know the goats were coming with them to be taken home, but she supposes a real sanctuary would be fine. "…" She wanted to say something, but the words wouldn't quite come together. She still didn't know if she was a goat or not, but seeing her talk with them led her to think she was more goat than person. Makes sense seeing her reaction to this whole thing.
"I got paid! What?! Ooooh snap. Like, I can't even believe it, though. Thank you!" She squealed in delight while jingling the sack of money in hand. She just got paid, yeeeeaaah boy!

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