Kasuya, Michiko, Nariko

Date: September 9, 2016


Goats have invaded the village in a mad stampede. It’s up to the Kumo shinobi to keep them from trampling, headbutting, and eating everything within sight.



No one knows quite how it started. Maybe it was a shipment gone badly wrong. Maybe it had to do with the Raikage's summoned creatures. Or maybe all the goats decided to rise up as one and conquer the shinobi world. The end result is the same. In the early morning hours Kumogakure would be awoken by a world shattering chorus of bleats, as goats start pouring in from every direction. Down the mountain, down the falls, down the beaches, by the thousands, and many of them have entered the village. They leapt over the barriers, bashed down the walls, and some just charged through the front gates. While the goats aren't nin creatures they're large, sturdy creatures that can bash down weaker walls with their short, blunt horns.

It's involved the entire shinobi force. Normal villagers have been cautioned not to try and wrangle the wily creatures themselves, and to evacuate to a protected place outside the village. Everyone from students to Jounin have been given standard goat repelling gear. Wire to wrap them up, sleep powder, flash tags, and other non-lethal weaponry. The Village Center has been walled up and turned into a mass corral, and it's there that various Jounin are handing out rapid orders to try and handle the situation that's even now stampeding, bleating, and prancing all around them.

Of course, today could not be relaxing any longer. Nariko was minding her own business, reading in her backyard watching her own goat, Sakura, playing like the lively goat she was when she got the call to come and help the village. Now, while she was given all the necessary tools to help on thiis, she was very confused. "What in the world.." She was wide eyed as she stood atop a building watching the goats running into the village. "Never a dull moment." She smirked and was excited to get busy. "Alrigh, let's get started." She would yell out to the other lower nin around her. "Let's first try to get sme asleep before we even go down." As she tells them she herself pulls out some of the sleep powder she was given, ready to throw it down. "When you're ready!"

"Did I ever mention Kumogakure needs to invest in a decent animal control?" Michiko would ask a bit wryly, the girl standing by some of the higher-ranking shinobi with her arms folded over her chest. A soft sigh escapes her, and then she would glance over in Nariko's direction. A bit of a grin lights her face upon seeing her Sensei, and she would wait a beat after Nariko tried to get all the Genin and even some of the students encouraged. "Feels a bit like old times, doesn't it, Nariko-Sensei?" she would ask lightly. It's been a while since she and the Yotsuki had been around each other face to face. They might have exchanged the occasional letter while the woman was in Tea, but … Well … Then the whole kidnapping thing happened. "How are you?" she would ask rather casually, even as she removes a few flash bangs from her pouch that would help stun the goats.

Things seem to be going okay. Goats are bleating pitifully as they're trussed up and dragged into the corral. The villagers are safely evacuated. It seems routine procedure has won out-for a few minutes. Then a barrier breaks. The goats get out. Now they're milling into buildings, homes, shops, and… a panicked assistant runs out of the Raikage Administration Hall with her arms full of papers. "The goats!" she cries. "They're eating everything. The books, the furniture, the paper!" Their stampeding has seemed to work up an appetite and now every scrap of food, and even the stuff that's not food, seems to be on the goat's buffet. In a few snap decisions Nariko is sent to try and protect the documents, by whatever means necessary, whether that be wrangling goats or stuffing the papers in her pockets. Inside the hall there are at least ten of the creatures, some happily milling about, others just as happily gobbling up mission reports, logs, contracts, and books.

Students would be sent to look for any remaining villagers trapped in the village. There's quite a number of wounded…goats may seem playful, but they can get ugly and deadly at the drop of a pin, and there are more than a few people in the hospital with sprains, broken bones, bruises, and lacerations. Plus more pouring in. Michiko would be asked to search around for anyone trapped and/or offer medical aid as needed.

Kasuya breathes a sigh of relief. /This/ is why her home is located outside of the village. Though now she thinks of it maybe they worked their way up there. But…no. She's snapping orders to a group of Genin who must protect food supplies. Storage units. All the resources villagers and shinobi take for granted, until they're not there due to an infestation of goats. Kasuya herself is sent to several homes, where she manages to tie up a few goats and drag them back, whether it's out of the vegetable bin or from under bed covers. She's sweating from exertion and snarling. "Smells like goats…ugh."

Nariko looks over to her student, who is no longer a student, but a teacher and smirks. "Looking good Michiko." She gives the girl a thumbs up, even if she can't see it, and then sighs. "Definitely miss doing this type of stuff with you Michiko." Now, even though they were sending letters back and forth it was nice to be able to be around Michiko again. "Well, I was doing quite well. Then I got pulled here. So I guess I'm decent." And then she is called to go take care of the goats at the Raikage's hall. "Protect the village!" She yells to Michiko as she is seen dashnig off and jumping above the goats before heading into the building where, as she tries to wrangle some goats up they get lose and a bunch of grunting and groaning come out of her. "Stop it you stupid goats!" And she did like goats, it's just these ones were destroying most of the hall. She is able to get ahold of one group of goats, trying to tie them up to prevent them from going any further.

Michiko would make a single handseal, and the earth would raise up under the goats, forcing them to stumble a bit. Of course, goats are agile creatures, so it might not do any good for a few of them, but there were definitely enough goats where Michiko would make another handseal and slam her palm to the ground. In her hand was a slip of paper that had a pre-made seal design on it that sent out a number of 'chains' that spread outwards to capture the various goats that were running around. She aimed specifically for the goats that were crashing through her workspace. Dang it, she needed those files in one piece :| At least the most important slips were stored away, but there were a few that just had yet to be stored and copied… ><;

Nariko manages to wrangle a few of the goats, but a bleating mass of the pests barrel down the hallway, smashing memorabalia, decor, and reducing it to rubble. Terrified staff members would cower behind desks, in corners, and anywhere they might avoid the goats which are happily headbutting everything in sight. That includes desks, chairs, and Nariko. It's as if they're taking glee in her hardship, after they heard her words. Even the baby goats seem to delight in it, as they cutely try to trample her to death.

Around Michiko the goats fall before her might, bleats of despair and futilityfilling the air. Tufts of hair fly, horns flail, hooves wobble. They're no match for her. Students run to drag the unconscious goats into the giant pen. But that's when a group of larger goats appear. Large enough to dwarf bears, and certainly something more supernatural. There are four of them and one charges at Michiko, aiming to crush her bones beneath hooves the size of plates.

Kasuya is finding that her genjutsu is ineffective on goats. Maybe it's their higher animal instincts, or maybe it's just that you shouldn't need first class illusions to deal with livestock. She's settled with punching every goat within reach, until another large goat charges at her as well, scattering shinobi and other goats in its path.

As goats continue to rush at Michiko, the girl would brace herself, using a bit of tree walking and some metal to keep herself from being knocked over and out of breath. Her arms would bear the worst of the strike, and she did end up skidding back a little, but the goats largely just ran into a barrier of metal that she put up. Then that metal would shift its form to wrap around the many goats, including the one that happened to try and tackle her! "This is … irritating…" Michiko grumbles lightly, the girl moving away from the goat to look around a bit at the damage that's been done so far.

The goat squares off with Nariko in a deadly…nope, that goat is flying! It was a two second match. It flops on the ground, sizzling a little from the blow and out like a light. The other goats seem to hesitate a little in the face of such a threat, and more than one literally tucks tail and runs. But since it's to search out other things to munch on, letting them go might not be a good option. At that time a contingent of shinobi come into the battered hallways, using scrolls to store every important document they can. And still there are more.

Kasuya is battered back by the giant goat. She winces, and is about to carve and fry up the goat. But she settles for something more in moderation, aiming a well placed knee at the goat's bearded chin to stun it out and knock it.

Michiko gives no mercy and gets no mercy. More than one of the giant goats have taken to crushing her, neighing their indignation from every side.

Nariko looked down at the goat. "And stay down!" She yelled at it before rushing after the goats who would begin eating other highly important documents. "Stop eating those. We need those!" She would move her arm into the goats' mouths to stop them from chewing, their mouths getting a bit of electricty as she stopped them. She would then try to wrangle the goats out of the offices and outside to get corraled. "Go away!" She would say before rushing after more goats that she needed to stop.

Michiko may or may not be just a bit angry as all these goats decide to go … goaty? Batty? She's pretty sure the latter insults some bats… Regardless, she does end up getting knocked off to the side because the goats are just surrounding her and mercilessly trying to gang up and beat on her. They slam into a few walls, and then they break through, knocking her down. Michiko isn't going to stay down, though. The goats might pick up a rather scary aura from her, though, and it's quite visible to the eye as she gathers some chakra. "I suppose Kumogakure needs to invest with some sort of animal control sooner rather than later. I'll get someone to send out requests right away," she says, still in a cheerful, if a bit dark, tone. She doesn't make any move quite yet. … c.c

Yup these goats are real…nags!

Nariko's defense proves extremely effective. She manages to protect the documents, and even crowd the goats out with a bit of well placed lightning chakra. They're soon roped and corraled to a second mass pen that has been erected. It seems that the goats number in the hundreds. It'll be a long day dealing with them, but the main buildings are finally coming under control. A shinobi barges in on the shinobi within the Hall and says, "We have to get out! It's caving!" People would flee the "safety" of the building, as weaker parts start to crash in that weren't built to withstand a goat stampede. The goats are being steadily controlled, but the damage has already been done.

Kasuya lands on a rooftop to gaze down at every goat on the mountain squaring off against Michiko. And she actually laughs aloud. "Look at you!" she says humorously. "Are you covered in goat nip or something?" Fortunately Michiko is up to the task and manages to fend off the goats…which now run away, but this time aimed at a family that has been a bit slow to evacuate. Two parents and a little girl, who screams and falls as the goats bear down on them.

Nariko would begin to run out of the building before it comes crumbling down. "I'm all sorts of bad luck!" She would yell as she moves quickly, grabbing a shinobi who just sat there. Once outside she would begin to try and corral the goats once more, using her lightning arm to get them moving and even some of the rope to wrangle them. Unfortunately few actually go with her, the others continue to run wild.

The family getting attacked by the goats would suddenly find themselves encased in a metal 'block' that would keep the goats from killing/trampling them. Michiko would breathe a faint sigh of relief, as that had admittedly stretched her abilities. The girl had to do it from afar /and/ surround a lot of people. … Also, the goats were sorta big. Michiko would shoot a bit of a glare at Kasuya. "I sincerely hope not." Then she hears that the administration hall is gonna fall, and she curses softly under her breath before making another handseal and creating a number of earthen hands that would support some of the more key places of the admin hall. It was, obviously, very temporary, and it took a lot of chakra to maintain.

The initial stampede is wearing down, and Nariko's lightning helps to effectively herd the goats into their prison. Meanwhile, the family screams in alarm when they're protected by the mysterious metal technique even more loudly than when the goats attacked. Strange how that works. Goats are being snatched up by Michiko's technique. And with a few hand seals, Kasuya is herding the goats in what they believe is an iron barred enclosure.

Perhaps they could have preserved the building better, but the shinobi (rightly) concentrated on protecting the people within the walls, and getting them to safety. For that reason there were no fatalties during that time, not even among those hospitalized with sprains or broken bones. Once the shinobi were sure that /everyone/ besides shinobi was out, they switched from offensive to defensive. Goats being electrocuted, goats being trussed up, goats going down in twitching heaps.

Eventually they're sent on less high priority tasks, and the Genin and students get the especially thankless tasks. Clean up. Kasuya is sent to help transfer the villagers to temporary shelters, such as apartments, until their houses can be repaired.

Nariko stops and takes a breath, tired from running around and making sure goats were moved. When the goats are all gathered up she looks up and looks for Michiko and Kasuya. "Nice job!" She yells before giving them both a big thumbs up. Then she looks to the Administration Hall. Uh oh. She rubs the back of her head and looks back to Kasuya. "What do we tell him this time?" Of course the truth, but will he actually believe it? She moved towards a group of people that seem to be apart of the first aid group and starts helping out, making sure cuts are covered, broken bones are splinted and the what not.

Michiko ends up being on the team that's supposed to help keep some of the building from crashing down if they're unstable. Sorta by choice, but something else would have been preferred. At least all it takes is a bit more Jutsu and she can rest a bit at ease once she's sure no one will get hurt. "This is why I'm not getting a pet…" she grumbles, eying the destruction.

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